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Re-pot casting is a proud member of the L Berta podcast network. Powered by ATP before we begin and just want to let everyone know that the Berta podcast now. Works annual listener survey is out right now. It's open until June seventeenth. So get online and let your feelings being known. You can take the survey at Albert podcast network dot com slash survey. Thanks. And let's get to the show. Have you ever watched the movie and wondered why they cast that will man or that guy? Well, here's our chance to give it a try re podcasting low end welcome to another episode of repot casting. I'm lucia. Hi, janet. So are you. Hi listeners. Welcome back this, you tell our listeners where you are right now in my closet. Also known as you're recording. How high tech things are here at three. Podcasting. Will we recently, I'm not gonna say which one but we did recently record episode on just like in my office and I personally noticed a difference in the sound quality. So I said to myself, let's just stick with the closet. I just wanna say this year that I wish I was in the closet right now me to you actually have a lovely clauses. Why must nurse? Her closet is like picker than, like, I think could some of the bedrooms, in my house. I don't think that's true. But thanks. Okay. So today, we have an exciting episode for you where recasting the two thousand eleven movie the descendants starring George Clooney Janet, I picked this movie, but I kind of did it for you. Explain will I could be wrong, but I feel like I remember you saying that you're not a big fan of George Clooney, and I do really like this movie. I saw it probably like not long after it came out while I did really like it. What I really liked was the writing. And I, honestly feel like George Clooney could be lifted out, in somebody else could be put in there, and it could be just as good or better. Interesting that you said that because you are right. I am not a huge George Clooney fan at all. I feel like I'm always so down on a lot of these actors, I actually do like so many actors, I just don't happen to like the obvious ones, I think maybe the more mainstream once but yet you're Clinton is not one of my favorite interestingly. I had never seen this movie. And I watched it today. For the first time and I will say this, I agree with you two hundred percent. I think that it's a beautiful script and it actually won an Oscar. Yeah. Fester, Dr screenplay, but I felt the same thing watching it. I thought I would have enjoyed this movie even more if there had been a different actor in the lead role, and I can't wait to hear. And I can't wait to get to that. I wanted to read a lovely. I tunes review that was left free podcasting. Thank you. The user name is seen and heard yet, and the review was, this is a fun twist on the bad movie podcast, Lucia Janet hone in on the casting, and come up with brilliant ideas for different actors in the roles as cousins, they've known each other forever in, they have a fun chemistry. I love the theme song too. Yeah, that is the end of it. I love the fate as person called is brilliant. I know I'm blessing. Ever been called. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I haven't either. Definitely I don't know. These people are, that are actually taking the time to write these reviews, but I wanna have them all over to my house for a dinner party me to are awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you. And if you listen to the show, please feel free to also drop items review. Nice things only, please. I wanna be called brilliant, more often. I am waiting for somebody to just like unleash. Unleashed like the heat on us. I feel like we've been really good at dodging it so far. But I don't know you know, in such a such a critical world. Maybe that's when, you know, you've made it is when you start getting the hate, I we haven't made it yet. So Janet, I believe you have the box office figures for the descendants. Budget for this movie was twenty million and which I thought was a lot. But then I'm like, oh, they felt that in Hawaii. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, makes sense and the box office was a hundred and seventy seven million hit. I thought it did really well, mentoring, like it was initially when it was first released in, I believe it was it came out in November of two thousand eleven it was limited release, and then I was reading that they released it like it was a wider release in December here. But still that's quite a bit of money. I think this was one of those like, word of mouth tight movies where people were seeing it liking it until and others to see it. And I mean it had George Clooney box office draw. Of course there was on interest and Alexander. Payne is quite well respected as well. He had made sideways and two