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Hello and welcome to help her. Second my boss live on tall. Where currently in Glasgow? Hey with the. UK's lead expert William Hampson. Hello Jordan north standing on a street corner in Glasgow's I've always wanted to do. And what do you make of Glasgow heavy for now. I've been Edinburgh in a small town just outside outside of that umbrella. What watch this monitor thinks? He's looked on flaming claiming escorted Royal Bank of Scotland yet. Paper Chase got a post office. Lows is a beautiful city. We who the starbucks there's one there and then this one they're just must be big coffee fans here. So we're in this McGregor mcduff things right here in the very busy for a Friday. We're looking forward to our shelves and I called Stereo Stereo Stereo. We've been to London so far with its Sunday and Monday night. On great last night we was in Edinburgh Edinburgh Nova the beautiful Scottish. It was it was a good good good good good good good good code. Good crack last night was a very could cracks last night. I'll tell you what the Edinburgh was freezing. Cold glass goes actually quite tropical in comparison. It's weird we got the train across and we were freezing this morning. We've got the Glasgow is not as windy a bit more mild bit milder say so. This is a special episode. It's a limited edition collector's edition director's cut type episode. The next couple of days directed come over the next couple of days. We releasing a few special episodes besides at documenting what life is like on. Yeah for those that really haven't been able to make it to the show or those that really are craving more four of us. People are actually looking at us now. Because we're in the middle of Glasgow with two microphones and producer Ben. We're headphones record in the a week. We hope I'm actually wearing some women. Just said we should report in the room and your outside the atmosphere and honestly. I think that woman is going to help me. She had been given impression that what's been your. Should we talk. There's some Glasgow us this coming. Don't be fun here. They hey hey right. Hey Hey friendly could hardly get a word. And and so what has been your highlight of the Tulsa. The last five minutes. It's I think. Now what's been the highlight for me. Is Dave what did you mean by Dave. I forgotten during the show. We actually a AH listener upon stage wrong giveaway. Hashtag keep the secret. Let's get you sound. Give me the courtesy. We get up on stage and give them the deal on stage and we're one of the winners was Dave if he was a beautiful. Let's put it. That way was sadly David come with his girlfriend. Georgia William his soon to be ex girlfriend L.. FRIEND IF I have my way and William will not stop going on about stalking how many times as is William Musters. This week is only stable instant. Should I follow him. If you're listening I was going to follow you but I'm certainly board of your pictures of sort of tropical places. There wasn't enough of you and so I chose not to spend your highlight. I think highlight for me was the last night got on staging traits Downer Green Halt. You may you got up on stage. Because she said she didn't really like to Bonnie and genitive all night and then you trying to get her to try Green Hulk. She didn't down she. She took one sip and a bit like me decided that that was enough and yeah so she didn't allows to highlight. What about the rowdy people? Monday night this Sunday nights Sunday. Sunday Sunday in Hackney some people got thrown out. Apparently they got rowdy at the park Producer ben go up and do his you causing a bit of not suspended. He's talked about what you to act their shift. It shifted come on at least talked for accent so that was hi. I'm trying to think what loads he's just been. He's been great. You enjoying during my country with me. I'm we've we've been together. You slept on my arm last night. Ah Children rolled over and Bush. Every routes keep costs down and and suddenly I wake up and Jordan. It was sort of half lying on me. I don't say about not fine. I mean I take mine. That sort of thing. Should we talk about producer Ben taking longer longer than those ready yes producer who we allow him to come on stage for basically thirty seconds. It's about forty four seconds. It gets on stage every night. He takes longer than two different towns every night. How many houses he got? How many flowery shirt says one man made good at any of them trying to find Feinstein works how participants living on stage of the love in the limelight is an yes? Can we just run US again. God please goes. Could we have another sound. Check on me please guys. We didn't give him a microphone off no without because he doesn't speak so yeah that's upland. Shall we do a couple questions. Yeah we've we've had across the safe also the second part the show. Basically we got the audience to ask some questions from dilemmas. Like the PODCAST. I like an episode and I think it's only right that we read some of the best ones we've had we have yes and we'll read a few in the special episodes as we go through. We'll talk to you next when we have arrived in Bristol. Which of course you're staying with my parents? I'm staying at Williams woman actually really nervous about nurses noticed as I am in-state Sarah Brian's not to get proper pajamas. Well what were you studying us. You sleep and what have you. I says when you come down in the morning I really think I won't come down to stand next to the yearbook. Staff Anchor is the type of cooker. Oh farmhouse wellness. Yes to be honest. You can't wait to meet Sharon. Get ships joining darling tonight. I'm sorry I'm bit typically already Dolly New Self Eleven Sarah. I started early today. William William William William come come here because Mommy Jordan. How some wind? I've caught actually caught late. We're we're gonNA find somewhere else to do these questions standing here for too long somewhere inside. There's John Lewis and partners around the corner okay. The