Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #43: Threes Company | Season 3, Episode 7 Recap


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They said it couldn't be done but it was and now here here with me back in our regular set up although he is not wear usually podcast from the Co host of Robin Akiva Nita comcast the Great Akiva Winokur. It's weird podcasting without being able to see you. Yeah I know we haven't we haven't done it in a couple of days so all right Akiva. Where are you right now? I'm in my childhood bedroom perfect yeah on my on my childhood bed. Do you have a classic T._V.. In there the kind signed that might be seen an episode room raiders. No I actually have a modern T._v.. It's not especially big but it's not plugged in. I haven't bothered other plugging it in. I don't know why there's cable in the room <hes> but there's no. I don't know it's not plugged in. I been watching another T._V.'s but it's a pretty it's a pretty good like childhood the bedroom it's not like when when we go to my wife's house and Mike twin bed basically for two weeks yeah okay all right well just the set things up we we are going to be talking about these trips oven of three's company today. which I think should be a lot of fun? We're GONNA have a guest with us in a moment Scott Chernoff off the great TV writer that the co host of the snakes rats and goats podcast. He's been on our H._p.. Very funny guy the Big Three's company Superfan. He's GonNa join us to talk about season three episode seven and the Three's company franchise at large but allow a very positive response to the the trip from the people that were there and the people who caught the recordings yeah. I don't even think it occurred to us that like hey. Hey if this goes well. Maybe we'll do it again and now it seems like it's a lock basically. Why wouldn't we do it again next summer something yeah you're here? You're in the United States every summer for a couple of months. We we just got to open up the mets schedule. In twenty twenty see when Marcus Stroman is pitching and then pick a city and then get on out there and then put a bunch just cities on the wheel spin the wheel of cities and away we go well yeah or wheel bracket. I was thinking maybe we do a wheel bracket where we owe branch it because then we could pick why don't WanNa give us the choice rather than you want to be forced to be going to some city. That's on her wheel. Okay interesting so live show city. Eh Bracket is a topic for the wheel yeah and then people will because we've already got. Don't don't send them now because we're a long way off from that but we've already got some submissions. Hey come to Belgium. Come to Indianapolis. Come to Austin Texas play in Belgium people. It's possible because the Yankees played in London next year so I think the natural progression is like France and then in Belgium so twenty twenty one the mets are in Belgium. Okay all right Akiva anything you want to say about the week in Minnesota before we start to get the three's company I don't know how was it for you. You know we we really mostly do this stuff from afar out we were like we weren't roommates but we were we were floor mates and what was it like getting to see like me and Chester Ester and yell element. I loved it. I loved it. It was so much fun. I really really fun week. Real jam packed over forty thirty eight or fifty two hours in Minneapolis and we did a lot of fun stuff. I know a lot of people WANNA know Akiva. What happened with the sleepover podcast yeah? I don't know if it's ever GonNa see the light of day. It might be <hes>. I don't know how many podcasts you have out there that have just been recorded and never aired but I heard you. You know I'm not saying it will never air but I think there's a air date scheduled for okay. I have a suggestion maybe the wheel that <hes> <hes> not to put to sleep over podcast on the wheel but to put a oral history of the sleepover podcast on the wheel okay all right well. Let's talk about the mail bag. I'll I'll <hes> okay all right. So are you ready to bring in Scott Yeah. Let's let's bring it Scott and talk three well. Three's company we need a third are very excited to bring in our guest today to talk about three's company of course that you know him from many ATV writing credits recurring voice on rick and morty and of course these snakes rats and goats podcast. Please welcome Mr Scott Chernoff Scott. How are you hey Robin Akiva? How are you I'm good? We're very excited to have you here very excited to make this all come mm together. We were in Minnesota. It came up on the wheel season three episode seven. We figured out it was three's company and one of our listeners. Nina stoddard said you gotta get Scott Chernoff. He is three's company superfan. I said you're right. You're right at the last new Nina while I am. I'm always ready and honored and excited to talk about the greatest sitcoms in television history good three's company so excited to talk about this franchise because the key you know almost nothing about three's reese company right. I'm confused why it's such a blind spot because people seemed excited that we're talking about. It and I don't think I like I'd heard of the name but I certainly I didn't know the premise or anything about starting it until we started doing a research here. I don't know is it Kiva thing or if it is completely been lost the history no. I don't know you know when I was a kid. It was on and I guess it must have been airing new episodes when I was a kid but I remember it was on like in the afternoon Vanunu and Scott I really my parents didn't want me to watch it. It was very you know too racy raise company yeah. It was in one of those shows. I'm not sure how I got away with watching it because I remember I used to watch it with my grandmother who loved it and she wouldn't let me watch soap which was on a contemporary show contemporary to that at because it was too racy but I think because on three's company as perhaps we'll discuss. It's oddly elite chased. It's very sexual and yet nobody ever has that the Vaudevillian would you say. Is that a good way to a farce arse <unk>. It was on twice a day in reruns when I was a kid and the new episode so it was just constant right but most of the jokes folks are sort of <hes> very much like double entendre a lot of misunderstandings where one person thinks that something sexual could be going on or might be going on. There's something like alluding to something dirty in almost all of the episodes and Akiva this. This was a huge huge hit. Three's company well. I was six months old when outside of finale which appeared to air like way after everything else six months old when it went if there and it was just never on syndication in New York ever when I was when I was growing up in the late eighties in the nineties indies you know. I think that maybe there are some story lines. That didn't always age well on three's company. No I want to watch it with my kids but I don't even know how to explain it. I think in the show that kids would find relief fund. It's the whole concept of it has Nah. I don't even know if it hasn't aged well or shipped frozen in time so we have a lot of young people well and people who maybe have a blind spot like Akiba who might be listening and you don't really know what three's company is so let me just give you the plot real quick Eric. John Scott stopped me from getting anything wrong so Jack Tripper is a a young twenty something guy and he just needs an apartment and is very limited on the options of where he could potentially live only one basically one place one apartment the whole world where he could have an extra room and there are these two female roommates Janet and Chrissy and they live in in a building that is a very puritanical for some reason and for some reason that it's a violation of their lease for a single man Dan to live with them but they concoct this idea that well if we tell the landlord that Jack tripper is a gay person then that would be okay at the landlord at the time. Mr Roper is very puritanical but he's okay with Jack being gay. He's not he's very homophobic but not to the point where Jack can't live there. He's very chunk also yeah yes but if Jack was straight he which he is he would not be allowed to live there because obviously they would all be having sex all the time out out of wedlock and it would be insane and it's nineteen seventy six and you can't be having that Akiva that come through in the season three episode seven and that we looked at the plot of the show absolutely not I was explained to me but that is not in any way addressed in fact I would have assumed doomed. I'm actually curious <hes> to know the answer from you guys that Jack Appears to be in love with Janet. The the character played by Joyce is that is is that a major plot point in the series it is not now there is never any any <hes> any out of wedlock hooking up between Jack and the roommate no in the early days of the show there was a lot of Jack trying to hook up with either roommate Janet or Chrissy Chrissy. If given the opportunity he would happily have been with either of them but they are virgins. They never get together. There is never a will they or won't they in fact toward the end of the series which were jumping very far ahead but it's followed by another another show called three's a crowd where Jack moves in with a girlfriend and there was a lot of tie that maybe her dad becomes their landlord okay. He doesn't move in with them but he buys the building. They're moving into so you know it's a twist that nobody saw coming yeah but there was some talk that perhaps that would be Janet or there was some disgruntlement I think I think on the part of the actress Joyce Dewitt who played Janna because she felt she was she felt that what a Kiva was picking up. was there all the time in the really Jack and Janet belong together but it was never a part of the show at all yeah so I want to talk about the three's company franchise and maybe at the expense of not talking so much about the season three episode seven episode that we all ended up watching AKIVA. Do you feel comfortable giving out the link that we have for that episode because I know we got a lot of complaints from people when we gave out a link to CSI New York Yeah. We're GONNA have to end up paying. Everyone's like virus remove keep doing it was also youtube version. The mailman had okay so the name of the episode is is Chrissy Guru. That was the season three episode seven. I will put out a link in the description and it rob has website dot com slash. Three's company the safest blink find by the time this podcast goes up is that link will go to if anybody wants to watch that not mandatory because we won't spend eight hundred time on Chrissy and the Guru. I don't understand nobody else. Besides me has the D._V._d.. Yes because I just pulled out my season three. D._V._D.'s well is a full box set or just you have to buy each season yeah. You have to buy each season wound. I I actually have a couple random seasons in and season three is one of them of Scott. How much travesty was it that the opening theme song to Three's company was not included in Chester's TV theme song bracket a major travesty that is yes? It's got to be the oversight the millennium I think so Akiva. Do you know the three's company theme song. I don't know it but I I really like it now. I was unaware of it. <hes> apparently it's famous. I'm winner got chosen at the live. Show people started seeing it right away so it's really well no okay. Let me let me play it for anybody who either has longed. I'm for it or it's never heard it before we go with an intro riding on the on the beach in Santa Monica on a bike as he did every day and then Jack Very Horny guy he's crashes bike as a cute lady walking by and you blaming certainly not the person on the show common dancing and starring as the roeper still weird and Audra Lindley aw back down