2507 - The Senators Negotiating The Biden Legacy w/ David Dayen


You are listening to a free version of majority report with sam cedar to support this show and get another fifteen minutes. Daily program good Already dot s. m. Please it is thursday january twenty first two thousand twenty one. My name is sam cedar. That's the five time award winning majority report. We are broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravage. Ghana's can now and the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the show today. the executive editor of the american prospect. David dayan the senators negotiating up. Biden's legacy meanwhile biden pumping out amid executive orders beginning to unravel the trump era new administration reveals that they have now found no vaccine plan that was developed by donald trump while biden a enhances lgbtq protections and the biden ministration immediately fires some of the most egregious trump appointees. Democrats rebuff mitch mcconnell. Keep the door open to nuking the filibuster while romney and murkowski on attack the tap the breaks on covid relief with over four thousand. Kobe depths yesterday states are complaining. They don't have enough vaccine doses and the sad story of cunanan believers who are struggling to accept that biden's inauguration happened. Lastly chicago teachers vote to authorize a walkout beginning of next week and democrats await the articles of impeachment and the senate while donald trump trying to find some lawyers. All this and more on today's majority report. Welcome ladies and gentlemen a with me as always emma viglen. Emma hello how are you. I'm doing okay you know. I just learned some disturbing news that the my pillow guy dated jenna from thirty rock. Jane creek hausky. This is what is bothering me on this on this thursday morning and afternoon at this point. That's that sounds pretty disturbing She never slept better life. It sounds like something geno would do. Maybe not the actress but Wow that's pretty crazy. Well i guess You know the have pillow will travel The first day of the biden administration or the Another way to look at it. That i think a lot of people are looking at it this way. It's the first day without donald trump as president And i have to I have to admit you. I think we've talked about yesterday on the program going to talk about today. We're going to be talking about for the ford. There's a very different feel With this incoming democratic president then Barack obama in in some respects. I think Biden has learned the lessons of the early days of the obama administration to you know to some extent and i think progressives have certainly learned The lesson from the early days of the obama administration clue the transition in terms of like How How how much space. They're going to give joe biden. I don't think it's going to be as much as was given Barack obama and of course we also have a raging pandemic and the biden transition. This comes up this. We'll talk to david in about this. The transition team apparently Has the ability now to sort of basically spill the beans and say when we when we met with trump people they had no plan whatsoever for vaccination distribution and. It's quite obvious. I i think around the country certainly were feeling it. In new york New york new york. A smaller amount of doses. This this week than they did the week before Bill de blasio had to announce the closing of a more than half a dozen vaccination sites because there's simply no vaccine says if the trump team once they knew they weren't going to remain didn't care about putting any infrastructure in place to ensure vaccinations throughout the country. I mean that. I think even charitable look at it because They should have been putting that into place in august. I mean we knew at one point. There was going to be a vaccine. Maybe that in no it was going to be in november. Maybe they thought it was going to be in february or march or april of this year. But you're gonna need that infrastructure to produce it and better earlier than later at least come up with a plan. Nothing not well. That's a little bit tough for the trump team. But you know thinking ahead being strategic. Well do i mean doing governing this failure in it's a republican failure franklin and the you know there is a disdain for government by The republicans and it shows when they are tasked to Operate the levers of a functioning government But let's turn our attention for a moment to be most of unreasonable expectations of joe biden. And it's not even that at that. It's the re. The expectation is unreasonable. Although it is it's also that when you are faced with four hundred thousand americans dead when you are faced. A yesterday on inauguration day over four thousand americans died of covid when you are faced with we had Again over nine hundred thousand new on the claims announced today every week that has passed since the beginning of this Epidemic the number of jobless claims has been higher than at any other period in our history starting in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. They start to measure these. These unemployment claims at that time so through the great recession we are a country in deep deep material crisis. There's an epidemic people are dying. People are losing their jobs. People can't pay for food. We have massive food lines. And one of the sort of i guess slight criticisms we had although this is an important function for the president. I can understand that about yesterday. Was that there was a lot of soaring rhetoric. Lot of metaphor I don't wanna say pablum but there was stuff in there that was really just make us feel good and and it feel some type of Sense that our democracy is safe. I think that's a legitimate function. Patriotism of politics of like yes for chicago. But i you know. I think there's a certain role for the president to play but the press should be better and they're not here is cnn. Here's jim Skew to this is they are. This is a cnn anchor. Calling out to the president. This is really the least i. Relevant question as to what joe biden needs to get done with all of those challenges that i just Neum rated mr present. It can unite the country. It's quite a moment. Jake is this is something we did not know we would see today. Given the you know. If i had a moment to ask joe biden the incoming president something might not be that especially because that's the only thing joe biden talks about. I mean not the only thing