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About Social Media And Is It Worth It


Welcome to the entrepreneur academy podcast, the place for entrepreneurs from entrepreneur. Hi. This is from the banana academy, and welcome to another Q and A session today. We got two questions. Again question, number one. How do you focus every day in how much do you work? This is from Sarah. Hi, Sarah, Sarah, I work. I would say the average about eighty to one hundred hours a week. I was this, how do a focus every day. Well, I focus every day by having a system that allows me to focus a system that allows me to look at the right things at the right time. Let me explain this. So first of all, running your own business, if you think that you could do a forty hour week like if you employed and you run a business, I can pretty much tell you that's not going to work the chances that, that you're going to get there. Impossible. Really, you can read as much as you like about the four hour work week from from from all these guys out there. But truthfully that's a high works. It doesn't really work like this. The reason is, is because when you run a business, you're not just the employees you're not just someone who's doing a specific job. You have to take on all these other jobs to at first of all, you have to be the manager and you have to be at the same time and you have to be the one that does the work. So that's already free jobs on its own. So you take that time three you're looking at one hundred twenty hours a week a lot. Right. But that's reality. Let's look kit. Ourself running a business is a hard work. And if you know if you make it really happen, if you really want to make it successful. It's really hard work. So the question is not how many hours you work. But how many hours of those you actually enjoy what you do? That's far more important than actually the time you spent because truthfully if you have to ask the question, how many hours you work, then you probably not enjoying exactly what you do? And you're the do something else. And you can't wait for the time to pass by so you can do something else. This is usually what happens if you're in a job you don't like. And that's the same for everyone else. So, yeah, I work hundred hours roughly eighty to one hundred hours depends on the week. And I can tell you little bit how I split this up. But let's get to the first part of your question to focus focus is this focus is this. That's my focus every morning I sit down and I'm gonna make a list. That's what I do every morning I make a list of what is important for me today. It's a high powerless. So it's a main aspect of it on my sheet. A have several sections one ace client management. The other one is business development. The other one is marketing sales, and so on in each of those sections, I want to do something today, so I look what is going to be my main focus today in each of those sections, and then cut it on the Knicks page. It's like a foldable thing, I cut it up. And I say all right here today my main focus on business development is Anita do this isn't this isn't is Disney's today and here is only what happens today? I'm not bothered about tomorrow about about next week today. So when I'm worked through the day, I look at my sheet after sheet right beside me. And I look at it all the time and say, okay, what do today, you can use a task managers absent possible. If you have managed it when you use it, are using auspey, for example for mine and use a couple of other to do is also, but I found one thing with these is if you out and about a lot, the Tasmanian just become a bit more of a bind because you have to actually do something to look at them a piece of paper. It's something you touch something I have on meal time I can stick it on my glasses. I mean, literally it's, it's a it's maybe it's my age. But it's just something that allows me to more real than some electric thing. I have sitting there. But it doesn't mean that don't use them. I use them because I need to make some statistics forecasts. So, and that's on paper would become further complicate. So that's my focus my focus point eastern. No. What I'm doing. And every morning sitting down to know what I'm doing if I'm if my day is contact management and my main focus on the days, Konta management. The first thing I do in the morning, I opened up my Facebook Malindi profiles, and see what people talk about because this is going to give me the idea what I'm going to write about, you know, in my segment in my area. This is what are people concerned about what are the problems people exchange values about what what's going on in the market right now today, a mess going to be my post, and that's the same if I if I do my video sessions, a look what's happening on YouTube. You know what's happening in my section YouTube, but people are talking about. And if I find there's something there that is value, what I can actually trade right now I put it in it goes on my list today create video sold. So. You also need to find a way how you can, if you have list, how you can work at least, really, really easy. It's nothing worse than if you have a system, or your own system, the way you work, and your list, don't fit together, then what happens is you. You're not going to do it because it's too complicated to if you have to move from one place to the next in order to do something on your list, that might not work that, well, so you might have to restructure yourself with it beat. And find a better way of working. So your list fits better into the profile. So this is this is pretty common, but it's individual