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YOU WATCH WRESTLING. Y ratings. Citations. Well hello there. Welcome friends foes heels. Baby faces all of you. You're welcome you. This is the we watch wrestling podcast. I mean wonderful. Darling read it. Goes beyond the Matt McCarthy with me always fifteen miles away in his luxurious suburban home the professional wrestling encyclopedia. Mr Vince Averill I I hope please. This is the we watch wrestling. Podcast stressing PODCAST DOT COM. Go ahead L. No to alcohol. You could go directly to Steve Austin GOTO PATRIOT DOT COM right now for a mere five dollars you sending us. Qna questions For Sore seven dollars and all sorts of other bonus contents have you. Have you done any corentin maintenance on on your head? Have you had the beard trimmed or the hair trimmed at all or anything like that? I did trim my beards but I need a haircut badly. I need Glenis needs to give him a haircut back. I have Into I'm just going to let it all go until I'm Freeman Man Tune in for the to tune in for the fucking bullshit. I can't wait for like you to look like Michael Elegant for a second with like I was already saying I'm Gonna I'm GonNA sit between Georgia's knees in her braid my hair you know it's GonNa be Great. Oh that's outstanding also big big big big big big news for everyone who Bought shirts on the big cartel. Figured out the postage and is in the mail unless you had to get a preorder because he missed out on the the multi which I'm actually wearing in this video Those will go out as soon as I have them. Now because I can now ship so loud a lot of things are gonNA start percolate now. Because I'm stuck in my house and I can shit without having interact with people so big day ship. Shit Yeah I guess all the business up top best. I can tell me best. I can tell dude. You'LL BONUS AUDIO VIDEO. We just watch along. That's right you can check that out on the On the Patriot on or so also support stuff. Should we do like a? Should we do like a quarantine shirt? We should do like a court dean shirt stay home. Watch wrestling like stay home. Watch wrestling When you were you were texting me. You're like hey where are you? I was in the middle of watching a video on. Read it of a guy. Just interviewing Protesters Oh God. Oh my God I could. I could watch that all day. Yeah there was You know there was the fucking classic videos in Michigan and then Tim Robinson inserted himself. Did you see those? No where the guy who's like I can't I can't go look at Grassy or whatever and the one woman's like we wound up Yelich Oh to the beauty parlor. Whatever and then. He's like no time when I start by my Halloween stuff. What am I supposed to buy my Halloween us at me? That's great He's crazy funny. Yeah Shit Dude. I mean Dude Roy. Dude was war on Monday. Wasn't it I don't know what is it I listened. Ain't no fucking way. I watched that whole show. Don't even worry about that but I did I I saw this and that and did what I could. Yeah I saw this and that it's You know it's whatever The it's such a you know a not not to not to go all rolling. Alexander but the fact that drew McIntyre has to be champion and top guy during the quarantine. Era Isn't travesty He's so good when he when he fucking popped rounds head off the table and then through the entire table out of the ring that the timing and everything which I'm sure it wasn't just him but him bouncing his head off the table it was so good ham and he's he's like it's so funny because why did it take Vince so long to actually make him the guy. When that's what Vince said was going to happen. How many years ago? Yeah you know. Yeah I don't know man that is all he's he's tall he's good looking. He can work. He can talk. What the Yes. The problem Vince. What is the problem? Leave and come back. Well yeah I mean well it. Is that thing of like Vince Sad. It which you think would be enough. And then but then he got put into a corner writers like three MB and Shit and so then you get assigned that role. So even Vince McMahon is like. This is what he is now. You know I mean Vince said it and it being the worst thing. That could have happened to him. Yeah no I mean. He was like his Cam. Silent Rage as far as a silent rates nervous. Because I know our one. Give me a hell. Yeah whatever he used some catchphrase. That you've said I guarantee it God. Damnit guarantee he's had guarantee them to slaps him in the face and he's got a fall down and it's like so this is how we're making the next big superstar. He's got to job to a slap by an old man I did find it interesting that Samoa Joe was added to commentary. I mean probably not but it was like an an lawler was still there right but I mean like Jericho has been killing it. And they're like we have the kills it on. Komo does Joe's great on commentary. I'm I'm sure that's probably not what happened. But it did pop into my head. I was like that's weird. Kind of both the conspiracies Vince. You're always against the wall you don't think there is a nineteen keep us in quarantine than show. Us UFO videos. Yeah so fucking great. I love that they're like. Here's here's a couple of you. Ufo VIDEOS THEY'RE LEGIT. Everybody's like who gives a fuck those little fucking Martians to come down here and Give me give me an antidote. Yeah these these marshes GONNA pay my fucking mortgage. Yeah right do what else. You've been watching. So what do you think Dino Bravo committed suicide? No also I kinda I kinda thought. That was the weakest one so far. I mean what they're going to have to say about Dave Schultz tonight but it will still be really fun to watch. No I mean between the videos they've released and the and the photos and the little but I read. I'm like I am super jacked up for Dr d the Raw footage from twenty twenty that. We've never seen before of like gone. And then all of a sudden Vince shows up wearing hightlight. Tuxedo with no jacket. You hear him before you see him. And right down the hall. Collins Dawson motherfucker. Yeah she's in the doorway Fuji hanging out like nothing off Fuji standing in the doorway. As if there's not even anyone else in the hallway just kind of looking around like nothing's going on the like the dude from twenty twenty just got fucking laid out. Dared the hell's the matter with you and it's GonNa be great when they show that clip because Scholtz has. His story has never changed. She's like Vince. Put them up to that but there was another incident. That wasn't even got fired. Yeah he didn't get fired over that it was something outs. Yeah did he tried to beat? Up Mr T. or something yes it did involve Mr T. He finally right. He's like again. Somebody like probably Piper GonNA wound up so I've always heard. Piper you know be like the sky coming into our business reporter David. This guy thinks he's a wrestler. Let David John Stahl type. Is there any chance? Okay are well no I mean as far as Dino Bravo thing goes. I was Well you hate reading subtitles and all those people were speaking friendly. I hate reading and you can stop made you mad made you so mad. Who was like when Frenchy Martin would would be as management angry There's something I need to get. Maybe I should check high spots. Do you think they got a Jacques? Rougeau shoot interview on there. Oh I would think so. I'm sure because I know our F- has done them so I'm sure they're on there. 