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Kenya Moore & Joel Kim Booster


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch what happens live with me Andy Cohen and when he tells jokes he pushes boundaries far tonight her baby made an entrance in a little car. It's live with Kenya More Joachim Booster he's turned out the Euro Sandy Cohen live in the clubhouse Atlanta Premier night and I know we got an extra hour today there is so much drama to unpacked we do not have a minute to waste my I guess baby may only be learning how to walk but knowing her mom she already knows how to twirl making their triumphant return to the real housewives of Atlanta. Please welcome Kenya Discusses Larry A standup comic pushes the envelope but his most mic drop worthy hot takes are all related to the housewives catch him on Sunnyside Thursdays on Hulu blue and the NBC APP Please Welcome Joachim Booster Age you you referred to tonight as is the Super Bowl why because look who I'm sitting they prep me up top they're like now it will be a pretty Atlanta heavy heavy episode and I was like as it should yes as far as I'm concerned I'm just an observer I'm sitting in the front row for this show very rarely early again navarre she was the first female artist to be signed by motown affiliated label making music royalty and she's here to get US royally wasted tonight her children's Book Claudette Audet miraculously motown adventure is out now please welcome Claudette Robinson aw huge miracles fan right here and you know they can you Moore's from Detroit as well so a lot of out happened in the Atlanta you guys were trending All night tonight you still are a lot of tweets coming in your friend Michael Rapaport said gigantic moment in TV history right ear wig on wig off wow how how Megan McCain tweeted that she is happy for your return to the series and live her handy tweeted that she promises she had no idea that sincerely was gonna pop up and bring up that situation at the Old Lady Gang do you not believe that you have on your candy is on candies honest okay tonight's tonight sent the made it very clear she wants to take her relationship with Mike to the next level maybe a little too clear watch this in terms of getting married like what have we just get engaged but definitely not all right I get it I get it I get your the monster addresses and where you are not bridges any they're gonna be found God brive are not even any behind dot TV for a scale of one to ten how thirsty is Cynthia for Ah Joel what do you think I mean I think she should be looking at him. It's incredible tenure what do you think too much well twelve WHOA y'all are you're up there you're at a nine so far can you through a Barbie Theme Party for Baby Brooklyn and all the ladies as came dressed to impress we want you to go to W. W. H. L. Dot TV next fall tell us who rocked their Barbie Costume Best Cynthia as thirsty Barbie as workout Barbie Canada as Rockstar Barbie Kenya as their own Kenya Barbie Porsche as holiday Barbie jaw where are you going with this I mean I think I have to go with Cynthia the ball's coming a wedding dress I mean that was alcee who did you think about it I like get that you went as Kenya Barbie Yes yes looks like you guys are given it support show but can you you're very close their wrote and produced an episode of Comedy Central Show the other two were the main character landed a shirtless bartending spot. Watch what happens is if you guys have not seen it you have have to go to like comedy central demand or some I think you can yeah yeah it's really really funny you're in it I am anyway thank you for Writing Brilliant Episode Your Questions for Kenya and Joel or coming in but before we get to those here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight I tonight we met Kenya's little Princess Baby Brooklyn but we also learned Kenya's co-parenting situation is not exactly a fairy tale and knowing what we know now that everything takes on kind of a bigger meeting let's watch and discuss I I have a baby on the way that feeling of protectiveness love it's just nothing like it Coty I envisioned in Brooklyn Webby born market I would be spending the majority of time under one through the distance is really putting strain on our marriage mark won't be able to make the party because he does have work do I want him to be here yes absolutely that is the difficulty of our relationship right now you look like Miami pretty she's so cute I have to say Saint today's her first birthday so we saw the sad news that you filed for divorce Adam filed yet you have not filed you announce your separation yes okay and Howard things between the two of you now were there cordial we had her birthday party today we call parented successfully that and hopefully it will continue the same way hey did you sign a prenup did he sign a prenup no prenup now you know listen we're both successful successful I all my home outright prior to marriage in for you know what I know not being a lawyer I think that's protected that's my biggest asset set and you know mark successful so I just didn't think that things would ever get to a point where he would come after money so he hasn't yet okay all right well here's what what can you says she's no longer a turn-up queen but don't turn down the chance to bring your kids to Kenya Party Watch this actually can bring you how scared these little group events sometimes you'll get crazy and I can't let you why you WanNa mention we never had any but never been on the river I guess you should see him today that it was like a man or like yeah I agree she polishing breath a kiss she told me she was I mean wouldn't you think I'm going to take off my ponytail tell him beater kids with it all right go to WWAFL dance are Paul we want to know who cite you on Kenya or Eva Joel where you on this listen I like Eva I think she's great on America's next top model