Rashford Stars For Man United


Welcome into the espn se studios in today's edition of the show on. Sebastian joined a little bit five. Craig burley for old yelling. Match about liverpool and spurs yesterday but We'll start with thursday's match the day in the premier league manchester united visiting sheffield united where they get a Three two to win win the manchester united. Move up to six in the table couple goals. Marcus fractured one for anthony. Marcial for more we're joined by. Don hutchison shock his law and steve nicol. Donald start with you. Manchester united never better than when they go down a goal early. It's incredible i six times now. They've gone record the league the cutler punches in the face very early on that should have been tootill beyond john. Fleck dry john's way. He should have made it two nil. Well they will will for free points. Tonight i think the scoreline in the end slightly flats at sheffield united. My new boss. The second off they took control of the game. Stop crayton's really good. Chances little bit nervy towards the end but they got the job done stephen. Would you make the manchester united performance. Specifically paul pogba had an assist on the second goal critical in the third goal as well and got to start what we do the ability and when you give them space and type And you have a lane The tries to stay high. When there's no pressure on the ball then somebody with his talent and brands is going to hockey. Cutler grit balls in behind And generally pulp up. Looked like the paul boat. We thought my native. We're getting but he's not going to get time and space got today From from most of the teams in the premier league. But hey we'll say you can only play well regardless of the opposition on Yes magician did agree with tom Definitely deserve the points and paul boobs. Good yes shock. Dean henderson Gets the start today. In place dubbed the hair has a howler on the opening goal for sheffield united. Would you make a his performance goal and then after his response started off shakily as you as you rightly point out sabah. I thought kind of gathered himself an played pretty well from then on in. It's not. I think suffering knew it united. Give him a whole well. That no dean henderson. Maybe figure that that was something. They could find some joy from the set piece box no longer to leave his line and then closing down when seemingly uncomfortable possession to make that big hole that leon in a game that would mean as much to him emotionally. It's tough but i thought from then on krypton southwell nothing he could do about the about. The second goal made a very good save late on for united to keep all three points. So all no happy to stop please. We have talked a lot on this show. Don about the inconsistency in the players at manchester united but today you look at a guy like anthony marcio great game gets the goal and marcus rash Just i mean it's cliche to say at this point but so electric and the open field. Yeah the kids different class of fish. It's woke us first. Goal was just incredible. Long bowl from into law phobia. It's all stevie said. Sheffield united highline so and you analyze from sheffield united point of view. Cristiana won't be happy. Well as he as. He judges the flight of the ball the pace. That's on it. You just watch it ca- luxuries right shoulder. I'm the first coach dot makes you know just cushioned not still fed the like torch sets himself Bryant we strive as low as the break stride than a beautiful strike Second goal of the game was was. I think henderson should have done a little at. Sri beds up. What he's sculpture is a very very good move. The fluid movable the big boys fall scruffy. Finish in the end. Performance was sensational. Steve you look at the table here. Manchester united in six with a game in hand. If they win that game in hand they'd be as high as second right now. They're ahead of chelsea there ahead of manchester city but we spend a lot of time on this. Show criticizing this team for all that. Have we been a little bit too harsh when you look at their actual spot in the table. No i don't think so. You know. I think the one thing we have done here no show as when they played well. We've we said the played. Well when the been ron said the bean ron no unfortunately for them i said of a coin. What they're going to be the really going to be really really good and we can talk nice things about them and talk. Talk about pogba. How good he is and we can talk about her class rash verdes and we can share all these nice things but at the same time when the just rotten. We'll have to do the same show when you look at the table and you look what possibly the position they possibly could be in. Seem seems amazing. As bodies the been at times this year ho ho the world could end up as high as they could. It does seem up home as well. I mean that's that's seven consistent of being when you look at money not as a wife oil in the full table. Let's sit and talk away full metal home. So that tells you how inconsistent. It's united thought is chaka other to the united as we've seen this season i think yes absolutely right. I give him some some of their performances and some of the criticism they received from us. It is surprising to talking about a a united team that could potentially be sitting in second. But you've seen the best of manchester united against likes sheffield united. I guess west. A couple of weeks ago where i thought they were simply outstanding but when you compare united on their record against the other teams who if you wanna look if you compare them to the teams that finished in the top eight last season we always have these little mini tables