'cause I mean because really all I've seen is on that Rif comp of heat seekers or whatever it is our got heat right wherever it is. That shock tells the full story about knocking out dynamites Tito. He is such a great storyteller. Right I listen to him just like when he was on the dino thing I was like. Oh this is going to be good. 'cause can fucking spin a yarn. Yeah so that I really enjoyed I didn't I knew that. I guess I didn't know the whole story. I heard he was. Dino is involved with illegal cigarettes and then he probably got wacked right. I didn't realize that when he got fired from WWF. He was like well. I guess I'll just go break. Legs for the Mafia. Yeah so so wild. Is this like well her? I mean this is a natural progression for me. I'll just And it's fine the way that the dock presented at two. They were like you know. His career was ruined. He had no other choices. It's like no you. You've always got options. Besides could capital crimes is Stood yeah I think it was. It was. It wasn't like it wasn't an interesting I just Other than when I just turned off the new Jack want but that was for different reasons. You know but but everything else has been. It's been good and I and I liked that one I mean is there any chance or not going to show the footage of when they go to David Schultz House for the it was on the show itself. It's like the show. But these are my these fucking guns always have this gun woman. He's how come the dinner is not ready. What the fuck is the kitchen should be clean. She got the food did you had you realized I. I knew that three point. Oh had been signed ten exte- but I don't Bannon exte- have they 'cause they're now called like ever rise they they wrestled on raw against cedric and ricochet. You know like the old They were like a Chicago team. And some of those other indies Scott Erker and somebody lost or something was the names now. One of them's fucking got. They put Martell on him. It's like why would you use martell known like wrestling name? And just be like just happens to be no no mention of anything. Just he's just somebody. Martell Kara three point. Oh it was That's what they were called car. It does the name of their tag team. Yeah three point Oh Parker and lost I think was the Time I'm lost all right. Well then you when you saw him on raw if you did. You weren't thinking like Oh shit. What the fuck are these guys doing here? Now and when they start calling them ever rise no I honestly. They wrestled the The Vikings who they wrestle. They wrestled Cedric in ricochet and listen. I didn't watch the whole show but I saw it. You know so no but I I must have. I think I just thought Oh. They're wrestling guys from Orlando and now. I'm going to go into another room. And the one kid looks exactly the same and then the other guy. His hairs like a bit longer now. But but other than that. Like if you if you remember you. Wouldn't you'd recognize him if he had her in Chicago when we used to go. Um Yeah that would have been in Chicago. They might have been in. I know we. We definitely SOM- there maybe dragging gay but but they were in the north east of it. But I will give it a second glance. I didn't even think anything of it. But it's another one of those things where you're like. I'm not sure they've been an annex. Tv AND TV and now they're up on raw not that it matters that much but sure. Well it's that's that's the we boss. We got a book what we got. Okay all we gotTA crowd I was thinking You know because it's funny like when gender goes out there and just you know mops up the floor with Akira Right Tazawa. I was suddenly brought back to you. Remember I remember who was who it was against if it was Sammy's Zane or who. Maybe even rollins actually. Do you remember like when annex t I the the the Florida and Exte- The full sail annex t ferdie started For a minute their gender went down to be like not on the roster but like he was like the guy from the main roster who was like a top heel main roster guy in got into it with either Sammy Zane or or maybe it was. Maybe it was seth rollins. I don't remember who ones and But it was like he went down there to give annexed some legitimacy and the Rub Right. It was after he had fucking won the challenge. Way before way blue. Okay so there's no real yet doesn't make a lot of sense. No it was. Just here's a main roster Guy Kinda like around the same time as Aro. Okay got into it with With Sammy Zane. Okay Weird now. This was this was years ago. This is when gender this is before you had the sing brothers and all that because I thought I thought that like very quickly. After he came back he got turned into the fucking main event. Monster Right wasn't he gone and came back. I don't I I mean I remember him being gone but I don't know where he was out of the company here was he Yeah Well the CAIN Velasquez experiment has ended. Wow He's been released. What a what a spectacular finish I mean just to go to Saudi Arabia. Wants get the shit kicked out very quickly and never seen again. God Damn boss. We're not doing progress or any favorites. We've gotta get him his win back Do you know. There's there's the Cisco Jerry Briscoe got sent home furloughed that's crazy furloughs food So you probably know. Maybe you don't but there's this big ten part documentary on Michael Jordan and the Bulls. That's airing yeah and So then I'm on the WB network. And I noticed that one of the categories at least on my fire stick version of the network is like basketball something. That's like a whole strip of categories. I was like what the fuck is this shadow and so of course you got like teat kicking it. Rowden fucking watch this clip from. I guess it must have been a Tuesday night. Titans where Adrian Donnas with Jimmy Hart Okay McMahon polls to fans out of the audience. These two like you know they look like eighteen to twenty two year old guys. In fact I was looking at the audience of this show and I go. This is like the first. Indy crowd like this. This crowd of dudes is like is like a modern-day indie crowd. It's not like a Tuesday night. Titans I I'm pretty sure it was. I mean. I just tuned into the clip. But I'm I'm pretty sure the break it had the TNT you know and they had an audience. They had like a had that audience and they were it was standing. Yeah and and See the pulls them out. So it's what's going to happen is a Adrian and honest and Jimmy Hart Yeah and then you got junkyard dog and they each get one of these kids and then they proceed to put these guys on their shoulders. And then they have to run down to a hoop and and slam dunk the ball. And whoever does it more times wins. And I'm just going like what in the fuck? And and at some point McMahon mentioned Alfred Hayes idea and as is the one handling the ball because there's a point where Jimmy Hart's trying to hand the ball when when like Adana comes back after one of them and he's like Oh. Alfred has to hand the ball. Alfred is the hand the ball to the and so ultimately after a couple of minutes junkyard dog wins they scored more baskets. It's almost like something you'd see at halftime of a basketball game or something but it's just happening on the show. Oh I got to watch this and so then you know. Donna says pissed that he lost but very briefly and without incident. And then it's over like we hear was it was it was it made it even weirder that there was a category of basketball related clips on the network. What else is in there? Like Karl Malone obviously. Yeah there's like that and then and then like other than the perfect shooting