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You're listening to the podcast visit. WWW DOT odd tested dot com for information. Welcome to another of crime the mitten. We're your hosts shelby and what better way to gush about crimes without raising eyebrows into to start a podcast on crimes committed in our home state Michigan from mysterious missing cases too gruesome murders left police struggling to stay on the scene. We're giving view the complete insight on what's going on in our instincts if you need to satisfy your hunger for true crime cases as much as we do tune in every Sunday for your weekly dose of mankind because this episode is about the killings of young children this may not be suitable for everyone listener and reader discretion is advised hatred. I'm lovers and happy new year's it's shelby and I have a story today to tell you that you won't believe happen but it did. This is the first case of the year. So we're diving in head first to some serious true crime. So let's get it living in this crazy world. School shootings have sadly became a problem. We have to face on a more frequent basis. Many remember the Virginia Tech Shooting and that took place April sixteen to two thousand and seven where twenty three year old student opened fire in a dorm and academic building across the street. Did I ever send you the high hokey video. I don't think so okay so you have to watch it. You have to watch high hokey. It's period it's a series series on youtube where they have different kids basically working on a TV narrowly TV. Show you so one of the The little signals they have is. Hi Ho meets right and the kids meet people that were in the situation. So they've met a blind person they met commit a ups driver and they also met A school shooting survivor and she was in Virginia Tech. Oh really and she was shot who she was. She was the only person in her class that was shot in lieu survived. It that's crazy. You GotTa send me the link to that too and then we can also post the link to that will on our social media in our podcast but one of the little girl or she wasn't a little girl she was maybe fifteen and the lady asked like like so. Does your school have like drills with your school do about this. Data shows like All they told us to do if a shooter come into school through our school supplies. Wow that's like their only way Y- the only way of protecting it's really hard to even find ways to even exist. This is this crazy at this is even something you have to consider like that we have to plan for. You have to have weapons that can be taken in school. That case with this happen. It's crazy like I can't. I don't like a world like that to throw your purse. I'm not throwing my laptop. Thirty two people were killed in twenty-three injuries before he turned the gun on himself. This should the nation BA five years later. Another big shooting takes explains in this time. Children were the targets we all remember the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary. A gunman killed twenty seven people. Twenty of them children the country more the loss of the children in administration killed in this evil on February fourteenth two thousand eighteen. A gunman opened when fire on the campus of Marjory Stoneman. Douglas and killed seventeen people. Thirteen were students in three rim ministers. The survivors of this actually actually started a national campaign to push for stricter gun laws. Then there was the Santa Fe high school shooting that took place may eighteenth two thousand. An eighteen were a seventeen year old gunman who wrote about his plans to shoot up the school and then turn the gun on himself. Killed Eight students into administrators before actually submitting into surrendering himself to authorities. And it's even more crazy. Because did you know that the first school massacre not only took place in Michigan on May eighteenth eighteen th back in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven but still to this day is one of the worst massacres to take place. Virginia Tech had a total of fifty six victims. But what if I tell you the massacre we're going to talk about today. Had A total of one hundred and three victims. The massacre I'm talking about. Is the Bath School for disaster. Where named by the name? By where a man by the name of Andrew Key home blew up the north wing of the local school where over three hundred students is attended bath. School was a school that taught grades k through twelve. The point of the school being built was to put an end to scatter school houses. Andrew was born on February first eighteen. Seventy two in tech him some Michigan and I don't know if I'm saying like you know this right tech himself who so bear through with me. he was born into a family of thirteen when his mom died his dad remarried and Andrew hated his new step. Mom It was said that they constantly stayed into going back and forth later in his life. There was a quote unquote malfunction with the stove and it blew up setting his stepmother stepmother on fire. He watched for a few seconds before actually throwing water on her messed up it is they. They said he sat there and just like he watched like like all right. He going to be a problem. Yeah it Kinda like. That's a red flag late. Why are you you even? If he had a reaction I think his dad was at work or like on the farm. At the time he wasn't it was no one around. So that's why they never were able to come to an agreement treatment what happened and malfunctions were never figured out so no legal actions were taken and his step mom actually died from her injuries. A little after Andrew's life moves on and he attends the high school and later. He attended Michigan State College. which we all know as Michigan State University? Now after after college he moved to Saint Louis and in nineteen eleven had a fall which caused him to be in a coma