f5: Success in Keeping it Small and Manageable


Here it is another farm five on farm small farm smart and you know keeping your overhead low is is a great way to start an and keeping the equipment the tool shed simple his works that way but really you've you've mentioned just just the idea of intensifying production is is is that heart here because usually when you look at the farm all the spacing between the crops are determined by <hes> the tool that you're using weed them and i he tool is in most cases the tractor and attractors meant they take a lot of space on a farm and people neglect how much when you're covering a lot of ground. You're also losing a lot of time. Walking from one place is to the other when you're when you're putting a row cover well you know if you're five times as a densely spaced then and you know you're using one fifth of the material to do the same job. It's costing you one fifth of the price and it's going five times as fast and you know it's just this idea five-year of intensifying. I think comes with this idea of optimizing a lot of the things that we do on the farm and for me. This has been possible because we we left the tractor out of the picture and i know all the experience growers. They really don't believe us on this but you know it's just you so you need to come in. Come down and look at the farm and see how much production derozan acre and a half then how it's well-managed because it's so close to one another just just makes lot of sense and you know vehicle. I go outside and it takes me half an hour to walk. My farm and it's a pleasant walk doc. It's my farm is tiny. It's a micro farm. It's the size of the soccer field you know if you put all the gardens together and you know i walk the gardens every morning. That's you you know six o'clock. I go out with my coffee and just make around and i pretty much see everything that needs to be done and i make a list and then i prioritize and then boom you know and i think if my garden would be five acres ten acres. It just wouldn't happen that. I would walk doc everywhere because it would take too long but <hes> i think keeping things small from from what we've learned and that's the reason why we've never early expanded is that you can really focused on. You know making just a little tiny things making them. You know making sure that a hundred percent of what you feeding will be harvested with prime stuff and that's what we've been focused on focusing on and you know again. We've been learning new do things every year and there's still much more to learn because when you really decide to be you know an expert in fifty different crops. It's gonna take a while so we're not done with our learning but you know i. I really think that's one aspect of our surroundings. Success here has been that that we've kept things small and ninety.

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