at Arundel who little known fact <hes> guys that song written by Joe Re Poso who wrote many the of the classic songs from Sesame Street Rubber Ducky and <hes> or maybe not rubberduck you being green the sesame street being tons thus restrict songs and the three's company theme. I'd say that's a a career well-spent. Yes great great TV theme song. It's it's a solid one hundred seconds also the intro which is very nineteen seventy eight long instrumental there at the at the end of the episode so Scott. Could you just set this up. Three's company heirs in nineteen seventy six an instant hit or did it build up over time like Seinfeld that Akiva Akiva I covered. I believe well it it built but I believe it was fairly instant in that it was instantly a hit and then it just got bigger and bigger. I think it made its way up to number one or near there for a few years it was pretty huge and it was very controversial at the time it was one of those shows like you said that it people thought was too racy. Believe there were religious groups protesting you look at it now. There's nothing going on well. What were they protesting that there was a person that was pretending that they were gay or that they were? I thought it would be protested like for the opposite reasons today. I think it was just because it was there was a lot of innuendo about set and the girls were especially Christie was wearing a low cut tops. Yes jiggling around and the implication it was almost like it was a bunch of Mr Roper bure's protesting they the protests assumed that the three roommates would just be constantly at each other having sex every episode but that was never the case but jack was incredibly learning he wanted to he wanted to screw and you know any woman he met. I don't believe he ever succeeded of course of the whole series there. There's some sort of possibilities that maybe maybe he's had some experience that we never were never part of the plots that we actually saw or he has no leisurely. He was usually usually foiled. He had some game in terms of getting date. Yeah he was constantly David Not close no he saves Akiva diva because he would often get himself into a circumstance where he had like two dates at the same time you had to run between both and then it would inevitably audibly end with both of the girls discovering that he was dating to people at the same moment and somebody would dump a bowl of Spaghetti on his head or a lot of episodes ended with yeah water or some kind of ood being dumped on Jackson right and Kiva typical typical plot line would be then oh a bowl of spaghetti gets dumped on Jack and one of the girls here's him say that Oh I have a <hes> limp noodle and then it starts a whole different conversation about a different misunderstanding right that was much different than what we saw in this episode of Horny that Mrs Roper the the landlord's wife warnings character in TV history it appears will she is incredibly horny. Specifically for Mr Roper you know clearly died anybody who hasn't seen the show to look up Mr right all right man yeah and Mrs Roper and Mr Roper never wants to have sex with his never even occurs to him to have sex with his wife. My Mike Theory if you really want to dive is that Mr Roper is <hes> latently gay <hes> that it's always been by he has so much resentment towards towards Jar Jack Yeah check. He is obsessed with Jack with Jack's homosexuality or a supposed homosexuality in American beauty type situation. Yes exactly Mr Roper is always doing the limp wrist extend to make fun of Jack and mock him but he's very focused on Jack Sex life and not at all on sex with his own wife. I think Mr Roper in Kevin Spacey Mike Get Along so that I like American beauty comparison so Akiva now the rope irs are the landlord here in three's company in the early early days later on there will be a new landlord who takes over the building. Mr Forli played by the Great Don knotts Scott. Are you more of a Mr Burly guy or you're a roper guy you know as a kid I was definitely more on the MR early train rain <hes> because he is just so hilarious don knotts as a genius and I still have Mr fairly but and he's such a big character but <unk> as I got older I think I grew to appreciate Mr Roper more and more now. I'm a roper guy when he turns and looks looks right into camera did ZAPPA's Brad every episode. There's a point where he makes fun of either Jack or Mrs Roper Uber and then he turns righted looks right into carry the fourth wall yeah breaks the fourth wall just pierces right into my soul and smiles and it's the creepiest slash greatest. I can't to this day. I watched the episode last night and I was laughing out. Loud Yeah Mr Mr Roker I two I think was Mr Furlong guy growing up and or Mr Forli kid growing up and I have not had the experience variance to go back and re watch this as an adult. I can't say that I would keep a mixture forli that I think I could just watch a clip of him on Youtube Tube Right now. I think I'd be hysterical. It was he was he hateful like Mr Roper because Mr appears to is extremely racist and anti basically everything Mr it's the roper because I don't think there were any other races in this show one of the occasionally somebody of a different. I don't know if we have the body because he ain't but early in the episode Scotty says like you know those people who love money and just count their money and I'm like where's where's he going with this and then his wife's like you mean landlords yeah yeah yeah well He. There wasn't a lot of talk about any specific race or religion religion it. He's just a very conservative guy not politically just in terms of <hes>. I guess just sat yes. It also a fiscal conservative. Also yes very cheap very stingy now Mr early on the other hand also super horning. They can't get also trying to get laid constantly and never succeeding. He is not hateful. He doesn't really it kind of varies like it. When he first comes on the story is that his brother owns as bought the building for Mr Roper for Bart fairly yeah and he he was the one who is maintaining these strict rules <hes> about jacket only lived there because he was gay yeah and there would be no Hanky Panky and Mr Forli wasn't as married to that concept but it depended really on the plot of each episode about how sometimes Mr Fairly would be very strict about that they still had to maintain the illusion to Mr thoroughly that Jack was gay because you'd get a great Mr surly a blow up if he thought something was going on and he would lose his mind about things so that was always very fun to watch now? Do you know y that there was a switch up from the roper to Mr Forli. Yeah this is crazy. I did read about this so they it was such a popular show and they decided to make spinoff of the rope irs which I think a comedy of two like Septuagenarian unthinkable outside. Maybe like T._v.. Land Twenty nine hundred that was they were not agents. I feel like this was <hes> this was you know normal and <hes> Scott. I assume you were a big fan the show but you're the only big fan of the show. That's my guess when we did what was the gropers. I know nothing about the actual roper show. Was it a success okay. Here's defy we'll tell you about the roper and I did watch it but it wasn't like a three's company to me. I watched sort of out of loyalty and occasionally some three's he's company people would show up on it but when it started it was a hit because it was on right after three's company in those days if you were on on after people kept the T._v.. Tune there were only a handful of channels. The ratings were great and just a backup for a second sort of interesting at at least to me is it three's company was based on a British series. Call that man about the house okay which was a big hit man about the house had a spin off of their rovers characters. The spinoff called George and mildred also a big hit so the rovers I was based on George Mildred even though this this is now Stanley and Helen Roper and Mr Roper the actor Norman fell did not want to do it. He knew this was going to be a big mistake and his attitude was hey. I've finally gotten onto it T._v.. Show I don't WANNA leave it. <hes> they talked talked him into leaving but only got them to agree to the condition that if the rovers was canceled within one year they would come back to three's company while it was a big hit in its first sort of handful of episodes than for season two. They moved it to a different night totally tanked. Nobody watched it. They cancelled it slightly more than a year after it debuted and by then reese company had Mr Forli who's a superstar and Mr Roper was Adalah. Yeah I think Mr Earley probably one of the most successful Sitcom Sitcom recasting decisions in the history of the genre. Is that fair absolutely I'd put up there with like woody from cheers because a lot of times that's it's sort of the beginning of the end like a major recasting but I think it breathe the a lot of new life into the show and I think that Mr early might even be more iconic than the the Europa as we are this hour away from the show definitely and you know three's company had a lot of recasting Chrissy was we can get into that but she was replaced twice you know or the that that role <hes> Chrissy left and then it was her cousin Cindy E._s._p._n.. It was another roommate named Terri. There was a blonde rooming after being blonde or any every Arrow was great like there was no loss in quality. letty Christie was a great character. I wouldn't say that the others were as great of characters but the show had really found itself by them and season three episode. Seven you rob you. Were talking about the misunderstandings. In the sexual innuendoes. We saw a little bit of that in this season three episode when the Rope Irs were at home and Mr Roper was looking over his budget and he said well. It's GONNA WE'RE GONNA have to cut a lot of expenses expenses but we're we're gonNA make it and she says what Stanley and he goes. I said we're GONNA make it <hes> and one dot steinle you mean it jazz. They were GONNA have sack euphemism even in the nineteen seventy making it making it there was a there was even a show a movie and T._v.. Show recalled making but making it was like making love and then he said something like yeah but you're going to have to help you know all these will. That's sort of what the show uh-huh became like at for a whole half hour as evolved was all these misunderstandings of somebody Says that she has a bun in the oven and then everybody is reacting for an episode to the news that Christie is pregnant. Yes and there wasn't episodes right the only seven episodes like that. There's a classic scene where they're putting up curtain rod and Mr Roper Mr Burley's outside the door as Jack and one of the girls you know I can't fit it in but it's going to be so great when it gets in try folding it and it's always on the person listening and they're befuddled reaction. We have not talked about a character that did not appear in the season three episode since seven that we watched Larry who is sort of the Super Horny Wing Man of Jack tripper that by comparison normalizes Jack Jack tripper. Did you know about this character Akiva no because he doesn't appear in the episode so there's a series regular or the chief guest star no yes well. He started out you know guess star then recurring and worked his way up and he is like a live action version of family family guys quagmire without the yes he is. That's a good observation. He's the quagmire prototype Larry Larry Will Woah have sex with anything that moves Larry is a bachelor. He's living in the apartment above them. I and it was always constantly. Getting keep a Google Larry from threes companies like imagine Larry in your mind based on what we're saying and then Google picture of Larry From Three's company and like just the the the actual guy does not really fit the image of classical ladies Fan. He's a playboy that we wash your Greg Brady type. This