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originating from our jimmy johns of lexington studios sees jock talk presented by tito's handmade vodka on the horse racing radio network pet intimate indepth discussion with the best junkies thoroughbred racing twenty five year old maria jared who studied buddy i they might not be inside the mother johnny alaska the taken shanghai bobby and then i brought my guy baby that rashi she barrage of border crossing the field here by hobby caused by the lightning and thunder rabbi all right now here's christine mcgill hello again everyone welcome to josh off presented by tito's handmade vodka right here on the horse racing radio network i'm your host retired jockey christina mcmahon a goal and i'm joining you tonight from our jimmy johns of lexington in kentucky studio i'd like to thank everyone listening tonight on serious to nineteen xm two oh one and also to those of you tuning into our website at horse racing radio dot net hey portion of the proceeds from this show go to be permanently disabled jockeys fund the pd j f provides financial assistance to riders who have suffered devastating ontrack injuries if you're able to help please visit their website at www dot pd j f dot o r g so i guess this evening she got started in nineteen eighty five five once you wanna first race suffolk downs and she went onto win multiple leading rider titles at suffolk an dizzy three time recipient of the elected she out memorial outstanding jockey award she was inducted into the new england hall of fame in two thousand fourteen she's the third leading female jog you've all time with two thousand five hundred nineteen wins in over twenty five million dollars in earnings it's an honor to introduce jockey tammy pay marine jamie welcome to the show well thank you christina it's an honor that to be asked to be on the show how are you today i'm doing great i am very excited about this show to me i you and i wrote together nine nine years ago i think it was at suffolk downs at all it's been that long long time it seems like yesterday really does an obviously we have a lot to talk about what the closing of suffolk downs this past sunday 'em breaks my heart i'm sure it does assumed you what was it like a riding their the final weekend of suffolk it was a crazy weekend you know a lot of mixed emotions came out from everybody not just me i mean everybody you wouldn't you know if you were there christine you being off because you couldn't move and the joined there is not a pack and spot around everybody in elbow to elbow a lot of here's a lot of smiles while you know it's sad sad sad celebration i really want is a lot of a lot of memories made that i can't i can't imagine the motion you i just feel thirty four years you call that police home oh that's home my own little family action big family from new england so it's even more home and when we had to leave and try and make somewhere else you know what they say no place like home so every time we'd go back to ride there it's just it's that feeling you get in you know it's relaxing and it's gonna be home well let's talk about hopefully the future is somewhat bright for a area racing their new england i heard rumors about fair circuit what what am i talking about now well i don't know how sure i don't know if it's a sure thing but there is you know there is a talk about great barrington next year 'em that would be nice end you know there's other other talk about gentleman wanting to build a racetrack somewhere massachusetts so to me if they could find somewhere or someplace to run i will be elated is not suffolk and a hopefully we do see that develops and but what was it about suffix that initially junior at century obviously you were from area but you started out there you road you won your first race as suffolk downs what is it about that restricts well southbound was very open in receptive to female writers number one when i started writing it was already a half a dozen female writers and then as in my air as i began writing and then years go by more and more female stepped into the jocks roman as long you're willing to work you would ride you know we were accepted as as an equal to the males there was no 'em those you know we we got every opportunity the same opportunity as they did in you know just the place not only was it you know accepted female writers but it was home i had i want my first race there i actually want on my mother and father first race force there they've only had one and he did real well and it was a memory i won't forget going into the winter circle where their colors having my mom going with a smile and grand from you know eared years i i started training there when i was in between pregnancies i trained with my first child and i had my first winner as a trainer there and then yesterday i was the last racehorse across the wire so i actually closed suffolk downs would riding a last place finish in the last race at suffolk downs and i also got lucky to ride the very last turf race at suffolk downs and when you mentioned a moment ago how suffolk was so receptive the female writers and you know one of the reasons that i myself went there i when the bug any since then you know forced to travel all were in right elsewhere and so you've seen the differences why is that why was suffolk so