RD - Impeachment Update, Flynn's Plea Change & Warren Snubs Bernie


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Yeah get it on got to get it on a judgment on a mandate get it on welcome to the best hour or so in the universe. It's reasonable doubt amount of curls Garriga our that Adam came up with a new. You know got a history of UH dementia or Alzheimer's in the family and apparently I've got early onset. The the Test Adam is giving is. Is you start to have trouble with your headphones. which and and I got a pair of Bose for Christmas and I do have trouble with those that I did this morning? Have trouble with these so well to country by ancestry. Oh you're twenty three and me which says I don't have the gene variant. Apparently I do well. We've had many a guest and it again. It doesn't didn't affect the twenty-three-year-old guys but the sixty three year old guys come in and they start putting their headphones on and one folds up like a dog's ear and so you're actually actually the back of the headphone your hand and then the other ones down but you're okay. You struggled a little bit the got it on. I'm back I'm here. I'll real but I'll tell you when when it's time for the cat scan. Yeah Wayne now. You're not there yet but you're GONNA get. I'm getting everybody. God Willing we all get to this place where we've had enough enough years on this earth where you climb into your son's car or younger person's car as a passenger and you start reaching for the the seat belt from the left side you know what I mean where you're like. My Dad would get in the car. I've got seatbelt. He'd get this finally get the seat balch. Then what's he had. He tried to plug it into the head visor. The dashboard like the next phase of this. Where to seat belt? Go like you lose so it has stepped up the seat belt. So the same thing with this headphone. That's that's that's your experience. Your lane early sixties as we you get into the late seventies early eighties then the seat belt struggle comes well th on this special. What is this our second episode of Twenty Twenty and as has were recording this so that people understand for not as freshmen? You're listening they've they're voting to send the articles over to the Senate And they've named seven house managers including Jerry Nadler and I Adam Schiff Who are the others Gary? Do you know off the top of your head because I think that the selection is interesting and at the same time. What's playing out there? There's I documents that are being released and the documents that are being released. One of my favorites was yesterday. There's a guy named Hyde. Have you seen this guy hide. He's running for Congress and apparently he's texting somebody. They're talking about Whether or not that. The ambassador is being surveilled over in Ukraine. Yes okay but email right the female and The WHO testified and so the immediate reaction of some was that this is horrific which it would be if it were true if her telling her but then I decided sighted to do a little what I would do if this guy was a juror. Just guy was adjourned fact somebody had asked me. The other guys are tied Joyce's position. He's running for Congress. Now I I think he runs a Gary gardening outfit or something. Let me look. We're just to go back to your last question. The members the managers are going to be Shift Nadler Hakeem Jeffries. Jason Crowe Val demings Zoe lofgren and Sylvia Garcia interesting. So lofgren is California. But that's that's an interesting I think. So that's an interesting choice. I mean Nadler Schiff I understood I think I would have picked. There are other people who were I. Think more worthy or has shown more surveillance. You gotta see this hype Guy. I mean Gary you can pull this up because one of the things I do with. Prospective jurors do a quick kind of social media Search because there's a good way to determine who you're dealing with. I mean you can look at somebody's twitter account. I'm not on instagram. Very is right there so one look. What are you thinking so far? Okay so you see this this guy. He's a jerk when we're looking at the guy he's it's it's it's it's tainted a little bit because he's standing next to trump holding a thumbs up. Obviously if you've standing next Obama holding a thumbs up you'd have different thoughts about it. But I don't know this guy this guy I'm cowboy weinstock ripping of Republican partisanship. And it's very true. I've I've when someone writes me tweet. That says a Douche bag a hack and I don't WanNa talk about it I just click on their picture and then it should says Dolphin love her million pussy march on it and I go I. I have some perspective I if I click on it when they when they're hater Ho I then and see that it. Somebody who was a well thought fought of intellectual. I'll take it to heart right right absolutely so okay so looks like. He's a poster child for Republican correct. And I believe he's running for Congress Now to her credit. You ever watch Claire mccaskill. Yes Okay Claire. mccaskill who lost in. She was a senator lost in Missouri. The commentator I don't even know what network I think it's MSNBC NBC. And I was watching her the other day there. She's okay she did. I think a pretty good analysis of exactly what I was thinking. And that's why things are GonNa Nelson. She said okay. Well first of all I don't know this guy but and I think she had done the same thing that you and I do. She kind of looked at twitter page. He he could. She said this could. Just be one of the crazies who wants a picture taken with the president. He's not running he's in the he's a hair on you know. I always worry sorry about that. You don't want to give the guy too much credibility because what if what if I don't know but when I went and looked took a look it had all the earmarks six of crazy and untrue. I what's his yeah. So what's his assertion his assertion actually now coming around to at first it was that he was texting and I think Gary was at that they were text with left par correct act. Okay so love. Partners is the client of Rudy Giuliani