King of the ring round two picks


Hey everybody says prestige jay. I want to tell you you know now you listen to your favorite radio radio. Show or your podcasting <unk> well. I could do that though now with anchor you can. I love you in anchor <hes> because this is one of the many way that the takedown gets to grow more on <unk> more people and you can do it too so if you sign up for anchor today you could be on your way to get your listeners. You could find the show you you want. You can do news you do sports. You could do talk you could do trivia just be yourself. Be who ever ever you want to be but most important have fun. That's why have fun. This is your show. This is your moment. Make it what you want to be sign of anchor and you will not be sorry that you did this prestige. May i have a great day okay. This is prestige a at the big deal though while <unk> has been taken by tale <hes>. I only have one replete because i have went to <hes> went to eat. Podcast <unk> came back with the clobber plob- all over again and hits just keep on coming but not talk about that right now. What i'm talking about is the king of the ring tournament and it's been a political term it does far except for the criminal is alliance was what shade had to interfere because he don't like kevin owens and all that stuff up alongside about the cleveland three now we do know with the finals is going to be possibly taken place. I just heard for p. W. limited what am i trust the source of wrestling we p._w. Limited just got the another just a source that is taking place at the clash of champions. If it's the titles on roy and only fitting that the king of the ring will be the final vote you hell class champion out of charlotte so in that will be good that will be really really a good fit for the case of the ray and if only they would have had the cleaner threes that will the perfect for the clash of champions two but the probably fi- a very good paper view to put the finals cleo cleaner trigger pretty sure dad and hopefully it will not be charlotte anyway so had a tough time getting the updated brackets four lorde the triggered the ray is some of those where i could be the c- <hes> the second second second albertus that's going to happen so the raw side i got phones samoa joe <unk> alastair <unk> to <hes> see <music> who are gonna pick yati note that i go to pick not gonna pick the heels votes. Y'all gonna pay detrick alexander to with earn the raw side of the <unk> catering targeted in going to the quarterfinals okay and for the alliance had a drought match to have to choose for god to heels. I guess i'm gonna have to pick out dre andrea drei. It'll have to pick so. I say that i take <hes> alexandra ended. I pick also <hes> adriana four to advance further. It decayed a three tournament. What the raw and smackdown respectfully at a little bit short sweet. I go to be doing the all out papers sued as so does this <hes> troubled times over plus. You know the twenty eight is going to be a very bad bad day for the except for when i go to charge search in all far the hoaglund of wife has diversity is concerned but <hes> i will be the or allow predictions a special <hes> sometime. This guy still got time to do the to do specials. I still got to do that. Put that on the ah so what again that's a gallows dan for the wrong side in australia those two that i will predict who will belong aw indicate a three tournament at the fido will be held at class of champion. If with your listening to us or the <unk> bakti country dot net over ever country is back after this growing right now nope <unk> city and we also are stitcher. We are also on many other places that big the big d adult ed every because ministy in a pod kathy so remember bitty country freud come along with with us so join us at the rebuilt a big country continue now. I still got a little bit of that cost but thank god taylor slowly but surely but it's healed and i wanted to because i wanted to go to that. <hes> celebration saw you know what to do reporter that too so anyway. This is a prestige j. D.'s road. We are not coaching that clad. This will be over. I can't leave for this to be over. Okay loops out. I fly august. Is this going wrong for me. Except for well possibly different went off the when i did the with the show in florida but nonetheless <hes> i read the practice because samoa joe end alexandra geared to dissect rail but they had not got their opponent opponent yet so i did all wrong saw. This is gonna be part to the makeup of who i. I'm going to pick that sweaty so wow he s though <hes> so this is the right with fella dead on another <hes> a website <unk> dot com and they had to withdraw to the first row of i throw accident on lastly the was the that did not happen <hes> yet but they're going to be happy. This week is ricochet. Versus through back tire now evidence <unk> cochet did come up for the t. and he is very likeable and the house a lot of high fiber than tigger cochet. I think that probably will be <unk>. I don't know why people are picking the he'll through through mcintyre the tire by tire now. I don't pick kills so i'm thinking <hes> kigali to shape possibly but we still got to go to the <hes> <hes> the different rounds so anyway dot dat it get to that i miss without next up balk doc high so another what is going to be a heated hated that <hes> i talked about biz versus the raw destroy a barrack cold a ah corbett and i'm going to go with the biz only because i don't like barry covers the w._w._e. Universe don't like barry coalpit. You know i hope it that the biz a takeoff barracuda out and move on to the piggery so i don't go to go with the spread gal side of it was the thrall side all right so <unk> ally alley. I is blocked buddy murphy the to heal situation just like i thought it was the other one but allah allah <unk> alice i as a buddy buddy buffy. I'm gonna go. I'll leave i this would or that are all tied the goal to the wood of the content <hes> <hes> chat gable shelter benjamin. I am very familiar with shelter beds <hes>. He has that around very long time <hes>. This is his first rodeo in the w._w._e. And he'd been around the wrong time so i i think <hes> celtic that will even though he wrote. I don't know if he's a healer <unk> but <hes> active shelter beds to avoid in the the <hes> the rail the i've already got that was so hopefully that will be hopefully that will be not that i <hes> of the bloopers and blunders for the first time i saw just be a pick some part while part one and the little bit of bloopers. I know august kick the detail.

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