receptive to female writers i think you know because everybody had talked highly about it i'm from there so i mean that's why i was there but when you when you go somewhere else to ride and you say yeah you know the girls really good and they they liked the girl riders in boston more and more girls would come 'em not only that but say you're bigger girl the weight of lounges and the apprentice wait a lounge in boston it wasn't ten seven five it was a solid five pounds so that actually brought in a lot of writers there's also a that were on the bigger shot so i think some of the girls that were on the bigger side found it easier in in other riders men to come to boston if if when you're starting off as an apprentice you only have the you know you only have five pound versus can't tell us when we think you know when that's why when you first started out to me did you have a weight problem i wasn't frio 'em no no no not actually having a weight problem i was about a hundred pounds 'cause i was at i was eighteen years old will actually when i was younger i was heavy at fourteen fifteen sixteen i weighed about we're not worried about a hundred and forty nine pounds and i wasn't like courtly looking i was just the solid hunter and forty nine pounds but the the people i that introduced me to the thoroughbreds their wife was aj a nurse practitioner end and she says you know you might wanna see an endocrinologist because you have a very thick thick you know a stick neck it's you know you got belgian of the neck and she says you might have a thyroid issue and this is it like you know fifteen years old sixteen so when i went to the doctor and sure enough i did have a thyroid and within six months of being put on thyroid medication in heaven i actually had radiation treatment first and then 'em thyroid medication should i went from wayne hung on forty nine pounds to a hundred and six so 'em at ads and a practice i wait a hundred and six i struggled tack on her eight but i was pretty good but once i got older than the than the weight creep up you know so from my years after being apprentice yeah i have to say i i've worked at my weight you know so but i would try to eat properly you know try to find the right guy that work best for me just so that you know i could have a strong finish and not be week to starting out for you once thank god you're done you're thyroid under control your weight was normal and and so for you what appeal to you about the racetrack obviously you're parents were someone involved a theater resource of their own that you road but how're you introduced to the sport well i'm kristin my parents didn't step into the race horses until gosh i wanna say ninety nine two thousand they got their race so you from nineteen eighty five to that point i accidentally fell into the race for school i a starter babysitting when i was ten eleven years old from many different people in one of the people that i babysat for are the family that i borrowed horse trailer and i did stall from you know and i still i do the sold for them i use a horse trailer next you know they you know let me use a horse trailer and exchange where you know the stalls are babysitting one we're not 'cause i did have a horse trailer for the horse that i had bought me the stipulation i paid forever so my babysitting jobs i may pay for the grain the feed and things like that my parents course they helped out with the bills issuing the vet but that's the trailer once i start working for the family that had a you know that happy a young boy that i babysat in i could use a trailer they said to me one day would would you like to break some only for us we know you can ride the ride so would you be interested in breaking are baby you know i looked at much yeah i was gonna say yet fourteenth somebody yeah that's more horses in right i only had one horse and i start breaking their babies doing stalls babysit end of the week my paycheck when you're fourteen fifteen years old and you're paycheck is three four hundred dollars it's like wow i didn't have much time for my show us anymore in she wasn't a very good show us anyway she's a good pet when it wasn't a good show or so needless to say i dumped the show haas in stuck with the race horses moved in with the family because because my parents were moving away from that town to another firm that town to another town in if i moved you know i wouldn't be able to graduated wouldn't be able to stay near the farm so i moved in with them graduated at a year early and went on to the racetrack brand doing my show us got sold to people of two little girls and you know had a good home and i just a high continued on with the race horses and what i did at the racetrack is i go around gallup and i brought them up you know to the paddock brother right it's dry so were you able to gradually from high school early because you were really good in school christine i can say is i said were you able to gradually early because you were really good at school well i had all my credits that's in that you know about what i did is i got out the year before you know so i started my senior year but with all my once my credits were completed which was before before they end 'em they let me step out of school and then i went back for the graduation graduate the class is what i did so you're working at the