Side Stories: Extraterrestrial Terrorists


there's no place to escape to see a loss from the left side cannibalism started george yeah a man australia what are we gonna start every single podcast and we do from australia with man australia where we gotta else what else do we say we could say how much i i don't know we are in a studio in australia that has windows but look right out to the street yes they're making money off you know what i like to do is look at my henry look this is like hamster damn if every one that was in the red light district windows were just chubby polish man i believe it would be called amsterdam every boy has the price price you're disgusted literally ask you what how much money do you let you do oh no no what let's do it don't be gross about i'm not being gross so derby grow no but how much money would it take take for you to suck man's penis oh this is like whatever you eighth grade idaho's we gotta figure out what a dark in forty nine it's not that big of a deal the do anyway but i will just say 'em i will it's really not that big ten million bucks wow my local high ball that title i don't know you're gonna suck it i don't know ten million dollars shame just a must i'll just have a moustache he honestly idled we might do that i'm gonna shave and just they have a moustache and i think it's a great idea thank you thank you so much all right number one side stories through the stores around the side guy bed with beautiful poll is henry's browse gate yeah that you know we have at eight bowl last year last year in australia we were in perth that was dope is held up folks crazy lot of while times and then adelaide like legitimately beautiful place we wish we had more time there yes and it's the mirror their capital of australia or at the very least be in name it's the murder capital of australia they had a lot of pride a lot of pressure how many people were murdered in adelaide yeah which i understand i understand it's it's nice it's nice to have laurel and saying there's something out there and talk about it wisconsin is like we got beer we got cheese and then adelaide is like we got barrels fulla body like i ate a lot of meat last night we had a wonderful steak dinner what was the name of that joy the meat in wine company which sounds sort of like the spaghetti factory factory spaghetti factory in vancouver is that right i know all of the factory restaurant how do you know that i some reason my brand log exam interesting like that's where a hardworking man works any he has to that's called big company meal or family meal but i had insane nightmares last night you did from the from the meat sweats well i had one dream that i was working for elvis page older and he got a big circular with a bunch of nude women i was supposed to serve him food in a bad so you were this survey but this is a dream world so you could have just been elvis or you could have been like elvis like you know here we have all these women in the winter like henry dreamworld henry but instead you were just a waiter i deserve whatever my brain's give me i feel like it's it's unfortunate i feel like i do lifted i'm already living a dream sure i'm living in fantastic life so you gotta have the flip it out you gotta change it up in dreams so i could learn some well i actually had a dream last night will get to a couple of creepy tales here in a moment but i had a dream last night that i killed someone someone that i knew and i'd be headed them and all this stuff and i buried them and the whole thing with me trying to cover it all up who was at i know faceless nameless entity you knew that you knew them i knew that i knew them you know have a dream works i kept my parents in a dream not too long ago i know i think it's every time they ask you for money subconsciously you just hate them more and more and more i think it does really breed bad dreams about you folks i asked my therapists and she said it's all about stuff it is all about winning so therapists are by the way just because of my dream it was very exciting i got away with it why because the person wasn't dad sdn weird although they did not have had what they could still talk fucking terrifying it was weird i died white therapists is justin eight pm outside of a bank of america and i talk about messengers jump up on the screen american psycho right you know what these teams have now and i actually i'm not against it but they got the donation for charity eight pm i feel like it's one last little like guilt like can you just pray button it works of course every single time that we've been to the american cancer society to the heart society i've given to dog obviously all animal hsbc eight parents however we pulling money out to do drink exactly so it's like it's not like i'm getting money out to go and save my family's farm any money to go put booze system so i could give you two dollars and quite frankly i think that's the smartest thing they could be doing because you're already take the money out the guilty yeah you're always going to be doing something a vice whether you're at a casino a going to adult club going to a bar louis people work on credit card or tell now or van mo they don't you don't need a lot of cash for a lot of things will we actually were hanging out with this dude by the way this tour you you know we oftentimes joke about how we are just libyan wayne's world yeah and it is a blessing and we're very thankful but we are fully on now to wayne's world two yes and that dream came to fruition with are tour manager named simon he's in trouble off any told the story about how we work with judas priest and sent me an animal that ron saying he's like he's out so in the original originally you know like davis you know rob you should go out they he he used to actually roll it is that you can go to the point where you can't held up the ball like anymore and i'm dropped by yeah he could go up the old man and he said it's like someone got a bunch of land together and then we like pick up the bike end just throw william byron the behind the scenes world of rock and roll is just the best simon thank you so much if you're listening you abed kick ass this door in a year tales are absolutely freaking hilarious what i am learning is musicians might not be the most organized people i mean are we compared to musicians it's weird because i really