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You know they're they're working in the business. They're in one position. There might micro instead of macro like your intention has to be SB grow but your vision has to be macro or your view has be macro to see what's going on in Tahrir Company. A lot of people don't empower. They managed from above instead of beside its army veterans Steven Kuhn from Claudio Enterprises. Coming up next a veteran the move welcome to veteran on the move. If you're a veteran in transition and entrepreneur wanna be for someone still stuck at that jail trying to escape this podcast is dedicated to your success. And now your host Joe Green. Did you know you can get an American Express Carthy navyfederal? The more rewards card offers three times points at supermarkets and restaurants three times points on gas in transit and that means ride shares tolls. Parking lots buses and more plus. You'll earn one point on everything else for more details and to apply visit navyfederal dot Org Steven Kuhn. Welcome to a vendor on the move your your company. Equal enterprises is doing some amazing things out there before we get to talking about that and other business and entrepreneurship subjects. Take expect toes which is in the army. Here's a fun so I got to tell you about why John First Place and that was When I when I was about eight years old I decided to go navy and so I took I read and even right before I was getting ready to sign up. I took the prenatal classes. He's learned how to fold navy. Learn how to talk to learn how to walk navy. And then I went to cruden station to sign up finally after talking to recruit a couple times and you left me sitting here for about three hours and in those three hours this Army Sergeant. First Class in his blues kept walking by and asked him what I'm doing here. Why am waiting and take him on and check out the checkout the army and after about three hours you know what? I'm checking out the army so I went in and signed up. I've heard this story a thousand times but you can change the service names around. I've heard that story a thousand. Is You know because a lot of the recruiters share share the offices these days. And when they see one sitting there are other guys just coming like vultures. Exactly what he did. And it couldn't work better for me. I I went to boot camp for us. Kentucky as an kilojoules. Am armored crewmen. On the M one Abrams and sent to Germany. And when I went to get sent to Germany sent directly to the what's called the cat company or Canadian. Army trophy competition its biannual competition of tank. Gunnery for all of NATO Since nineteen sixty one and the Americans had never wanted while the cup of the year that I went my platoon. One top gun to stay the only sixteen is ever to win that trophy. So that was quitting citing So we went. Tdy like literally. We were like celebrities in the army. And Yeah it was crazy. They sent it we. Don't we met Defense Sector Defense? That came out of Sunday morning America. I mean it was so this is nine hundred. Eighty seven and after that it's sort of Led to the guys being spread out because it was a year long it was no inward rotations. No outer rotations. That was a company of sixty for one year. So it's very rare to have company with no inward outward rotations during that time so we became very very close knit and soon as it was over we were into the six wins. Four wins recall it. I stayed a little longer and of course being the last cat company winner in the whole brigade got kept getting chosen for what they like to call a special duty but like the driver for the brigade. Commander the driver for Major and stuff like that so I got to hang out with bigwigs that time I was only expect for and you know worked my way through and got to know sort of things from above and that's advantage and It's pretty quick and from there went to Iraq. Operation Desert Storm was eight coverage test scores test for AIDS Cap The was it seventy ballots between eastern seventy seventy. Seventy single. Women has the largest tank battle after the second worth and You're involved in that you're in a very fraught so there was second second. Seer's in front of the crew right Kuwait we can constrain slammed into the Republican Guard Division and so that was that famous battle they actually have game. They had a video game of about US called spearhead because I was with Third Armored Division attached. And yes after that you know what? I went back to Germany where I was stationed and got what you call. European out and literally walked off base as civilian turnaround. Couldn't get back on. So what was your plan? I didn't really have a plan. I just knew that I wasn't done yet I spent almost eight years of military and all of those times except for boot. Camp was in Germany. So I wasn't trying for I was in Gallon hills and Fooled as well. We did border patrol just a bunch of places Berlin Brigade also which is where I got. I got when I got out and went back to Berlingske showing for and yeah started working as a security guard doorman at cafe. So that was my my whole beginnings that was in nineteen ninety-three so a doorman at the hard rock cafe word that in Abilene you too. Funny you ask that because people say well. The first thing I had to get used to was it. No one knew