First Time Show - Lovecraft Country - S1 - Ep09 "Rewind 1921"


It feels right the first time. It was like the very first time. Life break. I. have. Not Gotten Welcome do the time show with talking about love graph gun. Today, we have a lock. We Got Brett. Register. And later on. We have we have a very special guest lederhosen. Who will be joining US via zoom? So you'll be able to see this person via video if you see the video version whenever that goes up. but you'll hear them later they're going to pop in and you won't notice a thing because we're just going to pause the show for a second while we bring them in, and then we're going to have a great time to be held for us. something. Yeah we we're the shield to you guys. We Shield you from all. The Hubbub, the violence. Of macra. PODCAST. So, anyway. Here we are. We're talking about episode we're talking about the penultimate episode of lovecraft. country. Season One. the ninth episode of Ten. Called rewind nineteen. Twenty one. And it was written by Michel Green and dragged by. A. According to the lovecraft country fandom site. What is why is that I think it's because they're not on it real quick with lovecraft country maybe. But we don't respect it. We're So yeah, we're talking about this episode, and so I just want to jump right in and say. It was a very uncomfortable episode. I. Cried through all the whole thing. It was a very violent and unsettling episode and more. So in the realities of our history and the depictions of the Tulsa. Massacre. But definitely scarier than any of the monsters so far I feel like. and. It was really rough episode because of that. But. Man It's interesting because I went browsing through the red at the sub. Read it after the episode after I watched, and there were so many people talking about how they're like. I went to school in Oklahoma. It's Oklahoma right? Yeah and and I didn't they didn't teach us this in school at all like I can't believe that they just like didn't. There's this isn't in our history I didn't learn in school. Yeah neither did I mean you did I didn't in like. Yeah I guess not because I also didn't go to college though. I feel like in call. Would've learned of eat they don't continue unless you're taking a history history like not but I feel like when you get to college that's when there's people that are like did you know that there's fucking massacre and now also like that's not what people talk about in high school really. No I don't WanNA. Throw my hip strategic under the bus ie a great listener. Tried this. What's great about lovecraft country is? Regardless of what you new to this point you have been educated now. Yes. Exactly and the way that I want to be educated. Totally through through limbs of entertainment, right with a story of characters that are very real and dealing with very real human emotions that we can all relate to in certain degrees to a certain level, and that's what makes this show. So great that we do connect with the main characters and but man, these situations are crazy and the blend of sci fi and horror, and all those genres and stuff worked really well in this episode but imagine jumping into this one having not seen any of the other one snow. I will say I like the. I like the sum of the parts of this episode. Okay I had trouble with parts. I always feel like. I feel like the conversations that. What's Atticus Dad lay? Montoneros. The conversations that his uncle had. About the way that their father treated Montross and him. Were more powerful than seeing. Play out in this like dramatized depiction of it. And I felt like that those seams were. Damaged took away a little bit because it Kinda came across a little like. Theatrical. I would have rather seen it go to half an into seen it. Through Jake's is or through Mantras is and not seen it. It just came across as like. They really wanted to they really wanted to depict it onscreen. Aid. It needs to and it showed a lack of faith and the impact of the of what they'd setup I love that part I did I I will say so I started off Mike But by the end of it, I was like, okay like I'm I'm here in this like I like all the pieces the other thing was like. Take. Going into save the day. Seemed a little telegraphed to the. Telegraph. Meaning like I fell free or in that scene at that's where we were going and that's what it was going to L. I'd. Lately. Did Not think about it at all. Really. Okay. So yeah, that's what I mean like I. I feel like now because we as I watched it with a little bit of A. A Magpie. I loved the the scene with the Was it her aunt that caught her in the room or her great aunt's. that. Caught letty looking through the drawer. Yes. No that. That that woman shouldn't be related to letty that is on ticks family line. Yeah. No, I think it is. Because the book is through ticks bloodline takes mom that would have been ticks mom. So they shouldn't be related to letty but we are confused because they keep emphasizing ladies blood and her importance, but maybe it was just because she was going to bear. The whole time. I did I adored that sequence and then I also little. While I felt the exact opposite about that. Wow. Oh, that's so interesting. I thought that was I liked that that those pundits. I'm from the future, this Matt and because she had the book of names. She believes it is for a moment I was like Oh. This is asking a lot of this character. Okay you're from the future, but somehow like having the book like Oh she's she's down with the magic like whatever however you know whatever she knows at this point, she was able to accept that I thought that was seen was I don't know I just liked that moment and then i. And then let he was standing there with her and she like lit on fire and all that I thought was really like A really good moment, and then with with her trying to hold the portal open I'm like Lenny probably didn't need to stand there with her while she burns Desi could've hustled back to and not only that faster. Walked she, Sarah Right I. I think frankly the film making that area just feels a little green like maybe not anticipating what the audience was going to be at seeing all those story lines simultaneously like come on, we're going to be impatient for her. That's what's happening throughout the show I feel like is that there's the and that's what we talk about when we say we have an issue with directing I think hundred percent it's issue things like that hundred percent hundred percent it's it's like not quite anticipating because you don't want the emotional emphasis while she's walking through the fires with the book to be like. Why isn't she going faster? You want the emotional emphasis to be like, Oh, my God. That's so powerful. Issue with the film making that's what we're saying. That's exactly what we're saying is that it's There because if you're going to show us the audience like there's a ticking clock and they had to get there quick and. impactful but she's going slow is not gonNA work. You'RE GONNA fail. Where's your audience emotions going to be in this moment? Like what is what is your audience feeling in this moment and I think that when you see Hip Elida basically dying or suffering or whatever it is. That's happening to her. And then it cuts to letty emerging from the fire. It's like you really want that moment to be like the Denarius emerging from the fire and game of thrones moment and like she's got the book and she's she's strong and she's she's walking through the Tulsa like bomb, the bombings and Shit Yeah and. I understand you want that moment to really hit but like I just think that the audiences like holy shit hurry like this portal looks like it's going to close and even though leading the woman holding it open and all right right. But let you did go into the portal seeing how much it was. It was flying hippolyte a- so like obviously it's not like a let's take our time kind of a moment like she did have some consciousness. The point. About the characters, not Baker wanted to have that moment. Talking about. We're talking about how like the show is great. There's a filmmaking moments like this. Yes. That are consistent throughout the series so far and that are. Flying, you really gotta just be okay with it and then just get on with the story, but it's just there's a lot of it and it's hard not to really notice it and talk about it and have that affect our thoughts because on this show we do that we have to we analyze the show we talk about it and that's Missiles saying, yeah. All three of us like the only critiques we're loving the content were loving the characters so many aspects, costumes, obviously costumes for me, but obviously costumes automating. Awfully awesome. Cost. There is there just a few little and they're not like terrible. They're just not. This, every the other elements of the show are so good that you just notice when things have misteps. So. That's what I was. That's SORTA my point is the some of the parts I liked. About the episode, it's just there is some weird missteps for me. Yeah. What did you not like about the scene with her in the? The older woman will call her Steve Go I just i. kind of felt like. I I. told. Everybody. Banana. Doing something I can see their ship up on his computer. Amazing blitz. needs to watch the video When I. Hear you right now. Like all the scenes in the whole show. that. Like that was the worst acted one. I felt like the acting in that scene was really nice. It was really mellow dramatic and like also flat somehow engaged. Yeah. Interesting. person like me too. I was like they cast because her look they one hundred percent faster looks in here. Read it wasn't just her though like even leading while she was like yelling these emotional lines, it just felt like. Like a rehearsal, take to me in a weird way. It really took me out of the scene. I just felt like the acting was so strange and then the like the vio over the like you know how they do that trick where like