do think the musicians have their shit less together then comedians comedians are are less emotionally available yeah i think that's where are problems are where comedian a lotta times when i'm alone and hotel room it's like oh fuck i moisturizer bottle ola i cover myself with chocolate alone around like a musician that they're fucking random people and having crazy adventures in most of the time my default is in the room yes new watcher whenever local game show is have yes in my brain halfway through a hang out maybe around ten pm eleven pm volume remotely close hungry i do start to fantasize about what i'm gonna order i'm going to be a low i chat i just love it i just think about my foods yeah where am i gonna go tonight night look at these losers they're all the new way of meat eating whatever it is i wanna eat that i was at school but also we've had food vendors you guys have would have had patients with me and have chosen to allow me to have some food adventures along with you which is nice absolutely we add i do not try the kangaroo yet and i will look they have is sluggish now i don't even know i honestly don't know if it's a thing no i don't think the people i mean i'm sure some places eat slug although i haven't seen any slogan stick here i had a sub meal worms not too long ago and they're delicious full of protein this is gonna be your protein in the future i know what's happening but anyway we are just having a blast andy is been wonderful to see everyone down undock and i learned a lot about rugby score that's called a try that's four points and then they get a kick as two point six points and then the show a lot of male butts do they kick it between like posts yeah between up rights but tighter tighter of redskins bounce it once and catch it and then they kick it to each other after bouncer ticket and then they don't have to balance it to pass it but they can't pass and forty gonna pass backwards and then they beat the living hell out of each other anonymously it makes me wish that we didn't american football needs should just be right but you know when they get the ball they jumped into like a square right that's what they get the point well that's if they have to do a scrum scrum is when they all have sex i actually do think we're 'cause we were talking about this we saw a bunch of rugby boys it's got off the plane oh yeah there are some big headache point there soccer players because it's so they have like athletic mobility of a soccer player so they're shredded and then they have to be as strong and add trial as like an amateur wrestler combined with a football player so if i was a woman yeah i understand the desire to be with the perfect meal athletic specimen so jet but the brain the brain is what's really important kissel we have right the tower where he can have that yeah you could have all the the beautiful man meet you on the world you know what that guy oh yeah he's great in bad insurance fix there's a lot of money on all yeah we got a lot of stuff right can he do a pseudo all right well let's let's just speaking of you know i was almost gonna make this guy hero of the week but i can't encourage this activity henry frankly we cannot anchorages activity anyway she performed because it is still a bomb threat no no let's not we'll talk about it yeah i have a feeling all right from henry's gotta bob drugstore you're the second with this story just reminded me of dave matthews band do you remember when dnb what's going over the bridge and they they drained they're toilet over the bridge in chicago sky watcher you everyone on the boat well it's happened again but the first the perpetrator is not nearly as famous nor are they vowed literally this story is a paragraph log so this is from the bbc news you're a navy man calls his injuries on berlin boat it identified mad at urinated from the low line the jet bridge onto a tourist boat is is which is the most direct oh what did that oh oh look you know i love catching up the first few raindrops that's what my daddy said if you catch you first few raindrops then other i hear all this berlin i think that they drink pestle that they might who knows they're always having fun a number of people on board of the boat jumped up in surprise it in their heads as the boat passed onto the bridge for people for people were taken to the hospital with head lacerations you know what i i get really jumped but no one knows who this guy was created by the rest he just creating total chaos on that boat chaos all over the both in everybody's like well you know what the urinating first of all he's got sober no idea he totally redone the same article we are be like draw some people believe that people would do something like this not meanwhile he's like passing his pen i mean it's hard to know where the past i feel like also pointed piss on about you know you're gonna say you know what you're looking at so i think so what are the odds of you know just go ahead and go yeah but this is just a little tour tourist boat i mean it's still a boat yeah i would no matter how hammered i am i would at least give a scam so i'm not passing onto these hats of eight cop i would at least look over a little bit and so i do feel like it might be pointedly done and i expect experienced the same sort of treatment when we go to berlin yes oh absolutely that's why i'm not gonna get on the boats but i will drink and walk over a bridge and see if i can't be the lucky month the lucky man who gets to a year because we know for a fact this is a man no yes this is what this male privilege where we could actually whip it out mp over a bridge it's the strongest most powerful woman to ever less who pass in a pure arc from the back of her vagina out in front of her like a skunk you wonder if there's any ladies that can do 'cause i know there are layers of the campus in urinals and i've seen them you know what i mean backup they put their like oh hold on the side of they pass completely perpendicular their bodies what i'm saying like if you go girl i love it yeah i mean you've seen all those documentary documentary footage i believe ken burns burns with three always my favorite it was a love civil war baseball a jazz and pass pass like this groundbreaking the history of patio the first guy to pass the first gotta drink pass oh did you watch people play videos back in the day