How To Make Money ($900) In 2 Hours Trading Stocks


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Whoever you are and you'll automatically be subscribed to email list you'll get our free masterclass on how you can get started learning the market and taking control of your finances all right? Let's get into the show in this video. I WANNA show you guys how you can actually Prophet six seven eight hundred dollars in the span of just a few hours okay. I'm GONNA show you realize case that he x net justice Friday and how it shot up hundred and seven percent okay. Sounds like a lot and it is and that's why you know people like me. Recommend Penny stocks is because even though it's volatile even though it is some risk get involved if you understand how to play the risk and how to factor it in you can be safe with your investing okay. Excellent was actually stocked wasn't even on my radar. So I'm GONNA stick you guys with the entire process how we find the best stocks had analyze them how to choose when to buy and then went to sell okay so the whole process process and the reason penny stocks is because there's always a certain rush whenever you start to get into a trade. Okay it's rare okay Certain trading days. If you're careful smart stock trader. There's a potential that you won't even have any traits so don't think that opening. Oh because your day trader you're GonNa be trading every day you need to choose the most optimal and ideal set ups and use the different stock screener on Thin Viz equity feed td ameritrade trade. All of those are good advance stock trading but excellent I was actually on the move so I was actually just using Robin Hood and Google in order to profit off of it so I want to show you guys how you can do that so really just from Google right when you type in the stock price it'll show you this chart and gene and this is a decent amount of analysis for you to be able to just do some quick research. The only reason this is not all encompassing and the reason you'll want to be in your trading platform is so that you can look at level two and you can live at the volume of shares being traded all this. That's not fully reflected here and I'll constantly constantly just give you a refresh update of where the stock prices at. But let's start from beginning hat. We come across this stop now. What happens is you always want to keep an eye on the top gainers of the day in the top losers of the day so as soon as what we saw on Friday right for some reason the five day everything the stock was normal? Nothing not change right between two thirty to thirty five and you can take a look here. This awesome reading the stock price over the last five days. No action okay fairly flat now all of a sudden you start you can see. It closed. Thursday October twenty fourth four. PM That's when the stock market closes right then. Boom all of a sudden in the morning it's already up. A certain percentage points not too much about the ten percent. But if you look even a little bit later now is riding up. It's almost up seventy cents high. That's almost about twenty thirty percent that and so now this starts getting on everybody's radar now. That's one of the reasons why I recommend trading in a chatroom because if you're in a chat room you have a group of traders you have a collective people will be able to call out different stocks now of course with any alert just because somebody's called it out doesn't mean it's it's necessarily the right time to buy okay and so this is what I took advantage of a new rule that I've seen has been working phenomenally in twenty nineteen and sure it's going to be good in twenty twenty going forward is I caught the double top rule. So let's let's dive in a little bit right so now all of a sudden looking at a let's look at the one day chart okay. I'm zoomed in a bit. So you can kind of understand. We're looking just at a one day chart now here. We see that okay had already peaked a bit and and then even here there's already a certain peak. That's happened three eighty three eighty six a lot of morning volatility right. If you guys are interested I'm GONNA make a separate video on this in the morning. That's when the stock market is the most volatile the secondhand opens because all of the pre-trading activities. All kinds of flushing we. Now all of this queued up orders that would put in your by order yourself order now. You must have placed overnight or in the morning before the stock market open been. All of those are being executed at the same time all right so in the morning there's a lot of volatility and then things start to calm down around eleven o'clock so what I'd like to see is okay after all of the morning. Marash where did the stock top Outta three eighty six now. Three eighty six is good. The usually around this time the volume drops back down especially around twelve launch it dropped back down but of establishing double top rule that has been working working very well from a technical analysis and point which means that on the same day you're following a stop that's going up trend like x net right at this point at a three eighty six. It was already I think almost up close to double it was like sixty seventy percent. All eyes were on the stock already. And now you don't want to chase all right. That's why I wanNA make this video. Show you the hindsight of a lot of people are able to talk about socks days later until you wearing a buy and sell. But this stock assaulted southbound triggered it very well and very happy with the prophets that I made so I wanNA showcasing our how we were able to make one nine hundred dollars in the span of a few hours so the saw three eighty six. That's where I'm mark down and said it as an alert that I was going to be alerted on my phone. The Second X.. Net got hit at three eighty six again a- and so if you're if you're working and you know you a lot of questions I get asked this how can you trade. Why were you know while you have have another job and this is one of the ways? Okay if you're able to even have some sort of time to look at the Stock C- be activated by this chat room. I was on the ballot. I was busy. How's that work house handling things? So I said an alert for three eighty six excellent okay and then I got that alert somewhere around around here after lunch. I remember I got that alert right here. Boom this was when I knew that act because I got a trigger that this is the normal normal high of the day three eighty six so once it passed again went higher to thirty. That's a new high on the day. And that's a very important part part of trading because a lot of technical analysis a lot of psychological rules are involved in trade and technically the rule is at anytime of stock breaks. It's old hi. It's called the breakout right. When it is has a point of Resistance everytime stock is trying to go up higher it hits his mark goes down. That's what you see. All these peaks added never went up but if it breaks through an old high it gives a new found confidence in the Stock Doc. And that's where I knew that I was able to run so I bought almost thousand shares. I believe eleven twelve hundred shares right around there