Fixing Sports & Curt Menefee Breaks Down the Hawks and XFL


In these Bracken Song brought your to fight Iran would rock. You're not subscribe to receive every episode at Apple Apple. PODCASTS or on Google podcasts. Wiese Stink now here. Your hosts word and Mike Song. Do we stink stink. But it seems like there's a lot of things in the world that do and thankfully brock. We're here to fix all that's done right there play. We're here to fix it all today. That's our job we'll talk to curt menefee but before we do that. Something new on the broken salt show or the podcast show we fixer upper. We've ever done this uh-huh we ever fixed things together. Let me see I have disadvantages. You know I'm not a handy. That's the other one. That's the award I met thank you know. I'm not necessarily a handy as you know. Thank you Tony. Minor Mr Laka Mojo. The paper boys. Yeah that was from another brock. Insult idea a war. This rumor that was old school not necessarily a handy not necessarily headset doorjamb by the way. Don't worry about it. I gotTA fix longer screw lungs crews makers I well I. Yeah it had to do with unscrewing we can re screwing. You didn't do the Golf Tee Gorilla Glue Particle Board Nethon so far actually. It's held up really well eventually lead to get fixed again but so far it's been okay. No I yeah. I think you're a fixer. Well that's what we need to do. Fixer uppers here. I had five things. I think we added a couple more. I think we're seven things that we will fix here. The rules rules to the game. Though you have to fix whatever it is in no more than three steps can how do you play in this. Know How we fix this game. We make sure how he doesn't blame. Guaranteed this game is not fix things. In three steps or fewer gets to war-scarred tiles can always play. Yes of course cow complex but not howdy. That's the rolls out of. Not playing was part of the fix. That was fixed with a broken song. PODCAST number one. How'd he doesn't doesn't play the right now? Fixed the show. Look at that all right. Are you ready for fixed things. Brock number one fixed the seahawks. That's generally where we start around here. Let's fix the seahawks in three steps or fewer. I can give you mine okay. And then I'd like to hear your fixes. Here's my thing you could fix the seahawks in three steps number one. Add to pass rushers meaning David Clowney and to pass rushers. Okay so fix your pass rush. Rush steps to acquire via the draft or free agency an impact corner or safety An impact member of your secondary secondary. I don't care which position he plays but I need one or the other. I mean I have other things to do in the draft etc later down the line. They need to be quite as as can't miss but I want on a can't miss impact member of my secondary and then the third thing for me would be to bring in a defensive mind who is is somewhat different. Somebody's just and I'm not saying that. They need to change what they do. I'M NOT LOOKING FOR PDF wholesome wholesale changes as you can tell all three of my fixes have to do with the defense not the offense. I'm not looking to let Russ Cook or fire shoddy or fire Ken Norton or anything like that. But you know there are. There are enough big time defensive minds out there. That don't necessarily think exactly the same as Pete and I think it would be helpful for them to bring in somebody who just does things a little bit differently to help with parts of what they do and and the name Phillips is probably the one that jumps out because he's had so much success he's not built exactly like Pete we've seen him in a couple of different super bowls with excellent defenses and it would just it would just start to vary things a little bit so fix your pass rush with with two players plus clowning fix your secondary with an impact safety after your corner and bring in somebody whether it's Wade Phillips or someone like him to just dig. Just bring some new creative different ideas to your defense really good fix it. Sounds better than the golf tee in your door hinge race that that. Yeah that just feels a whole lot. Better you think fixes the seahawks significant step. I the first one for me yes. I think that that is a very good exercise. I would take it even a step further back and remember when Dipoto in Stanton in those guys came in here and talked about the exercise. They did when they had to make the decision. Are we going to stay status quo or are we going to blow the singer. Like are we legitimately GonNa hit this nuclear button and take some significant vacant steps back and lose more than we've ever lost over the last few decades in order to win in the future and in order for them to make that decision. What did they do? They went around and in with a with A. I know pat and I would imagine the legal notepad yellow legal notepad that Marvin Demo loved so much and I I would imagine they said okay. How many of these guys can be on this roster when we win a world series series right that was the exercise in whatever it was twenty? Twenty go ahead and write down the names on this roster and they all looked at and go not good enough not even close we gotta we gotTa do this guys and Gals we got this thing up and I think I would love to see that exercise done on their defense. I would love to see Schneider and Federer and Kirschner and it's P.. Carol and Ken Norton Whatever Ten or twelve decision-makers. Get in that room and say okay legal pads out how many of the dudes on this roster that we have right now defensively can help win a super bowl that would be the first exercise and I think they would say oh my Gosh we've got some significant holes and problems problems on both the front ends and the back end. I think linebacker bobby still got a couple years to win super bowl I think Kendricks can come back from an ACL put in the right spot. I think thank you can be a super bowl quality linebacker griffin could be on your team. He might not a year ago. Aluminum Andrei digs absolutely guy in the next and this is in the NFL by the way this it's not a five year exercise right the NFL turns over and what happens right it is. It's a two years two to three year period or not extend any for over the next couple of years. So what are your three. So I think that's number one is Cole Cole and get rid of what can't be that's exactly right. So who's on that list. There's a bunch of them I think unfortunately cage as on that that list for me and he's GonNa Save you seven million bucks McDougal's on that list for me he's GonNa save you five million bucks. I mean I think those are guys you just it at that number. You can't win the Super Bowl. Oh with Bradley McDougal the two million third safety okay not at five million near starter. Money can do that. K J league minimum with some incentives. Great Awesome love that that is a fourth linebacker number next ten million bucks and save seven those things and those are hard decisions because our good veteran players share that those guys what year and a half two two years you invested in your future K. J. One year deal to and Bradley you got great value out of Bradley's contract right. I mean he made like three reform million bucks so I think in those two unlike you know if you want to joke goals and Ziggys and look at what you pay those guys for production. Those have been pretty good deals. So that's my I I exercise is to to really curate. Everybody's ideas the number two. Is You gotta make those moves and create cap space and then number three. Yes significant resources. I have got to go to that decline in the secondary right in this league. You've gotTa Have D. Line and you got to have people that can cover and take the ball away significant resources in free agency in significant resources versus once again in this upcoming draft in the good news is this is a good corner draft not the one when we were on the air three years ago where you could list I think ten corners and he loved the guy out of Colorado Outta that went to the cowboys and you rattled off like ten consistent authors kids Colorado s witherspoon right and he's a forty niner and then okay not great. What was the other guy? I DOWN IN DALLAS. And he's been a good starting corner for them. So you need significant resources. Underline in your secondary and yeah. I think that that fix helps helps a defense. It was in the bottom ten this year. Getting that Middleton