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Six ten on seven hundred wwl W is carrier. Talk presented by Kelsey, Chevrolet. I'm Lance. McAlister thanks for making your way here. Hang out for a while. We've get three hours to get it done tonight a little bit of this little bit of that we. Will. Bring you a guest coming up in a couple of different topics along the way as well. What do you still get caught up in the headlines? And then we go? We start with baseball. Where the players union was awaiting a response from the owners. After the players made their latest counterproposal last night, the players proposal included playing one hundred twelve games. That's up from the original. From the original eighty two games, so an expanded an expansion of thirty two more games, and expanded playoffs for this season and next season, the S- after noon ESPN's Jeff Passan reports that the owners will counter with a fifty to sixty game season at prorated salaries, no further cuts. Fifty or sixty games or nothing I'll give you my thoughts on that before we're done. I think there's an inbetween and I'll tell you how I it works out in a bid. By the way, the red should be playing in Wrigley Tonight for the conclusion of four-game wraparound series from the weekend it would have been game sixty of the season game sixty of the season out major league soccer news ESPN, says a lockout looms as the league pushed back on the latest offer from the Players Association and ESPN analyst tweeted MLS is giving the players until noon. On Tuesday otherwise they will lock the players out. MLS APPROVED FC Cincinnati plan to move voluntary small group training sessions. Today was to be the first of those sessions, but an FC Cincinnati statement says no players participated in either of this morning's voluntary sessions. The mid American conference announced today that Wally Szczerbiak will be one of six new additions to the Mac Hall of fame. Serbia led Miami to the sweet sixteen. In nineteen, ninety nine was named first team all American averaging twenty four points per game as a senior, he was inducted into the Miami Hall of fame back in two thousand and eight and a college basketball note from John Rothstein of CBS sports, and now confirmed by the Dayton flyers Dayton and ole miss. Miss will start a home and home series that will begin at ud arena on December nineteenth of this year. The return game in Oxford the following year for everything else. You've missed do this. Go to my blog. You'll find it at seven hundred. WWL, W DOT, com! It's therefore you doesn't cost thing I have reds and some bengals in? If you miss interviews or shows from last week, they're always available in podcast form. Oh, I also have a newly released on Youtube over the weekend a five minute Eric Davis highlight reel. You should check out plus Jeff Hobson last week as he took his inside a bengals defensive line zoom meeting, all of it blog form. Seven hundred wwl W dot com all right. We'll begin here and doing this for doing sports for twenty plus years. I've learned that you come to me for sports. My opinions about sports and I always say working in the Toy Department of life. I offer the escape from everything else. That's going on, and that makes it easy for me to stick to sports because sports are fun, and and they're comfortable in the right up my alley, and in sports, art, life and death. Having said that the image of George Floyd being murdered isn't something. I can conveniently pass off under the guise of a I'm going to stick to sports. Reasonable minds agree that what happened a week ago. Tonight in Minneapolis was murder in that the four police officers should all be behind bars. Watching what's happened to the country, since then has left me on one hand, encouraged by peaceful protesting. On the other hand angered by looting and destruction of property. When it comes to. When it comes to conversations like these. There is always a always a quick pivot from listening. To talking. Without the time to understand. and. I'll never understand or truly feel that. The racism and social injustice felt by people of Color. I can offer to be a better listener. When it comes to these issues, I can offer to do a better job of calling out these issues and I can offer to be a part of the change. That's gotTA. Take place now I'm pretty sure you didn't tune in expecting to hear this tonight. Maybe you didn't WanNa. Hear this tonight. I just couldn't imagine putting this show together. As I my desk this morning with my First Cup of coffee, I couldn't imagine beginning the show by saying. I'm going go straight to talking about whether. There's going to be a baseball season or not. It would be my hope. You understand that. One come back. We'll get it up and running. It is six fifteen. It's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet are carriers your global transportation provider visit? Dot, com and Kelsey Chevrolet Open for sales and service with a new state of the art. Collision Repair Center coming in July by the way coming up at seven, oh six tonight might of course from the sporting news. Who is our favorite college? Basketball Writer Hall of fame, college basketball writer, he delved into the hall of fame candidacy of Ken, Anderson. And reached out to me last week and I was very honored. He reached out for my thoughts on that. He's written a fantastic piece today for Sporting News Dot com Michael Join us in less than an hour to talk about Ken Anderson and why he's not in the hall of fame that a lot more to get to is we get rolling sportstalk seven hundred W. Six, twenty three seven hundred wwl Wjr no carrier sports dot presented by Kelsey Chevrolet we are standing by monitoring at the bottom of the hour. We will break away for coverage of the president who will speak from the Rose Garden? We're told at six thirty six thirty tonight. A brief remarks according to the the twitter account from the Rose Garden. You will hear that right here on seven hundred wwl W Let let me let me talk for a second about Joe Borough and I wrote about this today. On the blog there is There's an old adage in sports that rookies are to be seen and not hurt. And Joe Borough is the the new kid on the bengals block consider. He has not been to Paul Brown stadium since the draft Take snap at a bengals practice. But while Joe. Borough hasn't seen his teammates in person. He was heard this weekend. He tweeted. Any offered reaction to the murder of George Floyd. And the ongoing societal issues his tweet said and I quote. The black community needs our help. They have been unheard for far too long. Open your ears. Listen. And speak this politics. This is human rights. End Quote that came from Joe Berle. One tweet. twenty-seven words. One hundred twenty eight characters. From twenty-three-year-old? And yet sure it's easy to say something that any reasonable person would agree with. But, if you glance at the over thirty, five hundred comments posted on his twitter feed. You'll see the pockets of pushback. You'll see comments like make sure you cover everyone. Joe, not just black. You'll see nice pandering, Joe. You'll see you just lost a follower. This is not why most people are following. You Bud, you'll read white people on here are mad at one of their own cares about black people. That's so funny. Now To be fair, Joe Borough is, he's far from the only athlete to to to make a statement he he's not even the NFL quarterback to make a statement do a Google search and you'll see statements that have turned up by the likes of. Derek Carr. Carson wentz Andy Dalton. Tom. Brady Ryan Tannehill. But Joe a rookie. And he's a rookie without a contract. and. He's a rookie with reasonable expectations that many endorsement opportunities are going to be coming his way. It would have been easier for Joe Borough to stay quiet. And say nothing. The reality is silence would have been chalked up as him being the the the the watching rookie. He's feeling his way through the League. But as a team leader. And someone who recognizes his platform and responsibility to speak up. Borough chose to comment. Good for him. And while he hasn't met most of his teammates yet. I think his tweet can help connect them in a way that will serve that locker room well going forward. Perhaps he's words can be a step forward has. All of us on a much larger level, but I wanted to point out what. We'd I thought that was worth mentioning. Willie Anderson. Thought it was worth mentioning the former Bengal Lyman, the Bengal great, who who tweeted in response and I'm reading his twitter account before he's even stepped on the field. Joe Is showing us what kind of leader he is. Things like this. Hardly ever get mentioned by quarterbacks. It's always other positions. Thank you Joe Hashtag who day Hashtag Bengals. Ryan Clark a former steeler. A steeler. The ESPN analyst. He tweeted letting you all know now. Joe Borough is good with me. Don't care if he throws. Ninety interceptions dude stood up. This is way bigger than ball. He thinks that people are than Joe. That from Ryan Clark I thought that was worth. Worth pointing out today by the way something involving another Bengali I think is worth pointing out the Tampa Tribune ahead a story on this AH and a photo to go with it three NFL. Players who live in Tampa in the offseason, but don't play for the buccaneers helped clean up efforts in the city of Tampa yesterday. A day after looters damaged businesses in a strip mall. That group included Bengals Wide Receiver Auden Tate. He was with The Bills Receiver Ray Ray McLeod and a colts corner by the name of Isaiah Rogers with others they helped remove debris left in the wake of the the weekend riots. One player told the Tampa Tribune quote. You've got to start somewhere. There was a photo on the Tampa Tribune site in on social media of more than two who doesn't people. Opposing after the cleanup that was