racetrack strength you're so being all of this information in how did you know you were ready to roger first race listen i did it there was a gentleman there he was a valid and the next rider any gal tours user great guys name is paul bull he'd go in he came up to me one day and i had just my helmet and of course back then you're gonna have a best right things which is my helmet and a stick in i was getting on horses all around and one day i was enough offense come up to me he said you know tammy i've been watching you and he says you know why don't you become a writer and i looked at my says and i i seriously look too much is well i talked to vic he says no he said take a look around you're not too big he says you have a great scene on a horse from what i could see and you get on a lot of horses you know you really shouldn't try right and he reached up on his helmet any took off a pair of all those because my helmet and even have a fair all goes on back then any says he handed me the goggles here he says his first pair of goals that you're ever gonna own let's hope this brings you a lot of luck in that from that day on on put the bug in my ear the next day i decided that i wasn't gonna be a gloomy more just got the horses and i haven't bought and then go off i'm done with the booming i'm just gonna go spread my wings i'm a lot of bonds and say i'm gonna be right what could i do for you today in from that point on once i turned eighteen his cousin massachusetts you're becoming jockey until you eighteen you could gallop at sixty but get right so you're eighty once i turned eighteen and that's what i began to ride do you remember that first win at suffolk and how it all played out the first race i wrote while the first race has extra named on the roof roof on the grass in the stewards said we we can't let you ride cheesy says we don't we don't allow apprentice riots to ride the grass until they've had five win so i'm sorry but you're gonna have to wait on that so the next overnight that came out i was put on a horse called go diving in john it's a horse it i was getting on however he was the first time starter the first time style that i action patrick so they again pull into the stewards office said listen this is the first time style had i just right first time she thought it either i says well listen i know this horse only only one that's been on this horse i says i broke come on the backside in a i says as what the gate i've done all the game he's very very slow he's very good at the gate but very very so basically they said okay we're gonna let you ride on 'em and that's what's my first big field the twelve or steel news you is the first time he did he broke slow i don't know where we stick around for third fit but then two weeks later he was rented it ride a horse until he was reelected in again he was a twelve horsfield but this time in the one whole well we this time knowing you know i know we break so he broke slow again put me i'm anxious i just started sense and i sent as hot as i could and i discovered up on the rail and there were few horses in front of me one of whom was a journeyman there is a goal number she had known a storm in norman in that i will my way up inside him pay me he didn't have so let me true but i wasn't a dropped myself if i did you know if you try and take all i was taking and he knew it wasn't you know i mean he he he he opened the door because i was gonna drop myself a little clip in his heels like an idiot so i won the race i i was all excited save on firing me with eggs shaving cream a shoe polish water powder you name it my how much snow for weeks but past as that excitement and all the pitches he pulled me aside this is the gentleman that excellent writer one a lot of races are norman pulled me aside and he says don't you ever ever do that again he says because you'll be on the ground next time end i never forgot that day my happiness my excitement static journaling rush song to the model like i was they took you know like when you're mother father school do for the very first time in i took it the ha i and i never forgot it but you know i learned a big lesson that day one from the unexperienced journeymen one that i've never forgotten and i was helped many times by many good riders surely years to become why am today who were some of those other riders in the room room earlier on in your career i'm sorry i can't hear you again who who were some of the other riders in the room early on in your career well male riders will be by yes i always watched him he warmed horses will really good i mean if he will before i started writing i always watched all arrive i sat there they all had like little nickname while rudy by as always known to me as the stagecoach ride of the way he sat on the odd way warmed up the horse he looked like somebody ride and the stage coach coach with a web you is very strong finisher had a great clock in so that's i i fall you know warming up i thought was very good a gamut del i love the way you ride you could ride on the turf after short long natural seat on a on a great talent i love the way he said i loved his patience and i love this clock a the way i hit a loss i i i practice my hitting i watch frankie control he could really pickle horse's head up throw the rain that in the way he hit it just do it out so i tried perfect