for about two months. Some said after this incident it made him more radical and later on so many tried to use this as a reason as to why he did what he did a year later he meets his wife Nellie and they buy a one hundred. Eighty eighty five Acre farm from Natalie's On for twelve thousand dollars something that kind of threw me was the fact that some of the surviving students said that Andrew was actually a pleasant man and it was known that he hated the school board so he was called what they thought that he was like pretty friendly in a neighborhood but it was just like we. Everyone openly knew he did not. Yeah he didn't unlike the school board. Why for many reasons? So he didn't like the school board but he especially didn't like the Superintendent who Andrew and you strongly believe was the one persuading the board civil for higher taxes so upset. Yeah so he can't get out on a whole bore because he was like everybody's pretty much against me like I'm the only one that's fighting for lower taxes and stuff and everybody wants to raise them so when the boar would have to make decisions. Andrew Andrew was normally the difficult one voting for the opposing choice when everyone will come to an agreement on something else he also tried to make. Extreme budget cuts on on necessities the school just to be able to keep him spending any more money so like we don't really need paper towel stuff like that. Yeah no they can like AAC dry like he was trying to find anything in a book closing. Yeah he was definitely described as a frugal man. Others will say that he was an impatient man when others didn't agree with what he wanted. He dress pretty well and always make sure that he was neat and clean his neighbors stated that he was pretty bad at farming but really good at tinkering with machines and that he actually preferred to do that instead so he would spend all this time like instead of actually farming he would eh be building a machine to make farming he building machine and make farming easier instead of just doing the farm and I've taken that energy putting into building. Yeah Yeah Yeah so you see where you see where his intentions were. It was also said that. He shot his neighbor's dog because it was on his farm barking. And and then he also beat his own horse to death because it wasn't working efficiently so it was definitely that he had a mean streak to him but people never thought that it could do to the heinous Nettie. Did so the rest of the neighborhood do they not know about his step mom. I don't think so. Okay okay because you know if is the setting of wreck all of these things up is located Marie. Yeah it is but I think I don't I I really didn't say much of like kind of guessing like innocence like the Living like farms like you know they haven't lived in a farm environment is kind of like as long stretch which to the neighbor so a lot of stuff probably you know guy slept under the rug and plus if the dad had like a suspicion he was doing something like that maybe my son is low must have been here. I keep myself probably wouldn't go telling the neighbors. Yeah I'm not telling names on neighboring Nosey Neighbor Rosie that's a tongue twister okay. So many people want to answers on what can lead a person into into doing such a thing. Andrew had a lot going on and I'm definitely not trying to make any excuses for this guard. Some of the things that could trigger Andrew though into doing his massacre were that local property taxes to fund the building of the bath school. So that's why he always protested Eh. The school board meetings like this needs to be lowered because it was going towards a good. I think it was like yeah. It was built in school. So Andrew was known that it was the android livid about this constantly fought them to have them decrease and he also made crazy decision to save money like cutting back on cleaning products as well because schools don't need cleaning products. SKIP last placed glazed needs cleaning products. Forget about flu season Inter Sarcasm. It is always flu season. It's always hand foot and mouth season. It's always cold cold season. It's always it's this year so that's what I was talking about like. He's making drastic cuts like trying to get these crazy decisions decisions to go by like no. These people need these things so he had also lost in an election to be the township clerk which was a position he had held the year prior due to the the township clerk at the time so once that guy the township clerk died they asked him to step in so he thought like hey. I'm already in almost like me. I can win election on my own. It was kind of like Nah. Nah Not pimping you. This ain't for you and finally answer was facing foreclosure on the farm. He had going on at the time. Don't get me wrong but he just handled it so wrong. Andrew was this very skewed. Electricity in school hired him to do some wiring throughout the school. Will they believe that this gave him the opportunity to set up dynamite in the school basement. He did so good wiring the dynamite in the basement. That fire Marshall's and other authorities found it hard to believe that he did this all alone. Neighbors also claimed that they saw Andrew wiring offense to his house and that he he worked hard on it for at least ten days. Then that's like that's serious dedication like you're working on occasion. Yeah you're working as hard to destroy people. Yeah I know this is what what he was working hard on his own farm right going to work like his own this. This wasn't even a school at the time this was like he really spent ten days making sure that he wired this farm perfectly. There was even a record of Andrew Buying dynamite back in the fall of nineteen twenty six just a about a year before the massacre. It didn't really raise any riff flags because farmers often used to my own their farms to get rid of things like tree som so eighty