episode is Yeah. You're right. It's not very every representative of the series. There's no Larry <hes> and Larry becomes a key part like you said he does kind of normalize Jack I mean Larry is <hes> I mean I guess quagmire admires not like a good looking guy right but <hes> you know this <hes> this is <hes>. Do I pictured yeah. Is this the swinging seventies and Larry is there to you. Represent All that now Scott just in terms of the logistics. There's a bar that they hang out at constantly called the Regal Beagle true like how I met your mother fashion of the Bar attached to the apartment complex while I believe that bar is kind of across the street ish it's never really specified in fact the logistics of the building itself change over the yeah how I when the show started there was just the two apartments percents <hes> it was just the rope irs and they had an apartment above them. Okay that they rented out and that was kind of how they could dictate these he's rules. I don't know if that was legal then or not but that there could be no sex in the apartment above them yeah just as there would be no sex in on their own a bar <hes> but then at some point Larry was established as living above Jack and Janet and Chrissy and as the show progressed other neighbors became introduced and it became more of an apartment complex but we never see occasionally we see the outside guide steps in hallway not hallway the outside kind of walkway I guess between the Roper apartment and the main main characters apartments but that's all we see of this building so they can pretty much make it whatever they want at a certain point. It's like rather you know the hot chick in apartment. Four away you know is there's than Lan. I don't know if you remember Lana is a neighbor who is a cast member for for about a year. She's a like a cougar okay for they were googlers. She is a forty something. I guess which in those T._V. T._v.. Terms as ancient Old Lady who <hes> is Super Horny and all end wants Jack Yeah Jack Jack Who's Super Horny basically wants to have sex with anybody but lana he is not interested in Lana for no two characters can can be into each other at the same time I think that's one of the mandates that three's company and by the way if Jack or Janet or Chrissy even within the three of them mm-hmm or terrier cindy if they ever think that one of the others is having sex. It's a scandal even in that among those twenty. somethings it's like you know it's a big GLOB. They are not approving of any any person that any of the other three ever meet questions so Suzanne. It was an summers. Yes leaves leaves the show at a certain point and does she. Is this her most famous role because she's Afghanist- person but I don't know which Vamos Sport did she become a movie. I mean she's been in Michigan in American graffiti she but she went on to do a couple couple. More successful shows she's the sheriff yet and step master and defy master right and she became kind of fitness. <music> celebrity <unk> with her master and I know step by step was part of T._g._I._F.. For years but this is definitely her most famous Ya'll well. Let's let's talk about this because this gets very contentious and I think that this is a fascinating thing to sort of explore. The contract issues shoes that ended up plaguing three's company after its initial success. Can you sorta like walk us through what's going on there. Well Suzanne somers summers became a breakout star Chris. He was a great character and as the show preceded from what I understand in what I've read in Yes. I've read extensively on this subject. <hes> her husband was her manager in her husband is is kind of a local celebrity here in l.. A. R. was at the time did like some local broadcasting and was a spokesperson for some supermarkets here in L._A.. But this was his big thing Suzanne somers career was taking off and I think he was also like many years older than her then adds ending wing any color to the story and he started to tell her that she was the Big Star and she should get more money than everybody else and of course if you're watching the show Christie's great but really the star is Jack tripper John the Great John Redman delay a great one of the funniest guys of all time and that's really what you know when I think of three's company. I'm Jack tripper guy he was my hero was a kid so funny. He's so physically could do anything but in the meantime Chrissy Suzanne somers is starting to demand more the money I think it might have even been before the contracts were up and it got very contentious to the point where she wasn't coming into work work right holding out heave it was holding out for more money and the producers or the network were very much of the the opinion that she was a nobody and they could do this show without her and they don't need her and this is very topical now because there's so much talk about equal pay hey not just in Hollywood but for men and women in all different occupation. Did she want more money than John Ritter or was she being underpaid compared the John Ritter. I think it's both now. I'm not one hundred percent positive because I didn't research this recent sprung this on you. She just tweeted <hes> not just but I I just saw a tweet from few years ago. It was three decades ago when I was fired from three's company for asking to be paid equal to what the top man were making <hes> I well obviously they should be. You know thirty years later. She could be saying whatever she won't be a little revisionist. I don't know but I know that she you know this show was built around John Ritter and they felt however right or wrong that Janet and Chrissy weren't going to make as much money now from what I've read. She was asking then for more money than John Ritter <hes> so I think it's a little of both and I certainly think she probably did deserve more money but it's the way that she went about it. I think that really bugged people because everybody felt that here. The show is doing so well. We're we've got this hit on our hands in here's Suzanne somers kind of derailing us because she won't come into work and she won't be a team player. Obviously I wasn't there. I don't know how she was treated. She and I believe that probably the producers. Were you know a bunch of old guys who probably didn't respect women as much pitches a human being should right so I I'm sure there was merit to her claim but she really kind of have went to eleven with it. You know from what I understand. What I've read a lot of it was driven by her husband's slash merit or saying? You're ear the Star Wars posters of you now you know when they want to do a magazine cover. They want you right in the middle. You know you're the star you should be getting the most US money and we're not GONNA go in. We're just GONNA hold out and so it became this kind of game of <hes> of chicken I guess where where who is going to blink first right and what ended up happening at first was that they said okay. WE'RE GONNA go ahead and not have Chrissy on a lot of these episodes and she will be calm. Her character is a visiting home or helping a sick relative and she you will have a call in at the end of each episode. They gave a lot of her dialogue and her character traits to Mr Forli so if few notice if you ever do watch and I could do three's company podcast you guys did Seinfeld. I go through every episode. Mr Early does evolve in the beginning. He is a bit more of a hard ass you super horny but he's also more strict in the beginning when Chrissy is leaving being a lot of her kind of dumb character. The NAIVE CHARACTER GETS transferred onto Mr Furling in he evolves offs from there and he's written. She's ran out of those episodes. Mr Early gets a lot of her dialogue. In every episode now ends with Chrissie Z. calling from home for one scene in having some little banter with Janet on the phone and those scenes were things had gotten so contentious that the scenes with Chrissy on the phone were shot on a separate sound stage because they couldn't couldn't have her in the same student like the Giuliani. Marley show did that years ago. I was fighting on that show. <hes> WHO's the other female lead did they couldn't be in the same row. People only realized afterwards like Hey. There were never in the same room again steamer Anki I don't I don't I don't know rob. Can you guess yes <hes> so so Suzanne. somers wants a big a jump. Can you guess what she was being per episode and with John Ritter was being. I think that he was getting like one fifteen fifteen episode. I think she was getting like thirty K.. Up Yes but the one thing to add to what Scott was saying in terms of outrageous demands supposedly she also wanted ten percent of the shows prophets profits which I guess was because even actor asking for one percent is usually laughed at so I maybe that's why it was really. She was asking for more than with John. Ritter was making there you got that might be the case. No doubt he was making a lot more and they should have made the the two women should have made more but I think that her demands somehow we're just udeze way too outrageous in the tactics were way too hard ball and so then they introduced Cindy crissy's cousin that they were still still doing the calls from Chrissy and still kind of hoping chrissie would come back yet it never they ended up firing right and she ends up having a huge falling out with Joyce Dewitt from what I read where her and Chrissy joist weight and Suzanne somers. They don't speak for like twenty years years after the show Yeah Yeah I heard that somehow John Ritter kept in touch with her. John Ritter was supposedly that the the nicest guy right and really tried to keep things together but yeah <hes> but yeah Janet and Chrissy had a falling out which is very six okay that sort of show and then I think <hes> eventually <hes> Janet comes on the show in like twenty twelve and they they make amends it was Suzanne. somers didn't work for a long time to yeah she blackballing. I think because not everybody everybody thought she was trouble. Yeah this was really bad for her career but then income Cindy Cindy's thing was that she was clumsy. If Christie was kind of dumb Cindy was clumsy and a little dumb but that didn't really take and then the the following season k they brought in Terry yeah and they kept cindy around for another year but she wasn't a room entire. Terry was the nurse Arse right. Yeah Costner Stare yes. She was neither dumb nor clumsy. She was just another person living in me apartment <hes> yeah but she was a sexy blonde much like Chrissy but yet she didn't have her character wasn't distinctive like Um but many of my favorite episodes from the Terry era why not to do with Terry they're just very jack tripper heavy and by that I point the show had really discovered its formula for really ridiculous misunderstanding. They're really pushing the envelope as we get to the seasons wins <hes> six seven and eight the Terry era yeah okay so how does three's company ultimately and I know they have. They have a spin off off. Does it sort of limped to the finish. No it's all planned. They planned okay. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA sort of south. Cancel Hansel or with the network okay well three's company. The ratings are starting to fade but they were still good good enough to warrant another spin off again based on from the British show had its spin off <hes> again. Ah So it's based on that one it was called Robin's nest because Jack Tripper the character in England was named Robin and so what happens is jack moves in he meets a flight attendant. It's named Vicky Jack Famously afraid of flying came up in a few episodes and he meets this cute flight attendant who who helps calm his nerves and charms him and they start dating and they fall in love and at toward those all happening on three's company <hes> so they're kind of building up to the next series at the end of season eight and simultaneously. They're kind of working out some some other. They're working at an ending for Janet where she falls in love with somebody gets married on the series finale and this inspires Jack back to ask Vicki to marry him no and yes vick so toward the end of the series Jenkins proposed Vicky and Vicky. He Says No Jack is heartbroken. <unk> explains at her parents are divorced and she is not sure if he wants to get married because the divorce Dorris was so traumatic for her and she's not sure if people should get married or not at without living together I so she wants to live together. <hes> in Jack's suddenly becomes just as prude as everybody else and he doesn't WanNa live with her without getting married yeah so this is a conflict toward the end and ultimately they he does decide to live with her and take the plunge and on the finale a of three's company Janet gets married Terry goes off to move to Hawaii <hes> to be a nurse in Hawaii and and Jack goes to move in with Vicky nearby and we learned that we've also met Vicki's father who hates Jack of course he's a stuffy rich guy and looks down on Jack. Thanks Vicky could do a lot better and he wants to try to do everything you can to sabotage their relationship. Meanwhile Jack and Vicki are going to move into the apartment above Jack's restaurants Frantz. We haven't mentioned this whole time. Akiva knows even knew Jack was a chef and I had no idea I didn't know that the changes everything Jacqueline yes this wii often ended up with different foods on oh so he's in the beginning of the series in cooking school and he's he's working at different restaurants eventually really he opens his own restaurant at called Jack's Bistro and there's an apartment yes Mr Surly comes up with the name that's the topic of a whole episode and they they move into this apartment and discover her as soon as they move in. That Vicki's father has bought the building hence three's a crowd is the name of the a new series where Jack and Vicki living together but their father their father has the key and is always a meddling in their lives. I think it lasted one season. Yeah maybe too but I I think one and <hes> of course I watched every episode I loved it because it was Jack Dryer the secret of their what's awesome now that the lost all the spark of what made three's company work as a series at the greatest thing is that when they first move in together and this is in the three's company finale. There's a whole scene like the last fifteen minutes. Is them preparing trying to get in bed together for the first time. A Jack is nervous and Jack Who's been horny. The whole series of three's company doc is doing everything he can to avoid getting in the bed with folding his pajamas very slowly and she's using like a sexy negligee just waiting for him and he he won't get in the bat but it is eventually he conquers his fear and it is implied that they are just full on doing it constantly. During the series of threes graph the worldview of three's company really seems to be that the more you <hes> want sex from another person the the less the other person would want it that the but if you may be neg the other person skies that could be the way to really really thrive in the three's company world. It works for Mr Roads as Mrs Roper. I've never seen a woman horn air for her. Whatever we can I posit a theory? Mary Scott is it. Is it possible that Mr and Mrs Roper have never consummated their marriage. It is not possible possible that because there are at least two episodes that I give were they actually do that again and we don't. We don't see no. They don't have kids. We don't see it happen so made meat. Maybe it didn't happen but there are a couple of times where where Mr Fairlie decides okay. I'm GonNa do this or he feels like. He's feeling very man and he's like guess what Helen Tonight's the night oh stare so yet they do it but that is not a that is a reasonable question okay so let's touch on this season three episode seven that we that we ended up watching and they don't know that I've convinced anybody who hasn't seen three's company. This is a great catch up about three's company for Akiva Kiva and people who just have a blind spot here for three's company and so all right three episode seven is really all about how Jack Janet and Chrissy are at the Regal Beagle and would is what is the best way to describe this encounter counter that they have some some sort of a missionary of some sort of religion slash cult yeah like a religion in college. At the time the late seventies there was a lot of talk of the Harry Chris and I think that this was based on Harry Christo which was a a religious group that would dress in these kind of flowing robes and have their hair up or have their hair shaved and they would go around you would see them at airports back in the days before there was all this airport security <hes> or wherever you went they they might be just hanging out asking for money right or trying to recruit you into the I ever saw this in my real life but I feel like <hes> growing up and watching a lot of media media in the early own these I feel like the muppets joked around about this quite a bit and I feel like pop up in a lot of different T._v.. Shows does AKIVA. Do you feel like that. The cult life has really taken a back seat to all the other sort of different fanaticisms these days you. You don't see a lot of cult. <hes> plots on cults are sort of hot net flicks that a big cult series but I feel like you don't there aren't a lot of cult plots on sitcoms or or even dramas nowadays yeah cults need a better publicist. I feel it called. Cults could have a day maybe twenty twenty they could come back yeah. I feel like culture out and more sort of like online conspiracy groups are in or maybe call to reorganize there not quote call. They're called something of every branded ended or they don't mean to be visible. Thanks to the <hes> okay so you can sort of just check in with them and so oh Chrissy he ends up having this encounter them and she she's the in a bit of a dark place a rare depressed day for Chrissy and <hes> she has this encounter with Roma Gische who is the leader of this cult and he's able to raise her spirits even even though that Jack and Janet are have some trepidation about rumblings yes yes and can we talk about Rama McGee Shas out shirt. I would really really be BA look episode at because what he's got he for his chest complete. Harry chess completely goes I except for the medallion he's got a real hair and of Russian. Yes an early version of a sort of man bun and then he's got this sort of yellowish robe type thing going on but with this enormous paint the Crotch Ham with you. How would you describe? It's like a Crotch Bandanna right and it's enormous right I he looks like he should be like hanging out with con in terms of like being part of he's he's all army taking on the enterprise. I think con would have just been like let's leave this guy down on genesis of five or whatever the heck that what sorry Dennis before he oppressed the Star Wars or star Trek Star are trae. This is one of the only areas of Star Trek we'll see the pop in and is this awkward to potentially be hanging out at the Regal Beagle and then your landlord also pops in mm for their date night. You would think I mean I you know in all the apartments I lived in my life. I avoided my words like Kick Butt on Three's company. They are constantly at the Regal Beagle often. They're all there. It's apparently the only place to go yeah in that area in Santa Monica. You know there's not much going on in Santa Monica not a lot of choices of food or take their anniversary also like isn't this where he's taken her further anniversary because she wants something special. I I kind of Miss. I know that she was talking about splurging on some special so maybe it was their anniversary. I he's is Mr. Roper is also down. He's getting an audit which really does not really pay off in the episode. No has nothing very little pays pays off like why is Christie depressed. She says she is and that her depression that existential crisis. She's in his never really addressed because she thinks she solved it with. This phony cult leader but in the end is we'll see that's exposed as the M.. It's never after that it's never mentioned that for remarked. It's real the word salad beginning Yep so she's talking about. She's depressed because that that she has nothing to be depressed bow and so then Jack is trying to give her bad news and tell her something depressing to make her feel happy because she's depressed. Just the whole thing makes it it makes no sense but anyways so it ends up Robin McGee. She has recruited Krissy to join the cult and keep it. They have a whole I guess what would you call this that they're the the colts hang out is at big Sur combine compound puffiness when they when you're in the forty or yeah yeah so that's where the compound is set up at big Sur and so Chris is going to move in to big Sur to go <hes> follow the peace and Love <hes> dished out by Rama Gische peace and love me with yes and Chrissy is going to end up take withdrawing her entire life life savings three hundred twenty seven dollars to hand off to Rama McGee at big Sur can we he by the way just pause there and talk about their money situation which is all. It's a constant theme in Three's company. They need money. Their rent is three hundred dollars. There's and they have Asking for money and Chrissy to give them Janet's the money from Janet's wallet which is four dollars. That's all there Janet says I I says that's all the money I have and then Jack is later like that's our money that she gave this is a constant theme on Three's company. I I mean I've had roommates in the past. We never joint bank account bank. They on three's company. They buy the groceries together every like they. They just pool their money together. <hes> this makes sense. I have to say that I have been in some like destitute. Living situations is <hes> in my past like in college and it was like there would be situations where okay Tuesday night is two dollars and seventy five cents pitchers so our goal for the day is to scrounge together three dollars so that we can go out drinking tonight so that if things are that I think you are looking to the other people in your living situation. Okay so there you go a mess. What's is going on and that's why this three hundred twenty seven dollars which I gotta figure in Twenty Nineteen? Money is something like I don't know a thousand donner yeah probably maybe like a fifteen hundred even from nineteen eighty or so but all right so ron McGee. She's GONNA GONNA come to pick up Chrissy but not before they have a one very fateful encounter at the at the house after Jack and Janet pretend to leave the apartment Scott. Things got real with Rama Gish Yeah Yeah we learned a lot it turns out. Romney doesn't just want her money. Which is what Jack in Jannine was not just a con man which he did he did want her money and he is a con man which she admitted to Jack? Yeah we kind of glossed over that when Chrissy was out of the room he basically said you know she'll never believe it so but I'll admit to you but the Rama Rama basically wants to sexually assault griffey would is that a fair way of putting a Yes yes yes. He wants to feces trying to force him. He's trying to seduce her but then when that doesn't really work he is going to force himself right right. He is the leader you're of the cult. She is like a recruit that there's asymmetrical power dynamic certainly Akiva thirty the lease so so I got real was not fun interestingly now. This guy who plays Rama McGee appears three seasons later later as a different story from bring Seinfeld yeah I I guess it's every series that goes eight seasons the casting director calling up people yeah but the character he plays three seasons translator is a very similar character titled the Dance Instructor Who Convinces Janet the cheese a brilliant dancer and Janet going