you can see the character up here saying something but the dialogue is not what's coming out of their mouths and it's like the audio is coming in from a different scene. Sign Language you've just. That yeah. Well, I just felt like there were too many moments like in that scene too, and I was like trying to focus on who to who to like who was talking, and then it would cut back. You could see their mouths moving and it was just not sinked up to what they were saying the cutting was really awkward and then it was like. Did we really need to like watch that poor woman burned today. Like, we really need to see that. impactful for a while and then. I like her like charred arm still moving on the ground and it's like, what are we doing here? We are. We trying to show the the horrors of what happened and and Really. Give it to us on top of all this other stuff like I don't know I just felt like it was maybe too much I. Don't I thought they lingered just a little bit too long because I don't like admitting to this, but there is a moment which I'm like. Okay. Like I wasn't feeling any more for the drama of it until they got away into the backs, you don't want that you don't WanNA biggest critique. Really Great. Is Is I did not I felt like I. had to. Find the emotional gravity for myself oh. I don't feel like they did a great job of a campaign that to me. I understood the you know what I was seeing and what it meant. You know the history of our country and what we're looking at you know in but I didn't feel like they. They didn't achieve that I had to go out and get that. Yeah. And that was a little bit. You know I think knowing. What you want right and I think a lot of my emoting, my my emoting, my feelings of emotion while watching it because I knew the history and less. So because of what I was being shown like what I was being shown reminded me of what I already knew and that's why it was so. As intense as it was, but it was certainly not a bad it wasn't bad. We're just you know nitpicking. Yeah, and like there were a lot of great moments and it was just a hard to watch episode I guess. But. Yeah hard for good lawyers say we can talk about the good things. Yes. I was shocked when hippolyte returned meaning that was green, and then now she's like the doctor from doctor who pretty much like I know everything now I'm a hard drive. Or? Like. It just sort of like spun the dialogue. Now we have this. Now, we have this going on. Yeah changes everything. Yeah and also like how about all that Shit with saving d. in the beginning and like. Like I guess it leads into the I know. But like that was also by a problem just to problems irs. Yeah. This entire. All of this is built on this precipice of we need to save the and which I was a little like a okay but. Clock that Slow, go. Yeah, that's true too. But in my head at the whole show, we've been trying to find this book of names. So now it's like higher trying to find the book in name, but we're really trying to save de it's like well can we can? We just focus on one of these things? You know that that sort of caught me up a little bit. But again, yeah, they really wanted to give us like again it feels like probably in the book hippolyte as story is like a bigger flashed out thing probably of her like learning all this stuff and then coming back and then. It just seems like it's they really want to be motivated by D., which is also motivating the main characters, which is also creating like their history essentially. So it was like a motivation for her for hip Elida and D, but also because they need to go back in time because they need to have those moments. Like tick needs to be the guy that like beats the shit out of those racist assholes. There was a double motivation there but a dub mode but yeah, I don't I don't understand why couldn't be like involved somehow like she could have been better and then like helped out or something. I WANNA see them. Already has a family and I really felt like there was going to be a moment with D. where she was like I've seen some shit and everyone's like. So, have we and now we're all in this together and then they all work together as this family unit like kicking ass but instead, it's like maybe that's the finale. Maybe that's finale which would be super cool. That's tough because listen. We've set up something Amiss show, which is this like anthology format right compounding anthology. To me to continue to. Achieve that structure within this episode, they needed security in this episode the fact that we've left that as a as a hanging Chad. Wasn't. Hanging Chads structurally. Now, it's just what they call it in Florida when they when they blew the election. Oh five years ago I voted in that election. So this is this is a self hating, Floridian. Okay, I've no idea what argument but okay. You know it's just a little history history and entertainment. Yeah. It was used to poke a thing To vote you would poke a hole right in your ballot. Yeah. Yeah, and in Florida they people would poke if they didn't poke it all the way through. So the the little finger poke out was hanging on and there was a conversation whether or not that vote counted because of the hanging. Chad. Talking. It's like an incomplete. And I feel like this was an inconvenience. Episode. In love that I drove in from Atlanta. I watch love graphs and boy are my arms tired. Boy I all of it. been raining a little luggy. I like what we were talking about, but I'm forgetting where we left off. Well, we just know. So basically I was saying they really I felt like they needed to cure d to finish this episode. Because now, there's just felt like an episode of TV show. Yeah. In our setting up the next the final episode of the season. And it's not that's not what the show has been. To this point. Break so that was disappointing. Yeah and it didn't feel like penultimate episode like I. Really wish that there was like some sort of connective tissue from the Fin-. The. Like the last moment of the episode that gave us this big kind of like holy shit moment for the finale and it Kinda just feels like another episode coming gone. That was cool. But I just don't feel like we're really moving towards anything in particular like what? Now that we so now we need to stop Christina from becoming immortal because that'll kill tick. Right well, we just don't want to die. We don't want to dumping is what we`re Trying to do yeah. Yeah, I think we're going along for the ride. If this whole episode was meant to be about saving D. and then they didn't save d then that means that they to save D in the next episode I think we have to assume that they then use the book to save her I think they're going to start the next episode and she's already been saved. They're gonNA they're going to learn a spell that like really you're going to have to learn a spell probably we're GONNA see that don't you think Brat Yeah. I don't know I'm that's the other problem is I don't feel like stakes are properly set up in this episode to make me feel. I can't like I I'm not I'm cited. Finale because the finale. But not because I feel like it's because what we're we're at right now in the narrative of the story is basically like. All we have left to do is save the right because we found the book of names we Kinda I don't know what the next step is I. Don't know what we've been building to the whole season at this point because now we have the book of names. So the book of names will be able to safety, but they have to give the book of names. To Christina WHO's GONNA WANNA kill ticks. So I guess that's where we're going but it didn't feel like that is it's clean. In regards to my ability to get overly excited for what's coming mean. Yeah. I think I'm there with you also. Did like in the preview that it does feel like they're gonNA touch on everything from the season. Legs. A The the girl from Korea me too. I WanNa know what's up with her? Job I, want to see her do something. Or we're going to see her back and do a thing I was thinking about that I was wondering if like because she like knows tick like beyond biblically maybe she can kind of sacrifice herself for him in this spell, but she doesn't really have blood but maybe that the being of her monster takes up lot I don't i. But she's immortal isn't she g? Expand beyond biblically. Will because they have sex but then her little crawl come out and she knows his entire like all of his memories and she knows his soul. In this life she oh, starts to how he dies. Or sees that he. She saw that he died saw his wanted to come in like change it. So maybe He maybe I interesting that isn't Jia immortal. Didn't. She say until she yeah until she's free of the demon or whatever. She did that whole spell with the Lake Korean witch. Wait wasn't Korea. It's too late at night. I think it was. Or was it. Okay I'm sorry please forgive me guys. I'm not going to be I. Know What you're saying and I just can't remember I can't remember and We've had too many wars in too many places sporadically. Korea. Okay. Good as career I'm glad to knows right anyway she had the Korea. South Korea I thought you were asking, did she did she gain immortality from that which? Oh, I think that which made her stay as she is I. I do not remember at all is my guess and that scene but I wonder if to have a character whose immortal and to have another the villain of the whole well, the somewhat villain of the whole series is goal is to become immortal like that can't be a coincidence although knowing this show maybe it can be coincidence I kind of hope it isn't I. Don't know I guess. I feel like a lot a lot will come out of the emails in this one 'cause I'm just feeling like. Watching all of our faces look try to like. Things. It's a good episode. It doesn't feel like A. Penalty. Minutes episode it does. It was hard to watch and some moments weren't gray and I think they're all. They've all been that way but it's hard to watch in a good way also in alike