hoops. Maybe the thing about the network right is like it's even if you even if you type in a guy his name and it goes to their picture and everything you still there matches so it's like there's a couple things in there going like. I don't understand how this has to do with basketball but It's incredible how they they made so many improvements and then made so much of it worse but the thing was so I after the fire stick when I came upstairs because my other. Tv doesn't have the fire stick like it's I don't know if I wasn't able to find it on this other version of the Samsung or something. Yeah but like. I couldn't find the basketball category except on on Amazon. I don't know on that version of it so strange man but Yeah I was like what nothing else is like that where I'm like if I'm watching. Hulu on my computer on the tablet on the fucking the Roku the fight like it's it's the same it the same interface you know. Maybe the Roku is slower. Just because it's old right but that's about it you know with like I don't know why the even even even like new Japan. I don't know why it the interface has to be so difficult with the wrestling streaming services that I use. It's only on Amazon right. I don't think it's on anything else thing with Japan is. I can't even watch it on right unless you have acquired. And as we've talked about you have to log in every like just constantly have to re log in but even like with eighty w when I used the TNT APP. It's forget even trying to use it on the Roku. Yeah it just crashes every chance against or if I use it on the fire. It's when I turn it on. I have to leave it on because if I stop it and I try to I. It won't pick up where I left off. It'll start from the beginning all over again. So the only the only option again is using it on a laptop. That's like the only interface I can or if I just watch the show air live either east coast or west coast on one of the APPS I mean one of the you know right remained devices. Smuggled unbelievable dude hard. Why is it GonNa be so hard? It's like a modern day. What's the problem right? I just don't understand why things like net flicks can have their shit together and everybody else's like What we're GonNa do net flicks. But better I did also watch I watched a little bit of Another episode of TNT where it was like Iron Mike Sharpe sitting down. Must've been like pretty early on him. Shown Tori where he's like. He's a superstar. He's got clothing on that. Like only existed for those two years. You know like those kind of dress up clothes and It's it was. It was funny. Just because you know McMahon will let him go. Yeah and and you're going like is this really what they were trying to get over like. Well he's the guy that everybody says had re. They didn't know what it was at the time but he really severe. Oh yeah you know was you know was first one in the showers? Last one to leave the showers had like had to like open. The locker certain way full. The close certain way was very like yeah. You'd almost think that that would prohibit you from from wrestling. Just kidding just merely the contact and everything in the sweat and all that you know. I know it's incredible to me because you always hear guys talk about the smell. The canvas to see you're going like this clean can't possibly be clean enough for me. I don't mean like as it's happening. Well that's the thing is every time I would see the As soon as the young bucks mentioned that the ring the bay had on the compound was the PWG ring. My eyes went straight to the campus. I was like well. Where where's all the stains you know? They just weren't showing up on camera that day. But I was like that like we. We go to bar wrestling. We go wherever and it's like. We recognize the canvas that what is it. E E F W W bath. Yeah Yeah Yeah that fucking rang man now those superstar we talked about how they were adding those superstars episodes and I thought it was just ninety three but there were so few that I was like those are new but did they also add these ninety two so I did what I do and I went and watched the one closest to my birthday. In Ninety two ninety. Three there wasn't it was like January. To march was all they had put up but like So the one I did watch the had a hot The first match was boss man versus skinner which initially also I was like whatever and then I was like. Oh this is I actually am enjoying this. Like good And boss man was coming off. I guess nails had done the number on him boy though there was some concern about his back and skinner of course he had that alligator paw that he was using at the time so he he found a way to get the alligator. Paul you know and And Jam it right into his neck and Steve Hated hated. Turn on the air conditioning. Ultimately boss man prevailed and I was like this I was I was into into the heat of the old Bolo Punch. You know or you like spin it a few times before you can late in ask you Gotta. Watch reminded me is that I. I'll see the clip get suggested on Youtube all the time of Bret Hart on a you shoot. And he talks about when nails attacked. Vince McMahon Shit. I ain't seen that I think that's why how that guy got fired and Kinda. Just run out of the business entirely. Yeah it was clear that in August of ninety two. They were still. They were hopeful for nails. Well you know he was tall and scary looking for you know the the People's Bryan Bryan There's absolutely nothing wrong with giving a little bit to a to a job guy on night. Yeah man what about you and You've been tuning in or tuning out. I've been watching a lot of stuff you know. It's funny. Scott Moran sent me a text that him and Sarah have been watching Baywatch the bill. They've just been they're like they picked a random show to just power through and They they picked me I'm I'm sorry I'm distracted by family business. You could do to Alvin now. No thing about Baywatch was Donna de Eriko who was married to Who is the old dude in Motley? Crue Oh Mc Mars. Yeah that will always always befuddling to the Rock. Something really befuddling about rock Episode Nineteen Season Four obey of Baywatch. There is a a country singer comes to the beach looking for is Estranged wife and his kid and he's like you know the the the Clint Black. I can't think of a country singer Travis. Yeah whatever so and his manager is Jimmy mouth of the South Heart. Oh boy and Jimmy in the episode as much as I would have preferred so you watch the episode. I did I want a whole episode and I hate to tell you. I don't think I've ever watched I've never watched a episode of Baywatch start to finish. I don't think so. I don't think I have either and it's hot. Take into really bad show. You don't say but You know seeing seeing fucking nightrider. Do Anything don't Hasselhoff. Oh Man fucking Hoffman fucking riot but at any rate. Jimmy Hart is You know he's the guys manager at the beginning their their ride on the bus and He just comes over. It's also so so strange. I'm sure you'll agree. It's never makes any sense to me. Seeing Jimmy Hart without his sunglasses on like right so infrequently that that's ever happened it like seeing his actual eyeballs is disturbing and it seems like one of those situations where it's like these are people. Maybe they don't want me to. Where am I wearing but okay you know? I just got off the phone with hulk and he said Jimmy. If it's too hot to wear your gimmick it's too hot to work these these these big time Hollywood people. I said you