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Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one. He is is currently the head football coach of the University of Michigan Wolverines and a former player. His Dad and brother are also former players and coaches. But there's more to them than just I put ball. It's time to talk about attacking life each day with an enthusiasm unknown demand kind. This is attack each day. The harbaugh's podcast. Ask with Jim Harbaugh. Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of attack each day the Harbaugh's podcast a reminder. You can subscribe to us on Apple podcast you can listen to the podcast. One Orion podcast one dot com and please follow us and contact us on twitter at a podcast or using Hashtag. Jack talk this week by week for the Michigan. Football team and the coaches are out on the road recruiting so we thought we would go back and listen to three conversations. We had our lucky sports parents feature hearing from the parents of three recurrent freshman on the Michigan. Football team will hear from the parents of Freshman Safety Dax and hill who is having quite the impact as a true freshman on defense. We will hear from Ben Hall data running back exact Charbonnet who is leading the Wolverines in rushing and we will also hear from Claude Johnson data receiver Cornelius Johnson who was also contributing a little bit this season for the maize and blue. So let's get started. Here's our conversation with Derek Hill. The parents of DAX Tannehill Botha justice index fast fast winded. What size the families that come from Derek? Well I'll let us now tell people. This is my claim to fame in the the ninth grade I could dunk a basketball and I'm just about five seven and so I grew up athletically with my brother. My brother and I like the fastest. Two in the top three in Junior high elementary and middle school so we would always always my brother and I everytime I got a new pair of tennis shoes. Hey I think beach but he would always click me just a little bit so very competitive as has brothers. And so t letter about her half lizard crowd so okay now I I think when I my mother married a an Okie so I'm a I'm a pretty much a yankees clash because I'm from the East Coast and when we moved here I of course was not knowing anyone so I thought well the only way to to Pretty much Get the mix and make friends get into sports. And so I was in gymnastics the nasty and track and here in Tulsa at the back in the day they used to have within the public school system competition among among the schools and such and so Pretty much that's where the the light came on for one year young lady in Elementary School get diffused a huge trophy as athletic Woman Athletic Woman of the year. Now live well ducks. I can get back I said okay. I'LL MIT that. And sure enough. The the next year coming out of elementary school going way back I achieve that that goal and so then going into a high school I wind up getting into track one not in high school but income in junior high Really getting involved there but then in time I just focused on basketball but yeah I like track with I one of my passions. It didn't pursue it much when I went into Got To burger thirteen High School but I think I got the leg linked to. It'd probably either one of them. Boys it just is. What do you run a four four? Yeah four four four flat. That's right fastest fastest running back in the draft. Yeah but that's new yeah. PM and of course our genes. I guess and then the Dan Proactive facility out in California and train. So what's what's the distance in age. Wise between between the two boys three years three years four years now did DAX kind of hanging around the older a group the his older brother and run with them and kind of have challenge to stay up with his group or did he go ahead. I was GONNA say or did he. Kind of his own little group that he He ran with why he hung out with Justice Group and when you mentioned earlier when when he was smaller I probably like fifth. Sixth grade would be. I would justice in his friends out in the street. They were throw balls and he pretty much you get out through. All the eighth graders on the street and so he was always hanging out with brothers friends friends and also he was the kind of kid shield that he had his own mindset and so sometimes we can have a group of six six or seven kids out playing basketball plan football. He'll just come in the house and you sit down and I'm like hey what's going on back. He's like I'm finish my my win and he got all your friends. I don't WanNa play things we will know you go out there. All people came to wait. which again I don't want to do it so sometimes? Yeah and but the thing was in basketball to Justice again very competitive Dak skinless count. He will look the flow but he didn't like it and insult. You know if you heard the door slam us is coming. He got either the game of basketball. Then you started here crying and so we heard there for a couple of years and then by the time he turned thirteen to fourteen. Here crying excited I he just as I can beat him that it sounds like this. This is Jack again. John is fifteen months older than Jim saw. Aw Right we saw that same same situation in our family. John had his group and Jim was kind of tagging along and get his nose bloodied one one day and come home and then go back out and get it bloodied again and pretty soon. You know he was. He was competing at that level. And I think that was was very important in In his development and how it worked out for him yeah definitely by the time our are strong so and what's tax doing this spring. What what is doing the spraying as he? He's not running track this year. Right he's We did a South Orange junior years. Is He participated in or working out. What's a what's a spring look like? Yeah for the Spring He. He decided