who was indicted in the southern district. Who's now apparently cooperating? With the house was US Komo operating with the House and there are texts between this guy hide and partners which seemed to suggest that they've got the ambassador under surveillance surveillance. There's love so who's WHO's has them under surveillance that that's that's the the issue because if if you turn on Cable News you'll never get to that point all you'll get is dreadful is reporting about. Oh my God what are we doing to protect attack the ambassadors. You know. They're under the under surveillance. SAY HOLD ON I. Can we just kind of check and do a little source analysis of where we're getting this information nation from and that's where I got the information from but this guy is in the the wheelhouse and world of left parties who also Levin. What's the other guy's name as eager? Something like cartoon characters the cartoon characters Mafia type Ukraine Russia or Furman. Yeah I the the cast of characters see I would think you as a comedian because I just it's hard for me to believe because having a history in representing what the government used to refer to was the Armenian organized crime people on Lob Lod had for years on the most. Your neighbors are both Glock. Glendale I used to be entertained by this. You know there is a type who due at the breakup of the Soviet Union who immigrated and who for lack of a better term. They almost fit the Boris and Natasha. Pasha Cartoon Character Runs Rocky Bowl. wiggles I guys are straight out of central Caswell that this is a very good question that you're are uniquely qualified to answer. I have said for a long time that we as human beings unfairly judged people bowl on an aesthetic so when you see the fat guy with the Triple Chin and you say nine year old who do you want flying your airplane that guy or the guy it looks like George Clooney they go the guy looks like he's got to be a much better pilot because he's too busy getting laid in high school and probably can't fly playing as good as the fat fat guy but we do that and I was thinking about it as it pertains on I brought it up on my show I brought up Richard Jewell jewell. You see Richard. You'll go look at it you know. He's up to some tax guy sexual fasting for the Olympic Park bomber by the away last week. Somebody tweeted once again that me well. Now you've perpetuate it Richard Jewel to me. I use for shorthand for falsely accused by the government right Richard Jewell represents and by the way I was well aware of every time Adam mentions Duke Lacrosse. I automatically and have for years thought Richard Joe. That's where I first came into contact with Lynnwood and and new Lynn before Gary Condit or anything else so and you may want to pick up a pencil. Don't get ready to break it but Michael F Nadi benefited as that guy. Sharp guy looks like he knows with look he knows what he's doing that guy knows what he's doing eh. That guy look at him and you know he's up to something then you look at that kind of what he's doing now. Neither one of them know that jewel didn't do anything. Hang on. Ati doesn't know what he's still but we just decide based on an aesthetic and there when you say he was too busy gate late nights will there is something. I you've probably used a variation on this. I don't know that we've ever talked about it. I always say you can kind of determine because for for prosecutors I always say prosecutors. There is a there is a strain of people who become prosecutors. who were not the guys who were getting late night? School right and there is a element of kind of wreaking vengeance on the guys who are getting laid in high school. It's always you kind of I know it's very very facile my prosecutorial buddies You know okay accept it but there there you can you. Can you tend to look at a lot of life through high school. Look at every agent at William Morris Endeavor every agent of ever dealt with pretty much much in. This town is a guy who didn't get laid in high school and now he's got an axe to grind like every twenty four year old blonde. That comes into the office. They're now they're all there for the hacking they're overcompensating. Of course look anyone look. I grew up poor four. I grew up in a disorganized household. I grew up in chaos and clutter. I now. Don't like you know Mike organized closet get the stuff why we need to stuff where it goes. It's an in overcompensation for that. I have I have two hundred million tools because I had no tools growing up. It's Shit Shit at our age that you had no tools growing up because the the red toolbox the craftsman. Yeah that was like in high school. I starting junior equitas that it was not only ubiquitous you. If you didn't get that for Christmas you were a loser. I mean if you didn't have I was a loser but they're you know what I mean. It was a it was a big deal. In fact I always felt like the loser out out of the three boys in the family because Mike and Matt got the these wonderful abner box. Yeah my brothers. I didn't get it and I said how come they get it. I don't mind it goes you're it's just not you know it's weird later on. I bought one for myself but I used it in my bedroom as a chet like a chest of drawers drawers. I can see that because it's very it's very nice. 