Best Of (Bill Polian + Lamar Jackson, Kawhi Leonard, Julian Edelman, LeBron James, Antonio Brown)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jenny Taft. This podcast is a condensed version of today's episode of undisputed handpicked with the Best Segments and discussions skip Shannon let's go poorer and F. L.. GM and hall of Famer. Bill Polian in is backtracking on saying that. Lamar Jackson would be better suited as a wide receiver instead of a quarterback two years ago ahead of the draft volley and said he was using a traditional quarterback standard when assessing Lamar the hall of Famer also said that the ravens have found a way to use them ours dynamic skills and that the bottom bottom line is the fact that he was wrong about the ravens. QB appreciate that honesty shared. What is your reaction to this? I'm glad he admitted it. And the analysis that he used was white guy. Six foot four half six foot five two hundred and thirty two toward report pile that just dropped back and forth because the team that he's built Buffalo. Kim I'm Kelly INDIANAP- wait. Did he say that. Are you saying that is allison. That's his that's his mind right right no no no. That's not what you say. No I would say that. That's the that's the the framework in which he using for quarterback so anything that's outside of that he is like this he can't see outside. Because the Blinder I understand the quarterback needs to be sixty four to have two hundred thirty two hundred forty POW dropback passer. Well Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. Done a great job the skills the skimp every quarterback that played in the NFL desk successful has this system. That's really catered to what they do. Well they're not running. The read option withdrew reason. They break Tyson meal taste meal. S era in an offense. Couldn't the offense that Lamar Jackson. Why would you put him in there? That's not his skill set so to say whether you everybody does that many outfits that utilized his skills skillset. So that's what you that's what you're supposed to do this notion when you hear people say well you have run system especially for a cab. Every every quarterback that's accessible system is cater to the skill set. That's what makes them successful guys are successful when you have a system be it offense or deepest get that caters to the skills sitting here block. Fifty plays a game. We had an office that was catered to what I do really well. Yeah block the bags out a couple of times to block the front side but get down the field shannon can you. Can you be a match up so it was disappointing because this also lazy analysis skill skip skip they make us do ran the single wing in college he won the highest went through over three thousand yards both years his junior year. Skip with actually better than his which You Wonder Osmond. I'm looking at the numbers and that's pretty true. Yeah it's close but it's yeah and so when you look at it and what's not even say. Oh yeah he should transfer to wide receiver. Bill has been around this game long enough skip. There have been two positions and people don't realize uh and I was talking to Steve and he said he didn't know that there have been two positions that they felt black. Men could not plan the NFL the quarterback in the center position because the center position is responsible. All the line calls and the quarterback. Would you got to process information. You've gotta be able to think on your feet and for the longest time. They had a hard time reverend minds around a plaque bank and bank on his feet. If Miami Dolphins of the seventies had Dwight Stevenson eighty eight. He came he thought he was thinks. He's not good. Why came? Eighty Agley came in. He might have came after Marino came in with Marina. Oh Yeah Yeah. But he'll he'd have a short career but you think about skip you go back to fifty six percent the black centers and then all of a sudden they're like oh we can give that responsibility. Then you make line call. They can reroute the Latin in quarterbacks. Yep You know. We've seen guys lose their jobs for saying blacks couldn't process information Asia and couldn't handle couldn't think on their feet so I'm just. I'm just disappointed that bill would the bill polian being around the game. Aim as long as he has knows that he's not hold on the air. Skip being around the game long. He has skip knows that guys in ability come in a lot of shapes packages. Nothing if you just can't say okay will not this it won't work and and the way the NFL. Now skip is different guys when bill when bill was building teams. Get everything twenty-one personnel. You had to receiving tied right into bags. Yeah very bad. Teams Play Twenty one personnel which is to obviously with a tight end in two bags. Everybody's basically Levin personnel skipped. Yeah or they're playing. You know basically basically a four wide receivers. I'm glad at the end of the day to make a long story short. Yeah I'm glad he apologized. I'm glad he admitted he was wrong. Okay can we be clear on one point before I launch. I don't think you're accusing bill. Polian of being racist no. You're just saying he's got this. This arch conservative. Mind says yes that was developed in the sixties and seventies were by. He sees that position as a quote unquote white position. Because does he did draft. He made one great move in his career. He drafted Peyton manning over Ryan lead yes so his position six feet five inches son of archie. Gee Man and happens to be a white guy but we skill when you have success drought the a particular type of if you look at the steelers look how they draft wide receivers they. They have accepted drafted from Antonio Brown to manual seines. Juice used the guys all basically about the same I. Have you know six foot. Five receivers zebra. All of those guys are like five ten James Waddington all of those guys a quick fast but the same high accents drafting Peyton. Manning has excelled building with the Buffalo Bills and Jim Kelly does it will visit the only way I could build a team right so just for the record. This is the path that bill pull into key was born in the Bronx. So he's not from the deep south born in the Bronx he went to Nyu New York University. They didn't even have football. Don't have football at Nyu and he played on the club. Football football team there then. He bounced around in the CFL and the USFL and then he land with the Buffalo Bills in one thousand nine hundred four and he didn't draft. Jim Kill a Kelly or require them but he built around him teams. That went to four straight super bowls. They did lose but he built teams. God He's really good a whole lot of uh-huh picks that he meant yes and then he went to the colts and he did draft Peyton and he built around Pay James K