Best Ball 2019


Welcome to the N._F._l.. Talking Heads Fantasy football podcast show here a your hosts jeff carrier. It Seth Law all right guys welcome in the N._F._l.. Talking head podcast <hes> been awhile since I've been on here personally so good to be back <hes>. I remember that we're not talking how everyone's doing so we'll just jump into our opening poll question tonight. <hes> this was on twitter this morning so if you fall twitter you probably saw this but <hes> looking at mid fourth-round wide receivers and best ball which is the overall theme. We're looking at best ball tonight. <hes> so this question particular will debt brandin cooks <hes> Robert Woods Chris Godwin and Kenny Golladay so of those four. You're in the mid fourth round which guy had taken kick it off with you I think I think it depends a lot on who what my roster construction looks up to that point because they're all very close. I think we can all agree on that. I think if I haven't I don't have a receiver at that point or I only have one receiver. I think brandin cooks I think he's the best of the bunch and the most consistent if I already have a stud receiver on my team and I'm looking for a little bit more upside I I would probably lean towards Kennedy and you Jeff I would lean towards brandin cooks. I would have thought that the group would have said more so uncanny any Golladay Kennedy Golladay ended up being third on this list. I was kind of surprised in the group run. You can go ahead and get the stats on on the general public but I'm GonNa lean cooks and or Godwin but here's one thing that Kinda disagree the on I guess what kind of what set said and some of the comments came back at is I'm not overly concerned. This is the fourth player off the board. The first three rounds are generally really good players. I'm not overly concerned on who I have before draft as the player because in most cases. I don't see how many reasons why enlist I have. These are four wide receivers here so in this example. It's not like there's a running back and wide receiver most of the players I going to get before this should all be basically basically elite to highly above average depending on who your third player is yeah. I mean I work. We're kind of splitting hairs of this group because they're all fairly close. I just think if I had to go with one to be the number one receiver and this is the fourth player of the board. You probably already have received read this point. Hopefully <hes> you could make a case for all of them. In Season Long I love Chris Godwin. <hes> I think brand coke is the best <hes> but I do think that has a slight more upside side in terms of in Oh blow up games but it's really close and this is kind of area in the draft that I don't know about you jeff. Yesterday I struggled with several times. It's like who do you pick because we do like all these receivers. Yeah I mean I it wasn't necessarily like a struggle in terms. I didn't want anyone it was I wanted so many of these players I mean this part of the draft and there was one drafts that I've read off the players three point eleven to four point ten or four point seven in literally every single player was really good in terms of right up our alley with these four players and I think carry-on was in there. Josh Jacobs was in there and Edelman was in there and <hes> maybe Cooper Cup and so this whole round was had a lot of players that we feel really comfortable with where this group to his remember my favorite best ball draft that we did the other day I had robina woods. Brennan Cokes Listen Chris Godman go right ahead of me and I just went and took Kennedy Golladay made my decision a lot easier and I think that when you're in that range which receivers fall to you is going to be extremely crucial yes so jeff told me to pull up the number so currently where the polls at about fifteen hours left looks like <hes> sure. This is the most updated to be honest one second year yet so I'm showing forty eight percent for Brandin cooks twenty percent Robert Woods fourteen percent for Chris Godwin and eighteen percent for Kenny Golladay so it's the L._A.. Guys wanted to then Golladay than Godwin and that's after three hundred thirty eight votes so <hes> public's on cooks as far as the poll. We ran today so far the biggest surprise see when I put out these four players it had a lot to do with seth anais drafts a we did a lot address yesterday Sunday they afternoon. I did six by myself set you did three and the reason why I wanted to put this out. There was and I thought maybe maybe have been a little bit of a dud question because they're all good players ears. They're going in the fourth round and I always kind of expecting it to be mostly. twenty-five percent across the board everyone kind of has their favorite player. You have the the younger players in Godwin and Golladay you have the more constant person in words I think cooks gets more a wrap of being boomer bust and he actually is quite a consistent player but I thought that just across the board it would have been a lot more of a boring question. Twenty five percents not much engagement engagement but there were people commenting back and forth at cooks was a clear person. No wasn't depends on your roster. Seth mentioned was one or two people so and then come out with a staggering fifty percent lead lead in nearly three hundred fifty votes. I was a little surprised by that. I don't know if that that lead of fifty percent to one player set was a bit surprise to you definitely definitely a little a little surprising for sure I mean can grow very they're all very close. They're all going in the same grouping <hes> they're all very similar. I mean neither one of them are like in Amari Cooper type upside player which we can get a little bit later <hes> or a Stefan digs. They're all very solid. They're all very consistent so to have one Kinda. pull away is definitely surprising yet for me. You know I just I look at it and coaxes put up eleven hundred thirty eight eleven hundred seventy three one thousand eighty eighty two twelve hundred four yards. He averages thirteen point five fifteen sixteen point six fifteen point one so to Jeff's points touchdowns nine eight seven five touchdowns have gone down but I mean brandin cooks guy just shows up and catches a thousand yards every season like and you can just bookmark and for that so I think he's been remarkably consistent in his career and from fantasy