he wasn't. We're going to run track. And so he he trains with on his on and then also he does some training with a trainer here locally and so he goes to the gym him and takes what himself to develop on workouts. And he'll just do that so he's trying to stay in shape go awaits and also you guys Workout so that's what he's been focused on and he watches a lot of this nice whistle. This is his graduation date. Sixteen okay terrific. Well there's a new role and I haven't talked to a couple of months but at the since we recruited Paxton. There's a new rule in all of college football where is soon as the youngster graduates from high school cool. They're allowed to come to campus now and we're allowed to put them in the dormitory and and he'd have a place to stay and he can. He can work out here once. Once the discretionary periods over yes so from June like June July first when summer school starts. So there's US there's always. He's been that gap between the time that the guys graduate and before summer school starts for Michigan that kind out of a limbo period but now they can come up and and still have a place to stay living in the dorms. Start working with the team like for example screwed you just rule goes all the way back to when I was in high school when I graduated from High School Game Dan Arbor and got a job with John. Falk in the in the equipment room stayed lived at Tomah Polyclinics House and would come get my workouts in and things like that before before school started actually in the fall because they didn't even have have summer school back then but so. That's say if you heard that yet have you are coaches. Let you know that that that he'll have a place to stay in the dormitories as soon as he's once he graduates June first Well Let us know. It was either June first of June fifteen so he. That's the days that we knew and I know we had conversation when during the visit you know the home visit that was that was that potential opportunity and he can come up early and hang. Hang out and get familiar and all so I even you know. Oh June fifteenth. Good changes is starting thinking with them. Now it's okay graduations around the corner with his future teammates and so he's June June. The first I'm good so you bet I mean if I mean if you're saying in between that window of when he graduates and before June June the first I I like the lobby just for a second hand like to lobby for that June first. Because it's it's really starting to sink in to me too that the DAX Lord of the system and getting up here a little bit early really really would help. Because it's that he's going to be playing playing very early in his career. Here at the University of Michigan can't wait for them to come up. It's Matt arm when Yeah. When you texted me the fifteenth okay? Mark on the fifteenth and last week next to me. The first and I haven't gotten to yet I was. You talked to your mom about the first yet and he said yes so I was waiting to get back with you especially to this guy until we got on the podcast here so that way we can get it on record that he can come June first so that sounds like he is going to be making this decision. I yeah yeah so we are when when he told the team but they got enough time to do this and that get things in order and I was like well Jackson you sir and so. After a couple of days I knew switched with on June. I wasn't surprised with that. Let me ask you minister question on draft day we got this draft day coming Ominami. Where where were you folks be and what will be going through your mind? When that's all taken place allows a good question we will be here ear here in Tulsa at the house and we will Was that AH here at the house was family and friends. And so we'll be watching just say anticipating and I guess it was going through our minds right now now is just at this point. Just got you know. It's been a long ride. Just done a great job and he's representative stuff well and so we're just supporting Freddie and whatever team knees with and so someone asked me recently. what's your fade. You give that a lot and your thought. is the Ravens Insect Ravens Ravens. Nita running back. Well I'll say hey they asked my favorite NFL team. I say whatever team. He's perfect I just want to share a story with you. When Jim was drafted he came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and he was at our house? I was coaching it western Michigan at the time and we were watching the draft on television. It was earlier in the day for a member and Jim had the chicken pox right seven. He he had the chickenpox. It looked like somebody hit him in the face with a shotgun on what he was. He was drafted in the twenty to twenty six pick in the first round by the Chicago bears so they called him up and told him they had a ticket for him to come to Chicago. And you can't go to Chicago looking like that. I mean you can't so jim pick up the story. Yes yes I went I did. I went They talked me into common. So I went over there and It's come meet. Meet the coaches and coach did can some of the other Mr mccaskey and Bill Tobin and then then Ken Valda Sherry. So I gotta go you. You gotta go onto these news program. You gotta go down to the new station and so I did. I went to with like three different news stations and they did a press conference or whatever and I was like I I mean I really look bad I got a letter I got a letter came through the Chicago bears. That person that was really felt felt very bad for me and very very sorry for they'd seen me on the television and the the acne that I had that's a record and so that's how my start talking about with the chicken. Pots lost like fifteen or twenty. Remember coach Dick Looking at me like onto my talk. They loaded with makeup. Then you got in. There was the hot lights and the makeup MS astor so the makeup was melting over your face and the and