I wasn't anymore so in the military. You know you have on your your rank. You have years of service you have your awards you have all your everything you've ever done on your uniform so no one has to ask you are and I'm standing at the door. Twenty seven years old or twenty eight years old and some fifteen year old kid once again. I'm like sorry. No you gotta be eighteen or twenty one to get in and he's like. Oh you lose your job and you know of course dealing with that was a big a big transition for me but what? I realized what I realized was that no matter where I wanted to go. I knew that I could do three people with through connections so and I learned in the military through the colonel and the third major and what happened was I started treating people in elevating them and making everyone feel like why you gotta go hard or caffeine. See Steve. It's amazing so I would make sure that everyone would be really really a pumped up when they came in and when they left and you know this whole sort of experience that I did and what happened was that just led from one thing to another then. I got asked to work at a bar then I got asked to work in restaurant and it took over the bar then open bar then opened another bar and hello bar and then I started and I opened up a nightclub so I just kept going on and on and on and while I opened the nightclubs I gotta ask to help a chain from South Africa. Who was a guest in my bar? to bring their health club chain to Germany. So I did that. I did that. Fulltime had my barn aside people working at my bars and I had then you know it just went nuts from there. I became you know three years after getting out of the military I was making like hundred. Educate your As a director of operations of development for this chain and we had eighty seven clubs in nine countries and there was completely in over my head and imposter syndrome that It's just out of control. I always sitting there asking myself. John Wasn't gonNA come in and realize it's not I'm not really the guy I think I am but I did it and I actually. I actually did a good job and get going from there and then I had my first crash. The first crash was my first wife that job ended. They had a joint venture a we are listed on the stock market in the UK and it was a hostile takeover. They fired all the directors At same time my wife left me and a sort of breakdown. I guess you could say so. Had to rebuild again. And that's what I did and started building up again. Went Back to the health club chain but as a much lower position which was hard enough but atop humility and I did the same thing again. Okay people get me where I wanna go so I just started treating people fantastic being the guy that wanted to be around and go to what I call. Elevating them In investing in them in the relational capital trying to make them You know a better people. Wanting for them what they want for them and trying to change people. So that all ED. It just kept going on on on that. I wrote a book and it was a bestseller I got my Mba in the UK At the second oldest business in the world which which was at the time I was pretty proud of right now I could have done without it. Didn't really teach me much except for what the name what I did anyway and Yeah and it just it just kept going from there but I was always self employed through this whole process. I was never an employee so when I was a director for the companies and I was. There's quite a few companies between that. I didn't mention but you know I worked my way up that I just said look if you're GONNA pay me two hundred K. YEAR. Give it to me that all will give you an invoice and you guys save all the national insurance all of all the taxes and stuff like wow. That'd be great. Yeah so I had no no no security whatsoever which is normal for America so in Europe. I was a complete anomaly guy. He's GonNa work for us and there's no like you don't like there's no security because in Germany or in Europe you once. You're at a company for six months. It's almost impossible to fire somebody. You know so yeah so there I was. You know trying to trying to bend in it bending it to bending the rules a little bit and what. Why were you approaching it from that angle? Why were you wanting to do it that way because I wanted to do it my way and I knew that if I if if I worked for them that I had to do it their way and I knew that even though I was working for them on a contract that I was actually still because of my status able to do a little bit more on my way than anyone else and actually that cost troubles in company because people like White Steve you to do all the stuff that we can't you know they never said why because they didn't want they didn't want them to know that I was self employed so because I was one of the directors usually played like a normal director so there really was a sense of freedom and independence by just being a contractor with him instead of taking the full benefit package exactly and you know the the benefits. I actually also negotiated so I had to thirty days vacation every year. The whole works. It's just always paid. You know when when you paint employee you got to pay national insurance. You've got to pay all these social security pay all that stuff but when you pay an entrepreneur you don't you just pay them what they're gonNA