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No credit card required goto fresh books dot com slash doubt. Enter reasonable doubt. Do that right now in the how did you hear about US section fresh books so hello now back to this so now. They're speaking of the house managers. Adam Schiff is you know always declare my My biased biased towards Adam. Except my consternation when when and if drew runs against him I may have to kind of navigate. Says he's not running. Yeah well I said last week. There's no way Susan is going to let drew no way. Can I ask a broad question. Yes is there any so the Democrats are we got this evidence. We got that evidence. And we'RE GONNA HAVE WE'RE GONNA look at this document and we're GonNa talk to that person. Is there any amount of damning evidence that could ever get a percentage of Republicans to just swing-over in this. This is what I think if you were to do. I- hypothetical situation and the way that Mitch McConnell and by the way in the before I was very complimentary I thought Pelosi was be you know had strategically kind of game the Senate but obviously the Senate reacted in their pivot. I think is Taken back the narrative that you know if it was so urgent why didn't you send this thing over. And the is we've done before I always I always compare this to a criminal proceeding where there's a pop probable cause proceeding whether it's a preliminary hearing grand jury indictment and now it's time to go to the the court the trial court so to speak. Which is the Senate in this case? And the what the Senate has said is Mitch. McConnell has done a very kind of savvy thing he said I'm going to institute institute the same rules we had twenty years ago that were adopted unanimously by the Senate and the clinic. Clinton which is we will hear the opening statements. The the the house managers are akin to the prosecution. Whoever trump's defenders are going to be whoever they ended up naming whether that's J. Sokolow and PAT chip Leoni? The White House counsel then will take a vote at that point as to whether we hear witnesses well if there are four Republicans that's basically what you need. Four Republicans to sign on for witnesses. And who would the witness be the. I think the one and that. If you're honest you would have to say you. Want to hear from his John Bolton because all of these at least two of the seventeen witnesses were dirt. He was a direct report report. And they have indicated that he said Indicia a were statements of. I don't WanNa be part of this drug deal. I don't know what Rudy's cooking up in this drug drug deals. Something like that having been in a similar situation I think you would want to hear from Bolton now. Is that going going to move the needle. I don't know until we see him what he's got to say. But it's obvious to me at least that either. He's got a book deal and so he wants to remain relevant and so therefore he's going to do something but for those who make our that bias argument the same time he said that real time. If you believe the the people who testified under oath that he identified it didn't want anything to do with it and got the heck out of dodge was either fired or quit bolted. I think would be the key witness long answer to that. But that's who might move the needle having said that there's the political calculation. What senator unless it's somebody who's either retiring or not up for re election for the next six years or four years is going to take on trump other than Mitt Romney who's in Utah and where Utah has got a peculiar uniquely a situation. I mean Mike Lee the other. US Senator Who's the one who came out of the briefing room and said it was the worst briefing. He'd ever seen by Pompeo when it had to do with Sola money in the killing. How long do you think this will go on for? I think they want to get this done before February fourth. I think it's the fourth which would be the state of the Union so that he can stand in the well of the house and shove it right back up the house and say I was acquitted. Do you guys were scammed this. It was all a hoax. I think that's what the Senate would like to do All right so let's shift gears. What are you working on? What can you talk about? I think we sort of teased. He's last week that there was some stuff that was brewing. That you couldn't really get to but you might be able to get to it This week I can't remember. It was a small at case. Yeah Yeah Well I. We had the The knowledge that there were search warrants executed excuted Unfortunately I got some. I got an email right before I came here. So I can't talk about the one thing I wanted to talk about but I will move for two One of the things that I think is interesting it. We've talked about before which is happening. We've talked a lot about general general. Flynn and we've talked about the fact that For those of you who are in the weeds. General Flynn for about a month. Was the national security advisor in the White House famously. your handsome A woman sally. Yates came ever worn them next thing you know the FBI was in their next thing. You know he's Terminated supposedly the public statement was for Lying the Mike Pence enters a plea league does cooperation at one. Point gets in front of Judge Sullivan. Who says you better cooperate some more because from what I've seen I think you've betrayed your country and I'm not about to go along along with a no time plea deal or no time recommendation from the US government? He then and he was his lawyers were from Covington and burling which which is a very well respected Big Firm in Washington. DC and we oppose them. We meaning Garretson arrogance when they represented the NFL fell and They have very fine lawyer on the opposite side On on that case and I was always impressed with them but Covington burling Roland was then substitute out by Sydney Powell. Sydney Powell for those of you who watch Fox News as a commentator who takes kind of anti a law enforcement stands. She's not afraid to challenge law enforcement which if you're in the trenches and criminal defense you have to be willing willing to do. She's taken a more combative role now and just filed this week a motion for him. Meaning Flynn Lynn. After he's cooperated to withdraw his plea says that the government by the governments change their position now wants him to do jail time and she's saying they breached the plea agreement and she's withdrawn the in the weeds. The grounds for that are that he tried to cooperate with the government government but when his business partner went on trial the government wanted. This is his position. Meeting Flynn's government wanted him to sing from a script upped. That was not true. He wouldn't do it. That guy was convicted but then the judge on the motion for new trial said there wasn't enough evidence. There kicked out the conviction. It's up on appeal