and they won a super bowl. Yes okay so now. What do I know about Bill Polian I got to know him a little bit worked with him at ESPN? And what was my first big clash with bill on the air. It wasn't over a black quarterback who was overall white quarterback named Tim Tebow who also shattered the mold. He was not your conventional conventional six five. Drop back passer. So Bill Polian told me on the early in that twenty eleven season in which Tim finally got his chance to start for your Bronco you you know. Well I do remember what happened there. One in four dead in the water at collared and a quarterback in the new regime featuring John elway in John Fox's coach they said. Let's throw throw Tim Tebow into this dumpster. Fire in. Let's get it over with you. Know the rest of the story right. They win the Division winning a playoff game so early in that year. I had bill Polian on our show on. ESPN and he went so far as to say Tim. tebow is not even a quarterback. He's John Riggins now. This is old school reference that you know. The John Riggins was a running back Holloway running back for the Washington redskins and he was six to two thirty five somewhere in there he he was one hundred. I don't know if they call one hundred meters or one hundred yard dash in Kansas in highschool. Your Day he was the one hundred yard dash and he won the State Championship and he was a Hurdler ridler athlete with speed and I told Bill Number One. Tim Doesn't even brought belong in the same breath with John. Regan's as a runner like like as a runner Tim's more of a tank you know. He's like rollback runner. The little bit of shifting this but but not he. He doesn't have that kind of speed Iran. I think the baseball tryouts. You're the showcase sixty though they don't run the four day I don't think he ran the forty got but he ran. He just runs okay. He's like average speed for a size. Tim's seems like to forty five fifty to fifty. Okay so I said no no no bill. He's shattering the mold. You GotTa let him run his college offense offense and he can win with his college offense because the debris gets into the game the more accurate he gets because he'll just sorta will the ball to receiver late in the game which he continued to game after the game after gay just for the record I was taking them on because he was saying that. A white quarterback should be playing running back. You know he shouldn't even be playing quarterback what about it just for the record right now back to this it did take a big man to stand up and say hey I swung and missed on this one. Yes because if you look like to to your point and again I'LL BE I. I didn't love Lamarche chances coming out and neither did you. But I liked it. I liked where they got him. Because I thought there won't be great about you. Know they didn't take him second overall so the pressure will be less right right somewhere between fifteen to fifty chips with skip saying okay. I wouldn't take him in the top ten. It wouldn't take him in top fifteen but you say somewhere between twenty and twenty five twenty thirty switch so when you look at the the Heisman Eisman year he threw for thirty five hundred yards which is extraordinary. It was thirty touchdowns to nine years sections but he ran for twenty one touchdowns that that's like the big time running back numbers on top of really very good at throwing number. Yes so you could just see the yards pile up into your point. The next year was slightly lightly. Better across the board we remembered except the game against Clemson into Shaw. was't hooked up yeah. They went back. Best game between the Alabama and again Lamar did come up small. At the end of that game he had four chances to try to score down close. Remember but whatever again to Sean is really special the closer of Football Games but the point is Lamar doesn't look that that pretty when he throws it it just gets word supposed to go. He is really accurate and plus plus he can really process fast and he makes the right choices because his college coach Hobby Bob Reno. Who coached big time football in the NFL? Vic Rush Four Thousand Yard Gracie one year badly Bob. Three not coach passing game office. You better believe he can then he Mike Nydia last very long you know what he did not think he might have came to your big got in trouble but whatever but remember. He's really good. He's really good with quarterback quarterbacks so he got the right kind of teaching early and Ozzie newsome left what a parting gift. He he's search is right but what did John say instead of trying to find peyton manning. Let's find a guy and we build it offense around here skip. Don't you think everybody WanNa pay managed. Sure have a guy who throws over seventy thousand yards in five hundred plus touchdown and go to four super bowl to win five. That's what I'm looking for. I ended up finding it. I have a big the problem with Denver replacing Tim Tebow with peyton manning. Nope no come on now seriously. Yeah then what happened. History APP exactly. I'm I'm sure everybody. Everybody wants that. I'm sure coach Belichick walls another Tom Brady but though some guys get only comes along once in a lifetime. Yeah what's what's the likelihood of the code with another guy exactly like Tom Bring or they thought they had one Andrew Luck. Yeah but come home but he was just he was just laziness it doesn't malices and it takes a big man. It took a big high enough. He's lazy he just that's his mindset. Honestly though that's good see you. What did he go? Watch the guy I don't know yeah. Well Lamar proving all of those around right now to watch. 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Due to load management that resulted in a one twenty nine to one twenty four loss according to the NBA League office. The Clippers were compliant with the League's League's policy on resting players because why has been listed on the injury report for dealing with a knee issue so shannon is load management becoming a problem because this is not like something like the NBA more so than any other league as superstar driven leaks. Kim and you have these superstars housing cooperative superstar and he's sitting out he's already missed. A quarter of the season played. Eight Games missed two already. So you twenty percent of the seasons and you see they got thirteen back to back so at the bare minimum. Now this is what J. Intimate 'cause the Internet keeps perpetuity happened to the paperwork paperwork. This is what Kawata said in September out. Quasi is a different is different this last year I was going through with an injury that we're dealing with from the year before steel with lingering. We knew it had to be healthy going throughout the season and making it into the playoffs. This time I'm feeling good feeling way