around three eighty something. I wanted to catch it and I was on my phone so I did a market order. Not The smartest but I think I got somewhere around the three nineties range and I just got lucky I was holding it. I was thinking I was just going to take a small profit on the go SMART TACTIC here important. Okay because I was on the gum. I didn't want to lose money. I wasn't fully watching the stock. Okay so what I did was I said a trailing stop loss On Robin Hood. Okay three ninety eight after across the four dollar mark. Now let me explain okay again. Trainings means all psychology. When you're sitting trading and all the other price action that's happening the price going up and down it's all because somebody on the other side of the of on their Screen is either implementing to buy or sell order based on the action. Okay so traders and you have to understand that in today's world at twenty nineteen going forward about half the trades I wouldn't say going on are almost automated softwares quad trading there's lazy brokers just setting their numbers at whole numbers at four dollars so I knew that anytime the stock would go down to four dollars. It would be a force to buy and you can take a look at that with the level two you can see it was you know. Hundred thousand orders stacked up through the level two okay and for for those of you don't know level too is a software or jesse feature that trading platforms. Have that allow you to see the the orderbook okay. Because all that's going on in the stock market is that there's a bunch of buys a bunch of cells and the stock market is constantly going in whichever direction and there's a high enforce or a higher pull or push towards okay so in this scenario I saw broke the new high. I gotTA learn it on my phone. I instantly only went and bought a thousand shares again. I didn't do a limit order even though I always recommend it because I just knew that there was a lot of volume and a lot of momentum going on this was a Friday afternoon. And what happens during these times. Sometimes there's short-squeezes with that basically means and again. I know already just in the last couple of minutes over a lot of terms so you don't feel free if you need to watch this video understand it. If you have any questions at all all leave a comment below and I'll make sure I'll be able to go in detail about the answer or how to clarify the understanding for you but I knew automatically that this was going to be a runner because on Friday afternoons if people are shorting what'll happen is at the so short. You're doing the opposite of the normal transaction. You I sell it and then what you have to do. Is You have to basically have a loan out and you have to cover. So you're hoping that the stock price is going to be cheaper so you can repay your stock long back essentially and make profit off the difference. Okay so I'm going to make a separate video shorting but in general what happens. Is that when there's some trouble or some uncertainty in stock. What might happen happen is at the short? The people who have shorts get squeezed and this momentum was pretty much a result of short squeeze where a lot of people who are short. Didn't want to be short over the weekend. So they just wanted to cover their position and get out close out their trade and what that involves for shorter's orders is that it lot leads them to buy and when they're buying it caused a large spike momentum words and that's how we were able to profit and I got super lucky even though this has three sixty five. I'm pretty sure I got out before this before for pianos. Able to get out. Make about ninety cents a share around four eighty three ninety sold out for eighty and see if we can do the math so I had about ninety shares ninety cents profit off of a thousand shares. Yeah that's about right and I think it might have been eight hundred ninety something but it was really pretty fun because it was all within the span of about an hour and a half in the by trigger fell around this to thirty five and I was out up here somewhere. This shown four sixty five but I think this was a low flowed stock so there was a lot of price volatility. Certain you'll see when you start. Trading is the price changes about every three to five seconds and so when I was watching this route three forty there was so much volume volatility. The price was changing about five. Six cent increments At a time so is able to sell a put in the cellar and was able to sell here but finishing finishing up. This one last idea that I had before one last concept was when you put it in the stop loss when you put in at least on Robin Hood when you're putting a stop loss that's your protection right. That's saying that basically if the stock falls below a certain threshold then in automatically cell and the reason that's safe and smart is because then you know that you're not going to be worried about a massive dip in the stock price and God forbid it's wrong long in the wrong direction. It's not going hired like you thought that you going to be able to minimize your losses and get out of the trade but what happens is is you have to understand. The trailing loss is not always the best tactic because you're shares that you put to put a thousand shares at a trillion south loss there now now locked up and so you have to cancel that trade before you can put in a sound order all right. So that's you know I want the show you guys real case that the x net. This stuff is going on every day pretty much now. There's a lot of fast gains in the stock market. I honestly want to take a a quick look on whether or not yet okay. So it's funny because you know you win some you lose some so. I actually made good amount of money in x net but I was trying to follow the same philosophy awesome on our BC. And I unfortunately lost money so that kind of netted out a little bit. I think I was up about six hundred dollars on the day so still great Come on take a look at some of these other crazy gainers here. This percentage change but a phys dot com is a great platform to be able to kind of see the change in the prices of certain stocks and keep an eye on them. But you really wanted to make this an easy video to show you that you can even just do a google. Aw Robin Hood On your phone doesn't require. Any fancy technology is required. Any fancy tactics It just requires you to be able to consummate the learning understand the patterns that are going on and then had implement the Rent Strategy Prophet. Hope enjoyed that podcast. Then we went into a lot of detail but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at admin eighty and I N in penny stock dot com and feel free to comment review and subscribe that way get notified immediately when we drop the new podcast send focusing on dropping the new podcast every day. So on your commute to work mark on the Jim Whenever you're walking or even just for a casual briefing on what's going on in the markets you can definitely get an episode from here in Penny Stock Stock and finally always let me know about what topics are interested in either via the review. Or emailing me and

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