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This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity. Some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like Xfinity X. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply from NPR and WBZ Chicago. This is wait wait. Don't tell me the NPR your news quiz back your bag. You're going on a Billie holiday. I'm Bill Curtis and here's our host at the Chase Bank auditorium in downtown Chicago. Peter set off. Thank you thank you everybody. We have a great show for you today. As per usual later on we're going to be talking to the Comedian Zach Galifianakis about his new movie between two ferns the movie this is a movie based on his hit. Internet talk show in which he invites on celebrities and takes great care to make his interviews hilariously awkward and uncomfortable joke is on him because we do it without even trying but we'll be nice to you. Give us a call. The numbers one triple eight wait. That's one eight hundred eight nine two four eight nine two four the let's welcome our first listener contest hi. You're wait wait. Don't tell me hi this is Rebecca Lewinsky. I'm calling from Woodland Park New Jersey Park New Jersey Yeah from Jersey. What do you do there. I own note where the Academy of Music with my husband teaching music to kids yeah yes. I have a rule and never make fun fun of people who do that because I believe that you were giving the magical powers oh no many magical powers so many magical powers convince them of that and then maybe they'll practice the correct well welcome to the show Rebecca. Let me introduce you to our panel this week. I it's a comedian and director who series misfits and monsters is available on Amazon Masan. It's great to have him back. Bobcat Goldthwait is here next feature writers style section of the Washington boasted man's Roxanne Roberts and finally into comedian. You can see it the Denver Improv October eleventh through the thirteenth the host of the new podcast fear not it's a Lonzo Boden Becker. Welcome to the show. We're glad to have you. You'RE GONNA play who's bill this time. Bill Curtis is going to perform few three quotations from the week's news if you can correctly identify explained just two of them you'll win in our prize any voice from our show. You might choose on your voicemail ready to go. Let's do it. Let's your first quote is a rhetorical question. Is Anybody dumb enough off to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader so who doesn't into believe that people are dumb enough to believe something that happens all the time. It could be president trump ferry so sometime this last summer the president made a promise to a foreign leader and somebody in the intelligence community was so upset they filed a whistleblower report by Law that report is supposed to be handed to Congress but the White House said so we don't know yet what the president actually said to whom he said it but whatever it is it must be worse than the stuff we already know go about and that can only mean he has sold the Earth to the aliens. Just leave me a golf course and some models. You could eat everybody else. Yeah you know what in his mind is a foreign leader he he truly may have been on the phone with mayor mccheese in trying to get a golf course opened up a McDonald exhausting it really is you know what else is exhausting and our hearts go out to this person. Whoever whoever it is the intelligence agents whose job it is is to listen to all of Donald Trump's phone calls. That's always the person I feel sorry. For any topic. There are experts and intelligent people around that have to listen to him. You know like with the hurricane there meteorologists did extreme right and they see him with a Crayon and you know all that's going on their head like I need this job. My kids are in school exactly all the people around him. It's a little bit like Frank. Sinatra had valet named Gillian Jili and once during Thanksgiving dinner. Don rickles told me this story Jillian Jili. They had it at his house and frank got in his car and hit the wrong pedal and drove into the living room right right in the car right. Jili only thing you could stay with us here. Is Your your next quote. I've always been more enthusiastic about costumes. Then is sometimes appropriate. That was a very prominent politician reacting acting to photos that surfaced this week of him in black face. Who Was it this time yes Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada. The people are done. How could such a good looking charming guy ended up being such a jerk. The only people who saw that coming was every woman who's Ever Live Time magazine found a picture of the Canadian Prime Minister UH wearing brown face as they call it up there complete with a turban for an Arabian nights themed party back in two thousand one and to those who don't know two thousand one took place after eighteen sixty five the prime minister had a press conference where he apologized so much even Canadians. Were like dude tone it down. This is a tough one. I'm not sure where to go with. No I actually actually met him. Digit about two years