but his number one talking point number one piece of rhetoric is unity unity. I'm going to unite them. Not going to divide the unity. Not really at the top of my mind. Not a burning question. Are you focused on unity. Joe biden pretty. Sure he is well. The funny thing is is that you know. It's one thing for joe biden to call for unity of the american people but the idea that joe biden can unite. People came out in the washington. Post today over. Seventy percent of republicans said they agreed with president. Trump's contention this is a A study that was done with the twenty six hundred registered voters. It was done about a wo- about two or three weeks ago. Over seventy percent of republicans said they agreed with president. Trump's contention that he received more votes than joe biden and it was. This is across the board with problems. It's not not you know. Non college educated republican it was it was across the board with republicans they gave them three statements all false one millions of fraudulent mail. An absentee ballots were cast in this past election to voting machines were manipulated to add tens of thousands of votes for joe biden and three thousands of votes were recorded for dead people. Those were the statements they gave. And more than fifty percent of republican respondents said it was very agar those three false statements sixty or fifty percent over fifty percents that they were very accurate statements over seventy five percent. Republicans either said they were very accurate statements or somewhat accurate statements. There is no unifying the country. I don't even know. I don't even know what that means In the sense that are everybody can be on the same page. The answer is no hope. The one thing that i think If you were to ask them is is it. A bad thing to have four hundred thousand people dead. Is it a bad thing to have. Four thousand people dying on that day of covid. Is it a bad thing to have Millions of americans unemployed millions of americans in food lines. I think the answer is probably yes. And then i think the real the real question that the press should be asking me to be asking. What are you gonna do to fix that period end of story however i mean the question just quickly. The question should be. How are you going to unify the country. How are you going to do it. I mean my view. Is you increase people's material well-being because people are really hurting right now but that doesn't need to be. Cnn's question there. it shouldn't be. Are you going to unite the country. I mean biden could just go. Yeah all right end of story and of question and to be fair journalists not just. It's not just cnn. That's obsessed with that question. Here's ainsley earhardt on fox news. And she feels that it's going to be very unifying. Joe biden does anything as president. Our country has got to come together. Joe biden said yesterday. I want unity. He talked about that in his speech but the first thing he does the first order of business is to walk in. Sit down at the table and he has seventeen executive orders really wiping away. Much of what. President trump did so his supporters are saying. How can we have unity. If you're taking away everything that we liked it for one second. The first that they've put up there is that you've got to wear a mask in buildings. Yeah how radical that That that critique would be in a bit of better faith if trump hadn't just barged into the white house four years later and ripped up everything that had obama's sent on it or anything. Obama touch tried to set it on fire ridiculous. Continue to play with We played that clip. Here taking everything that we like you have those scrolling across your greens. Join to list off the ending president. Trump's six commission rejoining the team health organization of course there was a lot of criticism for who keeps going they're mad at covert across this world rejoined. The parrot climates climate agreement and many many more speaking of the paris climate agreement. There is of course this push to rejoin the world's effort to battle climate change. Joe biden is making it one of the first things. He wants to do his administration. Well mark moreno. He's executive editor of climate depot. Any more of that highlight reel. Yeah i know. And i like how what. They extend the eviction moratorium until september. That was one of the things on that. Scroll showed unifying policy those trump's policy but it's just unifying for him to extend it. It's this unifying for me or it's entertaining to me. That he's not going further than that and by you know still has not made an effort quite yet to cancel any scent of student debt. So that's why we take a break when we come back. 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Of course i've been interviewing you for an extended period of time But i gotta you the reporting that you guys have done over the american prospect in terms of leading up to the The biden inauguration in terms of who they were going to Pick for some key spots was Amazing you guys Out reported some of the biggest Newspapers and reporting in media enterprises in the country. So kudos on that and you also at the american prospect. Have been writing about joe. Biden's day one agenda for months. If not a year. I think or certainly by the time he got the nomination and it was and i think when you started it was not joe. Biden's day one agenda. It was whoever the president was well. We are now in day. Two of the biden administration. I wanna get into what's happening in the senate and and and and in terms of the covid relief but give us a sense of of what joe biden did yesterday and today and of course on some level it's a metaphor right But what he's done so far relative to a what he can do in be what he projected he would do right. I mean the day one agendas just sort of a stand in for executive action and You know we outline starting last at strength. September twenty nine thousand nine hundred What the Executive actions could be the next democratic president who take so here comes biden on day one and the vast majority of what he did was reversing trump actions. Some of those. Very laudable reversals Ending construction the border wall. You know ending The migrant protection program a lot of really cruel immigration programs rejoining the paris agreements and and and so on You know getting back to the status quo of two thousand sixteen. I mean you know in a sense. That's that's great. It's also you know not exactly