with their offense. You're GONNA be competing. I think for this division ultimately running so we just fixed the seahawks in each of us in three steps of the six things we said none of them had an into the offense. Now want Now one thing and that's not to say that there won't be things that happen offensively Francis. Last year I think Sosa Top ten rushing off the top five rushing offense. There's a top ten scoring. Offense was top ten offense since last year and yet. That's where all the focus with the top three quarterback if not top one quarterback in the league. That's what they were last year. That was Wissam injuries on the old line that was with an injury to Disley. That's what the emergence of two thousand yard receivers with a top three running back like those pieces all come back. This is going to be an offensive minded talented team. They can add In that draft in the middle rounds it can add in free agency right this. This is such a loaded wide receiver draft the best on paper. That all these guys ever seen and you know what that does to veteran free agent receivers in some pretty decent ones man. Does it deflate their market man. Does that give you an opportunity to not have to Ron Brown or Maliki leak Turner in the playoffs. Oh to lease but a legitimate guy that has played in this league. I think they'll find the those things happen for you. I don't think you need to necessarily make them your priority priority. I think they'll find those guys so I I just I'm not that worried about their their offense that way. I think it will take care of itself. You've got Russell Wilson. I often find fine but there are so close to having an elite offense like a truly elite offense. You're GONNA et replacing three or four offensive line and you want to scrap heap guys again and watch a weed. I think we've got an eyelid. You've got enough cap. Space and draft picks that you don't have to do that either. You can still find yourself some decent decent offensive lineman but in the meantime you've gotta fix your pass rush. You cannot function another year with your pass rush looking like it did this year Johnathan posts like one too at center. Duane Brown is your left tackle. DEMARCO JONES IS GONNA be a better guard guard than any guard. You've had the last two or three years correct now. What are you going to do it right? Tackle if Eddie walks you know I think. That's a legit question. Do you pay George Fan a little bit of money and make him a right tackle. Does he have a skill set to do that. That is something that they're going to gauge in that building. So yeah I'm not GONNA say. How do you write that all of a sudden? Oh you know Russell can fix everything on that auto line. I think there are some resources air but you got a lot of cap spaces especially if you let go of it. And that's what eight million dollars savings right and I think you have to let go. If I'm a I thought they were GonNa let go last year year too late on Pay Luke Joel nine million dollars that's a scrappy guy was about nine million dollars like unless you truly invest. You're getting tragedy paid you. You paid your potty two million you paid fluker two million I mean does Marco. Jones is better than both those guys have both been fine. They were. They weren't luke and they weren't the reason they lost in the playoffs. Not even a little bit. I mean they they were more than serviceable and they allowed them to have a pretty decent running game throughout the problem. Rob Was couldn't stop anybody and when it mattered most on huge third downs. There are secondary wasn't good enough. They were playing Leno Hill in key spots and their and their pass rush wasn't good enough. They couldn't get to the quarterback they they didn't touch Aaron Rodgers for the entirety of that game. And that's two years in a row get it. How do you wait anyhow was supposed to be part of? I can't help help just talking over each other building on each other's ideas of knows renting opinion I promise you guys are finally coming around Delano Hill L.. Integra Thompson Stink. Because how do you try to tell you that for like four year. Oh we we haven't been able to see him yet is not Delano. You know at least I was hanging out at home because I don't think he's going to be in the NFL next year. Or Hey Brock you're here with Kerry from twitter carry. Our family loves four. I am not surprised at the route. Four is actually our best selling vehicle. The new styling improve gas mileage plus all the latest safety technology features make it. The perfect car are for North West lifestyle and all new ravs come standard now with apple carplay an android auto. And how's your inventory. Well because we sell so many rat fours we actually earn even more more from the factory. So we'll always have dozens to choose from SORTA puyallup putting you first since one thousand nine hundred seventy. Here's the next thing. We're going to fix brock in three step sir. Less three steps are fewer frozen action. I did this. Did you know that I've been on the frozen in the in the at the paramount. How was it oh great? Was it good. Who's well done every loved transfixed by the whole thing something to take the family and we do yeah absolutely it was entertaining? It was where I am. I mean you're seeing music. You're seeing play theatre opera opera. I like to AH operate. Yeah not once a year. Every few years I'll go to the card carrying member the Bene- Royal Hall. No but I go there once a year too. I like going to bed. That's an awesome place all right fixed the NFL in three steps fix the XFL the Xhosa the the XFL in three steps. I've got I've got the three things to fix the XFL reading step one. Don't start it in February started in like May Let people develop. Aw I I'm not ready yet. I just finished the Super Bowl. I I'm not ready for football yet. I have no hunger for it yet. I need a little bit of the natural evolution of the the seasons. I'm not ready for football and even if you waited like a month I'd be more ready. I'm not ready for football right. You need to cleanse the palate. I need to yes. Yes I need some work some grapefruits sorbet or something like this is how i. It's too close to the Super Bowl. I it's not get my eyes can't be tricked into believing. Oh this is a good product. That's right 'cause I just saw football played at a really High Level Sixteen Ryan Tannehill in the AFC championship game. So I know oh great football when it's hey so don't pretend no I just. I need a little space. But don't crowd me. That's very need a little bit of Spain and that's not a criticism criticism. It just I. It would be helpful and might be alone but these are my fixes I would. I could use a little space. Don't smother me. That's one number two. The three year rule has go. Do not do not keep the same rule that the NFL has that requires players to be out of high school for three years allow players to come directly from high school with the problem that the XFL has is that there are no stars in it. Why not find those kids that are sec top tier talent who have zero interest in going to school? And I'm not saying that's all of them by no means is it. There are plenty of kids brock. And I know you've told me a million times that are really interested in getting that education. Asian is a part of their experience. But I think we also know there are plenty of them. That are not interested in that that are not quite green. Who couldn't be bothered to go to class there are plenty of? SEC huge big time athletes including quarterbacks who are not particularly interested in getting their degree. It's not important to them as Jones wants tweeted. I didn't come here to play school. That's right so instead of paying those kids. Fifty five thousand. What if you had a premium for the best high school players coming out of high school and you paid them? Eighty five or one hundred thousand dollars and you brought in some big big time recruits right the top tier athletes and big-name name quarterbacks and said for your three years of getting ready for the NFL which you were going to do in high in college and not get paid for and only have a certain amount of time to practice and have have to go to school. This and that we're going to make a full time football player. We're GONNA pay eighty five to one hundred thousand dollars a year to do it and at the end of that you're still going to