appeal. I mean with lanre with anybody you could go. Flynn on one side. Hunter Biden on the other. It just feels like the second you start scratching and poking around you just find enough now. The question is what do you do with that enough. And that's where the system seems was unfair because some people everyone has something or so it seems it. It's sort of like I always say the chief. The EX chief judge judge Alex Kozinski famously said. There isn't any adult walking around. Who if the government wanted? They couldn't find three federal violations right right so now it's this were in a weird area. Where if the government wants to set its sights on you then they will find enough because we're all there's all enough I mean everyone? There's just enough if you have more than three and a half employees. If you're older than fifty years old I will your taxes taxes quarterly if you own more than one property. There's always going to be enough right. And that's one of the reasons. I love following to particular People on twitter one is bad legal. Takes the other is a federal crime day or crime the crime day and in fact the guy wrote a book Senate to me and I you know I live in that world and have lived in that world for almost forty years and their stuff in there I had never never even knew was a was a crime. Never I mean you just can't keep a handle on. They tell me what you think of this. There's a story. Gary confined it out of Canada. Canada recently Canada's. You know it's kind of weird because here we are the United States. Canada is way more progressive than we are a via long shot. And then Mexico's full anarchy so weird kind of position weird neighbors to be inbetween you know. Oh one of them's like crazy narco-state where like everyone is on everyone on the grass. My father used to say with. I'd say why can't we go to Mexico since they don't have rid of abused Corpus. Take the take the silver or take the lead. That's how it works over there and then there's Canada which is ruber woke. Judge just came down on I. It was a fifteen year old kid who was transitioning or whatever and the dad didn't want the kid to take the hormone shots and all the usual rigmarole and the judge said that if a a an officer I heard the father refer to The now her as a ham like me if he called them in Sun if somebody Overheard that he could be arrested. I think I saw the picture but I think what's his name. Our our guest. We had sat. Oh Yeah Got John. That's right yeah. This has been one of his. You know one of his caused braves and And I can see where I understand what the judge is saying. Judge thing if this is a protected class Low expert Canadian law. But I'll give it a through the prism America if this is a protected class and if you are denigrating grading that a wildly expensive view of either child abuse or something else would would that would fall under it. I don't know whether the judge as as you described it was being sarcastic was pushing back or was trying to you know a lot of times judges will say. Is this what you're telling me I was as you know. We had a case last week in Utah where the judge repeatedly asked the government that the government was owning some ridiculous positions and that is a a kind of a technique that a lot of judges do so I would wanna know going back to one of your little views of statutory construction. When you you hear a story? That sounds absurd. You always WANNA do dig a little deeper because it there generally is a explanation for Gary Can Yeah I've got I've got it here. It's a time in February twenty nineteen. It's a fourteen year old named maxine at that time and the decision was handed down by the British Columbia Supreme Court saying that the father do not have the right to stop this and that if he was to address her with female pronouns or birth name he would be considered a family violence. He gave an interview that night to a website the federalist which might also be a publication and they did in fact find him guilty the of family violence at the time. And you're right that going further. The judge issued an order authorizing Clark's arrest without warrant any police officer who might catch him referring to his daughter as a girl roll or with female pronouns. All right reminds me of the judge breaks some point at some point everyone. Not Everything is progress. I was going to say I post traumatic because remember that case I tried a couple of years ago. Or Gloria allred represented the the complaining witness. Who would would just knife one of my guys and I kept referring to the front of the shakey's on Santa Monica exactly? The judge kept ordering metoo to call the the the Male a female. Even though when the doctor got up to testified the injuries the doctor said it was a male Genitalia Blah Blah Blah and referred referred to it as a he said how come you're not lambasting the doctor but the royals gotta play along it. It's it's it's scary uncharted. We're in an uncharted world. Where the government is going to arrest the dad for calling his son a he? I am not a she that is beyond Orwellian. That would be. You would have a difficult time explaining that to people not not a hundred years ago and not fifty years ago. Thirteen years ago or nine years ago like literally the last time the rams won the Super Super Bowl. If you went back just to two thousand you'd have a very difficult time explaining what that was you can say well doesn't this person deserves that that doesn't this person deserves that yes they do. But you're talking about arresting apparent for how they address their son or daughter. I wonder if I could. You know my father's passed on but I always tell the joke that for the first thirteen years of my life. I thought my first name was dumb in my middle name was shit when he was at the. I wonder if if that is a If that's something that we could criminalize retroactively all right. Let me hit Put your box high quality audie meet sent right to your home. No antibiotics no hormones. Each box comes with between nine and eleven pounds of meat enough for twenty four individual. Oh meals plus wild sustainable harvested salmon source from fishermen in Bristol Bay Alaska as a butcher box here and do did did the the the team scarf it. It's always it's every man for himself. 