posted on social media, others from the community saw the group and joined their efforts at the Strip mall and they cleaned up. Shattered glass and picked up sheets, of awnings that had been dislodged and one individual set in the Tampa Tribune story. We're just trying to lead by example and express some positivity to the tough times right now. To the Tampa Tribune Auden Taytay. Young Guy. Joe Borough Young Guy. Again back to the adage, rookies often most often are seen and not hurt. And They took some action this weekend. I thought that was worth mentioning all right again. We're monitoring where to go to the to the Rose Garden minutes after after that and the tweet says brief remarks, so let's assume probably closer to seven o'clock maybe after seven o'clock news. We'll see, but I want to get into what happened today with Major League, baseball and I'm curious how fifty? Fifty to sixty games strikes. You will open up the phones after the president speaks as well because according to Jeff Passan, the major league baseball owners after getting the proposal last night from the players that of eighty two games player said we're willing to play one hundred and fourteen, and that means doubleheaders. The owners have come back today and said well. We'll play fifty to sixty games. Fifty to sixty means. What in your eyes to the baseball season? Ponder that as we continue. Thanks for being a part of the show tonight we'll roll till nine Gary Jeff. Walker served up the nightcap after that it's arnold carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred W W. Six, thirty, seven seven hundred wwl. Carrier Sports Dot presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I'm lions mcallister? Standing by we are monitoring the situation from the white. House where the president is expected to issue some what's termed brief remarks from the Rose Garden when that happens, you'll hear it right here on seven hundred wliw thanks for all the tweets tonight. twitter feed presented by barley corns. They are they are open dining rooms patios open at all locations. Check them out. Barley corns dot com all right so major league baseball has. Taken the next step forward. They take it a step yesterday. The players came out and said all right. Here's our proposal. The owners last week gave. Proposal the players thought about it last night, said okay here, take a look at our proposal and the players submitted. One, hundred fourteen games, the initial number was two player said. We're willing to play thirty two mortgage. We'll play one hundred and fourteen games June thirtieth through October thirty first. And we'll do it without taking any additional pay cuts. The owners in their proposal had said pay cuts. The players also offered up to one hundred million dollars in deferrals if the postseason is canceled or shortened by a second wave of covid nineteen. The players also offered. To endorsed expanded playoff system this year and an expanded playoff system next year. Also in the provision of players gave yesterday the right for players to opt out of playing this season if they choose. The Union's proposal says any player WHO's deemed high risk or who lives with someone who's considered high risk. They can opt out and receive both their service time and their pay. All others can opt out, but they would only receive service time and not be paid. And the thought was with this proposal at our aid. If the season is to begin in roughly a month, the response from Major League Baseball, and ultimately a resolution is going to have to come within the next week or so. The players WanNa play as many games as possible because they're getting paid a pro rated amount. They get paid for each game. They play on their contract, so they say we'll one hundred, twelve, hundred and fourteen. That's that's doubleheaders. Now think about what I said off the top headlines today would have been gained sixty. So that would have left one hundred and two games left in the in the regular season schedule that regular schedule the players were submitting. We'll play hundred fourteen. So that would be you know. That's fought four fifty four more games at one hundred two. Plus fourteen hundred and sixteen more after tonight. The players also agreed to enhanced broadcast making up players, a certain number of players miked up during the game to add to the potential of ratings and people wanted to watch something different. They also agreed to. off-season ideas such as a Homerun, Derby ended all star game ways for the owners to make more money. The owners according to Jeff Passan today have come back with the following. Let's play a fifty to sixty game season. And we won't ask you to take any further cuts on salary. You'll play for your pro rated amount. We'll take your salary divided by one hundred and sixty two. Whatever that is per game, and you'll get that per each game you play whether it's fifty or sixty games. We won't ask for any further cuts we'll. We'll go back on what we said last week. Asking some to take you know I. Think it was sixty or seventy five percent pay cuts. What do you think? Now on one hand. There are those who love. And we'll take baseball in any way shape and form an amount of games. Just give me the Games I want baseball and twenty twenty on the other hand. There are those who will say. We talked about this topic about eighty two games whether there would be legitimacy to it whether there would be any. Behind him I remember, we talked if people would accept, the scenario was the won the world championship. Is anybody giving it back or putting an asterisk next to it because it was eighty two games well. How do we look at fifty to sixty games? The owners believe according Jeff Passan tonight back on the March Twenty six agreement part of that agreement included baseball's ability to UNIROYAL UNILATERALLY Decide on the number of games played. They're not going to do that. They're still hoping for a compromise, but the owners say let's do fifty or sixty. So what's the? What are the pluses and minuses here? The owners will look and say fifty to sixty is a lot better for us. Because those games are GONNA be played without fans in the stands in the more games, we play without fans in the stands. The more money were losing. So, let's play fewer games. The players are saying well. Wait a minute. We want to play more games because we're getting paid by the gate, so we'll willingly play doubleheaders to mortgage. We'll go to one fourteen. Make it work. The owners are also saying if we only go fifty to sixty, then we end the season sooner and we don't have as big a concern about a second wave of Kobe nineteen coming that potentially could wipe out the postseason before we even get to them. Let me. Tell you what I would do. And I'm not the only one who thought of this I. Did exchange the idea with some agents this afternoon and they told me off the record. The consensus, it was a consensus. Each of them said it would probably fly. Owner say fifty to sixty player say one fourteen. Both were originally talking eighty two. What about we do this? We're GONNA play eighty two. We're going to establish some credibility to the season. A half seasons decent chunk eighty-two decent chunk, and the players will say we understand where the owners are without fans in the stands. Maybe the owner say we understand where you are in wanting to play more games. Let's do this. We'll play eighty two. And we as owners will defer twenty percent of your salary to next year. We don't have all the money that we'd like to have. We're GONNA play Games without fans at all likelihood. More on that in a second. Let's go to Jack Crumley who sets? Hustle. We've got some catch up to do between now and nine o'clock might decor see the hall of Fame College. Basketball writer from Sporting News Dot Com checks in at seven Oh eight. He wrote about Ken Anderson this week. And he wrote about and wondered about Ken Anderson not being in the pro football hall of fame. He asked me my thoughts I was very honored. He reached out to me. Mike will join us at seven hundred eight tonight. We'll eventually circle back around to this baseball news of the day. Consider what has happened. The the owners originally came out and said all right. How about eighty two gibbs? The players thought about it and they said. How `bout one hundred. Fourteen Games. And the owners thought about it and came back and said well. How fifty to sixty games which? Doesn't make it. You're thinking. Wait a minute. Why would the odors pick a lower number? And again? The owners thought is from from their standpoint games. It games played without fans in the stands means they're going to lose money, so they WANNA. They don't WanNa play a lot of those. They WANNA play fewer. Those and they wanNA play expanded postseason where there's a chance to to make some. Some bigger money, the money's the biggest thing a driving all I'll say what I said before. The president spoke in a in an will roll over into the seven o'clock hour for how legitimate you believe, fifty or sixty games would be I think there's an out on this I. think it's GonNa. Be Alright. Let's go right back into the middle of that. Let's go to eighty two and. Say you take a player average salaries around four million. You, say you play at your pro rated for eighty two games and we as owners will defer twenty percent of that money to next year when we have more money. If you're the player. What are you going to say? The owners I talked with today said probably flies so the player who would make four million over a normal season would be playing for the pro rated two million for eighty two games. The owners would say we'll pay four hundred thousand of that to you next season to get one point six million the rest of this season, and we'll catch your check for four hundred thousand next season in a deferred payment. Yes, no, maybe. That's