know I'm talking to them about getting you on the show. And he's like he's like Jimmy a book my own stuff he's like. I got my own Baywatch. It's called Thunder in paradise. Baby that's right now when you say bus. Are you talking about the city bus? They're taking the end. Nineteen or whatever Santa Monica or are we talking about? The tour? Bus is the big old tour bus. Imagining pull the cord off. Well that was fair speech. That's our stop vendors pages where hoax from call to call hope back. Can you open the back door? Please we want to get out. But he's He's so bad he's He's just he's Jimmy Hart and it's just. It's it's just hilarious that for no reason like because that show a syndicated wasn't even like it was on. You know all right hearner channel right. It was not on. Nbc every Friday night at whatever unless that's where it was syndicated where you lived. Yeah exactly so. It's just so but he comes over he's like You know he's like hey. We got a big tour. Baby we we gotta keep moving and then at the end when the the guy gets his family back and you know sorry spoilers everybody but he gets the kid back and the wife back and with of course with the lifeguards help He's like I'm not going to be touring as much. I'M GONNA be expensive time in Nashville with my family. And Jimmy's going to cancel the show in Las Vegas going to riot. Maybe we gotta you know what we should do for watch long. We should find the the The Walker Texas Ranger where that I saw a little bit of where Roddy Piper is a wrestler. Ooh Yeah well I was thinking because then I started looking because there is that baywatch where Hogan shows up in in season six. It seemed like yeah. I think he falls in the water. And like you know Pam Anderson pulls them out of the water. That's why twitter would have been a problem in those days. You know because you might have been on there going like. I'm so glad that this country singer got his family back at the end. And I'm like dude. It hasn't fucking aired where I live yet. Will you stop? Yeah exactly no kidding Man So so I'm I'm I you know what I also watched too is A movie on Turner Classic Movies called night and the city. I've heard of it. It's good It really I mean honestly the ending. I was just like I got bombed out to But it's about this You know kind of two bit con man. What year it might be nineteen fifty okay? it's an old black and white. It's this guy kind of falls into promoting wrestling and Stanislaus. I can never say his name right. But like the originals Bisco. Okay like the guy who was born in the eighteen hundreds. He's he's an old man in. This movie stanislaus discount. The Fox's name I gotTA look it up stands Lius night and the city night and the city see. That was always my. I always thought it was sex in the city was sex and the city. No no not in the city and the city where we haven't sex that countryside in the city on the trucker we do it in the road down on Park Avenue Babe. Come up bub-bubba Papa let's see stands you look like you're doing like like What's that guy's name like you're singing like you're playing keyboards and your mouth is like kind of the side of the microphone. You're like sorry seems to be the hardest Pau L. Most Donald is thinking of McDonald's at the guy was like you know like I I. I can't even think of any. I know little brutal off your exam walking in Memphis Jerry. Lawless wrestled not. Jerry's I guess Stanislas Bisco Daas Fianna Comrade and also in the heel in it is Mike Mizuki This guy a a wrestler turned actor. durant is for real. And also I'm looking at him and Mike Mike mcgurk Mike Mularkey. He's the He shows up in a chit on a movies. Did you see him? Trying to nip up the other night no out. Don't say that to me. It was not good cow creek. Clunk oh no. I think they had laugh about. I think Morrison Bedroom. That could could do it and he. Well he couldn't. This is the fact of the matter anyway. Continue so Missouri Ski Well first of all we went to Manhattan college and then he went to Fordham Law. Ooh He played professional football. He was split face in Dick Tracy in nineteen forty five straight face split face. He played the Strangler night in the city and then he Played a a henchman in some like it hot. But he is he a wrestler. This is this guy. He's one of the CO founders and the first president of the Cali Flower Alley Club. We'll go ninety five. I now and it's the full. It's a photograph of his colleague. Flower ear that they use for the logo for Cauliflower Alley. You know I was. I was actually still. I was just reading that you know cauliflower alley. There's obviously a fair amount of negative negatively toward McMahon that goes on. Wwe like supports them in some way but it was saying that when when Dr D. had been there it was like the the the w table was clearly uncomfortable. It was like he was going off. So hard on McMahon Anyway Yeah Cauliflower Alley Club. Is there footage of that? Obviously but I don't know I would imagine there probably is but he doesn't. He don't like Vince. Moral the story in some Asian. I can't wait to get the 'cause I mean he's probably going to get the you know the new Jack Treatment where it's just kind of an episode about him. Not necessarily one specific instance. Because you can't do the whole show about STOSKOPF getting slapped I hope because Promo on On the bounty hunter because he you know he was abounding owners bounty hunter be fucking dude. I hope they like. When are they going to start putting up like unused footage on instagram? Like they did with Cornet given the tour as well. You know. It's weird as I was looking in tonight. It's like at nine o'clock it's Dino Bravo with like extra footage. So maybe they're already starting to do that when they replay them before the new episode interesting but well. I don't I don't even get the channel I again. I'm watching it like on demand on their On their site. Oh yeah look in Memphis and Kaufman met Fordham own I Guess Jerry. Lawler addressed his Oh the ramen noodles waltz on his podcast but but rest assured he did not apologize. What did he say about it? I didn't even click on the article. let me think about this. I don't remember exactly I know it was like Oh you know what he said he was like you know if it was like me and Mike Cole or me and Jr. We have chemistry. If I say something stupid it's like Oh king you know you're you're crazy and we sort of do that. He's like but I don't have that chemistry with these guys and so I said it and it just Kinda lay there and they moved on and so it was it was it seemed like a bigger deal or I. I know one was like King. You're being crazier. That's not right to say something like that. Whatever so it was like that was his explanation. Not that he had said anything. Yes it's it's their fault got it. Yeah so maybe once. They get their chemistry together. They'll be able to catch those kinds of slurs. Have you seen the? I don't know how new this is but it's new to me. I've never noticed it. The new MELTZER shirt. There's a new meltzer shirt. It looks like a parental advisory sticker. Do you know this one. No someone's selling you can buy it on the Observer's site oh it's official it's official merch. It looks like the parental advisory sticker and in the middle where it says advisory says Dave Meltzer and the top and the bottom. It says reading is your friend. Oh Shit uh get invents so yeah man. Carlos friend show Carlos yesterday was like so. What's up did did meltzer