Cell Phone Etiquette


Etiquette phone etiquette stay tuned. If you have money saving tips you WANNA share we would love to hear from you. We'll talk about them in a future podcast just head to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash dollar saving divas. See Bus okay. Let's I don't know about you but I have pet peeves about phones in public. I mean I just you know there's certain things that you should do and you should not. Do you know detach yourself from your phone like at a restaurant. The only thing on table should be your meal filed that and we home even there are no phones come into the denied at the dinner table. I agree and then have you ever been in the grocery line behind. Somebody and they're texting attention to what's happening. Happening or answering the cashier when they're asking questions yeah just give the checkout. Just put your phone away while you're checking out make it easy and then Oh gosh walking down the street. A home run into wall run into things are loud. You can hear there conversations nations. You don't want to hear that Congress. Oh my goodness yeah your phone away. Keep Your eyes on where you're walking. Well also whether you're heading to a new city or new country. Here's some tips that keep you staying connected. Elected to <hes> and logged in bring a portable charger. I always I do that too. I bring I usually have to. I have one and I'll keep like you know the ones that you can you buy for like they're like thirty dollars in the actually recharge battery. Yeah I keep that in my yeah my suitcase and then I always keep another charter that I carry with me all the time well if you're keeping it in your suitcase just a heads up be sure that you keep it in your carry on to comply with new T._S._A.. Rick I know. Lose that don't want that to happen exactly and did you know you can save offline maps so if you get the google maps APP to download city maps on your phone you won't drain your data trying to navigate you can find your way and download the map. I think that's very interesting. Also so you can create personal Wi fi network you can get access to speedy coverage almost an air -arily say horizons jetpack. I've never heard of that. It's great if the whole family wants. To get online and connect up to devices plus it can be used as a charter. I think that's very cool yeah. What is it like two hundred dollars one hundred dollars but it's not bad no that could be imagine? Did you use up a lot of time with fifteen device. Terrible good tips very good tips. I think I know how stay connected now. Thanks for listening to the dollar saving divas if you have ideas for an upcoming episode.

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