something we can talk about after we check news and talk with Mike to Course about Ken Anderson on the home of the reds. It's aren't carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred W W. The following takes place between seven PM and eight. All, right? Let's keep rolling seven Oh. Eight seven hundred wwl w our to sportstalk unfolding. Thanks for being here. We've got a lot of ground to cover between now at nine o'clock at that point, we turn things over to Gary Jeff Walker. He'll serve up the nightcap from nine to midnight. Set Up some baseball conversation. We'll eventually circle back around to but What a treat to welcome our next guest. Usually we're talking with him about college basketball. He is after all the Premier College. Basketball writer in the country is the hall of Fame College Basketball Writer, but he is also a jack-of-all-trades for sporting news dot com, and he felt compelled to write about Ken Anderson Today Headline Sporting News Dot Com bengals legend Ken Anderson's arrival on twitter seen reminds us. Hall of FAME NEEDS HIM TO BE COMPLETE I. I was honored that our next guest reached out to me for my thoughts on the matter and I said well. I gotta get you on, so we can. We can talk Kenny Anderson so here we go. Let's welcome in Mike. DECOR SEE! How are you? I'm great length. How are you I'm okay why you write about a lot of stuff I'm curious what led you to write about Anderson. I'm still not even one hundred percent I don't follow a lot of athletes. On twitter or at the they at most of the people that I follow on twitter are. People in my end, so that I can follow you know breaking news and commentary and things like that, and so that's the majority of people folic because follow every athlete. That's going to have something to say. You'RE GONNA, follow fifty thousand people so most of the people that I follow or other reporter's analysts, that sort of thing and I don't know who it was. I tweet at ten into my time line. If I found it, I found his his his twitter really clever, and so I followed him. After that and then one of the tweets that he did fairly soon after I followed him was one those in follow him might have seen where he said about a month into his arrival on twitter. He said I'm still waiting to be verified. It's it's sort of feels somewhat like something else I've been waiting for. It's about not having a super bowl win. And when he said that I was like I gotta write about this. This is this is too good and and I. You know I I it's no secret to people who follow me on twitter, and to, and probably not to most of your listeners that I grew up in Pittsburgh, and and grew up in and in the era when ten play as as a pretty passionate steelers fan, and when when you're going when your team is going against somebody, and you fear that person and respect that person I mean that's I think that's one of the signs of greatness as you don't want to deal with that guy and and I always thought that Ken was tremendous and when? Years later I it. It became apparent that big hall of fame wasn't coming easily for him. I always have been supporter of him as a candidate, and this was just a chance to lend my voice that Mike. I'm not sure if you've had previous conversations with him. But how did you find him in talking to him? How how does he deal with something like this? Well, this is the first time I I got a chance to talk to him, but he was very accommodating. He was delightful. Speak with such a kind man, such a gentleman, and he. He said to me that that he was disappointed early on I think he got into the finalist, a couple of times, and especially the first time, and then it didn't happen. He was disappointed, but he said that lately. He doesn't really think about it much except. Usually it's around the time when when the selection process is happening now for the for the veterans. And and I guess on a rare occasion when he gets a call like mine, but he couldn't have been nicer and it was. It was a great experience atop the him and I was really glad to get a chance to do that and to write what I was able to write Mike. I always look at it from the box checking standpoint, and obviously the the super. Bowl trophy. The ring is missing. checkmark for his resume is that it mean is that what's missing? And why is not in the hall of fame? I suppose if he had won, he probably would be in but I. don't really understand even with that. I went through and during the Super Bowl era. There are I believe. Six others six six who don't have rings who are in the Hall of fame it okay, you could see like okay. Dan Marino you know Dan. Marino was probably the most gifted quarterback ever to play, and and so you understand that, but then you look at some of the others, and and he's very comparable with them, and in some categories there close to him and the one that really blew me away. Was I I? I give you a lot of creditors. I didn't quote you on this because the stat spoke so loudly or him without it, and that was when when I look you mentioned that the number of guys who have who have led the league in passer in passer rating passing what we call it, the three times or more, and you said you didn't think any other, not in the hall of fame and you were right, but you didn't say it was Steve Young Barking Roger. Staubach said Lachman Sammy Yvonne eight-man. Those are the others I mean I and the line that I used in the column was. Do you think somebody flukes their way into a list of legends like Ed. I mean. There's no way you can't do that by actually. You have to be great. To four to do it four times when you see everybody else on that list and the last Lachmann Baugh Peyton only did it three and I. Shouldn't say only, but compared to. Can the all did it three? Mike the other thing that stopped me in my tracks when I read the piece today Sporting News Dot Com. I realize it's been this long, but just reading that he's been snubbed thirty times I. Mean that's just that's gut wrenching to think it's not just a couple of times. They've passed him over the past him over thirty. Yeah it's it's mind boggling I it to me. It is unfair to to hold you know what people talk about. Super Bowl rings and like like. If he had never been anywhere near it, you could see it I mean if he was a a big stat quarterback on teams that never won that I can understand that, but that's not the. That's not the fact I mean. He played in the super. Bowl and they nearly one he had to beat Dan file to is in the hall of fame. May mostly on numbers band. All Time career record as a starting quarterback. He's not great he's. He's two games over five hundred and and Kim's was significantly better than that Kenny. Kings about twenty over five hundred, and so he, so he wasn't that I. It's hard to understand. He was a different Stylus quarterback any time when the prototype was, what was the bradshaw or someone like that? Who through a lot of bombs and maybe a lot of picks? Picks as well, but that was the way the game is played, and then along comes Ken playing and bill while system, and really kinda shows the way to the future. McCain Anderson was a, he was a two thousand quarterback playing in nineteen, seventy over nineteen, seventy five I should say and and I don't know that because he didn't play the way others did, and he got the level of respect that he should. It is a fantastic read sporting news dot, com, today and on twitter feed as well. It was it was a blast talking with you about it? You knew going in I was going to get fired up. I certainly got fired up. Yeah I kind of had a feeling you'd have to say on that. Trust me when when I will say this I'll leave you with this i. You know they. They had the centennial class. Ten Hall of Famers who were mostly veterans the people who would be considered by the Veterans Committee and and not new new. You know the what they call the modern day players and Donnie shell was one of them, and I loved I. Shall I mean I watch them for. For every game he played when I was a kid, a fantastic player and absolutely belong to hall of fame, one hundred percent, but if you stood me there, and you put me under oath, and you said which I it's. It's thousand these to which of these two along in the hall I would have had to say Ken that that's that's the honest truth, and it's not fair that he's not in. Mike you're the man. Read it on Sporting News Dot. COM twitter account at tsn might to follow along as well always good catching up hoping nude again soon, thank. Landfill is great. Thanks, Mike Decor? See from the sporting news. The Hall of Fame College Basketball Writer moved to write about Ken Anderson and the Hall of Fame Snub and think about that thirty years thirty snubs, not not a couple like Oh. Yeah, forgot about him. I'll get him next time thirty times the committee, which certainly changes in personnel over the years. Assess the career of Ken Anderson and said. Not this year. When we come back. Let's do this approach. The midway point of the show I should open up the phones five win three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven hundred on at and T. Two things on the board here. The owner said all right. How about fifty to sixty games for the season? What I would do you subscribe to the theory I'll take fifty to sixty games, rather the no season, or do you subscribe to the Theory Fifty Sixty Games seriously. How can I? How can there be any credibility attached to a fifty to sixty see game baseball season. We'll get into that if you have any. Follow up thoughts on Kenny Anderson. We'll do that as well. Offer mine on Kenny, as we continue. Hey, thanks for being here. It's Arnelle. Carriers. Sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet you'll jump into the mix next on seven hundred WWL W. Seven, twenty, four seven hundred wwl Wjr now carrier sportstalk, presented by Cavalier I'm Lance. McAlister have been heavy here. Couple of things on