my hitting like hit well i took a little bit of everybody's stylized make my style now as for like a girl women you know each women was different though is jill she was one of her one of a kind great personality will tell you how it was but what is very honest and you're not you know it seemed like if you were more blunt more honest you know they respect as you want marian vulgar child she wished quiet she didn't say much a but had great clock sat quietly on all those nervous losses so i tried to take a little bit of that you know it it it follow her her away that way and then suzy kelly she just didn't seem seem to care about much at all you know she up speed outgoing whimsical and i would just say nervous she says no she says in the way of fix that she says she's taken like a morning work that go in the gay like it works in a hot how high can be is long as you try hardest do we best it's nothing to worry about you know you did her best in any that'll relax you i've been blessed with a lot of friends and in a lot of you know different right is it come out of there in you know to this day christina you know i'll ask well you know if i could learn something well what do you do that help this along well what is it that you do to make that washed break better you know what did they teach you hear it now if i could learn something new every day i'm aware you know what i mean it just makes that much better jogging tammy tammy rainy joining me tonight on jock talk presented by tito's handmade vodka right here on the horse racing radio network tammy i do wanna quickly speak about you mentioned joe jealous in one of these most wonderful people in the world unfortunately passed away at the very young age of fifty one 'em back in two thousand fifteen of breast cancer andy loves her dearly she was very very successful one two hundred and forty races in ninety eight i believe it was at rockingham and that whole area just wonderful person i wanna give her quick shout outs and she's no longer with us and not able to be with us 'em don't they have didn't they have stakes race named after her a suffolk they did last year but yeah i i want it to get well i'm glad they had last year at least yeah so respected a city respected she she's a great person you know as well as i she'd come at all what the heck this one isn't doing good yeah yeah it's it's this said that you know it's not training god i only job in a mile don't even feel good she go out when we knew right there and then it's gonna be a winner when she talked bad about a walk in like it it just went onto trout you're exactly right when it when it first happened i would i would like what is she talking about and then i figured it out so free you seem like me you are a bit on the town taller side when it comes to jockeys you're taller jockey how fooled up and look so good on a horse in a believer not gillis told me she five five i'm trying i'm like five to but i you know my whole life has been like by three but a male about five to ramp up but i dunno i have long legs but i have a very short bobbi kristina so i look better that way i have i have the long legs long long legs long enough and i always thought my arms gotten away and they in my husband would say no no no that sure strang you get the pusher more and hotter and you get the recheck further and you get the tickets cross it even emphasize that much more more because you have long so up but i think maybe in short imposture meaning from the waist up it helped me fold up because i didn't really ride real short i kinda road level at the weather and like i said i watched call camber deller and he always told me you know along you ride along you ride you know you don't wanna be riding to shore but it'll help with you're balancing it'll help with full enough on a horse i'm sure i'm sure you're days at parks you saw tony black ride and he he'd read these designs be down to the horses knees practicing yeah around very long so that said he i mean he's josh i don't even know how old he he was when he wrote his last race like sixty eight or something crazy i down a full then he lied one last year yeah i think so i think it was last year i don't even know how old he i forgot how old he is he crazy crazy but to me we need a tank quick commercial break here folks stay with us you are listening to jump talk presented by tito's handmade vodka right here on the horse racing radio network hi i'm tito beverage founder and master distiller at tito's handmade vodka america's original craft vodka i believe in the craft process of distilling in batches using old fashioned pot stills and that's the way we still make tito's handmade vodka today we haven't won the world spirits competition doubled old unanimous judge's choice tito's handmade vodka in my firm a hundred percent corn so it's naturally gluten free recipes videos 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to learn how you can help hi i'm ryan duggan i support the jam our world and i thank thank you you're listening to jock talk on the horse racing radio network presented by tito's handmade vodka they race off the top of her head into the home stretch here they've got a great cast is hertel read in man staring down outside now here comes a run from struggled struggled confronts colonel read just outside the prolonged ground bribing