an expansive vision for executive action. Just sort of puts us back to where we work. And you know presidents often do this. They they reverse They do the easy work of reversing the the actions of their predecessor. There's a thing called the mexico city rule which is around Abortion law and. I think it's been added and subtracted in every administration. Since i think clinton would you know the an on day one the you know the first I you put it up and then you bring it down. Put out that so this is. This is kind of normal. The one thing that was actually in our day one agenda package. That biden actually Enacted on day. One was this thing very sure thing called the social cost of carbon and let me explain it We had a guy. Steve novick that wrote a piece for us about it. When you do regulation you have to do this. Cost benefit analysis of whether it's worth it to do the regulation and you take into account On the cost side not just the cost to businesses or things like that but in terms of climate regulation you take account the social cost of putting carbon into the atmosphere so what it means for communities what it means for public health needs for all these things and they actually quantified somme. Put it into a number and under trump and even before that under obama. This number was absurdly low So it made it not worth it to engage in climate regulation because the social costs was very very low. so biden on day. One said we're going to restart the interagency working groups. And within thirty days come up with an interim Recalculation of the social cost of carbon to make better reflect what the actual impact of of carbon pollution. This that's really great. It's like under the radar really into the weeds. But it's one of those things that we looked at in the day. One agenda that is you know maybe unheralded but really really important in terms of tangible kind of results so that was that was good but i think overall you get kind of an incomplete here You know you're reversing a bunch of trump actions that's great but we need to go further and You know hopefully when people get into place We'll we'll start. See that david the hell. Yeah just the most glaring thing. That's missing for me when i'm looking over. His immediate agenda is cancellation of any student. Loan debt Can you talk about what you've heard on that front when it comes to any exac executive action. The bar keeps getting lower and lower in terms of the financial threshold. But he's he's extending the cancelling of interest rates through september but or the zero percent interest rate. But i obviously there needs to be more action on that front. this is kind of. what's amazing. is that the thority. That biden is using or biden's education secretary is using to pause payments and to cancel interest. Is the same authority that you would use to cancel student debt. So he's he's not denying that the ability is there that the authority is inherent. He's just not going as far as as needs begotten. Of course pausing. The payments is just extending what the trump administration had put in place as far as student I know that the administration is aware of of the the the ability to to cancel student. Debt i know that there are champions within the government for doing At what level is unclear You know biden during the campaign said he was gonna present the congress's plan to cancel ten thousand dollars The first ten thousand dollars You know that we thought was going to be in this one point nine trillion kovic relief bill and it wasn't that at didn't even make the first cut so it's unclear where we are with that but i mean i know that there is at least some sense within the administration that this is something they can do and that they should do The question is whether they win. That are i mean. That's a great question. Because i wanna make it clear you know. I imagine there's a lot of people out there. I mean look. There's a lot of people in this country are very glad to see. Donald trump gone and with More reasons than we could outline probably in the context of a one show. We would probably need an entire. We would need hours For for reasons for wanting trump gone. And there's a general sentiment of like it's day one you know. Give them a chance to catch his breath and get some people on there. But i think the the the student loan issue whether you agree with cancellation of debt. Or not and i think i certainly think that we should be doing We should we should be doing that. That amount that schumer and warren called for which was fifty thousand dollars but the point is is that joe biden clearly knows he could do it. I just wanna make it clear that this is a choice. He's making in this moment. They the the the effort that it took to extend that moratorium is exactly the same. The exact same effort you just need to use your signature and sign it and and that could have happened was really just a question of will and choice and so That's why these things. that's i think. A perfect example right fair to talk about this on day to on day. One one thing about that. Sam is that on their way out. The door the Education department betsy devos education department. Put out this memo that Tried to make a legal case for why the education department cannot cancel student at and the person who did it The jet the council. The lawyer who wrote this memo Previously worked at chamber of commerce. And they're about fifteen legal citations in the memo and almost all of them are from opinions. Joined by or written by antonin scalia. So it was. It was an extremely partisan effort on the part of the education department. Just kind of build something that conservatives can then go back to say that the education department said that you can't do this It was based on a lot of half readings of statutes and things like that and and it was all scalia based which was kind of amazing to make his long tentacles and All right well. Let's there's a bunch of other things i want to talk about And obviously we'll get to the covid vaccine. Because that is i mean. I think there's enormous mandate for him to do something about that. Maybe we should start there in fact It's being reported today. Now that the biden transition team feels unshackled in terms of what they can talk about what they found when they started to to Work with the trump administration on the transition Now that they're not worried about upsetting the feelings of the of the republicans who worked for a trump. They're