perspective. You know a guy that I always wanted chunk of so I personally would have gone cooks here <hes>. I don't think it's not surprising that it was well a lot. Maybe a little bit of a landslide but I definitely think he should have been majority owner here personally but not only just year-over-year Ryan you know when you brought up the stats game in and game out. He only had two games on the entire season <hes> which happened to come on the latter half of the year which seth and I talked a little bit about on our Q._B.. Tears Jared Goff of where Gerry goffin whole rams offense struggled the only two times of the year that jared brandin cooks had less fifty yards receiving in a game was only twice and it came in came in the last quarter of the year when Todd Gurley was hurt and the offense was struggling so it's not just year over year. It's also weakened weak out that he's he's quite consistent. As well who is Cooper cups return for the full season hurt more Robert Woods brandin cooks in your guys mind. I think I think budding both of them. Equally may maybe Robert Woods a little bit more. I think him and Robert Woods Woods both kind of drive in that put more possession receiver lane <hes> but cooper shown last year is ability to be a big play guy as well. I think if I had to choose I mean I think they're all perfectly balanced. There's room room for all three of them. In your fantasy line you can play all three of them at the same time if you had to but I think if I had to choose I think I think he impacts robber was a little bit more than Brandin cooks and I'm in the middle of doing by draft. I possession projections right now. I'm definitely coming at it. From a sense of how much volume there is ray. If a team passes four hundred and fifty times compared to six hundred times. There's there's only so many balls can go around so re reverse engineering what an offense actually is able to produce from a volume standpoint and when I was looking at the rams pass totals in their past distribution. To kind of assess point it's Kinda hits them. Both almost equally. Maybe brain cooks slightly more Cooper Cup all of them. The rams offense is kind of like a fantasy gold mine in the sense that they're passing offense similar to Kansas City's and very few offenses. They're very funneled. They're very funneled in terms of where the pass targets are going to go and in this case we talked about it last this year why we like to all three wide receivers the rams run in eleven personnel with three wide receivers on the field more than ninety percent of the time and you can expect almost twenty five percent targets year percentage to all three wide receiver so they're taking up nearly seventy five percent of the targets in the rams offense fair enough so what kind of dive into some more topics those best ball drafts. You guys did yesterday while we're doing that before four Redo that had a couple of questions on social media here recently asking about our draft grid suggested I don't know if you WANNA give an updates everybody out there yeah and I was just kind of touching on that with the projections and we've had a couple of questions in the talking heads nation which you guys can go ahead and join and go to which is talking has nation dot com. We haven't talked too much about it but we have a draft grid that we do every year which we will have a whole episode on you. I you know I it's absolutely I think I like to use a word Seth Revolutionary I. I don't know if there's a little bit strong but no one else is doing it. Hopefully no-one copies it but it's a draft grid that takes you step by step on which players select like that what pick players to avoid in which round it's literally a grid that you just keep following along picked by pick players at target in this in particular rounds in and if you grab a particular type type of players say an elite tight end you probably don't WanNA draft an elite quarterback before this type of round because Rauscher construction just unbalanced those types of basically step by step hand holding that along with the rest of the draft kit will be ready and available by August first great good update and ensure. Everyone is looking forward to that so all right we'll dive in now. A little bit more are on the overall draft and we'll start off a kind of a more of a soft question here but just in general best ball is obviously different than than standard redraft league so want to get you guys overall thoughts on who to target in best ball start with you this time Jeff I mean in terms of general obviously we're looking for the players that can produce a high weakened and anytime any weekend they can produce you know you're twenty five thirty point week also players that could come out of nowhere and take over a job a lot of that comes with younger players rookies second third year wide receivers those types of things there were this round of doing best ball leagues at least right now as I'm doing them. I'm I'm trying to figure out filter exactly exactly who unlike him not liking lot as seth mentioned that fourth round. There's a lot of players there that we really like the keene Allens of the world. The Robert Woods even Cooper Cup. I'd like where he's going a lot. I'll have to pull up my team here and see. Some of the players drafted a lot. I'm trying to wait for Carson. Wentz the best that I can miss out on there. I think the best player to get right now. which is why did six drafts on Sunday? It was no coincidence. This is a man of strategy as I like to say right the reason I'm doing right now and I would implore everyone to to go to wherever you do best ball drafts in go and try and get tyreek hill because he's going to have the best value. He possibly can his his A._D._p.. Is Not self corrected since they've announced. It's going to be no no suspension for tyreek Hill right now I saw him going anywhere from one point twelve the earliest and I've I was able to pick them up in a draft at two point seven which is highway robbery. So that's a one player. I was literally trying to target on every draft. Yeah the the one the one player that I I didn't end up having any my teams three yesterday <hes> the one player that didn't have any my teams that I think looking at it more. I want to have more shares up as Amari Cooper. You know what what player last year demonstrated demonstrated a more like a better ability to have these monster games that Amari Cooper he's