remembering and. It was rough watch rough and I think a lot of them are you know at least they're consistent in I just WanNa acknowledged not bad. Rough. I'm just curious Oh. One more thing I wanted to mention was I have more like that. Of course we gotta get to along. I WanNa talk about the show. Can I talk also without being in way? Yes but I want to say something. Thought. Save. I'm not saying for my thoughts, but go ahead, Steve Right well then we'll just start on his thoughts right now. Okay so acknowledged. You get it go ahead. Okay. I just wanted to say that I liked that Ruby acknowledged that. The reason why? was like. Dying Because of them, it was like on them on who I wanted that from letty and Montrose, and tick 'cause they're like we tried to help her we tried to the and they're like fuck you guys all fucked up. This is all on you I liked that because one of the problems I had with the episode before this one was. Everyone was just like we don't give a fuck about de we got our own shit going on and everyone they're all the fuck Outta de we care about D. and then meanwhile not carrying around. Here exactly. Just like that. And I think that it was good for Ruby to acknowledge that in the show because I wanted there to be like a a moment where there was a realization at least in some way for the characters that they're stupid shit they're up to is like important but like there's a little girl who just lost her mom and dad and about to lose her life and was about to die herself as being chased by demons and Jerry, which they couldn't have known guess but it was like a dangerous time she win have been cursed in the fall place. fogging Emmett till was like. Funeral, it was like. It's a hard time for little kids. So it's like you know I liked that there was an acknowledgement of that in this episode. While you're talking. About when that guy's tits blue offer I. loved that Nipple Burst Semen that was the tail of the creature right? That made those holes what? Yeah. No he was wearing a black man's chest because his chest got fucked to death but the holes were from the creature that attacked him. It showed it in the preview to earn the in the recap. Okay. I don't know member in the Recap Kaplan or in the last episode when the cops show up to kill tick and lead he that creature that creature. Yeah. They're creature jumps. And the tail staff sales through the creature's tail stabs through that police officer, and that's why his he has those holes. I didn't know the creature was such a nippy boy. Yeah can we talk about Steven I both when we were in that before we go to the? Time and Space Travel Place Dimension Hot Place. When we're still in the bedroom area with DNA all that drama how very soap opera e it fell. Intends, we kept talking about we're like, oh my God I mean I guess you're talking about Anthology. Compounding and You got the right terms. My I'm truly fried this week. Pissy car for twenty dollars. Well No I wish I had time for someone else but. The whole time in that very beginning part where like is this like the soap opera version one because what's going on? Did any did you feel this way? -brate. I'm trying to remember it was like there was a moment where one of the sisters is talking to someone? No is it data and tick there was just like a couple of moments ago. Yeah this was. You know what I did it had to do with the lighting. Scenic came in and was like, well, it doesn't really work out that way. It felt very. Over lit and yet the. Show but also there was an incredible time I just felt like. But the content too because there were like it was two people talking through a drama they had I think it was taken Montrose, and then he walks in and she's kind of like Oh and she. Over. Here's some drama is like an your stepbrother's stepsister like whatever it just felt like Like very soap car while you're just like. Moments were like the scene would end any. It would linger on the person for like way too long and the music would be like. In. There was was one point where it was like. Bom Bom. The big reveal on someone in the camera pushes in like a soap opera moment. So there are quite Intentional though yeah. A really. It did yeah and I have to say you confusingly intentional I guess right but because you brought up the the Very specific type of lighting. Very soap opera look. I have to mention an incredible moment of lighting when. Ruby is in the. Dungeon lab with Christina and she's looking at a woman who who's form she keeps taking the comb and she's just sitting there next to her and the light through that window is like perfectly back lighting her and she has that perfect like mint colored refrigerator framing her and she just. Oh. The light in that shot. In. Like the heavens were lighting her yen the way they made it feel practical and make sense. But also kind of like felt like it pushed the emotional story the whole thing. What about? To same outfits your last episode and I said, I love it and I. Felt like. It felt like they made this episode like second and then they all episodes in between. I know they didn't. especially with lying Tikkun mantras is relationship in this episode. Fell I glad that I feel like we have some Catharsis there does that some finality to they are sort of tension, but we started this show with him looking for his father. So we build the whole show on like we gotta find ticks father let me found and I feel like three different times over the last three or four weeks. It's been like that's it. We're done you and me dad, and then then the next they are back together. Hot. A. Lot of. Women mantras killed the the woman that they found the Indiana Jones episode were done. Then he was going to kill him men just keeps coming back. There's really no. Every time that he looks like we're done with this time traveling adventure. We're really done this time. I felt like we had seen that so many times but I think we're seeing tick kinda learn a lot of things about his dad and or his Ola Surrogate Dad I. Guess It's still his dad. It's John. His Genetic Dad. Yeah. And I think that like to your point you in the beginning when you said in the beginning of this episode of this podcast when you said that You didn't think we needed to like see the dramatic reenactment of young. Montross and and uh George and I think though after him after coming to him and saying like we're fucking done after this and then seeing all of that and then seeing what he went through and then that that moment at the at the fountain when when when he saw his, you know his dad and his friend and his friends about to get shot like I, think we needed to see all those things because we we're seeing them through tick right like and I think. Get Yes I. See it yet adequately? I'm saying like I'm watching that scene going this is an actor portraying this. Yeah. This is they're reenacting this and it's like the idea of it is horrific in the idea of it is so much worse and then seeing it I'm like, Oh yeah I mean it's Is kind of like. Saturday playhouse version of this, right when in my head it was like you know it's like he's out in the front yard. It's whatever you think about it more as is kind of like dark awful thing. The way they just presented I didn't feel like conveyed that I would rather the cameras state on tick and just you just heard it. Needed to be there for tick. All thinks this. Is Great, but bret has a good point about that moment in the scene did not feel. As. Intense as we. made it feel because knowing that that would be painful instead of feeling it from what we were seeing. Also assure the like when his dad's yelling at when a Montrose his dad is yelling at him to grab a switch in that same like video you heard in his like head. Yeah. That earlier episode I thought that was kind of melody to Williams drinking. Yeah. which also to your point, Brett would have been interesting if we never saw that moment, it was just like an audio. Moment but the fact that it's connected kind of makes it interesting. I love that we got to see the mom and the brother and the how the three of them interact. I thought that was really really emotional really helpful and it was really nice to see the dad and the mother's Dad and generally his family and how they would interact with. Montrose his dad because you really got a feeling for we're talking about like genetic lineages and like family trauma and to see the different ways in which things play out and stuff I don't know I felt like that was really important and fantastic to see like they didn't have to show us. Any other people in his mother's family in this episode but they did and we really got to understand the differences and all that I thought. It was really cool. Alana I'd love to just transition right into Alana's thoughts if we could. If you're okay with that. Sure. Does that sound good Who Don't believe to song. Alana's notes some we keep calling it. Alana's thought well. You know it started as not became thoughts is an evolution. It's Anabel Shan. Baby evolution. Of course, the fascist school nineteen twenties are my favorite. Like fashion era I and like general cultural era in the US very much like not the US Europe I should say. So I really liked a lot of these close as soon as we saw. I mean there are so many of these melodrama moments though I wanna talk about the close with they all just relate to the storyline link when they show up in that hotel and advocates just peeks out the window and he turns around and he's like we're going to need to dress like them. Mike Okay might as well be animated. Are you kidding how he sees a rack of clothes and it happens to be the exact amount and size of outfits to fit them? Like okay I mean that's just TV but it doesn't have to be quite but okay. I'm rather they. I would rather they show. Montage. No I would rather they show us how they get the clothes if they're going to change them than have them just in one, thousand, nine, hundred as