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Yeah. Hi, everybody. I'm Peter Travers this popcorn where we tell you what, what's popping in the culture and today, my guest is Bill hater who is the star bury the brighter buried the director Barry, the co creator, what, what else do you do? Do you handle take? No, no. It seems to everything on this a lot on this show. Yeah. And it's to me, I was just telling you before I think not only is it a great show, but it's a second seasons is just ending now. Yeah, it's to me as good as if not better than. What are you doing? I don't know. We're just taking, you know, just following the story where we think it should go, and I, I tend to not look it like social media reviews or anything like that. Sorry. I know but I tend to not like for that purpose of. Sometimes, I remember saying that live, you would read everything, and then they would make you mess with the thing when you brought it back, you know, it's like, old people like it, when we do this, or whatever that you have to be produced the re and then you have put a puts a weird pressure on yourself. We know but I think because I'm we feel like we're making vacuum. Maybe it's an were just following the story where it should go, maybe I don't know. I don't know that I have no good answer. Basically. Pretty long time I've always suspected, there was a dark twisted side to you. Yeah. Yeah. And blossom. Oh, good in front of everybody. Oh, good. I'm assuming your family feels that way. Everyone thinks strange. Oh, good. Filing people know how weird twisted Bill, but it's it's I mean you won your it's for comedy actor and yet, they're moment, some touching berry where I'm not laughing at all now. No, I that's what we kinda like about it was. And that was kind of the thing. When we first met with H, B O. They were really interested in. We don't want like a sketch thing from you. You know we feel like we've seen you do schedule out. We like something I'd done what we call skeleton twins with wig. And they said they had just seen that. And they go that, that kind of character, he played in that, you know, something that has funny, you know, but also pay those and stuff, you know. You know, just just a human being it'd be interesting. So we, we. Alec Berg is that down and just came up with this idea. I don't know how but. Was that? What was that first image, you had a very in your head that you wanted to somehow put on screen, honestly, it was shot of him in between two people in an airplane. It was him asleep. And then the personnel opens up the window, you know, and the light comes in, and he's he just uncomfortable. And that immediately wasn't. It wasn't John wick, it wasn't anything cool. You know what I mean? It was like, that's this guy's life and he's hit me. And he's the guy sitting, you know, he's has to fly, you know, you know economies. Got he's, you know, he's, you know, just it's like a traveling salesman and we thought that was interesting, and then the idea that he would want an acting class because for some reason that it touches him emotionally, there's something he understands on some level that he needs something, you know, I thought that was interesting. And initially our first idea, he was kind of. Like the movie version of hitman. And, and then we decided well, let's make him a marine, and then just make him marine suddenly grounded, it, and then gave him this interesting back story that was fruitful and terms of like now in the second season week we started writing the second season going, what's that light. What was his experience like? And how he use it. And how can you use it? And, and how he thinks that's the worst thing he's ever done. But it's not. And then him having to realize that, you know, but everybody, Stephen roots character, and Henry winklers character. No hang Anthony, Kerrigan, Sarah, Goldberg's. Character Sally, all those people were trying to, you know, get deeper with them. So in terms of the violence in the show. When you decided how are we going to play this, you know, because it has to be real and another angle. It has to be something else. Yeah. And I was mentioning to you before that one. I think it's episode five of season two Ronnie slash Lilly father, and daughter that won't die. Yeah. I don't know where and how the idea of that comes from you and Alec I well it came. It was weird. It was so weighed way down our stunt coordinator during season. One said, I there's this little girl named Jesse who's a stunt performer. I just worked with her. Her parents are stump performers. I'm just letting you know, she's she can do martial arts. She and you show me this real of her doing all these crazy things. And he's like, so for some reason in season two, if you need a little girl to beat up berry, let me know. So this is somebody who could beat up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Little girl. And so then we kind of knew at the beginning of writing season two that we wanted this Ronnie, proxima hit, and as we're I was mapping it out. I went away. What if that little girl was his daughter, and she was in the house? And then you can have a nice moment, where berry gets rid of Ronnie, and then he starts leaving the news a little girl there and, you know, he's gonna have to kill the kid and then it turns out that she is tougher than her dad's. She might not even be of this world is berry says, like she's some, some thing, and she's on a rooftop, and she has this weird lake screaming. Yeah. She sounds like a raptor, or something when she screams, but she, she's so we, we, you know, it was kind of, like I kind of went off on my own and wrote that episode. And then kind of presented it to the room, usually, we're all writing a group, and then we outline and give it to writers, but that one I kinda secretly went off and did it and came back, and it was like, well, you guys think and, and they were like the two notes that got Alec very smartly was like this is good. I just wanna make sure we get some plot stuff in there and that, and the, the emotional thing is clear and. Oh, yes. So I went back and added those the things with him his daydreams going back and seen Fuchs. And, and then the other thing was that they said, why wouldn't he just pull her off his face when she bites his face? Why wouldn't he just pulled her up phase like, well he's stunned? You know Bill that's terrible. So we talked, and then it was like. You know what, what, what if you know he's he has the, the wound on my back, and he's gotta fill it with superglue. And they're like he's super loses hand to the steering wheel. So that was figured out in the writer's room. Now is it I didn't ask nobody wanted to an intervention with you. Good. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I mean they all have. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the doctors and led me out of the right. On a bus and the they have the butterfly net and everything time of your life with this aren't. Movie, nerd nerdy, all hardcore movie nerdy during the days that you would tell me that when you finished you put yourself in a hotel room with TV of your favorite movie. Yeah. And just sit in there and do. Yeah, everybody else would be partying probably getting. Not living a life or being outside just outside. No, not me. Reading Russian literature and watching picnic at hanging rock. Through. I showed them, you really wanna know we're berry comes from loneliness. And being in that room being ever the guy SNL who was having this great time. No, no. I was nervous wreck. Eight years. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now total nervous wreck the whole time I was on. And, and, and really, you know, I think a lot of people thought and rightfully so that was just being dramatic. You know. But I think I, I was like, I can't handle this, you know, MS very nervous and the third season you'd have gotten accustomed to it now. And then I got in my head that I was like, oh, maybe I'm making myself nervous because I feel like I need to be this way in order to do the show. But now I was just I was just very very it was the live aspect of it. It was a thing of the red light going off. And now we're live all over the nation. And I have to land this joke, and I'm one chance to do it all that pressure was always on me. So yet doing berry, there's been moments eight Rogers might produce. Hey, build you need. I know you've been working pretty much nonstop for a couple of months. Do you need a break? And I'm like, oh, this is nothing. Essendon live, I can fix it. You know, I messed up my line there, I almost don't feel like there's a part of it doesn't learn my dialogue, because it drives some of the actors crazy that it's always like takes three. When I finally get on my lines. Right. You know, we're I'm like, kind of going there like you wrote this. Who should be the one person that knows how do you not know this? And I'm like, in the makeup true, my sides like wait. What is the thing that we're doing because I wrote it, you know? Yeah, you a lot of my mind, you know, but I feel like because I can do a second take almost like doesn't matter. We can do another take. Some of the actors care how they probably know and they say we don't really have to be here. They'll take Bill takes forever. But no, I think I think some of it to feel like playing the part I'm operating much more on intuition than I have in the past probably because I am wearing so many hats, and I am thinking of like twenty different things. And I'll be, you know, Stephen root, always says, it I'll be doing a scene with him. And he's performing, then I'm going. And he's like, Bill, your mouthing lines. But you don't know your lines. And I'm like, no, I just I'm thinking the story, you know, I'm thinking like oh, yeah. This makes sense. That's good. So then we do this thing later now. That makes sense. Yeah. No, this makes sense. Like, I'm it's like the writer heads still there while I'm in the scene, and it, it drives them nuts and rightfully so. Nice to you. Well some not all the time. No. Because the I was really happy to see you. When you're anticipate Henry Winkler, Henry was the two of you. And you looked like you never expected this to happen at all. I was fully ahead leg. This people say, this, and people don't believe it. I will. And I'm being hand on by I do not remember Miami. I do not remember the EMMY acceptance speech, I it was like. I don't remember it and then they someone played it back for me. And I was like, legit. Do not remember I was so shocked. Next thing I knew I was back stage. Michael Douglas, congratulations kid. No way. I have an EMMY and my handle the. Yeah. Berry I could bludgeon you like what am I doing now? And then just being backstage. It's slowly dawned on me as I was backstage. But when it happened, I was like, what was that, you know, so you don't you're not feeling the validation from that. As much as your feelings still some anxiety. I think the validation for me, always comes through seeing the thing and seem like having you say I liked Ronnie and lily. That's the thing where you go. Oh, cool. Peter Travers thought of as cool right on, you know what I mean. Like, that's that, like friends and people, I respect liking it is a, you know, someone just showed me the other day Gilmore detoro tweeted about it, and I was like, what you know what I mean you kidding and it's like you loved it, and I was like, what? From oklahoma. I'm not supposed to be here. So I mean that that stuff is what you know, or my dad's my two sisters Tulsa, texting me afterwards going. That was awesome. You know where we love the show, or whatever that, that, that always makes me feel really good kids, still watching bearing no? Yeah. They wouldn't wanna watch it, even if even if they were all. Now that Deng kids stuff, and I'm like, hey look, really. Whose voice that is playing fear inside out. And they're like, we watch something else. I get that, though. They're just they're not. They're not as impressed with me. Just want me to be a dad like please. Don't be something else. You know, just be your dad. Right. Totally right percent, right. Yeah. I mean