from one to another. You know, for me, I would mainly from home. So I would say ninety percent of my work is done from home, and the only time I'm not at home working is actually when I go out and meet people wanna have my sessions coaching session. So most of my coaching sessions, even from home because they happen via Skype. So in a way, half might environment set up for me to work really, well, so if I want to do video, this is my office. I'm in my office. Right. Now, the camera's always there, just switched on and do the video like discusion this today. My computers here is right? They're not a computer behind me for for videos, watching listening videos, while I'm actually doing some of the work or getting some ideas together. I have my podcasting station. My microphone, Lia everything is here. So whatever I put in place. What's on my list? I can do it easily very, very quickly without too much hustle driving around and doing a lot of things would change that a lot, and it would be far harder for me to actually get all the stuff done. I need to get done in such a case. If you're in that situation, I would see if I could either outsource it or if you could spend at least the certain amount of time today on these tasks in a environment that's designed for the task. So, for example, if I would be out and would have to write blocks, a lot of stuff I would see I could come home at the specific time to write my blocks or a specific day in a week whether decide that's gonna write my blocks or two days. Or whatever depending on your mind, you have to do. So this is really the way I focus on things by knowing what I have to focus on. It's really about at the end of today's about not forgetting, it's being aware of not getting dragged away and having this thing sitting beside me. It's a perfect thing you know, it's just reminds me you have to do this now, now you have to do this. Now you do this now you do this. Certain ways how you can create focus even differently by having a long term plans what to do with the end of the week. So every end of the week a look at what I'm going to do next week. So, for example, it's some special going on a special event or anything else, which have to prepare for certain things I plan for this a hit. So I know next week I have to do that. So it's going to go on my weeks list. And then when I do my daily planning I put it coding to there as I said, you can use a toss manager. Sometimes the laid out to do a perfect job on this one for me works on a piece of paper really, really well. Okay, whatever I couldn't do on my list, it's gonna pile up for the next day. So at one point, I really have to spend the time and this is where the as I was comes in, because sometimes I can't I can't stop it. Somethin' sometimes things just don't work out like this today's not as you wanted to be, or whatever these things can happen. So and how much do you work as a game? I mean I get up at five thirty in the morning. I do my job. I do my meditation. My breakfast, my stuff. I start working at seven. I stopped working at around seven eight o'clock in the evening roughly, that's my average, I would say that gives me ten hour week. Ten hour day, then depends if I do if I do events into evenings or do set up certain things. I do a lot of meat up stuff, which happens evenings, come home at ten o'clock. And yeah, that's part of my working is part of what I do because this is part of my marketing part of my getting contact with people understanding better the problems in the market, and so on. So all these as part of this of the skate, so you have to see like this ended up. It comes it comes more or less to that. So it's a yeah, it's quite a it's quite a thing, but it's great. I mean, ten twelve hours a day as normal thing for me. Right. Sarah. I hope that answers, the question there is a lot. You can do in order to, to improve your focus and so it's really very individual for you. I would not advise you to go and do step one. Step two, step three, a process like you can see on YouTube, sometimes people to you do it like this perfect, you have to find your way at the end today, you have to get the job done, and you need to know what to get them. So this one number one, and you need to have some priorities in this, and you have to have some pillars that says, okay, this is how I do it. And I'm not any other way let's say and then it that defines the timeframe, you will need and also focused, you need to put in it. The help Sarah, right? Let's come to question. Number two, Andy, is it really worth it? Who what a question I have tried for solo now to create a successful business, but it's just not happening. Andy Andy Andy Andy. It's not happening. Right. What do you mean? It's not happening. I don't actually get the say it's not happening than ice. Euboea still the progress. Right. You're still in process right now to make it happen. So if you in process right now to make it happen, then you don't know if it's happening. It's happening, right? Because you do it every single day. So that's number one, you might not get the success you were hoping for. But you working towards it. That's what I'm hoping. Anyway, if you don't then you know what the problem lies right now. Let's start if is really worth it worth means what what's the measurement of worth it? When do you say was worth? We're not when if you give it up it wasn't worth it because you waste a lot of time for nothing if you keep on it, and you grow, and you build yourself up you learn every day, you get better at you improve your. Yes. Of course, it will be worth it at one point. You're gonna make