thousand four and not did really, really well like it was it was a critical darling and it did quite well at the box office. And so, I think people were kind of anticipating his ex meeting who was this, the next one after Sybase. Yes, it was. Yeah. He waited seven years. Hooley co the synopsis of the movie is a land barren tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife is seriously injured in a boating accident. I mean, the subject matter is serious, but I actually found a lot of parts of the movie were it was quite funny. Yes, is definitely more comedic. But also some drama two of the writers not facts in Jim. Rash are known for comedy. Yeah. Did you watch community? I can't recall. No not. I can't really say I I've watched it. I've seen episodes here and there, because Jim Russia's the dean in community, so okay? Yes. So when watching the Oscars that year and then this one the screenplay award and you know, everybody walks up to accept the award. I said to my husband, I was like, is that the deem from community? I had no idea. He was writer was really care. Maybe right. I did I liked it a lot. Yeah. I actually enjoyed it enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to. Expecting to like it. I was surprised. I thought it times like the pace in it was a little too slow for me. But I guess since it's in Hawaii were supposed to think like it's island time. But yeah, I thought it was really good. Like it had some really comedic moments. Like when them my favorite was when the grandfather punches. Said the I. Sid was terrific. Okay. Well, shall we get onto the actual recasting? Okay. How do you chose many? Okay. Well, initially when I chose it, I was only thinking of recasting, George Clooney. But while watching I actually texted you while I was watching, and I was thinking, you know, I really want to recast the Matthew Lillard character. Like I didn't know that he was in the movie, and I just want to tell our listeners my reaction. When I read your text message, I actually started laughing out loud, because I thought it was hilarious that Matthew Lillard with even in this movie to begin with, like I was shocked. And I like I was I agreed with you instantly that I didn't know anything about the movie. But I was like, yes, let's recap. Not belong in this movie. And in watching it, I was I can't believe I wanna know how he got this job. I wanna know how he mandated this job in this movie because Matthew Lillard, like I, I don't know. I'm not like a Matthew Lillard superfan. But I haven't seen him in anything in years. So to see him in like a prestige picture. I was like, wow. How did he land this gig? I don't know. Yeah. I agree with you. I had actually forgotten. He was in it. And so when he showed up, what I was watching it this time as like. Yeah. No. I don't like this. He doesn't fit the role as far as I'm concerned, a great a great for sure yet. So Matt King George Clooney character. I mean, I don't think George Clooney was bad in this at all. But I also don't think he did anything spectacular. I don't find George Clooney. Funny, and I think you need somebody with slightly better comedic timing. Oh my God. What am I saying? You're now you're gonna laugh when I tell you, who I picked, because they're known for comedic acting either. I'm gonna have to cut that out. It's not Jack black is what delirious. No, it's not. Cumberbatch. Is it? No. But I do think he can be quite funny when he wants to be. No, I picked Mark Ruffalo. Okay. Yeah. Who I think does drama de really will not necessarily comedy. In the thrall. Yeah. So I mean he's pretty well known. But just in case for anybody who doesn't know him he's in spotlight. The kids are alright, and he is the hulk right in the current Marvin students. Everybody knows venture and. Yeah, exactly, it took me a little while to recast this. I was near the end of the movie and still kind of like racking my brain thinking, who could take this on it is demanding. And, but it has to be like, I don't know just the right fit. And yet, once I thought Mark Ruffalo that was it. Thank you. I, I really like Mark Ruffalo. I think he's always great. Okay. And so, for Brian Speer, the Matthew Lillard character. You know what's funny 'cause with his name, Brian Speer? I know why. But for some reason, I kept thinking of Brian fellows. Seymour, again, used to do on SNL. Yes, I'm Brian fellows. The feds like Brian Speer, and then I started thinking of him as Brian fellows, who let's perfect because I cast Tracy mortgage in this role. Okay, I'm kidding. I did not cast racy working, and it took me a while. I was gonna say Tracy Jordan. I got so used to that from thirty rock. Yeah. So. Dame right now. I don't know which one is correct apology to Tracy, Jordan or Morgan. Thirty rock as well. Okay. No, I think the thirty right after. Two. And. Okay. Well, I