the board. A Little Baseball Mike to Corsi on a kid Anderson I was quoted in the piece saying that the following i Mike I find it hard to take the hall of Fame Process Series, of Kenny Anderson's not in it I think it, it pulls back the curtain on the the politics of the process, the lack of of context in the process and the lack of awareness. I think there are those who will judge would judge the hall of Famers, simply on whether they wanna ring, or not I think there are those who will look at Kennedy's numbers and compare them to now well any quarterback who played then compared to now it's getting completely different game if you put Kenny in the context of back in his era and look, I've always said this and I told. Told this to Mike every every march around NCWA selection time they do that. Blind resume where you see up on the screen all right. Here's four teams being considered. Which one do you in Lissa they one laws record strength of schedule RPI or whatever the the the numbers are like which one would you choose I guarantee you if I gave you a blind resume with just the career statistics of? Kenny Anderson. Joe Namath. Terry Bradshaw Ken Stabler Bog Greasy. Not Not to talk about any of those guys, if I put Kenny's numbers on that list, I guarantee you if he's not the first, he's the second quarterback. You name on that list because you're taking away Bradshaw's championships. I know he's got him. I get it, but my goodness Brian. The guys like Urlacher and Moss in. There are guys in the hall of fame. You don't have rings. There are six quarterbacks in the hall of fame who don't have a super bowl ring if that's how can you? It drives me nuts. As does the baseball process yet? I truly believe there's going to be baseball I. I'm not the great negotiator here, but just on what I've been told by the agents I talked to today A-. To this if they're talking about games, being played, does that not at least lead you to thank all right? They really WANNA. Play I mean if it were things but. I don't WanNa, say all they're talking about down to discussing number of games to be played. Not If they'll play, I think they're going to play. I think it will be closer to eighty two games and I think that will come with. They deferral of a at least a portion of the players money into next season Miami's Berg. We go berry you on seven hundred wliw. Done I'm good. Thanks for calling. Myself, I graduated High School Nineteen, eighty-three. Yes. Kenny Anderson is the man who. Should be in the hall of fame. I was shocked to learn that he wasn't I. Thought you know maybe sometime back in the. Early nineties they would have put him in. What I read Mike's Piece that thirty times. He's been passed over that. Just that's infuriating to me. I mean. He played in a different era. Where you had to be legitimately tough. And your output wasn't the same as it is today. Yeah. He's not in Holland Hall of fame really. Bad even. I don't know I. Don do my second thing. Sure. I agree with you. Let's play based off. I agree with the players on this one, which is kind of odd for me. I think we should have more game. You know if you don't have fans in the stands. Put the game on TV where people don't have to pay fifty bucks a month. Watch the game. I live up in Miami's Berg. I grew up in the Greater Day Canaria. I remember on the weekend. One of the local TV channels all I had read game on Saturday or Sunday. I mean it was the thing sure you know. Faisal Bolic's? Court the Games on local TV. Show families that Hawk kids. Can show the kids the game and maybe get some younger newer younger fans than their a barry I enjoy this. Thanks for listening. Appreciate the call hey have a nice evening. As well you as well, thank you for the kind. Words I just know this Kenny. Anderson has won four passing titles. Four pro bowl selections. An MVP a comeback player of the year, the equivalent of the Walter Payton a year when to a super bowl, and in a historic football game, fifty nine below turned a whale of a passing performance, fourteen of twenty to one hundred and sixty one yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions and outperform Dan fouts that day. pull up the numbers and then take the names off the list Nemeth. Bradshaw Gracie Stabler Ken Anderson. Guys like that all right. We breach the midway point of the show. I'm going to make a decision I've got a piece that Richard Skinner wrote I want to get into I feel as though there's a little bit more on baseball to be discussed, but my growing concern is. The number of people who just don't care anymore what the proposals are for Major League Baseball. Maybe I'll spend some time on that as we continue. Then add in Richards piece closer to eight, o'clock five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pounds, seven hundred on a t. r. l. carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred wwl. Seven, thirty seven seven hundred WWL W. it's ardell carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet arnelle carriers global. Transportation Provider visit our LC. Dot Com and Kelsey Chevrolet Oprah for sales and service with a new collision repair center coming. In July I may have. I may have a miscalculation here. This afternoon when the Jeff, Passan report came out about the proposal of fifty sixty games, I changed some stuff on the show and I said well. That's that's baseball news. That's a proposal that would get baseball back. It might not make people happy at fifty to sixty. They may want more games than that, but it will show that both sides have put up a number of games. They WanNa play and I thought. That's something that maybe I can. I can work with tonight in terms of a topic for callers. Now my fear is what I'm getting a lot of on my facebook page and on twitter. I just don't care. That's back. That's apathy. You can be excited. You can be angry. If you are apathetic about what major league. Baseball's doing. That's not good, and that's the sense I'm getting today. Major League baseball had a chance for. To build momentum. To July fourth weekend. To become the first team sport here to to really get in this country to get back to play. To take the stage take the spotlight. and lead. and. Make people people feel good. And I'm still not convinced it of baseball returns on July fourth. There won't be excitement I I'll be excited, but what baseball has done in the meantime. Is Lose any, momentum. In terms of. It's coming. And it's going to be big. And it's GonNa be fun. And it's GONNA be exciting. And we've talked about in a perfect world. Neither side would have said anything through I have maintained. And this has been my response to most who who have expressed how unhappy they are about the process I said. Hey, nothing's changed. They said July fourth weekend around July fourth and eighty two games, and the fact is nothing has changed to derail that. Even even though they don't have an agreement tonight. Has Changed to keep them from playing July fourth weekend in playing eighty two games. That's still a possibility. And I've said that people who are up said, why are you? UPSET? Be, upset if, and when it doesn't happen, but why be upset now when nothing has changed from their original idea, we could do this July fourth and eighty two games. The problem is. The, public back and forth. The public back and forth during times of covid nineteen during unemployment during what is going on with protests around the country right now all of that. And, then you have over here, wait a minute. You want me to have an emotional connection to owners and players. Billionaires and millionaires bickering publicly about. The money and how it's going to be divided up. Differently it would have been if during this process of negotiations and it's. It has to happen that you have to negotiate a deal. And nobody's GONNA give their best deal to start. If you've noticed. Where have we gone? It was eighty two games from the owners, and the players had about one hundred and fourteen and came back, said well. How about fifty or sixty it negotiating? Think of how differently it would have been if out of those meetings after those zoom, conference calls. The comments to the media would have been. No comment. Or better yet. What if it had been across the board? Owners and players? What if it had been a standard? We continue to work towards the return of this great game. We remain on course for a July fourth weekend celebration of the return of baseball whether they believed it was possible or not. Think if that had been the talking point agreed on by both the owners and players, instead of what is being floated on the owner side. What is being floated on the players side? If both sides had set after each conference call, hang up and they turn. They sent a text to their media guy and they said we continue to work towards the return of the great game of baseball. We were made encores for a July fourth celebration. And instead you know what has been said publicly. You know what the bickering has been like back and forth buster only reported yesterday there the sources tell him there's a group of owners perfectly willing to shut down the season in order to slash the payroll cost and reduce their losses that the pirates owner Bob nutting use. The shutdown is a way to to suspend team contributions to his employees. 