going in the third round. I think that's a perfect spot for Amari Cooper. You can stack up a bunch of receivers around him in best ball so when he has his you know five catch for forty nine in yards and no touchdowns you can bench him obviously <hes> so I think Amari Cooper is a guy that I need to take a closer look at. I like him a lot for best ball. I had a lot of shares of Marlin Mac. I think you'd like him to Jeff. He's another player feel. He's like the last borderline borderline start running back. That's coming off the board that you can go and grab and feel good about as your number one so like Marlin mackel lot and then you and I both like going to speak for you but I think carry on Johnson Josh Jacobs the you know where they're going in the draft as well as pretty attractive given their upside ability <hes> especially Josh Jacobs going in that third fourth round ish range in many cases going behind Derrick Henry so those some picks that I like in the first spe- rounds I WANNA follow up on that hours trying to get MARLA MAC as often as I could do not have too much success on it at all. I'm actually looking the draft APP. This is actually kind of Nice set the only did three Leagues Leagues but I'm curious to know what kind of players like you can go under your best ball ownership and they total all the players that you've selected and how how much percentage of ownership that you have on them across your leagues and the only players I did six drafts the only players I'll just do the players that I had two or more times. I drafted in terms of quarterbacks. It was Ben Rothlisberger. Tom Brady Andy Dalton running back. Somehow he ended up Jamal Williams three times James Name's Connor Marlin Mac Chris Carson John Howard Somehow Two Times Joan Samuels Carlson Josh Jacobs. I draw shapes a lot because I was getting him in the fourth round in for rookie running back with that kind of upside and then I'll just go over the wide receivers I had three shares of which was Juju another player that I am absolutely trying to target he's going in you can get him in the early second round sometimes tyler boy James Washington and I got Josh Gordon which I know a topic that we're going to get which someone I would never draft and redraft but I took a shot there. Those are some of the players that I own multiple shares of guests who I one player and I didn't even know they had this feature is pretty cool. I I had one player so I did three drafts. I had one player that I had one hundred percent ownership percentage of guess who it is too wide receiver Robert Foster Markey's Brown baby around very interesting but there's players in here that I probably would not draft and I think A._D._p.. Depending on your platform is always a big thing when you go into your E._S._p._N.. Draft or N._F._l.. Dot Com or C._B._S.'s these A._D._p.'s play a big factor and someone like Jamal Williams. Probably why haven't three time is that he's going you know. I don't know where sixteenth round he's like his A._D._p.. was like one eighty eighty or something like that. He's going like in the Fifteenth Sixteenth Round and he's you don't know what Green Bay is going to do. We all like to think that Aaron Jones is going to be the quote unquote bowel cow or majority of the runningback shares but there's there's still a good chance that Jamal Williams is going to be touching the ball and there's a lot of times especially in these best balls you see players drafting Darwin Thomson or whoever the rookie is from Kansas City who is like three running-backs deep getting dragged in front of Jamal Williams. I think that that players specifically to Mo Williams has a pretty decent A._D._p.. On this platform yes so one guy wanted to go back to you in touch on here. <hes> since you just mentioned south it was hard to ignore the Marquess Brown love on your draft board so took them in the thirteenth fourteenth in the sixteenth. Don't spend too much time on them but <hes> tell me a little bit about why he's is on a hundred percent of those those teams yesterday well. I just think at that point in the draft you're looking for players see at that point already have probably four or five receivers on my team. I'm looking for somebody that can cut through and have some of those big weeks with Mark Brown. I mean we know oh coming out of college. He was widely regarded as maybe the most talented receiver he just went to a somewhat of a bad situation in Baltimore. Team likes to run the ball a lot and a quarterback. That's not accurate and in <hes> but I I just feel like he's going to have have those games. I think he's going to be inconsistent at times which is fine but I think he has just as good of opportunities anybody to have those monster games. He's going to be a starting wide receiver for Baltimore and he's demonstrated ability in college to be a big play machine so I think in the thirteenth thirteen around you really can't go wrong. We're talking about a starting wide receiver who is going to get a ton of opportunities in year one as a rookie as extremely explosive now season-long Leagues Redraft Leagues. You're going to have those growing pains. You're going to have to put up with the the highs and lows in best ball. You can afford to do that and so I I like Marcus Brown a lot. Just like I like Meco Hardman. I like a lot of these rookie receivers because of that reason especially Markey's Brown and he thought summer accused Brown Jeff Yeah I tend I tend to disagree. I got zero. Shares of Markey's Brown got zero shares of Miekel Harmon. I know seth draft Miekel Harmon what at least once there are a couple of rookies or rookie wide receivers. I got a couple of shares of I got decay metcalf a couple of times and and part of the reason in Markey's Brown would be you can make the arguments similar to decay metcalf your and a team that is going to be high running volume rookie <music> but should be able to be a starting outside wide receiver week one so I can kind of see it. They will markey's Brown but every time even as late in the draft is that was I just never found myself interested in Baltimore wide receiver I just it. We're GONNA take it that point though unless you have a quarterback and you really need to grab your quarterback or you really need to grab a tight end I just I look into the players are went behind in the Jamison crowder the Chris Thompson Antonio Calloway. They're either really the either players that are don't have