Episode 113 - My Daughter Mylie & I - on the Building Blocks of Confidence


The book to the warrior marriage and family podcast minus doctor for your work and I believe your marriage and your family a word finding four bulletin power you to fight the matters. Most this podcast is about you. Your family your marriage and your children will include interviews and teaching on a biblical ethic sexuality and gender. I want you to know that you're not alone that others walk down the same road and there is victory. Let's get into today's episode. Alright building blocks of confidence. That's the title of this one. What ready billing confidence what awesome. Hey this is Corey. Kluber with the healthy marriage. Inner Circle where he married podcast again here with my daughter Miley and today we're GonNa look at building blocks of confidence from Heard magazine called shine brightly and so building. Blocks of confidence tells more about this concept We'll system in just a quick. Some reservation of it is Like God made you and your special. You're one of a kind really and sometimes it's hard to know that. We know that you'd be confident. But when you're but as you are going into being a young lady. It's her to be confident. Do you know how special you are? Do you think so. It's a good answer to answer. It's hard to know. Excuse me so you are made in the image of God and that means you are valued and important creation. We know that in our head. It's hard to know in our hearts. You know that means the difference thinks intellectually but can. I really believe it is inside who I am. I just thinking like especially like if you're you're twain yes no looks just like you might be to binker special. 'cause dishonest just like you. Estate is true yeah. Player personalities are different. Near looks at the same looks are same. Personality is so how you will you stand for what you believe in the skills and talents you have all that kind of stuff makes you into an even more unique person which is your important part of creation in dude perfect to there's two One where there's an episode in do perfect Fillon Hulu. Where on the nate them look totally different like they're always demise of the twins if you're gonna be like in their Cana- leader Tyler said if you guys were gonNA be Kinda different. Would you be one of them? That he is going to be like announcement. Another guy was better. One was like he had worked ahead. Buns had been more like an insight. Oh Gosh Man So we'll give you confidence okay. That's a good answer. But what gives us confidence to be confident? When you got all these accomplishments properly it is but is that really. What gives us confidence. Probably not okay. So we're going to look here. These building blocks confidence actually some blocks key things that actually help you and I become more confident when we think about it this way or look at it in this way the first one is rather yourself sometimes all take civic confident as learning the lack of yourself when you make a mistake will mess. You will mess up from time to time and if you can learn to laugh at off your confidence will sky rocket. That's huge. A lot of people can't laugh at themselves. You take themselves way too seriously and so can you laugh at your own mistakes because we all make mistakes dust yourself off. Get back up and do it again. That's yourself love. Ya 'cause we tend to fall down metaphorically and real and physically. I'm literally thinking tiles on thing. Ninja line and we had just gotten it. It was we got to know. Recently in everyone is done somewhere else but nearby And I was doing it in I fell and you always draw off his Naral long dropping. Kinda scared you yeah. I've fallen right back and it really hurts. Yeah and I wouldn't get back on it for about a year and then you did. Yeah I will go over them like swing on like yourself. Can you laugh at yourself that the Phil? That's what this is saying is. How do you build confidence? GotTa learn to laugh at yourself how you can laugh at falling off a name. We laughed at you. And that's one of the things about when you fall on your bike. You don't laugh in the moment that's not necessarily right. But it's laughing at the fact that hoops goofed versus taking yourself associated. That's one of the ways again. Says to boost your confidence skyrocket. Your confidence is God of yield and not take yourself so seriously go to the source. What's that mean the true source of your confidence in God? He's the whole reason. You can confident in the first place because without him you can really do anything. So why should we confident? You can't do it right there. Job Yep so go to the source go to our Creator. Third One face your fears every here. It's hard it's as easy as holding a spider or trying out for the soccer team start small and faces fears. That hold you back you can do it I don't really I don't even WanNa do. Soccer is too much running. That's more of an example. So facing your fears is if there's something you want to do but you're afraid to take the risk. We still want to do it. Then you gotta go through that fear to get to an accomplishment otherwise it's like I don't really want that that much so don't worry about it. Move on find something different. It's okay either ones okay but to give up and you still want it. That's what saying Lena Confidence. When there's something and be able to really feel what it's calling me to do or leading me to do which is a hard one another one. This Kelly's into the next one try news ings. New FOOD NEW ACTIVITIES NEW HABITS NEW HOBBIES. Whatever it is. Try it every new thing a chance to bill do our confidence. So that's the Adrian right now. Trying lots of new things a lot of things. You're trying sometimes times. I just I like the training hairstyle gets true. And you can have a bad one and it grows back because she was shave your head but it all back pink. I won't need ever cheaply ever right. Great Clip the new food new activities new habits seizure. Things you're trying and you're figuring yourself out number five here pretend confidence. This is a rear one. Don't feel confidence vacant. Real confidence comes easier. You pretend you already have it. This is kind of debatable. There's a lot of people that disagree with this. That would say no. Don't fake it till you make it so get it truly be confident but there's kind of a twist to it part of just being able to be confident is have this internal belief about can. I are can't die if the default is I can't then I can figure it all I want but I'm not gonNa really