to quit her job to become a dancer and really he just wants to have sex Janna Scott exactly ply in that a similar theme in Three's company where basically like any new person they meet is some sort of like a Predator in sheep's clothing. Many many are predators but many you know there are many archetypes that that come some might be not predators creditors they want. They want one of the main characters but the other they're not. It's not recipient. Hey grew. They may do not force themselves. That may just be like. How do I get rid of this person? Who Won't stop asking me for day anytime? One of the people comes home with hey great news news. I just met blank opportunity for me. It's never great Jeffrey. TAMBOR appears three or four times as different characters. Who's is always the same? He always wants one of the girls right. Hey great news guys. I just met this this Guy Akiva and he says he's he's GonNa give me a podcast on the thirty two fans network right watch out tambora would never I'm the Timbre guy so so I'm I'm anti timber. I got canceled this year anyway. Didn't he yeah he got me to. He got light canceled. I feel I can it was yeah yeah but he was. I you know I'm a fan of his anger. Full on cancel now. There was some some odd things he said. People people feel uncomfortable or something okay he <hes> yeah I think once he's a dentist once he's just a super rich guy who won't take no for an answer <hes> so yeah usually when they meet come back and you know I met a soap opera star. Oh I met a really nice dentist whoever it is it's usually bad news at the most sitcoms also like any you know save by the bell or any any of these shows where they meet some some person of prominence. It's never quite as good as what they expect it to be. So keep you the beginning questions from the listeners about three's he's company or anything in the mail bag. Not really people just said this episode not not thrilled well. That's the thing when you first contact because I'm a huge three's company fan as has been made painfully clear and I I was like oh which one I don't I know it by the title but I don't know oh I season three episodes seven so I was very excited to talk about. Three's company and Google the episode. When do I like I remember the episode? The Center Remembered Rama McGee. I knew you know it's not that I don't like it. That's not really there's no great Jack tripper moments. There's no <hes> there's nothing about him being gay. There's there's no giant misunderstanding all right well Scott as a T._v.. Writer that I I thought it might be fun to since we have you here. Could we work on everything gets rebooted. Could we work on a twenty nineteen reboot reboot of three's company. What would we need to do to turn three's company back into something that could be put onto to the A._B._C. Lineup for twenty nine thousand nine or maybe we go right to Netflix with us? You know it doesn't have to be we. We can be outside of the box. Keep Steve. Do you think that the world is ready for three's company the new reboot Yeah I just I. I don't think you have the pretend gay thing so. What is the big Hook he could? That's the politics what if what if they're <hes> they're in like <hes> there in Berkeley California <hes> and and the guy is a trump supporter pretending not to be a trump supporter. I feel like that that it's not as <hes> farcical. If we go in that direction I I definitely see that. That's a different show but that's not going to necessarily capture. Three's the company. What do you think Scott I would I would i? I kind of agree. It's not I don't know if we need to get too far into politics because then it wouldn't really be three's three's company political guy but but not not with this show I think almost now that I think about it. The attitudes Eh perceptions of being gay have changed so much for the better since the show aired and the show was never anti a gay but it had a lot of characters who traffic in gay stereotypes you know the the central message of the show or not message but theme was like you know the if he's gay. There's nothing wrong. You know who cares. Jack Wasn't afraid to be considered gay which was a good thing I think what if he had to pretend to be gay for a positive <hes> <unk> yet no. I'm not trying to think of what that reason announce completely flip the whole thing around where maybe there some sort of like housing where everybody there is is gain the land and the landlord is gay but I then pretty it's still. I think that's where Dan so yeah. It's very tension yeah. <hes> you know full disclosure my buddy Steve A._G.. And I who is a Steve's semi known comedians are also very I love him <hes> we we were working on and still occasionally to talk about a three's company prequel series <hes> so that's but that's a whole other. That's not a reboot boot of Oh. It's about Jack Triggers Life Yeah four so you think we would that help this now if it's set in nineteen seventy seventy does I mean yeah. Is it really a reboot if we're keeping it in the seventeen yeah you know like look look at site one day at a time. They rebooted that it's completely contemporary most shows they wanNA bring it into. What is the same thing was happening now um but I think with this plot? I don't know how to make it work without it. Being at a time I mean I it's it's such a weird dichotomy. The idea that it worked at all that there was a guy there was a landlord wouldn't was so anti I sacks <hes> anti gay but not so anti-gay that a gay person couldn't live with them <hes> very confusing fusing staff. Does he ever find out that that Jack isn't gay in the series. Mr Forli finds out in the finesse. How how does he react but he he well? He doesn't find out that he's been duped. All along Jack Kinda tells him like him moving in with Vicky and he's like yeah I know yeah but there's only one bedroom is. Where are you going to leave Jack? You know he's and Jack Psych in the bed with Vicki. What Oh Jackie treats it like this great? News is transformation in Jackson. You taught me everything I know our ask Athena Mr Jack Retrace at <unk>. Mr Earley has influenced him and inspired him to give up not being gay okay so it's not like you know we were lying to you. This is have you have you guys ever been told similar to three's company not that you couldn't room with somebody for a specific reason you know whether it was like a short time or a long term because I just thought of one <hes> I I went on my grandparents took my sister and I on a on a Caribbean cruise either ditch out on high school for a week and we we get to the we get to like the cruise ship rooms and they're like oh you and your sister who clearly want the room together. Anyone ruined my GRANDPA. <hes> they're like you guys can't room together because it looked like untored like what does that mean. They'll like why liked link. How old were you was sophomore in high school so my sister was a seventh grader and they're like yeah? That's a lot about your grand in two hours. I should ask them about this and I thought it was insane. Then and I'm like well and my wife's like I don't WanNa see like grandma but I don't I wanna like I don't WanNa Room with her for a week and <hes> and that was it she she was thought we had the eye with the room with our grandparents but maybe this was the thing back from like when they grew up that it it was like very specific rules on who could room together <hes> yeah wow I could do that. We work with that in terms of like <hes> like is it like a college college dorm in our three's company we have like an older person or vice versa where it some sort of a senior citizen community and then there's like a young person like a young Jack tripper. Who Will you need that for some reason and the senior housing is very expensive before for whatever reason there's like an extra room in these two Septuagenarians women that are sharing some sort of a a room at the senior living community? I feel like we got something mm potentially here's Scott that could be something and then the other seniors are very judgmental until they find out that Jack is Gay. Hey Inc like because they're very progressive minded like oh well. That's lovely. He's a nice young gay man so clearly. There's nothing untoward going on yeah. May maybe what if he really is gay. We drop anybody pretending to be gay but then you're like what the three old people instead of you know young people with all these old people are Suzanne Summers in Joyce dewitt. Oh now you're now you can ring that okay if if the if the original Janet and Chrissy taken a young gaming yeah then we're kind of in that we're at least in the same universe I i. It's so fun because you know I watched a lot of these shows. I was also huge bosom buddy where Tom Hanks. Peter Scolari had delivered an all women's buildings. They had to disguise themselves as women. You know I could see a show where somebody had to disguise themselves as his old but what I was really watching was embodies for was the characters that Tom Hanks Peter Scolari play the reason. I was watching these company. The most was Jack tripper himself was hilarious and it really when you really break down the show clearly it makes no sense but three's company. I I think was a show that was almost completely especially once we lost Chrissy riding on the charisma and talent of John Ring and and if you're going to remake it. It's almost like it's like when they made the three stooges movie like that's no. Those aren't the three stooges rice. Those are just three guys is can I also add one thing about the architecture of the apartment and because it seems to me like I don't know how more people didn't break break neck in this apartment where that you walk into the three's company apartment and then there's a step down and then also to get to the back bedroom. Jack Bedroom is a step up now wants more time Kramer once dreamt of an apartment with steps but yes got that I I don't know how people just didn't kill themselves getting in and out of this apartment that would have made a great yeah so I think from from as a a young child watching the show that I felt like Oh is this. The Guy's name is Jack tripper is there. Is this a coincidence that he's tripping and that there he does dirt on the steps the step down like one foot after you walk into the door like how how we're more people not falling over this well. The apartment has very unique physicians to it. I mean I don't know if you noticed in this episode we watched but Jack and Janet are able to. I have a very you know private full conversation out crissy when she's about maybe four feet away from them but with her back turned and that's a very common occurrence on three's company just what are we gonNA do about Krissy which he's three feet away or they when they sneak peek into the kitchen they sneak back into spy on Christian Rama McGee's. They're making all sorts of noise in the kitchen. It's none of it is picked up. One room away in the Living Room has three's company missed out on the big streaming service Bonanza Bonanza that Netflix Hulu none of these streaming services have really picked up that three's company is you are most most of the shows of the seventies been largely ignored by streaming sites. That's a good question because at first I did think well yeah maybe today's sort of weird issues about it and the strange treatment of homosexuality as just made it sort sort of not worth it for a lot of streamers but then again you're right. I don't see shows of this era said also the shows that the eighties Akiva that Seinfeld and friends and they have a big shelf life on these streaming service but I mean the eighties hit those are the n- yeah eighty cents. I don't even show up anywhere is cheers. Cheers shows up. I I think it definitely hasn't had cheers. Cheers is not really had a big a big decade. I'm I think so. It's an A._B._C.. Show <hes> <hes>. I guess maybe Disney plus. They're going to go big on this new disease streaming. Maybe