be eligible for the NFL draft. Why wouldn't you do that in an take a take on college football and be actually find a means to bringing some stars into your into your into your league about that? I would do that immediately. And in and maybe there's something going on behind the scenes where the NFL doesn't want them to do that or the NC double a.'s pressured the NFL. But I I would do that. A flash. There's no reason you can't have the very best. What would be freshman sophomore those kids who can't play in the NFL yet? Get them right here and let him go nuts in the XFL and see what happens the third thing and I don't. There's no real plan for you. You gotta just the quarterback play has to be a little bit better Because there were a lot of good things came out of the League. I thought I mean you you you you. Some of the quality of play was very good your game and then broke out especially good quality. Play and quarterbacks were good but you know there are a lot of balls thrown at the ground. There are a lot of these sorta twenty-one for I'm just looking at some of the stats from the weekend for quarterbacks. UC Twenty one forty. You see twenty two of forty four sixteen of Thirty Four Spiff Dean of twenty nine. There were a couple of on the other side of that ledger. So I don't think I mean there was also a twenty twenty seven thirty three or forty two a couple of guys that did well but there are way too. Many of those fifty percent or fewer type of efforts from the quarterbacks. Yeah that's hard hard so you know if if I'm the X.. Can look announcing all right week. One was successful but so is week one of the a lot of very similar things being said after week one of the AF. The question is can you get people to build part of their weekend around this. That's what makes the NFL special right. I build my weekend around. Hey what are you doing. Well of C- seahawks play Sunday. They at Ten Ten ten. So that's what I'm doing from ten until one thirty. That's my that's my weekend. Everything else has to get built around it will. Will this be something where over time name. It's there's no more curiosity factor has to be no. This is something I truly want to watch. I'm going to build my weekend. What is a is a contract? Employee must recuse recused myself fixes. You're not being paid by the by the by thought. That's what you think. I'm I'm double dipping recuse myself. Is it true who's paying you. Fox's pain okay. Yeah no I I would contend. I think those are all three really a good ideas and those aren't shots. I thought it was not taken. Shot the difference though. Let me start with what you comparison to the AF The challenge AF had number one. Obviously it was fake money. Yes I never got paid fake money is it was outright oxtail. Yeah let's lawsuits about fraud and misrepresentations representations and things going on behind the scenes that number two after the initial weekend of being on network. TV Do you remember what happened. They they went to bleacher report. They went to Susan. Who like a three yes to Joe? TV I mean it went places where a joke couldn't find it so that was a really cool product doesn't happen here. They in every Saturday. We'll be. Yep every Saturday will be Fox. ABC and Sunday goes to ESPN NFS. One but you're going to be able to just have it on your channels that are on on your guide that are right there in front of you. Oh there it is also challenge I understand the oversaturation to a degree. And you come right the Super Bowl but this is also your window to Gist capture. Because you don't have the masters in April you don't have the NFL draft. You don't have the build up to the NFL this there is a downtime in the NFL. This February March arch right now. March gets going with free agency in the combine at the end of the month. But you get a chance here to capture two or three weekends especially in February. Where what else are you legitimately turning thirty nine in watching the ball comes in March? July march madness is so dominant there through March right then the NFL. Draft the end of April. You have a window. I think of opportunity to kind of capture. It may be an interesting time the moment the NFL draft ends. And everybody's got that started a month earlier than that. I don't know I I'm not ready at all. Like dial where you read. You weren't right either coming up. I was so ready but my readiness started started to wane. It waned quickly went. I'm not out. You may remember last year. I'm sure no one does. I came in on Monday. I was Mr AF. I was all in on the AF and then I was all all out. Soul Facet meager and spin. WHOA WHOA doesn't work as well when you say that? How do you own right to? I loved I'M GONNA late. I'm a late adopter. I am not going to be an early adopter on this league right. I'm going to let heartbroken yes. I'm going to guard my heart on myself and I'm going to let them win me over because there's nothing worse than falling in love with a new league only to have not succeed with Loughrey watched what happened to kyle with the A. Ah Joel Martin. Your heart and brandon silvers hands so the the ratings on Fox where like a two three two seven between the two games by comparison. That's better than any really. I think any Fox game that I did this year save for Bedlam. Bedlam was in the threes That that's much bets. Double the number number of say. Ucla Oklahoma. We did and Fox on Saturday night. Primetime Washington. Utah was a afternoon on Saturday. I think that was like a one. Six one seven it did did better than really good college football their key though and I. That's that's that's about right. That's what I would guess especially for week one. What I'm curious about is week two and three and don't hear this is A? It's going to go down week two or three. I'm not saying that that's really. The test is because week one is all right. Let's see these new rules. Let's see what they're doing. Let's see if this thing there's a play. Yeah let's see if there's any stars let's see if there is an ex Kurt Warner Jake del. See and I think some of the some of the rule things were interesting right. I mean I. I thought the kickoff rule was cool. And that maybe something the NFL wants to steal or adapt. And I think that the or adopt rather extra point thing was a good idea while I was surprised to see so many teams going for one. Correct the different one one in two seems negligible and the percentages were forty one and thirty six actually less right Yeah to get one point. The two you've got to go through think he'd be going for three off from the ten if those numbers stay around that thirty eight to forty one percent at one and two yes. I think that probably is where this league starts and nobody wants to be the first one to go out and do it right. I would have done it right off. I'm over three. You have not. You're not going against any precedent or any trip. Why wouldn't you start off swimming? And there's no way you're getting got fired only defensive oriented Hamilton. You're out of here. You went for three too early for Johnson. Got Fire is team won the game. He's the ruthless heffer. Johnson was so good as player band. Don't you ever met great introduction meeting by the way love being there I already gave. Here's here's the key. Those the numbers this weekend have got to be in the twos again. Numbers are in the twos again and again and again. Guess what you can do you. Got Your selling legitimately selling to the big advertisers and getting legitimate legitimate money and when you get legitimate money Mike then you're number two. You know you get the opportunity to do. I don't think it's a high school kid players. Yes but it's also that a kid that they played really well in college a freshman that is sitting there going. Do I want to stick around here for the next two or would it be. Who made two hundred right? They don't they don't they cannot do that cannot do. They have the three year rule just like three or rule but but once again like if they look at and say that is a training ground. That's a developmental ground. That's some good football and I can make six figures and go play there in legitimately help myself for the NFL in two years. And I think that's the target not necessarily kid out of high school. I think that is such a total crapshoot. We've seen it in this market between siler miles and Jeff Lynne. Christ fine you