you did some golden showers heavier into it i mean i dunno i mean it's a it's a it's a wild time out there in the in the mean streets of porn hub any hot liquid this fun i i enjoy fun do porn warren a well you know you've got a bunch of like food insects though no i actually don't really understand the food insects thing and that is the one thing whenever i'm talking about that's because when you eat food aid is sex fermi for me yeah yes because you do have like you do have i guarantee you the bare bones that come off of your body when you see just the like the the way guitar we had yesterday yes that was like eight experience that i felt the same newroz neurons firing yes i have even said like it it is true it is very similar to me i watch it i do sometimes feel like eight cheetah i do when when foods coming out when the waiters got the food like steak popped out last night i do sort of feel like dennis rader in the closet sure they're keeping a key all right rock rock cars that's the thing with dennis rader you know he could never actually stay rock hard so he was always kind of a happy 'cause he's in impotent little piece of crap all time he's like man i wish i was hard right now that we have just sitting watching being like why can't why are why are and i hard right now this is like when i should be hard well we know for a fact the man who you're needed off the bridge was not hard because urinating well a wreck is impossible to yeah this woken up with the morning burn pits minutes i don't think they kind of europe the press you're boehner down to get to the edge of the ram well a no don't i i believe it has to well this is not cock talk 'em yeah you know because you can't physically that's because the penis is full of blood so you cannot have full blood it's only give you start piston with the boehner you're gonna start piston blood to be you gotta pee if you really gotta go i think if the peak i just i don't know i do know i don't know i know i have to but i think it does often just so i've been rock turnout bead i don't think you can be i have it are you talking about aliens talking about me speaking of aliens stories incredible man arrested after police say he he made explosive device in order to talk to police about aliens of this was done by sixty nine news i follow a it's coming out of myers town piaget authorities say a man man place they homemade bomb outside the hotel in lebanon county police arrested twenty eight year old david oxen riders sunday they say he made an explosive device he left it in the parking lot at bonnie house in myers town the hotel owner contacted state police after oxen writer at told them he had made an explosive device which was inside his apartment and he told them he said hey it's outside so so this guy literally he makes this device and he's like got a balmy you're like like ace ventura jim carey when he's got the little box with the dog right in the doesn't he said he has a bomb here something like that ace ventura when he's got the package i got a packers people said not a bomb i dunno okay i mean you could you back in the day you could joke about it you could but not anymore no you can't make any fricken jokes and people get really really i heard that oxen writer place the device beside a dumpster after the hotel manager told him to remove it from the building 'cause he called and i got a bomb inside of my up in i'm in a hotel and i have a bomb in my room which is it's it's you know when you wanna get out of there i guess it's a dumb idea accident state police arrived on scene the bombers disabled and no one was hurt thirty residents of the hotel is real yes oh yes dirty residence at the hotel had been evacuated due to fears of secondary devices oxnard told state police he had not intended to hurt anyone and he only wants to talk to police about what he said were experiences experiences with aliens in newark police oxen writer said he had an encounter with ufo's ship aliens he says he aliens have told him humans need this start being good people or else they will be destroyed would they nuclear laser beam lemon county prison so now he's been held in lemon county prison which god knows what happens we've seen lemon party lebanon lebanon laminate yeah lemon lemon party that's how they how they all right y'all live don't hang up and they will be going 'em so this man he just wants to talk to the cops alien abduction that early experienced but couldn't teach just not do the bomb thing yeah just talked to the cops or is is the bomb thing actually something that was supposed to be in the ferries and dangerous and he's just using this alien thing is a cover up i think he might not be all their i think ab ab couple a ruse short of a pack i think he is a he tried to bridge after the place which he said they probably wouldn't take his experience seriously and so he felt he needed to really get people's attention ahah which is then he went all the way to make any real bomb to do it but that is the that's the weird part because he could have also publicly deprecated if you wanna speak with officers he could have stolen any series of different candies from a grocery store and then the confrontation with police officers we've seen this extreme reaction before you remember the name guitarist cannibal corpse i believe yes when he also had a public meltdown in one talking about the truth about ufo's i totally we've been talking about this for a while yeah talked about with dan ackroyd we talked about it a little may revisit this concept of does seeing an alien make you insane order you have to be insane insane alien what ryan i held my favorite version of the truth is that all of this is real and then he is currently being contacted by miss gbs elements on the other side they're like yeah i don't new makeup bomb they'll take you seriously if you make up bob and he's like really and they're like aliens at the first people they actually contacted were isis radicalize now the aliens are radicalizing people here so it's an alien terror is this the first alien terrorist we've we've had so far in this country unless you do believe it all aliens are terrorists do believe that that's part of what these obstruction experiences which is essentially space rape so with this guy i just don't i do have a problem with what he said what the aliens aliens like you all are being