third down along the inside is his wicked journalist is also in it to win it here's john wolf and tell me clear player in the late cycle is opening up by four legs ed also set off the pace in house when the six from suffolk downs dad's hi there for a second a fourway photo of all start yelling pause generalists corto read in this wicked all involved in the photo all come back to john talk presented by tito's handmade vodka i'm your host christina mcmahon of all and i am joined this evening by jockey team you've hammer any sammy now as you're last victory at suffolk downs this past sunday shackle sin one pretty easy a believe jane byrne denia believe it was j or what yeah and i think he is he is based out of oh now i wanna say he's on he's on my facebook it's interesting to see how a the boss and people have kind of spread out all over the place a maryland ohio now you're your finger lakes actually i know you spend a brief amount of time at parks tell us tell us why you went to parks and why he went to finger lakes all right well when i left suffix we couldn't decide where we wanna go in you know we were bringing it all different racetracks you know several i wanna say i i wanna say around you know around thirty different racetracks had been too so we decided you know why not try with the money then that's where you believe or not at the time you did very well in in you know so i said you know there's some girl right there i said you know what i know some of the trainers air so why not give it a world i did very well believing wrong i had joe hampshire's invasion i don't know if you know joe williams he was originally from new england mhm in i i hit it right off you know hit like forty percent my first artist i i like i say they're just see year because i own a home there in i decided that you know i wanna go someplace that we could buy in florida for florida homes have some stability in a you know a lot of race and basically they stopped the car they believe they fear i got there they cut bait stare at you know a pennsylvania so you know and it wasn't moving around a lot i just you know you go up you know you go here you go there you go national it was a lot of driving around so i figured you know what you know i know do more people on gruden lockup at single lake it's a little more laid back a in you know the the mass spreads were up here mastered races were up here too and i says you know what i'm just i just decided that you know what i look for a house up here was a little more affordable so i bought a home appear single lakes after spending a year there and 'em they've been here now going on my fourth year no joe ham shire that's a familiar name a road with him there at parks actually we've had him on the show a back in the day end 'em yeah i heard he had an accident is she a he still an agent i guess at parks yeah he's an agent still yep he had michael sanchez the last thing new and i don't know if he has another ride if i know he does have michael sanchez he does a wonderful job yoda's yeah i love joe but what's funny i lot you know a lot of business was funny to me is that a you have a husband as you're agent for most of your career yeah actually now is he used his he currently arranger kcbs he currently currently my agent now how did that happen how do we fall in how how did he become agent how did you fall in love how did he become that all happened that story itself for the first time we met was wanna stay back early early nineties late eighties in then i was riding at rockingham on a friday night as they had night racing at rockingham pa annual there was only a few places that would be open after the races were closed shut down till they eat so i'm i met this place that it wasn't bark type of restaurant but i had to floyd so i'm looking down with all of us girls go over there and there were like i said there were several girls so jill myself linda anderson abby suzy kelly all of us so we had it over to this one place and i'm up above a broken down it was like it's funny you it was like a circular it was a second floor but i had like a circular whole the railing and i looked down a nuisance tables down below will happen to be a young trainer whom abigail full of married mind you sitting down below that i wrote for so i took piece of ice from my drink at the pipes in i chucked it down at in mind i hit him he looked up and he says hey camps and cause that was my nickname back then temps you just give me i want you meet somebody so i had announced as i sat at the table the little round table you know foresee sylla's mikey on my left and the gentleman on my right what happens to be my husband now and nobody across and i'm sitting there and you know we're talking back and forth blah blah blah 'cause i've written mike he was young he's the same age as i am you know now as fifties also self worth it and talking well my has been at the time he a he looks at me he says you know you're not riders need you need headset wouldn't microphones and i looked at my look that mike you gave a look like hello any go you know like nascar my guy he says because none of the owners and trainers tell us where it'd be what to do wonder hit him like a hack who is this year and oh what i'm like i'm thinking to myself heck is this aide whole you know i could tell you don't like women so i went and