ago completely randomly. I was doing a show an Ottawa and someone who worked at a parliament invited you he bite it all three comics to parliament and the other two blew it off but I went because we weren't doing anything in after lunch. They were like do you. WanNa meet Justin Trudeau and I was like yeah yeah. I mean what am I going to get to meet a head of state. Who Knew I should've hit him. He's now decked him. Yeah I didn't know but this this is this and he said like he said now he knows. It's racist but back then yeah well. You know innocent time two thousand or do we do we do we chuck this went up to the high alcohol content of Canadian beer now so he may lose his job but his political career is not necessarily over he can always the prime minister of Alabama who would think the Republican Party would-be anxious to welcome a Canadian. I know that's an immigrant who understands us all right Rebecca. Your last quote is the New York Daily News describing a crime committed in England this week that shocked the the world. The bobby's are flushing out the chairs who nick the Lou. The British bulldogs flat so that was a story about the amazing brazen theft of what toilet yes a gold toilet. The solid colleague gold solid gold working toilet was installed in a palace in England as part of an art exhibit the title of this Artwork Mark Was America and you know we deserve that sometime last week. Somebody walked in unbolted it. It is as a working toward I was a working toilet unbolted it and walked out with it's a toilet made of gold in a palace and it had less security than the toilet hoisted starbucks. The primary suspect who they have caught is reportedly planning on going with the defense will it didn't flushing. Can I panicked. We've been there. They still haven't recovered the toilet but when they do the owner says he'll be quite relieved. Okay do that all right. I understand sending unbolting part but toilets are how you do it. You have a hand truck and a clipboard because the accident when you walk through somewhere like you're supposed to be there and you have a clipboard. Nobody asked questions like Oh. It's the a toilet moving guy yeah. He's here to move to different read like I gotta move it upstairs. Just walk right past anyway. The staff did make news around the world and and has already inspired what will be next great heist movie ocean's number two bell. How did Rebecca doing our quiz. Rebecca Nick the three in a row relations back thank you so much the product we want to remind everybody they can join us most weeks right here at the Chase Bank Auditorium in downtown Chicago Illinois for tickets and more information go to WBZ dot org where you can find a link at our website wait wait NPR dot Org Rhino Panel. It is time for you to answer some questions about this. Week's News Bob Cat police in Ohio pulled over a vehicle that was blasting acting music while the people inside were drinking beers. That is not that unusual. What's unusual is that the vehicle was a what it was there amish coach you're exactly right. It was an amish buggy yeah if this buggies Iraq and I think the bumper sticker usually says if this buggies Iraq and we're turning butter so so the police here there's something base and they found this amish buggy blasting tunes with a case of beer strapped to the top and young Amish men inside drinking other beers. The police pulled it over and the kids amish kids sought and ran off into the woods but of course the horses kept going leading to an exciting slow speed chase. When we talk about this we talk about this community and their devotion to their traditional ways but these kids clearly were not that devoted to this way of life? They were just amish. I I was impressed by their commitment to sort of tradition and and yet they were big speaker. These are like giant like they worked out this buggy so it was like an underground underground club right out. I thought it was adorable action and I think I think hip hop has now penetrated every market occur. I think once you get the amish jam you pretty much got it coming up. We're down to clown listener game all winter late. Wait wait to play. We'll be back in a minute with more weight from NPR support for wait. Wait don't tell me on the following message comes from from simplisafe home. Security simplisafe has a completely wireless home security system that can be self installed in under an hour simplisafe sensors are built to protect attack every point of access to your home and with their video verification technology simplisafe can visually confirm when a break-in is happening which can help police get on the scene up to three point five times faster. Get Free Shipping on your system and a sixty day money back guarantee at simplisafe dot com slash wait what happens when Ronald McDonald's walks into a poor immigrant neighborhood in the south of France and sets off a supersized revolution solution the story of how company slogan to sell shakes and Burgers became a rallying cry for workers in France. That's NPR's NPR's rough translation from NPR and WBZ. Would he be easy Chicago. This is wait wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis who are playing this week with Lonzo Boden Roxanne Robertson Bob Cat Ed Goldthwait and here again unsure hosted the tanks bay. I am in downtown Chicago. Peter Saigon very much right now. It is time for the wait. Wait don't tell me bluff the listener game. Call one triple eight. Wait wait to play our game on the air. Hi You are on wait. Wait don't tell me I'm fine Chandana. You say John Danny Yeah. Where are you calling from Johnny. I'm calling from the pecking Gutowski. I'm trying to tell you're calling from the pecking duck house in Chinatown. That's wait a minute. How did you just drunk always way exactly right now. You're at your twenty third birthday party yeah so you're you're twenty third birthday party or your friends like watching you right now on the phone with okay. We're big hello to all your friends. everybody wait wait all right well John Donnie. Here's what we're GONNA do. You'RE GONNA play a game which you must read to tell truth from fiction bill bill. What is Chinese topic swim than the clown. Everybody loves a clown from Penny wise to John Guilty. This week quickly read about a clown showing up an unusual place for an unusual purpose. Our panelists are going to tell you about it. Pick one is telling the truth in to win our prize waiter waiter of your choice on your voicemail ready to play first. Let's hear from Bob. Cat Goldthwait Peggy Russell of Leeds England thought surprising her daughter-in-law Kelly l. e. with a clown at Kelly's nursery. Theme baby shower was a fun idea. It was not well. Peggy did not know that Kelly who was seven and a half the months pregnant at the time suffers from claustrophobia the persistent irrational fear of clowns so when Pootie the clown entered the party on his unicycle recycle blowing his bicycle Horn Kelly screamed broken in tears and tossed the box diapers at the unsuspecting poodles head knocking him off of his unicycle then Kelly picked up a recently gifted in that stroller to beat Pootie with and lifting said stroller up causing a breaker water into going Labor while the panic shower guests looked on podium whose real name is Aaron Fisher and whose job is being. EMT had Leeds Fire Department knew exactly what to do sprung into action pootie reassured Kelly that he was just a man in a clown suit. Not a murderer satanic demon calmed down and delivered. Kelly's healthy seven pound baby boy. Now pootie is being herald a hero Peggy who booked pootie for the shower. Said said it's funny how things work out. It's actually cheaper to book a clown in the call. An ambulance Pootie said the whole time I was delivering the baby I kept imagining how funny would be a whole bunch of babies kept coming out of the cloud baby. Having a woman who is scared of clowns next story of a clown in a new part of town comes from Roxanne Roberts sex is no laughing matter but it should be say maxine. Thomas Flint the Scottish husband and wife marriage counselors who specialize in sexual incompatibility issues told told BBC radio this week that their most popular program is called clowning around in bed inspired by a performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Enj- Festival in two thousand and eleven the Flint's began incorporating clowns and their paraphernalia into treatment sessions quote the biggest obstacle ashamed embarrassment explain maxine this. Let's patients see how silly sex can be the doctor started by putting patients and oversized costumes costumes to take the focus off their bodies to talk about erectile dysfunction they use under inflated balloons the final assignment couples must attempt to have sex in the backseat of a tiny clown car in sex therapy and Scotland and your last story of a clown found outside the big top comes from Alonzo Bodden. Getting fired can be tough but at least least the country of New Zealand has a heart when called to what they call a redundancy meeting employees are allowed by law to bring someone with them for emotional support. Most people bring a friend or a spouse advertising exact Josh Thompson brought a clown and emotional support clown they got an email requesting a meeting with management which told him of his legal right to bring support person Josh fearing the worst but hoping for the best said quote I I thought either way it's best to bring in a professional so I pay two hundred dollars. Higher clown sure enough. He was fired but the clown did his job while Josh signed the papers giving him severance. The clown mimed crying big clown tears. Josh did say quote it was rather noisy him making balloon animals so we had to tell him to be quiet from time to time happily a picture taken the redundancy meeting with Josh Dress for business and the clown dress for clowning went viral so everybody came out well. Josh got another job in advertising and presumably the clown. We'll be getting lots. More bookings sure a firing isn't as much fun as a kid's birthday party said the clown but with it chapter two in theaters now a clown can't be too choosy about work all right crown showed up and personnel and spirit in an unusual place and we found out about it this