know. Let let them be in college. See if there's a true fee numbers. There wasn't college last year. There's there's Justin fields in the justin fields makes a decision. Do I want to be at Ohio state in capture the the the Ohio state to everything that it brings to me for my life on and off the field or do I want to go to this. XFL and get paid legitimate. Maybe it's one hundred fifty grand whatever it is that this leak starts to make some money in play. Are there before I've been bounced to the. NFL will I be more NFL ready because being down on the sidelines that game felt right in between a college game in an NFL game. It was faster the college football much of it that I've ever seen and it was just maybe a step slower obviously than the elite. NFL game couple other things to fix while we're just fixing everything in the world segment job for the X.. Honestly Week One. Based on the press that they've received the publicity etcetera was eight was a solid week. One the trick now is to follow it up to get people who said Hey all right. That was cool. I want to see what it looked like. But you know I'm not going to build my life around it. Will they keep coming back. And I think there's a good chance that that happens. We'll see we'll see we'll see weeks two and three all right next thing to fix. Fix the Oscar so boy. This past weekend was Oscar Week. Kyle and I didn't get to watch the Oscars together like what do really do I know. Generally Kyle and I watch them in spring training in Arizona Shannon. Yes GonNa miss that I own. I gathered to watch watch. What's going on in both politics and you could still do it now? Like you can call each other and say hey we do our laundry folks talk. You WanNA come out cannon's there I had I don. DVR Too because that's when we were out watching frozen so heather and I zipped through the Oscars this year and in no time which is definitely the award presentations. I watched them Um and stuff like yeah. I don't care about makeup. I don't know you just kind of wait and see what it is. They're all the commercials you fast forward. The Renee Zellweger. Like Ah. There's things that you just know to all right. So here my three three step fixes for mostly this Oscars but also some other Oscars number one. St Steve Martin Chris Rock were great together let them just host the Oscars. Not that I didn't I didn't I was fine with the no host thing but the two of them together they were right Different General Yes. Do that Steve Martin. Chris rock very good together. They come and get away with a lot number two just a war just go back retroactively and give Sam Mendes the award for best director actor. That wasn't right that you didn't entire movie in one shot but come on. I know they gave it to the cinematographer for nine hundred seventeen but go back and give it to San Mendez. Parasol was good movie. He probably deserved best picture. It yes you saw person is good. It's really good. Was it good. Yeah I like nineteen seventeen better but I would no issues with parasite winning best picture but come on. Fixed the Oscars Scher's by awarding the. Yes to the movies I for. That's exactly right thank you. And then here's my final fix for the Oscars you kind of make it. American can idol style where people at home vote for how long each winner gets on the stage. So that when Joaquin Phoenix starts rambling rambling. incoherently about not making on. Everyone's gotTa Buzz. Yes yeah so we're just waiting and that's one that's one buys. Yeah that's true I don't know versus when the The director who won for parasites starts telling this great story about how he had this quote that he had he had kept on his wall since forever in his he kept kept this quote forever and he. He revealed that it was from What's his name from From the Irishman Martin Scorsese. Thank you it was Martin. Scorsese's quote Scorsese process. He was there and they allowed a big ovation that was awesome and he should be allowed to continue and then when Renee Zellweger comes out and she's annoying you just hit the button and you don't have to why a home can vote on the she's onto buzzers. Say next she's jail. She's out now. If you really wanted to make it cutthroat you would not give the buzzers to the people. At home you would give the buzzers to all of the people at the way you want in. That room presses a buzz. Well no it has to be secret. But he's gotta be secret they can't see the buzzer you would have to be secret. Buzzer Mike Hollywood. Secret Buzzer the Astros Grass. Secret buzzers secret buzzers. So that they could buzz out the people that they don't like and then you find out who in Hollywood is liked and respected and who is not. Tell me that wouldn't make for more entertaining. Oscar experience you thought the Oscars were liberal already. find out it's not what you think if it was secret about a drop floor like if you have a just yes and the floor drops and they just go down in the water. Sweeney Nickelodeon to come in Russell will will host yet the kids choice let them just go phoenixes one really good accurate but man that guy should not just don't talk animal animal pita. Just let it go. You don't WanNa know trust me. You don't want to hear any of it. It was it was hard to listen to all right. Can I sneak one of mine. What would you like to fix? I know how it he's probably going to be. Oh animated on this wire. He's chomping at the bit. Probably how do you fix udub hoops. Kyle fire my cop. Enough is enough. He's proven he's lost the team. He can't play with these one and done our rights and step back next year. You thought this year was bad. Enough Super Kook Kooks beat am. Yes I mean. Everybody beats them soundly. They lost like nine in a row. You realize that they're in the basement. What happened there in last? What has it happened well? Here's what I do hard to fix fix. We all know what happened. The wheels of told the come off like a floor underneath Mike Hopkins right into a dunk tank. It's time to just play the freshman adventure juniors it. I mean you've gotta go young freshmen are all going to be gone off. This is who I'm not talking about. I'll get to Jane mcdaniels. I don't play him either. That's number two. He's as a freshman. That's fine I'm talking about. I'm talking about your other freshmen. I said play your freshman place Stewart. Play the kid from Marysville play the kid from Oregon play those yes Marcus Williams. Yes you've got to play them. Play them and I'm sorry like your juniors have had three years here and they're gonNa be off the bench and you're going to have to earn every second of it because because when you're cellar-dwelling a new season's over and you're not making the nit. It is time to play your young people. And I'm and I'm sorry. Let Your Juniors Sore foot four coming off the bench you have got while you're young people number two J mcdaniels is man. That's been a real challenge. I was talking to some basketball people about this and they're like if an NBA GM or coach thinks that they're going to take that kid in the top ten. They're going to lose their jobs right and I hate to label a seventeen or eighteen year old coach killer. And I'm not necessarily doing that because this kid is young enough enough to turn the corner but right now this is not working and he will have to sit on that bench and earn every second if he didn't play as hard as possible. You're just GONNA continue to sit if they're in A. I'm sorry this is not working. We have given you. How many games the season so those are my two immediate fixes as far as just playing the young guys and not your juniors and seniors anymore either? Hot Jay mcdaniels using hops in any trouble a no. I think to time coach of the year. I don't think so I. I mean right back to back years set-back coach of the year. I think this is a step back and reflection that we are not a five star program. I I've been thinking about this and I thought I've been told the story thing on the podcast. The difference between Texas and Texas attacking the difference between Herman having a bill that program with five star kits and everything that comes with versus build program with three star kits in heck look at the Texas Tech Heck look at Dayton heck look at these programs all over college basketball look at Washington when he was coach of the year. Did he do it on the shoulders of five star recruits or. Did he