that he talked about the top of the table. United actually haven't fared well against the traditional teams in the league had good results against everton against southampton the season who are up there but against the blessed wolves Mass spurs the topic from lassie's. Nothing they've played four games and of picked up two points from from that from our four from those four games that speaks a lot to maybe their feelings against tweet. Expect to be the better teams. Say who you expect. Because i realized exactly we city and arsenal ride. No don is worth putting an astros. Giving some context manchester united performance giving it came against sheffield. United team has one point so far this season. No thing i think the full which is good and thing that was good is the guy said opera shaky start and they received the news a goal which is terrible at something that got fixed. Because you can't keep doing can't keep giving away goals and getting away with it. But i thought that the phones in general was good because in the second half if not look at school on in thinking three to a lot must to be closed they still created some really good chances out too big johnson. The second off. We won't have one one master. Had another one besides was good moves into the box and a better bowl from him. Bernardez top in. So i think when only analyzes the performance they'll be bits way you can say they can improve. The performance was much better than what obscene away from home for. Quite a while. I think are gentlemen. We'll leave it. There are plenty more from the voice on today's edition of extra time we take your tweets and answer them one by want. Today's horoscope brought to you by geico. People will take note of your sunny disposition sagittarius. That's because you just switch to geico and discovered you could save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance however your newfound. Inner glow may prompt unfounded rumors. Did you get a promotion or you. Want juice cleanse. Did they give you too much anesthesia at your dentist appointment. You're a secret is safe with us. Sagittarius geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more liverpool two one winners over spurs on wednesday at anfield to go top of the table. So much of the discussion around this match happen afterwards between shows marino. And you're again klopp. Here's what marina says. He said quote. I told you again the best team lost and he disagreed. Steve donner back with us. Craig burley joins the show as well. Steve i'll start with you your reaction to joe's marino's comments did he get it right obsolete nonsense. You have enough. You got ridiculously possessed. You had less than two percent of the ball The opposition had more shots. You position scored more goals in your and every single which way you want us the opposition. The you were playing against. We're bats von yet but the best team lost comey break. I mean nobody believes up not even taught them funds. Believe that nonsense. You know it keeps coming up with us. You know he's last one was We controlled the game without the ball. We'll tell you what they did. A great job of control the game because he never spelt the fall number made had the ball obsolete nonsense. Crag you're pretty complimentary of spurs on yesterday's show it's hard. It's hard to make the case that you were the better team when you had twenty three percent possession and can i just say seb absolute pleasure to make my first ever appearance on liverpool tv. I don't know what he is. What on what. You talking about craig. If you lost the pla is not. The best team won this game so thought of regardless. If you let me these have you stoked two cents streps that were definitely the ones aired on and i somebody who the best team was be anywhere come on. Don't give me that liverpool tv rubbish. Now listen i'm not you haven't let me let me answer the question but the best team. I don't agree with that because clearly liverpool the best team in the country and have been for what now eighteen months before that will neck and neck we set. Tv season before when all the way so clearly. They are the best team in the country at the moment. There's not a doubt about that. The one thing that i would see and you said the of you know of any possession of any limb appeal more shorts in all the but that's not to be subpoenaed surprised by that but let me ask you. Something should taught them in the second half been three one up. I'll tell you what. Then i'm not gonna say to agree john's right. We'll take a reason. Your reason why you reset nine save so if you want. I can stop talking about home. More solid particular right has has shorts that you actually got through shoot a been placed breads up. Want the f. Sans and butch game then not complete out with you. But you're not because burgoyne had the two best chances in the game as simple as our liverpool's called we a deflected goal and they had the chance which was from the crossbar but look not and heads of liverpool. Tv bank deterred by by the way money services. A better chance of three. I tell you. I could argue that money. Shoes school crossbar. He'd get johnston bet fox. One tell me something possession or who the best team. I'm seeing and the second half taught them should have been three one up that bury the two best chances who's how yes all off but it could also be a couple live little china sees causes because it was one one you could i could. I could throw a pocket. You shoulda done with shorts at the actually. Got through on your east china. Fung some detail me tell you. What will liverpool could penalty. Eric dia humble saudi-omani hits across all above t shot now above the