mean to each other so if you don't stop being mean to each other were going to explode you what the nuclear laser beam which is not really how that would work well well we doesn't it seem like they're being mean that yeah so i feel like it's logically wouldn't be aliens just be like when you're nice to each other we will be nice to you and as long as long as user mean to each other you'll never fully understand what piece could look like because we won't busier planet there's a common there's many common threads right where a lot of times introduction scenarios where people say they talked to entities that have given them a breakdown of what will happen happened to the human race if we don't change our ways because it really depends on what you believe about his relationship to us because there have always been here have aliens have always been a part of our in raised us and help create us other is the whole alien agenda storyline reptilians came in created us out of the primitive apes and they made humans in order to work for them and then we've always been embroiled in space strong right or have ufo's not shown up until the mid nineteen forties when we basically came online with the nuclear age and that kind of brought their attention towards us and there's a lot of people that believe that that i think it's it's conversely one other this is a this is this belief that if they start talking to us in the nineteen forties and they want us specifically warn us about are nuclear devices ivy like this guy this guy should go into i think the term is the looney house you go into the the booboo down like he needs some way dome is another term for yeah he needs to go we i think this is the correct by do their seven sit many people during an abduction experience have had alien 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bundy red flag data over and you don't even need to wait for the check you're allowed to get up and leave you could tell my idol is ted bundy is really really it's it's hard fucking dead money i the thing that always makes me weird when people's being like ted bundy it's my spirit animal like the whole spirit oh that is that's almost worse because it's cute it's disgusting and that is not that is these people as we know are not to be idolized there were a bunch of pathetic more rounds but this is a sad story about this a student named yang yang then she i was a student at the university of illinois at this monster ended up kidnapping her he raped her he murdered her andy he did it again because he loved ted bundy so this is a twenty nine year old student instructor andy duct torio canada prosecutors say he's been living a double life in he had in a duck shin fantasy he told his girlfriend a which is amazing it's always incredible these these people have girl i mean honestly if you you manager figure i guess it's because like all these guys they pay compartmentalize it and they they believe they have this one festering dark idea that day let's say dormant until it it comes comes knocking at the fucking conscious yeah yeah i will say though i don't think he comport demolish compartmentalize and parts of mental comfort this very well because he would talk to his girlfriend about how he would love to kill and raping all this kind of horrible stuff so his girlfriend to her credit was like i think i'm gonna put a wire between my muslim and just let's see what he says she did she did we're wired herself did she did it yes so this is according to his girlfriend a he told her that missed saying again so sad with his thirteenth victim and that quote she was apparently very good at this ever so sadly the family of saying went to illinois in were like hey man we really want are the body and this monster said quote the family won't leave until she eastbound well they're going to leave empty handed because they will never find her his girlfriend tara bolas prodded him along to keep talking because she was wearing the wire but evidently brave ass woman well on anyone they already i think he was in custody at this point so he's going to face a potentially a life sentence or the death penalty a punishment that federal prosecutors in thanks family or seeking but christianson himself avidly salt sought to hold so he's not like you know there is some obviously this is all horrible but there is something about a serial killer it'd be like give me the death penalty like what didn't pans ram one day i wanna die we had the we had him who definitely wanna die we had israeli keys definitely wanna die but the problem is it is d it's hard because i hate given them anything they say so i'm happier and i'm not actually for the death penalty but yeah world where we do have the death penalty i am actually happier if he does get it that he doesn't want it yeah that's the way it should work yeah you should get whatever it is you don't want you're a serial killer absolutely so this is according to a defense attorney george f pass f a he says it will be startling for many of you here brent christianson is responsible for the death of yang yang he goes on to say so in the so in view of what i just said some of you maybe asking why are we having a travel in the first why are we having eight trial in this first stage d answer to that is that brett christianson is on trial for his life so they're saying she moved at illinois twentysix from china pursuing a doctoral degree in crop science is hoping the later returned in china and teach at the university a federal prosecutor eugene miller says she didn't know before she even came to this country the defendant had gone down this dark path that led to this very moment so this guy's a monster 'em wunderle said you know because i don't really run that way i'd love to hear from someone who is an expert like either anybody who works as a dog people really a very intense expertise and they got some world how the fuck do you actually negotiate and talk about what their partner these these things like the concept of having a dark abduction fantasies well is there a way to safely express these feelings in these these fucking these impulse well we have a lot of listeners who do you know a lot of other play dumb play again whether whatever we were you know if you like the the p play whatever you wanna do i don't have time like this are you show up dressed as a fuck a police