401k plans. Tom Glavin who was the head of the one of the spokesman for the players back in ninety four, he even said last week. Even if the players now are one hundred percent justified in what they were complaining about, they're still going to look bad. He said you're going to. You're not going to win in the Court of public. Opinion Right now. and. His buster pointed out. Keep in mind ninety four. We went on what happened in ninety four. They cancelled a world series. We know that the hard feelings that remain with some. Is He points out during that time. It was a time of relative national prosperity. There was no global pandemic and record unemployment and growing civil unrest. All that's on the front burner. While Major League Baseball. Some would say. Is on the verge of burn to the ground. because. They can't reach a deal. Sell. Note from ESPN yesterday that. I think the number is of players making it least ten million. The thought was by some what the owners proposed last week was an idea to was a way they were going to split the union. They were GonNa make the big money. Guys take the biggest pay cuts and the the lower end. Guys really would get their money, so there'd be a friction. Friction. Created there mean in the end there's only one hundred and twenty four players in baseball that make at least ten million. That's only nine percent of the pool. Only nine percent of major league baseball players make at least ten million. So how much does the fact that he high end players would be taking the biggest cuts really matter in the and yet. Over the past decade, the average value of a baseball franchise. Has increased by three hundred percent. and. Fans. Don't pay attention to that. The players salaries. Have increased forty percent. The value the franchise for the owner has increased. Three hundred percent. In fact the last four years lies five years and Major League Baseball. The average salary has remained stagnant. where it was. while. The owners are in a period of franchise growth in value three hundred percent. Now take all of those numbers. Put them into to one big basket, and if he handle a fan I think they'd all say the same thing. I don't care I. don't care what the split is. I don't care how much the odors franchises worth. I don't care how much the salaries have been stagnant for the players I. don't care how many make more than ten million. I don't care. How many make the minimum? What I care about is baseball coming back and that's the one thing. Baseball's not able to give fans at this point. Go to the phones, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pound seven, hundred on at and T. Levi your seven hundred wwl w. What's going on Lance? Appreciate you taking a call your. What do you think about all this well? Here's one thing I. Listened to Sports Talk Radio all day long. To and from work. Won't name the channel. and. They were discussing the same issue today. And they said well, you know. Here's the players new. New Offer. Here's what the owners are. GonNa offer. If? They're actually going to play. They're going to end up agreeing on the eighty two game schedule. and Go from there, if not I don't think there's going to be baseball. And Base Major League Baseball's dumb. If they don't come to an agreement, play they they've lost. They had a great window. Where they could have got everything going. With no fans in the stands and said Hey. Let's play. The Games would have great ratings just like NASCAR's getting. and. They're dragging their feet, because obviously just like anything else. It's over. It's A. I truly as I say this. I'm about to say they can't be dumb. Enough to blow this and yet. Baseball has been dumb enough in the past to do things. I never thought possible I never. Played! World series through quakes through wars, and yet in ninety four. The two sides couldn't agree and they cancel. The season cancelled the world series, which is still tough to comprehend, but I truly believe they're going to say look. We can't do ninety four again we're going to. It's going to hurt us. It's going to hurt you, but we have to do a deal to present to our fans and I truly believe based on the agents I've I've spent the last couple of hours talking with. It'll be something in the neighborhood of eighty two. Two Games and they'll get in. The owners will say all right. We'll do eighty two, but you gotta meet us a little bit into this. We're going to give you some of your money next year. Because we don't have the money coming in this year that we normally would, so you play for your prorated amount, we'll pay you for the Games. You play, but we're going to take a chunk of that and Diff'rent to next year. If you do that, will we're with you? Let's play baseball I think that ultimately is going to happen. I agree totally because I think the worst possible thing. That could happen is if they decide not to play baseball, no question, no question especially with the new CBA coming up. They cannot afford to not play baseball and if you don't WanNa play somebody triple A. of take your spot way I look at it. Thanks Buddy. Banks. Good here and you have a good night Yeah, I mean. I just I can't believe they won't play. But the problem developing is. I while I do think they will play I. Think there is so much scorched earth that's been going on. And I don't know if they're just going over the top with it. But if I had a dollar for everybody is told me in the last week or so i. don't care if they play or not. They've turned me off by everything. That's been publicly discussed about were they are? Seven forty nine sports talk seven hundred WWL W. Close at hand on eight o'clock Richard Skinner wrote a for local twelve dot COM I. WanNa reference maybe for a segment in the eight o'clock set up here on the back end of it. reading a piece from Joel Sherman today a post. He writes MLB's potential disaster isn't about players. Greed isn't about players, greet, he writes the players today aren't greedy. That designation was tired when it was set about Babe Ruth and Sandy Koufax and Reggie Jackson. He writes I. Get it. You played baseball as a kid and thank you would do it for free as a profession you wouldn't. No one works for free. He writes. You think the money would be better spent on. On. Nurses and teachers agreed redirect your spent money that helped Major League baseball to an eleven billion dollar industry last year, then to nurses and teachers. If there's less money in the game, players will make less money, you think the players should be grateful most are, but also we should be grateful, and he lays out what has mentioned in the performances, and he says it is as a society. We have decided to value this particular rare skill set of a baseball player. He writes you. INCORPORATIONS paid the eleven. Billion owners gave roughly half of it to the players and he wrote. This is such a good point you think the players salaries have priced you out of tickets. What about the Orioles Tigers who cut their payrolls by one hundred, million, each from twenty seventeen to twenty twenty. Did they lower ticket prices? They cut their payrolls by one hundred million each. Did they lower? Their ticket prices to reflect the savings. A lesser product. Joel Sherman New York Post I would say the same thing about the reds during the reds rebuild. Did they lower their ticket prices, and when they dropped their payroll and loss for six consecutive years. Back to the phones. How `Bout here John! You're on seven hundred W W. Hey Lance. What's going on I John. Thanks for taking my call Hey. This lays list latest proposal I think really looks good and I'm ready for baseball. Let's go. I hope there is I just I. I'm the eternal optimist, but I like the fact that both sides presented number of games. It wasn't. It wasn't anything beyond that. So I like the fact that one side say well. Let's play this money those. Let's play this many. That means they're both saying. Let's play. There's still work to do, but I like to numbers thrown out there and I think there's an in-between that will eventually be settled on. Absolutely and let me ask you this land and everyone out there listening means when you go and everyone's done this before when you go and buy a house or a car or whatever. Where do you start at? You you start to no negotiations when you're buying a house, you're not gonNA. You're not gonNA start at the asking price. Right I mean you're. You're intended and the sellers not gonNA start where they're at their lease that their lowest number I mean how many baseball people told us what two three weeks ago. It's GONNA get ugly. Meet on I think the whole. I think the whole process has been look. We're going to start sometime July four sometime in that area, and they start backing up from there and it's like. How long do they need to get ready, so it's like the last couple of weeks. It's like yeah. I mean us. Yeah I. I was ready for them to start May I if they could, but won't for every pregnant one. You have to start somewhere, so they started backing up from there, and they knew that look as long as we have something in place by. Early down that's. That's the key because. Whatever the deadline in their mind is, you know they're both going to walk right up to that deadline. Because that's just how negotiations are, nobody gets anything done done early. When you can raise the level of stress and in in in well, we're now. We're getting closer and that's when a deal get done. The clock is about to expire. They'll get a deal done they. They need to get it done, but there isn't a dire urgency, unfortunately for both sides because they're still saying we're good, because we can still start July the right now that that's why they're called deadline, and honestly I mean for a lot of people I mean I like the hundred and sixty two game schedule, but people have been clamoring for years. We need less games. We need lessons last game well fifty or sixty games here we go you talk about a micro season. We're going go. Boom boom boom gotta be in the playoffs before. We know I mean everyone's GonNa Start the season in playoff contention. John I gotta run buddy thanks. Two hours in the books. Thank you when we come back. Richard Skinner wrote a piece of got me thinking yesterday. It's the top five. What if they hadn't hadn't gotten injured? Bengals not not a guy like curse. Get Injured in a game. He he's talking about careers that were altered because of injuries the top five. What if they hadn't gotten injured bengals? It's a pretty good list. I completely forgot about one of the guys on the list. That is a head. It's L. carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. The following takes place between eight PM nine PM. Let's keep moving no reason to slow down. We gotTA Hustle. Eight oh nine seven hundred wwl W W. it's sportstalk. Aren't L. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Atlanta callister Jerry Jeff Walker's in nine. He will have the latest. We have obviously past eight o'clock the curfew ineffective in Cincinnati that situation being monitored Jeff Walker on nine to midnight with more reaction to that. I offer you. The escape into the toy department of life. We run up and down the aisles of the sports conversation in this hour, a couple of different things to get you involved with we've done a baseball and the proposal the counter today by the owners who went back to the players after the players yesterday, said how about one hundred and fourteen games even more. The owners came back today and said we'll have about fifty to sixty games. There is a thought tonight that the wording of the agreement back on March twenty six remember that agreement where players said they'd played for. They get paid for all the Games. They actually play in pro rated the owners or Rob Manford. The belief is tonight according to Jeff Passan that part of the terms of that agreement on March, twenty six says if the two sides can't reach an agreement. He's he's able to unilaterally. Decide the length of the season. And go fifty to sixty games. Now. There's the thought they don't want to have to play that card. So. Here's our fifty to sixty. You say one fourteen. Is there some ground we can both cover and meet in the middle and shake hands and say play ball. Let's add this and this hour as well Richard Skinner local twelve dot com front of the show wrote a piece got me thinking over the weekend, and when I start thinking I. Say okay, that could be maybe a topic for a segment or so. There was a Yahoo Sports story last week about a former. Bengal remember Charles Fisher. Charles Fisher was a second round pick of the bengals back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty nine. And in his first regular season game for the Bengals, he blew out his knee. And he never played. I mean think about that. I ever NFL. Regular season game. WanNa say blew it out of the back of the end zone and coverage on a play. And Trump Fisher is now an agent. He done a number of things in sports. He was a scout Green Bay packers. Seattle, Seahawks, and others but decided to join. John Thornton former bengals friend of the show. With Octagon Sports Sports Agency. They both have since moved on to. It is actually was rock nation, and now they are both with Octagon Sports. Charles represents a first round. Pick this year at Florida corner. The Jacksonville put took number number nine. So Richard was was thinking about the peace in Yahoo Sports about a Bengal player who who got hurt and play just one NFL game ever and Richard put together the top five. What if they hadn't gotten injured bengals? Not a guy like well. What if cursing didn't get injured in the playoff game? These guys whose careers were derailed. Number, five on his list is a guy. Honestly I'd forgotten about in fact I saw his name. Oh yeah that he never even and I couldn't even remember the story behind it. Kenny irons was out of Auburn, running backs second round pick in two, thousand and seven. He was the forty ninth pick overall. In on the fourth carry of his first preseason game. Blew out his knee. Missed the entire season. He got hurt again in July of the following season. And he was waived in August after a failed a team physical. The forty-ninth player taken in the draft. Never had a regular season Kerry for the bengals fourth Kerry of the preseason. That was number five number four ICKY, woods. Rookie, one thousand, nine hundred eight thousand yards, fifteen touchdowns, super bowl achey shuffle. Second game of the following season. Toward the ACL and his left knee miss the rest of the year. Missed the first six games the following year. Never the same. Thirty seven career games for icky woods. Five. What if they hadn't gotten injured number three? Is What makes me sad. As well Johnny Carter first pick overall, one, thousand, nine, hundred five could John. Carter wound up playing a total of fifty nine games. He rushed freight total of a thousand yards in his career eleven hundred to be precise. Knee injury third. Kerry of his first preseason think about that for a second Kenny Irons, the fourth Kerry of his first preseason Game Ca John Carter third carry of his first preseason game. Charles Fisher. I ever regular season game. CA- Jonah misses his entire rookie season. Played thirty one games, the next two years average just over three yards per carry. Broke his wrist in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety eight one game into the season. Played Three Games and ninety nine dislocated his right kneecap. I forgot he spent. He didn't play in two thousand. Spent time with the Redskins and one spent time with the saints in two, thousand, three and four, but John Carter eleven hundred yards in his entire career number two on the list. This was a shame, David Pollack. Seventeenth pick overall in the two thousand five draft David Played Sixteen Games in his career. Starting lineup two thousand and five broken in his rookie season made five starts started the playoff game against Pittsburgh. He had eight tackles. Two for laws had a sack suffered a broken neck in the second game of his second season. Never played again. And number one on the list. Greg Cook. Fifth pick in the nineteen sixty nine draft fifth. His career spanned twelve games. Bengal start three and with him, his rookie season hurt his shoulder in that third game against Kansas City got tackled by chiefs linebacker Jim Lynch. Miss the next next game due to the injury. Turned out to be a rotator cuff undiagnosed the technology. The medical just wasn't there at the time he came back to play one game. He missed two more and then he played the final seven games of the season. But he was never the same. Missed, all of one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, all of seventy, one, all of seventy two. He Played One game in Nineteen, seventy three. And he retired. Twelve games in his NFL career after starting three, you know. And turning this town upside down. About that list for a five. What if they hadn't gotten injured? When we come back, I have a stat on Pete Rose at even blew my dad away and we'll do a little bit actually. I thought well since we've segue into the Pete Rose Story I'm going to add I'm going to give you five reds. What if they hadn't gotten injured? As we continue our L., carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wwl. Eight twenty two seven hundred wwl wrol carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Arnelle carriers global transportation, provider visit RL LLC dot com and Kelsey, Chevrolet Open for sales and service with a new state of the Art Collision Repair Center coming in July coming up later in the hour on this date in reds. History I've got a blog at seven hundred wwl W DOT com. The blog has a little bit of this little bit of that video. Some notes who wrote about Joe Borough today and in Joe Speaking out there is just released over the weekend on Youtube a new five minute highlight reel of Eric Davis. That is worth checking out. The PODCAST, my conversation with Jeff Hobson last week from BENGALS DOT com. Bengals zoom session for the defensive line and we talked with the Joe. Speed the agent. For, a number of major, league, baseball players and minor league players. A number of people struck by what Joe mentioned during that conversation I asked him for context. In a period where we're talking about billionaires versus millionaires, what minor league players make by the way baseball? America reports one hundred and thirty five minor leaguers were released across multiple organizations, but Joe made a point. What did he join Friday night? That a player it say able say at Dayton Dragon, the average salary of a player it. A ball is twelve hundred and fifty dollars a month. For six months of the season. That's it. and. That's an average of how many years. Surviving through the minor leagues to eventually perhaps give to the major leagues right I'm I'm a? By now I'm kind of Stat Dork nerd when it comes to numbers, this number I think in this name is just a fantastic find from. The athletic. Pete? Rose had tremendous success against a lot of really good pitchers in his career hall of famers. He faced twenty three different hall of famers in his career. He hit three thirty nine against Don Sutton. He had three four against Gaylord Perry it three, forty, one against one mirasol three. Oh seven against Bob Gibson. He hit five thirty one against Warren Spahn at towards the end of his career and is The piece points out pete rose. Set The all time record for hits against the PADRES. He got a hit against Johnny padres. He had hits against a guy named Ted. The yet hits against the guy named Oscar Zamora from A to Z. and. He faced in his major league career, eight, hundred nine different major league pitchers. A career that began when John F. Kennedy was in office ended during the middle of Ronald Reagan's second term. Here's what I find fascinating. Eight hundred nine different pitchers that he faced in his career. There were three hundred and sixty three of them. That Pete faced at least ten times. Okay, three, hundred, sixty three is at least ten appearances. At least ahead against all of them. But one. and Went Andrew Baguley called this pitcher at his home in Atlanta and said Hey, you know. Pete rose face, three hundred and sixty three guys in his career at least