lose all his contacts. Like he doesn't seem to have any like scoops and I was like. I'm pretty sure it's just because nothing's going on. And maybe his contacts aren't even at work you know. I think it's probably likely that because you know he was saying going into this. He's like there's probably GonNa be a Lotta history pieces in the observer now because there just isn't a Lotta Shit to report on because there is a lot of shit going on but you know in O'Brien there's GonNa be a lot of history in the observer this week because all my all my contacts were furloughed. They've got coded we do. We know yet. Is there any rumor who was that tested positive? I ain't heard nothing that the wealth smackdown from last Friday tested positive for being sucast wile fastball. I just I just watched that fastball. Fly Right by my head holy ship and you know and then we got the top however many again on Monday there of the triple h Fucking highlight reel one too. Is this on? Did you like to see Cam on Friday? When he came out and shut shut down. Good God Almighty. What a fucking back. I of course. Of course of course Everybody stays six feet away from me except you over here. I'm going to screw in your face now. I mean it's so It's like it's the perfect booking the triple h appreciation night and they kind of did it on Monday to it's weird right Because it's that's the only thing that's going to save the ratings and then when it's like the lowest rated smacked on on Fox it's co- voted. No one's watch TV anymore. Nobody's even what people are cutting cords. Man I did notice when I was going through the network. There's like a triple h and Lemme like sit down. I was going to bring this up to you. I've never seen it. I've never seen this before either. LemMe does not look well. He's when he speaks. He's engaged and he's loosening knows but when he's just sitting there listening he looks like he doesn't have a fucking clue what's happening. It's which one of my matches your favorite would you? Would you say that one's my favorite behold the king of kings? If you're just like sitting down thinking about who is your favorite wrestler. Do you think this pregnancy knowing better than you know. I really love the rock. You know what you know my. It'd be great if they that's why they it's just let me sitting there looking dazed because anything he said he was just like. I really loved to Mick Foley puts you over and really major career. Did you see that. That's going to be the next What's that show unfiltered Oh were they like breakdown. One specific thing it's going to be h and CACTUS Which there's so much to talk about. I don't know if they're going to focus on one match like maybe maybe there's going to talk about the royal rumble match. I mean probably you know it was. It was them in. It's one of my favorite moments on raw actually is Madison Square Garden. Triple H is waiting in the ring and then mankind gets on the big screen. Actually I it starts with dude love. Actually he was dude. Love Okay Yes yes yes yes. And he calls in mankind and its dude love interviewing mankind and then all of a sudden cactus. Jack walks in with a garbage can and they're all screaming. I it's actually. I've been using that line. It's so funny I just thought of it too because I've been using that line with Jack Because this past week he's been saying to me. Are You thinking what I'm thinking and there's a moment in that where dude says that demand county mankind says? I think I am thinking what you think. I'm thinking I think you know that. Yeah Yeah but then you know cactus and it's so funny watching that watch that back if if you think to do it. Yeah because that's back when raw just had the black curtain right. It looks like they have made watching wrestling so like like it looks so cheap now. Yeah looking back there entrance. It was just the black curtain with a semen at any comes out. He starts throwing shit through the curtain and then he comes out with a Bang Bang. That was the first time he was CACTUS and WWF. And I'm he got to you know be CA. I wonder if that I don't think that would have been his first time wrestling in the guard. Mick Foley wouldn't if it was no because he that was after he had already done a program with Undertaker right not as Cactus Jack or You mean like Mick Foley at all well. Cactus Jack for sure but then my question became Mick Foley at all because how far into his run in WWF. Would that have been? I'm sure maybe they would have been. Maybe they did a house show a couple of times in in the garden because I would have been what ninety seven and he probably came in and ninety six so this was before they did all the fucking him like sitting now Jim Ross and pulling his hair out and all that this would have been after because they started doing dude love after the close interviews. I think he would have had to because they they were running the garden like every pretty regular. Yeah every couple of months I think Walk in and for logging man whose Jerry Llamas Restaurant GonNa get me some ribs Memphis. Jackie Fargo has great hair. Sputnik MONROE JUST WALK IN MEMPHIS lambs Russell bummed. A CIGARETTE IN MEMPHIS is generally smaller than you think. Logging EMAM FOODS JIM CONAN bomb. Who's rich the Boogie? Woogie man was stoned. He still alive right. Bogey-bogey oh yeah Jason. I want I need to watch a shoot interview with him because every time I see a clip of him talking. He's so engaging I feel like there is somebody on that One of those this week in wrestling episodes we watched for the watch along this week. That reminded me of of him. But it was in dirty roads. Thou- I didn't get a good look at dirty roads. It's so funny watching that clip. Because I'm like that. Got kind of looks like dusty. And he's like kinda dressed like dusty and the announcer calls them dirty road. I don't know he's dirty. This guy's dirty. You're thinking of somebody else. Like talk about the fucking go bots knock off dirty roads not even not even similar this dirty road okay. This isn't even. It's not dusty. None of those are those acquaintance this dirty road. You pull out of the car wash. You've got two ways you can get home or you're going to go down the dirty road you might as well just go down the dusty road because you'd rather have your car dusty than dirty. Yeah because you know rain or maybe even wind calculator dirt is. It's no good because brother. Let me tell you something. That dirty road is gross dirty roads. That's like that's worse than fake razor. Oh my God because it way worse than fake razor or is it. I don't know I mean. At least it's worse because it's like at least with rate fake razor. It was just I am that. Guy. I'm playing that guy. I'm that right. It was dirty roads is I am a lesser dusty Rhodes. Yeah he's going like I don't even know who the fuck. This dusty Rhodes is but people keep bringing them up to me and frankly upset exactly ticket. I don't WanNa hear another thing about this fuck industrials because I don't know the guy I'm dirty roads and let's be done with it like it's so strange to think of how many guys were doing like call themselves nature boy you know. Yeah it's like You know secondly hair bleach in popularity right. You know like well. It might as well. I'm going to start drawing. Anyone better. Dhamma hair blonde and starts strutting like to the point where they there's still like historians argue over wet. Who Was it buddy? Rogers was a Jackie. Fargo was