officer and you do all the weird rape fantasy or is there is my understanding as a lot of very strict rules for example if someone's like i don't do anal you cannot you like that is that is in rural uganda it's still in the safe words i think they really it's very regimented sex in a in a strange irony well philly in many ways i'm honestly if you're already constricted might all be mentally construct as well it'd be like dangerous it's it's scary territory but i think at the border where they like it well i like to smile smile when you have said you don't think that's extremely so you're just joining like a shark going i sometimes on the inside but i like that be having a good time well of course but to them that is a good time screaming would be my guess so i guess that's what they want whatever i just i can't imagine like i'm on a roller coaster but it's like coming off the rails well henry henry his own able experience on the flight over here when it turns out the year butthole were sitting on the seat will how how many times we have to talk about in in in my art how many times i express the fact that i have no asked me much maybe minutae have legitimately nobody and honestly i i do my legs now now i lift weights simon squat medusa squeezed which i hope the book coming in nothing that truly it's opposite i'm getting like fools on the site event that means there's muscle forming around it just if you laid me down and put a hotdog right on my fucking crack it looked like a little sweet little coney island her really a little a little under a little bit yeah it's a little like good sleep too little brioche slider buttons my problem is is that i i when i sit for a really long time i knew the fifteen hour flight don shirley who's gonna be very uncomfortable i knew it was so your mentally prepare yourself a little bit but i was sitting on my fucking room for fifth teed hours yes which is bad enough but it turns out it wasn't just the seat your city were sitting for about four those on the buckle i am still honestly i still kind of fancy defense because you see where it's not solid stainless steel for four hours american made american thank god when i sat on the book i'm sitting there because the first thing i'd be like oh god my fucking bus ride part i'm good and then for those really own own ugly this is a good place they have they have great healthcare here i'm not going to the australian doctor no it's free you know the guys dickerson it's not america but no i thankfully wasn't bleeding from nassau great well just back to the store only this monster christianson first opened up about his ideas of abducting and killing a random person to university counselors in march of two thousand seventeen nothing i think really anything i think that when they say they want to abducted murder i'm fairly certain they own the counselors take kind of goes out the window like you need to go seek help he said he was feeling suicidal because his wife one until leave him because he couldn't get a handle on his drinking and his drug use so he just dropped out of his doctoral program to be to take masters track instead will maintaining his teaching position which i don't get how this guy got a teaching position but this is according to miller tells you this is how desperately they need teachers i guess we're they are going to for teachers next thing you know we're gonna have a dog a teacher oh they were like why did i know you think i'm not good enough to be the glass i failed but that's gonna kill me if you're like me all people just fucking die hard at harvard law professor apparently he talked to this counselor he said serial killer bundy fascinated him and this is what she said she said he admitted that he had gone pretty far down the path of thinking about duct killing someone including how to do it at admitted identify the type of person he would have shows so this is in april easter frequenting forum on the internet called a duck shin one oh one a website from me dsm battersea boy that's the girlfriend whom he met on okay cupid if you are on it get off of it please god okay cupid sm version of that yes with the permission of his wife had introduced him to the world of beady sm prosecutors say on the forum he joined chats about quote 'perfect abduction fantasy end quote planning the kidnapping he wrote on line that he would buy a duffel bag big enough to fit body inside and soon with his wife went out of town for the weekend in june he bought one off the internet so this is interesting though henry this woman talking about there it's like remember the cannibal cop i was just about to bring that up i i i am staunchly against going after somebody for thought cry exact right i understand you could have a dark paul absolutely shark tank you're gonna have these things and that's it's completely entirely appropriate if you handle it correct absolutely all stays in the fantasy realm an insect and consensual sex plagues but fruit these guys i just can't help but feel that it's a slippery slope as soon as you go into the subduction world and being like it does get to a point where they're they're it's like a dog it's like when people it's like when people like the guy this is a total non sequitur but the point is like the guy who tackled bret hart at his hall of fame induction speech literally thought he was gonna be like i'm gonna be under ww we know i've done it it's like they have a disconnect from realize well he must be truly mentally philly or this guy is truly mentally ill the cannibal cop you know i don't know obviously everything he did was was fake so just a quick recap on the cannibal copy it was a police officer he would go on these web sites that talked about cannibalism eating women and stuff that but now what put him into these other realm of possibility was is this guy gotta do this in other words where she bought all of those ropes he bought that shit so then people and he also did look up because police obviously we have a lot of information at our fingertips he illegally used please profiles improve please databases to potentially find victims of what he would do but then but then he never did it right but it was all about making his fantasy see real or unreal unreal aaron reeler at what point windows it tip they said well let's see i think the tip is are you mentally ill or not or asshole are