do it on the shoulders of choice of some four stars and some other absolute role players that buy in and will sacrifice and be tougher together. Do everything that's asked. And I think this is one of those as you. Look in the mirror and go. We're not five star program. We're not we're not going to be that we will let Arizona and we will let Ucla. We'll let others win the recruiting rankings. And they can do that we are. I'm not GonNa do the five star route. We are not a five star program. We are a three star program with four star. That's the right mix maybe the local kid and we're going to do it the right way and you know what what I'm GonNa have them. Run them stares out at Forbes Creek Park and they're going to be Pukhan and they're going to be punching me and they're gonNA be furious and they may not like me but we're going to do it with a hard hat and the lunch Pale and we can't do it with the five stars isn't that isn't that the style of coach that he's been since he's been here Mike Hopkins. He has been a grinder right. Layers like e works guys a hard and it is not just that Jaden mcdaniels is not playing well in this team. There is not a player on this team. Outside of Nas Carter and outside of Isaiah Stuart that is playing to their capabilities abilities. Not One. That's all on the coach. One hundred percent something has to change there and how he does this. Because Jay mcdaniels didn't ruin them but I think we're brock saying is we're the change occurs is not what the coaching styles with the types of players and the personalities that you bring in so five Star Recruit Palo Bench Ero at O.`day new John can be a one and done kind of John Brockman and like I mean that guy is legit. We have seen what that did to. Lorenzo was on what it did right at the second. Half of Lorenzo's career but I'd say a steward is a five star playing great music. Great kid unfortunately the ideas. It's not that you would say no to two five star kids. It's that you only say yes to the right ones. You're right and I think that's gotta be the theory by pretend to the right ones working from a work capacity standpoint and whatever it takes Isaiah Stewart was the right one. It's not like they're seven five star kids trying to go to Washington all right. They only get the weather. Even I understand that. But what you're saying is you. Don't just say yes automatically that you have to actually do your homework. Even on the five star kids and still they'll find the ones that fit with the mentality. You're looking for in the personnel five-star that has a three star mentality and those are even more rare to find because most of the five stars get the adulation in sixth grade. Most of the five stars get their butts kissed junior high. Most of the five stars have already figured now what their shoe deal is going to be and where they're going to go in and starting to build their entourage around them to get to the NBA. GimMe the five star. That is still built like a three Unicorn. It okay recruit the golden goose. That's what brock that's okay. You not just recruiting that one player. You're saying that I'm going to recruit three stars. who have the right attitude? Attitude recruit four stars got the right attitude and on the five star kids. Yeah if the right one is there then absolutely will spend some energy and time trying to make it happen but we're not going to go all out for the kid that is going to be a potential huge deal for the program but also a potential program record. It's just not worth rhys went on paper right. We're not GONNA win on hype. We're we're not gonNA win on perception. We're not GONNA do it. We're going to win with the lunch pail. How do you not buying it gets allies? leaper all those guys on the roster. They've been there for three years and none of them are good good and none of them got better and Hopkins brought every one of them. They're all the previous iteration. Got A lot better over the last two years. So what Hopkins showed with Romar guys has. He's good on the court coach but he has yet to develop players at all. No I mentioned those guys. I think what he didn't do is develop his own guys right. which tells me it's more about recruiting than it is about coaching? He was better developing somebody else's players. Somebody else brought in the guys did it right. I think that's sort of the point. So yeah I I understand what proxy. I don't know the right answer to this but I think I understand your point what's going on across. I ninety that guy inherited right. He inherited a bunch the three stars and two stars and and guess what he's over. What is Tony? What is Tony Bennett? Don Throughout his careers. I wonder how much in in basketball and I don't know that much about the inner workings of recruiting basketball towns. You don't want it. I know I don't legitimate legitimate for us. We don't want to know. I wonder if yeah. I wonder if one of the reasons some of these guys have had success with other coaches recruits is that they never had to promise them anything. Yup and this is just me. I don't know enough about this. If I'm if I'm completely way off on this feel free let me know. But how many promises do you have to make to to recruits in basketball special even more so than football because you only get a few on your team's only so I know how many incredibly hard to Keach promises. Do you need to make. Yes that then. What your word encumber encumber you once once they actually get your program versus okay? I'm I'm coming in air fresh. I promise she jack that's exactly what I didn't tell. The last guy did feel free to transfer if you want. But if you're gonNA stay here and you want to play this year. These are my rule. Sorry I promise here's. USA's here's the other bind is thought about these words that came out of my mouth ten minutes really. This is why I'm I'm. I'm falling farther and farther out of love with basketball every year. The coaches have no control whatsoever. And I'm all for players rights and players having a a level of safety and getting paid and this. I'm I'm for that but at the end of the day there's got to be some sort of a top down mentality to your sport and this trickles down from the NBA down to college and eventually into high school. AU Center where the coaches don't have any juice whatsoever and it is entirely kid Ron Player on former NBA Guy said this to me yesterday. We were looking at the shooting facility. He said to me we're talking about some of this and talking about U. Dub job actually and he said where what other job in America does. The Labor have more power and make more money than management. What what other? What other and it'll be radio radio professional sports radio over? Sure Radio's definitely that so. Yeah were you able to relate late at all but you see some of the challenges at that does do. Yes even know them now. Since that does create some Management Management and coaching challenges. Yes it does now. Furthermore and Spring Training starts here. Go Talk to Scott Service about it. That's exactly right. Furthermore it's very easy for me to I sit here and say these. Are the fixes. Play the young guys play Jay and make them earn everything. Well for Mike Hopkins now for him as a coach this season in the future. What happens to the UBER? Talented kids down the road. Oh you ruined Jay mcdaniels. That kid came in here. He's an MBA lottery. Pick on everybody's board if he could've come right out of high school and what did you do. Where's his confidence right? I mean you're you're in a delicate spot. If you're Mike Hopkins to to your point about promising kids in recruiting kids and developing kids and took your kid. And I'm Matisse ibos awesome. I made him a first round pick. Sign me up. Kids WanNa complain for that quite a green. Let me transfer there but all of a sudden when it goes this bat and it's this tough and they're the ones in control in the body language. Right now is atrocious and harder foolish. Was it hard. I had more fun watching your daughter play basketball than watching any other basketball game in about the last five or the way that sound like a really tough fix of everything we talked about the heart of the other things were easy hawks the Oscars we have some good fixing. This will be easy. You're ready for the last one. I think the last one. We have what we could do this for our but yeah fix highschool