week was it from Bobcat Goldthwait Pootie. The clown sent to a baby shower scares the woman so much the induces labor and then he helps the delivery delivery from Roxanne clowns being used in sex therapy in Scotland just to take the tension out of the equation or from Alonzo an emotional support clown alone accompanied the guy in New Zealand as he was getting fired which of these is the real story of an unexpected clown in the news and as a millennial. I gotta say the emotional support you gotta go to the Gym Donnie so your choice is Alonzo story of the emotional support clown at the firing well. We spoke to a reporter who covered the real story. A man in New Zealand was called into a work meeting and feared he laid off that he hired him. That's what happened that was on McGrady. A staff writer on the foreign desk at the Washington Post Democracy dies in darkness about the emotional support clown in New Zealand Alonzo is telling the truth he gets the point but more importantly oh you got it right you win a prize. Call it a birthday present if you will the voice and now the game where we ask people who have risen to the highest levels levels to come down back to ours. It's called not my job so Zach. Galifianakis is a comedian and movie star but he may be most well known for his Internet series between to ferns in it he interviews real celebrities and says really mean things to them and somehow the celebrities do not then arrange to have him killed between two ferns is now a movie. It's premiering on Netflix. Zach Galifianakis joins us now. Welcome to wait wait. Don't tell me it's a pleasure to have you. The I watched the movie which is hilarious and has a bunch of between two ferns interviews and celebrities actually want to be on your show right. They Wanna come and do this. I don't know I don't really know why they would want to do it but it's not a prank frank show. I'm not trying to prank anyone and if I understand correctly you tell the celebrities. Their job is basically to sit there and just well. I tell they don't have to be funny. They just have to sit there and be weirded out and we will give them insult adults to give back to me but sometimes the moment we just get talking and the insults Kinda fly naturally I've ah cut an interview short the person. I don't want to reveal the way that the person was acting so well. I thought they were gonNA choke me out parking lot so somebody was acting so so upset at your character that you honestly thought that this was going that badly and I kind ended up said we're done to the director and he said we don't have anything and I said well. I want my life you can you can say Florence Henderson it turned out that person just was that great of an actor. I was just fooled by them so but I don't try. I'm not trying to hurt anybody's feeling I just. I'm trying to cause weirdness yeah but it it is amazing for example. You did one with President Obama though yeah I forgot about that. Oh Yeah your mind and and and so you're you're going to go to the White House is rolling out the Obamacare obamacare thing and they were trying to get it around to the youth might watch and so when you got a chance go do this bit with President Obama. What did you say to yourself. I just couldn't believe we you know even when we got to the White House I was. I just thought they were going to that. It was never going to happen and I was nervous and actually I sat on some historic furniture that broke off at the White White House twice really different times the rope tie between you know the yeah it was next to the war room and it was the war or the map room and I didn't know that there was a ropes velvet rope situation and I had sat down on one of the seats and then a security guard blue is whistle at my ear and then I I was so nervous I did it again Zach. This is Roxanne Roberts it. Did the president have any sense of or do any of the celebrities you interview any sense. When you start what you're GONNA ask or. Is it all news to them as you ask. I I don't give them the questions ahead of time with President Obama though because of limited time that one was more more scripted than the others but he kind of ran with it and a lot of that is Improv really so India interviewed President Obama you sit with the then president of the United States and you say if I remember correctly. How does it feel to be the last black president and you said that to him and I legitimately thought he was about to kill you where he doesn't have to kill me. Has People around him. That was one of the questions where I asked his speechwriter. Have I pointed to that question Russian before we taped it and I said has he seen that question and the speechwriter looked at me and said Yeah Yeah I think so and just walked off like of course he had seen it so when you were sitting there with the president and you didn't know that he knew you were about to ask that and you did it anyway. I'm playing an idiot so when you're playing an idiot you kind of get away with things too because part of the comedy for for this thing is how not to be as a human being right. Yes so I don't know he just took it in stride and his response I think was made up what what was do you remember his response He just told he i. I can't remember exactly what it says which is weird because I watch it sixteen times a day yeah I I I have to say and I've seen baskets which is great as well. You often play people who are terrible people they're just they're not self aware not nearly as talented as they think they are. they're mean to people that's correct. So when will you be running for president. Yeah Zach Galifianakis. We have asked you here to play the game. We're calling between two dern. 