who started strutting I. You know it's funny as when we were talking about. The the the superstars being added to the network and I was like ninety three. And you were like why. And then the first one the first one that popped up was the still the still image was Hogan and beefcake with the red and yellow masks on right and I was just like y when I saw it. I was like why. Why would have anything from the? There's definitely I don't know what the full story is. But there's like somehow there's a licensing problem with superstars pre I guess from the eighties. I had no idea what are why Or who would own like as if you watch footage where they show clips from like a superstars taping right look at the banners in the in the rafters they blur it out. And it's not just blurring out the WWF like they used to have to. It's like the entire logo of superstars like I don't know if it's the name they don't own or if it's the the the logo because it's also it might even be. I've never really watched him. Because it's also it's like post April ninety two so it's like flare is on his way out and it's also kind of a time where I was starting to not watch as much But it might even be called superstars of wrestling. Oh like they might even have had to have changed the name because of this weird copyright thing sounds like a mailbag question. That's a good point. Hay Day Brian. Reading would be your friend. Dave our next letters from Matt in Los Angeles and he was a I I I I don't really. I mean I don't know I. I know the name McCarthy. That's the name that I've heard that name. I've heard that name said we'll get him laud. Humongous played by a couple of different is not. Manga is so huge. Told Your Yamamoto threw some salt on to. Ma is what did you think of Did you did you not think Dustin might have to retire on dynamite last week Did you entertain it at all? I definitely thought about it once. I saw the stipulation. I said Oh what's going on here and ultimately I think I made the decision going in that he was not going to retire. That it was just You know they they put it on there to try to get a little more interest and I think that they accomplish that but of course because there was that idea of like. Oh maybe he's no no that he's like just going to be a producer now or something happened or whatever it is. Yeah so I thought it was. It was interesting enough where I was like. This is I'm thinking about it. I'm considering what's going to happen but I can't because I I didn't know I didn't think that it you know all right. You Know Bryan. It gave away the finish. I'm like no. I didn't feel that way because I was I think I also wasn't considering the full bracket because whoever won that goes onto face lance archer because at first I was looking at it I was like. Oh Wow man if this tournament goes to Dustin versus cody to. That's like my favorite match from you know last year the year before right And it's like a reason for them to wrestle again. It's a reason for them to still be friendly. Still be brothers. But then once I realized Lance Archer was where he was in the thing I was like. Oh He's GonNa Puke. He's Gonna. He's here he's here he's. GonNa you know just obliterate Golda Zte and then code is going to have even more of a reason law Blah Blah but but there was pardon me I was like I could see dozens gonNA retire at some point right now so I was kind of like. Oh man don't do it like this. Don't don't let it be like that but at the same time it's like he's it's too soon. I mean I don't know how the guy feels physically but it's too soon for me because he's like one of the best workers in that company you know. Yeah he's on. Fire his careers hotter than for me watching him his careers hotter than it's been in decades. Oh for sure I mean he's he's he can still wrestle at the same level and he's you know being he's given the opportunity it's not just now and our show. Jericho was back on fire. Jared is unbelievable. I mean any time you get in a fuck in Rocky Dennis or whatever the man of the Oh right yeah. Last that he got in there I couldn't believe said that shit he got a yuks yuks the Canadian company. We win because it was remind it was just like the the story that we just posted recently but the heavy rain where it was like like Mr Anderson didn't understand why like a comedian would become an in just trying out new stuff right and then. That's the exact analogy. Jericho uses about Kenny Omega wrestling. A nobody yeah and I liked that match. A lot of angles looked great for sure. I had no problem with it and I loved here in Jericho Kalma Pumpkin head and everything else. Oh my God Jerry go is very good at like walking that fine line of like he's one of the greatest wrestlers ever been in the ring with but I beat him every time that I'm in the ring with him and he's a stupid Pumpkin head. You know yeah perfect and unless you're unless you're cool Cabana but yeah and then and then Shivani was even like did you beat him in New Japan. Is that what he's like? Denying I duNNo. I probably beat him within an interest. Life Schiavone Schiavone. A those who are great. Orange Cassidy had a tremendous match with with Was that this week. What am I thinking of Jimmy Havoc That'll fucker those fucking crazy ex. Calendar beat him with an inch of his life. Gave Ed the the The big tag that they're going to do the interviews they do after those matches with like best friends. Anytime it's like Chucky or trans or or cassidy it's just that is high fucking gear entertainment for me. Absolutely you know always. Oh that's right. I remember I was I was I was doing dishes in and I was already watching dynamite and I was texting you if you had watched it yet and And you're like no good and I was like fucking hot open fucking Darby and Sammy. Yeah Yep now. Do you think that Velveteen Dream Sent inappropriate photos to fans on the Internet. Or do you think that he was framed. I mean the story kind of went away immediately. Well once it becomes. He said she said or whatever. It's it's hard to to go anywhere else with the company's fire. Everybody that they're gonNA fire. I guess well that but I feel like those yeah. I don't know those are the kinds of things that the company has sort of been like. Well we're not getting involved in you know unless he was sending it to someone who wasn't old enough to receive it. It seems like the their their party. Line as well like it is not what Not Music did wasn't he messed somebody underage or something underage right. I think that that was his downfall. Or maybe maybe he was already gone from the company when that happened. Anyone actually don't know. allegedly allegedly allegedly. I Dunno dream over velveteen. What will I mean if it turns out? He's he's a terrible person. What are you GonNa do with yourself? I'M GONNA burn these shirts. I have got to velveteen shirts. Met To burn man and then make up the time watching Otis cooking videos as he got he still not he pops up at my feet but all it is is pictures of Andy. He feels like he's not cooking food anymore. You will and those school waiver twenty four hours you got again. And he's cooking anything because trust me. He's eaten there. Ain't no doubt about that. So it's just that we had. There was one picture the two of them Otis mandate looked like they were riding in a pedicab clearly before the world shut down. They went on a fucking photo shoot. There's no way they're together anymore. Look visibly some