close. That'd be worse. That's what I'm saying you. WanNa shopping montage. No I don't I just don't want perfect I want them to be like, where are we look through the closet and find like hundred dresses and figure out which one or something you know what I mean I just want. It to be not so easy like cartoon Jim that that's just what happened between them moment and the other moment, and they're just so happen to find listen Steve I can imagine it. I'm just talking we've spent this whole time talking about the the slight tweak of the making that we would prefer and I'm not allowed to say a fashion one no no, you're now or then allowed. Okay. As long as notes for God's sake for God's sakes. But. Soon, as I saw on the rack that dress I was like that is the dress from her dream where she's in the fire and she realizes she's pregnant with. Hannah Hannah's the name of the ancestor. Looking back at her pregnant holding the book. Anyway so immediately. To the amount of times people are like walking through fire. We'll as soon as I saw that dress I thought okay we'll. Obviously she's going to wear that dress and she's going to be pregnant and holding that book at the edge of a lake fire filled room. That's how this is. GonNa end. Right, but I thought we would get that like she's running through the burning building. I thought you would to see I really thought we were too and I was kind of like what? I think maybe that's what her walking through the burning town was meant to be like with the bombs, but they kept it wide for so long. I didn't quite get that feeling. Also what a horrific thing. I listened to the podcast afterward and obviously they're gonNA keep to historical reality. But there really were airplanes that flew overhead and bombed the town like. fucking monsters like. In the. For. The purpose of killing black people in the middle of a riot like we've had riots just this past couple of months like this year imagine if airplanes came. To like try to control the riot what Insane just draw with. Bombs, yeah just like. Well, that's insane. It's awful. It's it's one thing to be able to like. Have individuals. Mob Up and be like this is in insane and absolutely not excusable but you can kind of understand how they might think they could get away with it but like. Airplane full of bonds. It's so fucked up. I also have to mention the readdress it. Christina was wearing in the beginning when she did all those a. Lot Address. CH-. Thoughts are for. What I WANNA hear. Good stuff you guys didn't mention how absolutely disgusting the Maggots were that crawled out of the arm de a Asano that scene I had to close. I had to cover the screen from my is that was so disgusting I liked it. It was like the evil was coming out of her. In the form of these like maggots that all flew off it was made for you. So I'm glad you liked it other school especially since I'd never I guess I'd never seen the maggots turn into flies and then fly away that we've never seen so many crawl out of a but I, guess you. Haven't seen as many horse I don't need to. Keep, talking about them. As, many horrors. In my life, kids like to go downstairs and watch the horror. In an honest way and they're like. Bobby downstairs watching a horse again, own my God you're not going to be able to sleep. Nightmares Bobby. There was a part that I really liked I. Remember I got the chills and I just wrote chills. Which? Was it when. Hip. Hip Elida. It might be hippolyte came back. Yeah. Oh, it was because she had her whole spiel and we were just like. Yes That was cool. I also have to say. In the last episode, I thought okay ladies pregnant but she's not showing yet even though she wears very tight stuff and she's like fit as shit. So like if she had a bump, it would start bump in like all right. She's showing yet. Okay. Every different happens me I don't know how long it's been technically, but then a whole `nother episode later, all sorts of stuff been happening she still isn't showing it and she's like it's a boy. When are you going to the doctor? If you're pregnant enough days, she knows that ticks at it right? No Sh this is before the future but this is before take before she and take acknowledged each other they both know she's preg- she says in the beginning of the episode I don't remember who she says to tick. No, she's pregnant. Yes. But he doesn't know by her they don't they haven't talked together the moment when she says, let's name George that's the first time they acknowledged to each other that they both know she's pregnant that is the first conversation between the two of them. Are you sure? Yes and they even mentioned in the podcast actually. Because really unclear in the show then well, yeah I mean I was noticing it but I I was more conscious of her pregnancy because frankly I'm like. I was thinking if it's to the point, I don't know how far along she is right. So I'm just suspending disbelief that she's not showing at all but like now she says it's a boy and this is in nineteen fifty doctor visits ability to know the sex of something like. I'm sorry she should be showing and it made me a little upset frankly unlike I suspend disbelief for a while here but this is a bit much. Is it possible? It's like a magic thing or like she just knows I mean anything's possible in this show. So I mean hopefully, it's explainable because I don't like to think that they if they never take rain, would it be okay if it was like well, I guess she just had like an intuition or something the way she said it and how logical lead driven she is I don't, and I don't think she would be against having a girl so I don't think she would be. into. Hitting it on purpose though air anything I don't know I. I. Wouldn't buy that. Open whatever. It when the moment she said, it's a boy. I have to tell you I had a good few minutes where I was like furious that they had. Not showing pregnancy at all and she's meant to be as far along to not a boy. But maybe it's just me not knowing nineteen fifties. Okay. So there's that maybe but I love that scene I love that she hotwired the car for tick more that like Latisha fucking Lewis Energy. Play the clip. But to speak we're now now now say that again. where I don't know if I have it well, did we ever? Talk. One Oh Did I. Save their asses once again, What was I saying about her in the car I loved that seem though being that it was the first interaction about that. She used the one that hotwired the car and it was their first interaction about the kid. I thought that was very cool. There was some talk on the podcast the HBO podcast about like are we upset that tick just let them split up even though she's pregnant he should be protecting her and all that. She's protected with magic. That's what I'm saying I was like, yeah, it's fine. She's she's she's complete. What do you mean she's totally protected but. I mean, okay. I. Feel even she kind of forgot she was protected I think she just isn't certain because you know she doesn't want to be like that's fine I'll jump off a cliff but. She got hit with a bullet last week and it pinged off interest shot again in this episode true and she yeah and a monster. Protector so running as if she needed to get away from bullets. I think it's still scary to have like some white bullets chasing after you I bet. I don't know how far protection goes but I wonder if they could physically do things to her. I don't know. It. Kind of looks like it's a shield, look a little force field around it does look that way but. I would have to think back about all the people who had that shield and think about if they were hurt, you know what I mean because maybe you could still be choked, but you can't die. Suffocated to death. Do you know what I mean? Oh. Yeah. Like when Christina gets killed this is why it was coming to my mind when she tries to get killed the way Emmett did. She can she gets beat to shit bloody everywhere. So she still goes through the pain interesting, which is probably that is interesting I. would it be possible for her to even be shot? Well, I don't think. They didn't shoot her they beat her they did shooter. Shatter, like a couple of go in. Yeah. Oh, we got holes That will mean it's. Thing go in I thought he shot her and she fell down and then she looked for like a wound. But there was blood wasn't it? The blood is from beating her and putting the barb wire around her and stuff. and. They beat her really bad for quite a while. I know is is that when he was whole when she when letty was holding that woman's hand when the flames were like burning her, she didn't get burned her hand didn't get burned until she let it go. It's true. That's. The real question now lit up on fire. Yeah. That's a real question now like what really? Maybe there's different types of protection in the One lady has is like a like a little force field outside of your body a little bit. Okay. Just protects you from like projectile things and I think it's like the magnet on worms. Yes. It'll protect you from something. Oh Yeah. I, know that one. Alana. You me to shoot. About the British I think the reason we didn't say this last episode, but I wanted to say it because I don't know things interesting I think the reason that Christina is down and even suggested that she would put the protection on letty. Is because of the baby her belly I think she wants that baby to be born and and exists and I think that's the reason that led has been so important to her this whole time. I think it's not because letty had some blood line connection. It's because she's GonNa Mother. This can I tell you when shit was going down a when she was walking? Slowly through the fire. I thought. Oh fuck the portals gonNA close. In levies baby's GonNa be like tick and that's why it's going to be confusing over news tick ticks bothers 'cause he's his own father. Allows like we're GONNA get into some Shit right here I. Also, thought, it certainly could have gone there. I thought Ticks Dad was going