the march or out there. My wife Jackie. Jackie was just just so fevers of Tom. So we hope for better things. Yeah for your family. I'll take in the pool that up on Friday the best part of the day though when I got drafted was my dad. Jack sitting right here did a cartwheel. First Time I'd ever see I do a car wheel last time I remember seeing the performance. No there will be no good time. I'll do a car will do a backflip. Yeah it's definitely one of those days though that It's a signature day. You remember where you are what you were doing what was going on. And everybody's lives and where you were that exact moment when when you heard your name that that's for sure until they throw dirt over the top they remember that whatever that day so that that's that for us is just this past against twelve thirteen months It's you know when you have. They have one son going through a process. I said that's probably In itself can be a little overwhelming. But then when you have to at the same any time and then we're like wow from the NC double aid to the NFL. I say we got it both. And so t and I was just trying to figure route yesterday where we can actually get some rest rely okay. minicamp province starts the first week of May. Okay maybe we can rest in June. Now do something because after that we had the transit and those those are lucky sports parents. Those those are lucky. Sports players problems. McCaffrey's are the only one pop into my head right now that they have the same thing that the NFL with the Carolina Panthers and filling here and sometimes they they'll they'll go like one parent Goethe Carolina and the other parent will come here here and then they switch they have a whole. They've a whole thing going now. They have another son that's going to be going to Nebraska. So those are lucky sports pairs problems right there. Thank you and Derek such a bright future ahead for DAX and the wolverines. So you've all probably heard of shy nola destroy based design brand known for luxury timepieces. Maybe you go down main street in the store. 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You're listening to attack each each day. The harbaugh's podcast. It's now time to hear from Ben Hall of Fremont Ohio Native. Who is a data running back Zach? Chardonnay we open things up asking him about how quiet things Dr at home. Now that Zack is out of the House and school in Ann Arbor. It is a really different dynamic. You know that commanded a lot of energy into two now and relate to that. Yeah Ya think. Things are really different things. There are a lot quieter on the one. The hand on the other mom mom pours a lot of time into these kids in the evenings. You know be be watching a show. Or what have you she just she was a lot of time into them. And I guess my view with with Zach is you know. She really pours time known as they get into that. You know those teen years and what have you. And so if we're lucky she she she delivered the finishing touches to him but now she has a few more boys coming through and they're getting that same attention he got so I don't see more of her. I don't see more of her based on that she's investing in the next round of boys but it's it's it's quite a change still still still what foreign house now. Four now has made a good transition. It's been about I. I use a twenty one day a Window before they feel comfortable has has he made a good transition. Do you feel well. It's it's UNCANNY. I was talking to among about this. The other day I think you know He. He's had a little bit of challenge. And I think I think you guys know that Not Not unusual. I don't think for you know kid. Go in two thousand miles away from home but we showed up there on January eighth and the message was delivered about the magic of twenty one. Mondays and I cannot make this up because it's one hundred percent true on the Twentieth Day Zach and I were having sort of a text exchange right getting being through what I would say was a tough moment and on the twenty first day he sent me attacks that literally said pop all the negativity. I is gone I got under my I lift and I'm in love again to go honestly on the twenty ninth of January. That's the message. I got story. Yeah golly how how did he survive the polar vortex. It'll probably little wonder about that. Your kid from Southern California in Ann Arbor pry the coldest. It's I've been in forty five years. Forty five years how. What was his What was this feedback about that? Well I sent him tex warning him. You know like hey this this weather you're about to get is the real deal like you can't go for twenty minute. Walk across campus without your fingers covered in your ear lobes covered and all that sort of stuff thinking you know and I even told him you know guys you said forty five years. I suggested to him. I'd only only been in this kind of weather Once or twice in my life even though I grew up back there and Clearly since I'm forty the three I've never been in that kind of weather. But that said his effectively his response was these people are crazy. This isn't that bad. That's exactly exactly what I said. People have got so soft. You know like you. Can't you gotTA cancel school. You gotTA cancel businesses. We in a lot of work yesterday. These are college college students at the University of Michigan. They're smart enough to put on a warm jacket. You know a stocking cap gloves a scarf around the the face you know. Put some long johns. We're not dealing with University of Michigan. I the back of the world Gerald. We're talking about that when I was coming in the building today and we get it for like the kindergarteners first graders. We don't waiting at the bus but for college. Kids layer up right right. Yeah layer ire up so glad to hear Zak's making the transition from you guys. You guys have a chance to interact with them a little bit. I