better than the start of last season. They will play out to discuss really. Maybe he heard himself. We're here to report the injury boil the NBA signed off on key issues coming up now what are the NBA say but we got role reversal. Because I've been telling you this is kind of weird a me he did. He tried to pick and choose now. He tried to pick and choose and thought he's going to run up on the sun and do them any kind of way and book. Oh big money book book got him. Pat Bill dropped forty on them. The the deep is the greatest defended. We see Michael Jordan Scottie. Pippen pivoted have a deal. Nobody got forty Scottie. Pippen uh-huh Jordan and the breath smelled dig at third. I think he got got thirty to Jordan and enjoy came back the next day with a back to back skip joined Hong thirty four and a half religious. Let you know we've talked about but anyway skip. Look how do the best play the World Cup. I keep telling you. There are two types of ability that matters sports availability and accountability in the middle of twenty five minutes. It was accountability to not make nobile slow because they all into without you know maybe if you have Paul George in there you got the superstock. Okay but Paul George is out. Yep Paul George another week two weeks away and while he already loves it but I think California Bay. There's normally a grace period. Would you have to put it at least ninety days before you get get. PTO here now. Researchers up thinking what we call the probationary period that you have to put an X. amount before the ninety day you get no. PD Reagan Roseanne Unocal lenient as liberal as we are here I athey. Weakened I'M A Californian Californian Yeah Killa Georgia with gives us this is the problems for the NBA. But what can they do. How can they fix it? Because if the guy says I'm hurt in his medical staff Caesar what are they gonNa do an independent dog and Nicholson independent around. La La in Milwaukee and the Miami and Yada Yada Yada. There's really nothing they can do. But this is a problem because if I put because I remember going Lebron was with the cavs and they. We're playing back to back clippers and Lakers. ooh broad thing clip. Go Watch it. I'm driving to the gay. Skip the broad career areitio. Nobody plan now almost turned around in the middle of the room out. Just go back home and you never go. So it's a problem skipping. You know it mad about if I if I spent about three four grand on them tickets by winning out here they play tonight. You Um those fans skip. There was a lot of outcry yesterday about how this has become a bigger bigger issue than ever but the truth is it's just one guy who was doing exactly the same thing all of last year off radar because nobody really noticed noticed after he left small town San Antonio and I was really the only one outside of Spurs nation nation. But outside 'cause I live in L. A. But I was pounding this desk about what he did the year before to my spurs. He did quit his way out of town because he had a master plan of layover in Toronto or wherever it was going to be to get to staples because this is where he's from. The layover was off radar. Nobody really cared about the Toronto Raptors. WPRO nobody really noticed what he was doing. He set me pounding the table ridiculing you. Look at what he's doing now with her. Okay so we miss twenty two games. That's a lot of games to miss last last year and nobody paid that much attention because nobody really thought. Toronto is going to win the looney. With seventeen and five in those games and you see what's the what's the outcomes doing now now all right okay so it was a really good basketball team but it got great with that guy in the middle of it in what happened when he ran into Janas in the the playoffs. Yep well he finally said let me take him and then they built the wall behind him. And that was the Indiana says we knew and loved him. I get it. I was all fired up for last night. The late GAM out here in La for at least for us up early but it's going to be Kawai versus YON ON ESPN here. We go regular season. NBA Finals okay. Then espn did a piece for the late sportscenter in which it went out into the street and interviewed clippers fans outside staples. What do you think about about quite not playing and obviously they're all just talk this garbage? This is outrageous. Well you you've got him in. These are the terms of getting. Want him anymore. You want him to go the Lakers. You'd probably say we want him anymore. Right no no. You can't do that because you loved it. All those same fans were doing handsprings springs. Cartwheel's right ignite northwick night. They couldn't believe it. They were shocked out of their minds. The clippers have their. They're back. They've arrived right. So here's the problem. I have with all this. The coach in San Antonio has been doing this for years and nobody seems to care. Nobody holds him accountable for and I go back to the fateful night. In November of two thousand twelve in which my spurs had played at Orlando so on a Wednesday night and they were about to play Lebron's and joins team in Miami on TNT on Thursday night. And what a Gregg Popovich do he said he said. Duncan Parker Ginobili home on South West. He just said here's your tickets. Go sit on south. The old himself up in class. Well they don't get it but they stop. You said you. Three and everybody was outraged but nobody held Gregg Popovich accountable. Because that's just all pop and they let him get away with berating and humiliated media members. Sunday's pop he's money. I don't think it's funny. But that's just me and I've never loved a load management but you can't argue with the the result of it because he probably prolonged Tim Duncan's career doing that. He probably prolong Mongoose career doing that because he would pick his spots throughout throughout the year. It would drive me crazy. 