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O. P. L. O. S. S. DOT COM callan use the Promo Code Ace TJ Ac but the light that I guess that's a light shining on fastest car to make it look like it was a face sticking out of the back window will look at eating homemade metal spikes in their driveways any pop dollar tires the police eventually made the connection he's now facing charges including attempting to initiate that was very very nice but ten fifty nine in the morning I'm standing in the airport waiting for a twelve o'clock flight wasn't standing I was sitting having a beer at the bar as anybody who follows my instagram at large would know because apparently I was told I was posting too many stories but let me get a pen all right ready all right I'll go first here's my story Tj because I saw this and went that we are that is school how has your conduct with an animal threatening possession of a destructive device at harassment okay so TJ? We'll have a thing down to try this product that I've been using Paul Callan cal trans not a drug it's any type of of stimulant or anything like that you take it rbis barrels on the farm take a break replaces the Collagen we lose as we get older and the great benefits as well you'll sleep better helps the joint pain helps with acid reflux and right now buy three get one free got from yesterday that was very nice yet very nice yet it freaked me out a little bit so I'm standing in the airport in New Orleans because I wanted to Lsu Game Lsu Florida game over the weekend I sit at this place one of those little it looks like would go up at one time they would all hit at once but anyway and I was at the game so yesterday morning I drove back to Orleans to fly out and I got a text from TJ hour and a half new was taking forever to get anything out it was hard to do text messages I don't know why they don't upgrade that stuff it seems like everywhere but so when they would go up like ten of them I'm not freaked out at all yeah hey why don't you run out there by yourself into the dark parking lot real quick check on my cellphone tablet and you drove by honking the horn laughing hey and then not paying attention and ran into the car in front of you and I got this tax from TJ Hey are you okay I'm just being weird but I had a bad dream last night and you're in it I'm just making sure you're alright now that was very nice then we couldn't get a cell signal to call nine one one so I just took off running and trying to get a signal jumped on this train that said cell signal up here and they can run out there and take a picture of it because I I have to know where I was standing looking at it see if the lighter hit it just right but but I'm pretty sure why are you out of the room I was telling you about your text message to be yesterday which was very nice but then then what happened is you've got one hundred and five thousand people crammed into campus so I was shooting stories then I would and it may not like they may not upload for a trailer the their silver that are diners sometimes on side of the road right and my family and I were eating in one of those Oh that was parked and it was because I've been watching that tailgating commercial for the allstate where yeah it was crazy but yeah that was really nice really nice and as I was enjoying a bloody Mary watching the Panther's game at the bar to me of this place called tweety railroad that we always take took our kids when they were little you jump on the train and he'd go up to the top of the mountain and that's where the sales go be but what kind of light makes faith here I don't know what were you looking at are you on to look like like a dog with a mask yeah I can see it okay okay yeah I can see how you would creeping up in the back very very kind very very tired but but then afterward I was nice with no that's Kinda creepy then it's kind of in your head like a hope uh-huh yeah it's never never good if it's a good dream they don't bother worrying about telling you the badgers let me just check and make sure you're okay which is always appreciated right the city of the plate I was like wow I hope wondering did he didn't dream I had a bad flight or something I didn't know what was the actual dream that you had to die and you're dreaming it was ridiculous it'll be okay on this flight home was fine nobile what happened to you in his dream me take me to that I had a bad dream about you last night just want to check and make sure everything's okay Mom does that a lot I was just I was thinking about you and I had a dream about you when I am not a good one apparent got on the train Luke Bryan and his wife were on I I don't even people tell me about dreams because they go on and it all worked out okay okay I have the the face in Sassus call see I'm free tout but at least we've confirmed it's not a face back in the room what did you what did you find out about her car what is on somebody was talking to my face it's a glare thing that will I am has ever posted like wow alliance and then are you going to meet the worst friends ever again like mayhem like me and the guy runs into the car so we kind of laughing at first and then run up and then you you're really bad badly injured it's not good they may be the worst friends ever all coming up and delicious Audio Act J. APP is your source there was like no I'm good I've ever had pretty awesome time okay good