the upside to warrant being on your team like Jamison crowder or their players that are even more sketchy in more boom busty like that's even a word like Antonio Calloway. Who's going to be the third option on Cleveland which will be a better offense but but I mean at that point the draft? I think it's the best ball is you can afford to take these chances on some of these players that are going to be inconsistent knowing that you don't have to start them week. In week out you can start three wide receivers in one flex in draft so markey's Brown is your six or seven th receiver. I think you can afford a luxury. You're afforded with best ball yeah and I I was drawing comparisons decay metcalf. I just never found myself to take. Maybe maybe it's because I already had U._K.. Metcalf or found a different reason either. I needed an extra additional tight and to your point you need a Q._B.. I find him similar to decay metcalfe. Michael Harmon has a big chart to climb on top of being a rookie. Your rookie is you're obviously rated pretty drastically different in best ball. I saw Alexander Madison always trying to be scooped up mal sanders. You know a hot commodity. I find it very interesting interesting. How much later during Howard goes in Demayo Sanders Sanders was injured in preseason and we know how the Philadelphia Eagles treats? They're running backs other running Devon Single Terry you know is he going to be really drafted and redraft leagues. It may be the very very end but those are players that are being scooped up in best ball pretty aggressively because people know that they don't have to do Rosser management all season. They don't worry about trades so just get the player that maybe over time through winning over the position with injuries they can take over someone like Devin single. Terry Alexander Madison are good examples of that but I didn't get too many shares of these players which is what I was going to lead into. I was trying to target them but they're so heavily sought after that I ended up with some shares of Alexander Madison but none of Markey's Brown for example none of Miekel Hardman. I have to Paris Campbell only once. I don't even really like Paris Campbell in a basketball league I again. I think that there's too many options there. He might have as one or two game that kind of pop out but can we can. We expect six seven of those in the year probably not I think we may go Harman's case the reason I think he's definitely has much steeper hill to climb the Markey's Brown or decay medcalf but I think the one case you can make from Eagle Hartman as if you're someone who likes go harmon and best ball in the thirteen fourteen fifteen around is Sammy Watkins Hawkins always injured. You have who knows what might happen with Tyreek Hill. I mean no. He's who knows what might happen in the future. You have the chiefs which are probably the the best offense in the entire N._F._l.. With Pat Mahomes Amigo Hartmann is tyreek hill so potentially two point. Oh so that's why I like me go Arman but he's he's definitely he's. He's probably somebody owned draft at all in Redraft League. I agree on that on Nicole Hardman. I have one share of him but that was is done before the tyreek. Hill news came down <hes> so I head stack them but I also that was a league that mean Jeff will drafted in <hes> but I was able to get hill in the fourteenth round so that could end up being a big still on on Markey's Brown though for what it's worth the one one concern I'd have for you on that. Seth is just where you took them and no two drops are like but I actually have a v F fifty seven percent share and Markey's Brown which is my highest share percentage but I got him in the eighteenth twice in the seventeenth and one. It's an once in the sixteenth so at my highest point was the lowest you drafted him again. Not Drops are like but there might be opportunity to get mark eastbound even a little bit later and drafts or any of those drafts recent the one of the seventeenth was this afternoon the other seventeenth was two weeks ago and in the sixteen and eighteen th were about a month ago so those are the the outliers so as of the last two weeks I got him twice twice in the seventeenth round one one strategy that I really like I want to get your both your thoughts on this is and I I one of my three drafts. I got Michael Thomas. <hes> it was the first round <hes> my the ninth or tenth pick and I went in late and I got trae Kwan Smith in one of the later rounds and I liked the idea and season long. I know people don't like doing this job. We talk about a little bit with our wide receiver handcuffs but I think in best ball. If you have six or seven receivers I like the idea of having two teammates for a team like New Orleans who scores a lot of points if Micheal Thomas doesn't go off then there's a good chance that trae Kwan Smith might have a big day or vice versa and I just like the idea especially at the value has just a matchup trae Kwan Smith really late. I know you did a jeff with A._J.. Green entire boy. They're they're good individually anyways but what what are your thoughts on the idea of maybe stacking receivers that they could both go off and you could use them both on any given week or if one has a quiet day or gets injured you have the other one who's more in line to have a big game. I like it. I mean it follow a similar strategy edgy that we do a lot in redraft leaks to me the main things obviously the offense in kind to your point when you bring up the saints as an example Green Bay would be another one that I tried to get 'em bs and then I'd maybe considered allison. <music> Alison didn't doesn't really you know I don't think of him as maybe like a really boom player and in particular game for best ball but I still I still don't mind it. I liked Shijie. Maybe more so in redraft there but I'm not going to argue with anyone who's like. I'M GONNA get the number two and number three receiver Green Bay Great. Go ahead and do that. I mean one of those two should probably catch a touchdown most weeks. If anything happens Davante Adams your golden same thing with the whole New Orleans Saints if it's Michael Thomas Amtrak wants Smith or trick also and Ted Ginn however you want to approach it obviously all three rams wide receivers. I'll find with anyone that strategy is if you're going after a good offense made total sense. There's a lot of those duos this year. That are I guess. For Redraft