'cause I'm all excited about watching. No they're not playing but the thing is I think the thing is that for the most part. That was the first time that we've seen seen pop risk all the guys at one normally one guy. Yeah and maybe Paul George Skip I can. I can understand it. Yeah but there's no there's no PG so so. I'm a skill we do. We do the regular season skip. I could see if it was January. It was February. You know all you got the All Star game. I'm going to let it Michigan right before but I don't even know if you missed the game before the All Star game 'cause they weren't too late so but I did if his leg is march. Okay did take a couple of to always tell me production taller you okay. Is there a high production. Yes did not validate last year load management because he said okay. You can criticize me all you want. But when it's time for me to play against Philli and Milwaukee and Golden State I'll be there wh- what happened to the rule. The rule was instituted wire because they wanted to Lebron James a few days off. Everybody loves their daily. We've got to put a rule here. Lebron Lebron James. The Best Plan People WanNA see in play. Don't you think they deserve to go. James and it put the rule in Knox wild with his hair braided. Okay so reminded minded Jerusalem work at Jersey. My Guy is Michael. Jeffrey Jewelry Anew believed that nine times and Michael's career he played all eighty two games aims. Would you believe another time. He played eighty one games at another time. He played eighty games. So that's eleven years of eighty plus games. They just didn't even think about load managing could Michael have extended his career. Maybe but oh it was often brown did pretty well L.. From you imagine yeah okay instead. Light five cigars to okay. Well let's but he took three years off before we went to Washington another year. The half before that that was my God. Don't do that by skip out on Seattle. Get all of this. Well you know these choice. He did it. They decided to do it. Jimmy my guy for seventeen straight guys played eighty to one time one time in his career Korea. There's been some little old management. Would you tell me about amount of minutes. He's played played. What the third or fourth multimedia all-time little is different than twenty twenty two games? Twenty two games skip bayless. My Guy Would Lebron take off their. You know what I feel. I play okay that what it should do criminal. You don't Lebron's you do all day. I'm low management. I WANNA be with Zuri. Need to wakeup. Is the daddy breathless. I IBM sometimes but I included the net worth about Louis. Day Mind. Well he'll be home that morning. He'll be okay. I got the we come to the game of the Family Lee. Y quiet gets it's to have his own role in the real world if you can produce. They tolerate Lebron. Lebron produce will win Lebron he he could put make these terms. Do we play people. Want to see all play with. The other guy doesn't do this and yet when when it's time to be there WANNA bet he'll be either because right now. He's the best player on the planet. Lebron James It must be move. I don't know the three golden the plea. The truth is Kevin Durant is the best out stop it starts no start. No He's giving has thin skinned. Well he does but he backs it up. I don't know what my guy don't well. We'll see I'm not sure. This is the best strategy for him. What did we miss read in skin? We play back at every. I bet we tweet and back back. During those was twenty eleven finals Maroney fired back and reportedly. He's making a list of I told you so's Yeah I was number one bad game three Kelly everyday you number three okay. So after three games. They're up two games to one and then what happened Shannon skill. I'm going to tell you so you so and maybe you should tell yourself so because does yeah you better go okay. We don't need to rewrite history nor can we nor should we attempt. He lost the finals to the maverick three He. He pleaded not play well at all. I'd say he disappeared. I did he okay. I believe he's made a man's three final win percents ZITS OTHER HE DID I. I don't know he's three and six. It's it's simple though. He's he's playing right. That would mean enjoy watching people what I enjoy. I enjoy Lafley. Always watching show finals getting paid a lot but if it doesn't work than People Julian old man has never been viewed as the best receiver in the League but Jerry Rice thinks he's he's still stands apart from his peers yesterday. Rice settlement has the best foot work in the NFL because of that he said about ohman quote. You're not going to be able to to cover him. You can't do it. He's going to be able to get separation from you and make the catch rice. Also admired elements physical style of play so Shannon is Julian Edelman a hall of Famer. This really puts me in an uncomfortable spot. Because I'm in the pro football hall of fame and when I try my best not to really speak on whether or not the guy's a hall of fame things of that nature because me being in the hall of fame. It almost comes off if I said No. I'm a hater I'm trying to keep Julian Edelman out of the hall of fame and I'm not I lose lose. No sleep. He gets in. He doesn't get in. I take no pleasure but what we do. Is that a debate. And when I don't duck and dodge questions didn't the question is if Julian Hall of Famer and is uncomfortable position that it puts me in. I'm going to answer this honestly. I do not believe that. Jillian elements that Hall of Famer. And I'm just looking at his resume skip. They started having pro bowl selection in nineteen fifty. No player has gone into the hall of fame that has not gone to a single pro bowl after nineteen fifty so from nineteen forty nine back. They started play football in one thousand nine thousand nine hundred. The previous thirty one years. There was no pro bowls guys again again got in without having one. I just like look. It's hard for me to believe that. A Guy that in the pro bowl area era in which players coaches and media fam- excuse me fans select the pro bowl. He having got one as much as he's on television as much as he wins. Not One not one all pro team first or second team. All pro is just hard for me to believe. He's almost in that situation like Robert. Ory Robert Ory has seven rings. Three different teams hit big shots with every team but no all MBA. No All Star game appearances. Here's a guy that has only two seasons. And they passed the era of a thousand yards playing alongside. Tom Brady and for me skip. You look at West Welker now. West did not win the Super Bowl but he had two one hundred yard games endel superbowl a we. Just remember because of the drop because you look at the ball given the caliber player that heels but was working with the five five time pro bowl two time. All pro had five hundred season. He went to three super bowls. He went to another whatever although he lost. All three is over for me skip. I just don't I just don't see. Yeah he has great playoff numbers but that's because he's in the playoffs all the time but at some some point in time skip. The playoffs is kind of like the icing. But I see no cake and so I look at what he's done in the regular season I mean no all roll the media. They watch in he like. I said he's playing all the time and it's like now we go the players when they vote and if you look at the top one hundred. He's hovering around eighty five ninety. You'll load high nineties so for me. Skip as uncomfortable as it is. I do not believe based on my criteria that in which I would use the hall of Famer. I hear everything he said and I do appreciate your objectivity about this but I hear everything you said about doc no regular season