's We've been talking about between two ferns but what do you know about the dern specifically Bruce and and Laura dern the father daughter team of actors through two to three questions about the dunes and you'll win prize one of our listeners the voice of anyone they might choose from our show. Oh Bill Zach Galifianakis playing for Johnny Maze of Austin Texas this month winner of our Smart Speaker Quiz just ask your Alexa exa or Google home enabled device to open the wait. Wait quiz and be like Johnny. I feel vaguely. Egli cheap bill meanwhile back to US AC. Are you ready to play this game. The first question Kevin Bruce dern got his start by getting rave reviews in a Broadway play in nineteen fifty eight. What was unusual about his role. Was it a he remained entirely early still an entirely silent for the entire play be he spent only fifty two seconds on stage or see played the rear end of a horse. It is see it to see. He played the rear end. Yes yes it was actually be. That's what it meant and I understand the theater critic Walter Care wrote of the play which he did not like quote the plays saving grace is a fifty two second performance by heretofore for unknown actor named Bruce Stern started them off. You still tumor chances. There's no problem bruce. dern later was harshly criticized for another role. Even received death threats for doing it. Why a he played the title role in Misunderstood Mussolini the he shot John Wayne in the back or see he shaw Raquel Welsh in the front. Oh boy it's just it's just for me again. This be you're right. It is being looting wow John Wayne in the back entirely nobody had ever done this to John. Wayne and his entire movie villain had ever successfully killed on Wayne for in the end of the movie and John Wayne Onset said to brewster and you know people are going to hate you for this and brewster and said to him yeah but they're gonNA love me in Berkeley line fine all right so that we've been talking about brewster in the father. Let's talk about Laura dern once while working on a David Lynch movie Laura Dern told a producer. You're in a David Lynch movie. Dude you gotta sit back and enjoy the ride. What was she referring to a David Lynch and just announced for the rest of the filming. The catering would just be ice cubes news in the shape of demons be David Lynch just told the producer from now on Laura dern. There is a kitty cat and you are Laura dern David Lynch had told the producer he needed quote a one legged woman a monkey and a lumberjack by three fifteen pm. What are people saying in the audience. You got a bunch of David Lynch fans see right and they're all saying see yes yeah you're right it was seeing the and in fact the producer. Gotham but not until four PM bill how did Zach Galifianakis acas doing our quiz very well congratulations. You got two out of three congratulations. Zach Galifianakis is a comedian. He is the star of between two ferns the movie it is streaming now on Netflix. Thank you so much that our in just a minute bill opens with this Sicilian defence gambit in the listener limerick challenge call one triple eight week wait to join us on the air we'll be back in a minute with more of Tommy from support for NPR and this podcast and the following message comes from choice allergy an original podcast from Charles Schwab choice policy is about the forces that affect our decisions from the day to day to the life changing. It's hosted by decision scientists Katie Milkman who talks with Nobel no bill laureates elite athletes astronauts more about why we make irrational choices and how we can make better ones download the latest episode and subscribe at Schwab Dot com slash podcast or wherever you listen Malcolm glad well as one of the most well known thinkers in the world but he says a lot of his fans don't know that he's black white people don't know black people always how do you feel about that as a rare glad well on race pop culture and a whole lot more next time on it's been a minute from NPR from NPR WBZ Chicago. This is wait. Wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis. We are playing this week with the Lonzo Boden Bobcat Goldthwait and Roxanne Roberts and here again is your host that the Chase Bank Auditorium in downtown Chicago Peter say Gulf. Thank you bell doesn't it. The bill serenade us with the selection from ign. Raymond knocked limericks. If you'd like to play give us a call at one triple eight. Wait wait. That's one eight hundred eight nine two four eight nine two four right no panel some some more questions for you from the week's. News