not like are you do have psychopathic tendencies are you fucking right in front of you have these things that can end up like when you truly a can't discern reality and fantasy where you get a glimpse inside of iran fantasy that you can't see the edges of it i feel like that's the that's the true difference were this fucking piece of shit obviously got lost he lost in the fantasy i am i'm going to go out on a limb and say i don't think he has other victims i think he's going to do this and extended fantasy that then it saying what we talk about a little bit of bundy himself which is ted bundy probably exaggerated his own crime we don't know whether or not he really did necrophiliac your feelings of we take we take it did he did right and we last left we believe that at least fifty to seventy five percent it is william it's one of the rare times where when it comes to talking to a sociopath i give them the benefit of the doubt they're like oh you you fuck the severed head of a corpse up okay i guess so but it seems to me there's also a psychological like he gets psychological pleasure from saying even something it's fake about the crimes that he's done because he gets the reaction that he wants where he actually gets off on or people going oh my god they don't control the narrative of his entire are created equal fucking de andy version of his serial killer life where he is created a backstory created a series of victims and all this stuff and he really just will evidently so he told this therapists again miller that he was gonna clean up like i'm capable of clean up all the evidence and stuff well turns out that was also alive he eliminated every trace of the crime that he could think of drain the blood that went down the bat a bleach the blood on the carpet and the bedroom walls but he forgot a heat but he forgot a few things he did not clean behind the baseboard any did not clean under the carpet and that's where the police found a this pour for victims blood and they also found is disgusting eight louisville slugger baseball bat the blood was nearly invisible but there but it was on there too so it looks like he did something with a baseball bat talking about with the family murders a lot of horrible horrible shit happening which i can't take objects yes police ended up a list enlisting his girlfriend at that point and that's when the f b i put a wire on her at a in thankfully this monster is called before i do believe he would have killed thirteen people up so i think you need to know who's really excited about it i just think that i don't think he did it i think it was all first talk yeah because you just have to really let yourself go to be a serial killer and honestly i don't wanna do it i love teacher specifically a college professors different college professors could be an ego trip we've all had some college professors you're just like you're not guy i understand it in this room during this ninety minutes you're you're the guy but a lot of them to be completely pretentious in up their own asshole and think they really are like they buy into their own bullshit especially have you been reading long enough about serial killers and you really do you think they're fucking cool like you think it's really cool to be a serial killer space this shit we have is one of the with this other story that i think is really interesting a disc i a so this is out of this on from who tv dot com out of lincoln nebraska this murder suspects slashes own throat in nebraska courtroom fucking kind of metal in a way oil the guy's a mobster but yeah so i omaha nebraska nebraska man accused of killing a twenty four year old woman slash his own throat in the middle of his murder trial at the ceiling county courthouse monday morning according to k mtv aubrey child shouted bailey is it is it costs you before he slashed his neck and fell from a wheelchair during court proceedings trail was likely referencing twenty five year old bailey boswell who's also been charged with first degree murder in the gruesome death and dismemberment of twenty four year old glue boswell is awaiting trial he swiped what may have been eight pen across his neck deputies and others rushed to help trail as he lay on the courtroom florin wilbur medics wheels amount of the courthouse gurney unloaded him into an ambulance give medical aid it's unclear what trails injuries and when the child my resume so this dude is gonna lift so evidently prosecutors say loop stats plant abduction end killing kind of going back that seems to be the theme that but trails attorney says loops killing was an accident that occurred as she trail and boswell played out consensual sex fantasy again man you gotta be careful what did you have got to be careful in obviously this man stabbing himself in the neck with he yeah pen i mean i don't think they're giving you a silver where i'm pretty sure lunches and being served in the courtroom i'm actually really very surprised we don't see more of this what just people like sort of leaking out in the middle of the fucking like like do it in vienna style you can get into some you two polls is a matter of fact we were talking about this yesterday and this is why i talked about this on able gonna stop at all the time criminal justice reform is they must we must get better as a country because it is horrible what's going on right now but if you do get into eupol of sentencing videos you will it is the saddest thing you can do northside and fuck y'all up really some of these people are lassos and other these people just got into a fistfight at a bar in some of these folks are just in in in situations that they couldn't avoid it or they made a mistake at all of us have made mistakes in life so we have the the real monsters and then a lot of the people who are you guys are getting their own riley deeply punished for something thing that they're being made an example lover some fucking horrible shall we just over sentences all yeah so we so if you get into a huge eupol it is really interesting to see freak outs in court because the judge will literally be like do it again and then the person will do it again about ten more years do it again twenty more you like they just throw these numbers out enforce a lot of these defendants many of them are very young 'em they don't like when i was eighteen i didn't know what twenty years