accolades but I believe Julian Element is on a hall of fame trajectory. Because he's not finished yet. He's thirty three but he's on a trajectory just because of postseason pro duck. It carries weight that he he is second all-time to Jerry. Rice can catch his in the postseason and he's second all-time to Jerry. Rice in postseason receiving yards. That's highly highly impressive to me. Because he's played eighteen postseason games and Jerry played twenty nine so he's averaged Julian six point point four yards per catch in the playoffs. Jerry averaged five point two yards per game. I'm sorry catches catch per game. Six point four catches inches per game to five point to Jerry Rice so if Julian plays let's say four more years age thirty seven Thomson. He's GonNa play forty forty seven right. Let's say four more years of Julian to thirty seven and by the way he is high contact. Hi thanks a lot a lot of punishment. He's I think he's playing the cracked ribs right now. What they're saying but let's say that over those four years he gets to play? Let's say eight more playoff games to a year on average. GotTa be three. You get the divisional you get the chip. I'm just upset polishes realistic give him a couple years for six games. But let's do eight. Let's do a playoff games will if he keeps averaging six point four catches Jack. He's GonNa Pass Jerry rice and all time catches in the postseason will be pretty special stuff. But he's Jay writes in the polls these well I agree but if you eclipse his record that I thought was pretty much unbreakable of one hundred fifty one catches for two thousand two hundred and forty five yard. There's no way he's going to get to the two thousand two hundred forty five because he's a slot receiver and it's just little catch right underneath option route but think about this you know. uh-huh pro bowls no probe all pro and all decade teams. You mean at some point in time. He's playing narrow. Would Antonio Brown will Julio Jones with with Diop with all these guys when when you put it in there. Nobody's skied up when they say okay. When you said Okay warbirds you won't? We're your number on that list. And that's the voters the voters that's what they look. They go in the room. He's like okay. I remember it. He was just the. MVP of a super bowl those guys'll ask them VP desmond. Howard Brown Jack Jackson Larry Brown layer of the receiver? He was the MVP New England and new going to Seattle the brand. Yeah that's doesn't necessarily. He still did that. Yes you have that on your post-season recess right so to me. Are you sure this isn't sort of reverse bill. Polian thinking where you're just look at him. You say a little white guy. I can't be in the hall of fame as a receiver. No no no. Because they're trying to thank me. Latham AC- large eight. I think eighty nine Ninety Cape but Steve l'argent was a wide receiver. He was split out wide scale. But when when you when you look at it okay in in sixteen games and you look at the body of work and you'd like to one thousand yard receivers to one thousand years eight now. He's on pace to get a thousand so a wide wide receiver. Playing any pass freely era with Tom. Brady only has three one. But I'm just looking at the post. The poster Oh you can't well I'm just saying when push comes to shove who does Brady look for. He looks for that little guy and that guy gets open to Jerry. Rice's point because footwork work is just disagree with that. I think I think I think. AB although he's not an NFL talk about him. A little later I think. Odell I think Amari Cooper Abraham way better footwork. I don't know what he's really quick. Good let's get on a dime I mean look at Wes Welker you. Talking about small guys brandon still bleak. Small Oh God works in world and that's what you mean to me no no. I'm not taking a shot at West here but elements made a tougher stuff than Western. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah He. He built a little more sturdy. And it wasn't until toughness where you can you can trust. He's going to make the big catch at the big moment. So I I gotTa tell you if he passes Jerry Rice for postseason catches who I mean. That's the Robert Ory argument. Okay but Robert Ory made one big shot at the end of the the game. He didn't lead the team in scoring. If he got seven rings and may big shots for the Lakers. They may be up for the Spurs role player in for everyone. Seems he wasn't wasn't the star. But here's what you said is the playoffs okay. He made shots just here and there. This guy makes all kinds. He leads the team in receiving like look what he's doing right now. There are eight and one. He's caught sixty three balls. Who Second on the list for the Patriots? James James White has forty four sixty three eighty four sixty four balls bitchy over one hundred targets. You gotTA factor that in to skip if I'd say about ninety sixty three thank you so he though projection the have one hundred eighty targets. He's really all that Brady has really had the first nine games of the year. I just is gonNA GONNA be. It's GonNa be interesting but looking at the criteria how they do it because they're going to let okay. He's an error with. Julio I mean these guys are eleven thousand yard. And he's with A.. J. Green and diop all these guys and skip if you WANNA put them all on the field for a combine shot. No but when you put them on their where when they've like okay who you rather have element of Julio who'd you rather have L. D. Hop who would you rather have and that by that token and you look at who you played with breath. It's I think it's third and ten in Kansas City and overtime. You say Tom Brady. Would you have Julio or Little Julian which tweet think he'd go. He just might go for what he's going to go with someone that he's no then it's comfortable but it's about how trust right but I also believe what helped me get into the hall. Oh was also going to Baltimore and doing it without my head of my head. Coaching John My quarterback making a pro bowl at a different location because skill when you play the system system. Because everybody's like well you look at all these running back to a lot of running backs that came out the TV will get the thousand getting fifteen hundred yards and so when you play in that system well Janu playing with John Elway. Oh you got DVDs you got guys outside will now all of a sudden I don't have I don't have TV. I don't have those guys outside and I'm able to make the pro bowl. I'm able to leave the team in receiving I'm go to help you get a team to the super bowl so I think those things help and I think a lot of time. Well hurt Patriot. Players is that when they leave they don't have nearly the success. They had in New England. So people like okay. I gotTa take you down and not for