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Visa about five million right so now. There's somebody pose. That's the question I thought this was interesting and a very well. thought-out question how come it wouldn't mean a hundred or one hundred and fifty thousand Rosen dollars. Why wasn't that the number okay? So they filed for two hundred and eighty million dollars which is meaningless. Unless because you can ask for anything in fact let me. Let me drill down a second. I hate when people say drill down. Lynnwood why would I use it to Lynnwood is no hack. Mark is almost never hack almost over. I want to leave a window exactly. Just crackdown not why. But here's here's the thing. Would you ask for an absurd amount or do you think it's better more accurate or clear. It gives more merit to the case to try to get to a reasonable amount. Ya I th th. This is a discussion. We actually have in the office. All the time ban Ban Boring Cup is a great proponent of asking for a number he likes asking for big number he likes asking for a big number doesn't wanNA tastes taste unless it's a big number in and has an does calculations he normally will go through. I'll say you'll have you come up with that. Neil Komo I admit Mitt and very old school when it comes to that because you normally do not have to do. It's according to proof and I don't necessarily want to say I like to keep my cards the close by the vest. There's there's two there's two ways you can approach is one. Is You you kind of you smell a number career like on. I go to a car auction. I look at a car. That's eight hundred grand like Kinda start smelling and you usually right. Because that's what experience experience dictates. So you get some case like your Lynnwood. You're going to sue CNN and you start thinking about how old's the guy. What kind of damages are we talking? About how good a student is what are the long term implications of this and bub-bubba. Now you can do that with the poor guy. WHO's the maintenance man at ARCO building who gets shot by the POPO on his long because he left his keys and trying to go in the window and you go three hundred and eighty thousand bucks? That was that guy's whatever that's a fair price for what what just transpired here. You obviously can do that to some degree with your sixteen or now seventeen year growth client or whatever it is so when you get to two eighty. That's not a number you would arrive at if you were just kind of going on. What's his earning potential show houses negatively affecting him? What kind of what can you put on? What's a punitive thing? What's a pain and suffering? You know you went arrive at two eighty you would arrive at probably a lesser number and in my opinion is the lesser number gives you a little more validity credibility that yeah one of the reasons ability and one of the reasons that I hesitate to demand a number in most cases and most filings. I think if I were to take a percentage of the cases that we filed civil cases. Obviously you don't ask for this a criminal context but in a civil case I would say it's a small percentage where you actually ask. I would say it's a case where there we know that it's people are going to ask that question. How much what is this case? What as a worth and they're also is the contemplation of what is if it's a corporation? They generally have a stack way tower of insurance insurance whether the insurance companies going to reserve and how high up the stack are the insurance companies. Going to get involved if you're asking for Camilion Bucks and this corporations got a five million dollar policy then they're not going to need the The coverage of the reinsurance so the question. Then Dan is. How do you know one hundred and fifty grand? Your guesstimate was five million explaining this to a legal financing buddy of mine who does litigation funding which is a huge area of the law now litigation funding are a lot of the hedge funds have started up financing where they'll go to lawyers. They'll tell the lawyers look you're going up against some very wealthy corporation. You generally doing this on a contingency the F.. You WanNa go toe to toe. You're going to need some kind of funding and I was telling the litigation there. I I usually can tell you. Within a fairly retitled ban what cases worth given who the lawyers are on the other side represent the corporation given what the corporation is like ed given what the claim is worth we oh How much is this worth you? Can you can do that math. That's why when somebody is asking why is CNN and Saint Man why would you say five million. That just seems to me given what I think probably occurred which was there was some kind of smoking. Gun Gun document given the fact that they lend was willing to focus kind of the rest of his career on it. I don't think he would have walked away at one. I'm fifty I don't think Sam man would've taken one a one fifty. I think they wanted to set the The bar at a certain point so that other defendants would know. You're not going to get out of the season well when we used to Bad Contractors on the catch a contractor show I would do he was always the same aim stories like the guy came in. He said he could do the kitchen with stainless steel appliances and the Entry Hall Bathroom for Twenty One hundred dollars. Go Twenty Twenty one hundred dozen by you the fridge and the dishwasher. How's it going to do the counters two floors that they and so I would walk in and I didn't know all the surfaces and all the materials cereals and whether you were going with the Corey on the grand or whatever? I'm just kind of sniff. You know like you know the kitchens between thirty five and forty forty two and the entry had there. That's a six to eight or you know this against my. It was my experience. So when when five million comes into Mark Geragos his head. It isn't because