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Mini prison wrote a letter to Congress


This is a fence. Dj and Oh I tell you if I moved to the. Midori only had to write to my congressman once once when my wife was alive and what was done about the election and but this is the second one that I had to write because I am very disappointed. Input sure others that had this happen to them. You know what I'm talking about. If you listen to past few segments my check went to a very close to count delegate close as December a now I have to be stuck like other people had to be stuck waiting on a paper Does not going to be mailed until the twenty fourth of April and then it goes higher up for people in a high a baptist. But I mean this is absolutely insane. Because they didn't put the the thing website in a few days ago. Dan Crash keep having arrows. Couldn't even change the information on tax return so went to turn the turbo task. They accepted in but they still went to the very close to count. The count went ahead. The Delta Sky Miles for the debt of the debit card was the old Deputy card the airline discontinued the back. December Leeann I had problems trying to get a Tan for both both Chinatown for it to You know the State Account The Social Security I would they will get it transferred to a different account but I had to change the two different accounts. I mean it was a bit of a hassle in this is a bit of apple a hassle and I don't know how this thing is GonNa go but I had the very letter that I wrote represented a billion long. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that all rhode email or wrote a letter to the congressman. So just to kind of Billy. Long and then also senator Joss Holly. I'm just hoping that won't go that far. But definitely representative Representative Bill along in a Josh Holly so I hear is the letter that I wrote in. That had to start over again. Oh come on come on get with. It said this this this has been very slow and always have to make like a starting over all over or restart come on okay. So here's the letter that I wrote an and there's also on my facebook page you a a little bit or on to be on the market to sell. His letter says said there need to be here. There needs to be investigation into why read the Baden went to a close of quote account. I went and put information on Temple tag with the new threat. Deposit Information with the IRS. And it lets But by the time the layers might payment started after the site went down finally found out that my stimulus check went to closed account that was closed does December. I am very angry and because of that I am forced. Wait until I get it by slow mail and come to find out. I am not the only one that it happened to the account that was closed. What a debit travelcard. That was that was discontinued by airline end bank and I loved that card and now I am a victim now because of what the irs want waited way too long. I didn't want to wait until I get the slow mail and also please support the second stimulus check the the people people act because the longer does go the more we are going to be hurting the the more. We're going to be hurting. Still thank you so basically you'll see it on the Marci but that's basically what I wrote to Representative Kelly along. This show is going to get a couple of days to think about it. But then they probably saw everybody probably should be back in the district right about now. I'm pretty sure everybody was the same victim. Like I am. Neither went to the wrong account on went to those even not on the news already. People check what's going to the wrong account closed accounts get people's account yet. I kid you not gay people to Gamble. And also they went to the. You know their accountants account. I mean it's it's it's a mess and now fortunately part of that circus circus rights. Great and I've been so stressed out of everything that's been happening from Passover. Wwe held think. This I mean my buddy felt like I was fading away I felt like I was literally GonNa fade away that tired. I mean it was unbelievable I had then when I got up after I went to sleep like billy long lead. I'm sure other people have done the same thing. I'm gonNA write him a letter. It already made the news already. Meet the local news already. You Know Sarah Chess going the wrong way is the flight data style. Unbelievable unbelievable so anyway. That's it for these stimulus. Check Update I won't be able to update the delight. Get into the slow snail mail on update dead but I dunno comes on a Monday. I'm screwed because the air if it goes Monday. It won't be till Monday night so but if you are getting a very slow mail of Slow Mail. Paper check Informed delivery by the United States postal services way to be able to check the easiest was checked By in these slow snail mail. I got informed delivery combined complexes and I don't go to mail almost every day though He could check it out on the United States. Postal Service website and then go to set up an informed delivery account so that way you could check and see what the heck if in your mailbox because stop make a stop. Wake up boy twenty twenty. That wasn't Barris Mint Weldon harassment twenty twenty.

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