above the short of the shoulder and pussies the are. Don't don't try before you get tips. Because you're gonna have to backtrack here because the sleeve is the director of just leave. No it's not a penalty. Hey well if you load sleeves on logs zone. Does that. the hat close at least showed her children embarrassment tonight. Stephen her bailey. Alan postal to the crate. How have you been sucked in here. How lead gen. Tell me you june right. I'm gonna ask you a question on. Give me a on so f f. Somebody with a composure. The just answer the second half should three one yes or no salon on. Who says if you even spell the world. S he goes. Oh that's why says this this great liverpool side that you to clearer clearly around board west should have been lying while he died baird. Nobody's argue. listen nobody's argued. That taught them on the break. That's that's what they're all about. Nobody's out and psalms goes gray. Took it well and hanes fantastic as well and you know what the fucked me i'm talking about. He could go clean your user. I wake that's the while if you'd let me finish craig if you wanna if you wanna go through what the potential school could be. It could have been five four livable remembering liberals chances we don't remember sallai stall for of you. You don't remember. Curtis jones runway each yet to shots way. She could have scored. One of them was an easy finish. Rights i'm calling. It cost all the penalty and the two those lesson lesson go dead taught him the two best chances of second half yes or no fine. Fine won't chance way should have scored wall by wall by the way told the associated defensively the to over eleven shorts all your res. That's how good defensively the will say another thing. I take before the game. And you reason only be about substitutions clear welfare fixtures tv companies squint games are scheduled how many suburbs remain last night. I don't care well. Let's club you're watching and neither wanted each. Why would you make believe discuss the best team in the best team won. I told them we're not the best team. All i'm saying is the open liver pillow up and turkish is at the back and the two best. Chances don't one burgoyne had any final thoughts. Liverpool wouldn't have been chasing details at three one. That's why marina was frustrated. Marino knows are not the best team. He was frustrated. The taught them didn't take those chances and ask the questions of liverpool. I'm not setting here arguing about. Who is the team liverpool. Where an album a team. I'm saying taught them let them off the hook with the chances that they messed. That was my point last night. Show i who craig so did good chances of the chance. He's as good as tottenham hike. Lever plugs were half chances minus the other nurse paint here on funk. Bottom half the dias laura. You and yoga yogi. Track was having tv. I'm not chelsea tv. Tv i do. Tv right and if you cut recognized tottenham should have been three one and liverpool then. I told him what you want You know we can have this argument for one hundred more years clears sh- i mean honestly don't did you have to turkey. God sees us just got it away with us. Dotes zoll f appealing for talk in the talk and chances in the second half which will very good chance. One was better than the other when he hit the post. You talk like no zero chances. No i'm not saying. I'm saying tom had the best chances. Had they taken them. Open chances one on ones not shorts. The edge of the ball art. Not when when. Not talk of f. defenders lever pill. I'm talking about one on ones. Gentlemen one tossing are terrorists. Alison clear cup. That's that's getting away with it. Not hopkin we're chasing. Our tails were tasting are. Let's let's meet all the problem as quickly toys to accept. There's another way it play. Football and josie marine. Your has gotten a great medieval. Did talk patents. thunder registered. Play that way to every lesson. Just be honest. I renew blamed in. Yeah that's it. You're the black. Don't don't buy because i want to ask you about how she's laughing how. I can't believe he's face a read. Only gotta you gotta get them credit. Lyonnais these all from your house. You don't have to travel liverpool. Tv question here. curtis jones. You've talked about how the young guys have to be able to match with. The old guys are doing. I mean you have to be surprised by the level that he's brought into this team here we go. It'll be a five minute eulogy here. My god They use as rubbish. Wake me up when this is over. A glass of wine chee go. I tell you what it's throwing a ask you about jones about curtis hans to know. I'm going to say nothing because anybody who wants to show you. Just watch this game. Just watch. Oh goody as solos share. It doesn't need me as good as it says. We hope good lizard police says watch has police says i thank you gentlemen. We will leave it there if you want any more on liberal spurs and. I can't imagine you would after that makes your check. The latest edition of the gavin gills. Podcast voice talking all about me. Maria presents left brain versus right brain. You know we should switch to geico picking up your down buddy. We could save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance. That kind of scratch. We can get the band back together for reunion. Were a we were never in a band. Be gladys play the tambourine onstage one time. Nc we will however put that savings towards a new interview logo at. I found sad. Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. What are yours. Been robert levin. Danski wraps it up finishing first in pizzas voting for the best male player of two thousand twenty lucy bronze england manchester city winning the award on the women's side. We welcome back shock. I don and steve nicol for some more analysis on this. St robert levin. There was really only one choice. Wasn't there yeah. Absolutely no question claim for the best team playing for the dominant team. And not just you know obviously score goals business sees job what he's there for but when you look at all these other oh room plays well. I mean he's absolutely phenomenal. You talk about complaisant. Old-fashioned sent for when needed can come short play. People need them. You just basically does all and and took buy into every trophy possible so yeah. I was really clear for me anyway. The dollar ski should this ascii then also featuring in the heath pro through real quick. Wow look at that front. Three messy levin ski cristiano midfield of katie jago and across the back davies ramos virgil van. Dyke trent alexander arnold alison getting a choice over manuel neuer. Top goalie in the fief pro. Eleven right from the p throw eleven. We moved to something only slightly less controversial shock his ups power rankings. And we've got a new team at number one shock a walk us through it back team by leverkusen top of the bundesliga games. Thirteen wins in a drop form of even these power rankings number two liverpool this appointing against them back against foods. That's good enough for me. Buying munich back to their winning ways after those stumbled something for them. Three offi life sick because winning all of a sudden they're into fall into milan as five never mind was happily champions league and the league. They've been good the got. Don't there were so good. So good evening. Europa league remember my not not so they could focus on syria where there behind in power ranking chaka. He sat that's what they were trying to do. So they could focus on the lead. Then there's melon at six to two games. He's really show much lubbock show as last issue. Milan it seven. Spurs loss against liverpool extended power rankings. Care it doesn't bother you lose. I yeah as long as you need. Power rankings is okay. Glasgow rangers nine the scottish. But i'm doesn't love. Don't complain and all of a sudden don's gone quite and then leon no that's third and league but they have lost a game in three months conceded a late penalty controversially party against breast to draw. But i'm showing them some love leon in a ten that's it. How did you find for not rangers shock. How can ranges have not lost a game. Right across europe across scotland across anywhere the whole of the season off from scottish cook every day. Only be nice senators the locking rindge not lose it apart from this college cup. Because he knows steve jobs. Meanwhile four or five changes but here. No so you're going to get a little bit of a knock on nealon me. Lana behind enter but meet on. Top of the lake drew the last two games. Don't it's a form troubles. President farm right president fom. So that's why you i'm helping you. Jack thanks steve. I'm a little bit more skeptical when you help me out like this. Some sums coming with for the know how of helping yet. Thanks chance tv. Robert thank you all right beyer leverkusen then claiming the top spot in power rankings as they are for now anyway on top of self guys plenty more on tomorrow's edition of espn app. See as we look forward to quick. Look at the bundesliga table as we head towards the weekend. Dorm actually opens the action on fridays. They visit union berlin. Tough place to play. We know that because munich drops in points there over the weekend. Of course the big game this weekend. Saturday beyer leverkusen buying munich showdown between the top two teams in the table for more or less welcome in case. Calhoun this league veteran. Let's put that by munich. Leverkusen game off the side for just a second start with dortmund. We got our first. Look at dortmund in the eden. Terzic era two one win against bremen on tuesday. Did you notice any difference from what we've seen over the last couple of weeks under lucian fabra. I think the only thing is is maybe a little bit more concentration on defending I it was tough. It was a tough match verbatim and much better this season. They made things very difficult for borussia dortmund even tears. It said in the post game. You know you're not really going to wave a magic wand and everything just gets perfectly better overnight. It's going to take some time. And i still believe that that cutting edge up front that erling haaland gave them is is still missing. And if he's not back 'til january they're going to seriously have to try to find ways to to score the goals in bunches that they did before. Because i just don't think this team is set up to defensively just grind out wins now. They did an excellent job. They found a way to get a win against vertebrae men and and i feel for pavlenko. He had a very good game and goal for vertebrae him. And then you know unfortunately because the penalty which which ultimately gave dortmund the win after. He saved the penalty that he caused. So yeah it frustrated for vertebrae mond but dortmund needed three points and they found it. Casey always wonder what the bump is going to be. Like after a new manager comes in interesting quote from royce after the game on terse it. She said he gave us a belief. We're a good team. My question to you is. Are they really a good team in by that. Are they really good enough to now. Lock in and make it a true title race with buying munich I don't think so right now. I i was worried about before the season even started kind of the athleticism of dortmund defensively That when they came against some of the teams and that they would be exposed in and go back to the stood