places are reopening. Maybe they're doing it all in Georgia. Now that's true. Aws going back to Florida Baby. I was going down to Florida. GonNa blow me a perfect game is McMahon stay in his place in Boca or see going back and forth between Greenwich. You think is. He's he's got a fuck and private plane. He flies wherever he wants. But I mean the weather's Nicer Boca this time of year. You know maybe no but Linda's down in Florida working on the SUPERPAC. So any chance he can get the hell out of there all right. Yeah gotTa go God damn go to Missouri? I don't give a shit GONNA run out and get a cup of coffee in New York What else I've I've been watching a lot of NWEA. I'm I'm still. I'm still working my way through this. is just a tape from T- of TBS. Jerry sent me. It's so fucking good at one point it's It's just got all the commercials leading up to the Sunday edition of WCW And it's we're still in eighty seven I believe and it's The big big story is that Dick Murdoch turned on his former partner and friend Dusty Rhodes. Oh yeah and. He's also siding with the evil Soviets like Dick. Murdoch is as you know turning his back on his country. No way aside with Ivan goal off and that didn't kill the business we're supposed to believe that shit He stopped drinking beer to the Dick. Murdoch stop drinking beer after the show. The commercials leading up to it or just tremendous. They're showing fuck and of course. Tbs ninety-seven shown a John Wayne movie that weekend and There's another there's an ad for A A telephone like a push-button phone but it's got like it's one of the first jobs where you like can press a button you can like pre dialed numbers are like stored in the phone. Yeah so the guys like sitting there and he's like fuck. I can't remember that person's phone number and then he realizes it's in the phone already and he can just that's weird so you know back in back in my heart days. There was a thing that some people would have had one for a short time called dialer. Okay and what it was was like kind of looked like a little kind of looks like a calculator but with no screen and then on the other side of it looked like the the ear part of the mouth part of the phone and so I think what that was supposed to before was you could Pre Sat all the numbers. And then you would hold it up to the mouthpiece of the phone and dial the phone that way but what would we do was you could get a crystal. And if somebody knew how to do it they could rewire it so then it made the noise. That coins made going into a payphone. So you would go to the pay phone and you could just be like quarter quarter quarter and then but it wasn't too long before the phone company caught up to it so you'd like you know you'd you'd throw some money in there to try to call whoever you needed a call and then the operator out and be like what's going on. Oh nothing I gotta go because at that point you know you're like a kid and you're going like other cats are gonNA swarm. This pay. Phone is sad how payphones registered coins by the end. I think it probably still is like because it goes in and might be like no as depending on what the coin was the had gone in. Is this evening. I ever understood how I never understood how that worked like. How did it no? I put in a penny not a quarter right. Yeah there's like a specific noise it would make and so this whatever. The Crystal was inside of that machine within mimic those noises. Somehow that's LONCAR's dude hybrid smashing the state for a long time. Eddie you better hope the statute of limitations is up on that buddy on. Somebody's at my door. I tell you that when you mentioned Seeing three point. Oh I thought you were referring to Broken Matt Hardy Letting the Deity leave his as vessel and he just became regular minority again Man Are we going to get that? Are we gonNA get the fucking him? Jericho on on the farm. Why it seems like it's going to be him and Sammy on the farm. Okay Sammy yes yes coming out of the last week it was like he's going to be the sacrificial lamb right would you? I I meant to ask you this. Did you appreciate the The the nod Jericho made to decline of Western civilization part two. I'm not sure if I caught it when they when they were doing the the bubbly bunch last week the week before whenever it was and he's porn the orange juice missile. Yes to ozzy thing. Yes Ozzy Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's funny cooking an egg. He's so good I watch those. What is Matt Hardy Titas that Guevara's a false God and he's he's fake he's not even Latin rate he's faked. What does he say though? It's like fake Latin or fake something. Yeah yeah he see. He called him I don't even remember what you call them. Yeah that'd be cool. Hopefully that's coming House so I really loved the The Scorpio Sky Package did for sure. Yeah Yeah I remember. When he first showed up at bar wrestling I was like I was like. Oh fuck this is a guy from lake. This guy who hasn't been around in a minute well. The weird thing was when was either then or maybe even going back to that one time we went to wrestling from Hollywood back in like thirteen or fourteen. But I remember being like Scorpio. Sky Is a name that I've heard forever but I didn't know who like seeing him. I was like that's not who I pictured Scorpio. Sky was you know but like yes so I don't know if he had stopped wrestling or what it was but he definitely is a person who's come into our sort of purview. More recently even though it's been around for a long time he went from a guy who oh I know that name to this guy. I see wrestle every week now all right but I think that was the deal. He broke he he. I mean He. He explained what had happened. He crushed vertebrae or broker. Whatever you know yeah. And then he literally said one day he woke up and it didn't hurt anymore he But he's like that's dude. Who like should be on top? You know like size charisma work lying. Yeah so hopefully he's GonNa get get a little run you know and I love the store like I didn't know any of his back story and then God forbid we do a video package explaining who somebody is right. Endear them to me. Yeah now we don't do that unless it's like not on the show you can you can. You can dedicate hours of that on. Maybe if you have a network or something but don't do it on the show that that's never gonNA help anybody trying to get this guy over. Go TO DOT COM man. All in all fine fine week of watching professional wrestling for me. I even liked table for two starring. Kansas and Johnny. I didn't see that you didn't watch Annexed at all now. I didn't see any of it. It was great. Because they're really you know trying to push That their heels in their heels together and this is her big chance to be a heel and I thought I you know I thought she was even better than him He's he's fine. He's he's fine on promos and he's fine as the heel and you know it does feel a little. Bret Hart like you know these fans You know their their values of changed mine haven't but when she comes. He's so he's sitting at the dinner table and she comes in with dinner lays down and it's like as far as I know she's never at least I've never seen her be a he'll And it was. It was quite convincing. It was quite entertaining and she was just you know talking about how she's not going to put up with any of the the shit in the women's locker room anymore and they're putting all of exte- notice and you know I couple of And she's going to be going