decided actually, I when I was watching, and like trying to think of who to recast, George Clooney, as I was looking for Hawaiian actors hawaiin-born after's, because because I thought it was weird that George Clooney. It was cast in that role. But then, by the end of the film, like he does mention that they're not hawaiin-born like they are. But it's like from way way back in one of his like great, great grandparents, or something like that. So I thought, okay I won't cast a Hawaiian in that role. But I did decide to cast a Hawaiian in this role. It turns out Timothy elephant was born in Hawaii. Twain, the Rob Johnson. Oh, that would have been great from. I think he's Samoan. Yeah he's not Hawaiian. He didn't come up in any Hawaiian actor searches that day. Oh, really from Hawaii. Yeah. But doesn't he kind of have that, like, surfer dude laid back attitude? I feel like he died. Oh, okay. I'm gonna have to console him as well o f why I it is Tracy Morgan, not Tracy Jordan. Thank you. Okay. Oliphant. What has he been in Lucia? He was in the movie go from way, way back from, like ninety nine or two thousand and he most recently would be known from the TV show justified. That's what he's done for. I don't know how many years and he is doomed as far as I know. That's the thing that he hasn't done a ton. But I feel like if you see a picture of him that you will recognize him. Right now. I just go on him. I do know he is. Isn't he in that show with a through their Amar who you read the Santa Clarita diet? Her husband. Yes or her boyfriend or something? Oh, can I do know who he is? So, yes, so he's hawaiin-born and I think he would be a good fit for that role. It's not a huge role of asleep. But an important one, I guess, kind of you're supposed to look at this character and be like, really she chose him. And Timothy olefin is may be too good looking for that. But I don't mind knowing why she chose him. Interesting. Because when you see Matthew Lillard, I feel like we're totally insulting him, or we're going to are the least. I'm going. And he's going to hear this but from any match you Lillard super fans that are listening right now. Yeah. Kind of, was to flake, unac-, bacteria choice because that's the idea like you're looking at a character that George Clooney plays MAC king. And then you look at Matthew Lillard and certainly people are like, well, why would she cheat on? But that's the thing. It's not cheating on George Clooney training on Matt king. Not the problem that I have with George Clooney in this role. But I'll get into that. But I get what you're saying, but, but you make a good point. And anyway, I don't think it really in the end matters, what either of them look like because we're supposed to try and understand their relationships and what we do understand from the relationship. Is that George Clooney's character? Matt king was very absent in. So it doesn't matter what he looks like so anyway, yes. Yes, you know, and also, I think the character of Brian Speer, I mean what you realize is that she really isn't a good guy. He's not he's kind of an unsavory character actually obscenely comes right down to it. He was just screwing around on his wife with no intention of ever leaving her just wanting to, you know have his cake and eat it too. But here's the thing that I sort of, I guess, maybe I wasn't sure. Well, I was watching the movie did he purposely kind of Ciro in on the wife because of her connection to much king? And because he wanted to work on the land dealer, whatever George Clooney's character insinuate dot even though he denies it. Brian spirit, denies it came situates dot was why he started up with his with his wife and I don't you know, it's funny because I don't think that, like, regardless of the boating accident. And even if they had never been cut. It seems weird because it's not like the wife Elizabeth was suggesting him or did that come up in the movie? I don't know. I wonder about the source material because this is a job did from a book, and I wonder if the book goes into more detail, maybe time I don't know. We'll have to read the book. Yeah. I wouldn't mind. Yeah. It sounds good. But yes. So be the reason that I don't think he was doing it is because, you know, it's weird to try and get close to a man by sleeping with that man's wife. Yeah. I don't know if insinuated but I. Okay. Yeah. So they'll, you might know those are my two picks and I would have to hear yours. So a for that King, George Clooney, as I said, I felt that I would've enjoyed the movie a lot for if there had been a different differently. My problem with George Clooney, when I see him now in a lot of movies is like, she's George Clooney to me. I never by him. The character that he's trying to portray because I think that George Clooney has now reached that level of fame, where he is a movie star you