guard match which eventually got fired stood. Guard is extremely athletic. Going forward and it really expose dorman particularly a team that loves possession loves to push a bunch of numbers forward And if they gave possession away the way they did the athleticism of stood guard really exposed. That dortmund defense. now. I know hummel's isn't the most athletic right now. But he's going probably miss a game or two at least with that with the hamstring issue. Which you'll put more pressure on an already fragile defense. Dorman gets the win on tuesday so by munich to one over wolfsberg casey. It really wasn't easy. Wolfsburg gets an early goal. They out shoot by munich. This one came down like quite a few matches for buying munich. Have light manuel. Neuer really really saving the bacon. Yeah this was really a match of two players and you talk about levin ski scorned goals at one end in noyer keeping them out at the other and it is i mean it is so much of in the past go back three or four years and i really felt that men were noyer at times was bored. In goal byron were so dominant. He put himself in strange positions. Because i thought he was just back there twiddling his thumbs wanting to do something. Well the way byron's been playing this season in particular. He's not bored. they're conceding goals in they're conceding goals. Not because he's in poor form they're conceding goals because the opposition is getting lots of opportunities and so yes i popped up scored two typical great levin doffs key goals. But if it hadn't been for noyer in the final five ten minutes they would have dropped points. And so this is why this matchup against labor kuzin is going to be so fun on on saturday because labor kushner the really inform side. The team that that is is is is solid defensively but still score goals and fun to watch. But they haven't necessarily in in my opinion been tested against the better teams in the bundesliga yet this year. And so i think this is where we're going to find out if labor kuzin are for real or our buyer. Maybe not as strong as we've seen in the recent past due to you know a fixture congestion injuries. You know the list goes on casey one. More thing on manuel neuer. He earns the best award. Is the world's best goalie today. The fief pro eleven also comes out that has alison in it. As the best goal you know different groups that vote on that but if you had your choice between the two today who taken. I'm probably taking noyer just briefly but just minuscule early. But probably if you'd asked me this question at the same time last year then i probably would have picked allison and i know how sometimes this voting goes. It goes by kind of who's in the recent form and who's in the spotlight and what's happening because because it is or sometimes you know that vote goes happened three or four months ago and it's just the matter of time when they finally tally it and make public so i the the part for me that i kind of laugh as you have two great goalkeepers you have two different groups and it's a way that both groups can respect what each player has done. Give them each award because both are thoroughly. Deserving pilots saw leverkusen. Let's talk by munich every time every week we always say we wanna title race in the bundesliga yet. Whenever there's question asked to buying munich the other teams. Just don't have the answers. What are you seeing from this leverkusen side that you say they might have the answer on saturday. I see a team you know. i mean. they're not. They're not a group of of superstar individuals that you would see in a barn munich or kind of the young stars at. You're seeing come out of doorman. You're seeing a group that has just playing very well together and i. I'm excited to see them against the stars. I'm excited to see how poorly byron have been defending over this season and ken labor kuzin exploit that and then at the same time as you mentioned seven rightfully so when byron gets pushed. They always seem to have an extra gear and nobody has been able to compete. And i'm interested to see if that extra gear is just too tired for byron right now to be able to step up and is is labor kuzin the real deal Now don't get me wrong. I think with a much shorter winter break but the squad size. Everything that byron munich has in. Its favour they can get through christmas. Get some bodies fit. Maybe bring in reinforcements to. I still believe they're going to win. And what is it their ninth or tenth title in a row as we don't even count them anymore. Casey thank you very much. It's number one number two this weekend. Of course a match that you can catch on. Espn plus plenty more coverage over on our website. Derek rae with an interesting article on bruce dortmund and their new manager make sure to check it out. I'll be just one point off the lead in the bundesliga and they're gonna get a big boost. For the new year have signed dominic sobils slide the twenty year old hoang gary and midfielder from red bull salzburg. They're going gonna pay twenty million euros and he'll join. The team in january has been linked all over europe arsenal among the many teams. That have been interested in his services of note. He will be champions. League eligible for leipzig and the round of sixteen. All right that'll do it for today's edition of espn nfc. Thanks to those. Who stopped by her to be strom. Casey keller and craig burley now though you've been waiting for extra time stevie shock and on take your questions enjoy pay their body. Welcome into the espn se studios in this thursday edition. Of extra time we have your tweets and we have a trio ready to answer them. Don shock st with us. First question