ten times, and you're the only one you never got hit off of and the the pitcher said I, did what? He did not know. His name is Jim, Nash. Gymnast Retired Pete Rose All ten times. says. The story is a bit of a Bar Trivia that I. didn't even know says it might be my claim. Jim Nash came up in Nineteen, sixty six with the Kansas City, athletics. He went twelve and one. That year had any are a to? He was on the cover. Sports illustrated with catfish, hunter and Blue Moon Odom. In two years later. His earned run average was two and a quarter with the ACE. He still to this day holds the as franchise record for seven consecutive winning decisions to start his career, but then he hurt his shoulder. And he was traded to the braves, and he was in the braves rotation in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, what he faced, Pete rose for the first time. And, it was kinda trying to salvage his career with a bum shoulder learning a different way to pitch. And four his career. He faced Pete in four different games. They had three of those meetings in one, thousand, nine, hundred seventy. And the fourth and final meeting came in nineteen, seventy two. and. peete's final line against Jim Nash was over ten. No walks and two strikeouts. Jim Nash is now seventy five years old retired from his second career in corporate communications for Bellsouth back in two thousand and five I just think of all the wild stats, and all the Pete rose stats over the years I mean think in there are as I mentioned. There are some guys who were hall of famers. Dominant pitchers that Pete now beat didn't fare very well against Santa Colfax 175 one seventy, five against him, but twenty-three hall of famers and I think I saw those twenty-three Maki hit a combined. It was right around three. Oh five I think for his Greg Hall of. But there there's there's that guy. It seems impede always talked about how much trouble he had against Randy. Jones the PADRES pitcher. But Jim Nash of all people out of three hundred sixty three. Held Pete Rose without a hip. I love that all right here. My five reds. What if they hadn't gotten injured? Spinning off, Richard Skinner's piece from local twelve dot com about the five bengals would go no particular order I go Eric Davis. Eric went through a stretch, what eighty eight to ninety, four, ninety five, where he missed on average like thirty five games a year and Eric obviously had a Helluva career. Imagine what Eric Davis would have done. If, he hadn't faced the injuries he did miss. A whole missed a whole season because of the battle against cancer, but think of the numbers and what he might have done Gullit. Dongola done at the age of twenty seven, Major League Baseball. He went one hundred nine and fifty in his career, but he was done because of the shoulder issues at the age of twenty seven Gary Nolan was done at the age of twenty nine because of shoulder issues. May Gary Nolan in Nineteen, seventy two when he was twenty four years old, had a one, ninety, nine, earned run average, one, ninety nine, and he was still good, certainly for the seventy, five seventy six, but he a different pitcher, and just he wasn't able to sustain things, and it was out of baseball by the age of twenty. Nine Wayne Simpson was done at the age of twenty eight. Wayne Simpson in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, one at the age of twenty one. A rookie won fourteen games with an era of three. Hurt, his shoulder, never same. And last, but not least. Ken Griffey junior many at three straight seasons with the reds with season, ending injuries from two, thousand, two, three four. He missed two hundred and twenty six games think of the numbers. Junior put up in his career. Think of what he could have done with what that's a whole season, plus that's a season plus sixty games. And were more than talking. All time home run in the vicinity at least of that that bonds would then have had to have chased. Those are my five when we continue. You know how much I like list and you know what we did on Friday night with the off the beaten path topic was about sports cameos. I've got a twist on that. As, we continue. Thanks for being here tonight. Arnaud. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Eight thirty six seven hundred wwl W, this sportstalk L. carrier sports dot presented by Kelsey Chevrolet thanks for being here tonight, Gary Jeff. Walker is in at nine nine to midnight. We are thirty seven minutes into the curfew. for the city of Cincinnati further details on that as the evening unfolds. Mentioned, I'm a I'm a big fan of the list and we. We did a fun off the beaten path on Friday about sports cameos over the years athletes who've appeared in TV shows and I mentioned. That's through the athletic one. I I love the athletic. I subscribed to, and they did he list over the weekend of their Dansk all their their writers. Their favorite scripted sports shows over the years. And it wasn't until I didn't realize the first scripted show. It says it wasn't until late sixties. No scripted shows with a sports hook. Then in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty seven US TV imported the show speed racer, the animated speed Ray. He go speed racer from Japan. And then a couple of years later, they did the Harlem globetrotters which ran Saturday mornings from nine, hundred, seventy, two, seventy two, and after that, it was four years, and there were no scripted sports shows at all CBS tried and adaptation of of Jim Belton Ball, four and nineteen seventy-six lasted five episodes. It was done. CBS try to get one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight with a show. That made the list August two here in a second. The athletic looked at the best. Or their favorite scripted sport shows of all time number. One on their list is my number one of all time. Friday Night Lights. The way was the the was shot. The way it was acted the way it was written. It was it was just stellar TV it was it was genuine. There was a sense it was. If you didn't know it was so real life like genuine, you thought I'm watching a documentary about this town in Texas obsessed with football, the the the coach and his wife. I Tim Taylor and. Airy Taylor and his wife I would just big fans of their characters, and it just from from Tim Riggins to. Williams to Jason Street to Lyla Garrity to to her dad. Buddy. Clear is full. Heart can't lose I just I love the show. If you've never seen Friday night lights, I would highly recommend it. It is number one on their list of the best scripted sport show of all time number two. And this is this is a heck of a number two and I wish it had lasted longer because the cast they assembled spectacular, and I will watch anything that Aaron Sorkin did or does into the future. This show lasted two years. But the the scripts were were witty, fast paced. They didn't dumbed down. Sport says the athletic says it tackled complicated uncomfortable issues. It was sports night. On ABC and Sports, night was like. ESPN sportscenter like behind the scenes of what a sports center would be like on ESPN, but it had a felicity Huffman and Robert de own and Josh. Charles and Joshua Malina in Peter Peter Kraus's -ie. I mean just a really outstanding cast and. The fact that only lasted two years just is so frustrating because it was so damn good number three on their list. I HAVE DVD A box set I've ever show on DVD I. Don't have a DVD player anymore, but I've got every show on DVD nineteen, seventy, eight, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty one. CBS. The White Shadow? Remember the white shadow chip? Can Howard took a coaching job in the inner city former in the show, a former Chicago Bulls player of blew out. His knee got a chance to coach a high school team in the inner city in Los Angeles it was a TV drama mostly African American cast. Including the principal and the assistant principal they dealt with. Sexual orientation drug use and disabilities they. They weren't afraid to tackle any. Is You at that point? It lasted three seasons. Episodes Warren Coolidge and Morris Thorpe and James Hayward and Salami big fan of that show. I'll run through a couple of more of these out of time for all number. Four is Brock Meyer now Brooke. Meyer is still going on. Hey Zara is Jim. Brock Meyer a play by play announcer baseball. Who I watched the first season had a meltdown lost his GIG. Classic meltdown by the white lost his gig wound up in the minor leagues like an independent team in the middle of nowhere. I season was good. Second season came off the tracks. We gave up on season number two I mean it was. It was really a train wreck, and now I'm told in Jack Crumley said this Jack Hermelin the newsroom says it regrouped and kind of rebounded in in season three and I think I don't know whether they on season four or five now they've had some pretty cool cameos over the years. George Bragg Joe Buck Bob Costas. Maybe I circle back around, but the second season. If I remember correct I, think it was to gave up, was just utterly preposterously bad. Never saw number five on their list eastbound and down HBO two, Thousand Nine Two. Ten then came back twelve and thirteen. We'll. Fair was an executive producer of that but I. don't believe I've ever seen an episode of eastbound and down coaches six. Coach was a heck of a show. The Minnesota State Screaming Eagles Craig. t Nelson was Hayden foxe. abeille assisted by Jerry Van Dyke, who is Luther and assisted by Dr And that show tackled some. Tackled steroids they tackled NCWA violations for buying meals. They even had a quarantine episode of all things in coach which ran. Ran Eighty nine and ninety seven the League is at number seven that was the the group of childhood friends and their fantasy football league. Watch a little bit. It wasn't a big Fan. are less was eight from HBO. As. They athletic says left a mixed legacy. One of