it you just have to keep working on it. That's it. And nobody says it's easy. Nobody says it's going to be like a walk into part. It's not like that. It's hard work, but it's so rewarding. It's so powerful if you know this nothing more than this, because once you chief something, extraordinary, you just feel so amazing, the good, it's like a sportsperson, you know, I mean, how hard they work and work and we're practice practice practice in order to get to impacts. And then when they get the gold medal, this is like I don't believe I did I didn't this feeling extraordinary. It's the same with business seed as that. It's that it's nothing else. I mean, it's literally that and that's how you have to see it. And if you keep up well, yeah, it was with all the work done so far wasn't worth it. That's for sure. So if you're not sure if you feel like you're not going somewhere, get someone finds someone who can help you get a coach, go to Minto look up the people, you know, doing it really successful see what they've done, and how they gone so far with it. You know what, what are you doing different? What's and it's not only what the do different. Also, what do they have? You haven't got yet. So you can build this up, and you can actually create that base these assets you need to, to do the same things they do to become successful. You know so it's not about copying. You're going to do your way anyway. But, you know, at the end of the day, you need to stay on just stay get the focus. What's really need to get the focus on your results and the measurement it's difficult to do? You know, you can only measure something that's there, if you measure yourself something, that's not there yet, like a goal that goes forward. It's very hard to measure because you have no timeframe related to it. Even if you try to do it, it's just some virtual thing, it's not real. You don't know how to measure that. You know, it just seats say, I see my job what I do with the entrepreneur kademi. This is my final destination. This is where I'm going, this is what it is. That's my purpose. That's why I'm working for this is everything for me. This for me. This is not a question of giving up. This is a question of being who I want to be is a Christian of living in every moment. That's part of it. You know. And yes, sometimes the money is not so good. And sometimes, you know, people full you and they run away and clients don't pay. And yes, of course. All this happens guy's always happens. But I'm not they're in it for the money and I'm not any for anything else. I'm in it for me because I enjoyed a love it love what I do for the one person for works. It's worth it. That's it. So you need to see for yourself. What is it for you is what do you do? Why do you doing? What did you do? I mean Andy, what's your job? What do you do? What is your purpose? Why are you doing? So I think is that really worth it for me? It is every minute of it. I love second no doubt about my mind is just completely hundred percent engulfed. And I joined that I enjoy million of it doesn't mean I have life. Of course I do. Because it's part of my life. I made part of my knife. That's why have a life. That's why I don't need to do anything else besides things anyway. You know. I mean you get my point. So. Yeah. And is it all with it that depends on you been trying so long to create to Chris business? It's just not happening. It's just not happening yet and keep on if you love it, if that's what you wanna do if that's really your drive, though, it, though for it. But enjoy to enjoy the moments enjoy to see yourself growing enjoy how good you have become measure yourself against yourself. Not against other people see where you were last year and see where you are today, have a look and don't measure of money anything measured. On yourself on as a person how much more do you know today? You know, generally, if, if you measure something, you should always measure something, someone can take away from you money, you can lose money can walk away. Absolutely. You have the next crash money's gone. A house can walk away. You have the next crash, your house might be gone, a car, you have an accent is gone. What cannot go away is your knowledge is your expertise. Is your power your energy, the things you learn the things that made you the person you are today? Nobody can take that away measure against that. That is what drives us this is what makes us this is what you are. You're not your car. Not your house money. You are you are you as a person. So is it worth it? If you were of course, it is you're worth it, right. And you were. This helps this was a bit shorter. Thank you name since you have been running. But I I'm happy if you give me more questions go down in the comments. Leave me notes. Leave me anything you want to ask me the questions. I'm very happy to answer. We're going to go on these a little bit more of the now and into more details in some of the aspects on our entrepreneurs on fireside. So if you member, then come to the side and have a look what we've done so far and what we working on right now. If you're not a member yet, common. Sign up sign up on the fire website, you can find the link below, and I'm looking forward to see you that speak. So guys. Bye. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. And if you want to find out more about entrepreneurship come to our website at WWW dot on dash academy dot EDU and find out everything you want to know about entrepreneurship and don't forget to sign up to our special sweet spot discovery to himself. Himself.

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