Mike. I don't think of George Clooney as an actor, I think, George Clooney, as the movie star who's really rich. And does those coffee commercials. Villa in Italy. He's got this George Clooney persona. So for me I find it hard to see him like immerse himself in the role that he plays. I didn't buy him as the dad in this movie at all. And I agree with you. I don't really think that he's not funny. I don't know. Like, when I think of George Clooney, I think of like dramatic roles I don't think of him being funny, and I didn't even really find him. Particularly amusing even in the parts where he was supposed to be immune thing, leg wasn't kind of buying. It literally the only time I left at anything he did or said was when he started running. Do you know that made me giggle, and that's great? But I think it was more because it was like, oh, look at George Clooney running. Yeah. You're right. And like she's not a good. Owner. Well, I don't know if he's a good runner. He certainly wasn't good running in this. Good. That was the direction that he was given. He mailed it. I really think so. I think that that was on purpose. I don't think that's how he run. When I was watching it. Because usually when I Greek have I am watching it, and I'm getting a feel for the rule. And then like actors just pop into my head. I it's rare that I watched Cindy and then have to go in Google. I usually cast it as I'm watching it and it's usually like within like the first few like I would say within the first half hour, I like narrowed it down to who I want to people who I thought could have done a much better job with this role and I'll tell you, my first choice, and I know someone who's going to be really pleased with my choice. So I selected Johnny Depp. Because you know why I really feel like Johnny death could have tackle this role and I don't know. I just I get a feeling that she could have done so much with this role can I'm kind of contradicting myself year because I know that when we recast the tourist last year that I said that I, especially like Johnny Depp in roles where he's like, you know, got a lot of makeup on, and he's just completely different character write Lincoln, when he's Jack Sparrow, or entirely in the chocolate factory, or even an Alice in wonderland rain. But I also think that even gifted actor, he's definitely got range for sure. And I have seen him in a lot of dramatic roles that I think he's done really well, and, and I think he can do comedy because. Like I said, in the tourist, I thought that he was really quite good when he was trying to be funny. So, yeah, I thought Johnny Depp would have been an interesting choice for for this. And also it's funny 'cause I'm looking at his filmography like around two thousand ten two thousand eleven and that's when he did the tourists. That's all. So when he did a movie called Ranko, you're the is was, I think that was emitted animated this. Yep. And he did something called the rum diary, which I didn't know. Him Billington dark shadows as well. So I feel like he kind of had like a string of flops rare for a while. And I think it would have been interesting to see him in a role like this that has a lot of meat and would have really challenged him. I think it would have been interesting to see how he would have tackled it. I, I really liked that choice. If feel like they're earned a ton of comedic beats for the met king character. There are few, and I think he could have done those well, but I think he would have been incredible at the dramatic parts of it, and I think he would have done so much more than what Clinton did. In terms of the comedic parts, I think Johnny Depp would have been funnier and George Clooney was for sure. Yes. No. I do have one question though, because. Well, I think he is a good choice. Don't. You also think he's enough of a movie star that you would just see Johnny Depp. Because I don't see that's the thing about Johnny Depp that I have always really admired is. But when you see him in all these different character roles slick that's just issue becomes the character. And so I mean, sure he's done jock Spero, and I know a lot of people associate him went back, but I feel like in two thousand eleven I don't know. I feel like maybe in recent years, we're not going to get into the wall, Johnny Depp thing. But in certain things that have happened in his personal life in the last couple of years, certainly, maybe people might have a hard time separating him, right? Art in the artist's. What is that? When people say they can't separate the art is the art from the artist yet, but I think like, you know, this movie is from two thousand it was built in two thousand and ten you know, almost ten years ago, I think he was in a different place. So, yeah, I've always. Been able to buy Johnny Depp lake. When I seen him, Jack Sparrow. He's not