pay him so whether they pay me twenty k. A month and they take off ten K. For all the taxes and stuff or they pay me directly on an Invoice Twenty K. Month and I pay the taxes then of course I have costs and travel and all this kind of stuff so my taxes were much lower than if I would have taken it as an employee in the first place said a curiosity. Did you have national insurance since you weren't since you're comey wasn't paying the tax work? Yeah you have to you have to. It's mandatory either way self. Yeah and health insurance to health insurance and this is a trip because and this is this will show you how social doesn't work so if you're an employee and you're earning over six thousand a month they take the maximum rate of nine hundred at the time d mark a month paying for health insurance you pay four hundred and employee pays four hundred But if you're self employed earning over six thousand once you you have a private insurance which is much better you get seen by the top. Doctor you get your own hospital room. The couple they covered Dental and vision as well and it costs two hundred bucks a month. So it's like it makes no sense but you have to earn six thousand a month to get there so most of the people who don't earn that can't ever get there so they're paying nine hundred nine hundred as opposed to three hundred for where service. That's the story. Yeah that's what. Socialism doesn't work. Because you know you're paying for each other's the people who make all the money they're not paying for that they're paying for the. I mean even right now in in where I live. In Hungary I have German health insurance because I have a residency in Germany as well. Because it's it's a much better insurance because it's private and here. They have socialized insurance. Which means if I want to get something done. I have to wait in line for hours. Maybe even days. I was rookies about that but I didn't really want to ask because I wasn't sure which way you're going to go with that. So it's interesting hearing that from an American living in dealing with several different countries in Europe. And how the medical actually works. You know 'cause obviously medical. I don't want to go politically or medical. Is a huge issue huge fight here in the US which by the way? You're hungry right now. I don't think we mentioned that. So we're doing this interview from Heidari And I'm in the middle of the country in Kansas City so it's pretty cool It but that is interesting. You're an American and you can see through all that and and have you know who does reality your dose of previous experience and you you can see the advantages and disadvantages of different ways. And they don't goof off here I mean if you don't you don't get your kids vaccinated. They'll do it in school without even asking you. I'm not Kidman. They don't mess around here. They'll come to your house. Why aren't you kids vaccinated? And it's an more mandatory vaccinations and hunger than anybody else. So it's You know religious freedom card no but you can as a foreigner like I can like I am. I can say well. I'm a resident Germany's or my kids. So we're getting the German Beck's nations and nothing area once so you know there's still ways around it but as soon as everything's digitalize you have no choice but you know then then but then again they have other attractions for instance trying to attract entrepreneurs here so they have a you know a flat tax at ten percent which is amazing but only if. You're not entrepreneur. You're paying fifty plus tax really. Yeah so yeah Oh. Yeah for the First Forty K. Is is tax free after that you pay ten percent flat and it's credible. Yeah but most people here. They can't even fathom being an entrepreneur because they were raised and while the parents were raised anyway and socialism hardcore Communism Socialism. So much more. I can't take that risk my security. I'd rather have the average wage. Here is six to eight hundred euros which is probably seven to nine hundred dollars a month. That's the average wage. Now that's an interesting point. Do you actually Jesse see that amongst the culture and the population there where they haven't been raised in a in a freedom mentality or a capitalistic type. Entrepreneurial mentality so they don't even really know what entrepreneurship is or or like you mentioned. Oh that's just a big risk. It's going to take the safe road 'cause I ask. There's a lot of people that don't have that mentality but there's so many people that have the capitalistic entrepreneur. Mentality around you all the time you know. It's for the taking when you're ready for it. Well if you're an American and you've ever lived anywhere. Spent spent some time outside of the states in any kind of capacity other than the other than vacation or holiday. You're going to see that the attitude that we carry with us just from birth for being an American the way we think and the looking at the positive and the possible and not the impossible Your anomaly that's why do so well over here you know as I. I've clients all over Europe and it's and we started a political party which is now the third largest party in Germany. And you. Obviously you obviously haven't haven't gone more towards how they do things over there you've really dug in on how we do things in the US more so oh yeah of course. I mean that's that's all you gotTa keep you put your yourself unique. If I'm like everybody else here. Why would they? Why would they need me so I walk into place at all time? It blows my mind. I've worked for Mick Jagger John Andrea Bocelli just like superstars. Because you're an American he. Okay good we can you. It's great because they know okay this guy's going to get the job done that mindset. Yeah of course. Yeah I Stephen Okay. So you drop into big names or intake quick break right back and then we're GonNa talk about talk about that. Hold on Navy. Federal Credit has a mission to put members. 