what time do you land okay okay cool no problem the APP available at Google play as and TJ coming up it doesn't take a focus group to name a Papa John's pizza with five of our best meets just take it not valid with other discounts these tax extra prizes may vary hey it's TJ and I wanna tell you about my recent stay at the Ballantyne you know the second streaming more show after the show live each weekday at ten am Easter or download the more show after the show podcast stay connected funny on the Act got new music from blackout piece what you say black eyed peas yes that's coming up and delicious audio for you to decide whether you like it or not I wonder if they will count in like one to the so tired but oh here black eyed peas have new music they got a new song featuring j Galvin the high blood was all over the place yeah we're not to my yourself SAS checking records what is on channel about the the the tax ooh love it Tj show presents delicious audio let's start with you music -perience of your life to go to the Ballantyne Dot com and see all the great things you can enjoy everything from their SPA to golf they're beautiful pool fine restaurant and everything else a true luxury hotel provides so book your stay now at the Ballantyne Dot Com. I really think you're GonNa let yeah so you WANNA post this out there on October morning real it looks like the villain from saw okay I know it looks like wow that's a lot of meat now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go enjoy the meats and my labour try large meats or works but just twelve bucks only Papa John's walk in you know you're in a fancy hotel is not only beautiful but the staff goes out of their way to make sure you have the most luxurious expe- decided to let the last person without a license and their friend group drive them to get something to eat so they recorded her first drive for their own social media accounts what are you what are you doing the nine Oh yeah I'm so that's new blackout p that's called written Oh and we may have the worst friend group ever a group of friends around there okay so TJ yeah I wanNA dream anything to do with with the flight is that why he's playing at a freak out but it was what did you say it's let's start let's start with you let's let's talk a little circle I've ever seen trying to show his face the circle you might as well of circle half the big I'm yeah I'm not good entire car it tells you hit the brakes or anything she wasn't traveling at high speed they had plenty of time to stop they just let her run into the tree okay she makes a hard left and drive straight into a massive oak tree outside a church but as soon as things start looking bad they stopped talking Norman Bates and blow it out the first thing you think of me with an S. meets plural used in a sentence there would be like holy I'm TJ always does this creepy laugh at his brother taught him and there's a little girl taking the song rhythm of the night this is the real ride and drove right into a tree and as they sit silently but are they what what yeah this is the act aw law of the with an evil laugh she's tiny swiped her big sisters phone and which she got caught this is her or they're calling seriously evil laugh the product external expert is a very recognizable sample and some of will IAMs as Reagan calls it worst lyrics ever the song is called written o our it written Mo don't worry go rooftop pedestal Ghani Medical Mexico a show is this Michael but that's that was the gist of it I love the fact that you were looking for sale signal when a train goes by that says has a sign that says up here right it kind of reminds he's he's spilling t t okay all right well let's try to wipe some of that up next there's more of the TJ show coming up that way and saying come on down here it's not it's not so freaked out yeah you shouldn't be there might be a killer in your car when you go to go to leave today where you walk just email Michelle at travel at ace TJ DOT com that's travel at ACE TJ DOT com want to save up to seventy five percent the tricks of the trade to get you the best deals possible there are now also payment options with no additional fees unlike the cruise lines and land packages eight hundred two eight seven forty seven Sixteen Papa John's ace and TJ APP today. I know I don't know how long it'll be so we're going to have this conversation then a break then after the break down don't let me forget all right because I'm GonNa give you a delicious drink recipe we're not gonNA posted it now go make a big deal out of it so be ready to ride down or be ready to go back and listen to the podcast later sponsored by Papa John's a little something extra then yes that you were not gonNa do anything else with you've got to be here to hear it hear the show twenty four seven at instant access the TJ on demand and all our podcast and enter to win cash from the act to stay connected is Elton John's story say Michael Jackson was mentally ill is he spilling tears talking about my friend and I know my friends truth and to have a little segment right now and then we're going to play take a break and play commercials in the hot hits after that be ready get it yeah so say about fifteen minutes ten to fifteen minutes something like that thirty fifty minutes whatever nine year old son of one of the party attendees like playing like you know army men nothing like that just because he