joining them to me. Jack Sparrow in Charlie and the chocolate factory he was characterized. See Johnny Depp. Yes. So I feel like he has that ability to really pull you into the character that he's playing that's there by the other person who I think could have also played this really well and I've taught him before Stanley Tucci who can honestly, I think this family, I would have liked to feed Stanley to cheap do this as well. Like his sort of interpretation of it. I think he could do it Stanley. Tucci can do drama. But he's also got that ability to like be comedic as well. She's got the ability definitely to do a few moon might like my second choice. That's interesting. I mean having trouble picturing him in. I am I don't know. I family to change in a God roll. Well, even though the idea is that he's kind of an upset father. Yes. Yes. But yeah, I could see Stanley Tucci doing it. I just I like failing to. She doesn't get enough love. It's true. He is great. Yeah. And then her the back to Lillard role of Brian Speer, like honestly, I was, I was laughing when even watching the movie I was like doing this Larrea. I don't understand this casting choice at all like and, you know, and that's the thing you're watching it. You're going, why would her character want to have an affair with Matthew Lillard aka Bryant? No. So I picked someone like completely you're probably not gonna agree with us. But I picked beat all rich he's so, like Greece in that role. And I'll tell you why. So anyway, skied Alridge. You know, I think he is really an under appreciated actor. She's on Riverdale. Who rape? Yeah. He plays drug heads. Dodd every Jones. But I mean skied over transmit around for like thirty years. Long time. Right. And the thing about skied over is dive. She is so good at playing guys who are not nice like that are kind of semi sleazy, and that Brian spiritual or kind of exude side. You know, you kind of get the whole like she's a real estate agent million nuts sleeve ball, kind of five off of him that would like any sleeping with, you know, some other man's place. And I find it's funny because ski all rich would be like a better looking younger version of dubs. Does not agree with that. But you know what? I mean L rich when he first team onto the scene. He got those comparison money. Does he look so much alike? Yeah. So I kind of when he would come on screen, you, would you kind of sit there and go, oh, she was just telling around with a younger version of her husband, Johnny Depp was playing her was playing Matt king. Yeah. But trying to recapture past glories. She was trying to recapture the past boys. Her like hotter version of her husband, Pete, all rich is a little bit younger than Johnny Depp, about seven or eight years, so skied all rich, a headache, people will know who he is. But, like, as I said, she's on Riverdale, he's done a lot of TV as well. But the movie roles that he's best known for our he was in scream, and he was in the craft and in both those movies like he plays like not a very nice guy who remember him being in the craft. Yeah, he's in it, we need to realize that I think we should recast that that'd be fun. We should, but he's really good at play complex sort of characters, but he's also really good dramatic actor. And I think he is completely underrated like it's absurd. How underrated he is. And that's why I, I don't mind this Keitel ridge pick. I think it's good, especially if Johnny Depp is the Matt king care. Actor. My that would be my Dreamcast. Very nice. Okay. Well, good job Janet. Thanks. The defendants definitely. Oh, yeah. I don't actually have a ton of what do you call them like fun facts for this film? But I did find some interesting alternative actors who had auditioned. I didn't I found nothing about that. Okay. We'll offer the George CUNY director, as far as I know he was an early choice in the only choice in it. That's it. But for the Alex character this Shailene Woodley character, both Amanda ciphered and Kristen Stewart had auditioned for the role. I will see I she lean with leave was excellent me to roll like dot portrayal of like an angry angsty teenager, he nailed it. I thought she was so good. Yes. I wholeheartedly agree. She was awesome. And then I did also find somebody who was a finalist to play sid miles. Teller. Not in a gun. But, like also look at who they landed on those two, I feel like those guys are so different. Name was Nick crows. I never heard of them before. He was awesome. He really was. Shining moment in the movie like he ends up being this character. That is actually a I you see 'em and you're like what is going on this guy? Why is he even here? But then, as the movie progresses, you realize is fit is, is. All right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I love the bat character. I was gonna say the ark but it's not so much