i looked straight in his face like oh you know what i'd say i'd go sorry it broke he wants to be i looked at him i excuse myself from the table at i did see for many years after and then i wanna say like ninety tour ninety four was a i read into mcgann is leaving the jocks from at rockingham wiz my pit bull dog and i'm trying to walk to the car and this gentleman comes up to me you know i it's not that i'm entice social anything but look more into my ride and anything else in order at the time i actually had a boyfriend i had a cop as a boyfriend but i'm just trying to get to my vehicle is a nice little ford ranger truck so i'm trying to walk to the truck through the crowd is quick is court and this guy next to me how you doing what do you know what today a nice day isn't it i'm just trying a walk i'm like i did look adam i'm just you don't know how you tried voice so i finally get to my vehicle and i glanced down in my put the dog and the side door the passengers he sits in the front and i'm gonna walk over to or you know the drive is i need over there and he goes you know what this me it really needs some waxing you know mikey catalonia could come over to your house wax the truck for you someday i looked at it and go all right okay celia and that was it again and then a nineteen ninety nine so several years ago by again nineteen ninety nine mikey comes up to me says you know tim i know you're single you been single now for a couple of years you know i have a friend in owner he says you know my son maybe walford double date is what this guy only a few times is i don't know he's talking about well attack ramal show yeah well ease right here right here right here in the walmart when pitches i'm like i don't know this guy he says i don't remember and then a well we got i got picked up and we went out on the date in believe it or not the date we went out it was the four of us who is game night so it was a bar the bar is game night in the guys were hitting on them soviet abby were laughing in the bathroom and i mean it was still all right we had we had nice suit in it was a great place great music we had a great time there had a lot of laughs and a went home i did talked to him for like three weeks and mikey come up to me in the morning stamp is a strong word like said no i said john you know what the hell out of there oh okay he says he likes the no if he could calling hi says all right sure why not you know so we went out on a second date alone in we had lunch and then we went to the movies in the hippos timmy right there in movies i thought he was joking to be honest when you when you and i said yeah sure sure no problem in a given married twenty isn't wow first when we first let them know we were married in in changed my last name on the program a they were all like oh you're gonna last week oh you're gonna last two weeks they were betting everybody on the backside back how long we were gonna laugh little do they know where already married six months but in west still going strong and money is that's amazing yeah i would say a crazy beginning to that story into you're live in an what's even more more difficult i would assume for marriage is is working together but you guys make that happen you do so wow how do you when i got married i don't think he took the book right away like they were like second year heats but the book end 'em i told my age i said listen i says my husband you know he's owned horses and you know he watches the lottery says he he'd liked become an agent and that's one maxi took him under his wing in in everything he knew it new my you know my husband about everything with aging and then we went on from there he's done an excellent job yes it can be tough we drive in together we drive home together he is my toughest critic but my greatest router in fans there is you know so i you know like i told and reporters there the day when you get beat of knows the head neck you know you always doubt yourself and you say well what quote i am done better what did i do wrong what could i have done and get get this horse across the wire you know wasn't me wasn't just a better hasa beat me and he would be the first to say it wasn't you you wrote a great race the horse was just second best or what the hell were you thinking about shoes my language for kinda ragland back and boy we need to have some celebration daboh we'd be arguing all the way home because let me tell you what i really do like to be told and i wrote a crappy race i did take that to help especially by my husband but you know then we'd sit down and talk about it or i give my explanation of why i did what i did and he sits for riders that i said he's never really looked at it are offered a writer explained that decision you know an he learned a lot and i learned a lot and that's why we're great team you know where we really were solid great great jogging teaming pm ernie joining me tonight on jock talk presented by tito's handmade vodka right here on the horse racing radio network so jamie i mean there's a really interesting point of view of life that was really really difficult for you an end it's amazing to reid about and see how you came out on top and even while you were going through what you were still able to ride some of the time and it's just a fascinating story so and tell our listeners there's a time