Roxanne just in time for Halloween this year you can dress as a sexy whom I pretty sure this is the sexy. Mr Roger is tragically. It's wrong. It's so wrong. These are the same people on many levels and people who brought the sexy corn unsexy handmaid's tale outfits last year this year this costume sexy. Mister Rogers called the be my neighbor costume kit copyright reasons it comes with gray hot pants without a revealing Cardigan it a little collar and tie. I just the thing for guaranteeing every kid who sees you as a lifetime of therapy costume for men or women costume as depicted picked. It is shown on a female okay. How's that go yeah. Take your shoes off right. Yeah put out another. Ah put on another pair of shoes. Okay feed. The fish feed the fish all right. Let's go to land of make believe land of make believe it or you know the guy who asks his wife or girlfriend to get to wear that she's got to be like I how sick are yeah like what brought this on yeah okay. I did the schoolgirl but Mr Rod the Roxanne this week in California man was arrested for calling in bomb threats to the La County Fair after being interrogated. He revealed his motive load. Of why did he do it. I'm going to need a hint well. He lives in their basement but he didn't. WanNa have to spend all day with them. Okay so he lives in his parent's basement and and they wanted to go to the fair and they wanted him to go with him and the only way that he could figure that he could get out of it is by calling in a bomb threat you piece it together together the twenty-something man he's in his twenties had reluctantly agreed to a day with his folks at the La County Fair which by the way if you've never been it's just like a normal county fair except the only animals being judged. Shar Pei's so that that's not not true at all at night. It gets a little messy sketch. I think the reason he's still living in his parent's basement is that he has has minimal problem. Solving skills problem doesn't seem to be good at confrontation yes they. They say hey we're going to the fair he'd go. I don't feel like it. He just played along until he's like. I got a call on a bomb yeah. I I can't have another seriously. You would actually get two choices like fake my own death four you arrive at call in a bomb. How about just is plano diarrhea. Yeah classic always solid no well. Oh Right Alonzo. A new discovery shows that rats just like us like to do what wow that's all. You're going to give you on that one dollars tro create. We knew that governed. I love New York all right. I'm GonNa need hint yeah well. The even count to ten whether is closed. Oh play hide and seek. That's exactly exactly right. Researchers have successfully taught rats how to play hide and seek and the rats love it. It's in the study. The rats played the game of humans either hid and waited to be found or they let the human hide and then they'd go find the human so just remember the next time you walk through Gross Alley really just y'all ready or not here common rats by the way this. I love this detail that you normally. We assume that you train rats with food dude. This album is a little piece of cheese or whatever no they rewarded the rats for learning the game through tickles rats like tickled. I think you are low man on the lab totem pole when you're the rat tick ler yeah. That's your gig listen if the rats yeah if the rat gets found step up. It's your time one of the least popular opulent Marvel Characters Eh. It's coming up. It's lightning fill in the blank but I it's the game where you have to listen to the rhyme. If you'd like to play on Air Call to leave a message at one triple eight wait wait. That's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four or click the contact us link on our website. That's wait wait dot. NPR NPR dot org there you can find out about attending weekly live shows here at the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago and her upcoming one thousand show in Salt Lake City in October twenty in one thousand want even more weight during your week. Check out our quiz and you're smart. Speaker Creek goes up every Wednesday. It's filling me asking you questions and we hear your responses. Just say opened the wait. Wait quiz do well enough. You could win a prize hi. You're on wait wait. Don't tell me hello this is Donald Susan in Lakeville Connecticut where is Lakeville Connecticut Donald Protecting the northwest corner and stayed right near New York. I work in Massachusetts. Oh I see this New York state. You mean that's where a lot of rich people live when when they're around weekenders. Yeah Oh yeah a lot of people with their. We're not among Do you like to break into their houses and mess with their stuff. No haven't tried that yet. Yeah thanks for all right. Give it a try. Welcome to this show Donald. Oh Bill Curtis is gonNA. Redo three news related limericks with the last word or phrase missing for me if you can fill in that last word or phrase correctly in to the lyrics you'll be a winner ready to fly ready all right. Here's is your first limerick. I am moving my night with finesse with my gambit play. I'm in deep