know you're on the road a lot. But you have a chance of the Ann Arbor Aside Housi- making that transition. He's he's he's the best he's there's nobody more loved than Zach Chardonnay in this recruiting class from the time we first met him and Fell in love with them as as a football player. He's a big tough hard running back that's got really like feet. And Great Balance and speed and watched watched him watched him play in person and watch them play on tape. I mean literally and tough and can carry a team He's got the really everything everything you're looking for. And he's he's serious too I've it's the it's the rare true freshman in my opinion that comes in with the attitude food that they're that they're a forty year old guy that has a mortgage day. You know I mean they WANNA kick in the door four six. AM getting the weight room and and and they want to go to bed at ten o'clock at night and they're just they're they're serious serious and they're go getters like that usually takes guys awhile doesn't it. Data may take a year to three four. Sometimes they never get it. But that's that's that's what I see with with Zach. Who would you compare him with as a running back from your experience as a player and a coach coach? You know it's like you just saw Franco Harris yesterday at the Super Bowl ran it through over the hallway Froze a little. He's not quite in the shape that he was he was where he was playing playing for the steelers but Canada. That reminded reminds me of the way play. You know just light on his feet and it big and thick and can run kind of Maybe more more modern like a Edgerrin James. What do you think Ben who would you? Who who do you compare Zach too? Well I think I think it's going to be interesting to see because You know in the offense. He ran in high school It's sort of mandated that he has some Some patients in the backfield and Sorta wait for that whole as opposed to You know sort of being committed in haywar running to that whole no matter. What Interesting to see I think I think sometimes times systems that they're playing in dictate Sort of WHO. They remind you of But he's he's he's obviously a little bit of a taller back You know not not the five nine five ten profile more of the six one but to your point he's got He has the ability to to shift from speed to power and back again. You can agenda gap. He can jump gap. Some guys can jump a gap. Some guys can jump to gaps. I mean he's got he's got the ability to jump gaps and he's that light on his feet. Let's go back a little bit and take us to your introduction of sports to your boys and that father some podcast we bring on the lucky sports parents talk about their. The kids are coming here to Michigan. Talk about how you got your boys involved in sports and some of those early father-son members that you have with the kids. Yeah a lot of fun you know Oh played a lot of sports myself growing up and You know one of the things I can tell you with Zach is you know Outta the chute he. He had a physical makeup to suggested should he was going to have tremendous gross motor skills and You know he he had he had you know traps on his arms when he was two or three years old. We're neighbors. I would say you know. Neighbors would say cheese. How many push ups do you make them do? A day sort of thing a- and the fact is that was just. That was just God's gift but I took them out I remember this distinctly taking them out. Oh it must have been after Christmas or his fourth birthday which is an early January Gave gotten a new a bike and we lived in a home that had alley behind it and I took them out to To teach them how to ride this bike and I I decided I would do it without training wheels. I had that much conviction fiction that we could learn that quickly. We didn't need training wheels. And so we go out in this alley and I in in a minute and a half later. I'm walking in the house and you can imagine mom right whether you know our baby boys out there alone. Now where's that where's it back and I said we're done you know he's he's writing. He's going to divert say what age he was. Four years old. It was two weeks eight or two weeks before its fourth thia Christmas time or for his birthday. which is January? We are bad. We're banner bad sports. Dad's we we we. We pride ourselves on being given you mean by five six. We've kind of collaborated in teaching our grandkids and kids the ride bicycles. And that's kind of become a thing for us. Yeah we think we're really good at it but we we pale in comparison right before for years old though we maybe our kids is good athletes. I you gotta go there. Usually yeah usually took us a day or two. I mean we'd have to do one day of kind of getting up there and getting it a little bit then the next day you come back back and you really got the confidence and hold on day two humidity half. That's just put him on the seat and just kind of pushed him down the driveway. Okay and it really was. We started at one of the alley. Put Him on a seat. gave them a little shove he went. And I said you know now re- reverse with your feet and you hit the brakes and didn't have wall wall and off. We went from there But he he learned so quick that I I can remember walking the walk in the House and my Gosh. We're done he's already already got it. I knew them that you know this kid. His kids just his balance is gross. Motor skills all that stuff sort of off the chart. I'm in so from there. You know he played a lot of baseball and a lot of basketball He played one year of football. And then what would be my definition which was too young. You know six years old or something like that And and frankly because you know he was profiling kind of as a running back linebacker sort of thing thing we we pulled them out of football and then let them play again until seventh grade. Just because we just didn't just didn't