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Now the lace welcome to first glass fatherhood. Welcome everybody to three hundred. Thirty two with a podcast. I am happy always to be here with you. Think if stopping by if this is your first time listening to the A PODCAST. Please get over there. In Baghdad subscribe button. You do not want to miss all the action. It's coming your way right here on First-class Fatherhood Right dads. I have an awesome guests for you guys. Today Dan Abrahams is the host of live P. He has also been the chief. Legal correspondent for NBC and the chief legal analyst and anchor for ABC News as well as the anchor for nightline. He is also an entrepreneur in two thousand nine. He launched his own media new side. He has continued to grow his media. Website Services is also a New York Times bestselling author. He has a new book out which he was kind enough to send me titled at John Adams under fire. The founding fathers fight for justice in the Boston massacre murder trial. He's going to tell us about that. And so much more coming up Dan Abrahams will be here with me just a few minutes so please stick around for the interview. And today's interview with Dan. Abrams was recorded on video. And is available for you guys on my Youtube Channel. So if you'd like to watch the conversation between myself and Dan Abrahams please subscribe to first class by the hood on you to the link is in the description of today's podcast episode. Next week I'm going to have three fresh episodes coming at you including the number four ranked. Ufc Welterweight fighter Leon Rocky Edwards also. Joining me next week. We'll be former super bowl. Champion Ryan Harris Locking Into My instagram account at Alec underscore ways to find out. Who else will be joining me here and my kids school has pushed back the return date to May now. I have a feeling it's going to be for the rest of the school year. A hope everybody out there is managing. Well we kids being home from school. I wonder how this is GonNa Affect Snow Days. Moving forward here on the east coast. I would imagine that now. The kids have off of school because of snow. They're going to have them. Do this online School from home thing this way. They don't have to tack on days at the end of the school year but I mean it remains to be seen. I'm sure that maybe one of many changes to come as a result of this corona virus pandemic Seems to be flattening out here so just stay safe stay healthy and stay tuned to First-class Fatherhood and please as always helped me push this podcast around to any father. That's in your neighborhood or India contact lists let them know about the show that celebrates fatherhood and family life fatherhood rocks family values rule and every day is father's Day right here with me and I'm going to be right back with New York Times bestselling author Dan Abrahams Alec Lease. And you're listening to I last fatherhood all right. Dad's I've got a question for you. What are you doing all your photos? 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All you gotTa do is pay the shipping and handling go visit Canvas People Dot Com upload your photo and enter the Code Fatherhood at the checkout and you're going to receive an eleven by fourteen cameras people print for Free. Just take care of shipping and handling go visit them today canvas people dot com. Use the Promo Code. Fatherhood joining me now. First-class Father Dan Abrahams welcome to First-class Fatherhood. Good to be with you. Let's start here. How many. How old are they? I've got one son his name Everett. He's seven and he just lost his his third tooth. Well that's awesome. You got involved in any sports or activities just yet. Oh Yeah. He's a big soccer player So he's obsessed with soccer Likes to play tennis a lot as well But soccer's is His passion he's just become in which is kind of a bummer for me because I was as a kid growing up I played just about every sport except for soccer And so I have like old cards like hockey cards basketball cards in football or baseball. And all that and all my son wants to talk about his soccer European soccer. And I'm like I don't know anything about this. I'm trying to learn. Yea I'm right there with you Dan. I never kicked a soccer ball around as a kid played everything else in my and I ended up. Coaching my kids all the soccer. You get a chance to coach with any of the teams that you kind of enjoy all at from the sideline Ni- yet but But you know I hope like he's he's actually into baseball as well so I'm hoping that as that comes back that I'll get a war ball. Dan If you could please just take a minute here to hit my listeners. But a little bit about your background and what you do I am. I do a bunch of things. I'm the legal correspondent for ABC News. I host a show on Sirius. Radio on the POS channel called the Dan Abram. Show off in two to three every day. I host a show called live. Pd ON A and I host a show called Court Cam which I produce some on a any. I write books and I own a media company which owns a bunch of websites in actually owns that a television network called law and Crime Network which covers trials From beginning to end so I got my hand in a lot of different Pots yet. Incredible Dan I really respect the hustle there so all these things going on about. How old were you when you became a father and how to becoming a dad kind of change your perspective on life. I was an older debt so so I became a dad at a forty six And Look in. L. It's it's funny because we were talking to my son. The other day about the day was born and his mom talks about the fact that I cry and he says the data. I've never seen you cry before. And I said Yeah but I've never had a baby boy before. So you