the first TV shows based in the professional sports world. A Robert Wool was a was an agent. And man show had cameos with Hank Aaron at Floyd Mayweather and Brett Farve and Dale earnhardt and Barry Bonds. It's also been cited is one of the worst shows at HBO ever produced according to some? Watched, a couple episodes wanted a big fan glow number nine. I have not watched glow. Everybody insists I should watch glow. The netflix fictional fictional series about women's wrestling set in the eighties. Jack Crumley sworn by that Req- Chino has sworn by. Glow! Ten with speed racer. Eleven ballers Twelve Cobra Kai the spin off the youtube. TV SPINOFF OF KARATE KID. playmakers was thirteen I would move that up because playmakers was so good and uncomfortable. Good to the NFL the NFL and a power play a toll ESPN not continue airing that series and ESPN had a partnership with the NFL. And what the NFL said ESPN had to do, but you talk about a real light drama. The what behind the scenes of the? Every uncovering everything about the NFL everything, including the steroids and everything else the addiction to painkillers, domestic violence, head and neck injuries. That was a really good one, and that was a really good cast in the NFL. Put Its foot down had said you're done. I think it lasted one season I in fact I don't even know if they got through the entire for season in two thousand and three. All right. So the other ones are. If you subscribe the athletic, you can look at the entire list. hang time is number nineteen I'd move that up. I want to hang time. Hang. Time ran from ninety five to two thousand. Julie Kotter joined a boys high school basketball team in the fictional town of deering Indiana it was a Saturday morning. Staple for five seasons is the athletic, said all the trappings of a corny nineties teen Sitcom I still liked it and I was hitting the teen see ninety five. I would have been to twenty nine years old. I was I was watching time at that. Reggie theus was the original coach Dick. Butkus took over Kobe, a cameo on Madras shod made a Cameo Anthony Anderson got his big break at show, then went on later day even bigger in the shield, a good show but the real star was. The actor who played Julia Connor Dan Yellow. Do to share I don't know how to pronounce your last name. As the athletic rights object teen crushes and inspiration for young girls the I remember Julie Kotter so that's a look. Some of the anything else that I really liked and their top twenty. I think that was about it. you know what Pitch Pitches Sixteen? Kelly I watch pick pitch and that was four years ago on Fox. It was a story about the first woman to play in Major League Baseball Jimmy Baker. Was Her name on the show? And it was it dealt with the complexities and everything involved in the challenges she faced. What's his name? Paul Paul. Paul Michael Glaser. He was in that. That that if if you can can watch it, some I don't know what it's streaming somewhere, but that whether you're a baseball fan or not. That was a pretty good show. Lasted one year, so it Dan at sixteen, hanging with Mr Cooper was seventeen in I. Watch that as well. We'll come back. We gotTA Hustle. We'll do on this date in reds. History squeeze in a couple of calls as well. It is eight forty seven Gary Jeff Walker is warming up and ready to deliver you the nightcap tonight from nine to midnight. This is sports. Talk Seven hundred WWL, W. Music tells says it's time to go back in time. Look on this date in reds history. Let's go nineteen fifty-six, trailing the giants three to one in the bottom of the eighth at Crossley Field Frank Robinson steps out of the batter's box to argue with home plate umpire Larry Gets. GETS ORDERS GIANTS PITCHER Steve Riddick to go ahead and throw his next pitch he does. It's called. Strike three all heck breaks loose Johnny Temple as ojected Joe Nuxhall is ejected the most surprising thing and reading about this in red journalist. Frank Robinson was not ejected. Reds lose the game three to the final score. This date nineteen, fifty seven. The reds hit seven. Seven home runs pound out twenty two hits in a twenty two to two drubbing of the cubs at Crossley. Frank Robinson to home runs this date. Nineteen fifty eight Johnny Temple Hits A it's an inside the Park Grand Slam in game, two of double header at Connie Mack Stadium. The game was suspended in the ninth-inning at eleven eleven because the Pennsylvania curse. Curfew Law said Games on Sunday half to end by seven PM. This one was going to run past seven PM game of the doubleheader, they resumed it on August the tenth, the reds one in thirteen innings this date nineteen sixty three. ooh, how about this one Closley Field Joey J. Out Duels Sandy Colfax one to nothing. Nineteen seventy five. Jack Billingham spins a complete game. Five hitter in beating the cardinals Busch Stadium five to one time of game. Two hours. And two minutes. This date, Nineteen seventy-nine Pete. Rose returns to Riverfront Stadium as an opposing player for the first time with the visiting Phillies in a game ceremony, the reds presented him with his nineteen seventy eight reds. Mvp Award Team Mvp Award. He was given a standing ovation, and the reds announced that day. No one would wear the number fourteen again. Pete Rose Junior did in nineteen, ninety seven on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two, who I hesitate to bring this up. It was draft day nine, hundred, ninety two. With the fifth pick in the nineteen ninety-two, Major, League Baseball, amateur draft, the Cincinnati reds select. University of Central Florida outfielder Chad Mottola. Derek jeter was taken next by the Yankees. Chad Mottola. The fifth player in the draft played thirty five Major League games with the reds hitting to fifteen. He played fifty nine major league games with a career batting average of two hundred. What happened to that Jeeter Guy? Nineteen Ninety eight on this date, Lenny Harris tosses a perfect eighth inning. Lenny heiress in relief in a sixteen two three loss to the giants, he recorded a strikeout in finally this two thousand and ten Joey votto four hits in a home run Scott Rolen a home run. Reds beat the cardinals at Busch. Stadium Ninety, eight to move into first place in the National League Central Division all of it happening on this date in reds, baseball history This is disturbing on twitter. We mentioned. We're now fifty six minutes into curfew Pat Brennan. Brennan has been arrested by police. Pat Brennan is the Enquirer FC Cincinnati writer friend of the show helping out on this beat tonight for the Inquirer and I'm looking at video now on twitter where Pat Brennan wearing a lanyard, identifying himself as a member of the media has been detail has been arrested and hauled off by three or four police officers, prompting this statement from Jeff Pasture, who says just spoke with the city manager about press being detained right now he spoke to chief Isaac and the situation is being corrected immediately. So there you go situation unfolding fifty seven minutes under curfew Gary Jeff Walker, dealing with that and more tonight for three hours with you as he serves up dose of the nightcap from nine to midnight all right, let's take care a couple in the mall. I get out of here. Get the news. How about Dayton Kentucky Jerry? You're on seven hundred W, W. Gary On. I had talked you story a while back about Pete rose. Playing against a semi pro guy, knocking him all over, but yeah, this was about Eric Davis. I was fortunate enough to play his personal party at Lumpy Cain. Surf Club with abandoned band. And he was probably the most humble person I've ever met in my entire life. I mean what an on. He was just so good M-. Remember Mars. They left behind. And you didn't give a celebrate, and we were fortunate enough. The band lot fortunate enough to be able to play his party. How `Bout just a down to earth genuine guy while my God, so go and another one. Yeah, all nail, Paul. Newman was a drummer. I did not. Play that song, his favorite songs about thank Sally and was not a mile. And he was fun. The drums saw the off beautiful. Jerry thanks for calling. All right take care have a great night. Let me I rented out one more. How about any Comington John? You get the final word. What do you got for me? I feel honored. Biggest, shame in my opinion as far as reds getting hurt or injured or whatever Nicholas ASCII. Promise but much potential. Right nine Blatty thank you. Absolutely Nikolsky had it was he had his best season after he was traded to Boston in the Rob Murphy deal had thirty home runs I think he may have driven one hundred then suffered about vertigo, and was never the same, tried a tried with the braves, but really became too dangerous for him to step into a batter's box and deal with the verdict, the chance it would come back or even play the field and and deal with the Vertigo Nicosia and he was probably well here when I pull it out I'm going to guess Nicholas. Ask, you wouldn't have been more than. Thirty thirty one years old when his career ended. Let me see if I can pull this up here to instead of curiosity to complete the show I want to be precise. He would have been thirty years old. How about that? Yeah the? Season with Boston nineteen, hundred nine got MVP votes. Thirty home runs one hundred eight rabies that year for the socks and then that I, think that offseason. He signed I say he signed the big deal with the braves in suffered the first bout of Vertigo and What a shame say That's man I've forgotten him from that list. Thank you all right. I gotta get Outta here I. Thanks for hanging out tonight. Hang Tight Jerry Jeff Walker will take you to midnight with updates that all. All that is going on in. Certainly your phone calls as well. The news is ahead followed by the nightcap on the home of the rent seven hundred. Of You.

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