couldn't interact normally with adults and stuff like that but they can't be Michael over to his house for a party and he said he couldn't interact with any of the adults so he ended up finding Michael in another room playing with the now grab doors and you guys walk killer with a face the size of a Chihuahua Weird I'll send it to you and then you can put a better yeah and then the sub headline could have been dot dot dot Duh it's his new autobiography it's called me and mastic or international airline tickets then call low cost airlines for prices so low we can't publish them call eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen it's great to have you seen this way he says Michael Jackson we'll first of all the headline I saw Elton John Says Michael Jackson was mentally ill funding on the act J. APP available at I tunes and Google play Okay Ladies Listen listen not right now it it's already time to get fall and holiday travel plans together our travel agent Michelle charges no fees and will bring her thirty years is is very easy very simple so What is this mass about Elton John Spilling tea all over Michael Jackson speared Um you know what some people blame his death on that Dijana here that I think the law that's going to be shocking revelation shocking to people really because I don't know if I would never even imagine Michael Jackson being normal at apart you can't pick your Michael and he basically talks about a bunch of occurrences run-ins he had with Michael Jackson and he said like when he was he's known him his whole life he knew my his whole life he said when he when Michael was in the Jackson I five when he was young artist he was a great kid like super easy to be around but as he got older he became more unstable he said the last running he had with him he invited sustaining right in somebody's living room so what do you do for a living any blames it partially on the doctors that were pumping him full of drugs? What makes Elton John Now why is he discussing this now I don't know was he got in his book but he needs books I saw that he was going to this morning on Good Morning America or something like that the today show one of those and I wondered what skin stints but yeah delicious fall Martini who next everyone Jason Tj show riggins reminded us the other day that we need to get on this TJ tradition before we look up and it's that way because the movie that she has coming out or the doubt she speaks that way in the movie so maybe it was just kind of part of the thing she was on a red carpet I think she's still does I saw another celebrity doing it the other day it was an Angelina Jolie yeah maybe she's an odd one to listen to but she may have she may have been speaking magic powers of observation and and my deduction skills and everything in my profiling being we you want us to she didn't talk for why would that English accent yeah there's a recognizable sample that Internet a brigands did say he believes these are possibly the worst lyrics ever because most respected societal profiler I can guess your Halloween costume so that'll be fun for everybody hopefully okay here we go it is it is the fall and the fall things are happening you're having get togethers ladies love thank is that shocking so you don't you don't think he'll he'll do a version of candle in the wind for her own it's not we didn't we didn't do it like we normally do? TJ guesses your costume yeah so go back a minute I drink menu when it gets winter there's a very very famous popular cocktail for winter parties called The white odd why are we what does it Johnson big thing for now but I didn't know that it had a book coming out he needs a bunch celebrity I think he doesn't really done like Madonna either APP available at I tunes and Google play more as at TJ coming up coming up on the morning at seven eight and nine eastern Regan's hosts out get get the latest from what's going on around the world live on the AC Tj show on the act their own On the Saturday night for the Lsu game and nobody That was there except for my friend Michael just let her try right into a tree hit the brake hit the brake right because what are you doing she was making a left and she just took it way too wide butterscotch schnapps one ounce butterscotch schnapps two ounces Carmel Vodka too houses apple cider not the kind that's hard apple cider old-fashioned apple cider they have over in the produce section during the fall at the grocery being able to present the the ladies that are coming over with some kind of a special drink for the night night special cocktail I after medical any medical medical with pedestal and then before that was scenario. Here's what you're going to need caramel sauce is the kind that you get over by the ice cream that goes on top of ice cream caramel sauce l. likes these types of drinks so it was Michael in me the ladies were drinking beer so you're in crap great are the drink item is coming up next what do you call it drink respite recipe thing but is an alcoholic drinks so if if you don't drink alcohol then it's not going his movie was good by Detroit coining yeah no you pretended sore so it's one ounce butterscotch schnapps two ounces of Carmel Vodka two ounces of Apple Cider as county white grape Martini or something like that they have them at which call it the bone fish and harmony restaurants up in a Martini Shaker with ice and strain into the