in youth spoil. Now I know very little about high school but I have the facts. I have a couple of fix. Here's my amendment. Is My number one biggest fix for high school and Youth Sports Use Technology. Okay okay how. IMC No. I'm going to tell you. The biggest chip one of the biggest changes we've made in technology is is through our use use of video right and the ability to stream live video through the internet etc.. A very very low price ban parents prince from every single youth sports after the age of let's say ten six every parent from every every game they can watch it live via video but they cannot be there. You can have other kids there. You can have friends friends at CETERA. But if you're a parent of a kid in that can not be there and watch you have to watch through streaming video. They can smell in a cottage industry. What would that change how you built like a warehouse? Yes you have kind of fake fans or maybe you bring in artificial official noise you get used to playing. They are not allowed. I think cal ripken did this by the way in the baseball league. I'm pretty sure he did. You can watch on video one time not let the parents parents be there. He and there were no walks. Either the I think he honestly put in some of these restrictions in the league that he helped manage room back east in work. I don't know they go find out doing. I don't know I don't know if we still aboard the be intriguing. It'd be very you attend. A lot of these games. Have over the last year. So what would it be like if all of the parents had to watch on video through their computers or iphones or whatever instead of person. Well let's just say I had a friend of mine who may. Hey listen or may not listen to podcasts. I'm pretty sure he does. He was at work. Could not get home. And you're right the technology in this day and age I mean the GM. Most of these gyms have amazing cameras. Is that you can build into the to watch the game. And he said he was watching it from his cubicle and he was telling thanks Jerry come over but yes throw things in your own. Because you're not affecting anybody else when you do that you're not screwing up the kids okay. Yes because the new rule. The referee trice everybody. You just have to go sit by yourself. You can fume and get as mad as you want but you cannot do it while the kid is in sight and sound interesting. What do you think are the fast one one shot fix? And we've just solved would also ban travel and a whole bunch of other things and the whole travel thing seems like a completely. You're telling me there's not enough talent around you. You have to go travel. Of course there is why is it. What do you mean? There's not enough talent. Of course there is Seattle. Sure there's plenty of talent prosser Washington that's not true. I mean mean like Bronx. Kids don't need to go to Vegas and Atlanta and Dallas. And all that. If you can't drive there then you you know flying no flying for anything for any purpose purpose for any reason no flights until you get to college. How's that where did this idea expressed by the way I don't know I was just thinking about I think things for you're still thinking yourself walking around the House House? Yeah compared to the days we did this on an everyday basis. You still find yourself thinking nope not really thinking okay. uh-huh remember what Kyle was just trying to manage people have more power and make more money than you. That's what I'm thinking about all the time so I don't have a today or I had a little time just thinking about fixing there you go. I'm not necessarily a hand not necessarily brought but today we are we are fixers as we continue. Continue on here with the broken song podcast and police to be joined by Fox sports own curt Menefee and other brock partner as well high carb. How are you all right? How are you guys doing great? I mean how could we not we were in full. Swing here seahawks off season. We're we're fixing things at Brockton iron fix it mode so we've kind of gone we've fixed the Seahawks we fixed the XFL we fix the Oscars. We fixed social media. We're we're we're on top of the world this morning fixing things and then you'd like to fix the. There's a lot to be fixed right now in our world so that's that's the downside but if we've got two guys like you working on it and I feel a lot better. It's an extra long. PODCAST is like three straight hours mixing everything that's what it is. After the week in the dust has settled and we'll get to the seahawks and the NFL. But you know as the dust settles on the XFL look back on it now. After a few days to reflect on both our game Kurt and the weekend at large What was your biggest takeaway? I think in my biggest takeaway was how I just personally the quality of the of the play you know I was impressed with that. Because you don't know these teams were put together. Basically five weeks ago. You know guys meeting each other getting to know one another and then having to come out and play actual game with really. They didn't have preseason games at a couple of scrimmages but no tackling involved in those kinds of things And I thought the quality of play overall for the League was pretty good and I think it was officiated. Pretty well all it was all pretty clean. No big controversies so to have that coming out of the gate At a brand new league with brand new teams that was impressive to me the second second aspect of it from a big picture thing is is just the response that I think that It came about with the fans the media With people that also also obviously didn't know what to expect and we're pleasantly surprised by the quality of play by the aspect of the audio broadcasts That we did at Fox and they did it. ABC ON ESPN. And I think it caught some people by surprise because particularly and I use the line and I don't mean in a negative way but older older you know Media people who going into this like well in two thousand one this was about he hate me and it was gimmicks and it was this. Will this be the same. And he kept saying saying no. This is about football football football. But we've got you know the ability to maybe do some interviews during the game or listen to coaches call. Plays other than that. It really is about football. Oh and those people didn't believe it now if you're under thirty you don't really remember two thousand one not strongly so. This was not a surprise to them. I don't think but I think a lot of people. Well had different expectations and they came out of this feeling good about the potential. This league that he hate me things never going away though. No it's amazing moment you say the words. XFL Two thousand one. The first thing anybody says he hate me. They don't talk about Skycam which was invented. Then they don't talk about the steal the Bacon version of the opening coin. Toss loss which I thought was awesome so I think somebody got hurt but they just talk. You hate me every time I don't think the XFL two thousand and one is is the thing that it would be naturally competent. The concern is more af right that week one went well for that also right. Yeah and I think that's where the kind of the newer generation goes. I think that was one of the things going in. If you're old enough to remember two thousand one you wanted to to tied into that. If you weren't you weren't tied into the AF and this version in an not trying to do a stump speech here you know. Look I've been involved in what's going on behind the month so I had some questions going into it and those questions were answered for me so I know no. I haven't advantage that other people. Don't but you know the thing is neither one of those previous iterations or different leagues as anything to do with what this. XFL Is this XFL XFL is funded which the W. F. was not It was a league that tried to convince people they were so that they can get investors on board and obviously ran out of money during the first season because they weren't I know for a fact that funding behind this version of the XFL we'll sustain it for multiple seasons and then the wanted to come out and as long as the quality of football is good and the broadcasts are good. You're GONNA get yours. which will sustain league for years to come And as long as you don't try and compare it to something else and just look at it for what it is. I think people are going to be happy. You think