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You said we're Mick Jagger Eliminate John. I'm GonNa hold on your okay. Are you serious? How did that? How did you come to that? If you really WanNa know the truth. I just basically walked up to him and said what what I can offer them as far as the solution for the problem that I knew they had and they accepted so the pursuit of the problem that Mick Jagger had is he was in Berlin and his bodyguard hurt himself was in London. And this is a one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and I waited for minutes hotel and said Hey when he came in as a bodyguard and he said what do you mean who sent you sent me and I said what I know I speak German. I know the city a poem ex military. You Know Yada Yada Yada and I'm qualified and he said talk to my talk to cj. Who's assistant and C. J? Asked me if you answered the question correctly you got the job and I said go ahead and he said. Do you know where to get the best German sausages do house four hundred bucks a day and that was it so it was. It was a amazing and then leaving. Johnny met on a beach in Florida and Just said yellow when you're up and we started to talk and she sent whenever guys over here. We hooked up became friends and we ended up taking her company to six different countries over here. And what that day does that that showed me look man Steven. You're much more possibility. Then you believe we. We never know what we're capable tour thrown into it right so much like when you go to war and That's what I started doing so as I did with the health club chain and the other chains that I worked with I would start a company or turn it around and so for the last you know. Fifteen years probably I've been doing turnarounds and Meaning business turnarounds. Companies are in trouble. Cubbies need it did are stuck at a at a revenue plateaued camp breakthrough. I sort of take them to that level and worked with fortune. Five hundred companies Nasdaq Company's stock market in UK. A German politicians. That kind of stuff A political parties. Because it's all about money right so so I got pretty good at it and about a year and a half ago I hooked up with a special forces vet named Lane Bologne and We started a quality of Life Enterprises Kuo L. ENTERPRISE DOT COM and we do consulting and we do a program called Hubbell Alpha leader program and that stems from the book. That's coming out on the second of March called unleash your humble Alpha. And that's it. Humble Alpha Book Dot Com. You can then you can download an excerpt of it and that is. It's a five step program to to unleashing the epic leader Father Brother Man. Inside of you and we're we basis on her life and how we live. You See. I mean I people ask me all the time. Well what qualifies you to sail this stuff while I don't know if his qualification but Lane and I both Do we want to do when we WANNA do? I WanNa do we want to do it? We're not bound by anyone's roles. And that's because we're both in a position where we're Alpha's but were also humble enough to be able to realize we have to learn all the time and that we have to teach so we base a book on five core principles. I won't go through all but there's five core principles that we live by that actually are proprietary. This means this is not regurgitated and is not theory this is actual real life and Like I said it was coming. On Second March. The program will be available as of the second of March as well and of course Besides that I you know I I buy and sell companies as bring into stock market under what they call it. A collaboration which is a very very small cost for you to bring your company. Sme that makes at least one million a year into the stock market for pennies per pennies on the dollar which doubles your evaluation overnight and gives you gives you access to institutional capital. It's you know it's all business it's all business and it's all people so it doesn't matter what I do. It's always with people and businesses and I'm known for getting the contacts at other people can't get so yeah so I think there's probably you'd probably agree. There's definitely common theme with when you walk into a company that struggling. There's probably definitely a common theme granted. There's the business aspects of it but there's probably a common theme to what's missing or what's not happening or wrong. Things that are happening. Can you speak to that a little bit like I mean ballsy move with walking? Right up to Mick Jagger insane I mean that's awesome but granted Obviously you gotTa be bold at times and you got to have the confidence but when when you once you is there a common theme with what typically is going wrong it not only with people