thing I guess it makes sense. Yeah didn't think nothing of it so it was like it was like a common by and then I think they mentioned something like he's like get like an army surplus of year. So that's a little concerning you. Yeah I didn't see how many how many formerly a but I don't know I don't think I think I think that's a great lakes you order that. I think that's excessive. But you know what that could have been like a costco thing. Like a Sam's Club back then like I don't know like that. Yeah that's a lot like. That should should have been monitored by that one that one lump sum. You shouldn't be able to bind for the rest of you know like they should be all right like take your picture. Yeah they should so you would need is war but then you know this is back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. So they're not really you know they don't they. Don't have the intangible how now when we go in we like ooh like that situation might be B.. He's trying to like we know he's up to something. They didn't think like that back then. 'cause they didn't think anybody would do something like that Andrew's wife Nellie Nelly had been in and out of the hospital dealing with tuberculosis when she returned from the hospital on May sixteenth and you killed her by a blunt force blow to the head although investigators. Here's could only estimate time of death because she had today span from being released from the hospital until the explosion he then put her until wheelbarrow and wrote her into the back of the chicken coop. He then tied up the lives of the remaining living horses so that they couldn't escape the explosion. He also put up a sign on his fence. Devastated criminals are not born. They're made this sign. Yeah with so what made him that way. Yeah because he was like that from a child watching his Mahu step mom on fire. Yes it was like you were you made then the debt make him but then you know what they're kinda actually and it's like yeah that could have been like a stressor for him and then like the fire where her because think about it what he did like dealt with fire here so I don't know it might be something there but I don't know of US trying to who knows this sign. It was one of the only Lee remaining things on Andrews far early morning on May Eighteenth. He blows up the farm. With the rig wires. Neighbors rushed to the farm to to try to help but Andrew has already struck in on his way to basketball to watch his plan play out while he was driving away from the house he stopped their three boys who were headed to the farm to help and insult them. They better get better get down to the school with the grinned painted on his face as in like Nah this I got something. It's not like I got something else cooking out like you know like and that's that's really messed up you in the fact that he was smiling about it now at the same time as the explosion on the farm Andrew set up an alarm for eight forty five am to detonate the dynamite at the school when the dynamite went off the north wing of the school blew up where a a lot of the younger kids were located. Authorities believe that due to the large amount of dynamite. They're Andrew was planning on blowing up. The entire school behalf. Didn't go off. So he like he was trying to wait for the league. Houston there to pretty much forty five eight forty butter. Everybody was in the school will in in like in a classroom or something like settled for the morning. Yeah he he had everything planned out the yes this is planned out even all the way down to the fact that like you know like okay. Eight forty five is like like the struggled because that is like around the time I school starts at eight thirty. These aren't really getting going. It's it's like eight fifty because you still have to keep that time in for like the keys there come in late or the kids like me like who had to stop Aguirre breakfast so he really took all this into account when he did this so a first grade teacher recall seeing the bodies of her students flying all over the classroom and she was in such shock over what was happening at the time. She wasn't able to pull herself together until emergency responders arrived. Parts of the building flew everywhere. We're and that. How many bystanders were injured and killed? Kids jumped out the first floor window and ran to the fields to avoid being hit by the flying pieces. Coming down at them terrify. Yeah it is like A. That's a as a kid. That's you see in all this stuff going on around. They can't even wrong street. So yeah yeah it is. It's very and it's even if you are running Sri you're not guaranteed it. Something's going to miss you like things. They're just fallen down everywhere and like if you look at it I actually have a picture of first hearings are still triggering a fall when gosh first graders aren't even putting your shoes on right for the most part we're still working on that one but if you look I have a picture of The bath school and it's a pretty big school in on the picture under it is The North is the picture of the school With the North Wing blown up and you can see how like the roof caved in but with with that first explosion and like everything is up in the air just imagine all that debris that's an air again it's brick and all kinds of different things and stuff like a lot of it is. It's a lot so she wasn't able so she was such a shock. The first grade teacher was in such shock over what was happening at the time and then she wasn't able to pull herself together until they. I'm Richard Their responders came and so with kids jumping out of the Building like the first floor window of a lot of people just got injured just by yet by jumping alone and just the things that were just flying down at them. These lotion was heard for miles away. And when people heard the explosion go off in the direction of the school they left Andrews