there can be good enough quarterback. Play the guy that I'm staring across from here. Mr Sulk is a how. Would you define your quarterback Tim Snob. I like watching about twelve quarterbacks in the world I don't watch a lot of college football because I think the quarterback stink and I don't like watching them in eh throw. Incomplete passes to wide open players. They were NFL Games. where I'm like? Yeah you know Ryan Tannehill against I'm good and I know that guy went to the AFC championship championship game this year. But for the most part. If you don't have a quarterback play it's hard for me to to truly invest in something. So yeah I I would say maybe a quarterback SNOB. You think. The quarterback play can be good enough competent competent enough capable enough to sustain the league over these ten plus weeks. I do From the standpoint of you know look I go back to and maybe this is part of the my old guy experience at the NFL. Your pretend seasons and you go into and you know that you know. The success of the team is going to be tied to the quality of the play at quarterback and you would go into a year and you have no idea who these guys were at the end of the season. You know we had Kurt Warner we had jake delone. We had John. Those guys got an opportunity to play and develop their game. Now you know was not the hall of Fame Guy when he left but he was a guy who wound up getting an opportunity to play in the national football league. Turn that into a whole career and the same thing with some of those other guys and I'm not necessarily saying we're going to have a hall of Famer to come out of this at least this first season But I I think by the end of the season there will be guys. We had a guy in our game the Houston quarterback PJ Walker formerly known as Phillip Walker. But you know he's a guy who came out I think probably is the Star Week one that ninety nine point nine percent of people who watch football regular basis in the national football league had no idea who this guy was and by the the season if he keeps us up they will and he'll be a guy you go. Okay let me check up again. Doesn't mean he's going to be one of the top ten quarterbacks on the planet but it'll be a guy that I think people will be interested. I and I think that'll happen around the league in different spots from time to time. Did you know it when you were watching one of the fun things and and About the weekend was sitting down with you guys really after the game in the the director and the producer in guys that have been at Fox a longtime the very best to be honest with you number one director number one college football producer and sitting around the table. Oh I didn't realize how many of you cut your teeth over an NFL Europe. I mean nearly everyone around that table But spent some time in NFL Europe. Did you know when you were broadcasting casting those games and Jake degrom of Kurt Warner of John Kitten. I'd include Damon Hewitt on that list. Did you know as you were watching those guys like man you know what these could be. NFL L. Deutz like these guys have chance to be NFL guys. I thought they had a chance to be NFL guys. You know. I'll be honest with you. You know who knows that that stage they're going to be a guy who leads the team to a superbowl or guy who's a long-term starter. I can remember when Kurt Warner finish the season. You knew he could play in the national football league but at the time he had just been the fourth street. Not even the third string quarterback the fourth string quarterback in Green Bay. I believe top of my head I think he was behind far Hasselbeck back and Mark Brunell so you know he was sent over there he had been cut Saint Louis sign them and just over there to play to find out what he what he could do. She go okay. This this guy is at least the number three number two if he can get an opportunity to be on their practice squad to do something he can develop into something more and I think those are the kinds of things you saw you. Okay could be players in the league. The question was you know what type of quality but I think we also found out not to make this an NFL your introspection but you know we found out about guys who can't play. I think that's what these leagues are as much as anything else as well. I mean you may remember. Geo Chrome Ozzy was a third round draft. Pick in the San Francisco Forty niners you send them over there You spent ten minutes with him in a meeting room and watch quarter play. This guy can't do it and so I think it saves some time that way as well and you know. Maybe that's what we'll find out with some of these guys abuse league to I prefer to and it was the World League of American. Football was not at the beginning was the world league and then it became. NFL Europe. Jack bed now. I think was over there and the Barcelona Barcelona dragons. Oh Wow dragons. And that's where John Kennedy was. The quarterback launch Phillips played running back doc over there Lots of guys coming up in Boston. Sorta we follow Jack along a little vic. Yeah he'd been flutie's coach it'd be so there was a little bit of Jack Bicknell love since we're fixing things let's get back to the to the NFL And the Seahawks who were close this year right. I mean certainly record wise and they find themselves in the final eight teams of the year but watching them throughout the season. They seem to play over their head and that they won games. That it you know on paper it looked like maybe they would not and a lot of that. Sure seemed to be due to Russell Wilson as you as you saw this team and then saw you know the best teams in the playoffs and unto the Super Bowl. You have a thought on how far away the seahawks are. Yeah you know I. I think they're in that next year. If you will Again doing this. I've taught my head. They're probably you say the top four teams that you could see getting back there. I think part of the problem they got though is there in the NFC NFC and I think the NFC is that there and this is before the draft before free agency and all that. But I mean you look at it I mean even the division you go San Francisco Los Angeles so you would assume won't be as bad coming off of a part of that was coming off the super bowl loss Arizona's going to get better but you look around in in Green Bay will improve New Orleans. We'll see what happens with drew. BREES THEIR ATLANTA. I think it's more of what they were the second half of the season than what they were the first half of the season you know I think a lot of these teams are it much deeper in the NFC and that will be the challenge for. I think the Seahawks I do feel like you know. They're games that you go there out of it. You GotTa give him credit coming me back and fighting and being in it and winning at the end But it is probably a year ahead of where they should have been so I I I don't see them at least taking a step back. I think their problems really ron defense and brock. You and I talked about in the preseason. This felt like the year that the seahawks had to become offense of team after years of kind of relying on the defense and they did did that. They're able to do that now. Obviously health became an issue down the stretch as well but I don't think they're that far away. I don't think they're in the elite category. But I think they're in the very good category and what can can you do realistically either your experience in decades and decades of watching this. What realistically can they do? Defensively to add is at one is a two is is it three. I mean they got a bunch of free agents Quinton. Jefferson's a free agent Obviously David Clowney the very best player arguably on that defense is a free agent. Y- It is a free agent. You know you've got eljay call. You got regime grain. You've got Shaquille Griffin. He Got Brandon. Jackson got just a lot of bodies and even some familiar names but not many playmakers on that outside. What realistically can they do? This off-season to really buttress a defence. A desperately need some help. I think to me it all starts you know. My understanding is pretty good and cap space but What are you doing today? Cloudy and once you decide that then everything kind of spins off the bat and I. I think it's an interesting dilemma. Because you look at him and at times he might be the best defensive on it football but at times. He's not on the field because