saying there was no plan none whatsoever in terms of vaccine so Joe biden has Signalled if not actually begun the process of of of of ah centrally launching the defense production act. What areas is he going to use this. I mean it. It seems to me from what. I'm reading among everything else including the type of syringes so that you can actually get five doses out of the pfizer is there seems to be a lack vaccine and it seems to me that like producing. The vaccine is the greatest. Need right now. It's a real concern. We have a great piece today. Actually by olivia web. A feature for next issue of bow. the difference between vaccine production and vaccine distribution in in vaccine production. The government really got involved. This whole operation warp speed. Think they funded vaccine effort. Big government like purchase guarantees. They cleared up things in the supply. Chain they really use their contract. Power to accelerate this vaccine production which normally takes years and we got it done in nine months and then they took a completely liz a fair approach to the distribution part and You see how it's it's it's starting to to struggle and and wayne from there. Can i clarify distribution and production by production. Are you talking about the development. Finance alexander vaccine. Yes and then by distribution. I'm talking about getting the vaccine into people's arms but those winds there in between where you're not able to produce more more more. We know there was. There was a lot of of production that was sort of pre-position. But certainly not enough. And one thing. We're seeing a particularly in the madeira. Aside is that their promises for one hundred million shots by the end of march seemed to be now unrealistic they would need to produce a million shots per day in order to get to that point just as a production matter and they're producing about three hundred thousand one day so This this is a real problem. And you know if you look at this. I mean the defense production act is what it's a war. Korean war era law. That was about scaling up to a war mobilization effort and if you look at this as a war effort which which really it is in terms of you know the level of response that we need that should be going into Using whatever resources we have available in frankly it should have been months ago. Because he got to retool a plant mother to in order to you know. Get it ready for vaccine production. You gotta retool a plant To to to make sure it can work so this has been in place a long time ago but we should be doing whatever possible. So that means The syringes supplies and things like that. It also means ingredients that go into the vaccine because there are a lot of different things that have to go into creating and producing vaccine and then retooling the factories to do the vaccine. Now one thing that you could do that biden hasn't hasn't done yet is say okay. Johnson and johnson nova backs all these other companies. That were trying to create the first vaccine. Those plants are the ones that could most easily be converted to the vaccine that we know works. We have emergency use authorization for those you can go to those companies and say i have derived reduction demanding that you convert your plan into making the pfizer and medina vaccine and pfizer. Medina gonna give you the ingredients so that you can. You're able to do that so that's one thing. And of course. I would imagine there would be pushed back from the johnson and johnson because we get more profit if we sell our own etc etc. I mean right. But they're compelled under the defense production and they're paid for this for. There is a fair market profit. That's given to them. It's just a may not be the unfair market Profit that they the number one maximization of shareholder value may not be completely squeezed out right. But but i mean the thing about the syringes is real like you. The difference between getting five doses out of visor a vile and six is close to twenty percent. And you don't have to retool anything to do that. You just have to get the syringes with what they call low face which means that you just don't waste as much per shot and so you. What we don't know is is some of the syringes that are being ships by the government to these various vaccine locations. Some of them have the low dead space syringes and some of them. Joe and we don't know how many do and how many bells so we can't really assess what's the benefit on in total will be from redoing the whole syringe supply chain and making sure we're we're we're maximizing. I feel like there could be an entire industry built upon just the absolute failure of the trump republican administration. On just doing this. I mean this seems so fundamental so rudimentary. That honestly i feel like a teenager with all due respect to teenagers could have basically outlined everything that needs to be done for the moment. We're in now. I mean you're talking about when you're doing it as warm moguls at an means money right and every dollar we spend. Sometimes we talk about the The multiplier factor is like a dollar of infrastructure. Gets you a dollar. Fifty of of of economic activity dollar a vaccine spending. Probably gets you ten dollars of i. I've seen reports at a conservative estimate. That every one day that we get closer to normalcy in other words every one day we get closer to hurt immunity reopened. The country means like ten billion dollars in economic activity. It's it's an insane number and so you know back argues for. Let's do a bill that appropriates a massive amount of money for vaccines right now. Let's not wait for a reconciliation process. Could take months and months and months and being long gated. let's do that right now and On the assumption that you would have bipartisan support to get the country back to normal and if you don't you can tag republicans with like they want people to die and they want the economy to cripple be and then pass the two thousand dollar checks and and with you. I through conciliation right. I wrote. I wrote this today on at first one. Hundred are our new. Ask story at a series on the first hundred days. It's the checks and shot strategy so you bundle together the two thousand dollar checks and money for vaccines and that bill in theory can pass with sixty votes to regular order really fast and that sounds like a skinny bill but if you think about it it's about four hundred thirty billion dollars to top these checks the two thousand