Farm to assist at the school instead one bystander recalls five to six kids chat under under the roof you can only see their body parts hanging from under the rubble so like they're armed Their leg ahead here and there. The faces were unrecognizable. Okay do to dust plaster in blood covering the bits of their body visible cars parked on the street were on fire do so the explosion is will mothers cried in drop to their knees and prayed as the chaos took place. The school lawn became a temporary more. The children's bodies relate on the lawn and covered with a sheet as they are brought from the school. Aw appearance walked by removing sheet trying to identify their child which I can only imagine being those parents worth nightmare. It was the last day of school for these kids. Parents didn't didn't expect their children to be harmed while at school. You wouldn't think that you would think that that's the one place a child should feel safe in for so many children's school is the only safe place for them because of how many victims there are ambulances from as far as lansing came to help. But as if this wasn't enough lear he arrives is at the school in his pickup truck. The backfill of dynamite and Metal Shards Somehow Andrew. In the superintendent gets into an argument. They began to fight over Rifle and so finally Andrew fires at the truck causing a second explosion. You guys so. Was it. His plans to kill himself is it was said that he intentionally put that in there and like he wanted to go. I think that was his way of like killing himself because he wanted. He wanted to see what happened at the school. And then it was just like all right what I had to do. Naam done so you guys. This explosion are only killed. Andrew Anna Superintendent but also to Adele bystanders. This third explosion also killed an eight-year-old boy. By the name of Cleo Clayton he just survived the second explosion at the school and he was actually trying to get away from it so he got he missed one again stroke yet get struck by another one so when the third explosion occurred the Metal Shard went straight into them killing him instantly a survivor recall seeing andrews body hanging on the wire to just hang in there dead. It took the community until six that evening to get all of the bodies out in. Everyone moved with extreme caution fearing that there will be more explosives ready to go off at any moment now. Prior to this attack many people noticed some strange behavior from Andrew a mini thought. Nothing of it. That's why if there'd be a weird you gotta say you uh-huh anybody now so his neighbors from his neighbor from across the street whose name was David. Hart believed that Andrew had been working on its plan for for months now. He was the one who claims to see Andrew working hard on his wife on wiring his fences for about ten days. He also noted that Andrew has stopped farming for months and I don't know how he was all up in business but he also knew that he was falling behind him bills. How he even know that? I don't know whether notices he might have seen like like or you hate to haven't been working like in month. I know he's not paying bills. I don't know but another person person who said Andrew Displays. Some weird behavior was a first grade teacher by the name of Bernice Sterling. She acts prior to the explosion to use Andrews Woods. Four picnic for her class. Andrew responded that if she was going to have a picnic she better do it right away which should have raised red flags in her head instantly. 'cause that's not a normal response you get when you ask them when something like that. When the smoke cleared on the farm authorities searched the ruins and found the body of his wife charged to a Chris? Her body was so unrecognizable that police Passover her so many times before actually discovering her around the body items like the save some paperwork you work in jewelry authorities assumed that he must have killed his wife so that she wouldn't ruin his plans for some reason I kind of feel like he was putting it into everything I mean. A man tied up the legs of his horses. Prior to the explosion that's pretty final. When authorities looked over all the equipment on the farm if android of sold all of that he would have had enough to save his farm? Yeah he was building everything to make it easier so he can just felt. Yeah and if he didn't tinker so much like what you're supposed to do do so at the school. Authorities found a gasoline container fit it in a gap between the dynamite so expansion of gas before through the vapor in. We'll all through the tube to spark the get the fire. The Fire Department suspected that this was his backup plan. In case the dynamite didn't work Andrews body was claimed by his sister and he was buried in Clinton County cemetery in an unmarked grave. The school board went under serious investigation for about a week before it was concluded that Andrew Acted aloneness. School massacres didn't occur like this back in his time. In many people tried to find a reason to why Andrew would even do something like this. They want it so bad to blame things on his mental health. They call them names such as insane the minted in a madman and that the head injury I mentioned earlier was the blame which he actually got that injury while he was At school to be an electrician. Ironic right yeah. So but it was concluded that he was rational enough to commit the crime. I mean the fact that he spent months planning this and setting anything's up is proof enough that he that this man knew what he was doing. Most of the children killed disaster reburied in Pleasantville cemetery in bath the time at the disaster her about fifty thousand people travelled through the town just to get a glimpse as something they thought probably would never happen. The attention quickly ended do Ended them do the Charles Lindbergh's nonstop flight that