League's Best Ball the Marvin Jones Kenny Gaudy of my Gavin's Chris Godwin <hes> does this a lot of obviously that the trio in in Los Angeles <hes> even like Mike Williams and Kia now and there's a lot of those duos that I could see myself liking taking in best ball and redraft leagues this year to try and stack stacks receiver COMBOS. I who the own Calvin really is apparent into different basketball leagues so that's a great one who he was a great baseball player because he has those monster weeks and Calvin Ridley's. I think I had how many shares that I have Calvin Ridley. I had <hes> I think Adam at thirty three percent ownership but he is one of my let me look at it right here Calvin Ridley thirty three percents so I had him on one of my three small sample size but he's a player that I that I love. I mean he's going behind the Kennedy. Holidays Robin Woods Brandin Cooks. He's going behind that group and I think he's right there. I I liked that value a lot for commonly Bentley yeah and you're targeting a better offense than what holidays presumably going to be in when you after like release said going right after him especially in best ball. I'm a fan of okay switch gears. Here's a little bit here to another position that you see a couple of guys going <hes> very early in obviously we all know about the cliff at the tight end position and how quickly that falls and if you like Ingram and you like <hes> O._J.. Howard your list might be a little bit longer than other guys? <hes> I still see Hunter Henry going pretty high in some drafts but particularly for the top guys tight ends are at a premium so what are you guys overall strategies in best ball and draft and tight ends. We'll start with you seth breath I just this is a terrible year for tight ends. I if I don't get in. I think my first wrath was my least favorite that it yesterday on the guide Erz fairly early. I like the strategy in best ball in just grabbing two or three tight ends as long as you're you're. You're number. One tight end is like I like Joe Jr Howard a lot but if you can't get him get somebody like a jared cook or anarchy Braun and then just just grab a couple you know take a couple couple shots at some <hes> late round flyer tight ends in you know approach by committee. I just don't like investing a ton of draft capital. Invest Ball Leagues and tight ends. I mean these titans are going super early. I would rather build up the running back and wide receiver position and attack the title position by committee so I had Eric Hebron Maine. Let me go back to my my ownership here. I think I had Eric Hebron like sixty six percent of my drafts again only two drafts but two of the three eyed Eric Brown. I just like the value is getting them in the seventh eighth round range. I think that's pretty good for somebody that caught thirteen touchdowns last year in his even with the additions they made is still a tight end for the Annapolis Colts in what should be a monster offense Andrew luck scam a monster year so I think Eric. Yvonne is just an awesome player for best ball for the Value Me Jeff my disagree tight another like a little bit later is David Joko and they just simply for the reason that David Miyoko is entering its third season in the N._F._l.. Fell and he's a great offense and I just at that point the draft I think there's no great option at tight end. You're taking a flyer on some of these guys and and hoping they have a few weeks Titan Titan Titan for me definitely plays a bit different in best ball more so maybe than at least running back wide receiver when you're comparing the difference between best ball and redraft mostly because I'm willing to commit more to a higher end in tight end the top three tight ends in a redraft because you can only start one. You have to start him that week there. The level replacement is a lot higher these and then but these titans go extremely serenely early in his best ball. Maybe maybe more so than I'm not too sure. That's just where they're A._D._p.. Is Right now. I haven't done enough mock drafts but I never got any of the leads. I didn't even come close to even thinking about drafting a lease because I was still like I'm GonNa Take AAC Marlin mcelroy. Take Earth's type of mentality and then on the flip side. You can't really plan on like Oh. Let me just going get a tenth eleventh round tight end and then I'll also find waivers for someone who comes out of the woodworks because you obviously don't have waivers and best buy so you can't necessarily go full streaming right off the bat best buy the best ball thrown a lot of different words here <hes> so I found myself getting a middle of the road type of tight end and supplementing him like said get in two or three tight ends and hoping that one out of those three and hopefully have a comparable or closer comparable weekend someone that spent a second third round pick on one of the elite tight ends. I did find myself drafting a decent amount of new Giokoo in the late eighth round or ingram the late six someone who I knew I felt fairly confident can start most weeks and then <unk> supplementing them with a thirteenth fifteenth round tight enter to my big tight ends in best ball is I'm just submitting to the fact that I'm not GonNa get time production of the tight end position. I'm just going to try to minimize the downfall of that position. So I'm content getting you know five ten points every single week. If I can stack up you know maybe like a Delaney Walker David <hes> David Giokoo Mark Andrews Greg Olsen somewhere like that won't be sexy and I just WanNa over achieve on the on the wide receiver and they're running back positions where there's a greater variance points to be had so that's how I approach going into just not willing to pay the price to get Zacher Premier Travis Kelsey in the early Second Round M. My philosophy is very similar to redraft lease but even more so in best ball. I'm going to go for a couple of these lower. Tier tight ends and just you know know that and I'm GONNA get probably five to ten points every week but I'm going to invest in the wide receiver core back and running back positions for me looking at my ownership my number one ownership of the tatum position is Chris earned in with forty two percent if that tells you how I'm approaching that position and you do you guys do love Chris Herndon Jackson have a higher. He's four games now this. I'm really glad I waited this long to released doing best