they'll push the old <hes> A._B._C. sitcoms from this. We'll you get a lot of like Brady bunch I think his A._B._C. and three's company and it'll be back in a two people. Two kids who Kinda came up in the nineties Yeah Brady Bunch used to be on constantly constantly and it's nowhere now I mean I think it's it's hard to you can't understate how huge three's company was an Hal Omni. Many president was in this before streaming and before you know a basic everybody basic cable you would see three's company reruns in syndication tation everywhere all the time and then it became a staple on T._v.. Land for many years but now it's Kinda relegated needed to. I actually believe it's on logo speaking which is a a gay oriented network but I my d._v._R.. Picks up three's company reruns from Logan now but you don't see it. It seems to just be Rela Yeah okay. It's not nobody that's what we're here for tragedy here for the relics sky anything else three's company related you WanNa talk about or any of the outside of the realm of the Regal Beagle what outside I mean I I just want to stress. If you want to to watch three's company if if is inspired anybody please let you know that some of the later seasons the Post Chrissy step. It's all about Jack and he can't stress how amazing John Ritter was his talent his timing his delivery sorry his little physical bits that he would do you just it. It doesn't get any better. There's amazing episode. I think all the party Internet called up in the air where he <unk>. Everybody who loves three's company. It's their favorite episode where he <hes> because he's afraid of flying he's being flown loaned to private island for a party in a fancy party and he takes these tranquilizers resulting in amazing dance sequence that he does <unk> at this party. I just can't recommend it enough and like I said Steve A._G.. And I were writing this prequel and it was around the time John Ritter passed away and we became so depressed about it that we we stopped working this even though John Ritter would be too old to play the part but we're constantly talking about finishing our company prequels script that I yeah I all I can say is that I am very thankful that I it was the right age. I was a kid when three's company was on and I just remember watching it at six and seven on channel eleven and Tuesdays at nine on A._B._C. and all the great memories watching it with my grandmother of all people that was the one thing that we both would laugh. Just looks like a uproarious lack. I tell you one of my favorite John Ritter things was the nineteen ninety two film. Stay tuned D- D did You ever see this movie. What Okay Yeah so basically the John Ritter is is a dad I'm looking at the wikipedia right and he's married into a pam of Mork and mindy fame and he is the he? It's like a crazy satellite dish on the roof and then somehow somehow I believe in the devil is involved. I think played by Eugene. Levy is the devil or or or or the principal org principle from various Buehler's the devil Oh yeah he's been canceled have you what role he plays and he gets a satellite dish but then his family like get sucked into the TV and then they go into a bunch of different like like Sitcom type sketches like it's very trippie now that I'm talking about it but I think it sort of like that they're in like a crazy game shows and sitcoms and basically like that somebody is like changing changing the channel and then they end up going into the world of whatever channel they get flipped to yeah. Basically yes yeah John on rider <unk>. There's also a move he cups skin deep from the eighties that as a very famous scene that people seem to love where he was wearing a glow when the darkness and the lights are off for the scene so it's just the conduct okay Eva. Put it in the in the crappy movement diaper there. We we go Scott. Thank you so much for joining us to talk about all of this. Three's company farce. Thank you for having me and thank thank you to Nina stoddard for recommending the I love Three's company. I'm so glad I came up. You have a pitch for us for anything that should be put into the fishbowl ball for another season three episode seven to talk about soon or in any number of years. ooh Gosh all my shows are from that era <hes> bosom buddies mentioned it only went to seize talk about he's only went to seize ass. You know you mentioned Morgan Mindy Classic. My my wife's stepfather when we were at her house. Two weeks ago was just sitting on his computer watching Mork and Mindy so maybe it holds up well. That's a guy I'd like to see Benjamin Moore Jean Morgan Mindy and then he was watching a movie called hell boy. I don't know what that is got weird taste <music> help those are not related. I don't know I don't know what it is. You know what might be really interesting to season three episode seven <unk>. It's not a <hes> like the shows you've done before but Saturday night live that was in the fish bowl and then it got kicked out. It wasn't a great episode also racists okay. I was just GonNa say that the topical stuff would be so foreign to us yeah all right well. Scott is on twitter. You can find him. He is at Scott Chernoff a anything else you want people to check out <hes> though so many projects no biz another podcast that I just did so if it's. I don't believe it's competition for you rob <hes>. I don't know what it's going to go up. It's it's about star. I don't know if I mentioned earlier that I used to work for Star Star Wars. I'm a big star. Wars Fan is to write for an edit the official Star Wars fan magazine and <hes> I was recently recently interviewed for podcasts called around the young Zee okay so look for that just search for the around the galaxy pod down at at I believe the one with me should come out soon. If you were so delighted I me rambling on about three's company and you can hear me ramble on about Star Wars and my experiences working for the magazine in the publications and going on the set of the movies interviewing all the Star Wars creatures and all right Scott. Thank you so much okay Scott thank you yes. That's right time to talk about the wheel and so weird to not be talking about a real real physical crumley wheel to not have people telling us in person about that. We should be birding or anything like that Steve Yeah if you haven't seen if you only listen to the live podcast you must check out the incredible real wheel we should have gotten better pictures of and put it on Social Media Button Jim. I'm from Lee a great listener made. I don't even know how he fitness car. It was like a gigantic wheel that was built it like he had all the pieces and then it had to rebuild it once he got there air. Oh that's crazy yeah. He's a physicist. He's a really smart guy and he built us a giant wheel. That was incredible that <hes> sadly the wheel with sort of you know season since such such a glider last week than pretty you know it was basically over fifty percent it was going to limit it but <hes> it it would be cool to have that every week and that was that was impressive. Check that on Youtube if avenue and then I also WanNa get a shoutout to will in Courtney thrasher the thrashers who were fantastic to oh see in person and maybe they will not appear on the oral history of the sleepover podcast but so courtney was very sweet and she wanted needed to send send something to Nicole for having patients of being gone for Lebron App live last week she said sent very nice t shirt to Nicole about how I'm in a better mood after I go boxing and then I was not expecting a deep present for myself which I will have in the studio and do you know about this skeeve yeah. I got it too. Can you can you maybe tweet it out when we when we when we this episode because I was GonNa ask for permission and she got back surprise go to go to twitter on after this episode is up and then you you will see the photo it's great photo that was sent to us by by corn willing. We'll say Gordon who also wrote a very nice note g sent a t shirt to me. I don't think that was for my wife. So you know so my mirror I think would have been much happier if <hes> if she got now now she's going to be offended also also I wasn't sure if the t shirt was of significance or if it was just to be wrapped around the photo so that the glass wouldn't break. I think it This is from a frequent submitted name Syrup Guy yes Joel Joel Joel the Serb guy and and and he says when when this spot comes up on the wheel it's called Robin Akiva better attent famously from our theme song depends well depending on which version you listen to right Robin Akiva going rotten tomatoes dot com and they see with the worst rated movie that is currently in theaters that week Robin Akiva must leave the house which is a knock against every idea and we will attend that movie and then recap cap on the next episode Emoji Movie Style Okay Robin Key to attend a movie in theaters and so we will be doing it will be like the crappy movie diaper but for current into movies yeah so all right. Let's talk this through so I love the idea I definitely want to do it. I just WanNa talk about the mechanism potentially how to make it work of so like the worst rated movie might be not of interest as there might be a new release that is getting bad reviews but isn't the worst rotten tomatoes NATO's rated film. I think so I I looked at the at the last bunch of weeks to see what would we what would we have done. Have we selected this in the last month or two right. I think it's it has to be moved. That's that's commonly in theaters because it would have to be we both have to have access to it without like driving two hours away so for instance right now now the only movie there's only a few movies that are rotten in the there's a tomato is good on rotten tomatoes and snowflake. What would you call it? Is that a snowflake. I don't call me Snowflake Akiva anything under I believe sixty percent is is not fresh is rotten yeah and so the only movies that are in that category actually the number one movie. The Lion King's fifty three percent Aladdin is fifty six two pretty similar ideas and then stupor the Dave Batista from W._W._e.. And Kumail Nangiani <hes> COP BUDDY COP movie is at forty three percent so that is the worst movie in the top ten and currently in theatre so what what's the name of the way stupor it's it's Stu and he drives an Uber Great Name Suber Yeah <hes> all right forty-three percent. I believe that is the movie we'd see this hypothetically were to come up on the wheel this week which you can't because it's a new idea. Would you be happy if we're go no not particularly but I just wanted to like just just tweet the mechanism a little bit of like let's the GREE AP- mutually agreed upon John Not fresh movie at the theater as opposed to yeah and every week we could sort of we could check in if we so desire and see what that movie is to to spice it up. <hes> men in black two have been the movie for a minute back international that might be men about four something would would be the movie for the last <hes> bunch of weeks that would be a good ones Lonsdale now now that's pretty much out of theaters and also and also the X.. Men movie was was really low down on twenty three percent actually the worst of all would not that'd been great ones that <hes> because I've never seen the first ten well. I don't think it's beloved. I think maybe the franchise beloved the film at Twenty three percent probably not but either way to put it on the wheel yea great job <hes> syrup Guy now yeah that that could be on for next week and who knows what will get and it'll be fun to see like what gets panned one week waiting period for that one narrow it does it does have a waiting period. I'm saying next week right now. It'd be stupor or or maybe men in black if we could find a theater right something. That's going to be opening that weekend in writing which bad movies we have to dodge bright okay so all right. I like that one can I can. I give you