that. Because how much is that a you but with him. I don't see him a scenario skit where he plays anywhere other than New England. But if you look at resumes skip. It's just hard with zero pro bowls zero all pros all pro season. And he's not going to be an all day. Okay player is that he get in but he might if he winds up number one in playoff history and catches in the postseason. You're you're finally going to have to sit back and say okay. I give it up skill if you kick if I collect camp for twenty years. I'm GONNA have a damn lot of Jeanie doesn't mean what about what about your catches hands still upset if you play hold on. That's what you did to me Grahn. You said the reason why. Lebron James Pass Michael doernen minutes. I mean the important is because he played more games. Okay that's apples to apples. Okay the Lebron James Guy Fully. MVP's James Duh. Who Come here always tell you Michael? Six and six. Mvp Ron Three in all MBA selection season. Let's do that. You got my got the most points more point so food. He's collected a whole lot of chaos and see the cayennes right. The real you awards. Lebron is off to a hot circus season. As is his team kings. Third triple-double is tied for the most in in the league. So far and he has led the Lakers to a six one record. Lebron is also averaging more than eleven assists per game good for two more per game than any other season in his thirteen year career. How about that? We're joined by Sports senior NBA insider as they were making already your goal. Okay come on Chris I want to get your thoughts. What shot give Lebron to win? MVP This let me say before. Before I start a My condolences to my childhood friend. Nate rix he lost his daughter Down in Fresno last week so I WANNA say the rich family. I love you support. You let me know if you needed Thank you in that. So what do I give Lebron James. Look I'll give him a legitimate shot. I picked Anthony Davis PRESEASON TO BE MY MVP base. Janet is based off of. You know the fact that they say they're going to him. Yeah he's going to be the guy we go to office the way. Lebron James has been taken over and just seem I'M NOT GONNA say turn back the hands of but it seemed like the narrative that people want to say because people felt like he was wash. Russia was FG blow. Well look I'm going to say this. If Lebron continues this trend this can be an unprecedented situation to where I think the Laker is going to be up there. I think they're going to have one of the highest standings in the league. I think they'll there's RECKITT. It will be better than the clippers. I don't know that they will be better than the clippers. I think it'll be better just based off of the lower management with the clippers. So if the Lakers have the top or the second best record Agassi a situation to where we can have the top two in pecan. It's coming from the same team. ooh would that not be a problem for one or the other. I don't see this on a cost. Commotion visited Do Internal Strife Votes against the vote. That's right there I'm not. I'm not a mathematics major. So you know you saw my flaws right there but they go get a Lebron the way to go man every day really. Yeah you may not. Every the bras stay healthy. He asked to stay healthy if he stays healthy. And then also the razor Rondo dynamic when he comes back. How was that going to play a fat? 'cause he's he's loving that point guard position he he loves loves spilling need. So how was that done. And I'm going to play out with not just him but eighty s oil and also when coolidge he'll be healthier and he can play his normal minutes. Does he go back into the starting lineup. And then in out of that affect Kuzma never met a shot. He didn't like you all Bingo senior junior racing mon neider. I'll go through your NFL player. We do what we don't know about. I think they D- tale to be the MVP. Because Lebron says we're GONNA go through if we're not gonNA play through a D.. Why did we get here so I assume and I said I think you've redone told us I'm surprised that rebound totals are considering Ad Dwight Howard to build the team? But I told you I believe this will be the first year he averages double digits assist. I thought his his scoring would be somewhere between twenty three and twenty five Shaw points a game. Because we're going to get the lion's share probably the first time Back back because since I think it was second your back with a recap related in shots taken had a higher usage rate. That doesn't happen very often. But if you're gonNA play through a D- he's GonNa get filed a lot so the ball's GonNa be in his hands. A lot skipped so. I felt that Lebron scoring average in his rebound total would come down some and so that's what I was going to average somewhere. Where between Twenty Six and twenty eight points somewhere between twelve and fourteen rebounds improbably have this customary to block the game and they were GonNa Win Fifty six game? Might we demand that total. I might need to pull assange Linda real man my you know what my projection. What might have to offer the minutes? Michael Fifty nine. I baby senior body would do that but you keep picking up in talking about Old Bra Win Games with blue one. I'll go by cases that we'd be seventeen or three hundred twenty. I remember he get nervous. Five Live case. No one to take your by for sure and a have right now but but this would be validation. Because the people thought he was done they didn't they didn't see days like he didn't have the same impact is give if he were to win. Karl Malone when the MVP and your fourteen playoff for four years college slightly older but to win the MVP you're seventeen would be unprecedented something we had never seen we. We know what we do. We do things that's never been done before. We never you and I want to soil in the five horsemen. Is Lebron math rich. Randy encinas yourself. We've yeah so this would be unprecedented. And I think it's only justifiable because the biggest thing. Sometimes you do you turn the page. Do you close the book. Well who am I got Wendy's Wrigley than MVP here. This is N. B. is over. Go James Barth wrote to level overpass and Michael Jordan on Komo Komo hold a first of all we already. We try to keep more interstate. We already passed we shop paying him. We came back thirty three thirty three win team. We call them competence used. Ah You know I am six. I'm getting a great kick out of this premature. Delusional loading and celebration over there and it is so dangerous and you're going to eat so much fried Kroger's with listen if Lebron James does win the regular season. MVP This sure you will get the goat mask tattoo on your face. You just wear it all through on goal Jane. Electing the Mike Tyson do go on your face. No right right or static and I've