in the nineties you got really sick and then that led to a lot of depression in the story theater saturday at all began in late i wanna say maybe even nineteen eighty nine in what happened is i wrote the card that day in i wrote the first race but i wasn't really feeling well in i had you know i had a headache and that headache you know each race i wrote it progressed in we back then we had dan and then worked for the bruins for many years so he was like a color man on massage therapists and are go to fix it guy he had everything and then he would you know he took my temperature with these monitors sticks that would go crush ahead and take attempt is you know tammy or if you know what after the first race his his you're hot you know you're about ninety nine in change temp wise and says he i know he has a micro cofer larger take these i prefer open you know as long as you're all right go ahead on with it and so i wrote the first and then i wrote the second in and the second the headache i had i mean i had never of of x variant the pain that i had i mean it was just like an explosion went off in my head i rode the second the headache was migrating a little bit you know my my between like shoulder blades i could feel the pounding the headache not in my head but also three my shoulder blade and i come back his boy you look really rough and yeah i still feel would be for another tacky tape on me she can all cheer now that you know a hundred and chain here about a hundred points six he says you decorative hasn't gone down even would be asked for nor the ipad pros but he says you know you still wanna do it i said yeah i'm still gonna go along with it i i write a really really good mount a in the in the fourth i said is for a great trainer paul flaunt and i said and i i don't i don't wanna miss that that mouth i said he could win so so i wrote the third in the post frayed of the third when they threw me up hit the saddle i so i sat down and that saddle the pain in my head it it it's like the pain went around and circumvented pounded and then it pounded the same pain went from my head down my spinal cord wait till my tailbone and then backup and i was like oh my gosh wow so i got up instantly in the tack and i just stayed i didn't even post post because of the pain just it was so much is now not just my head and my shoulder blades down my tailbone to my crack my button back up but it's just going up and down and all around you know get nauseous and heck heck i said she's so i went out i i rode the race and i come back in and i take my debt that dumb 'cause i just had a back i want in the bathroom i got my you know i just went in with his at three white my face sauce in i went and checked for the fourth 'cause that's the race i wanna ride and i went out to the polls parade in the fourth and i was nauseous is pack as nauseous again i couldn't take posting i it's hard to meet a job the light was baller my eyes but i you know i knew she could win the i mean like i just knew all you gotta do is break so she broke i held on we won the race in i got to the one is circle i mean i was so so sick how is in our flying in and they literally three of them come out and they got me off the horse 'cause i i couldn't this now i couldn't even take the the the my feet touching the ground it hurts so much and they walked me i had they basically carried me through the room in called ambulance mike kemp was a hundred in foreign change in a they hit me was morphine no no denver all any ambulance in vomiting started now i turned out i'm alert i was allergic to denver all which i've never had demere all before scholem violently you know my guts out the pain would that the pay i mean i i had a gun and i told added come and gone adjust a blow my head off just a get out of the paint i've never experienced it so they bring me the mass general in a low and behold they they run a lot of test in it turns out i had meningitis so i'm in the hospital my kidneys and everything shuts down in i think i spent three weeks in there so that this side of everything in of course now being old you know from that point on from eight i think it was eighty nine and ninety that took place on christine i'm not sure but from that point on it seemed like every year i got meningitis every year i'd have a fall i get messages i went on a vacation i love the water skiing barefoot ski i get i get i ended up my whole vacation in a hospital up in north conway hallway meningitis it was just one set back after another in area that that took place it took you know by the third year shores about ninety two ninety three high ninety two the wait problem side of 'cause i'd have to come back and try to get the weight off because you know you're on all kinds of steroids they could open the meningitis and this and that and everything else and that's when the weight issue happened and then i became believe it or not i became anorexic looming in because you know the guys he says he won't i won't eat and i'm gonna i'm gonna eat he loved he you know so i became anorexic will interrupted believe it to a point where that went out of control in then the sleep pattern hat while becoming anorexic bully mc you know i kept that secret from everybody and i'd eat myself out of the house and home i eat my neighbors that when my friends i go now rate their food in i