that he has an arc. It's more just our arc of learning about him. I also wanna say I loved tutti Judy Greer was. Judy granddad. She's another one. I really don't feel like she gets enough praise how wonderful she is. I know when is she going to have like she's an amazing character actor, but I have seen her in a couple of lead rules, but it was really small independent movies that didn't make many waves. So when is she gonna get that leading lady role? It's coming, I think she'll get it. Eventually she heard. Yeah. So do you know the blacklist so? Good call. The blacklist is like the most liked unmade scripts. So it's like scripts that have kind of been shared around, but they're not made in, you know, people are like why hasn't this been made it so good? So this screenplay was in the two thousand eight blacklist. So I mean that's three years before it was actually made. So it still took a long time. I'm sure once. George clooney. I'm sure that got the wheels in motion. Well, you know what's interesting about that is George Clooney had wanted to work with Alexander Payne inside ways. Yeah. He wanted to play Jack which is the Thomas Haden church character in pain turned him down, because he wanted someone lesser known. Yeah. But nobody is kind of like fits to what you're saying about George Clooney in this movie van. Right. Is like it's George Clooney in. That's all you see. Yeah. I feel that that has become sort of the way that he's viewed. Yeah. There is like that. I mean, a few actors about lovers who go distrusting. Well, fine like that is Brad Pence for sure. Yes. Head. I do not Brad Pitt and any of his role. I just see, like Brad hits the superstar or whatever. Yeah. And I even finally in order to Capri kind of, like that, except that there are some roles where you know, you really do. He's very, very talented in. He is able to kind of become the character. But there are many times where I just feel like it's just Leonardo DiCaprio. That have happened sort of in the last. I don't know what the last little while. Yeah. Well, that's it for fun facts in okay? So sorry. So I can actually this would be a great time to take a break looking for an environment where you can have a safe space to learn experience and discuss all things innovation, with, like minded individuals head over to the ATP transformation meet a page, where you can find vents focused on the latest trends in technology. Join the movement at meet up dot com slash AT. Be dash transformation. And now back to the show. Okay. And we're back and I wanted to share with you, the ratings that I found for this movie. Okay. On IMDB this movie had in eighty four percent, which is pretty great. And then on run tomatoes, eighty nine percent. I mean if you're really demanding. It's interesting because I actually read in doing my research. I did not find any negative reviews about. Very much critically loved, and I also found that most moody critics agreed that George Clooney was. Superb. Like you just read glowing things about him. So, so before we move onto our Tony danza segment. I do want to ask you, if so you got this DVD from the library. So you watched the DVD. And I asked if you had the time to check out the special features of special feature that is called everybody loves George Clooney. So did you watch that? I did watch it 'cause I need to discuss this with someone. I also watched it, it's only like I think not even three minutes long, but it is just for the listener it is the interviewers speaking with various cast members asking them, what they think of George Clooney, and everyone is just gushing praise. And by the end it's only three minutes like I said, but by the end it feels like some kind of like Coltart lake. I don't know. It was just it was so much. It was so ridiculous. I don't know. It's I believe that toured Clooney is obviously a popular person with in those circles people, I think do genuinely like him. And he's. I don't know. Like if you call him an actor's actor, I don't know if that. That started. Is a good way to describe him. But he definitely has a lot of friends and. Yelling. Everyone said wonderful things about him so but it was like superlative. No, it was too much for me. I was like baffled by the end. Been. It's kind of like oh, it's like I think it's great. Not his cast mates loved working with him. And then people had the twenty four things to say about him. But at the same time, like a film is a collaborative effort. It's not a one man show. Like I kind of almost felt like it was like in the George Clooney show offense. I know not I mean he might be the star of the movie, so to speak. But it's fumble cast the I thought it was way over the top like it was too much. But I mean that's great if they loved working with him in the love him. That's awesome. He just I don't dislike him as much as you do. But he