was no no clue you're talking about with bonnie and clyde would they thought they were gonna like were gonna die we're gonna do we're gonna go this weekend this lifestyle today buckingham palace and it's like you're twenty one years old who hillary no fucking clue what that means yes at seventy one you're like i would love to have a more so yeah anyway those were a couple of news stories will get the hero of the week in a second but we've got a couple of a fun little letters here in henry has won this room hey no guarantee that his hand to me on this one goes out to marcus really alright went to the store on thursday this is from me is there for ten greenie text okay all right went to the store on thursday about a half gallon jar of pickles loved one is soon as i get home tastes good man that that so good i decided i'll have a few more walk back to my computer and start to work but they urged is not sated by a long shot come back to life giving pickle jar civil more time eat several pickles each time after an hour the jar is empty four hundred percent of my daily sodium never tasted so good minutes later i hearing turning in my stomach rumbling sound like the noise in an old tub makes when you suddenly pull the drain sprint to bathroom mode barely get my ass on the toilet is a fucking waterfall emerges from my at my wife had relief in horror urban such close bedfellows after about ten seconds of continuous flow subsides to a trickle stops for the water is green and smells like vinegar oh my god he didn't even try to digest that shit clean up and go back to computer thinking hey that's over not even close though via it's later the rumbling as back even louder this time sprint the bathroom lather rinse repeat this happens five more fucking time oh i only all gone stomach is concave i've never had scored inside my body completely clean out q rumble set of toilet but it's different this time i know there's nothing in their shit shit out eight tiny amount of liquid immediately feel better well i guess there were just one tiny bit left there was a so all of one all at once the burning fire of a thousand young sunset support my angel sprinter i just shut out pure stomach acid ethically white but my astor event at feira melting away like a spaceship like the spaceship for an alien oh crawling shower turn cold water on full blast protocol generally sobbing eventually towel offered crawl exhausted and tibet at three in the afternoon sleeper sleep per fourteen hours in retrospect it was all totally worth it i love me some pickle good pickles story speaking of boop boop a this story was said to me this is actually from read it but it was sent to me approval listener on our side stories l p o t l a g mail dot com lookout vince mcmahon one shot himself in chase briscoe around backstage okay this is a story so the genesis is that okay so again for those that don't know jerry britain gerald briscoe he works with vincent man he's a long long time dude in the professional wrestling industry so vince just shot himself so why deter all happen evidently jim ross went on opie nancy's radio show and just like totally spilled the beans on this and everyone's like inside source told the story was well back over a decade ago when when vince was doing that he'll character he did he was mystery mad stone cold air i was kick ass up so evidently gerald briscoe he was he was working the gorilla position which is the dude who times out all the segments basically just make sure the show is moving right on time because obviously these events are alive and you gotta have it tight so before going out for his little segment vincent man went over to gerald briscoe and try to fart in his face one sixty five year old man so he tries to far in his old buddy space but accidentally shit himself and will sell more stories like this on my kind of fun a wrestling podcast vince went over the briscoe space accidentally shot himself he went to the ring for his segment did it with no problem the brown staying with visible in the back of his guy keypads and the camera people were all aware but been there shoot it yeah story told the way the story was told at the time is that when he came back he must have changed closed and was holding the loaded old pants he tried to chase briscoe down with them to make him bomb at triple h crap briscoe held him in place so he couldn't get away but briscoe used one of his old immature moves in reversed add a scape because his thoughts taking them off it is running down no holes attempting to i assume puts the new kid in space that is due of mind sir i cannot wait again kind of fun july first we're gonna have a little fifteen minute episode just introduce myself in katie dark sue is awesome but will tell wrestling stories like that because god the door or a lot there are a lot especially with him it's like i hear so many stories about him 'cause i knew people who wrote the w w e v yeah what a fucking nightmare did he really was okay well i think it's time for a hero of the week what do you think henry i think so i think there's a couple of things you know i wanna say thank you to the people who reach out to actually told me the process of how i could buy of tommy gun you gotta you gotta get a class three weapons license and then you could actually get it and then you also go there a place where you're gonna rent tommy gun in just shoot it once you do that yeah maybe were doing that maybe for marcus is bachelor party oh kennesaw he doesn't listen to this is a good way to do this great idea he's listening to this he doesn't listen you don't hear us talk oh he do that we could actually that's that's good wow tommy gun bachelor all right great well we figured that out so easy it's also nice 'cause it gets us out of camping that's well we could happen shoot the gun no he won't i don't wanna camp you wanna glenn will clamp how's that going if there is in la hindley just one man one just one way man i know you're a member kids you'll be a look at offer one recordings station if hero of the week and this week zero is doctor mira wada pepsi she won't change her name just make other people happy marijuana pepsi's mother told her that her birth name would take her place says she wasn't wrong after after a life spent being mocked for her unusual name this forty seven this forty six year old seized on her experienced