know for me. It was a was everything it was that life changing moment Where you know everything. That matters comes together and You know still still the most exciting day and I gotTa Tell. You you know the downside of course of everything. It's been going on with the current viruses that we have to spend a lot more time at home and the upside is that I get to hang out with my son a lot more. So there is a silver lining. Yom Right there with you. Dan I got four kids myself and I love the fact that we're spending a lot more family time. I I think it's awesome. But for that point though the silver lining of it I think is great. Also it gives you more time to read which I think is pretty cool too and we're GONNA get your book and just a second year but what kind of books do you. I'm a ferocious reader myself. I always encourage my kids to read. What kind of books do you have your son reading right now? What kind of books do you always recommend for him? So you know I mean. Look as it happens. You're you're catching me on the day. After he lost his tooth last night is to lose so we had him reading a couple books on losing a tooth So that is now. Is The topic. That happened to be a friend of mine. He likes to read books About soccer he likes to read books about animals about travelling. So the key for me is just making sure he's reading And and if that means you know giving him the choice of the topics that's great as long as he's reading that's good enough for me. One hundred percent and Your newest book here now is number one in legal history on Amazon John Adams under fire. I love what you do here. With the presidential tie INS to the court cases. How difficult is it for you to do the research for books like this? And what can you tell the listeners about it? So this is the third book in a series. Now with a co-op David Fisher and these books don't happen without David Fisher considering how many other things I'm I'm doing but I I get really passionate about these stories that get really involved in the writing process. I am. I END UP SPENDING. You know when people say to me. How do you manage these things? My answer is always like I'm fine until one of the books is happening and then I'm so busy and overwhelmed but the research David ends up doing a lot of it now. I say that me a reminding people that every one of these books has been centered around transcripts we the actual words from the trial and in this book John Adams under fire. We have the transcript of John. Adams defending the much despised British soldiers in the Boston massacre case this is a case that could have led to the American revolution. And the reason it didn't is because a brave John Adams represented the did the much hated soldiers and people ended up having faith in the law and the legal system. And it's a two hundred seventeen page transcript with John Adams in his own words and it really serves as kind of the foundation for our legal system in many ways. So that's it's been really exciting about all these books. All of them involved a transcript and so the research obviously starts first and foremost with reading the transcript of the trial yet. That's awesome Dan. I I gotta be honest as a reader myself. I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Because years ago I would always say I would never do an audio book. I'm a guy that always gotta have the book and hold it but lately I find myself especially with nonfiction. I can't find myself fiction but I drive a lot of Uber and I'm always listening to audio books. Now do you do the audiobook yourself with this or How do you go about putting you audiobook together? So I did the introduction and the end of the book but I didn't have time to do the rest of the book on audio would've taken four days and again you know. This is the downside of doing as many things as I'm doing right as passionate about this book You know every single word was crafted carefully. Thought about I just couldn't spend four days in the audiobook so I do the introduction and and the end of the of the book is well what what kind of age range would you say is a good to start reading this. The the series Dan so so look into series range is the first book is about. Ca- Lincoln's last try to murder. Case Abraham Lincoln defending a murder defendant nine months before he gets the Republican nomination. We've got a transcript of that case second. One is Theodore Roosevelt defending himself in a case where he was sued on the stand for eight days. You know these are at times like the the Roosevelt case liable. You don't have to be a lawyer You just can see Theodore Roosevelt. It his own words on the witness stand but I would say that because we're talking about a murder case in Lincoln trial. We're talking about a murder case in Boston massacre case you know. I would say late high school to start. I mean you know. Even that's probably a little young but look I would love it if high schools were teaching. Some of what What we're writing about that. Of course you know that there is no top end when it comes to history and I get a lot of people say oh my Dad's my dad's a huge history often You know I gotTa get him this book and so you know so. It's at that ends up. Being a lot of the readers ended up being you know if for some reason it's more fathers than mothers loved. These history books. Maybe I know what the reason for that is. That's just anecdotal. But I I hope it's both yeah. Let's say I'm a big history guy myself. I love to read these books. And right now we have the time. So I'm definitely gonNA drop the link in the description of podcast episode so my listeners. Check out the entire series of the rectum right over to your website there. And you know what? 