and if you make them just two thousand dollar checks it's about six hundred billion dollars and the money that biden has asked for for the vaccine if you're including the Public health jobs core one hundred thousand workers if you're including money for testing it's that's another four hundred billion. This is almost the size of the december bill. The nine hundred billion dollar deal. It's not skinny. It's like it's a big bill and it probably can pass. So let's do it. Well let's talk about what's happening in the senate because there's there's there's there's been reporting that there's multiple tracks that are happening in and we'll talk a little bit about one thing that came out In the reporting in the past day or two is that Chuck schumer has rebuffed. Mitch mcconnell's Desire to basically commit to shelving the idea of filibuster reform as part of their fifty fifty Power sharing and i think the power-sharing is probably an overstatement in terms of what it what it actually means in practice In the way that they organized the senate. Let's go to that in a moment but my understanding is that the biden administration and the biden transition team had already begun negotiations with a gang of sixteen. They're calling it which is eight democrats eight republicans who are presumably sort of the The the the the the the lease conservative in the republican party in the most conservative in the democratic party i think is probably the way to say ostensibly And they're meeting supposedly to hammer out this deal. I saw a report that said Mitt romney and lisa murkowski are saying that the timing seems a little bit like the inks not dry on that nine hundred billion dollars. Do you have a sense of what the state of play in those negotiations are. And what what. The strategy is by the biden administration in the way that they're approaching this. I mean it could be a myriad that right it could be. They're looking for that so-called skinny bill which is really not that skinny or they're looking for the republicans to reject the whole thing so they can justify Filibuster reform or they're thinking reconciliation. Give us a sense of what you've heard in terms of Of what's going on with us. Look if you read the public statements of murkowski ronnie. You're it's pretty clear that you're not going to get republican support for the bill. That biden put out. That's the one point nine trillion dollar bill. I mean you're not going to get republican support for you. Just not and i think that has triggered this idea of a skinny bill strategy of a checks and shots strategy because that might get sixty votes And you at least try that and if it works you get that done and you put points on the board you build trust because this is what you this is what you ran on in georgia You and you get the my out fast which you need to do vaccines and it would be good to do on checks already. The six hundred dollar bills. You're seeing That Raise sales in restaurants for example. That was something came out in the wall street journal today. So that's the ideas that you do that skinny bill and then you go back and you can under reconciliation rules do the rest of the bill where you don't have to rely on republicans support. I think they're going to inevitably get to that. That bad idea. The question is went and do we have to wait around when mitt romney. the lisa. murkowski where you're most likely votes or at least hausky is Are saying i don't want to do this. I mean what. Take for an answer and move on. What's your sense of what their timings gonna be. I mean it sort of feels like we're watching a movie that we have watched a million times before during the obama administration. And you know what how this ends Barack obama i think wrote about in his book on how it ends like. Why do we have to stay to the end right. What what. I what i have heard from. The people i've talked to is that there is an understanding that there's kind of a deadline here And that deadline is when the unemployment extension runs out again and that is the middle of march so they recognize that they're going to have to get something in place before then because what we're seeing now is the fact that we waited so long until those programs actually expired for donald trump that finally signed the bill in december that has still three weeks later led to millions of people who are not backup on those programs. And it's just hard to turn around these very rickety state unemployment systems and so there's an understanding that yeah we gotta get that in place pretty soon because There's there's a lag time here we don't want to go to the end again and usually congress doesn't get its act together until there's a deadline anyway. The question is it's january twenty first. Why do we have to wait until march fourteen. These things expire or to even the end of february. Let's get the the the. Get the reconciliation bill in motion. We wanna do check some shots. Let's do that. Let's get moving but apparently the houses is out next week. So we're already rory pushing this name Talk just one more thing in terms of legislation and one or two others if you're a little bit beginning to get pressed for time here but the h one s one H hr one. I should say S one these. Hr one was passed by the house. In two thousand eighteen it is a sort of an omnibus bill including all sorts of voting rights and anti-corruption measures The senate is. I think in a look at the same thing. Do you have a sense of how. What the interplay. Like i think sean announcement the other day or at least some reporting that democrats are saying that the you know that that reconciliation bill may not come until the beginning of march. At least the the big one. Maybe they do the skinny one in between there Do you get a sense that there is some type of coordinated strategy of if mitt romney says not this then. The filibuster than reconciliation is there any sequencing. Is there any. Do you get the sense that they are gaming this out or is it one of those things like well. Let's see what happens and will Will decide in the mom. I don't think there's a a lot of strategy there. What i would say is that it does appear clearer that the the people who matter on the filibuster issue people like joe manchin like your cinema. John hickenlooper maybe. They need to be shown. I don't know why but they need to be shown. One more time bet. Republicans are going to obstruct any effort at at at progress. They need to be shown again. And so The