took place not too long after this. Some say that this happened for the best though because the town as a whole needed to grieve for the most part just about each household had a child that it's ended bath school because it was the first schoolhouse for Kids K.. Through twelve like I said about three hundred students attended at the school from areas around bath as well. The school was demolished but a new one was opened up after the governor gave Nice donation of seventy five thousand dollars. The school is the school was called James Cousins Agriculture school but it was torn down in nineteen seventy five in the commemorative park was created in. Its place where the focus of the park is a piece. He said their original school. That was still remaining. One of the oldest survivors of the disaster by the name of Irene said that she stayed home that day from school because because she had a sore throat. When the explosion at the school happened she could hear from her farm? Her and her mother jumped in the car and headed straight to the school. She had eight younger siblings nibbling who also attended school there in just because she stayed home with a sore throat didn't meet her siblings. Stayed home with her. One of her brothers fingers was cut off and the explosion and Dan her sisters were. Some of the kids had jumped out of the first floor window to escape the explosion. Irene was all around lookie today yeah like that. Did they like there were no escape. Yeah and then the fact like that day. She didn't go to school in depending on where the grades. It's weird because like how it was going like a lot of classes from I read a lot of classes were moved around because they were doing like a test on that day. So you had like normally it would be like only only your kids on that end like on a north wing. But they had moved like fifth graders over there too so that they can take their tests and stuff in that area so you like different age ranges of yeah you. It had more like a variety of age range that day. Some she was also the one Iran was the one seen Andrew's body hanging on the wire after the after so he killed himself so that's like something she said was stuck in her head like forever another survivor by the name of George Barrett went to Andrew Andrew's Andrew's house there earlier to take tuition and he says that when he gave Andrew the money that he didn't WanNa make eye contact with George like he just avoided. Did I contact the whole time. It will really awkward like he just kind of took the money close the door. Autumn seven reminded. I told you everyone liked the kids. At least at this was like a pleasant man like he was speak to them and stuff like even Irene would say like it'd be times we're like debut driven by. He'll stop in like ex how they were doing and stuff like that so it wasn't like he was like a standoff tours. Yeah yeah so Jewish. Didn't go to school that day because he had such good grades that the school said he didn't need to take the test that many of the other grades were taking that day. Lucky film. Yeah remember days have to set it like that for us. We're like if you got all as you don't have to take your final or something. We took those final. Yeah he was. How in the fields farming? When he heard the explosion at the school he jumped in his pickup truck immediately in headed to where the explosion took place once on the scene? George I try to help the best he could. He drove two girls with facial injuries from the explosion to the hospital. He remembers seeing unlit died in my in the back of the police car as they removed it from the basement. George and other kids around that time grew up leaving at the name ki-ho equal even till this day. This is still one of the worst school massacres that take place in the country. We lost so many lives that day because I want lower property taxes or whatever reason he convinced themselves to justify his actions. Okay okay blow up the school if you want but you WANNA leave people's lives out of it like especially children's lives nobody why it was at eight forty five in the morning it was was the last day of school you also the whole summer and then if he was at the school at night. Why don't you just quit that Trudell? That's too I didn't think about it. Why didn't you just quit? Why is it definitely you know? Just quit you right is leaning commitment. Ah needed everything that day. For what great so I hate to think about how many lives would have been lost. If all the dynamite went off in school about one fourth of the children in the town we're killed and there are about nine hundred pounds of dynamite in the basement. Only half of that one off. Yeah and only half of that one often you see like the damage that deer so we can only imagine so many the fact that he did that while the children were in school. And I'm right along with them. It was the last school and if you really going to blog I can't go keep going back to that. If it was just the last day could awaited. You didn't have to blow the school up to be honest because if probably Texas were going up to build the school don't you think after school got blew up that they were going to try to rebuild another school come on it doesn't it doesn't make sense like you didn't think this through late is like oh I can't even say in the moment. Because he spent months planning I can't grow his thought process but it makes my hair her because this display not tales. Really sick children are the most instead of building all of these machines he could have just worked farm by hand and still have enough. Money took quit his job at the school. Here that's that he didn't have to. He didn't have to be in walled and like I said he had like if he would've sold the stuff he would've he wouldn't have been in debt at all like soldiers like I don't know it could have been more. That was going on and is it. I don't