ball draft because I feel like right right now. I've got a good snapshot of what's going to happen. Outside of injuries beforehand kind of like Ryan said hi on Meco harmon hopefully he got a great deal on tiree kill but then you have the Chris her news. I'm happy right now with with exactly where the A._d._p.'s are. I feel like I've got a good handle on tiree kills a steel. I think Todd Gurley list. I was trying to steal targe early as much as I could. I mean targe early was going at like two point nine fine especially in a best ball league. I felt like he was highway robbery as well yeah I mean I remember that remember that third one we did together Jeff. I I had Alvin Kamara with pig three. I think and I almost got todd Gurley early in the second round a pair with Kamara. He went to pick before me so todd Gurley the whole todd Gurley situation. This year is tailor made for best ball leagues because he he's going to probably around the same point he's going redraft leagues but in Best Fast Ball you have the benefit of not having to roster management in your building up the this running back positions where if he does go down with an injury or the the bottom falls out you have other people that can pick up the slack his upside just far outweighs ways to risk in best ball in my opinion so I think along the same lines tyreek hill those have gotta be two of the better better risk reward propositions that you have for any player and just stay on point with the Rams Jams in get your input Ryan as well as I saw the exact opposite and little bit of what I was talking about with these rookies throw Henderson I would never even when I drafted target two point eight. I was like oh I'd love to get drill Henderson. I'll try and figure out where he went in Schrafft's the unattainable just unattainable. I could just never get in a situation where I could draft him. Yeah I mean I feel the same about Henderson I actually in multiple drafts waited till the you know my final pick to to take Malcolm Brown as the handcuff. 'cause I much rather take him. I'm in the eighteenth round. One of these drafts thin. I've seen Henderson goes early as the mid six round and that's just the price I'm not willing to pay and I've on on our show as well have been very vocal about my feelings on Todd Gurley given the workload he's had and now the injury and how concerned I am about him. Mm Without said it was about three weeks ago month ago that I did. I did a best ball draft where I was able to get Todd Gurley in the third round and I think I went <hes> Kamara on the first girl in the third and I took <hes>. I think Mike Evans in the second so I mean that's that ah there's nobody for somebody who's been really against Todd Gurley. I mean if he falls into the late second round or third round like that I mean he's he's a no brainer especially in best ball you might have a top-five guy there and even in that value and I know I've I've been on dog really more more so than you guys i. It sounds like we had a you know a big topic on that on a podcast. I don't know how many ago but even at the two point eight range whatever that translates into let's say there was two point eight and a snake. I take that all day in a redraft league whatever that translates into for an auction league I take that all day in redraft as well. I just think to the upside is is too great right now. The pendulum in my opinion swung too far away from Todd Gurley. You know he's worth the risk at after you get into like mid second round range but next one I had a few guys moving onto a new position now looking <unk> at looked at tight ends one to look Q._B.. I went through the drafts. You has sent through today. <hes> only three times between all the graphs you guys sent their looked looked at eight total. <hes> was a quarterback taken by one of you below the round Denmark <hes> Aaron Rodgers at six point five by Jeff and then Wentz at nine point nine which is almost tenth round but we have to draw the line somewhere <hes> and seth you took Cam Newton at eight point twelve so wonder you guys is thoughts on on what you know what guys and in what situations are you ready to pull the trigger earlier on a quarterback because in general you guys waited at what points though in in those ones particularly what made you leap up and take the guy there. I'll start with you jeff since you. You took two of them yeah I would say this is the exact reason why you do monographs because the first one we did. I got Aaron Rodgers. At six point. Five five looks good went through the rest of the draft realized that was a mistake and didn't draft anyone that early for the remainder of the time and that was my worsely drafted by far so there's that's that for Aaron Rodgers Carson Wentz at nine point nine talked about him. We talked about him as one of our favorites this year. I tried the draft Carson Wentz in the ninth round on probably every single draft. I just couldn't get him. I obviously could have went ahead and tried to draft them in. Maybe late seven early eight. I think I will wanted after I got him. In the ninth round. I wanted to wait till the ninth round every time and I just couldn't get Carson Wentz any other time. Carson wentz is one of the a few people that lasts into the drew brees cam new in Ben Rothlisberger range where I feel like he's got significant upside compared to them is so if I don't get Carson Winston the ninth I'm just go ahead and wait a couple more rounds and draft like Ben Rothlisberger or maybe even Russell Wilson or something like that whoever kind of falls to me but in that range in that cluster players that are going in that A._D._p.. I really like Carson Wentz in Willna take him in the ninth round. If I can get him in in this case or yesterday with the six raps I was only able to get him once. Yeah I mean I I approached quarterback similar to my the way I approach tight ends in a similar the way I approach quarterbacks one a quarterback leagues is I. I wait like that's not a revolutionary concept. A lot of people do that. My my favorite situation last yesterday was when I took Jimmy Garoppolo in the twelfth round and I kind of draw the line at as long as there are wide receivers in court in running backs that I feel are helpful even like the calls hides. The world are helpful or Markey's Brown once you get into the range where you're not. There's not a lot of upside you really like. There's not a lot there I go for the quarterbacks