you're doing. The partout of it, right. Yeah. Well, so who, you're, I'm the I'm Richard some fan, the fan will them him older, some rich either glasses. Yeah. And the one who never stops talking trash mouth. Yes. That's. To do it. Yeah, I yeah. They said who's a guy that finds himself really funny with Bill. Who someone is really vapid the finds himself areas famous for laughing at his own jokes. It's strange because you're saying that I keep thinking of this recent episode of Barry, where Jay Roach in his casting people basically want you because you're tall. Yes. Six two. Yeah. That's the thing that's from something alley. That's a real thing. You know you go I went in for an audition and someone had the poster and they go look the other person we got is five eleven and we're looking for someone who six to, to be next to them. So for the poster just looks good with the toll person a chore person. And I was like okay, and then I didn't get it either. I mean it wasn't I'm six two. So I, I mean that really miss your reading because of berry was very upset. Very. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Jay Roach, I like how berry says Jay Roach is Jay Roach to like it's one word he has no idea who he had annoy feature like he doesn't know the Terminator like this is for featuring goes nuts for movie keeps saying it's like no it's for a movie. And then, and then, yeah, that Sally and Jean. And everybody who've been would kill for this opportunity. Berry gets it just because he's tall. And he looks right? Which is to me. Just that's that's belly. Christianity where she's hating you and love Mike at the same time. Well, that's a moment or Sarah Goldberg does that she does like a, a three page monologue, and we never cut from her. And she what happened was, we sat with lists aren't off, and Emily homeowners, other writers, and we were like, okay, what's going on through sat? What's going on in Sally's head and the list was too long? And then we talked to Sarah, where do you think she's at, like, why think she's here, you know, and we had, how do we make a scene hit all these points and is a what if I know Sarah can memorize a lot of stuff. So I think we 'cause she's like she goes from theater. So it's like let's give Sarah like this, this, like, monolog with no punctuation like just one long run on sentence that for three pages. And I bet you she can nail it and we'll just put it all in there. And then Sarah added to tour she added more stuff to it. And yeah, we did that four times and every time the crew applauded and we were just like whoa. And I'm just looking at going, how legit don't know how you do that. I could never do that. Let's take a couple of questions from the people out there in the great beyond. Oh, yes. Okay. Flicked it that you're very no. Hank Termine to find their good nature, yet shown oversee oh, beautifully read. Oh, thank you. Can't. Yeah. I don't. I mean our conflicted too. I just feel like there's no again, like we were talking earlier of like the John RA you don't wanna play the John thing. It's like everybody has a reason to live and you have to have some sense of empathy for all your characters, or it doesn't work, you know, when it's like you're talking down to the character. It doesn't work for me. He's conflicted. But it no. Hank is turned out to be one of the great. He's, he's very sweet. He's not. Yeah. In this season is like last night's episode. He's, he's shows that he's like, I'm not a bad guy. You know, in moment where he's going to get killed. He's like, I'm not I you know. When you're on set and doing a scene with, oh gosh, what? No hang, there's a thing where he yells at the accordion player. And if you watched that he starts yelling at this accordion player and my head is turned like fully away from him because I was laughing and then Henry Winkler at a scene, where he goes, oh, you know, Squibb called the Denny balloon is what do you call goes? He goes, he used it in death trap, and he goes, here's a cloth bag Philip blood, and when he was shot he would did this. And if you watch at the, the shots over my shoulder, my eyes are closed, because they couldn't look at Henry, because every time he would go start laughing. All right. Let's do one more. Would you ever want to direct your movie? Yes, I would love to drag my own movie. You're directing directing berry. And I'm and but yeah, I mean, I'm writing something now that's kinda like like something that would be that would direct. I, I don't know. I think I would necessarily be in. But if that happened that'd be cool. But no, as definitely the thing I would like to do is direct a movie but it is, I mean I'm essentially doing that with berry. And you you wanna to award for doing these round travel with your and your. I could see that. No, no. Yeah. Yeah. Let me show you what I goes are. Also, my kids could care less about those two. They're up on the shelf, and they wait. What's that wise? Who's that woman with wings? Wasn't even SNL character that they loved? I showed them Steph on. And they were a bit confused. What would you say about no? Think berries. I don't know berry lives in. You would want to come live in is, is, you know, would've it's clubs in his club's. He would want him to. Well, I think he lives in a garbage can Stefan. So he would want him to come in the garbage can with them. But no, I. Yeah, I played Stefan for them, and they were just kind of like. We watch something else. All right, Bill. Well, where we end we always end in song. Always always have heart which have a song in your. Okay. Okay. Never seen me. Okay. What's on anything would be? What song is berry listening to? What do you think these your butts, what? Going on in his head. I dunno all with kiss the day, good. Really? I go, I'm not gonna go like. To be tweet the nation. If you say so. Obviously bill. You're troubled man. I know. But we appreciate. He works suffering. You know, they don't know there's been a pro officer people right over here. Guns pointed at me and goes not good.

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