individuals themselves but with companies. Oh Yeah I can can typically see within an half an hour forty five minutes being in the company we're we're sticking typically leadership You know they're they're working in the business working in the business. They're in one position. There might there matt and Mike Micro instead of macro. Look your intention has to be has to be micro but your vision has to be macro or your view has to be macro to see what's gone company. A lot of people don't empower. They managed from above instead of below instead of beside And there's a lot of things that people don't know that they don't know what to do. So for instance there's three ways to accompany and only three ways and that's Higher prices more clients and repeat sales fourth ways of by company and underneath those three ways or thirty five different ways to those and I can go into a company and say what are you doing. Let me see your. When's the last time you did a mailing to your mailing list? We haven't okay. There's number one right. How many collaboration parties do have we don't have collaboration? Okay there's number two and I can literally with immediate impact have revenue within a couple of days in that company just by implementing some of these procedures. But that's that's That's the hard part is actually the culture structures are easy cultures difficult why. Nba was actually a management of change. So I studied this matters And it doesn't really matter if it was doing it before that too but you know some people want that dead box checked. And so yeah. It's typically the leader is not aligned with his identity and purpose within the company so their identity might be on the CEO. But that's actually not an identity. That's what they are not who they are. And when you when you recognize yourself as title and you're missing the alignment you have and that's typically why Leaders of companies have a less than. Let's say less than good home life. You know what I mean because working too much the focus on that therefore they feel feel powerful at work and not powerful at home and a good thing I always ask is like. Hey if your wife was in flying the wall in the boardroom which recognize you and vice versa. If one of your employees were in your dining room at dinnertime if you even eat together with day with recognize would you be embarrassed? And that's that's like a litmus test and I would say eighty five ninety percent of all leaders say damn. That's that's hard and I can say that the humble Alpha unleashing a book. That's what it's all about is getting you that presence in life own your own presence and you own it in every sector of life so no matter if you walk into your living room or you walk into a boardroom. You walk into a room with three thousand people. People realize you're there and that you own your presence and it's just so important when you're doing business and that's how I could walk up to two Mick Jagger Olivia or Andrea Bocelli. And what I do I do that. I call it. We call it into book creating space and creating spaces real simple. I go up to any person I go up to us or I speak to people. I'm GONNA Board Room or whatever and I have one intention one attention. Only that is to create value. I don't any expectations. I don't have any cookie cutter solutions. I don't wait for them to get done a talk and so I can shoot my my proposal. I literally go in with zero expectations and one attention and that always creates a win win. So that's how you can walk up to anyone. I mean I I walked up to Bill Clinton on. Hey William Jefferson Clinton. How you doing you think he turned around. Of course he did. Because I use this whole name. No one does that so there's always a way to. There's always a way to be that person that people WANNA talk to. Yeah that's interesting so some of the things that you're talking about an. I know this has a little cliche but over here American. Tv watching the Prophet and Shark tank and any of that stuff that comes on. I'm always interested in watching it. Not necessarily from from you know why they want me to watch it but I find it fascinating. I pick up on the fact that most of the time there's an issue with the business it's it is because the leadership of the business the founder the the guy who started the big idea in the beginning of the guy who's running the company. Whatever they just can't get out of their own way. And you mentioned you you'd gloss over this really quick but this is a huge point. I even know some folks that have oriented their entire consulting business. Around this whole the the catchphrase. The problem with allow leaders is. They're working in their business instead of working on their business business. Exactly yeah. Obviously wh why do you suppose an even catch myself doing this? Even with like something simple as his podcast I find myself working in it of obviously no one can no. No one else can do the interview for me but I found myself in the weeds a lot of the time I need to be there. So what do you suppose that? The trigger mechanism is for most people getting stuck working in their business. They're working on it. We'll start out small don't you? Is this your idea so you put one? Yeah but one block in the top either the another block next thing you know you got five hundred block and you're still