and you can in just like tight ends. You compare three them together so in the league I'm talking about I've got Jimmy Garoppolo got Derek Carr and then I got dwayne Haskins and I'm perfectly fine with that if I'm comfortable with my running back and wide receiver positions and I feel like they're stacked. I'll take three stabs quarterbacks that you know dare cars going to be solid. I think this year with the addition of Antonio Brown and Josh Jacobs and I like Jimmy Garoppolo if he can stay healthy so I'm just I'm not going to be in play for the top seven or eight wide receivers off the board and you know the the mahomes lock Rogers Watson Baker Mayfield Matt Ryan. I'm not going to be in play at all. I'm looking at probably quarterbacks ten through twenty and I'm going to get two or three of them. Let me <music> but in here real quick because I think while set said he's completely content with Jimmy Garoppolo Derek Carr and Dwayne Haskins. I think there's a balance of saving up an extra roster spot if you can get really I think the sweet spot ought is once you start hitting the eighth round preferably the ninth but let's just call it. The eight to the tenth round is where I like to target what of my potential elite quarterbacks for two reasons one is. There's not actually that that many people once you filled out a almost full roster plus that is actually quote unquote usable S._F.. Mention where I can get a potential leak quarterback and then not have to draft a third quarterback I only need to drive to for example in the ninth round just using one draft as an example but this is pretty pretty standard pretty common we have Damian Harris John Howard Lucia McCoy jalen Samuels Ronald Jones for running backs wide receivers that went in the ninth round. We have chilling Shepherd Kiki Cudi coincide into kill Harry Dede Westbrook chains Washington. You're going to have obviously different feelings about that. The comparison level is pretty. Hey dramatic when in the ninth round you have the number two quarterback that finished last year Matt Ryan no-one went in the ninth round drew brees went and attempt Cam Newton when the Tenth James Winston in the tenth so I feel like that is a range that I'm pivoting from someone like a cookie Kuti or anyone that I just mentioned the ninth round and trying to grab one of these people that were potential illit elite quarterbacks. That's probably been more strategies with Ben probably a bit more clustered between rounds ten and twelve or nine through twelve. Should I say as a follow up to that. I'll make a mark my own mistake here. I just went back looking through experimental <unk> Murray had been drafted by one of you at one point so I'm back and found him and you actually took cuyler Murray at nine point nine which is arranged that you're citing guys. That could be elite Jeff. So what do you think the upside in best falls for Kyle Murray and it is that elite class that you think he could enter in best ball format this year Yep calum Murray. I mean men. His range of outcomes is absolutely crazy. I think that two I think that the percentage of chance that he ends up as a top five quarterback is probably still fairly low but his eighty ps really reasonable. I mean I am looking at one where he went eight point four so his his his ranges obviously dramatically different. I got him at nine. Point nine was stoked to get him there. He's the type of person no because of his legs he ran one hundred and forty times last year at Oklahoma because of his legs he has that single game upside that huge single-game upside if he runs seven times and has won big run for a touchdown he has seven for one hundred yards or seven for seventy or something like that. He's got single-game upside. She's a great person to pair with a Roth as burger or something along those lines and if you put Colin Murray with Ben Rothlisberger you should be guaranteed selling the start every single week both have tremendous per game upside. We Know Ben Rothlisberger has struggled on the road. We also known that he could throw for three hundred fifty yards and five touchdowns any single week so a per game upside is definitely looking for in a Q._B.. Someone that runs a lot. Calamari definitely fits that billing. I think you think your mic on Mute Ryan. That's a that's a good call. <hes> any very there I agree. I think you're look opposite. quarterbacks you only start one. You're looking for a single game upside. Any running quarterback like on Murray is going to have that and he's also y'all he's also a very good thrower of the football in an offense that should be built around him with a lot of good editions new offense in my head coach. I like it <hes> <hes> I like Tyler Murray. I think it's safe to say that neither mere jeff are going to ever end up with the PAT mahomes Aaron Rodgers or probably Andrew Luck of the world <hes>. I'm probably a little bit more on the waiting for quarterbacks Jeff is but I think Colin Murray is I think nine nine th round is very very fair so not to Belabor it but let me ask you just to kind of put it back to you there. I mean so you should what point in best ball drafter you sit in their say. You're in one where everyone has the same strategies as you guys employ rating on quarterbacks and you have mahomes in six round seventh-round sitting I mean he's usually going in the first four rounds from what I'm seeing in best ball is but if he's there you know towards is <hes> you know getting towards seventy eighth round. Is there a time where you would abandon philosophy. What's what's the value level there where you finally GonNa pull the trigger on a on a high end guy I mean if it's all about having a home especially with the news of tyreek Hill being back? I mean Ev. It's Pama homes. I don't know I'm trying to I'd probably I'll be very comfortable taking Pat Mahomes in the the fifth round but I feel like he's he's not GonNa last to the fifth round so it's maybe the fourth round I mean where would you take. Mahomes Japanese are just falling. Probably the six I mean when I went through and looked at my team we Aaron Rodgers and six like Pam. Homes is significantly better but if you basically just say okay I got elite player. Aaron Rodgers consistent top four consensus top four and I got him at six point. Five and deer now is actually S._R.. Aaron Rodgers going in the seven a lot so I don't think take Pat Mahomes probably before the six fix due at the first time if