already said I vowed that if Lebron wins the regular season. MVP this year and year. Seventeen I will stand in the middle table and gave him a standing ovation whilst yet we did you know that would be yeah. That'd be that'd be awesome. I already said why do I what do you do you wear Jersey. If he goes no no Boakye skip if he does win. Mvp what does that place up on. Mount Rushmore second. Third the second and third right now. No He's not. He's not the same faces all the way across Mount Rushmore. It's the same guy he was bought. Let's let's get to Lebron's delusion because he's already crowing about look at me now. Hashtag washed King and he's gloating and his skins getting a little thing because he's firing firing back at a heckler in Chicago. Let's look at the case that he is making for him. In his comeback season for the ages he is right now shooting a career. Low Low twenty nine percent from three point range and neither of you brought that up twenty nine percent you like that. I don't he's he's way up to seventy eight percent from the free throw line which is a really good start for him but you know and I know that will not let me several case. Now seventy five yes right. Yes it's not going to be eighty percent percents. So He's twenty six eight and eleven and the eleven's pretty good right now because you got a lot of options for your eleven every because you got a d.. And listen you guys are right kyle. KUZMA is coming back. It's going to be a problem for Lebron because Kaku is going to become the closer for this team that it does not have. Oh ooh that's a that's a problem so we look at. PA are which is a great indicator of DP and right now Lebron ranked seventh. which is it's not bad? He's off to really nice. START BUT JANAS SAYS I is second so those are big problems for Lebron got up lake water the the blaze he really play Lebron his play and when he plays which is all the time. So let's take a quick look at some of Lebron's low. Oh lights allies. Let's look at that playoff game. One game one is stable. You were there nine of night games Geico so what happened in the quarter that game. It's a tie game going to the fourth quarter in Lebron's house twice houses Lebron sails. And what did he do in the fourth quarter. Lebron shoots one for four. He misses his loan three. He doesn't get to the free throw. Line and scores. toots two points. That's the guy you picked to be. MVP and you picked ad. He scores no points in the fourth quarter. He gets blanked in the fourth shutout. Get skunked in the fourth quarter. That's you're you're in the fourth quarter of a winnable game against Leonard Kenny. Smith's after the game we don't have to see it again but he made the point. That Kawai made Lebron James. James Look not athletic. That doesn't make it scripture because Kennedy Smith said that okay but I really respect Kenny Smith. The White House. He's saying I think he'll be there all said and done okay so then at Dallas one big game for the last six seconds of the game six in which the team the Lakers are down three and somehow either Lebron signs off on not taking the last shot or he chooses with the ball in his hand not to take the last shot if we could see that last. Play again else avery who kicks it. The Lebron Shoe it drives the mall and kicks into Danny Green for the last shot. Unfortunately for Lebron he made it. Danny Green Way Allen from the rail corner and made it at the Buzzer. And I'm saying in real time. Shoot Lebron driving to the basket ask it down three. So what are you GonNa do would you about today degree and he did he was either you ask I turner and said why didn't he shoot basketball. I said thank you thank you this is the MVP. You're talking about. Skip yes I said it by after. I'll wait another second and I said Oh this one this one above my head there was so play the song this Salou accepted it was designed in the huddle so the king the quarter a Hashtag rush king he signs off in the huddle on Danny Green taken last shot. Not Lebron James. And you're talking about Mount Rushmore. Jordan would have said in that situation and somebody else is going to take a three point shot. No He's GonNa take no sorry. Well what about what about the final of when John Paxton took double. Steve has will little jump shots. which do they come to me? I'm going to dump it to you. Was that to tie the game. That was to win the game. But I'm trying to figure out skip. I'm trying to figure out you mean to tell me a regular. The season game in October is more important than NBA finals game enjoyed. Take the shot wait. It's a comeback season for the ages and Lebron James. Just pull up and take. Tony is still a very good skill. Why didn't because he's twenty nine percent from three he's he's Jewish shot in the twenties and during his nobody even tried to shoot you? Try to hold on four legs aiming to sit with. Lebron drove the ball kicked Danny Green. You remember the Great Clint Eastwood Line and Magnum Force Man's got reclaim. It tastes new his limited. That was a dirty Harry New Guy Magnum force and he just said Lebron said I know my limitations. This is not my shot out here. I'm GONNA drive it and kick it. Wow I got another move. You remember that movie Bradley Bradley Cooper when he talked about peel limitless limitless. Lebron say the way just quickly finish this up. Then at San Antonio Lebron goes over six from three and five of ten from the free throw so long but they came back because Dwight Howard took over the game. That's why I like the new Dwight's I don't even know please. He's how what about what about Chicago. Thank you for bringing that up. Because Lebron sat on the bench down thirteen at the end of the fourth quarter and watch Kyle Kuzma lead lead the second unit on a fourteen. Nothing Ron and they go from down thirteen to up one with the injury on all the only one that's not allowed to have I'd just watch wildland management who got to come off the bench. Thirty four We just real quick in the second quarter that Chicago Games. They were falling into a deep hole. Can you see the to Wash I. I got to see this DP right here. Shot a early over the rim. Come on Lebron. You're better than that near seventeen. And then we got to see the other play where he tacks to the basket from the left side. Here we go again left side Lebron up and he airballs ball's a layup slightly a greatest driver. The basketball I've ever seen we've seen is. What are you doing? See Michael Michael Jordan is dunk here. Cammie Smith echoing in my psyche. Made him look not. So what is so when he took them all four four feet I remember he took the ball up in Dallas slush. Now require awesome. Did you see for seeing quiet. Yeah I've seen a whole lot. The Statue of Liberty. That's yeah we all. Yeah what about what about what