I liked her on the show but sometimes I feel like I can see the work with lever a little too much on the show Kinda feels like what is this like there's excuses bullshit like it's it's insane can you agrees and you guys are on Kenya's side you're alright second shampoo friendship of on the right foot this season here's what porsches relationship with Dennis is on shaky ground take a look then this has moved out he was unfaithful to me why was carrying our child and there are a lot of crazy rumors about dentists in the blogs it's like it's gotta be a bad dream or joke about whatever it is which was crazy I'm this girl in a log that's supposedly a mistress to force just beyond say I've never met a day in my life the girl the bar she came over here and she says she's never even met him it does not make me feel better that this sincerely girl is not messing and within is because and actually it with with somebody else what's your reaction to seeing this play out I mean this is this is deep stuff yeah I believe in love and you know Porsche nine and a great place now in to see her finally find love and have a child and to be going through something like that it really kind of breaks as my heart I just saw little gas Joel when you said that you enforcer and a good place listen this the the avengers taste come together you end Porsche are my two favorite Atlanta housewife. She's like I came to the show when you start at like I've always loved you you and it's always so sad to me when I see you guys fight and so this season it's I think we're all pumped finally as a comedian Joe is not afraid to take a strong stance so I'm curious which housewives he stands by Joel I'm going to list off various housewife you'd tell me which side you take around zone Paul can booster club okay who's side are you on Cynthia or ne-near regarding all they've been through and Cynthia inviting Kenya the event last season I think it's got to be Cynthia Ray right okay you on mocking or Deandre Simmons when it comes to saying that Deandra cheated cheated on rich cheated on Leeann Liam for sure you're on the inside who side are you on Theresa or Melissa when it comes to their ongoing sister-in-law Lewis okay you on Vicki Golsen or Kelly Don whose side were you on Kenya or Porsche when they were fighting and Kenya I believe that in Vancouver everyone else regarding I have to speak out on this I know this is supposed to be a quick game but listen I think Lisa Vanderbilt has done shady but I think this season those girls took down for reasons that were not right I do I write it was all right thank you very much for Okay Amy Phillips Sweeter Wow hot start Atlanta I've already cried and only ten minutes in Erica Jane tweeted I'm very happy can you more is back back on the at l. the Mattie M. said I loved it Atlanta's back and we discussed the awkwardness that is Kenya's saying that are male gas couldn't older baby because her husband wouldn't let another man hold his child I thought that that I say okay I just said you know I just felt weird about having having another guy holding her in such a public place that was on me mark has never said to me about that okay Joel Kennedy Jiwan he wants to know if you watch the Teresa and Joe Special and what was most shocking to you about I did I will have to say the most shocking thing for me was how attracted I am to prison in John slimmed down a little bit and I was right next week's Atlanta Kenya and Cynthia had to crystal shop at the energy flowing between them isn't all positive yours was accused of having not so sure energy I wanted to come here you might need some extra to protect your hanging out either she brought you a gift yes which I will be returning always what if you have the nerve to defend considering during the she don't really know you like that she was like you know what I'm the only real friend they simply it has she's attaching Ching herself to Eva I don't know how Cynthia is picking her friends but let's just hope that she's not picking him in the same way yeah this is Cynthia it's going to be happy to see that let's go to Giselle for New Orleans Ages L. what's your question hollow has some Andy Hi our you great five hive earful can give thank you my question is will we see you any in a better what are police this year and also do you think marlow deserves the peach the answer about nanny is absolutely not I I think she's pretty much dead to me a lot riding tries to spit on you I think they're not ever going to be friends friends with you so yeah that's pretty I look at you and Porsche I mean if you guys all right let's go to Emma from Florida Emma Emma what's your question I N D my question is for Joel what is your housewives tagline Oh my gosh they come what is it I guess my housewives tagline off the top of my head is if money is the root of all evil I'm the tallest tree in the forest writers twelve the travis w Hampton tweeted said he'd saw picture of market Brooklyn's birthday is there hope you'll get back together and whose decision John was it to split wow that's a heavy question I believe it was mutual and is there there's always hope we haven't and filed yet there's always hope okay I'm happy to hear it was mutual at least yes yes you both recognize that there were issues in the relationship yeah they haven't been worked through I think it's always what I was asking for it just never happened Joel Justin piece if you had to put together your all time top five live housewives who would they be that's tough that's have I mean obviously Kenya Bethany Bethany Bethany Kelly died while gotta throw her all right this is really proven yourself okay and then Lisa Vander okay vendor pump Sean and then God Leeann Lock it in our real wild. I'd watch that so Laurie from Florida real quick for Kenya Moore. What's your question Laurie? Hey first of all Kenya I

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