carmine glass just like that maybe three minutes wow go through the ingredients ed please okay let's do it this way make it easier so two ounces of Carmel Vodka two ounces tell me how to Oh gosh two ounces of Karma Vodka Ounces of Apple cider and ladies drink that only TJ Michael enjoyed the other because it is it's a Caramel Apple Martini right that's all you mix together drizzle The caramel sauce in a chilled Martini? Glass as drizzle it through there and then shake all the other uh-huh or White Cran Y cranberry Martinis but anyway this is how to get to get wants to post he's not gonNA post it so you can go get it later we're doing this whole style if you miss it you miss it or go get it on the podcast sponsored by Papa John's meaning now there are a lot of different caramel apple Martinis at this is not a special drink that nobody's ever heard of but this is just the very easy recipe so you can throw it together even Sassy as of Apple Cider and one ounce of Butterscotch schnapps shaking together poured into the Carmel on glass could do this and she can't cook anything or make anything in the kitchen okay here you go no offense here are the ingredients so listen carefully because it's too much I mean it's too Too much amounts of butter voter Scott Butterscotch schnapps yes not I don't drink schnapps what that is but it's a you you want the success you WanNa look at yourself and go hey look it is I've lost inches I've lost pans but you don't want to risk your health while you're doing it so that's why it's a an elixir kind of drizzle Carmel in the glass poor ever you got it you didn't need to write it down you need to have it posted up somewhere the rhythm rebels as opposed several porn and be welcomed like a dead they never get around so there's a word I've never used by life snaps. It's an elixir. TJ Google Elixir Elixir is usually the medicine instead sir now there's more A._C._T. Jay on palms it was weird to see though absolutely one hundred percent today is Columbus Day it's also National Dessert Day national native American Day this gives us a day and oh my God I feel so good feel ten times millions of people tuned in on twitch in Youtube to watch fortnight Dan shots all night until they carry you Eh it's drinking lincoln tonight five dollar Bud lights one dollar hot Dan enjoy ladies and men like me and Mike coming up on now trending with Regan's last night Justin Bieber did something posted that kind of destroy itself the original map that became so popular as a fortnight as the online game that's free to play destroyed its own map and it was all his to our radio family members in Columbia South Carolina and South Carolina gamecocks upsetting number three Georgia big time that was a major major deal over the weekend it was an from all over the area just crazy in Georgia I do think it's odd that they give every fan a pom pom because to see guys hour we give you the hottest trending topics in the world this is Dow training with rates on the act J. Show so many things to get to this morning but first of all congratulate P O n Really and I think maybe at one point called pompons Pon Poms it is the original name of the Little Shaker things who messed that up along the way to start calling shaking pom poms it's weird I'm sorry it's an odd bookings guys like absolutely not like cheerleader style pom-pom and also a national be balled and be Free Day so listen if you're losing your head don't worry about is not a big deal today's your day in that works it does Ason TJ APP available at Google play TJ coming up at the top of the on Instagram I want to know from the women if it's cute or creepy I don't know details and now trending listen two minutes when you want to hear the show any time remember I was telling you about earlier in the room here I was at the Lsu Florida game we were to tailgate that's right in the middle of campus and there there's a ton of tailgating I get a big circle and thousand away with this one watch it happen live and then wait may I'll be back and so they were able to keep the attention of six million small constrain the Tj show replay all day every weekday after the show download the show with the act J. Show on demand stay connected funny on the of a necklace he made for his new wife Haley Baldwin Bieber I dunno or calling her Haley Haley Bieber Haley BBC into a black hole nearly six million people watch this livestream and now fortnight isn't a blackout no one can sign in and play and so we're just GONNA have wife beaded necklace so but she would laugh problem because it would not look nearly that good as his did I mean the actual craftsmanship would be shoddy at Beth crafty guy that knows adult children of today that's what it was six million adult children maybe okay yeah and Justin Bieber about eleven hours ago posted a picture on his instagram pompoms on the end of a stick like a pinwheel and they're just shaking them in the care like you're you just as soon catch me at a fast and furious marathon then children for that long what is Craig how long did it take surely didn't think that I mean it was an hours and hours stream will hours and hours little kids the people gathered around and you knew something was happening because suddenly everybody was trying to find a TV and when it was when it was over when Georgia mistake at the end there was just this explosion of sound you could hear take on national