for you steve. Your response to the below stats liverpool. Had one hundred percent accuracy from their eighteen. Throw ins against tottenham ninety four percents for the season of course stevie a longtime admire of liverpool's throwing throwing fantastic job clearly with those scientists. So yes how. The percents wrong i was contest can argue with one hundred percent. It's it's all right. There next question. I know marino is not mr perfect but he has a point about klopp. Sideline antics doesn't he. Marina would be slaughtered. Don what do you think i think. He's sort of got to point. Josie think selecting yard. Guess what really upsets you. What club that upsets people so much. He's animated works. The official joe's as making the point if josie opted light yeoman. I'll think probably joke. Josie thinks he would be sidelined. All vegetables and dog necessarily agree with him. I wouldn't go the whole way there. But i think he's trying to compare himself with yoga. Yoga's feed on the pitch know hug alison in the thing in the dhabi. La sees these quite vocal towards the fourth officials and he's slightly gets away with it. Get where jobs is coming from british jobs. I've been looking for nine goals. You've probably look at. John deflect away from the yup they've They've met twelve times. Marino's only one two of those meetings. I'm sure wasn't sour grapes right. Chaka listen to the right. Their heads had recorded site. What jozias in the makes no sense. And the only way the only aspect of it that that resonates makes kind of sense is that it's distracting from Spurs team who again had twenty five percent possessions and i against liverpool. That's the only thing that makes sense about this but jacuzzi. Everything that you're in club duds on the sidelines. At some point in his career jews marino has done and done an awful lot more of show. Even if it is to be criticized. Josie marino is not the one to be doing that criticism or asking people to criticized for for doing what he's done his entire career doing on our whole lot more. My dad stevie what do you make of it. All i think the bench. She's a far too close together. It's not changing. It's not the worst when you coach and then you've got the guy the other dog you'd only ten. He showed ball screaming and gets rate on your nez. Let me tell you. And then a big kate. So i'm not a big fan of the old style where you had a proper dog. Oh you're on the road then you could. You could lose your temper. Kick the wall and you were. You were road. unfortunately today you can get. You can't do nothing because you are. Ten years from each other you standing over every single fastening could see ten. And there's always a camera on you. So i think it's unfortunate but i can probably agree with don shish marino being marino. But personally i think the too close together though the doug goes. Has there been a trend with the big teams in europe to be more defensive. Real madrid man city spurs liverpool etc. Seemed to be more pragmatic than they were eighteen months ago. Don it's interesting. We've talked about this on the show that somebody big games. That just didn't live up to the hype. What do you think. I hit us. Question i think little little trying to be the ones that i don't think little play defensive. They might not be grateful. Roughing likes of real madrid boss of ed going through some sort of transition mindset. Unit champions league dot was really bizarre. That was a strange guy lately linguist against leon where you know peps tactics of always being. We might concede while the school four or five and not guy me when older defense into petrified in a win against the grain in trying to go for nil nil in a ninety minute game because it wasn't too affair on. I think what pet looks bucket. Dot in munster. He finds look look back at dot guidance. The walnut got away because alright leon scored a goal of. You'd fancy months. Winfrey school three four or five so i think there is a little bit of a trend breath think will probably shift away from the other fans get back in the same. I think we'll go away from the bring livable into it. I think smart. Young good friend of the program. Nick sends in our next question. What is your take on the red card for senior on wednesday or red cards warranted for Cussing out a referee. Of course he was sent off for us as referee got to come out and said hey in england. They curse out the referees. All the time shouldn't be getting sent off for it What do you think stevie. Is that worth getting red card. What else what enroll. So if you plan if you plan and then you can but you know you. Can't ref soleil the wrath. Kind of a stupid thing to say is it. True stevie is born. England land interacts us. Referees are all about one thing and it's how you do if you wanted to run up hundred mellano straight and his face. Swear then you're going to get rid gap or eke out you know if you get on well with over you but we sly walled. We're smile on your face. It's the clever how we've with it. So that's basically what is so a and again if you can't do that if you company clever and smart and do that way tally referees than than the road. Shocker you mr fabra. What do you think is up. Profanity worthy of caution. And eventually at a sending off isn't it. I i think like shoe things in football and particular referee. Don't a a cultural difference. You having this discussion a couple of weeks ago with you. Pay back all over over the line with the mta goal. It's a cultural difference. I listen i lived in england and son how people related to each other off the field and how on the field. It wasn't seen as as being you know sitting in red cardell i. I can't speak to