Closing Bell Brief for Thursday, November 15th


Technology today has never been smarter. But smart only matters when you put it to good use together, we can build a smarter future for all of us. Let's put smart to work. Find out how at IBM dot com slash smart. I'm Charlie Turner in the news room at the Wall Street Journal, stocks rallied to close higher in volatile trading Thursday. The Dow snapped a four day losing streak. The Dow Jones industrials rose two hundred eight points to twenty five thousand to eighty nine. The NASDAQ gained a hundred twenty two the S and P five hundred rose twenty eight the markets were boosted by a big jump in tech stocks which helped offset losses among shares of retailers. There were also renewed hopes the US and China can strike a compromise. On trade, the financial times reported that US trade rep Robert lighthizer has said the next round of tariffs on Chinese imports has been put on hold the food and Drug administration said Thursday, it would seek a nationwide ban on menthol cigarettes. They account for nearly a third of the roughly two hundred fifty billion cigarettes sold annually in the US more. Than a dozen municipalities of adopted bans on menthols, but cigarette makers have so far avoided federal restrictions. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and the company's board took issue on Thursday. With a report suggesting the social media giant deliberately played down. The impact of Russian interference on the platform on a call with reporters. Mr. Zuckerberg repeated his admission that Facebook had been slow to spot Russian activity and recognized that significance, but he described as untrue an article in the New York Times, saying top executives at Facebook overlooked warning signs and a time sought to conceal the scope of the problem from lawmakers and the public for more details had to wsJcom or the WSJ app.

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