he's there in the fifth for the for the first time and then probably realized I don't like my team is probably what would end up happening and this is why we do the march grass and I think by watching my team with Aaron Rodgers at six point five didn't like it <hes> at all so I don't think I'd touch him before the six so that was the the full gamut of the pre show questions I did want to ask one question came up with bogere going through. Here's one final final question because I've seen a lot of different guys go so far and we didn't spend a lot of time talking about running backs but best ball is obviously different. Who is both of your rb one right now? Invest Ball dress like one overall Yep Yep Oh saquon saquon same here. I would have to say that Christian McCaffrey would be consensus fourth. I've been on record on saying second. Sorry I meant that he is my fourth. Not Consensus Christian McCaffrey is and usually I would and I've been on record saying I'll take David Johnson fifth-overall but im- best ball I ben in the fifth and sixth spot a couple of times. I take De'andre Hopkins for the per game upside to me to be the top three are goes saquon. Alvin Kamara Christian McCaffrey album card march me is because of a single game upside is gotta be I mean Christian. McCaffrey has got a lot of single game too. I mean you'd be I'd be happy with either one but I think those those are the clearcut three having Zeke because he doesn't quite have the single game upside that McCaffrey and Kamar have and the he's been barking about his contract and potentially holding out I just it's not worth it. If I have a top three pick. I'm not taking Zeke whereas season-long. I'm probably taking Zeke second or third right where you fallen Z. Jeff. You know I've I've heard today that some people are kind of getting a little worried. I I don't know how to gauge the seriousness with two years left. I can't imagine this even remotely serious so as I mentioned I Christian McCaffrey fourth mostly to do we have third Zeke. I'm taking wondering yeah. I'm thinking Zeke over Christian McCaffrey in in best in half point P._R.. Essentially again this high up I mean I don't know what the differences between baseball and me Jackson's that these are all super studs so in half point P P R Christian McCaffrey and just was so reliant on catches last year in the second half of the year with touchdowns. I just give them a slight knock. I mean we're we're you no no you can't go wrong by the way I just like Marcus. He's a little more single game upside and there's no Mark Ingram Kamara number two as well. I agree with that I mean would you have Kamara number two ryan like we do. Yes I have the same top four and with Barclay Kamara McCaffrey SAR Zeke and then McCaffrey's how I have it and then I big on on Hopkins in that a fifth hold as well. David Johnson scares me. I know a lot of people high on this Arizona offense. I think there's a lot of projecting going on there and I and I wanna see it on the field before and buying into heavily right now and I see a lot of Arizona players getting a lot of love but David David Johnson scares me your your van him Jeff but I'm I'm trying to push him back to like the range and I wish I wish he was still in that random and I remember the golden days of May when he was like pick eight nine in ten eleven going up by the day yeah and is now. It's like he's not going to break into the top four but even on the draft best ball I mean he was pretty much a consensus five so I think it's really a tough spot to drought David Johnston it because I don't I don't think he could probably outscore the of the four so you really drafting him at the top of his value which you know he's at one on five pretty much anyone you draft top of their value but he everything it has to go right for him for sure you can't I agree you can't pass on Deandre Hopkins. They declare plays Deandre Hopkins at five so you're doing. You're doing that in in redraft as well you in the same boat Yeah Yeah I. I'm a little bit. I'm probably probably closer to Ryan. David Johnson started coming around a little bit on David Johnson but I just think we're talking about the top five or six best players and fantasy and while I still find taking David Johnson in the first round what happened last year scares me just enough and there's a lot of very different variables this year new head coach rookie quarterback. I'm not taking him over a flat out. Stud proven commodity like the Andre Hopkins. I'm probably I mean Dave Davante. Adams is really close. I think the top five years pretty clear cut and I think David Johnson's a consideration somewhere six to nine which is which isn't like insulting him. I feel like no like that's still that's still a hi pick for David Johnson based on the last year. Take Him in the first round is a compliment. I'm a little bit closer. Where Ryan is though? I'm a little bit worried on David Johnson. You know if you you're picking him. In the top five or six just puts. There's a lot of pressure on him to really outperform so yup so I think unless either view of a parting thought here that this is going to pretty much wrap it up for our best ball all episodes tonight any final thoughts Jeff Nope none but I'm glad to be back on the Mike three times in for the third time in three days. It feels great. I'm getting really excited for the season seth and I have already been planning our our high stakes league strategy. We're going to be doing that. You know. Maybe we'll keep the listeners involved in how we approach that you know trying to go after a million or whatever the grand prize is there but getting uber excited for this year. I don't know if that's more so than any other year but it definitely feels like you're right now and I gotTa do more best ball draft and make a point to not take marquees brown anywhere so I get that below one hundred percent. I can't let the Markey's Brown ownership percentage. They had one hundred percent for too much longer. I liked how I told that today. It six drafts last night. He goes six dude really feeling it. I just I was loving A._D._P.'s. I was just scooping up Todd Gurley tyreek Hill Oh and just digging A._D._p.'s so I was taking as much shares as I could so you were a super productive on a Sunday is what you're saying. Yeah I mean I was. I was doing training so that way I can pass along my experience of the listeners.

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