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Many of you have hit me up saying that you would like to start your own podcast. I am telling you right now. Anchor is the easiest way to get this done number one. It's free. I have never paid a dime to publish any of my podcasts. And their creation tools. Allow you to record and edit right from your phone or your computer anchored those all the distribution as well so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more also you can make money with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. What are you waiting for? Download the free anchor APP today or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. And you don't let me rain this back into you as a dad here Dan. What type disciplinarian are you as a father is different than the discipline? Style that you grew up with it is not that dissimilar from from the disciplinary style that I grew up with you know. I'm a big believer that there's a way to talk to even a young child without raising your voice to make a point When it comes to discipline you know if you guys have a relationship right if your son you know in my case as one son you know he knows me and he. I hope and I think respects me and knows that he sometimes doesn't do when I say right. I'm not gonNA suggest that every time. I asked my son to do something he doesn't that doesn't happen but on the second or the third time when there's a question about how to get it done you know. I talked to him as a person you know. I seen him come on the same way that I would talk to a friend. You know come on what did I do you know? Did I tell you but you know I go back with him on the facts? You know the way you know. I'm like wait a SEC. Because he he likes to get me says you promise you promise this well. Let's let's talk about the facts that when I told you that when I promised you that we'd be able to you know a go play. Soccer did not also tell you. You said that you that you'd have to finish your homework. Yeah but I did finish it but did you really did you finish all the handwriting styles. Awhile okay that's all I'm saying so so I think that's the way to do the discipline. At least for me talked on like a person and you know I think you get a good a good response yet have very well said and one thing. I talk about on my show a lot here. Dan One of the main focuses of the podcast that we have like a real fatherless crisis going on in the country way too. Many kids are growing up without a dad in their life or father figure in their life and at least some real trouble in our society and one of the things a lot of the data hit me with is especially in the world here where we want everybody to be equal but in the eyes of the court system when it comes to divorce and child custody a. Lotta guys start from underneath the bus here and I know that you know I. It's different in some states summer. More Pro Dad states than others Do you From a legal standpoint. Do you see this is getting better anytime soon? And maybe we're the DADS and the MOMS could start at a level playing field when it comes to this issue. I think that that I have to tell you. I think these days dads and moms do come from level plant guy. That's not. You don't agree with that but but but I do think that is a legal matter. You're now seeing A real level of parody in the courts when it comes to MOMS and dads and I covered extensively a case involving. I know who she was a celebrity. I read about the case. Women that Kelly Rutherford who whose kids get taken from brokers or Dad because the dad is German and based on a whole set of circumstances the kids get taken to Germany to live with the dad while states. Mother loses custody. Not based on anything that she did her set and you know as I followed that case so closely it was a reminder to me that mothers don't have The the sort of inherent advantage that they long have no question they had It's just a question of whether the system has moved and I get it that they're going to be some people who say no. No No. Wait a SEC. Dads are still at a disadvantage. I'm not seeing that Looking at it from a sort of macro perspective but I will also tell you that I'm not basing that on you know statistics right now. I hadn't researched it before we before we decided to talk so there may be numbers out there that show that I'm wrong but my own experience doesn't Doesn't back that up. Yeah and that will be charging to to see for future here to Dan because I think really we get our families strengthened in our country. Here I think for one. I think a lot of the problems that we're seeing would start to really go away. I think we struck an family units. I think is really important and that could be the key to it. You know so and getting back to what you do here as a lawyer. What kind of advice do you have for parents out there? That have kids in high school that are hoping and passionate about pursuing a career in law. What kind of advice? Which which route should they take? We'll look you know. I always say to people pursued a law. You WanNa be a lawyer. I get some parents who tell me well you know. I just think that the law would be a good education in my answer to them. The things they could do those three years as a lot of money that they could make those three years unless they really want to be a lawyer. But you know someone who wants to be a lawyer. I say. Start with debate club in high school. It's a great way to start in college. Think about the kind of major that you WANNA have be at history political science something there may be even be in some schools three law which is which is a nice way to do it but but but don't get too narrow focus still get that broad education because law vas a lot of