i mean s. One is doomed. Like there's there's no there's not going to be any republican support for s one for democracy reform You have the folks down in georgia right now at the state level saying Well we we really have to change these voting procedures or else. Republicans are never going to be able to win here. I mean that's like almost a direct quote from a state legislator in georgia direct quote. As far as i could tell us. So you're just not going to get buy in for you know the kinds of things that are in. Hr one and s one and so it's a choice and i've seen as recline octopus like. It's a choice that you can make. We can either have democracy reform or are we gonna have the filibuster By the same token we can either have a minimum wage although maybe there are ways to finesse sat in a reconciliation bill but really we can either have an increase in the minimum wage. Or are we gonna have the phil bust. So i you know. The choice is up to at those individuals that are are you know standing in the way and you know i. The problem is we don't have a good whip. Count on that. I mean we know mansions probably against it. We know that Cima might be dianne. Feinstein might be against right wing. Any we don't know. And we should know. I mean that that that should be an effort from the grassroots to try to find out where people are on filibuster farm so we know how far we are away and it's a good point. I don't know if people remember this but back in two thousand five in george bush's Second term at the beginning second term. He wants to privatize social security. I think it was talking points memo That started a essentially a grass roots. Whip count where it was contact. Your congressperson ask them where they stand on this. And it created pressure against those who were for privatizing social security. And i should just add just so that people understand when you talk about h one s one and when you talk about the fifteen dollars minimum wage. These are in the fifteen dollars minimum wages. There's a question about but h one and s one because they deal with voting rights and and like you say democracy reforms. They don't affect the government's budget and they cannot be included in the reconciliation process. Which can only deal with legislation that that that Fundamentally non incidentally affects the government budget. But let let me say one thing here. Because i know you never miss an opportunity to praise. Chuck schumer so i wanna do that. You know he has not agreed to this Bid by mcconnell to get him on the record on keeping the filibuster he had held out in pretty impressive way. Because you know any mcconnell's bill effort here might just be delay because as long as you don't have an operating agreement you can't get much done in the senate particularly on nominees because It it's you're not talking about how many members are of each party are going to be on the committees. I mean that's what gets figured out in power sharing agreement and without that it's hard to move forward although you can. Obviously i mean ever hanes was a confirmed yesterday but it's harder to to set up the committees and move forward Without that power sharing agreement. So we kinda might be just trying to delay but good on chuck schumer for not saying okay. Yeah i'll agree to that. I'll i'll keep the filibuster intact. Let me just also say there's a clock on that because there is a there is a somewhere in new york state. There is a filing deadline for primaries and chuck schumer is very concerned as my understanding of being primary and so this paperwork filled out on that yet. I am still. I'm filling it out for him. He likes. They're not the m working on the paypal as we speak. But the point being that his incentive to pursue a filibuster reform probably significantly diminishes if he feels like his seat is secure and. I don't think there's any question i mean i think. He thinks that he can win. A primary. I don't think there's any reason to doubt that he has a tremendous amount of money. But it's not a good luck for the senate majority leader to lose thirty percent of the democratic vote in new york state or more for that matter a primary in there certainly some of that happening in new york and so he has some pressure And so it's gonna be interesting to sort of like people should keep that in in their mind. At one point chuck schumer is going to make a determination as to how serious that primary threat is and if he determines that it's not that Serious he may start acting in a slightly different manner. All right last league moment like the two big stories is the The congressional review act and the firings. There were three major firings yesterday. By the biden administration. One of whom was the general counsel national labor relations board which apparently is a very big deal Because this a five member board. I mean this is this is lot of. There's very few people making a determination. I should say a The does general counsel is it really prioritizes cases for the board and devotes resources terms of staff attorneys. He's the throttle. Essentially is the throttle. So so it's an important position and this guy. Peter robb is an anti union guy. Going way back he was involved in the paco. Firing the firing of the air traffic controllers under reagan in the eighties. So this is like a a an og anti guy right and so what was interesting about that is that biden. Asked for the resignations. Three people it was the head of the cfp The The head of the parent the parent organization for voice of america And and this guy rob from from the lower and see. If pb and voice of america people just resigned. They said okay. We will see he be is the consumer financial protection bureau. This is They charge a lot of and by the way If if it wasn't for a supreme court ruling that said the president can fire the head of the fbi that person would have been in place until december twenty twenty three so thank you supreme court for For facilitating consumer protection america. Sto anyway those to reside. But this peter rob guy said adding. I refused to resign and now union so much right. I'm not going to let go of this job. I need to with. He was eligible to stay until november is termed. Didn't run out until november so think back to the obama administration if they were confronted with this they would have taken meeting they would have maybe done a poll on how this would play on fox news and they they would just really deeply thought about this for