stuff bonus founded in my life ambitions going every John Lewis in the land and I haven't been sick lost one. Yes my mother she she of the alcohol. She's her ashes scattered and Peter Jones in Sloane Square. Really yeah no that's the posturing Lewis. You wouldn't know it. Go John Lewis off we go. I'm so disgusted with. We are now in John. Lewis and partners and we've ordered some tea and some coffee and whilst I was bringing being everything over you you had found the leftovers of what we can only describe as a three tape cake stand which had to half eaten sandwiches don't put So Ring John Lewis. I'm partners in the cafe and does really nice. What did call it afternoon? Tea a couple a across the table avenue afternoon till you may have some leftovers uh-huh and the sandwiches and they were just caught so I thought I'll grab a known watching it and there's a k. k. and I don't know stops being bitten or cup. Can I have current cake. I just wouldn't do you think they will have done. I think he's going to the environment. I'm not wasting food. You've stolen no I was. I was really nervous us in case they were gonNA come back like she just got tyler. Some woman comes back in Ontario policy of no share of just not to my to come out again but action Russia's finance. I think it's not from the top of this cake when when when when I pinch the three tier plate cake thing out. A block next to US did spotless. I wasn't with you at the time it was quite cringe. Bought some I just Jim Jordan. The best part is I've ever can. I just say hello to emergency. You see dentist match in Edinburgh who push filling in say nothing the joke chocolate selves. I popped my teeth pronounce basically so so thanks Ishmael. Who gave you filling? He did give you good fillon yes he did come inside. Just lie on the couch and open up. I'm not why should we go through some of the questions. These these are just. Some random questions highlight some random questions that we've had from our Gene Davis in the audience on the tour so far. I think certainly Glasgow John Lewis Support. Lewis Cafe William first question please. This one came from one of our Hackney shows. Its format and safety once you do when you're five year old son. Walk to school singing. I want the I need advice. Can you remember. Please don't tell the headmaster it's anything to do with us. Yeah and we don't want that coming back. We it was billy image of this little boy singer down as good as but argued coffee and go go go go. What lady but the new goal go next question given Williams no no positively given Williams already problematic hairline? How has the heads of scalp ratio being affected after hearing the latest news from the palace about Meghan Harry making no inch? I felt because I read the other. No doubt but it's fine. Look everyone's got an opinion on it. No not your hair. Megan Megan Irene. Megan how do we make Guam role highnesses the duke and Duchess of suspects. By the time this goes out who knows. I may not be the name what you think. It's a shame isn't it. I think I didn't think any last last night. This is one from our Edinburgh show. I don't really have any objections to to the general concept which of them stepping back if that's what they wanted to do. I think it's just how they went about communicating is this. I think many people have issues with okay next question. Oh but my hand hasn't fallen because of it so today and this is another one from last night so today I witness to colleagues having an affair in the stairwell ooh while I was in a cupboard work I remember this code at work and you remember these along both are with other people one marriage with a kid. I think she knows I know what should I do. We got the audience to shower. Put the handle. Should you keep it quiet and it was like fifty fifty. Should you tell that partners or your boss and And then I said should you not tell anyone PT South but actually gossip event and stuff flight. I always gets out of work. And most people abbey through the close friend or whoever and then it probably gossip spreads is not the way. Would you not go on Tom. This is from on your and Nick. All they came to go up came all the way from Northern Ireland. Yes William and Jordan. What does the cat of telling someone? One William Henson that they do a terrible northern Northern Ireland and they came last night flew in from Northern Ireland. We give them a free signed. I post a because we got marriage and producer. Ben Kicked off which account. I'm not even going. They flew in from Nova Islands. And Eddie Bra and I was like. Oh let's give uh-huh sign a poster for produce charged them for hours. No enjoying spending time with Ben. Yeah Lack Akkad. Honestly like we'll move on Thorley my arse Jordan and William Wrong way round. We have been waiting for a long long time to eventually try the ged. Did you know that there's a very popular slash tasting drink in Scotland for half the price. It's called Buck Faust. Yeah Love Lucy and Rebecca. Yeah I've never had booked. I don't think but people devante on today's Maybe next series odd signature. This could be gene about flash signature dish our next signature drink could be gin and Buckfast Abbey. No no no well. If you change the drain you can change. One of the presenters look. We've we've really enjoyed. The tall shelf are being. Could go downhill won't see reach leaves. You really don't belie- we pretty much sold out as well and tonight. We're looking forward to Glasgow show. Oh thank you so yeah if we sit on a Friday night and glass which we'll talk to you from my parents house. Yes oh I'm so looking forward to that Chevrolet come to see us as well by the way we really do appreciate it. Next time you'll have the most will be live at Williams House. We've Sarah because Oh we'll be from Sarah Brian's house Hello Darling Valkenburg Velika. I don't know why I have got acklin now. Darling splits the car. Wait to beats and call eight. Pitched Sarah helped me gold.

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