know like maybe you just de fire. When his his step mom was on fire? That really messed up or something. I don't know but children are the most innocent beings in you need to leave them out of your bullshit okay. So now that she'll be done with her case We. We decided to try something new so we have a book called three thousand questions about me which is very difficult. I don't know why she she didn't pick the Google some questions. I'm all of a sudden basically what we're GONNA do this every week. We're going to use a number generator to from one to three thousand to pick out a question in both me and shelby have to answer the question. So you'll be has has the question. Yeah I did the question this time so my question is in your life will cause like no. If you really look at these questions they were really like make you really think deep though so I had to pick a good one. Didn't want to pick a joking one or anything like that like you had to be a good one but it says Are you do you. Are you where you think you would be at in life like. Is Your Life how you thought it would be right right now. Didn't think I'll have a podcast I kind of wish I was further ahead with crafting. I close my itchy shop but I do WANNA open Honestly I think that's about it some pretty okay but I definitely thought I'll be more into crafting and I. I didn't even consider having a podcast. I don't think I considered have departure cast either. I don't even know what a park castle ache. Yeah you know what. Honestly I don't think my my life is literally not where I thought it would be. I think I thought I'd be getting ready to go to law school getting applying for law school soon. which is crazy like me in law school? I'm like the silliest person ever imagine me in this series he's like I didn't think I don't know anything that I would actually be working with kids like I think a lot of career wise. I didn't feel like super how much longer it's going to last. I don't really know. Yeah you know. I'm kinda feeling tired. I don't Wanna I don't think I'm GonNa have my own missing. People couldn't couldn't potty train like twenty kids already and I was like so what am I going to do when it's time for me to potty train my own kid I'm GonNa go over to what you cousin or something like that. I'm like I don't feel like doing. It's not one penny from my time. In when parasites you slack it he's doing. He's not potty training it. I'm like well. He's gifts child's difficult to try. I don't know Donald but that was it but you know what I didn't think that I would have like Abbie living on my own. I'm like really really like an independent person like I didn't think they like our actually in that apartment to be alone. Yeah and so like now like I'm like I'm like an end I'd take care thank you. Yeah I have a boyfriend too but you know we might get stuck in over. Oh for a couple of months like the world like a year like yeah solid year to have so I don't know I don't think I have a cat. I wasn't really. That was an animal person. I'm alive Oh you've got to keep up a and then keep it pushing but I didn't think I would have like a cat but know that and then with the podcast so no. I don't think that my life is where I thought it would be Jaggard but but I'm not disappointed. No not really disappointed. I've been lake. I take trips second travel. Yeah you take a lot the chips you like shit. We gotTA schedule Noble Recording for another trip. Where are you going this time? Oh yeah okay narrow. I know about the Hawaii trips. That's cool Gosh. She's dropping news like this on both. Were like we're going on vacation again. You're not taking me this time. I mean you've got a month to prepare so I get like Sou souvenir shooting in back. Like what kind of friend are you got a picture. We were just now. The last time I went to Hawaii we were still only having like twice a year twice a year outings together. That is true but still you. Could you could hear and a half you could still has some sale. It would have been nice. Give you like thinking about all these sounds. I went on vacation and I'll just wait for today to give. That would have been nice. Got You makes troop. Yeah you know what. That question wasn't as hard as I think it would be to answer it though. I think that was a pretty decent question. I started off strong. If if I do say so myself it really. She gave me two pictures to pick these firm. Yeah we don't have the book yet. But so this week I just sent Showbiz showbiz couple pages added. We'll continue to work and it was. It was two pages using the number. It was two pictures and it took me one hour to pick a question. There were like take forty questions in total but it was so question. Have you ever made your own ice cream. But she wants to go deep into life. Animal ice cream the answer to that one. I'll talk about that. Think about science experiment. It was my birthday so I had a teacher gave me hers. Don't remember that. Oh Ms Brown. Oh Class I don't think you had her for your birthday. Yeah still we made ice cream and I was like she was like you gotTa meet the Ice Cream to get in. I was like it's my birthday. You you just give me the ice cream made as the example of her class into Tom I went to Hawaii and nobody change my schedule for me. I just let me get my class has changed and didn't say anything and then everybody came in class whereas Lena everyone was an extra as it was late. Ingles a nice. Thank you for listening. You can find the transit pictures we discussed and the links to all of our references references. I our website at www dot crime in the midday dot com. There you can also find the link to our social media if you have a case you'd like us to discuss let's go to the contact US page of the website and leave a suggestion. Each month will choose one of one suggestion for an episode.

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