awhile within about five minutes of peter rob saying i'm not quitting. He was fire. And so that is whether it's learning from the past or whether it's just a different orientational on the part of the biden administration. There was a definite sense that we're we're going to do this thing that we promised to do. And we're not gonna worry about the optics of it. We're not gonna worry about whether it looks like you know overweening a force against against conservatives. We don't care you're out i all. This is flooding back from those early days of the obama administration where there was a real concerned about czars rat That that the obama administration was a point. And lastly the any executive action that is taken within a certain window is to the end of the administration is subject to review by congress reversal and then higher threshold to reinstate it reinstituted in the future and that also is done under fifty vote Environment so for the senate that's not filibuster so you can do that with a majority vote so i assumed that somewhere. I mean this was only a reality after georgia. So it's a scramble. But i assume somewhere in the administration there in congress they're coming up with lists of things to overturn because they need to. They need to get on. That o'clock stick samsa. Internet might have cut out right there all right well. I think we're probably going to wrap up now. Thank you so much david. I really appreciate your time. We both do. I'll speak for frozen san there all right. Thank you thanks so much. We are back Frozen sam is Is ally thank you for For handling that a bit of an internet issue there But i got to say you know it is It is a very odd Well i just. The juxtaposition between the obama administration and the biden administration is a fascinating one insofar as i believe the expectations and the excitement frankly around the obama election and and his presidency was was greater than it is for biden and the level of scrutiny of his first executive orders and and and how he was setting up was much less And and yet you know biden because of the pressure that he is getting From democrats who want to see him big There's we're starting to see a little bit more now with that said literally over the past hour. It has been a announced that or reported. I should say that mcconnell mitch. Mcconnell is holding up the resolution of that organizing The rules for the senate basically filibustering it four and in holding it hostage for chuck schumer to say that he will not use filibuster reform. I mean there's an interesting take care and and maybe this is something we'll talk about more tomorrow. When joe biden comes out and he talks about unity that much it becomes a leverage point for republicans to say you're not delivering on the unity and it makes it very easy for them to dictate the success or failure of biden's agenda and and and dictated so that it's on joe biden's shoulders as opposed to if joe biden's primary agenda was we're going to get And of course she stated this but unity obviously carried the day yesterday. We're going to have everybody inoculated. We're going to have everybody taken care of if you've lost your job we're going to have Taken care of. If can't pay your rent if you are food insecure all of this and but making you know hard policy promises. That's just not biden style and it never has been. He wants to talk like vaguely about unity. And and promise promising to make your life people's lives better but not necessarily tied to any specific policy proposal or outcome. I mean he's he's he's he's listed them off but he certainly hasn't put them as the primary sales pitch. I mean you know as as evidence that at least by His his inaugural speech and it really the next thirty days maybe sixty days. But i'm thinking closer to forty five. We're gonna know whether joe biden is going to abandon that notion that he has the ability to unify people who frankly the republican party is still the republican party that they were before donald trump who wouldn't give merrick garland a hearing that they were during donald trump and that they will be tomorrow and the sooner the joe biden accepts that and decides that he's going to move his agenda forward. I think the better off the country is going to be and frankly the better off. Joe biden is going to be Politically the better off. The democratic party is going to be not responding to this moment with a robust stimulus which is needed and in order to get that you need to combat the republicans and also those two thousand dollar checks. That biden promised not doing so would be a political disaster for the democratic party. So just for self-preservation they need to view it. Well as a folks will be covering that tomorrow and then The the days and weeks ahead we will see you that. And for those of you who are sticking around the the full crew is about to Hop on the zoom call. And i am about to to Drop off. i will tell you this little bit house cleaning. I will be. I believe doing i think a livestream or maybe a recording on. I'm not sure exactly on the podcast. Bad faith Hand so Brie and virgil texas We'll be talking to them. I presume some of it will be about You know the the whole force devote thing and just base probably generally the perspective that That we need to take When dealing with democrats to get what. We want from democrats and So tune into that. I think i'll have more information about that probably tomorrow but you want to support this program. Join the majority report when you do you become member of the program you support the free show and then you get extra content and you get the free show without commercials also check out. Am quickey you can sign up for that. At am quickie dot com. Today i mentioned on Nomi show can find it at youtube dot com slash the no miki show or twitch dot tv the underscore no miki underscore show and Who'd i can't remember exactly who she had Was having on today. Today she's having a harvey kaye is going to be on so check that out and had a great show yesterday. I think stephanie kelton was on. Maybe thomas frank as well so Check that out. In the meantime jamie what's happening on the anti fatah well this week on the anti fatah. It's a very special episode. In honor of martin luther king day and if the inauguration of our new president i was joined by aaron thorpe of the trail billy workers party and a time of monsters as well as underage. Oh amis of the drop squad to talk about the first volume