stress. All those palms are a threat threat. Now I'm dripping with swept. I get fit while I sit playing exactly right. A Stanford Research that chess players can burn six thousand calories a day while playing in a tournament. It is finally explains why most of the top chess players are so incredibly fit. We assume that's true. We have no idea what the top players look like. They say that the stress a high stakes chess match elevates your breathing and heart rate to a marathon runner experiences without all that difficult moving. Could this come. I'm from with all due respect to nerds nerds at play chess. The didn't WanNa play sports that were like yeah. I burn the same calorie you saying you say. I'm just making this up to tell their parents yeah. Yeah I believe it. I'm not going to gym class. I'm GonNa Chess Club. Yeah better for me all right here. Is Your next limerick. As we buzz about times we have had all this bs think of good things and bad we pollinate memories funnily me and tenderly bees can be happy or served. Yes very good this week. We learned bees have memories yes and they can tell the difference between a happy positive memory and he sad negative one. Happy Memories are like finding a can of coke a picnic table and sad memories are like finding finding your friends floating in it so we all knew that we're smart. They can do these dances. They can find flowers. They can tell their friends inside of find it but it doesn't explain if they have memories. They keep stinging people if they know that if they do that they'll die. They have to remember the times. Their friends did that and they died right but maybe the news is that bees have memories but they're also really dumb or maybe they're just like hey if you sting him you're going to die. He's like I don't care. I hate that back. I'm GonNa go out doing what I love all right. Here's your last lyric. My tortilla got hard as a rock. Oh Oh now the libraries in for a shock. Oh this half moon shaped stain isn't hard to explain because the bookmark guy used I used was a Morocco for my my wife is a librarian in Indiana discovered a Taco smashed between the pages of a recently returned book. It was either a sloppy bookmark or or another attempt by Taco bell to find a new way to sandwich cheese and meat slurry inside something crunchy picture of the improvised bookmark went viral with people calling it a waste of both good book and a good taco other brands ruined books by dropping their food products on them. Meanwhile Taco Bell got itself a new slogan Donatus da La Bibliotheque Bill. How did Donald doing our quiz. I don't get credit for three in a row but his wife is in there too. You both win your both living way dollar. Thank you bye-bye support for wait. Wait don't tell me in the following message comes from rocket mortgage mortgage by quicken loans. Imagine how it feels to have an award winning team of mortgage experts make the home buying process smoother for you with the history of industry leading online line lending technology rocket mortgage is changing the game visit rocket mortgage dot com slash weight equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states. MNLF's consumer access dot org number thirty thirty rocket mortgage by quicken loans push button get mortgage support also comes from capital one with a capital one venture card you earn unlimited double miles in every purchase everyday and you can use those miles toward travel expenses like flights hotels rental cars and more just book and pay for your travel using your venture card and redeem your miles toward the cost capital one what's in your Wallet Credit Approval Required Capital One bank thank. USA and now onto our final game lightning fill in the blank. Each of our players will have sixty seconds in which to answer as many fill in the blank questions as they can each greg cancer now with two points bill. Can you give us the scores Bob. Cannon Roxanne each have to Alonzo has three okay we flipped a coin and Bob. Cat has elected to go first who you'd go the clock. We'll start when they begin your first question fill in the blank after a drone attack on Saudi oil facilities the White House announced a new round of sanctions on blank Iran right this week president president trump named hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien his new blank defense. No it's national security adviser on Thursday. Colt announced they would suspend production of the blank. Assault rifle are are fifteen. Yeah we are fifteen exactly right while discussing the pigeon poop problem here in the city of Chicago local lawmaker blanked pooped was pooped upon by a pigeon on Wednesday tropical storm blank caused dangerous flooding in Texas Imelda your clothes drug smugglers on the run from authorities on a small island Australia were arrested when their escape plan was foiled by blank sharks no giant zeal sleeping on top of their drug stash drug runners pay no attention to the giants seal when they hit two thousand pounds of cocaine under a pile of seaweed but when they went back to retrieve tree the drugs to seal was sleeping on top of it and wouldn't let them