he's not healthy he hasn't been able to you know. Be a guy that you can count on weekend and week out physically being there Also I I think that part of the reason he's no longer in Houston. They had a this year of once he got paid. It'd be the same player I don't know the answer to that and I'm not around him on a regular basis. I think by having a year with him the seahawks may be able to answer that a little bit better but those are the types of questions you gotta figure out before you pay a guy you know the kind of money that position and as especially as a free agent will require So so are you gonna be able to give him twenty million dollars a year and then be able to count on them whether it's physically or mentally If they do then I think that solves some of their problems many of their problems. uh-huh and then you go okay now we just need. We don't have to get that a player on the offensive Ed We can really focus on. I think they need to get younger. LINEBACKER I do think they need to short. Maybe the other side of the defensive end if they bring back clowney if not then. You've gotta go. You GotTa start somewhere on that defensive front and I so I think if you start with cloudy then told me where you're going then decisions. Maybe a little clearer. But I I think right now. It's up in the air. I'd say even if you get cloudy you still the other player on the front and this idea that I mean we saw. They had him this year. I think you need another player. I don't know if Abe player if you have that a guy you can get a guy or two guys and survive if you don't have that a guy then you've gotta go get an a guy this year arguably you had an a guy and and then a couple of days. Yeah I mean I think realistically grade should see you know. Ziganda in L. J. Collier was an F. and Ziggy was a D.. Minus two and a half like I mean honestly put a great on those guys almost no help on that other side through the course of the season. Yeah and you're going to go out and get body. Don't get when you're on. The question is what level do I have to get if I have Do they encounter back or two or whatever you WANNA do. If I don't I gotta go out and get hey guys so you know. That's what determines what you do. I don't think you just re signed him. And then you go. We're okay because they're not. They showed that last year. Well it's going GONNA come down and Russell Wilson you see the Gil. Brandt left Russell. Wilson Office most clutch list. We didn't even talked about that. Did you see that this week. He was he was listing the most clutch players. Here's in the NFL. I think he went through. What was it five guys? Twelve guys playing so they were twenty four players list. No made you and Russell Wilson wasn't on that list. There was guard deal. It's been doing this awhile bro. Rock Winston Nelson was lots than what is going on with the national media and Russell. Well I mean do what do we still have to fight this fight make. Maybe it was all the Internet memes many mesmerized by his hair. I I'm I'm serious I I don't get it. I mean if you look at it it's funny. I think I saw that that he's never gotten a single vote for MVP And if you look at you know obviously asleep the way that the march can play this year he was. MVP The league so you know but you put multiple guys down your on your vote and when you take a look at this I don't no no is. There was a guy who is more valuable to his team. And I include Lamar Jackson in that the more valuable to his team. That if you took that guy out. What is that team then? Russell Wilson I mean he is without him. seahawks aren't sniffing the playoffs and not just this year. You could say that. Maybe over the last several years of his career I think he is as much as people talk about. How good he is he still? Maybe the most underrated player in the League and I truly believe that because of the value that he presents because he always gives you a chance to win because he always seemingly does the right thing and rarely screws up. I mean how many times you go while you look at Jameis Winston Winston. He's GonNa Throw your thirty touchdown passes so they're gonNA throw thirty interceptions. Russell never does that thing. Rarely does that thing. I should say that makes you go. Wow he cost our team of possession. Wile e cost her our team of game And also whether you like him personally or not he does the right thing off the field and I think there's something to be said about that at that position so I don't get I really. Don't speaking of wow did you see brock's face on the sideline when that guy jumped over the dude vast it's really cool. We ran a replay of the guy. Leapfrogging allies her running back and in the background. I saw brock phase and I hit the button to talk to our producer in the truck and they go. We gotta run that again. You'll see brought face. Nobody else has seen it. I mean not that. I'm a great discovery of hidden video. You're watching the watching the players. And so oh he just he trusted me and it was like okay. We'll run it back after this plane and ran it back and then we saw was safe and then obviously the rest is history e-e-e-except weakened certainly the face that's for sure Brock's the new face of the XFL. We didn't even know that would be the case on funding ugly looking face. She's bringing. That's like all right so we'll see you here this weekend right. You're here for the Games looking forward to that and then And then I know we'll see you what we're just seven months away from preseason. NFL that's all football so Hopefully we'll see you doing the dragons games the next two weeks also. Yeah Gimme restaurant restaurant recommendations or anything that I don't know you know I spend a lot of time there but okay. I got a place in my basement room in the basement. If you WANNA just come hang out I mean we we got a spot for you live here for the week or two. I'll be hanging out of it. You you know smart man got the wind for me. Rocks got I Dunno yeah. She's got kids running around everywhere. All right thank you. We appreciate our talk to you soon. Anytime guys take care what he could do. It was really fun to be working with him again over the last weekend and since we're already in an hour so we're going to have to save. Maybe storytime for next Tuesday the behind I know I know I gave you a couple of the more. Yeah well you get a lot more face. You mastermind man. I mean that should be a legit meam. The face you made it went viral viral viral viral viral. It was like one trend each until the point when I go to my phone and like look up. Wow we're surprised under like through the little memes the pop-up it should be your face. On Sunday night when Geico procured looking for XFL mean tweets. It's GonNa be so good. All I got his face and then tweets face the mean. No no I mean. I didn't just look at. Oh it's hard to. It's hard to be that passionate about your game in the booth. Also if I was doing the sideline it was pretty cool. I had no idea going. Lean in and you know we were talking a little bit about parenting in. This is one of those opportunities I said to my girls. You know we challenge you guys go out there and do things and be courageous and I had never ever done any of this. I and there was no plan other than you have a lot of access and we'll kind of make it happen but I had no experience doing that. So it's kind of cool to have a little bit of nervousness is about. Wow this is totally new and then I absolutely loved it like right on the field and it was unprecedented access. So I mean I I got the call some place eventually. I'll have. I'll be in Seattle this week or call a player too. Yeah Roy took Zoran covered his mouth with the play she hears God bless them. That's my guy. So yeah they'll be old habits die hard unfortunately all right well. This has been fun We fixed quite a few things we did. I think this week next week. We'll take on. We'll fix podcasts. I think next week in A few other yeah. We're GONNA fix podcast. I also had a plan to fix twitter that we didn't get had to. We ran out of time so Why fix the PAC twelve to? I know a lot of things to fix fix. You don't think we need to fix the other things that twitter's fine bribe is uh-huh yeah all right. Don't even need to fix it. We're already not already pay. That's where the barn is see everybody uh.

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