about Chicago the other night when he come down the lane. who where do you like it or not talk to Lebron James is going to go down as arguably arguably the best player to ever will destroy? AWW I'm Jordan. I grew up watching Jordan to me. Nobody can take Jordan. But you've got youngsters nowadays. You got some. You've got players in the League right now. Who feel like Kobe? Bryant is the best player to ever play because that's what they grew up watching anybody who knows what happened in Chicago in Nineteen Ninety eight and before that knows it's over. He ended all discussion and it was six six miles. I have to because you've got you've got to beat the take at least once in the playoffs and get some credibility to beat them that what he's saying I've made himself. There's one relevant at that time were eighty didn't even so you don't get a team to go don't not. Gop Lebron Lino Team He. You did go to Miami. It is interesting Shan everyone who they look pretty. That's fine with me. I would like to stay in the middle of the table. We got loftier goals. We got through expectation disqualifying Tinari hers. Go on and let them know that you're part of the new balance. We do have some breaking news with Antonio Brown according to reports Brown is scheduled to meet with the NFL sometime next week. There are DR reportedly teams still interested in signing the free agent wide receiver pending the League's investigations so Shannon. How do you see this playing out? How far would play out all alone? Skip there was no secret the NFL mental abundantly clear. When they sent that letter out you can sign him but he's going on the commission's list? Yeah and nothing's going down until delete talks to US Antonio Brown and he can do it on his way. I AIN'T NOBODY GONNA call this. I mean it's a funny when the phone doesn't ring skip. There's nothing thing that will make you more motivated Jenny than a hungry barely a roof over your he. Wa- you talking about getting motivated Roy. Chubby brought up going the whole grid up at the stars of them landing in my bathroom. That Tin Roof Barr with more motivated there and then Tonio Brown. That became very Eric Crystal Clear. You're not playing until you go to four hundred Park Avenue. Yeah and when you sit down and talk to them and address what transpired then we could. We could talk about what what what were you go from here but it was never going to happen until he went and talked to somebody in. The Commissioner's Office being the Commissioner or day. Hey Brooke or whomever who is in charge of that platform. Maybe it's the DB skip played with the eagles. Yeah ooh he number two guy for for what he played for. The Eagles are the discipline. Oh visit Troy Troy Bisson. Maybe you have to talk to him. He was going to have to talk to someone in in the League office to get the ball moving. I just wish he would have wised up. Sooner could the moment they released me. I'm on guess what they released. We all know when they released east of kept. Maybe it was a Friday but guess what do the League office look. We Tell You my side of the story you do what you made you believe it or not but let me tell you my side out of the story. Because he's sitting at home. He led five six weeks and we need to pass by. What because you thought you control the the Narrative Arctic that was never going to happen? But I'm glad he wised up. Hopefully he's learned his lesson. The NFL will never revolve around a player. The League is to be equal one player to control it. He's wising up and I'm happy he'd come to some sense some sense. My first reaction was yours. What took so long wouldn't took him so long to come around? Swallow a good bit of his prime and say I have to. This is only step one yes in getting back into the and getting paid so again. Just remind everyone. There's a civil suit pending in which he is accused of of sexual assault and rape in that accuser. I'm pretty sure has already interviewed with the Lebron interviewed by the League. Yes so now. The League is saying saying well. We have to go to step two here. What does Antonio have to say for himself and then the other user we got the whole other situation going but but but again this was the first one in the you know the the more this is the one that started it so the point is that even when he goes and interviews I think then then they would sign off to the point? You could make futures sort of bet on Antonio your teen. It's interested and you could pay him because he's probably GonNa go if you do pay 'em he's going to go straight on. The commissioner's rest. So he's going to be on ice until this. This gets resolved and when it does get resolved. Do you believe gives resolve this year. No I do not and who knows how. It's going to get resolved in a quarter law law but when it does get resolved by the League. I'm pretty sure Antonio's going to have to sit out game right there. The thanksgiving I shouldn't say accuser. There the lady that said there was some he. He made her feel uncomfortable and then he sent out the information about our kids Yada Yada Yada. So he's going to have to offer an explanation for that also okay so in the end he's going to get suspended and will somebody pay him just to keep him under their umbrella. We the when he's finally eligible apply. Maybe maybe he's obvious bashing minimum plus incentives. Is it. So you're going to stand for that y'all got where you were. He thought he because he could sit down and do it. His way and T- he's going to go out with a team nobody in. It's a long list of other things pending against him. All the other conduct unbecoming Gothic skipped uh-huh Seattle talked about it. Antonio Brown is better than Josh Gordon. Way Better and we don't know if Josh Gordon's is one hundred percent healthy or he's still a couple of weeks away but they said No because what we find you you go straight to commissioners list. What have we accomplished kip? We've still can use you now. You get not money you eat enough I table were doing the work. And you're taking up our cap space. Yes for nothing. Ah for maybe a good while. I mean it's possible. He could be suspended for a year. Maybe it's possible right. It's possible I I'm I'm just glad skip that. He realized that he needed to go. Talk to these two. Commissioner is Park Avenue to get the ball rolling to start the process and whatever the punishment may be it may not be any punishment they may be believed what he said to be credible but and I'm not saying if it happened or didn't that's not what I'm here for but I'm saying he needed to go talk to these people to get this process. Started if he wanted to get back into league. What the hell took you so long amy at at some point in time Bro? Come

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