Player return to training names in the news include Jules Kounde, Camavinga, Isco, Jovic


Welcome back everybody from me. Tim Capable to the row. Madrid podcasters. The squad returned to training today after this short break following the league title victory a week ago I item on the agenda though before they returned, was that everybody was tested for covid nineteen yesterday with everybody tested providing a negative result now onto the latest updates on the Manchester City. Gaming Champions League next week. The game is going to be going ahead. Despite the quarantine measures put in place by the UK government for anybody arriving from Spain. The movements of all of the party that will be strictly monitored will be little if any contact with anybody outside of that party and to quote the cab Basseterre to Spain Hugh Elliot, he said they will be living in a bubble to reduce risk now it has of course being a relatively. Relatively quiet week in Madrid with this doesn't stop the media from speculating, so let's take a look at the latest market. Reports mccraw media add water camera dingus future. It's thought was going to be in France with his club ran. It seems that relations between the two have salad is calling for contract extension negotiations. It's left. The play is believing. That's the club. Just want to maximize the amount of revenue. They get for him. Maybe it's time for him to move. On Feb, he is just seventeen years of age. Madrid's interest was significant, but with the current financial situation of the restraints in place eighteen million investment in the future is not to deemed to be prudent at the moment, which means it appears the PSG by Munich could be potential destinations for him if he decides to go this summer. Moving on severe is twenty one year old French defender Jewels coon day. Who's just completed a successful first season since ninety? Bordeaux is names appeared as a legitimate target for next season. His contract runs until two thousand, twenty, three, the relations between the Madrid off very good. I'm there is potential here for Clare. Exchanges Regi lawn in particular and Deed Kubo that said. It still looks very unlikely that severe. We'll let him go after just one season. East Coast Future though is being speculated upon again. Guardiola's plants Manchester City are unknown, but they could include a move for Iskoe, especially with the Bruin are looking for this one more significant move of his career, the fee incentive to be in the region of fifty five million Iska the movement. Nothing as year is official, but of course that doesn't mean to say that it isn't happening. Some people coating at the sale of the century is underway with the objective of Madrid. One hundred, fifty and one hundred and eighty million euro from sales, take your pick from fifteen plus names. All said to have futures elsewhere names familiar of course. But this time instead they do include Martin odaguard. Southie dat remained committed to having him next season loan letters, also the view of the flabby anything yet to fear is any form of agreement with Madrid. At the moment of this is going to happen Tony Cruz was offering up his views on the situation surrounding Gareth failed. He said it's unsatisfying tree for everybody here. He originally wanted to leave last summer. Club said he s then no I. Don't know. He said if it still annoys him that it didn't happen at just. Hang with Gareth Bale play himself. It's being reported has said that he is ready to leave I is a condition attached. He went below the. The seventeen million disease that he's currently fade, so it's safe to assume that unless money comes from China. He will as expected to be here next season once again, spending mess debate on the bench onto Luke Yovich the latest hear his. There is nothing to add from. The meetings. Agent had in Italy last week. With Milano Napoli your fantasy. Of course, also interested return to Bundesliga is not at the question either Niko. Kovac already put in a personal request to him. They would love to have him back. In Germany, rb Leipzig as well remember have fifty million available after team verners move to Chelsea and of course there's PSG as well so there are a multitude of. Potential places he could go and don't forget. We other option as well, and that is that he stays in Madrid, and actually delivers on some of the potential that they saw in him when they signed a year ago onto Hamas Rodriguez now there's a name that rarely leaves the meteor and hasn't done for wash eighteen months or so now Manchester United continue to be linked to as indeed do taught number. Don't discount interest, which is now building in Portugal, Benfica and FC Forte said to be interested in today. That was a report PSG are also considering an offer. Rodriguez is on the brink of signing for Vittorio after he rejected severe and Milan, the fee will be in the region of twenty million euro, and there will be a buy back clause in the contract. Kubo has an ever growing list of teams who want to take him either online on permanently next season or any in deleted, either but also Bundesliga now in Spain Granada, bettys and saute data all wanted, but it's via who had said have the edge it presents. Paul does the reason there is. They have qualified for next season's Champions League. Gets Halfaya trying to line up an audacious quadruple deal bringing in Brahim, Diaz Brazilian rainy a K. Zeus Book Meyer out. WHO's also interesting Lancia at the moment and Audrey reserves doubtful that they would get all four deals, but a him diaw and my around won't. That could happen if he decides. He doesn't want to go to set and link up with Lancia. Madrid always on the lookout for new upcoming talent, and with that mind, Z., Dan has constant I over Algierian International Pataudi. His season ended due to knee injuries. Last game was actually back in December, but the niece coach. Patrick Vieira has provided very good reports on a player who came from Core Trish Im- Belgium back in two thousand eighteen. He scored seven goals in his first forty two appearances. He plays on the right side of defence or midfield was seen as a potential useful squatter addition. And finally today Rodriguez has revealed a few things about his first season in Madrid i. he said was mantra. She didn't believe that his father was only thirty five years of age since then. He's called moderate. Dat emerge as called him son as for Su- positions, he said I always put the right boot, and she guard on I his right foot on the field I, never ever step on the line is favorite food by the way is unsurprisingly Valencian Pie and that just about wraps it up then for today we'll be back again next. Monday before should there be anything significant to report in the meantime you can listen back to all of the previous episodes. Live the website at www dot Ramadorai podcasts dot, com or Any of the major streaming providers lexa June's Google spotify or stitcher. That's it then from me, Tim cable till next time bye bye now.

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