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NPR News: 01-17-2020 5AM ET


Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly of the Senate have been formally sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts birt's ahead of next week's opening statements in president trump's impeachment trial. The two articles accused the president of abuse of power and obstruction of congress stemming from from trump's phone call with Ukraine's president last July Democrats in Congress continue to call for new witness testimony. Left Parnasse an indicted aid to trump's trump's personal attorney rudy. Giuliani has turned over new documents to prosecutors. Texas Republican. Senator Ted Cruz says there's been nothing. New to change aims the eventual outcome of the impeachment. Trial the reason the president will be acquitted. The reason the Senate will find the president. Not guilty is on their face. The articles of impeachment that the House Representative voted out. They don't meet the constitutional standard for high crimes and misdemeanors trump calls his impeachment politically motivated and a hoax the FBI why is investigating a trump donor from Connecticut in connection with the President and Ukraine. NPR's Mommy Allen reports on Robert Hyde hides named grabbed headlines lines this week when House Democrats released new batch of documents showing text messages between him and love Parnasse the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani in the exchanges Hyde. who used to be in the Marines claim to have been doing surveillance on former? US Ambassador to Ukraine Maria Vich before abruptly recalled her from riposte hide is a bombastic and pretty obscure Republican candidate for Congress. Even here in Connecticut. His name is widely unknown. His state's own party. The asked him not to run for office after he posted some offensive and misogynistic tweets now the FBI is boring into his background Bobby Allen. NPR News Simsbury Simsbury Connecticut. The Senate has given final approval to the US Mexico. Canada Trade Agreement House approval came last month. NPR's Scott horsely says says the US MCA replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement. The vote in the Senate was just as lopsided as last month house tally. Senators voted eighty nine to ten in favor of the trade deal which the administration calls the US. MCA The agreement. UPDATES NAFTA to cover things like digital commerce which barely existed when that deal was signed a quarter century three ago the biggest change made by the way is in the auto industry car makers will have to include more North American parts if they want to sell cars and trucks here without paying tariff the agreement also sets a minimum pay scale for auto plants which could result in some production moving from Mexico to the United States before the House vote last month. Democrats insisted on some changes to the deal. Those include stronger labor and environmental protections Scott horsely. NPR News Washington Wall Street is coming off another day of record highs for the Dow wow the S. and p. five hundred and the Nasdaq the Dow added two hundred sixty seven points. The Nasdaq gained ninety. Eight this is. NPR news from Washington the organization that runs the Grammy's is suspending its president and CEO. This comes less than two weeks before this year's award ceremony the Recording Academy's Board of Trustees says Deborah Dugan has been placed on administrative leave amid allegations of misconduct details weren't given the sixty second. Grammy Awards will be handed out a week from Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. NBC is preparing to launch its new streaming TV v service known as Peacock. NPR's Eric Dagens reports thirty Rockstar. Tina fey joked about some odd viewing plans while speaking during NBC's sees presentation to investors about the new streaming service peacock. I personally cannot wait to binge watch all seventeen thousand six hundred twenty four episodes of the today show the service offers a mix of new shows and old NBC hits like the office a free tier features. Seventy five hundred hours of content with advertisements. A second tier offers was fifteen thousand hours of shows for five dollars a month also with adds an ad. Free version is about ten dollars a month customers with cable. TV or broadband service from comcast which owns NBC. Universal can access peacock April fifteenth. The public launch is July fifteenth. Eric Duggan's NPR news the US Coastguard Coast Guard is suspending. Its search to fishermen missing off the coast of Texas. They disappeared three days ago after their boat collided with a six hundred foot. Chemical Tanker Kerr and then capsized. Had happened near the entrance to Galveston Bay. I'm Dave Mattingly N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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