mere it instead. It wanted to stay up all night and go clubbing. That's not really cool. No own still clubs. That's the last word you bring up around a giant seal exact out of his mind anyway bill. How did Bob Cat doing our quiz to write four more points total of six. Bob Cats all right that means you're up next fill in the blank former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski testified on Tuesday during the House Judiciary Committee's first blank hearing. Oh impeach right on Monday the Working Families Party announced they were backing blank for the Twenty Twenty Democratic Nomination Elizabeth Warren exactly right this week the White House said they would revoke blanks authority to set its own emission standards California on Wednesday teen activist members of Congress to take immediate action on blank climate change right well direct contact press secretary Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard blanked she forgot the name of press secretary exactly right and none of our other staff could remember it either days after reaching a tentative settlement for fueling the OPIOID crisis blank filed for bankruptcy Purdue Pharma right on Tuesday. NBC Universal announced the details of their new blank service. Oh they're streaming service called Peacock a California woman who dreamt that she swallowed her engagement ring woke up and discovered. The blanked swallowed her engagement back. She'd had she was dreaming. She says she was on a train being chased by bad guys since he swallowed her ring to keep them from getting it. When she woke up she discovered that the phrase it's a dream. Come true is sometimes not a good thing all right bill. How did Roxanne it's rare ed but Roxanne got them all right Congratulate Sixteen points total of eighteen. She is way out infra. Uh All right here we go. How many of Lonzo need to win eight here. We go fill in the blank on Sunday. President trump dismissed democratic calls to impeach blank cabinet right according to a report from the National Park Service construction on president trump's blank could damage or destroy two dozen archaeological sites library. No not there yet Alonzo. We're talking about the border wall hoping to avoid a recession the Federal Reserve voted to cut blanks on Wednesday interest rate right during a live report on a deadly adly police chase an anchor for la in California said she reached out to blank but he was unavailable for comment guy being chased. I'M GONNA give it to you. She said quote we tried to reach out to the man. Dan who died in the pursuit but he was unavailable for comment on Monday. The united auto workers went on strike against blank general mode right. That's known as the frontman for the cars ars producer and musician blank passed away at Seventy Five Rick O. Case it right a former aid for New York state senator filed a complaint this week saying the senator intentionally humiliated him by making taking him blank Cinder Selfie nope. She says that he tried to make him dress as a Leprechaun aid Chris Thompson says has that state Senator Daphne Jordan ordered him to dress as a Leprechaun and pull a quote candy wagon at a parade he says quote she violated basic human rights by directing me to wear clothes not befitting the sitting a sixty one year old grown man on he was always well context like what parade was Saint Patrick's Day that makes sense Saint Patrick's day and he's right size they might build Alonzo do well well enough to win. He's got game got five right ten more points total of thirteen but he can't catch Roxanne who can nobody. Nobody can naturally just a minute. We're GONNA ask our panelists to predict after the Golden Toilet. What will be the next big heist in the news but first let me tell oh you special thanks to our live event sponsor? Westin hotels and resorts wait wait don't tell me as a production of NPR ON WBZ Chicago in association with Urgent Haircut Productions Doug Berman Benevolent overloid Loyd Phillips Red Sox Limericks are public address announcers Paul Freedman our house managers Janika Dona our intern is to Rubicon who is best known B. J. Liederman composer. FEM- our the program is produced by Jennifer Mills Miles during boss Lillian kin technical direction is Lorna White Her business and OPS Managers Colin Production Manager is Robert Newhouse our senior producers in Chile and the executive producer where we don't tell me it's Michael now panel. What will be the next big Heist Alonzo. It's only a matter of time before the matching gold. litterbox is also gone scope. Roxanne Roberts every single sexy Mister Rogers costume pasture will go missing except for one worn by Sean Spicer on dancing with the SARS bobcat Bob Cat Goldthwait president trump's go toilets go missing going to discover that never been used and figure out why spend pencil upset all this time that happens panel. We're going to ask you about it on wait. Wait don't tell Hank you bill Kurtis. Thanks also to rocks. Roberts Alonzo voted in Bobcat Goldthwait all of you for Listening Dinner Saigo. I will see you next week. This is N._P._R.

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