trying to do it. It's you know you have to. I always say you can delegate the task but never responsibility so the responsibility itself is massive but the task isn't massive just responsibilities so when you delegate and you give directives or you give the vision or you share the vision. People are going to WanNa do that for you. When you're let's say humble Alpha they're going to say I want close Steve. You know I wanna I WANNA do. I want to do this for him because I love his vision. I love Going I can identify with it. But that can only happen. If I have a culture of productivity in in in the company we actually teaching the program how you can take this down to your teams and increase innovation productivity and decrease conflict right just because of the fact that everyone's align and not just aligned on piece of paper with a nice picture and poster on the wall with all this stuff but really tell you it takes a lot of work but yeah you know because we all start out and we all start out as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are famous for no one one thing really well and the rest not and they're also they're also famous for saying no. I can do myself you know. So that's that's that's usually what it is and it doesn't take long for them to step back. It's hard for them to do it but doesn't take long for them to realize step back on this particular this yeah and it's so easy even online businesses so easy like oh. I've got I'm starting a podcast next thing you know I need. I need to become an expert on how to build a website and then I got to become an expert on how to be social media expert and not only become a social media expert but spent all my time doing social media everyday and now I'm not even have time to do my podcast interviews. Yes happens yeah well. This is what I do. This is real simple if I don't feel like doing it because I don't. I'm not interested in it that I won't do it. I won't even learn it. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA like I'll get someone to do you typically. It's a either volunteer someone that wants to learn from your mentor. I MENTOR THEM. And say look you learn it. I'll pay for it. Whatever course it is you need to learn whatever or if they're already us if you know Efficient added just doing. Explain me how it works one time when we're done and just make sure it works. Well nobody can work done and to tell it because look. I need my time to be innovative. I need my time to be creative all the time. I can't be stuck in. I can't be stuck. You know typing up a document about an interview that I have a podcast to and you know right now. My my volunteer isn't volunteering at the. Because there's some stuff going on so I I'm three podcasts. Behind because I'm just not doing the right. I'm just not doing it I'm not doing. It doesn't doesn't trip my trigger. So yeah you know it's interesting so you hit on a very very important point there You that totally lost my thought. Actually my wife just opened. The door was a totally personal studio. So Eh you know life happens. So you'd mentioned and I think this is. Sometimes we're veteran entrepreneurs can can step on the land minor or hit the roadblock obstacle whatever it may be from Melvin for multi vendor perspective. We think we're invincible. When you're bulletproof we can do anything and coming out of the military. I can finally just do everything myself. You know or you get caught in that trap early quick where all of sudden you think you can become a website expert social media expert Anna podcast relative same time because you feel invincible and you can finally dedicate yourself to it. You're going to do it but you mentioned well if early feel like doing something that I don't do it. Just go find someone else. What from from a military perspective. We're so used a sucking up paying in uncomfortableness. All the time that it's it's a mind shift is to say. Hey this gives me energy to do every day. These things don't give me energy in these things suck energy out of me from a military perspective. It's like well I'm just going to have to get used to it and suck it up where from a business perspective. You don't do that you know if you're if you're an NCO officer you you you delegate it to right yeah so you had troops the troops. Don't ask the I just. It's just how it's the angle that you look at it from. Don't look at it from the inside. Look at it from the outside okay. You're a structure of company You're the head and you're doing everything now. You have no employees. Well maybe you have some that can help you paying three hundred bucks a month or whatever help you They'll do all of the admin and you have a partner maybe that comes on. It's not one company partner but you guys collaborate. They do something that you don't like to do something they don't like to do. And so you're working together. You're moving forward but you're you're actually enjoying what you're doing and not doing the things you don't like and I know that sounds like oh you're you you can have that luxury. I've always been that way when I got out. I you know when when I got out and I started opening my bars and stuff. I didn't know I didn't know how to do. The coffee is and all this I was like. I don't even know I don't care. Just get someone to do it for me. Because I want