to stay like the way the US standing there watching and things going to close on Mike is going to be there and he's GonNa. Be With letty and then he's GonNa be Ticks Dad but it's like I was like this is GonNa. Be Crazy. This is going to be. Speaking of Weird theories I also have a theory that the person with a robot arm that pushed tick back. That he mentioned in the previous episode from the future. I think it's either going to be Christina, and because she is immortal O or it's going to be. Hippolyte, and she will be somehow emotionally. I like DIS okay but we'll see it could be I mean it could harm but like Maggot it up but her arm was bent over. So. I watch when I was younger I would watch horror. Yeah. That's your arm. You Boys, Watch Reno Jabs down. there. God is our special guest. Is. is kind of on the on the horns soon, but I don't want to rush you through Alana's notes but I just WanNa. That's pretty much feels like exactly what you're doing now please. I'm just saying that the last thing I wanted to say I really loved the sister connectedness in the very beginning of the episode only between Letty and Ruby that. My felt like is a fantastic plus they did this episode and I. Don't know why I think this is so interesting but I'm just gonNA. Say It It when I was listening to the HBO Podcast, they always have suggest like Kinda like further reading suggestions at the end if you want to know more about the topics covered in the episode. and. They mentioned that I think she wrote a book the last survivor of the Tulsa riots her name's Olivia Hooker passed away in two thousand eighteen. And that just somehow made it so much more grounded into. Our time this time whatever it that I felt like I should mention it. Yeah. The last survivor died in twenty last one. Yeah. Wow. Damn and I think she's written a bunch they said to there's like books and whatnot. If you Google her name, I mean it really does put things into perspective as far as time is concerned with how not long ago it was that that actually happened. Yeah that's like Kinda. Breaks your brain a little bit when you think about that. Yeah. My Grandma's one hundred and one, and I'm always like you were there in world. War. Two Think she had a job. I'm sure I mean she lived. During it you should ask her about it like if. She was born in Nineteen Eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one she'd be three years old when it happened. So I'm sure she heard about it but she wasn't like her and she didn't live in Oklahoma. So right? Yes sure should I should ask. Whatever I never thought that. All right. Any anymore thought anymore notes along. NO THIS IS A. R. My my greatest. Oh thank you. That's the end of. Backwards can you pat your heads and rub your belly or whatever it is PAT head Ravelli. No I'll do it up here. I can't, but it's only in the succession of it has to pat one of the top. I gotta say I feel very skilled right now. What the Hell who? Took over here is this terron plaque? Eight is. Hey. What's up? We have special guests for those of you listening to this you can't see that suddenly. Taryn. Blackie. Kevin Plaque's sister is on the first time show and we have to talk about why this is happening and how this is happening but I. Totally Different Day. We keep. Well, we record all of these in advance because HBO sends us the episodes. But. So. God. Made. So we can't talk about sausages that's illegal. So tearing is so Kevin hit me up like a like a few months ago or something or when I was starting to show or a couple episodes into the show or something, and he was like to my sister is watching lovecraft country and she would love to talk about the show if you would like to have her on the show. Yeah. Of course I'd love to have her on the show because I've reached out every sought to a few people, but always wanted to have more than one fucking girl on this show. BILLUND year all cheering. You know it's been a sausage fest on the first time show but every once in a while we'll have. I. Think one time we had Alana and Rachel. Evans. On the one we had a slew of us together. South Fun. Yeah. But anyway, That doesn't support this narrative. So So of course, I'm like Oh, yeah, of course terron. So we've been trying to get you on the show then now we finally got you on the show. So welcome to the first ancient so much. Thank you. I'm so excited I'm excited to. This is great. So what I mean, have you been listening to the first time show? This one I have because the other ones I haven't watched the show. So I need to be able to watch the show and listen to them. But for this these this season I've been listening to all episodes and every time you didn't have a guest I was like. Could be. We'll the shows ending now, which is like is the next step or the the next episode last episode. Last episode the next episode is the last episode. Last episode is the next episode and today is tomorrow's Tomorrow's Today. But. If there's another season we'll have to have you back obviously. Thank. Somewhat unless they do. Today. Then you don't. Know this is certainly like a test more than anything yes. will not go up if it doesn't work. Just getting. Breast, is like, yeah. Like Again. You're no. Long. Enough. All Yeah. For sure have what appears to be consistent Internet connection which is really ask. But taryn really quick because the three of us already kind of talked for almost forty minutes about episode. Humble bag. So if you WANNA take a second or two to just tell us what you thought. Of, the episode I'll be timing you don't worry no pressure. But. Yeah. You know if you WanNa just kind of put your thoughts like would you think of the episode? Of this episode I I was really I was very excited by this episode it was exhausting to me I'll be honest it went really fast like when it was over I couldn't I couldn't believe that it was done. And it was it was you know there was just a lock that happened but I was like this is what I needed for like the last few episodes where I was kind of like. All right. We got to start wrapping it up or I'm GonNa, feel slightly like. And I felt a lot of things came together that I was excited about I was really excited that we all know what we all know now too. Yeah. That was a big thing for this episode for me that I was like, oh, no more secrets like we've all it's all out there. Yeah, and I guess it's like it is pretty clear. What what the final thing that needs to happen is I guess is it what is will that we need to stop I? Guess we need to we for some reason we need to stop well. Talk Stop Cristina from killing tick. Some how we don't want to die so. We find a way to make peace with it. To. I mean take needs to die then that would really suck it would. But if he needs to die for a great having you here cause we spent the last forty minutes focusing on the negative elements this episode. Coming. We liked it. We just. Kinda honed in on the negative. Positive. Old I try. 'cause I did feel like man we really were hard on this episode. This was not this was far from the worst episode of the season by any Ri- at Great Ashby overall yet the overall takeaway was like, yeah, there's room for improvement but I think that it's the show is tailored us to want something very specific from the ask and this was another sort of break from form in that it was like a traditional episode of A. Penultimate upset of so the so Terri- here we each have to say something that we really liked about the episode. Well, that's the thing is I didn't want forty minutes of. This, wasn't that. Comes out is like this? It was all gray, we're like. No terrorists. Out. The. You. A very important question that I wanNA. Know if anybody else has an answer to why didn't the book burn? Him Questions. Okay. So we talked actually not why did the White Number Book Burke? I was why didn't burn? Brook Borough. Why how did Leno Whitten Burn? com. Sliver of paper to wait wait why don't you? Stuck somehow. Why didn't Brooke Burke Burn The book? Bar. newspaper. Book Bach. Because she's touching and then I was like, no, she's touching the woman but she earned I think. Okay. So we talked a little bit about how it seems like she has kind of like a force field around her and when the bullets were hitting her in the last episode, it looked like the. Kind of light up around like kind of like a few meters away. Well. No the creature jumped out. And stopped the bullets for from new. No but when the creature came up to them. Holding the. Stops because I. Think it's her backpack I thought Oh it's take six protection because. Tonight the spell Oh. Yes. I remember that but I was not yet can. Make. Well. But he did say you did a damn spell on me in this episode when Ron Tro said no spells remember. A. Magic they know all the point of trying to make is is that I think she has like a protective force field around her. That's kind of like roughly the shape of her body around the shape of her body. If. She keeps the the like book close to her. It'll keep it from being burnt I. think that's one solution. Another one is is that it's a magic book maybe magic books don't. Burn. Burn. Zach. And also, why doesn't she hurrying a little bit more at? Yeah you've been saying. Doug also lowly vary slow. Yeah it was. It was. That's those are the complaints about the direction where we were like you ought to be on a ticking clock or or do you want us to care about her epic moment happened and and not only that it was like 'cause we did talk a lot about how it was like man hippolyte is like dying and you're taking a stroll down leg she's got meals to help her mouth. Yes. But Not only that though we didn't we kind of only barely mentioned that this is all for d like Vini to hurry back. For D. Because she's still not like. Ours or whatever. Yeah. Expired it's like at least hurry back for d like the not only did they like not give a shit about de in the last episode This one they ruby straight up tells them that she is basically