want the contacts. And what have you from those positions and you know for second third. They have a like a weight rule. I know in some of those pop warner teams. They if you're a certain way you can't be a running back and and they do do and in and out here. We call those that we call those X.. Men because they put a giant x on the back of the helmet when they are too big and yeah actually younger brother. There is that profile. Last year he played. Yeah Enzo Enzo played up division and he was still too big man. Yup but so yeah he like I say lots of basketball lots of baseball And then and then football and seven grade did you ever get involved in soccer at all. No no soccer beauchamp. Back in the seventies both sit. Here's tried to do my best bullshit Becker with this. and He'd come to a parent and he'd say side her is the greatest game ever invented the greatest game Bob ever invented until you're in the seventh grade then it's time to quit and play football soccer greatest game ever invented. An every American boy should play soccer until the eighth grade and then they should play. Football changed that I just I just left out. The Middle Party party uses say in every every American kids should play soccer. I did forget that until the eighth grade. And then it's time to quit and play football and it's tied to play the greatest sport ever invented. So what was it like when he picked up when he went back to the pigskin in seventh grade. Was it kind of just a natural thing from the go back he was. He had a wonderful. A full season led the team to the Super Bowl. I'll be a close loss And he had a great season and I remember telling mom after the season I said you know for his greatest that was he traded on all of his natural gifts and I said but I told her I said but I don't know yet if we have a football player you guys appreciating reshaping the difference from being just a good athlete on the field to sort of the attitude that it takes to be a football player So the answer. The short answer is yes. He had an unbelievable seven a great season the extended answer is we were we. Were playing at scrimmage eighth grade and one of the posing players really like the first or second play the game really just just billy clubs one of our players and scrimmages as you guys know in youth sports in between plays you're going into the Huddle in your coaching. And so oh after this particular play. I remember going to the dark sunglasses on and I'm yelling at the players in some way or to sort of get them going emotionally but I also remember definitively definitively staring at Zack in the eyes and there was just this conversion that went on there was a this this nastiness that showed up and he literally went on to dominate. That scrimmage and I guess probably four or five players for four or five plays later. I walked over to mom with a little tear rowing from the true story. True Story and I looked and I said just the you know we have a football player. The moment the wards cockles of the heart the remember until the dirt over the top of you. I truly believe this. I think the thing about football that makes it such a fantastic sport. Then maybe hockey's a little like this to there's that definitive moment in football when you get that feeling of get that look in here. I and you get the feeling about the game that I've got to rise up and I've got I've got mostly take control of this situation. I'm not so sure that it can be duplicated in in a lot of other sports how would you. How would you respond to that? I I completely agree You know obviously there's there's a camaraderie that comes with sort of grind. You know preparing for eight or nine months you know. For the for the small opportunity to go compete twelve times right Dif- different than other. spurts where you play so many games. But then also I don't know there's testosterone swagger there is a A confidence that comes with playing this game at an elite level and there is that moment that definitive moment and I I can tell you is act that that that look in those eyes. That's the moment he figured out. How to manufacture actually Britain themselves and he is repeated and repeated and repeated it? You know sort of on Game Day. So it's a fun thing for me just having a sense for what's going on in his mind you know just the comprehension if you will aware he's at emotionally to kind of see the body in Bela read that moment and pre game where it's you know. It's go time in his head. They say to have raised them really well. I I look at football football. I mean it. There was a time when it was like you know the sport for the toughest the fastest the strongest kids and and blocking and tackling tackling with the things that that made football and then it started getting to where one handed catches. Were you know the the only important thing and by say that to say. That Zach is throwback Kinda guy did not not a social media guy. He's not looking to see how many followers he could get on twitter. He straps it up and and buckles the Chinstrap and Ron's our blocks You know it's it's with. Its with a purpose to to play strong and toughened and fast and I really appreciate that about the the one thing. I see here in the short for five weeks at the that they've been here. This group of Eight Is A to me a really an unusual and fascinating any group. Because they've they've come together and they bonded as one and sack appears to me to be kind of the glue that holds together to some degree. Am I way off base on that or they all seem to be that way. Yeah you know it is. It's a really unique group. I mean that's my point. They get to class about twenty minutes early. That's the reports you know. They got all the materials arrayed ago. They they're they're all over here at the facility all the time. Cade McNamara's organizing kate passing groups him and Eric All