of barack obama's serial killer memoir promise land so we talk all about it. What he's trying to do how he brought americans together. Is he more likely to donna. Walter way it's a really good Primer considering that we're going for around two right now of kind of an obama administration. So that's out now. Patriarch dot com slash. The antifa do. I feel bad for making a couple of black leftist. Talk about obama. I'm okay day. Yes yes i do. Are we going to do it again. With the second volume comes out probably is. You're going to be a second volume. Oh there's going to be at least two because he couldn't say what he wanted to say in one seven hundred page book. Well i've actually been thinking about reading that book you kim farro my copy. It's got a lot of notes in it already. Sounds work speed. Three times speed rather. Yeah yeah it's very smug. He hates us. That's the most clear part. He hates everyone. Except for except for. Like larry summers timothy geithner people like that. He loves them. I i've told that story about What eliot spitzer wants told me. I'll tell i'll save it for now. matt what i got a story about a eliot spitzer's perspective on obama back in two thousand ten ivy leaguers. Yeah basically it was just sort of. He didn't understand I thought about that like he didn't understand that those guys were idiots right but his mom was also an academic like he shouldn't have been completely clueless. His parents were doesn't so much sitting understand that they were stupid as much as they didn't. He assumed that because they had they were. You know it at a certain You know of a certain class or station that they knew what they were talking about. I mean outside province intelligence with virtuous snus or with the right way to govern. I i mean. I think he just felt like these people knew what they were talking about. I mean and. I don't think he just thought that at that moment i think he thought that I think he must have thought that throughout his sort of like even at harvard law school I think you you know i will. This is a longer conversation but measuring the book. First and then. Here's another thing that we figured out. I yeah anywhere book anywhere in the book where you're like. Wow i thought obama was supposed to be the smart president why. Cbs oh no. He's not dumb. He thinks that your dumb and he's talking to you like your child so that might be what was going on with that perception of of his being oppressed by harvard law people or whatever. It doesn't age well his like whole attitude about governance for sure but it wasn't so it wasn't wasn't so great at the beginning i don't know i mean it gets worse and worse with time like matt bender. What's happening on doomed. Holo sam last night on a special inauguration episode of doomed i had jared holt the Right wing researcher and host of another right wing podcast on the show and we basically talked about the cunanan. Freak out on our inauguration day and where the movement goes from there and what other right wing movements are going. Try to sort of bring the cunanan people into their further right even more nefarious Reactionary worlds were. You surprised that there was no violence in any of the state capitals around the country. I i mean obviously fifteen thousand troops maybe more in washington dc. I don't think there was much room there. And i think some of the capitals were definitely locked down around the michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania. But were you surprised that there weren't any anywhere. No i mean i that. What were they going to do. January sixth was their last stand to take action and actually do something with trump. Still in office at that point on the twentieth. Wh i mean trump left earlier that day. He already basically conceded that day and said i'm out what were they gonna going to do. You know and also i think you know. A lot of the cuban on people are probably in the eyes of other more extremists. Right wing groups that they're soft they sit online and they of these things happening but they don't actually for the most part do anything You know even on the on january. Sixth the cunanan. They stood out because they were dressed in such flamboyant costumes. And you know it's easy to point them out with their q t shirts but they were probably the most identifiable what what were they going to do in terms of get away with anything that they would pull off the true like people to worry about where the ones down there on january sixth and militia groups in white supremacist groups who actually had gone out there in full blown. Yeah y- apparently Was telling people address in black so they think you're antifa when you go to the capital matt lack what's happening in the matt leckie in Media universe yeah. Tonight at eight eastern. The new times love people Not on the east coast to get off work and stuff Eighty s milton al-mahdi on to talk about uganda. And mussa vinnie. Bobby wine what's going on there with the basically self coup Also get milton's reaction to Biden and the capital riots. And we'll also talk about how bill gates is buying up all the farmland. So that's tonight at eight eastern at left reckoning youtube channel patriots dot com slash left reckoning to get the post game all right folks six sixty five seven thirty nine twenty. You'll see these guys in the fund half an foreign i folks sixty four sixty five thirty nine twenty she in the phone this alpha males back on the alpha males back just the males are back on the alpha males up just want to degrade the white man alpha males males mail off the mail. Total we bring back. Tj the internet or a couple of put them in rotation these identity. Well the problem with those like forty five seconds long so i don't know if they're enough for the break that's fucking. I do have parkinson's on the alpha males psych. Fuck buckle almost has what what what what. what what. what what. what what. what what. What alabama back alabama the back have. You tried doing an impression on a college campus. I think that there's no reason why. Reasonable people across the divide can all this psych alpha males black males. Black about their doesn't a little party. You think american deserves to be taken over by jihadists keeping at one hundred for the bigger game flint. My birthday happy birthday to me. Boy haven't products in the alpha males Alpha male come to pay the price to be around here total was it was.

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