just always seems so like pleased with himself. I don't know. Those Espresso cover. Yes, those winds straight to his head. Commercials. It went hill. God. Yeah. Well, any who that's my, the end of my ranting about George Clooney? More important, of course it is time for home Miklos young. Tony danza of. Me too. Yeah. So it's time for home close in Tony danza, the segment where we recast Tony danza into one of the roles in this movie. So Janet, would you like to go first on this one? And I think it's obvious like I have him and fat king. Nice because she's just pays Tony danza the lead role, and let's face it, twenty dance a can do comedy does and he can do draw as well. Do he can do it all. So. Yeah. I would I would get him to leave roll like two hundred percent. Well, I guess great minds think alike, 'cause I also gave him the met king role. Second consecutive time happen. We're on a streak amazed that he and I mean, I totally agree. He would've not that out of the park, he's Tony Anza. He could do it. Yeah. So that's it for the descendants. We did want to speak briefly will not briefly. But we want to speak about some of our listeners who have been kind and generous with their time to send us some lovely thoughtful emails, after all of that ranting. We've been doing finally reached out to us. Yes. Thank you for listening to her whining, and begging. We were sold or at least I was I was host. I e about it. So I'm just so happy, people have finally reached out. Yes. So we're actually going back a few months we received an Email from Marjorie who we have mentioned on the show before, and she emailed us about the Rainman episodes that tells you how far behind we are. Yeah. So she said that because we talked about, how this was a movie that would never be banned in two thousand eighteen and she said that she was thinking, it would actually be interesting to have a remake of the movie in two thousand eighteen the plot may have to change. Because autistic, people aren't put away in institutions like in the seventies. And I think you'll appreciate this Janet, she said she would cast Ryan Gosling, as Charlie and Steve Perot, as Raymond. She would have Steve Carell. Oh, okay. Good casting Marjorie. I love it. I think so too. I could actually see Ryan Gosling as Charlie Babbitt me to completely accidentally. He would be so good in that role. Oh my God. Someone released this movie. Yeah, it'll have to be carefully written rewritten, but yeah. For you. Hollywood. Marjorie. Yeah. Mergers done the work for you Hollywood. Come on. And she also said, do you think Tom Cruise could pull off playing Raymond now that he's in his fifties? Well, here's the thing. Do you think the Tom Cruise would want to play, Raymond? Absolutely not sorry, Marjorie. That was going to be my answer is there's no way that he would do that. I would want to. Yeah. Feeling Tom Cruise is still running around doing his own stunts in mission impossible than these and I mean while I think that that's great. But he's still at it. I think Tom Cruise definitely has like this perception of himself, and no way he ever played, Raymond agreed. He still acts in looks like he's in his twenties or thirties. So I think he thinks he is. Yes, so thanks Murray. Those are really great Email. Are injury for for writing to us. So I think he wanted to talk about Keith as well. Keith wrote in right? Yes. So Keith wrote in about our fifty shades episode, he said that he would probably fell in line with Marita. He would be very angry with us for making him, watch it. Which I get. And also, he brought up an interesting thing about our ratings versus NC seventeen so, you know, in a lot of places NC seventeen movies, won't even get distribution. And so, you know, they can't reach us far of a market as if you're able to get an are rating, and it is interesting because are used to mean something different before. There was NC seventeen. 'cause if you look at old eighties comedies, keep mentioned that are rated comedies have had problems getting made in recent years, and it might stem from nineteen eighties puritanical desire to clean up CD parts of cities by getting rid of Ville, such as peop- shows, and then that kind of extended to movies and even putting warnings stickers on albums so that we don't hear bad words. We, we talked about this three sleep before we started recording. I don't remember albums having warning labels on them. Yeah. No, I. Well, it was something that happened, I would say in the maybe late eighties or early nineties, especially I really remember seeing it slapped that sticker slapped on every single rap album. Attention. Yeah. I don't know. Maybe you weren't buying music at that time knowing you're though, no. I don't know what I don't know. But yeah, I don't remember warning label on album, so. Oh well with I can't remember now with fifty