are are throwing and and they're lifting Mazi Smith and David Joe Bower together at all times other lifting. They're they're going to class together roommates. You know it's it's it's great and you see him as a as a big group too but there's they they're so serious you know. They're really serious about about what they're doing. It's interesting looking looking at all the guys they they all rely on each other for different things. A good point like Eric was standing in this office coach and he mentioned that you said something you by again. The class and getting the lifts and Eric was like Yep I just talked to Zach Zach points me in the right direction and then it's all about the they they all. They're all leaning on each other for different things in different people and that's what's making them grow closer and closer together because that is difficult when you come in mid term like that. They're the freshman group his already. Here the other freshmen group is not isn't coming until August in a They have to rely on each other and they have to count on each other. Believe in each other To make that transition I think no doubt no doubt Midwest guy like you bet. Mary's a Gal from Paris France dare. I say I out kick my we all have we all have. So how. How did you meet your wife meet? We we actually worked together in Orange County separated by. I think six or seven floors but right You know I I remember her. First Day of employment with the firm and There was a clear twinkling eyes. She went walking past on the tour. You're and sure enough some six or seven months later we went. We went out on a on a Saturday. Lunch date and the rest is history. The rest is history. Actually my game plan if if if truth be told was to To sort of work hard and and grinding for more years before I considered Getting too serious but You know I guess after a month or two dating I met Zachariah and When I met him I it occurred to me that I did not want to wait around for this? Fatherhood thing That you know getting to know him Put me in a spot of if if you will of being in a rush Because I just I just enjoyed enjoyed being around him and enjoy the opportunity of influence on a young man life and You know and of course fell in love with mom which which led us to your point. The rest is history thanks. Ben Can't wait to see what the future holds present Chardonnay who as a freshman is currently the leading rusher on the Michigan football team. Louis Jewelers were in Arbor gets engaged in the rest of us. Get a lot of our drew. I Note Deanna Executive Assistant. She went over to Lewis. Got A beautiful pair earrings. I walk around every day with my wedding band from Lewis. Jewelers my wife's wedding band her engagement ring. She's got a really nice watch. All Louis Jewelers Your Diamond Store here in Ann Arbor and the best part about Louis. Jewelers is it's like a family store. They treat you like one of their own. They don't push you into anything they get you what you want to get you what you need and they help you maintain what you get. But they don't do all the added stuff to try to up charge you or upsell you IRA where they located. They're located at two thousand West Boulevard in Ann Arbor. They're always online at Lewis Jewelers Dot Dot Com. 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And we've always always had this concept of stillness like sometimes you just gotta be still for second. And that's when that's when the real ideas happen and real real connection happens it's a great concept the concept of sitting still an just putting your electronics down muting the television and sitting in room and Chattan. And I'm you have three boys and you're able to do that. That's actually a pretty impressive thing. Well it's just as we started when we were little their a little kids. You know like just mute the TV and and honestly that's when you can take a break from being you know ah Kinda captivated you kind of like a hostage of the TV already so you might as well just stop for a second and then you can think about something else also it just do something else you know. Just ask questions or talk or whatever take a break yeah. So that's that's been that's been good one. The thing that I've had a difficult time in the first person would tell you that as my wife. Jackie that it's hard for me to be quiet to listen to be silent but one one thing that With grandchildren now getting a second crack at it. Silence is not a bad thing. Just listen and sometimes did you hear nothing and just listening eventually. You know you're going to draw some conversation from your grandchildren or from your children. And I'm a seventy nine years old and I'm working on it. I'm quite not quite there yet. But I am working on seventy nine years young thank you. Yeah whatever's focused because you got three Three three boys that are really doing well in school and and on the athletic fields tells about you. Tell us about all three well. Yeah thank you. I'LL START I'll start with the youngest Carnegie his name and he's an. He's an eighth grader. Who's just in the process of applying for secondary school for for him so he'll probably maybe go into boarding school or some other school and the reason we're doing that because he's really good at basketball and up where we are? Maybe it's not as competitive so you know I've always just decided like hey you know what wherever we have to take mckim. That's what we'll also from early on. I started taking into Aau basketball team down in Harlem You know it's just a commitment and that's what we've done so he's a really good kid is a really good communicator. he's he's got got this. IQ kind of communication and maybe like emotional intelligence IQ. That's really high so You know I actually learned a lot from him. You think it's supposed to be the other way around but I really appreciate that. And