he has a war board with pieces. He's moving around and take measurements sir. Anything that smells like five million vast amount of experience and I will tell you one of the things I tell clients when they walk in. Dan Is. There's a different timeline. To of a case each case is like a movie so to speak or a a life if that unfolds with a client just walks in and something untoward has happened to them. I don't have enough to to make a prediction. I can't tell you what it's worth the right off the top of my head but once I see what judge we get we may get assigned to once I see who the lawyers are in the other side once I see what whether the clients clients actually recovered. This client is permanently impaired. Somehow you need all that stuff because otherwise you can't make an estimate and God knows the one Anthony Client will remember. They'll never remember anything else. You tell them any caveat anything but if you mentioned a number that number is going to be they'll tattoo that number on their forehead right. Yeah well you can and you can. And when you're in your position or an agent or whatever you have to manage expectations this asleep. Shout out Pie in the sky and then have them say later on. You promised me for four million dollars for this case though. I didn't promise you four million it in your with your wealth of experience it smells and based on insurance and things of that nature. Yeah about five smells. Sounds like a five million dollars settlement to me and I think the given where Lynn was coming off of the previous case he just tried everything else else does it just has kind of the all of the the pot roast drippings of five million bucks so he'll see see if he can get to thirty thirty five million bucks because I guess there's eight or ten other entities that there's a there's see there's a number of defendants who have exposure and the pendulum is swinging as you. We talked about last week. There is kind of a A movement I guess towards that especially when it comes to media outlets the media Lawyers politicians were the least well thought of and now. It's clearly the media that's as well speaking of that Any any hunter Biden updates. There was a love child. There was some declaration to see his financial records netscape. It's getting no traction whatsoever. In the context of the paternity case because the paternity cases are generally presumptively confidential and and so and the most judges the last thing they want is to turn something into a circus if they can help it and so that I think is not going to is not going to get as much traction as one would expect. It'll be interesting to see if it heats up you know. The Iowa caucuses are coming up in Although you know you watch watch any of the democratic. I was at the comedy store that night So I did not. I heard heard snippets and bits and pieces. It was not you know Biden. The previous debate had a thought for him. had a very good Debate his highlight actually of the debate bait. This week was when he was asked about. You know the Senate trial and the accusations against him and he had a forceful answer but he also idol. I don't think Came off. There's he's you know he's seventy seven and you can tell I mean he's fit. He's very thin but the brain operate as quick and there were times when you could see as it was a struggle are there. Is there any footage and him trying to put headphones on. I'm Gary Berry was very similar to me at the start of the show. The you know the yesterday Klobuchar who is a former prosecutor is very nimble on her feet and I thought was. I thought did well the I thought Elizabeth Warren are in. You know I watched this. I watched it with With a very conservative Republican watch the debate and I found myself Saying at a certain point. Okay that's just pandering for a couple of things that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren said but I thought club. Hr and Mayor Pete Were very were. Were persuasive on certain issues because they were more realistic. Tom Steyer as much money as he spent. And as much as I would like maybe you know agree with most of his policies and things. He's just can't can't seem to buy traction. You know the thing that's funny. I think it's maybe Bloomberg but it's or styro- Bergen as meatball. Did you see the Bloomberg people now. Oh I didn't see it but I did there. It's funny when you see the ad on the NFL weekend game and you realize they paid. Have you know arm and a leg for this. I think either I think it's Bloomberg and then at the end you hear the voices come over and they go. My name is Mike Bloomberg and and I approve this message. And it's like you can't even bring it for this video like come on man you gotta step it up a little bit like there is an element to this. It's not all policy policy. That's why look Ronald Reagan. Kind of redefined. The the office and a lot of ways and And Obama gave him credit for that and it was one of the reasons that Obama I think was the darling of the Democratic Party. Look good the Ah yes we talked about this. In the shows. Richard Jewel and Michael Avenue Obama was so likable so charismatic. What we you know we look for comfort vert in your own skin? That guy looked so comfortable in this own skin. I don't think many of his policies were great but he seemed so charisma and and that and that trump's pardon the panel almost everything else because people don't WanNa get into the weeds on the policies. I saw I woke up this morning. I just saw Elizabeth Warren Giver a Closing Statement About Ninety seconds about fighting for fixing everything time. I worry about the people that are just GonNa fix wchs everything for everyone joked now is. I've got a plan for that. I bought plan for that. She's always saying it's got to plant hall. Says she was trying to hit Bernie Yup well at the end I wanNA. I'll tease it right after the because I thought was a great moment. Maybe Gary confided but I ain't another new responser fire you heard of this. Mike was prevented from discussing marijuana legalization at his college. Naomi