earned a phd in higher education leadership as of last week marijuana pepsi is now doctor mero wanna wanna pepsi i'm really really happy that she kept it absolutely say anything about how that fucking happen her mom just set you wanna give her unique name and maybe they both marijuana in love pepsi so they named the daughter after the things they love hey there it is there is no consideration for a human life you know what she's doing great and honestly she's great yeah right you gotta you gotta marry obviously just called herself mary's the shortest way more or a wanna that you wanna find offering for your name it's fucking if you want a man oh yeah yeah yeah but this is marijuana pepsi for her dissertation she a it was titled black names in white classrooms teacher behaviors in student perceptions and she said it is where she says the people are treated differently with distinctively black names i'm not sure if this is a distinctive black name or distinctive white name or distinctive asian am i think marijuana pepsi holds a lot of that but the point is obviously made so she told npr a lot of other people were thinking my mom was smoking marijuana drinking pepsi but she so in the black community were used to having names that are more cultural again i'm not sure i don't know how by hold drill buddy evidently they i it's interesting where you could just i mean anybody named anything that's honestly my father very well could have named me budweiser without a doubt if you named it after what he truly loves besides me but aside the fact that i am a junior they did love am i will say her mom who also gave birth to daughters robyn kimberly but when we're at our water pepsi so she is the hero of the week because she did not bad due to the pressures of others is they were making fun of her name and she said you know what instead i should go become a doctor so congratulations doctor marijuana pepsi you are the hero of the week dude it's fucking great herself as a all right everyone will thank you all so much for listening we have just again we can't say it enough you're probably sick of hearing no we're just so were obsessed we haven't done this yet performing live so we have no clue we've never traveled like this is absolutely insane you come across the world and people actually gave a shit about say on the other side of the planet at italy humbling and very intense it is it's such a dream come true and we don't take any of this experience for granted because this is a once in a lifetime thing and it's just such a thrill to be able travel with are best friends in in i dunno where literally you honestly i'm so scared of the fifteen hour trip back for my for one whole is already is there a thank britain for put that on there no that's just gonna make my fucking asshole stick to my underwear and then i'm gonna get a big greece stain i'm gonna look like i shut my pay like vince big man yeah so look i'm the old oleo days only oh yeah free chips i remember the old leakage which is there anybody out there who works where i'm like i don't know what industry this would be maybe a diet tree something is there like a little pillow not doing it i don't need a full y'all just want it on your bottle yeah i'm surely that existed hemorrhoids treatment here's a little like key packets size like little like maybe they'll put too much attention on it maybe needs to be like a like a sort of like a tampax like a big like a like the pad that shape inflatable little pillow i don't usually under my balls why don't you just do that the skipper tampax no that doesn't have enough where i need you don't really have a double no that's not that's not what i mean that's not the match really wow maybe you're right i mean like inside of my parents do do they had he said things in it i think you if if you peel it back i believe there is a little wings yes and then she puts you but you don't wanna think about this right all right everyone all shave little patchy great i could actually probably is a really nice hotel the radic and probably ask them to do it for me you think that'll be a good idea i think you've asked barbara do you know who else would you ask i think about the brazilian white white i think that's a wife no no no you can't let there's loves got nothing to do with that know that they're saving but now i remember that rendez ups yeah but suck contender ask her oh i are beautiful i think that that would be something if people do brazilians on women is where you could go where someone walks the 'cause it's not my asshole it would be essentially just my cheeks 'cause i do i tremble my house because if not i get full squirrel lumps down there why need somebody go back there and really fully fucking then take it off but now i excellent waxing i promise scream name well you're like you do remind me of mickey rourke from the wrestler 'em but totally different you know what i'm coming back yeah about that oh this is what that's about a comeback you gotta triple or maybe you do you gotta love you gotta love you gotta love who loves you that's right on that you embrace the love combat through a really difficult it is hard because sometimes i mean because even if you technically if you played terrible fan base and they love you that is a problem but same time that is you're famous so you enjoy that where we have a wonderful fan base so laugh like you got all the patches that you need providing pulled from you're asshole why you got up perfectly like you laugh like you were born to clear strips some skin right around raffled you attach heavy flow tampon to a very specific laughter yes lives you bench lips just act i don't know why you're just flip flip indeed whatever what hail yourselves muggers diller's oh hell man thank you first part absolutely we won't be offered support hard time going back home i got oj comeback against him i heard this is actually ending certain relationships spouses are breaking up with each other this is probably very early on in the relationship but if you find out you follow your significant other followed oj some people are saying that's a red flag that person isn't good i feel like if you have a lady in your life at and you follow him but i looked at his followers it's a lot of women i mean they're they're fucked up they fucked see partners

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