shades restricted or as seventeen. I think they made it tamer than the book to keep that are rating so that it could have a wider distribution. I think that's what it was. Clarify NC seventeen is considered more risque, isn't it? An our reading. I don't know. I'm. Oh, no, no, no. Yeah. I'm not sure like I don't think I've seen any movies with an entry seventeen rating or paying attention. Yes. So the way that I just googled it and, and seventeen is no children under seventeen admitted whereas in our rated movie it is intended for adult but under seventeen can go in requiring an accompanying parent or adult guardian. So they can still see it as long as there with a guardian. Well, I guess discussion for another time. I don't know. I miss an I didn't see anything in fifty that was really bad Noah, good. Yeah. But that's the whole thing is like the book did have more sex and more not a ton more to be honest, but, but it was like more sexual than the movie was. Any other gyms of Winston for us. That's the bulk of it. So then we got a letter from someone named Dolly case hourly. So I have to interrupt their it. We didn't get a letter. We got an Email. We're speaking, you're actress. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Clarified Sally emailed us. So again, thanks for reaching out. What I feel really interesting. Sally for the listen to our hunger games, and our matrix of Assode and then initially, she was kind of upset that we were like even creek casting, these, I guess she really enjoyed them any thoughts because with good. But then, once she started listening to what we were saying that she kind of started looking at the movies different way in the casting, and I thought I thought was released sort of interesting and kind of dick of what our podcast really is all about inside ideas kind of get out of box and think differently about these Milly roles, and who else can claim them. We've done our job. Thanks. Sally was saying, so I thought that was really interesting that we actually sort of provided that insight or someone who weren't able to look at it in a different way, a huge compliment. Yeah. Definitely and also gave us a great idea for a film to be recast, which we are going to do at some point in the future. Valid of busters. Scruggs. Which. Yes, I have I haven't seen again valley's. Thank you. And we are definitely going to be recasting that in the future. So please listen for that. So I will quickly mention about the ballot of BUSTER Scruggs. That is like an anthology type of movies. So it has six different vignettes. So we might maybe pick one to recast or pick two or something. But after UCF Janet than we can figure out exactly how to test. Realize that was sort of setup movie. So now I'm actually really looking forward to me. It's worth watch. That's for sure. Yeah. Definitely. Okay. Great. Well. Get ready to us and share their thoughts and we love, then you're listening to us. And we really appreciate that you took the time to Email us, it's very. Yeah. Okay. So I think that does it for this week for this month. I mean, we will be recasting. What's the next movie Janet? Of Wall Street, of course. Yes, yeah. This one was also a suggested to us. And you'll find out by whom if you listen to our bonus episode that's coming up in a couple of weeks. Watch. Wall street. Please watch it so that you can join us can rake Hosking and maybe just watch like parts of it. It's really long. Oh, it's like nearly three hours, right? I think so. Yeah. Just, you know, fast forward here and there. Oh, yeah. Yes. So. Exactly. As usual, we are replied casting all the social media stuff. If you wanna follow us there in comment on our posts if you wanna Email us like our lovely listeners, merger Keith and Sally. Did you can do that at repot casting at g mail dot com? And that would do it for this month. Thank you so much. Hope you're still listening. Thank you. Bye. The Elbert a podcast network, powered by ATP is proud to be a sponsor of this year's pod summit, western Canada's premier podcast conference. Join US June twenty second at fort Calgary for day of learning and connection making the theme of this year's conference is after the start. Here's what you can learn at the pod summit how to make your podcast stand out of the crowd, how to breathe new life into your show. If you've been podcasting for while how to connect with your listeners and build a community that supports you marketing tips and tricks to grow your show from hundreds to thousands of downloads how to build different income streams with your podcast. Tickets are just a hundred fifty dollars and you can get twenty five dollars off by using the promo code. I love podcasting. That's I love podcasting, all lower case. No spaces. Get your ticket today at pod summit dot com.

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