be confident versus. I'm actually going to try no matter what the result is so even if I try out for that singing group fail I'll try it in short probably had fun. Here's a singing group. I was wanting to be a part of in college. I tried out every year for years. I didn't get it every time very difficult but I was so focused on wanting to be a part of that group and I was good enough and it's led to a different career pieces that actually was important to me and so that's important to pretend confidence can help you overcome but only to certain point and then this this next one six get comfy humphry. People are okay with being uncomfortable so try to settle in learned to be okay in uncomfortable situations learn and grow a lot during those times. It doesn't mean try and get comfy chair get comfy in being uncomfortable and failing and then try new things and a lot of people today can't if it doesn't come easy to give up if they accomplish immediately they give up and so being able to be someone that's GonNa try and try and try and practice practice practice really really important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Really important put on someone else's glasses. What what does that mean? I believe in means look through other people's eyes if you're having a hard time feeling good about yourself. Try to see yourself from someone else's point of view. What would that per se about you Bus What do we say about? You love me an annoying both. Yes and and so. If you have to decide what you're GONNA do with information. What are your friends? Think about you. I hope they don't think I'm annoying. Which is back. The video did before last week which is about time. He's film. Certain friends can hurt or help relationship but putting on glasses helps you see it through there. There is can give you confidence. Some confidence boost you like sometimes people. Some people like insist on playing a game that can really annoy people and I hope I think sometimes kind of do I am like Diane. I'm tr- In the other day when before the corn King Avena came over and I really want to play a game. Add plate with Naomi but she really wanted to be legos. I but we decided that We will just play Legos for awhile. And then the game I want. We ended up axiom levels the whole time. That's very good for you. Good job now. That's actually allowing special guest to be the person to Kinda dictate to have a say in what's going to happen really really good. Lanka's also because he doesn't have S So is almost everyone us when we go to a friend's house we're more interested in their toys than they are in their own toys. Because that's what they always have vice versa. So when we go back and forth twice good to go back and forth next one's important to think positively you can't be. You can't be a confident person if you're always Dadan yourself. Instead of focusing on the things he did wrong. Move on to focus on the good things. You have to train her mind. Think positively because a lot of us. Don't we think negatively too much to have it? That's really important. Keep on thinking if I tried again. I'm just GONNA fall down again. Heart myself will. That attitude is true about most things. That's was really important. Be Curious curious. People are confident people. The more you learn the more the more you'll know the more you know the more confident. Nobody 'cause like I know I'll never be able to. I'll ever have the fun of playing on the Ninja Line again. If I don't do it. And she's to overcome the confidence or the the fear confidence overcoming confident aired. Curious is really really as a stance of our body are internally our head or heart to to Be Confidence in one. Wants to fight through that fear. Because I'm curious as to what it's going to be like on the other side but then it says the more you learn the more you'll know it's true but also the more you learn the more you realize you don't know whether journeys that you're on in every one of us is on is that we're going to learn new things about the Bible and then we learn from what we just learned how much more we don't know and it brings up more questions and it doesn't matter what field of study we look at the more you learn the more you realize you don't know part of that is it's humbling. It's meant to be humbling because you're not supposed to know it all but be curious as kind of the last step here so the building blocks of confidence which one of these stands up to you like stand out which for nine need to most of which were night. Do Most stands out that you needed to most positively. Maybe yeah could kinda get negative sometimes. Yeah this is why this is important because even us doing these help you think through some of the stuff misses an example for MOMS and DADS. That are watching as to what they can do their kids. Who's using this? Just have a brief coversation just ten ten minutes or so To talk through these and they plant seeds. 'cause goal is now planning season you. Annan me because I'm learning to always of some things you can do you laugh at yourself. Can you go to the source to guide? Are you facing your fears? Trying new things pretending confidence until you make it getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Seeing seeing life through someone else's lenses classes thinking positively in being curious so the goal is you grow and grow as well as together. We she like. I feel like you're helping me but I'm also hoping these conversations running together learning different things like I say you can have the same conversation. A million times but each time the learn at different thing on some different micro conversations yep which is important about sexuality about theology about cultures but marriage. All these things we can talk about. Yeah Yeah so looking forward to our next conversation. This is all about building confidence confidence. And the next time I signed. Thank you for tuning into the where your marriage and family podcast has been an honor to serve find out more about resources for you and your family's birth and success at healing live dot com. Thank you Dr Sponsor. The healthy marriage inner circle. We'll be joined. The conversation in my free facebook group anytime facebook dot com slash groups slash healthy marriage practice. My new vessel look for parents go do. I can't say that DOT COM to purchase and received the Audio Book for free. Remember the year marriage and family are worth fighting for. 'cause Dr Corey Gilbert. See you next time.

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