one. Yes please okay and again. I think that this is a no brainer and for whatever reason it just is not on the wheel but we had this on the live show wheel will but the hot takeoff should be on the wheel. Get get the heartaches that should be on the wheel yeah the only thing that people suggested does what if we tweak the heartache of a little to be a future prediction contest where people come on and make predictions are things that are going to happen in the next year ear and then like the winner gets something. That's the different podcast to me okay so yeah. I'll take I'll take off is <hes> shall. We probably should have been done done. At this point. You know forty forty five episodes in or whatever so yeah so like future prediction is like a by the by the year twenty thirty there'll be a starbucks on Mars Okay and then we're saying like no way I could see it but you know this is in terms of hot. Take off. That's like saying in <hes> New York. Super Fudges the Best Ben and Jerry's flavor like okay well now. This is all right this is that's not a prediction well we because this is already the waiting room the twenty twenty twenty prediction games so we can do that. We said we think we'd wait until December to put that on the wheel right right all right so there we go hot. Take off again. Eliana on my only other issue here is should it be a hot take bracket. Should we work on like advancing the it should do. We need to have like we've done brackets with Leon. Also the only thing is is. I'm not saying yes or no. Is it fun to hear the same. How take five times <hes> you know if we have a thirty two or sixty four hundred twenty nine so hot take off and then I think we're still trying to tweak the mechanism honest smart person she had probably has a a good idea for us all right so is there any other sort of like tournament rather than a bracket or is this like best ball? I'll take yet skins wins game like golf yeah. I don't know so I guess maybe or should we awarded. Is that what we did. Originally we gave it a scale of one to ten and that was we were the judges we were it. Was You know I think we need a person reading it also and then we're the three judges <hes> okay all right so hot takes should be on the wheel okay all right. We have a few people who wanNA put <hes> different types of mechanisms into play because they don't think this podcast famously is complicated enough okay so this is called Robin Akiva complicate things from the braces right right. You said this is far out there idea in a world where there's in a world where there's a sequel mechanism crappy movie diaper and a live show wheel. The podcast is still far are too simple. He's put together a bag of tricks with many different ways to complicate the podcasts. Even further <hes> and here are some examples one is called the psychic bef- right before forty spin the wheel rob well guess what the wheel lands on and then he spends it if the wheel lands on what rob shows rob is confirmed the psychic and the wheels immediately spun again but what if the wheels spun a second time and it lands on the same spot robs a witch and then you are confirmed which for the rest of the podcast run. What's what's the point of this? How is this even in an episode idea? It's not an episode. It's just it's just something we do during the the wheelspin every week <hes> you have to guess what it's going to be. If you guess right you do it again if guesswork twice. You're a witch well then I guess something that I want to do. It's like I B- Tipping off my veto because then if if what I guess you're guessing what's going to happen not what you want to happen there uh-huh yeah it's like it's like a mock draft and you want to be a witch. No this is an anecdote <hes> not something that we need to WHO's sending prices is right. You also second life a wheel within the wheel rejected <hes> ideas from the wheel. I feel like they were rejected for reason right. This is actually interesting. It's third ideas not bad what if there was a spot on the wheel called People's choice and when it landed it's turned over to a public vote via twitter for next week's podcast okay. I like this idea so so I think what we should do for people's choice then we should spin the wheel three times so we're times because you get four poll options on twitter right. You hit four poll pull options. Do we want yeah. I I was thinking I was just I was wondering how we cut down from ten twelve fifteen ideas to four but you're saying just spin it three times and I think that's a very good idea. I think could even go on right now because it's not a technical I e people's choice yeah people's choice wow I like wheels on fire this week I guess because we had so like basically like ten days. Since last time we talked about anything we also cleared out the wheel or more like two weeks. Yeah season's episode seven has no spots this coming week so this was going to be a really still will be the smallest wheel since we started the podcast or maybe week two or something okay. It's very there's because there's only the crappy removed breast two spots and there's only like eight ten things on on the extra wheel. There's no you're way off. There's a ton of things on the wheel. No you'RE GONNA have to move them. I'm telling you it's it's it's a small because of there are also eligible so it's it's a pretty simple okay so so season three episode seven. You're saying zero not even euro yeah so it goes from zero rose to two zero one two okay fine. It has a week where it's one all right now. Rob We got a ton of ideas wanting to duplicate our not not yet heard Canadian shows are trash or and the Alley Lascher Lead M._t._v. shows are trash a lot of people suggesting different channels or different <hes> <hes> show types where we watch multiple shows with guest and <hes> and you know instead of focusing on one specific show so let me tell you some of them Matt Kuchar says what about Nickelodeon game shows are trashed sticking to the concept where you watch a few shows you watch double dare legends in Temple and Guts <hes> A and and <hes> you watch those three shows and you can make fun of their poor decisions that the kids make what say what you would have done differently. Do you WanNa Watch M._T._V. Nickelodeon. Excuse me game shows <hes> not really. I think that we have a little. I'll tell you my fear with his now that we've done this so many times. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to get a good quality like you'll be able to find something on Youtube Youtube but you're going to get it for like a very grain equality of these shows. It's not like there's d._v._d.. Box sets of you know global guts or whatever yeah and how many of these things are we going to have so I feel right now. We have Canadian shows trash on infomercials or trash so I feel like that. Let's wait wait to get through a few of these before we start like oh employees I won't I won't hit the wheel with other separate <hes> well. There's <hes> T._l._C. which I think we've discussed T._v.. was H well that they're separate ones yes H._G._T._V. we've discussed that's like house on Thurs and fix sitter. Leave it or something like that. That sounds interesting but maybe that will put in the waiting room. We'll wait until we do. <hes> Canadian shows <hes> also T._l._C. shows attract my beloved night a fiance and shows like that I think in in due time I think we can do that stuff but there's no need to have like five different channels on the wheel right now. I guess okay <hes> every also pitched the good one youtube shows are trash. You says she's young enough of grown up with youtube being a big source of media. There's so much awful content <hes> but but some of it's highly produced for this contest con for this podcast comcast Robin Akiva would free watch videos showing the vast amount of content on Youtube. She'll provide vitus as much background information as we need the four channels she picked the Lebron family which is a youtube family that makes millions of dollars exploiting six year old daughter with their demo moping young kids. Maybe we could show our kids that <hes> that <hes> but a drama channel she would pick the if it was right now. The latest drama within the Youtube beauty community because they dramas plenty and lots lots of channels are devoted to explain so there's separate channels that just explained the drama. The Dope Dober- brothers are young adults that are maybe the stupidest people ever they make videos flexing their man answered expensive cars etc and do lots of challenges on their channel their most reasonable you come out. I'm out. You're not you don't WANNA watch youtube video. No sorry avery I'm sorry I apologize. That's all right and look if the listeners are like rob. You're you're an idiot. You are missing out. Here's why please come happy. Tell tell me tell me why tell me why I'm wrong because I'm not st- you know dug in on this. I'm just saying like the I'm hearing the idea. I'm hearing a bunch of things. I'm not getting excited. Okay a Katie says a call. The musician position will forever live in our hearts and it's time to get back to the craigslist community yeah podcast these days are filled with Joe Rogan nabbing specialists in every field and people trying to outdo one another with the celebrities inspired by call the musician and Joe Rogan propose the Carl's fish tank lizards can ride in <hes> with suggestions for specialists Koreatown to people that we put out a out on craigslist for for someone in that field to come into podcasts and share their expertise. It's now is the best people with the best banter that D._R.. Hearts it's the cause of the world <hes> for example one idea and the costs a fish tank could be someone who knows a lot about burning a tax specialist zookeeper. We have many zookeepers by the way in the R._T._p.. Community the listeners can they can. They can put in specialties. He's that maybe that's a sub wheel and we pick from the cars fish thing we're ever fish tank <hes> and select a city at random to advertise in that craigslist market oh so we are basically looking for an expert on craigslist podcasts okay so I like this idea you know can I can. I finish what she said. Okay sure she said what could go wrong. Honestly a lot you can do that not a serious felon check by seeing if they've linked in after advertising by the way thank you throw the listeners know serial killer showed up in Minnesota Soda. We specifically asked them not to. I appreciate that <hes> they may not be the best or flaky however. I'm confident the ways of the knowledge base inside the realm of craigslist okay. Here's what I'm I'm willing to do because I I like this type of random idea so many people said to me. Why didn't you have the the nude sketch? Muse is come to the live show. That would be so great. Why did it keep a ruin that idea I I? I don't know you'd have to ask him but I think he was on. The history was kind to wasn't that was uncomfortable. I thought it was it's still ultimately a podcast. It was a little visual. I don't think I think first of all if there were multiple children there we have pulled jokes that were inappropriate. I don't think think we could've had a nude model. We were GONNA have him be nude then. Why is he there we asked him about about you? Know what what what is that like pretty questions. I mean it would have been a funny bit that would have been a good segment second-guessed after Laurel or something that would have been funny would have been got okay but that being said so we are looking for a a a a specialist in the city so we're looking for somebody like hypothetically if we were going to talk to all right. Let's let's talk to somebody who works in <hes> you know a a malt shop in Des Moines <hes> so plummer in Cincinnati okay all right yeah and so. I think that we could have a budget on this that I think that I could take that hundred dollars from shut up tim in flip it and then we pay twenty five dollars to