to focus on the thing that I'm killing and that's that's how you reach goals. You are hyper focus on the one thing that you're going to reach the one thing you want to reach the one thing that you. WanNa absolutely kill. And then you've got to write down a goal for that for what it is you WANNA kill. And if it's monetary gold and write it down with a date right so this is what I'm GonNa do by this time. You have to live at edith tastes it smell it. You have to have it that way. And most people get into entrepreneurs start a business and then they're asking around. They think they have to form an LLC and Pale comes money get this at the other. You don't just get started one foot in front of the other and make it happen for yourself. See what happens. Adjust fire and adjust as we say right in. The fifty caliber walked in. I was just listening to my wife was listen to Amazon courses. She's going through at the moment and If the guy was kind of summarized and said he doing this activity he made sixty five grand last year. Just one one of the activities but he had to spend twenty five grand pain virtual assistants and people to do all sorts of other stuff for him and so his net was forty grand. Just that when activity if some people told me she's dude all makes sixty five instead of only making forty. He's like I'm not going to do that because I'm GonNa pay pay people to do the nickel work and I'm going to do the big the big work myself. And so he's free he's free and only make forty grand or he's totally consumed and make sixty five and that's key also when you look at scaling you know a lot of people. It's impossible for a lot of entrepreneurs scale 'cause they do everything themselves acidy. Yeah you'll never be big. You know if if I look at what I do sometimes you know. I mean I don't really talk about my earnings but I made Pity occasionally per month that makes figures right so And that and that and that entails about. Oh about ten hours of work a week so you can imagine the difference between making six figures a month and ten hours a week as forty hours a week and making not even five figures like an employee. You see the the the the the the path that you can go as an entrepreneur. And that's and that's because I scaled number one through reducing my client base increasing price going on a higher level and they'll be able to have more impact so that's one way scaling of the way scaling of course hiring people but I'd always cautioned against that depending on what. Your Business Model is but for instance when I was hired a abroad on contract to sell the product online called Les Bag When I started I had absolutely no idea what to do. Never did anything online in my life and we did thirty million six months and that was through Calling Walmart calling target and calling. Costco's say hey how do I sell stuff to you guys? And the next thing all they're they're buying twenty thousand units and ten thousand units and then we're selling line and you know yeah and it just you just. Yeah but I kept delegates. I need to do it and I need some websites do it I need. I need to is customer. Service REP FOR THE FOR THE PROGRAM. Go do it. And it would just get revenue share this that and the other Baba crazy they stephen. Unfortunately we're out of time Give us your website one more time in where we can find your book the this episodes coming out on the night the march so just launched So give us where we can find. Both of those sure thing. I'm humble Alpha Book. Dot Com is. The one book is website and Or Business website is Chew O. L. ENTERPRISES DOT COM Q. As in quality life enterprises dot com awesome and immunity. The final word. If you talk into someone who's still in the military going through transition and they they've got this concept and there they really Wanna get out and run their own business. Become an anouar. What kind of advice would you have form? Do It yourself in the beginning. Don't depend on anyone. No one's responsible for you except for you. I know we like working teams and I know. We love having the support of other veterans. But no one has your best interest at heart besides you. I promise you take it from a guy who failed many a time by late leaning on other people. It won't work for you. It'll cause heartaches and to go into it with no expectations and only with intentions intentions are the beginning you can control. The expectations are the end. You can't control that control control what you can control successful that way some well. He's Stephen. Lots of Golden Nuggets. Wish we could go on for a couple more hours Look at Your Future. Success at checkout your podcast. How do you find any packaged? Is it on the oil enterprises No it's not. Actually it says that's my private podcast so it's called the hit show on the hit stands for honesty integrity transparency about that. Yeah so it's the H. Period I period T. period hit show with Stephen Cohn and on apple stitcher always places awesome. Okay all right well. That's it my time in appreciate the Great Golden Nuggets in we look for future success. Thank you bye veterans. You're asking me listening to veteran on the move. Your Pathfinder to freedom if you like to show review and I tunes reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike.

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