couldn't start an animal rights club. Kevin School wouldn't let him hand out the constitution. I would love to see the principal of the school that will let you hand out the constitution. Their free speech rights were violated related. But they all got help from fire. The foundation for Individual Rights in Education Nonpartisan nonprofit organization. That defends defends the rights of students and Faculty Kevin the student banned from handing out the constitution took his case to court in one. I would hope so. I would hope that if you go in front of a federal judge and say that. I'm trying to pass out the constitution in my schools preventing you. I would hope you'd win that learn about defending free speech on campus texts. Fire to fifty two dash eight eight six again texts fire to fifty two eight eight six or visit it. The fire dot org fire experienced nonpartisan defending your rights. I you know I won't tell the old Gary I'm GonNa Testudo. Did you hear who famously said. You can't the free speech beans. You can't yell fire in a crowded crowded theater. I don't know but I know that I know that line. I don't know why but fire should use Clarence Darrow. Thomas Paine did so wait wait. So what's the answer. I don't know maybe he you would know. Do you have any all of her. Wendell halls juniors opinion odd greenacres. The Oliver when I guess I would have said Louis Brandeis so I'm glad you looked at. He was Oliver Wendell. Douglas Yeah Ah I probably named after all window. So if you were in Elizabeth Warren where Bernie goes to shake her hand and and then Tom stiers between them and he looks like he couldn't be more uncomfortable. I mean there's a burn. Well no Tom looks like he. Can't Elizabeth and Bernie we are exchanging words and so millions of lip. Readers around the world have been trying to figure out what they said. Well she was kind of trying to meet them a little bit. Yes yes yeah. She said a woman couldn't win and he has a great response. Oh really wouldn't woman couldn't win it. twenty-six Hillary won three million more votes in the popular Buehler vote while sadly for Elizabeth Elizabeth reminds me of criminals that rob seven elevens and are unaware of surveillance wranglings cameras. You know what I mean. What Elizabeth does is she makes these comments and then somebody digs up on interview with Bernie Sanders from nineteen eighty eight? Where he goes a woman could win could be the president of the United States or she says I was fired by my principal because I was pregnant and then we dig up an interview? Her going I. I stayed home just posted on the handshake. She goes on the handshake. And she's going to settle his hash. But what Elizabeth doesn't understand stand is these things are these these things can be checked out. We can go back and look at these so if you explain that you were fired fired because you're pregnant and then you do an interview where he said I had to get a second credential. Also I had my kids so I just stayed home that that's going to surface. Yeah and it's it's and you know what he could have said And it would be true is Elizabeth. Warren can't win in the Midwestern Midwestern states that she will need to win the electoral college being asked. She's not going to get in in my humble opinion you're not gonNA see her Beat trump in Pennsylvania Ohio or or even uh-huh potentially even Wisconsin. I mean I don't even see how they're just not going to get traction. And by the way you know she had that great line about the only people on this stage who have never lost an election or the two women okay but then somebody said. I don't know who and it's true well. You beat a Republican Republican in Massachusetts. So I get that but you know. That's Europe's not exactly the heaviest of lifting. I'm starting to wonder if there's such thing on the democratic side of anybody running who has any paper trail rail of being alive before this election because we you know whatever you WanNa start bust in trump's chops on this says Bhai then we go well by voted for the invasion of or you're against gay marriage but we have you voted against gay marriage. We voted for funding funding of whatever. It is if you have a history that history will be used against you and so it's just a matter of the part of the EH The people call it a cult but part of the reason that trump trump is formidable as an opponent is that his people don't care I mean when he says says I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. They even argued that in the Second Circuit Court of Appeal. His lawyers did say though that very statement and They they don't care so if you show up evidence of him doing a video saying I'm Bama's going to attack Iran in order to get reelected that they don't care so I saw what doesn't matter which by the way leads us to maybe the last topic before we wrap? Because I wanted to get your take on this MHM So when Qassam Soleimani gets killed. Then there is a unifying reaction to that in Iran apparently which then evaporates almost as quickly when it comes out that Iran's military are the ones who shot down the airliner right with all the speaking of Canadians well sixty that seems to then and kind of undo the unintended consequence of unifying Iran and have the opposite effect? How do you how do you explain that? What is the Dynamic I? They they had a couple of Iranian. Newscasters quit saying look. I'm sorry I've lied to view for the last thirteen years on the air. Like it says to me that maybe they're willing to join us in the modern era like it's it's a little. There's little flashes of hope where they painted the Israeli flag in the American flag on the ground and people are sort of walking around it And the fact that they're holding their own government responsible for something that their government is clearly responsible for and in the past probably could have lied and gotten away with probably more difficult with today's world and twitter forms of communication. I think I I think you've gotta give some credit to social media. Remember when they're in two thousand sixteen