then there's there's caches. He's the oldest HE'S A. He's a cornerback. At the University of San Diego through where you guys have connections yes Both both Mister Poach coach. Rbi Coach Auerbach. And so he's he's a rising junior really likes it there. He's he's done really well and and He's still have a long Christmas break so he's still back around here doing different things that go back about a week or so and And in and then there's Cornelius and you know he's a senior in high school Just signed with the University of Michigan. We couldn't be prouder of that Komo. He's a he's a wide receiver and You know so it's it's it's an amazingly You know exciting meantime for all of us and you know me as a dad. I'm just grateful and humble and open to whatever whatever comes next next. You mentioned your son Carnegie. And how intuitive he seems to be in sounds like he was kind of the one that also maybe kind of pushed his brother towards Knowing that Michigan was the right spot. Yeah well you know it's interesting. I mean those guys. They're like they're like peas in a pod and and they are very close and they've probably spent more time on the field together than any any of of the others. I myself included this throwing the ball back and forth. Because he's his Carnegie's actually also really tremendous football player but he chose rose chose basketball at least for now to focus on. But you know it's not that they give each other advice or the Carnegie gives Cornelius advice risk in families. You have this concept of stasis which is like you know states like the relative relationship that each each family member has with each other family member so we kind of become each other's lighthouses. You know so you may not ask the lighthouse where you're going going but you know it's over there and that tells you where you are and then as you grow you keep having to check your different relatives points Oreos because you're not saying what place. So so as they proceed forward they kind of check in with each other and Ping each other and you know my still hear hear you still there. Yesterday it was so good. Yeah Yeah Yeah So. There's a lot of that going on in the family and they they have a really good connection in that way. So I think it's more just. Hey are you looking at everything you know what was where did we start with all this. And what are all the things that we've always talked about and putting it all together so I think they did really well for question if I could. So you had the say benefit of having an older one be recruited and have a chance to go through the process and then and then The next one came along. What you're thinking chair might have changed your approach to things or or might have improved what The process. That's a great question. I mean for for caches. I he was running back up until until junior year and he was very good and then he switched to corner and so we were late in the process so he didn't have any eight corner cornerback film from Sophomore Year and I was new to the process. So I didn't really know that you're supposed to be out there to these camps and doing on these things and then he started taking you know he's had already been checking it very seriously and so we were a little bit late with him but and he keeps getting better in other words. He's still got. He hasn't peaked yet but he's still improving and in his You know the skill position science and then also physically So so you know so then. When it came around to to Cornelius he was is playing Varsity as a freshman cash. You know getting a little bit later later a bloomer. He wasn't playing varsity until until until sophomore year. So so it was a little bit different And you know as a first timer you you get tempted by all these different recruiting reading services and hey look you can get visibility and and we just started thinking of a different way. If you're good you're good and somehow pray a someone will find find out and there is also the miracle of of Huddle video and the miracle of Don Round around who is also around here. You know snooping around and I asked him. What did you find out? And he's just like that's my job is supposed. Go look around for talent. That's it's funny recruiting services. That's something that me as a director of recruiting it bothers me when when these services are out there trying to get young is a seventh eighth ninth graders to buy their service. Spend five thousand dollars and I will email you emma. All your film out and your information out in this and that and there's so many free services to you all and that I by the Michigan buys and other universities by that are free but we pay for to get that information that there should be no recruit out. They're paying money to be a part heart of any service. They're just all they're doing is giving on my email address which is clearly on Michigan's website. I mean that's about what they do for area so I'm glad you mentioned that it's something that's always irked me as bad parents spending money for recruiting services. I mean the thing thing is it. It's it can be challenging. Because we went to caches waiting for him. We would go to a website and you find a person's email but they're getting lots and lots of emails to different people and so we finally what I what I learned is go all all the way down to the very bottom of that list and at taught and find like one person who's like a graduate assistant who can actually access and then talk to that person person who's kind of like you know at the at the ground floor so to speak and see if you can through through just good conversation get get him to agree to maybe look at some film and then you know maybe that guy he's got maybe see something and and he's okay. Yeah you know I I showed its own so so whatever at least you start a conversation that way because you can't