after the women's belt but it was just It was also funny that there was just. There was an element of anytime any wrestler from. Wwe They're sitting down with food in front of them and all they're doing is talking not eating the food table for two years. I think what I'm hearing is. Johnny is fine but candice is ready. Now that's right that's right. Jani wrestling Johnny takeover. Yeah now you're in the hunt. Yeah Yeah fucking man fucking do do quarantine man man. I Love Quarantine Dude. I watch wrestling talk with by boy. Funny outside world man fuck the World Dude F. T. W. F. T. R. Forget that Shit here comes Mongo events. Yes who's your favorite wrestler? I'm going with big Cedric Alexander Man I know you didn't see it but when I saw his match with Rick Shady and he had a little fire up spot. I was like Oh fuck man like yeah saids bad ass than than I sort of took a little trip down memory lane. You know because we've seen him wrestle a bunch of times over the years. Well he speaking of Canisius that killer match with Canvas Yup member even Yes for sure and even like when he was on raw with some consistency he like. He's just he's a fucking he's got he's got the tool set for sure. Yeah he definitely suffers from the Vince season. In a certain way and there he shall stay right. Yeah but you know if you have high spots be be sure to check out some his matches in Wgn for sure. Yeah Yeah Yeah and he was. Also where else was he working at that time was he? He's all over because that that match with him at Kansas was PWG. I think it would have been was in Chicago in somewhere. Yeah but he. I don't think he was ever in ring of honor. Was He her? Am I missing now? I don't think so. Who's your favorite wrestler Matt Tully Blanchard? Oh He's just been he pops up on you know the the TBS tape that. I have and it's just like when he had the he you know he's eighty seven. He's like he's got all that he's got that weighed on him and he's got the fucking the shades the suit the bell. You know he just cut such a money promo. He's got like that five o'clock shadow. Sometimes he probably shaved right before they started Roland. The footage and he But I tell you that the thing that really struck me and I gotta send in an email to the orange show for the QNA to find out. And I wanted to pose the question to you. First what do you think or maybe you know the answer. Okay go ahead. Sorry was tellies. Drink of choice. Oh I bet. He was two in because they all couldn't have been drinking the double seabreeze new. No why would you man? That's fucking stomach acid I think he probably used like Jack and Diet or interesting. Y- Jericho say his drink. Was Vodka Nice. Yeah Baby Yeah boy boy. Boy Boy Do you want to? Do you have shuttered. He did you watch him on that. Show that everybody loves on there. The last drive in or whatever it's called our Joe Bob Briggs. Yeah no he was on there apparently and whatever Patty Walsh was telling me that Walsh was just tell me. Jericho was funny and good but whatever he picked was like horrible like a really like disturbing disgusting movie. But that's no fun anyway. That's that's for the anything Jack in Diet. That's what you settled on. I think so was it's definitely a whisky whisky base. So I'm thinking probably whiskey coke or maybe Whisky and Ginger Ale. Like I don't I don't see him not having some sort of sweeten in it for some reason why I was thinking. I'm thinking like a like a like like vodka. Tonic or I mean I could have changed over the years but it might be one of those big fishbowl drinks. You get an applebees some frozen. Oh I didn't even mentioned. Oh God I almost forgot. Thank God you brought that up the The free birds celebrated he and PS. Put this on twitter On Terry Gordy fifty nine birthing. He said the last time the three of them were were. All together he said would have been Terry's fortieth birthday at red lobster. Wow and they got kicked out for pissing on each other I mean. Hey honey I wanna make this book before you Cook Lobster. I WanNa make on Freberg Freberg. Nooks a tyranny. Terry try that. Jeter BAY BISCUIT TASTES WEIRD. You Little Wet. When he did. Another round of these should obey biscuits. Also don't Piss on back there when I come back to me and my Dick in that lobster tail you watch all right buddy you know the deal. Anything comes out you take first bite. Make sure ain't poison pissed honor. Shit up you do the job. You're the best buddy and the GODDAMN business. You don't escapee. I'm putting a cigarette out in it. You call this drain butter the same fucking melted. I WANNA bowl melted butter. I WANNA dish regular butter. I want cold butter and also brought my own stick of butter. And you do that for me waitress person. Could you do that for waitress? Girl do our did a Caesar Salad or two of them and a glass of milk won't launch boy do big time. I remember the only time I ever heard. Michael do an impression Terry Gordy. It sounded exactly like Terry Gordy believe it or not but wow but if I tried to do it it would. It's it's more in that Terry Funk territory but he's decipher Mago. Isn't that the guy that sold us the bad cocaine? Then he's got him over the fucking Roland bear to give us back our money Up Red Lobster knew who knew. Where would you rather be? Where would you rather be the applebees with telly? And Arn or the red lobster with the free birds For my own personal safety I I think I gotta go. Applebee's I know it's it's a cop out. If they you should want to party with the free birds or red lobster of my you know I remember as a kid. I always thought it was like a fancy restaurant expensive restaurant you know but somebody if somebody has the capability the time and the inclination. You re cut the entire scene of the blues brother's in the fancy restaurant but put the free birds at the table. We're going to get to find you. Online Vince At Vince a of role on twitter of Vince. Study Rolin instagram Monday night. Beers pod on Instagram do and zero pound McCarthy encouraging you to follow me on all forms of social media at McCarthy redhead and Tomorrow I will be on a wonderful streaming show streaming live on youtube in the Green Room. The show that's not really a show but more of a backstage hang. All sorts of amazing communities are going to be on that with me and that's Thursday youtube live. Apm Go to my instagram and twitter for all that information and all may fifth. I'm also going to be doing That Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah may fifth is next week. I'll be doing Oh God what is the show doing next week when you control the livestream you control information? Who's fucking do? Phoebe bottoms show next week on the fifth. Oh make shit up. I'm doing good God. I'll be doing good. God next Tuesday get into it. Also that information will be on my instant telegram. Did you want to pay shout outs or what? Let's look compatriots. Shoutouts do read obser- Eddie Johnson. Johnson sounds like a job Guy Caitland Holland back. Yeah also New York. You'll be back to the town you came to your fire to Andy Jails. Oh Yeah Jails Giles. Joe Loans and for your thumb out. Because you're going to be hitching a ride back to the town where you came your thank you to all the Patriot patrons. Just three of them. The Modern Day free birds who I also fired in the mid eighties right on right on dude. Peace in the Middle East. Yes added still record dude.

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