when they were trying to depose Turkey aired on one of the first things thinks he did was shut down the government shutdown twitter and others and social media because that would tend to I think give too much community. Ready or Collective consciousness at a certain point. This is my wish you know. I'm an atheist and then people go. Oh well then what's to stop you from killing somebody and I go because it's wrong and they were. Yeah but without the Ten Commandments. I it because it's wrong and they go what's to stop op from stealing. Your you know your coveting your neighbour's oxen or something because it's wrong because it's wrong it's just wrong. And at a certain point nature has asked to kick in in in in transcends religion community ethnicity. It just certain things are wrong and certain things are right right and having a government that's not corrupt having a government that you know. Look I don't care what the tenants of your religion are. Women knock not being able to read drive cars or gays being thrown up. Billy it's wrong. It's just wrong because it's wrong and certain point that will win the day. At a certain point it is certain point they will join us in western Europe and Canada Hanukkah and other nations in the right department. And there's this sort of thing was like well you think you're better than there. No but we are more correct and then makes us better right. You don't cut people's hands off that are caught dealing from you know. Throw acid women who are caught reading or driving having already just. It's wrong and certain point that nations that are wrong because of technology and just because of sort of evolution because we used to be wrong to right. There's been we had sleigh horrible things to native Americans we used to be everyone was wrong and and then certain nations grew out of that. Just like you're an asshole when you're thirteen right because you're thirteen then you grow. You grow out out of it so when I see this kind of thing happening it makes me. It gives me a little hope that some of the wrong is moving toward the light because because your average nineteen year old wants to live in a society. That doesn't have all of this stuff and it is certain point when there's more Vam Damn and you know we talked about it or I talked about on an acs you know. A Republican dies every ten minutes and five five Democrats are born. There's a sloughing off. That happens one of the old guard old school. Hey I liked it. How it was in the sixties and the seventies guys is one of those guys dies every ten minutes and there's three newborns who wanna live in a world with an iphone fifteen and the Internet and women men are engaged in everybody living in harmony and unity? So I think we march toward that. Now these societies have been taken one step forward and two steps back and three step four and a half step sideways but at some point in here we are in two thousand twenty. They're just GONNA and a half to join US and Canada and Western Europe and many other parts of the world in Australia and everywhere else. That is doing it right. They're just it's gotTa have to join us. I I looked the I had this discussion because we were over at Huntington Hospital for a do whatever and I was talking to somebody who had been there since the since nineteen sixty four and he was commenting that in nineteen sixty four. That may have been the most wasp in institution ever in the guy that was There had watched from nineteen sixty four up through two thousand and four. It just changed dramatically. Go from nothing but all the white guys who kind of ran the place to a completely diverse place and we said at the end of it now as somebody who kind of lived through it all that was remarkably refreshing how it had changed and change for the better. So Oh that's your microcosm of the macrocosm is your lecture that you just gave. I do hope that the media again the fact that you can realize that your own government shutdown a civilian airplane and there was a hundred and eighty something souls that had passed because of it and that you can hold hold them. Accountable is a good thing. It's good impulse. And there's a technology in a weird way SORTA like blockbuster movie movie rentals they. Just it's not gonNa work in a day of digital downloading claiming government version of Netflix or the next streaming. Right all right all right. You can This Friday I'll be in Milwaukee PABST theater doing stand up and then Head into Chicago Park West the following following day. That'll be the twenty fifth. Still some tickets. They'll Milwaukee Chicago's probably sold out but you can give it a try AMC role dot com for all the live stuff and go to Chassis C.. Cha S S. Y.. For the twenty four hour war and the shelby American Daca now uppity which mark enjoy. I enjoy a lot and I'm playing. Get for somebody who I think is going to enjoy it even more. Oh really yeah. Well I know you're connected to that world so I know I was is literally having this conversation last night with the Matt the Andrea I said. You know Chris Morgan one of our neighbors who does all the fast and furious stuff. Hit Him in the rock are rents. I'm Chris Morgan. Get it to the Rock right eleven. And then I'll take my other neighbor guarantees. I'll tell them give ever sir ice cube or cap. Let's get it done. Let's get it done so Thank you in advance for that. But you guys can stream it at CHASSIS DOT COM. What do you got? I've got the V. Palm Springs. This weekend is the place to be Get down there palm springs and Casa Tropicana and Saint Clementi anyone Gary's favorite places on Earth Provo pizzeria both in Times Square Grand Central Terminal Engine Company twenty downtown. Lax and Tennessee's Mediterranean the terrain Ian. Top US downtown. La and you can check out PD stories from The creators of cold case files on any check that out on podcast one one until next time out of Crawford organizaion a holiday. Thanks for listening to reasonable doubt tune in next Saturday for an all a new episode. 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