call up the head coach and go. Hey Guy for you know. Even if you're a high school told you sometimes can't do that. How how much was your high school coach there? How much help was he able to to give you in the process I would? Let's say that He was he was very helpful. you know and and the thing is I mean it's it's a learning process for all of us including putting him. I don't think that he's he's ever been in a situation where where he had. So many where he was able to reach out? or or even had somebody coaches calling on him because we honestly haven't really had that level of of of of recruiting talent nationally finally recruited player at this school. It's IT'S A. It's a good school for football but it hasn't always been that way you know so we always get that knock. That Connecticut isn't competitive It's getting more competitive And you'll see some some some nice diamonds Come out of this area but I would say. Now he's definitely got got the hang of it and he can pick up the phone and call even for players is it you d three d one AA and he's very comfortable with doing that. Club Johnson here and attack each day. The harbaugh's podcast. Claude is the dead of Cornelius. Ordinarily Johnson who is going to be or is a member of Michigan's class of twenty nineteen. You talk about the Connecticut. I believe three guys will be on the roster in the fall from the state of Connecticut that may be outside of Yukon. Maybe the lead in the country. You guys have a knack. He mentioned Dombrowski. What is it about Dan and that area coast? He seems to find these guys to reap black and he talked about Cornelius. jek stores coming in this a dancing. Those guys and I say the Connecticut guys cut up man. Men with the mask is and the all new end equity pay in Rhode Island Tariq Black Ben Mason and Sean mccune and the maker Cornelius Johnson. There I mean the good thing. Is they all play. You know they're all they're all play they give no grief They're not allergic to work. And and these guys come in here and they're they're really good players. They're good teammates and I think they're the raised it's really well and and You know you talk about Dot Brown. Dot Brown's definitely been really been the key. I just did a week of recruiting recruiting with Don in Connecticut Central Mass and I We spent most of his whole career coaching. He knows every every high school coach coach There they they walk in and Don Walks in. And it's it's you know it's a reunion it's one of the coaches even say Don Brown and Massachusetts. There's there's Bill Belichick never wanted d'abre number two that's the ranking. That's the ranking. Tom Brady ready number three. That's that's how he thought of their you know it's it's great. I'm trying to pick up the kind of the key the keys. Maybe six to ten key words. You know that the talk like a person from central mass. You know yachts. How many yards did he get? Ah exactly that's funny but it's awesome and a plan that you know they're clot said it you know we're saying here. The Guy's from Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island. Uh they come here and there and they're all they all play and they all work hard and they get good grades and they've got really good support from home. You know there's no there's no soft shoulder to cry on it doesn't it appears to me that way. And they they get they get good advice on you know in they support. Support the coaches here. I mean I think of all the parents that their of our players from that area. It's not like there's criticism of the of the coaches at the doctors or you know it's the the they support and to give them the right advice. Claughton played in cold weather. That is That's important factors off Claudio. Your perspective on the the value bringing Cordelia can't come in here for the camp experience you getting to watch him During that camp experience what was it like for you and what it's like for him. Yeah you you know that I just wanted to say since you mentioned New England and and Brady and Belichick. When when Cornelius was six years his old I took took all the boys to their first football. NFL Game First football game and it was at Gillette Stadium. It was October seven in two thousand seven and the Patriots beat the browns thirty four to seventeen house. I must have had gotten the bonus or something so we sat in the front row in the upper deck and somehow it made an impression on them and now you know all these years later we're watching The Patriots go to the Super Bowl again and and I think that's when they fell in love with with the sport. And and so you know we've we've always had in cornelius has always had a real admiration Asian for for for excellence You know for greatness and so one of the things. He was looking forward to chance here. Question about campus. Is You get a sense of greatness or not wherever you go and he he. He's really really highly attuned to guys who are haters Brady or Lebron and coby or Mj. I'm Jay you can't really hate somebody that's just truly great if you're a fan of greatness and a student of greatness and that's what we've always had that's what we do when we're when we when we we talk about stuff like that you know and just reflect on it and so so when we when we got to when we got to Michigan actually can campus but not not just the camps but the the official visits everything about it was. It's just it's great and it's not just great and the Emoji sense but like really great like greatness and you could tell and I think that's what that's what resonated resonated with Cornelius and with us from the whole process things Claude things. Ben Thanks and Derek thank you to podcast one and our sponsors Shino I know and Louis Jewelers and thanks all of you for listening this week. You can contact us on twitter at a deep

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