dying because of you and they're like, fuck we fucked up later lead like I WANNA walk like a bad ass through this is. My moment. that. I had a lot of issues with a lot of things in that part. That's been my one thing in the show that there's a lot of loose ends. You guys have talked about it too and I felt that there was definitely moments of that in this episode that I've sort of just come to accept like maybe we just have to be okay, things happened. Okay. I'm just glad we all got to say one thing we liked about the. Truth. Remind. With, hippolyte was amazed. By levitating. Yeah. What agreed are we doing it in order? You're doing it in the order of Steve As. You go fast everything with hypolite was amazing. It was the visuals of it everything the Hair Chains Rama of her return everything she said was cool. I was just I was for every second that she was unscreened by the way the hair change not so subtle reference to DIS comic book character with Blue Hair I don't think it's a reference I. Think it's like part of her merge Lane Kurt of her because she's just in that, Bob? Light coming together. Raping Brad. Okay. My thing that I love really a lot was the the triumphant return I. Didn't think we were going to see it again but I love that portal came back my favorite character in the show. So far and I love that it's like glitch e paint like plan like painting. Paint splotch. Portal. That's like I love how like unstable it is and it's going through all the dimensions and stuff, and then she like fucking find tunes it and you see like Tulsa what is it? Nineteen twenty, nine, hundred, ninety, one After who was a good call out or dude for sure because she told about it definitely felt like, oh, the doctors here right hippolyte just like runs over the machines like give me two hours like fucking fix this thing and it's like what and then I taught a little loss and I wasn't sure it was just my thing that I missed something that how she was the one that was going to be the motherboard of it and like how she was able to like set it to be was that because of the yet her implicate from. Plants that the that she on to say gave her. Something and I think it's a quiet because that's what I was going to mention my favorite. My favorite moment thing was that when she mentioned that. We need like coordinates like right now what it is is it's an inter dimensional it's like it can show you different dimensions but whole hick by pull this fucking thing out and plug it into a motherboard. We can zero in on time and go time traveling and so and I loved in that moment she's like we just need a motherboard and let he was like, well, the hell's a motherboard and it was like. One motherboards are and the fact that she she's the motherboard essentially was really cool because she is essentially new technology even in the current day of the show in the fifties she's like you know calm like future she's planning technology. She's planning five technology to three one or whatever. Yeah. But anyway, I just loved that the portal came back and we got to see it and I love that when I. Got To nineteen twenty one and it looked like hip hippolyte ahead had league locked it in. It still looked really dangerous and unstable and I loved that like at any moment anything could go wrong and I really felt that way about that moment and when they jumped into the portal or whatever the time machine, it was just a really like tense moment that worked really well for me I. Love A lot. Cool. So Alana your next. WHY AW Man I was going to say about your moment about her Oh, I have I've just been suspending this because it's true. In every episode, we get like fourteen episodes worth of information so like Don't even try but I am she said, she spent two hundred. I heard a clip repeated and it was only time I was able to process what she said. She spent two hundred years on planet five something something. Two hundred years so like. How does that? To to. Leave Meriva leads the. On Earth five something something. So it's like a version of earth if not the actual. Yes. She was in a different dimension not in a different time. But if she lived for two hundred years in another dimension equivalent of earth years and then comes back here but she hasn't aged. It just means that the time don't know enough about earth three, fifty seven. You're okay. Well, that's why I suspended disbelief and maybe we should. Alana. I'll just was that your one good thing about the episode that was my question of your one good thing. I said my good thing. My favorite good thing was that the sisters were. So like a unit tight together bonded at the beginning of the episode of the sisters, meaning letty and Ruby. And I liked that and I love what you said about that they're the secrets were like. Pretty much done being secrets by the end Oh my God, what a weight off the shoulders that felt like Syria. Yes. Yeah and I feel like that helped them all kind of a unit because nobody had anything that they were like trying to keep from anybody else anymore. Right excess kind of a nice release except in the previous did you see the preview for the next episode? No I don't remember. Okay. Well, I. If you don't mind knows less a moment in the teaser. No, that's why there's a moment where it sounds like tick. Exactly. But the but the line I'm paraphrasing it is I hope you're okay with just more secret. Or like remember that line, it was something like that but it's like so I guess there is one more secret I'm sure there is look at the show. But, but at lease offers standing over evil dead style cabin. Underneath I just remember seeing writing I. Don't think we're going to like get all the answers next week. I think it said the final episode of this season. Oh I didn't say define upset of the series. The final episode. Season Taryn. Would you like? No one more thing? Oh. Didn't he didn't give me but I thought of another feel. Sorry. This is a positive thing but I. I'm now that we have opinions I questioned that ticks dad ticks data it seemed like his like underlying thing he was saying Montross was that he gave up all the stuff in order to be ticked ad. And although I can hear a character tell me and I'm meant to trust him like okay. But I just don't think that's to me I would be like, no, you didn't you're lying. That's your goal wasn't to be ticks dad like you're you're the thing that you wanted most on this planet was to be Ticks Dad. I. Just Kinda felt like it's not a shameful thing to be like my most guiding light in this planet wasn't my child. That's fine. We just saw hippolyte to do that. Be Like I. Love My kid like nothing, but it's not my guiding. And like some people have that sure like I was born to be a mom and it's my number one. Okay. But I just didn't feel like that was Montross is thing and then he said it and I was supposed to feel this like bond and connection between them and I'm like. I am I alone and having had that feeling I think you well for me you are but I understand I hear you I just think that we're not really taking into account that like when Montrose mantras wife came like basically revealed that she was pregnant and he said he like. He kept his mouth shut about it or whatever. She still had the child and she still had tick and to me it feels like. What I got from that moment was Montross saw advocates for the first time probably and was like Oh. This is my son in this this. This is the only thing that matters to go I'm going to treat him like Shit and be terrible. Freeze also dealing with all that other like that's but that's fine. If tick isn't his guiding light but if tickets like guiding light's purpose on this planet, like you think he would at least be hurting doing problems but also trying to be there you know what I mean. He'd have more of an active push peel instead of Jephson. Push away and I I, have to say it would be a Different statement if he said once I knew you existed like once I knew your mom was pregnant or whatever you became the thing I was living for in the reason I gave stuff up a different statement from saying you're the thing you're the reason I gave up all these things and have been living for my whole life essentially like I've always just wanted a kid like I don't buy it. Also like all the things he's doing on the side I know he's finding his gay community and it's in the ballroom scene and it's like fantastic and killer. But all of these are really like not about kids life experiences and for him to be like my guiding light was having a child I'm like I just don't. It's okay if it was like this is the part of the podcast where were being positive. I don't. Wanna Talk about how I completely agree with Lona and I've kind of had a problem with ticks dad like believing ticks dad a lot through it. He's given us a lot of reason to question him. So it was hard in that moment to be like, okay. Now, I, you know I. I also was confused because he was like. I'M GONNA go save Tom, and then he was like think about it and then he was like I've thought about it and I'm just right now. And he was just kidding it's all for you. Yeah like. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. It's almost like the show doesn't totally know. What? At. All about. Or because I'm like if they do know what he's all about then he's a piece of shit. We shouldn't care everything he's done to the show is shown us. He's kind of just been a piece of shit. Yeah. So yeah but kind of a selfish but they keep. Drunk however but. You know it's it's a question of does does your upbringing or does like trauma in your patch? Justify you causing trauma in your President I? I don't think it does but that's the question you have to answer that the that the show is asking you. They just talked to that end I'm like you know that's a tough sell for me for me. Yeah. They just talk about that on the podcast on the HBO podcast This episode they said. It's talking about it doesn't justify it, but it helps explain it and that there's a difference between the things and like yeah of course, that's like psychology stuff. Amen Absolutely. But you're you're kind of proving arguments here in the show though a little bit by saying that. Yeah. No, I just think like. Montross I don't know. I WanNa, I wanNA believe the show has a very clear direction for him that they're like taking us on this ten of sorted journey a really. To, really like blow our minds. The land is playing I'm worried that they don't have that I hope that they do because it feels like we've been through a lot with him I wanna I wanNA make sure that it's all building towards something. Even this episode I feel like I'm like if if my dad beat the shit out of me when I was growing up and then I went back in time with him and he's like see my dad dished to I would be like. Fuck you man? Yeah. This is what you brought me back in time for like that doesn't excuse what you did right and so bad end but that's me. That's like a personal. You know I feel. I feel like they'll probably not give us more of Montross now because now it's like about Dick and like debate he and letty and the baby. So I if it back I thought they gave us a moment where it's like, oh, he's not going to go I would just surprised if in the next episode, we got anymore Montrose storyline. Either I'd be surprised. bananas. Terrence Positive Charan's positive once. Sorry I I was excited the hippolyte came back. Because I felt like when it was sort of given to her the choice and it was like I have this daughter I was Kinda. I was like I mean, yeah she's been offered this and that's great. But it made me sad that she was able to be like by family and my young child and so I was Kinda. Glad that she got sick like that. She made the choice to come back. and. I was excited to hear that she still did a lot of stuff will while she was away. And it does seem like it helped her like I, did think I was I was glad that she she made that decision I agree with that. Yeah. All right. Well, I love that. Taryn, thank you for that. Thank you for bringing us back to a positive place. All right. Well, let's jump into these damn emails We've talked so much. No it's okay. It's okay. It's all right. We can talk about the day of episode. All right. Here's the. John. Lose hear. Your daughter. That's nice. At the. Officer Mustard Stan after some emails. How much money would it take to make us spend a night? All right. Someone. sent us an email about episode eight. But said that Michigan had a Q. and A. on twitter memory talking. I think yes. Yes. What was? A digital? Excuse me. and. Meka. Sorry. Hi Hi I can't pronounce this person's name. Can we turn up the way we your year? What do you mean? This scene. Oh I see I see. Yes. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. No that doesn't do just put it back it back here I got some. What about what about? Like The humidity's year and you guys are like here, turn the music down law. Yeah. Oh. Cool. that. Better. It's better. Let's get it that sound good. Sounds better. Better not good. Are you, GonNa do something or are we going on? I can't tell if I need to do something. You good. Okay. I thought some say. Oh. Okay. Brett that arm looks like it's GonNa grab you always. Every time I look. Back Someone said to episodes left to find out because someone asked where to jaw run off to. But. We already got the answer to that one. please please tell me what Christina did to letty. Oh Okay Michigan says first of all Marian. Black Girls. Of nyu. Second of all, she gave her back I say back because Samuel gave it to Letty I to heal her from the gunshot wound in episode to the mark of Cain which is Samuel's invulnerability spell. Well. That's the same thing Christina. that. was bad sound. Yeah. Sorry. Wasn't as bad on our end. It's usually pretty bad. Why wasn't as bad on your on land? How Weird? Thing maxed out so we can hear you Michele Green says. She gave her back the mark of Cain. Which is Samuel's invulnerability spell and I guess Samuel gave it to Letty to heal her from the gunshot wound in episode two. Took it away? Guess Yeah. So Christina gave back. Okay. So that confirms that Chris Because What Christina has an invulnerability. Spell mark of. Cain as well like she physically has that mark of. They told us that's the mark of Cain so lettie must have that somewhere. So what we mentioned earlier before you here Taryn was that when Christina got. Attempted to have herself killed in the way that Emmett till was killed she was able to get bloody and have problems happened to her but she couldn't die but but letty can't can be in a fire filled room and not get burned whatsoever and we're curious about the inconsistencies there and now we have confirmation. So yeah so it is the same spell so I'm a little confused but we'll leave that for next episode maybe. Thoughts we just. Throw it. Hard it just accept. Yeah. That's that's. That's similar to kind of the book thing for me a little bit of like an inconsistency or something that that's I. Yeah. I. Didn't think about that that it is the same. That came up earlier. I mean, Hey, it is show right ready to hate on the episode now. Look. Bad precedent I know we have said so many because you're at the penultimate you have to everything has to start making sense so. Is Love Kraft country book come in. Has He, read it. That he's holding. Yeah he said I can not done it. He read it talked about reading it. Right, yeah, because he knows that is. Being who you're talking about? Yeah tick. Read it. To talk when an email. I'm still in the same one TIKTOK. Some more from Michel Green someone said, the twins were their significance, the topsy and mob-scene Bob I think she said reading the Devil Doll, chapter in by mattress novel and being a huge fan of a nightmare on elm street i. read this one I wanted to create arve version of Freddie Krueger and nothing scarier than real American history. minstrel shows and oncle Tom's cabin. Will we know how to scare me green I'll tell you. was into shows. Anyone was D- smelling the cops rotting flesh when she busts in on them I'm fascinated by how the magic system works on different people definitely a price to pay for certain things. Nisha Green says, you may have noticed all the flowers around Captain Lancaster's office. I believe they would support your theory. That's cool. That's fun. All right. Thank you for sharing that highlight. Someone highlights to kind of stuff. We should be noticing guys we have a podcast about the I know. Max Sends an email saying Danny Devito, the gift that keeps on giving. High first time show with the season ending soon, it only seemed right that we have Danny Devito clips for this show to. The first clip is just for the whole show in general. And the second clip is about the that high heel rape scene by Ruby. Alright. Can't. Wait. Same truly. All right. Max. Here's. THE FIRST CLIP My world is turned upside down right now with this audio. there. Mac. Os that Danny devito yelling white man get down. The whole show, and here's the second one. And by the way. The rape scene went really well. All right. Okay. All right. Applicable thanks Mac Max. mccully, thanks MacAulay Culkin Steve Lakes to leave out the last letter of each name thanks Matt. All right. Next one comes from ways each jazz saying are advocates Latisha main characters Oh lovecraft country episode nine. Hey, a friend does really quick I was thrilled to hear that most you guys still love doctor who and just as a follow up to that quickly I'd love to know which of the monsters slash villains on that show are your favorites I think mine's the weeping angels because it's just a cool idea done perfectly every time they show up save it for the doctor who podcast anyways I think it's fair to say I agree more with Brett on the whole with this series than anyone else I also think the show is more. When atticus and letty aren't the focus for the episode despite having a bit of a crush on both of them that's understand. Yes. Same. Tick kind of seems like he's headed down the path to be an antagonised more and more with each episode and I'm not here for it. Just. To be frank I think the first half of half of this episode sucks up until they go back in time everything feels rushed and just an excuse to get to the past that being said once they are in the past the episode works perfectly it's just a shame the beginning is so uninteresting. I do think Lettie walking through explosions crying is a great visual though sure. That's that's what's great about that. Like listen I've always liked strong opinions. Also I'd like the withdraw six feet under as my choice for the next show and submit. Mister robot. It's a really cool show about hackers to put loosely and it's criminally under scene. It's also only forty six episodes over four seasons if that help sell it although at this point, I'm sure you guys have decided already only forty six chow for now. Yes. Shoe he asks you. Bro. Have decided already Israel Shabas. Lopez. It's cory in the house. S. Tearing House. Do you know what it is. Yeah. Okay. You're talking about the spinoff of. That's rain. That's correct. Okay. He lived in the white. House. Yes. That's about all I remember about it yeah okay. That's not Israel Shabas. Lopez sends an email saying hello boys and summer girl Ecuadorian boy Israel here. First of all shout to the valley folk twitch channel. It's really cool to interact with you guys in real time. The Karaoke was amazing. Steve Your voices god-like. Old On. Has An. Amazing Voice. Well. And he says, he's sorry every time he gets a con. He says his name is stratosphere on twitch. Now to the episode it's very hard to believe that all of this actually happened in the US such a big part of history that should be taught in every school. I like this kind of time travel. The closed loop is good because it keeps things tight. avoid loose ends while also having cool payoffs like tick being the bad guy. The shot were Montross, what he's a Bat Oh the bat. Just picturing a flying. The shop where I feel like closed loop. Time travel is all we're getting now though. Yeah. Like nobody wants to hang their dick out there because everybody's just makes on it. Really, make a sound of thunder style. The second you go back in time everything's fucked. So you're talking about content in general. Right okay. I see. Did you guys get back to the future vibes when she sat that picture up? Like, on the thing. Oh I'll tell you I think it was that same universal battery to. Everybody. Needs. To be watching. Survives from what the win the when they got the picture of the three of them and added on the machine. That's where we were like setting up because I thought we were going to miss something up and people were gonNA disappear. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I that was like right where my brain went. Never showing us the actors they hired to play the young versions of the character I wondered that but then that we'd recognize them when we saw them a few moments later. And that's exactly what happened. That's what I didn't think we could do. It are so right right. They had to show us they didn't shoot it on that back lot. Don't you think it looked like university? Back Lot back to the show. I'm thinking Um. It's interesting. The Shot Montross is talking was beautiful. He was talking to us telling us these stories reminding us that this actually happened and about the heroes of this horrible event very powerful. That's it for today girl and boys I hope you have. Ask Time. In the finale event, you guys are going to please be safe and as always. Let me see in that man, ask show your nipples Daniel where you go to the next. Can I say he also replied to something on Instagram I posted that most people understand it it was such A. Perspective mattered. Kind of a thing and most people did not understand it had to do with feminism and he totally got it and I'm like you're not even from the US and you fully got this like there's a culture separation so I want to applaud. Nice. Nice. Good boy. All right Danielson you going to the finale event? Yes. It's it's yeah. It's a drive in drive in situation. They're showing us the finale this week. Well. That's really cool. That comes out. Sorry Brat. Very cool. Off. Balance it with football. Again, I won't say anything about it. Until. Sunday. I'll pretend Tanabe jealous for the foreseeable. Future. That sounds great. I appreciate it. Having one in. South, Carolina I don't think so but I'll hit up my rep. Daniels higher. Lovely people can we talk about ticks outfit with a simple blue shirt and pants combo. Episode was fantastic and emotional. I can't believe we're only have one to go. What did y'all think about closing the loop by saving his parents Will you mean, well, a loved it saving his. Uncle Y- his mom was the oh yeah. That's right. That's right. That's right. Sorry I. Loved it. I loved everything about it. Also, this is the first episode not to use Centerman as the closing. Yeah. good call out yes. True. Thank you Daniel. Dan The man lot of Dan's tonight. So that is show keeps getting better. Hey, guys Miami Dan here. This show is just straight bonkers at this point. This. Is a short one since I know you guys already started recording. And I'm only halfway through the episode. Because I stayed watching the NBA finals which Miami. The final by the way. We're. Any, who loved to hear Y'all thought Miami Dan signing up. Thanks Brett showing up for the sports stars and. I do feel bad. His name is Miami Dan. Oh. Yeah. Probably His name God's sake. Got To see the Brian Win a bunch of titles there. Now, he's got to watch Lebron win and title La But Koby. Come on guys. It's Kobe come on. That's right. Andrew Whitney sends our final email here saying lovecraft country episode nine I. Don't know what to say another fantastic episode. I'm so terrified and ready for the finale Hashtag, I got you kid. I was GONNA. Say Somebody's got to that. Why did he say that specifically I I don't think. That's Jackie. Robinson said at the beginning. But. No, that's that's the only reason. Okay I haven't in theory that I wish he sent self-esteem more like something tick would say. Yeah I agree. Because then it because you know I maybe they didn't want it to be obvious that. Don't beat up your son. Be a good girl back for you take your shit out on your kid. You. Know what? I would have been. It would have been more interesting to me even if they never came back to it if he said something different if knowing that his dad remembered him saying that if you gone, they're purposely said something. Really interesting. Change anything like that's the only thing he chain the attitude that he didn't say anything because it didn't make any chain because he would have walked back to his dad and his dad's memory would have been. Oh, that guy said seal later. Sun. Instead, like whatever the sentence was would have changed in the dad's memory as well. You know am I off their silence I just think. It would have at least give me pause and been like Oh. My God. What did he just change? And it would have made me a little more interested in what's GonNa Happen next. That's true more drama Yeah Yep Yep Yeah Yeah. What really happened. Was the cowboy you can funded Johnny Larry the night. That's the question. All right. Well, listen we had a great time tonight. I had a great time tonight. What a what a difficult episodes watch in many ways, but a great episode overall. Was a little ABC's? But I can't wait for the finale very excited about it. Can we all agree a great episode overall sure yeah. y'All agree I know. I. Just want to share because it was a very negative pockets, but you know it's a good episode episode we. Already. It's not the worst of the bunch right. About it, it wasn't my favorite, but it definitely wasn't I I wouldn't put it in the bottom agreed. Last week those my that's my. It made me cry the most Advani episode cried like. You did cry. I cried loud. POSSIBLE THAN Could give the young girl the will to loo-. I actually would answer. Yes. All right. Well Listen Hospital. Cracker though. Pas Rule. Warren. Cracker. All right guys. Thank you for joining us Taryn what a what a fun time having. You so much for having me on. Thanks for on you should come back. Also, we're GONNA have to you about the other show. You passed. You Pass. The whole episode Utah the girl with Internet connection. Yes you you're in. More than that. But at the very least, it's nice to see those to listen. I saw my daddy. Do you Do you have any plugs? You WanNa plug anything I have none I have zero social media at all so To, you. Yeah. So if anybody has an the need to get a hold of me, Kevin, spacey on insecurity. They go give. A COP or whatever the hell talk the cabin. Pat Cap. Gap Pack? Cap Does that mean something I've always wondered? AM I. Love. Told Secret I. It's his initials backwards then forward. That's right. Race car initials. WHOA. Take take yeah taking a drive. Brett. Autobiography? Joining. Brett you. WanNa plug anything. Just, you know follow me on good reads follow Brad on. What is Yeah I'm sure he has. A good redes-. On it. All right. Social Media. Alana, do you have any plugs? Yeah come to my instagram. Please it's. The name has changed. It is my full name now a Lotta ficus a. l.. A.. F. I. C. A. E. S., and also along put up a blog of her Paris trip. Cool and I'm actually proud of the edit you know when you make edits for Youtube and you kind of just have to rush it along at a certain point and you're not really you're like, it's good but you're not like actually. Proud. I took my time and I'm actually proud of this etta I think it's very cute and I'm doing a Halloween series on my instagram. You'RE GONNA see loads of costumes. I'm very excited. We're working really hard on them. So everybody. Some. Damlung. Explain. Story true fertilize Octopus Hey, ingested the human system actually grow inside the Bonnie. What is this way? Is that how the villains doctor WHO THE OCTOPUS LOOKING GUYS? So it's Jonathan. Fray. From the show factor fiction. Jonathan. Guy Star Trek Johnson Freak. So the hot guy on Star Trek next generation Reicher with the beer just if anybody's curious. And I'm sorry, WARF is the Hawkeye I'm Kalyan Hawkeye. That's his title. He's like the Bro. The Hawkeye. So there's a shows the red there was a show called fact or fiction. Out in the beginning of the show and go like you guys got a gas if this story is true or not, and he'll like do a whole he was the narrator and there'd be like reenactments of all these things and then he'd go like, do you think that the Canary could've given the keys to the prisoner like you know still so someone took that and just slowed down every single one he intro and that's what those are. Do. You sweet to. You believe in the power of look. At. Leading through. Remember the tallest man ever seen. I don't know the curse is real good. All right. Well, guys thank you for listening to this show. Thank you to tear in our special guest. Stick around we're going to stop the show. Then we'll say bye to you IRA. But thank you guys for watching. We appreciate you check out the video version of the podcast youtubecom slash the valley cast. And here we go. We're on our way to the finale of another show, and then before you know we're going to be doing another one. So I think we'll probably talk a reasonable hour I. Think we'll talk a little bit more about that. In the next episode. Guys should guess, let's hear every guesses on twitter. Yeah. Yeah. You want to know or send US emails at the first time show and send us your thoughts on the finale of the show. But also let us know what you think. We're going to do oh, I guess a love good gas. To go laundering Benin the clear blue sky. All right. That's enough of that. All right. Good. Bye Everybody. Bye. Bye Lying.

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