television my dad would disown me you know they're really called Pon poms poms Yeah uh-huh yes how would your significant others react if you made them a necklace a homemade necklace would be okay with it except I would probably call it a a wife beated yeah and then the butterscotch schnapps is that the liquor sto around the cone style and so there you go gene make it seem more like I'm a normal partisan yeah all right we'll do it next this is the TJ show Tj show presents a moment with riggins impeccably dressed for a Tuesday afternoon meanwhile I am in basketball shorts a t shirt and crocs looking like an absolute toolbag everybody was talking about this is the top trending topic yesterday afternoon in all morning so that was a big deal to a certain group of people hate missed yeah exactly other things are now training okay Halloween tradition. TJ guesses your costume we always do this focused that long usually on things that's that's amazing good for them it wasn't just little kids of course it was oh it had to have been did you watch I watched people though that I have talked to that have worn them that do love them are not exactly absolutely right I've never met a person who's ever worn crocs who doesn't absolutely love wearing them and say they're the most comfortable shoes in their in Canada and he has to do that in candidate because that's all he can afford when he's back there Oh oh gosh yeah do they let you even if you got rich in the kind of wait until a new map is released something happens but what what a genius idea though like took over the world for a brief period of time okay we're going to do us they let you be rich in Canada when you go back to visit no I didn't think so he's like one of them once poor Canada was I would say it's a beaded necklace that it has the words wifey in it now I don't know he got creative and wanted to make his wife and Nichols because I mean that's a that's a crock type activity crock people activity right the fair things of that nature would this insisting on it because ace was gone Friday to Louisiana and so I may just even throw it this time so it doesn't have to happen shops no it's not is it telling liqueur the liqueur yes radio announced and I'll take offense to that Reagan's you're just now crocs fan though you haven't been says wi-fi on it I don't know maybe he made it himself it's like you know kind of like a macaroni I dunno well th- and I don't I don't particularly care for the term wifey the moment where people were playing the game in the the black hole was created because it all happen within about two minutes and then I'm not GonNa Watch it live for six hours but I did watch it to see what for Huckabee her hubs but when you have people's personal choice but when you have all the M- I mean he can buy her anything he wants the ones that I'm going to bump into at my favourite activities you know what I'm saying being very real get Outta here with that no way am I that I may be a bunch of things but I'm not judgy doc about Yankees absolutely nuts over Halloween said they had just moved into a new neighborhood her husband and kids and she had moved into a new neighborhood and they're all Yankees on the street and have just blistered it with Halloween decorations and on yeah but the point was he I'm GonNa do this for her I'll do it myself he took the time to do something so there was some time and effort and thought that went into it seems very sweet anybody so I had a lady sent me a message the other day say you're absolutely right about what you've always said one for forever used to be a naysayer of the crocs sure because they look stupid but not cute not at all they're goofy looking but once you this is something we do every year around this time on the ace and Tj Show you call in and I will get so what you're saying did you elaborate just not a lot in common still digging on the crack love in the cracks I get it the what everybody said about the yeah what gives you inspiration what do you look like you know like that because if you really ugly person for for day to day you're right on the edge dimension Derby yeah if sounds sort sounds like it could be slightly judgy wrote i-i-it always do this because it means not I don't like anybody think I'm bragging at the ability that I have riggins is the one that that came up what is your costume can I guess it or will you make a fool of me we'll find out next L. No from your voice okay no kidding so one triple eight forty one as TJ. I'm just a loser if you're going to go on his instrument impose pretty cheap looking you suck or whatever and shut up your even have a girlfriend boyfriend you lose her well maybe maybe yeah that's all I'm sayin I'm saying I mean I don't even even though I may say that it looks like fund to when I'd like to be nice looking at least one of the three sixty five is that going to be one of the questions could I mean as your Halloween costume than the way I do this just by asking you a few questions about your personality you know what what makes you what makes you happy what makes you upset what all right bill spoke Italian season two and a half weeks away from her old soul sometime okay would you are no no no that's sweet yeah okay how would you think who said it was creepy some people in the comments on on his instagram post why Hi Samantha Welcome to the

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