four different people on craigslist. It will pay how them twenty five dollars if they will appear appear on the podcast into paid appearance yeah. That's a good idea so people wanNA people <hes> tweeted us. Their suggestions ends this week or jobs. They WanNa hear fifteen minute interview team for an expert and then tell us of any like if there's anything wrong with this this do you do we want. We want to put this on the wheel right now. You want to wait a couple of weeks and expert now. Let's just talk this through for for next week. In case anybody has any ways to improve this and you like if i Asia the buds persons as Whoa WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA we're not I'm not doing this. I think that this is the one rife with complications. Yeah I agree. I think this is GonNa work. I think this is a good idea. I like. I like this idea yeah. Maybe we'll have some surprising so I think yeah four but experts yeah keep. Do we want alliteration. We want like like a <hes> a taxidermist Tallahassee. Yes yes yes. It has to be illiterate so if you're yes if you want you pick the profession that's more important. We'll worry about the city but yes if you want like a you know a tree cutter. It's got to be from Tuscaloosa or Tallahassee or something like that. Okay great great driver in You well. That's not really illiterate Arnaud because if we also put a craigslist czar out on a in charge of this is yeah please apply to craigslist you could be in charge. You know that uh-huh work well. It's my pay pal account but you know I would have really appreciated if we had somebody who was our mayor of craigslist. That's a good idea. Okay one more thing that I have here <hes>. If you listen to the live show you know that we changed to people's life at the live show rob. Yes we met ED. I mean everyone who's there. I'd say their license change for the better <hes> and really our life was changed by meeting the Aston Villa soccer players those that soccer fans those guys were great <hes> but we set up a couple Erin was our best friend Bachelorette and we set her up after <hes> <hes> we gave her three candidates and she chose a guy named Brett. They are now best friends for the rest of their lives. Yeah I believe we chose yeah. That's true we did <hes> you me and Sunday Bergquist shows <hes> so at some point we have to check in and make sure they're still being best friends. Yeah months down the road though right months down the road yes but I did just snag Aaron phone the number so we can surprise her whenever it is in a few weeks and a few months whatever we feel the urge to check in with her without her warning okay all right. She has the answer her phone from now until we call no matter who it is just in case it's just in case okay that sounds good and anything else any other housekeeping <hes> well. We ask one more thing we had discussed a month ago. I know people think I'm old to wedding obsessed. <hes> the listener who wanted us to come to her wedding Missouri said if we want rob we can send to listeners you'll be happy for them to attend her wedding <hes> and so I got to thinking I was wondering. Is there anything we could do to do. Not just have to listeners go to a wedding which isn't in and of itself a full episode but could we send them on some sort of chase in Missouri like we have a couple listeners reach out live there and say hey we could do some activity like they have to do a scavenger hunt or they have to go to their house and you know a few different houses and we'll send them basically on a mission. There's something there I think I think it's interesting. We will have to act relatively soon because I soon as wedding is soon in the next month or two okay. Why don't we table it for a week and let the listeners pontificate on on what what we could essentially do? Yes because the the the bride is willing and people are willing to go so if we have an idea. I think there's something there but it's not a fully uh-huh flesh that idea yet okay all right. Let's talk about what we have on the wheel right now more episode number forty four which is coming up our Jason Isringhausen episode of Robin Akiva Nita podcasts and so here we have no season season three episode seven. We do have a coin flip. We have the Oregon trail infomercials our trash. Although I will say I do believe that Eric Eric Stein might be unavailable we we could probably work it out but his schedule might be a little iffy right now. Royal Rumble is still still out there. <hes> you jove Asian. Would you mentioned the royal rumble at the recap live show. It got a much bigger evasion in the hype. Big Pop crowd favourite crampy happy movie diaper slash hat that has two spots. Okay we have millennials killed it. That's still in the mix right Yep Yep. What about the census? I believe it's in the mix coming to Taylor cotter and I didn't. I didn't hear about it. I think it's still there. Okay we have the sequel mechanism which is stands versus ops. There's no the sequel that is currently greenland correct by the way Akiva you don't keep up with the big brother twenty one but there was a whole segment on big brother twenty-one this past week where one of the contestants this girl cat said that she loves conspiracies and she was citing. A number of the conspiracies is that she loves including the conspiracy about however Levin was replaced by her double. Yeah I am only sort of loosely following the show but we got just dozens of tweets immediately yes. Antonio Massaro must've thought like Oh. I'm cancelled right now like his phone must've blown up because it came out of nowhere I went to the bathroom. I came back thirty seconds later. I twenty four notifications. I'm like something happened wasn't Robertson episode that I don't even remember recording. It didn't make any sense and yes yes. It was <hes> it was because she started spouting conspiracy theory now in all seriousness so conspiracy pod to was released on June twenty third twenty nineteen. I I do believe that the big brother contestants were in sequester at that point <hes> or were they by Padre podcast when they're in sequester doubt it I doubt Okay we have listened to that. One of the Big Brother contestants might have listened listen to an episode of the PODCAST <hes> But <hes> not that contestant they probably I would I would say it's more likely that adver Levinas died four times than she the one who is okay then we also have men rushmore in there okay then is there a guest on Mount Rushmore not not as of yet we might need one but we don't have a specific person okay all right then and <hes> we have the millennial judge Okay Melinda judging the roaster on JATTA strike. Probably all Canadian shows closer trash is still out there and better attend that on the wheel for this week next week. Okay all right so it's it's on the wheel cannot be chosen hot takeoff on the wheel. They chose but people's choice can yes choice can be taken because it's not an idea. It's just a concept alright cave so we've got our wheel and boy. The wheel wheel is beautiful right now. Everything is very evenly distributed. Yeah I like when it's even versus when one spot just takes over the whole wheel yeah. It's a beautiful beautiful pinwheel this week of variety of colors and so let's go ahead and spin the way I'm not GonNa make a prediction. 'cause I'm not a witch Mitch. Okay all right. Let's let's get into this. Week's Wheelspin for episode number forty four Robin Akiva need a podcast all right here we go and we will have a guest assuming wing that Dr Amanda Rabinowitz is available millennials killed it okay. We're GONNA find that all the things that millennials have killed were cancelled. Oh yeah a lot of things she's got a whole list. I think she's got her whole <hes> role thing prepared all right so we will be back hopefully with <hes> Dr Mehta hitter Benowitz to talk about that and so people have other suggestions for things so they wanNA talk about how millennials ended up doing away with so you go ahead. Send those in to need a podcast at rob has a website dot COM rene at ROB's webs DOT COM or Seinfeld at post. I show recaps Kief should we should we do some reviews. We have done reviews in a while. We didn't do any reviews at the live show. That would have been like boring yeah. Let's do the now yeah so what we should've done was that we should have had people come up live and give their review of the episode would have been funny. Yeah you should have thought about. Let's go. That is a funny idea. We'll figure that for the mail bag worked well. They weren't like I was afraid someone who can say something like really crazy or something. They live mail bag. I don't think we put anything on the wheel but the ideas ideas were crazy but I think then we when we react to it. I think it's still the good thing about this podcast. Even when something is is something good good happens and it's good and something bad happens. It's that's true but yeah no the live. Mail bag actually worked. Well yeah very good. Okay all right so AKIVA. Let's let's get to some reviews and we have one from actually no reviews since the live show this was <hes> brings a smile to my face. I can't write down how much I love this podcast <unk> guest give a Justice Robert. Akiva are so great together. It's just so random and the great or the podcast yeah I guess so we got a four star R._V.. You WanNa hear that no. I don't I mean yes but this person's in big trouble yeah okay. This is four stars. Love it well if you love you. Is it four stars. It took my brother two weeks to call me back and Akiva responded to my twitter comment within a few hours so that's the thing podcast now. Maybe I'd. I'd responded sooner sooner because a lot of times they'll respond ten seconds than five stars. Yeah keep is very responsive yeah. I'm good at you know what it is. I feel like I it's like. I don't know if it's like an O._C._D.. CD thing but I just don't I don't like having like unanswered emails or unanswered tweets or something so if I'm getting to it it's right away. Okay all right very responsive Guy Akiva anything else you WANNA discuss no no. I'm I'm already. I'm already psyched for summer. Twenty Twenty Robin Kiva live in Boise the Idaho or whatever <hes> okay I do. I like the I like the we I like the bracket where we pick instead of the wheel first of all like the mets are only playing in one or two places we could go to you know we're not I don't. I don't think we have to follow the mets. Doing you don't WanNa go. That's not a part of a thing to go to a Mexican art of but like with you know we can't just be <hes> subservient into like the mets. Maybe there's GonNa be a week or two. It's going to be an option and then who knows maybe it'll it'll be home or they'll be in <hes> like a lame city I that could be you're selling point for and but one met game also not too many I think it was two was over him preferably places with a dome because it gets a buggy yeah I don't I really you could tell like I really don't get much because I was so uncomfortable and it was like seventy seven degrees and I'd like walk around the stadium. A few times like just not it was so hot then at the game that whenever the shade hit us there was an ovation in the crowd yeah. I've never seen like an act of God be be cheered before but it was literally people were cheering for wind it. It was still not okay. Also if people WANNA go in checkout a starlets web show coming up in the the next couple of weeks starlets web is going to be at the Iron County Fair on August second and then at the fifth annual Devil's Lake Rock Fest in Devils Lake North Dakota on August ninth. Oh check them out. They have someone goes and let us know how <hes> how that was. Okay all right kief anything else now. It's great to be back in the <hes> in the in the <hes> you know skype universe. It was nice to see you in person but leaving the house was a lot. I think we should only do

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