people relate to each other culturally until he. Because i've never spent any time there but it says if you can't do that in italian football then don't you can't call another coach joe as a reference to some kind of a defense don. Has there been a club during your playing days that you were unable to beat despite playing against them many times a A bogey team so to say yeah you always have them You have grounds especially primer league. Where you you go to and cima quite nice and some you know taught them was. It was the ground ice. Look going to could play while they're in school. Goals that suitable stadium that was one or two. You just had nightmares. Coventry used to be i feel road was was was a ground air and never hot good memories southampton the dell was another one You have these show grounds while you go then you just stay off playing there again. I'm never play well. Lagged sentinel never seem to win that more. You have more things that you enjoy you call to get to rather than the two three that you just didn't dispatch when you realize out fixtures coming up shocked you For me the club was always always wind up for. Because they they were so physical. You knew you'd get beaten paul when whenever you played. I just can't seem to think of any good results. We tall actually thinking back to season nine hundred ninety nine. We started the season really. Well i think we'd won like three games and three or four games on the spin. I hadn't conceded a single goal Up to that point we play wimbledon sack. I remember the fourth or fifth gamely season. We three up after half an hour. We lose a game four three snow motto walk. Just not wasn't crazy gang members. I couldn't they were able. Our next question comes from somebody who very clearly follows the show and writes down everything that anyone on it has ever said. Don do you still believe messy. One is power play. And we'll get forty to fifty goals this season. On september four eulogized about it for fifteen plus minutes says nicholas believe he will the power play. I don't think he scored forty to fifty goals check. Check the tape. We're not actually going to check this. But i wouldn't say these forty to fifty but he won the foul play. That was obvious. You know the president. I didn't on with ended up leaving the daylights out. I was always gonna happen. The next pal will will be exactly what i said. So you can check inside the ronald koeman that this next seasonal probably be dial the judge for the brown you president place so yeah never really really thought that messy was ever gonna leave bossa even though i hear from people in the northern and good sources said it came very very close. Messy gunman city apparently was really really close. For in terms of shifting the president on nothing you will not all right so december seventeenth then For nicholas you can mark it down as when don told you that Messy win the power plant. We'll be back next season with a new manager in charge final question. Frank mcmanamon another frequent contributor here. Who is the most injury prone player that you ever played with. What was the strangest way that you recall them. Getting injured stevie tough one journal is a kid comes to maine who unfortunately is not what is anymore And he's he's named wayne harrison and let me full shane. Three hundred thousand pounds The mid eighties from all and he was a striker as a shed. Seventeen anytime you even got close to get near the foster team. Something harm the they would able to do his car. And then that would knock them by. Andy ended up doing these knee and then he would get get fat again at any would get in the squad and then he would do his other knee and hip hop to and actually the strangest one was a almost lost out. He was on preseason training them until thome is in charge of the reserves and almost lost. His mom fell through a glass door. And as i said it's sliced hafi talk hobbies. I move off and they just fought to get an oil spill and the saved these arms so strange way just could never get break wild That one's going to be tough to be done. How's your memory. Call knows actually at liverpool wayne harrison. What player mind would only be logical williamson plated west. I'm on any hutt Plenty fascia in the soles of his feet. Really bizarrely you could. Train his own binding could run around the training ground. An join in Like games head tennis and not stuff for the minute you try to pull pair of football boots on the us in southern which pain on the soles of his feet. We couldn't let you take steps. It was like treading on broken glass. Then come back in for treatment. He put some china's only go out for a run. Everything's fine in the end. You'll think he's making this all took him so long son would surge in somebody's scarves loads of scar tissue on just about came back in the end what he struggled through a good two and a half as thing Chaaka car dot com much. I can't think of i can't think of any player with one. I remember speaking of speeding. Injuries is the best the go keeper. Who i'm sure everybody knows that story. He's at home. One day taking something out of his kitchen on a bottle force he tries to control the ball before it hits the ground smashes a bone in his foot. Or some i is. That is bizarre. I of oh i i i. I don't know we asked me. He's reaching up doll decided to control it. He's six weeks gotcha. Gotcha they'll be well the skills. It didn't work out too. well either. I will leave it there. Gentlemen for today. Thank you very much steed. John and chaka. Thanks for sending us your tweets here on extra time. We will be back tomorrow with plenty more fun.

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