different things. There's a lot of different ways to be a lawyer. And there's a lot of different specialties. Within the law So so think about it when you're in college definitely try and take the opportunity to maybe do Debating student government or something that could be useful in thinking like like a lawyer. That don't get too narrow because there are a lot of opportunities within the law to do a lot of different things yet. While set in another big part of your life you're obviously is media and so much of our lives revolves now around media and technology and struggle for a lot of parents. Out here is is with all the devices that the kids are on. I go through my kids. How do you kind of handles your son swiping screens already? And do it all that stuff. How do you handle or monitoring technology and games and all that stuff where your son? Yeah I mean look. It's challenge right. I mean the idea of limiting you gotta limit time yes. My son uses an IPAD. You feel like you're like a bad parent right. You're like yes off. It's true he uses an Ipad of but you know we limit the time you know we say you know he gets up in the morning Before you know before we do Yeah you can watch your IPAD for royal a few minutes. But then you gotta you gotTa wake up and you know. There's some time he can do later in the day play some games etc but you just gotTa limit the time You know I think that I think that the parents I worried the parents who have all out ban what's going to happen to them is what happened when I was a kid to the parents who didn't let their kids eat any candy at all right. Then they come over to the house of a kid who did have candy and they'd go crazy on the candy And so so I think as long as it's in moderation as long as it's monitored as long as it's controlled long as you you have an agreement on how much time you know that that seems to me to be the answer. Yeah Great Point there down love the analogy and you've had so much success already. What kind of goals you have here or plans for future in the books as far as maybe documentary series or anything going with that. What other kind of goals you got. Yeah we're in talks about creating a series based on the books. We've got a fourth book in the series coming which we haven't announced yet exactly what it is but it'll be related to a president based on transcript of a a great trial it's been It's been largely forgotten So it's just you know it's a continues to be a really busy time for me. You know my my lawn crime network just got picked up by a bunch of big cable carriers. So we're going to be on those in so it's it's a lot of the Oughta BALANCING MY TIME AMONGST MONTA. Different things. Yes obviously. We're all kind of right in the middle of this epidemic. That swept the world to your. How much has it affected and put on? Hold everything that you do you at a standstill pretty much for everything or are you still rolling along somewhere in between. I obviously can't go to the office. Certain aspects of what I do I can do You know I'm continue writing. I can certainly do that. Can still be running my business. But I'll tell you my lawn crime business. Which covers live trials in? There are no live trials right now. We're just shut down my my live studio of for a while on the other hand my digital media properties are seeing more traffic than ever before my sight media hype. Dot Com is is really. You know having a more web traffic. I'm going to be doing a lot of my shows remotely. I'm going to be doing live CD or CAM Remotely at least for now. So you know. We're trying to manage and balance both being able to you. Don't try childcare. The way I had before so needed which is as I said before which is a great thing in terms of an opportunity to get more time with my son but also means that I have to figure that out with balancing my work a little bit more during the day very cool and lasting. I WanNa hit you with here. Dan. I love to ask all the data on the podcast. What type of advice do you have the new dad or for that about to be father? Who's out there listening? Well I guess for a for a New Dad I'd say joy the time now. It's a I still have pictures of those first. Few weeks sits at her up and You know it was. It was just a great bonding time between me and my child and I'd say the two dads to get the opportunity to take the paternity time. take it if you can If you can't Remember how important those moments are 'cause at every age you look back and you sat can't believe how quickly this is got And these are the precious moments of the most important thing in our life very well said I loved the message. There's been an honor for me. I gotTa say Dan Abrahams your first last father all the way and thank you so much for a few minutes of your time on First-class Fatherhood thank you. It's good to be with you Back to wrap things up here up. I last fatherhood I gotta give a special thank you once again that Dan Abrahams for giving me a few minutes of his time. Here so cool. Who SENT ME UP ON TWITTER? Guys drive on history and let me know what you thought about. Today's podcast episode. I always loved to read it feedback and make sure you check out his new book Jon Abrahams under fire. The link is in the description of today's podcast episode lacking next week I got three fresh episodes coming at you including the number four ranked. Ufc fighter in the world. Leon Rocky Edwards lock it into my instagram account at Alec Underscore Lace for all the upcoming guest announcements. Opie guys have a great weekend out there. Alec. Thank you for listening to. I remember guys. We are not babysitters fathers. And we're just fathers. We Are First Class Fathers is.

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