just do away with it after an what happened is now my sleep patterns that at a change in when the sleep pat that patterns that it's a change a i became delirious when i became delirious i couldn't sleep anymore and nobody could put me this leap hospitals and quoted i went for i ended up in the hospital with them trying to get me to sleep and they couldn't find anything could put me down and out at just and i wanna eat 'cause i now i'm facing anorexia bulemia and not sleeping so that led to the severe severe depression and then i became aid basically duplicitous semantic bipolar the milk depressed i'd have the high high highs and i'd have the low low low in to a point where i wandered off myself an attempted it several times you know so a you know god i was with me and didn't allow it to be successful at either try it in this all stemmed basically from being sick and then being sick and being delirious and not sleeping i had a pass that crept up a skeleton and that will put away in the closet while they came out new skeletons were hard break up in a childhood memories that you know rewatch and you know being sexually abused as a three year old by babysit it is a being physically and sexually abused at fourteen fifteen year old fourteen fifteen year old by adults and then you know being beaten by a boyfriend that you call me boy music he loves you because he beat you know so all crept up in a just that's what causes the whole mental breakdown so needless to say i was locked up for a long time i was locked up at a hospital matter of fact there's a movie called the clean also i was locked up in that hospital for six months to the point where the state is gonna take over and you'd never see me again in my mother pulled me out and i went from that hostile to another hospital in was in and out in but what happened is they ended up doing going east c t shock treatments my parents agree to it they figured you know maybe this'll saver you know because nothing else they came in with the last race it last rites maclean you know i was eighty something pounds not eating not drink and not anything in a they had a meeting room naked in a room that was probably a three by fort room for more than that probably a two by i'm not one of those caught mattresses to lay down and that's it and and you know they agreed to do the shock treatments which is basically eight 'electronic limbaugh tummy of the brain and they do sided me and they did for five treatments that maclean in a kind of brought me to my senses but very painful and then i was home for a little bit and ended up somewhere else for a while and then ended up somewhere else for awhile and they did multiple e c t shock shock treatment to the point where you know i ended up a new report and done some and got out on a day pass and i go ride we're not gonna ride my father would come get me going ride and then i'd be back by sea evening 'cause that's when you're supposed to be back back in the hospital and nobody knew that nobody knew where i was so so and then one in once i got pregnant in a two thousand yeah it'll stop everything this the bed sleeping habits it's like i could sleep like a love all all of a sudden everything changed my hormones changed in i've been good since i'm not saying christina that i don't have a a you know anger issues at times which everybody does because i keep men for a long time until somebody you know pisses me off enough and then i'll blow and you don't wanna be around me live well you know it's well deserved but a wow that's that's what i overcame i overcame a lot unbelievable i i just wanna put out there jamie i wanna read the script the movie about your life i mean yeah but i you know i could write a book really doing that and then you know being having my children i have three children one's gonna be eighteen in october one's gonna be thirteen in september in one just turned nine and they were all horrible will hold yeah all horrible you know what's supposed to be exciting when you're pregnant you're gonna have you first child experiences my my first child delivery was horrendous forty eight hours of pushing i had a dog that was on his third straight shit in you know i was having so much pain in my husband says some wrong my my my my wife king cole repaying she's buster back and written with broke backs she broken this broken she's she's consult no no you she says oh page on there's something wrong for sure enough that the forty eight hours my stats dropped the baby's heartbeat drop in i went into a state of shock and they rushed me insignia operating room and did a c section and lo and behold she would never even in the canal sheila's transverse me sideways i'm trying to push a baby that sideways out an end when they when they cut cut me open quickly they called her nose and they cut her from the top of her nose to just under her nose and to this day she's i i you know i give all the credit in the world she says she gives their credit i mean it gives her carrot but she still has that scar from when she was a child born and then my second childbirth turns out my son had the cord wrapped around his neck four times in he was breach so it was another csection there and then the third child they didn't even want me to have first of all they set out schools as a forty three years old they said you're tools in she has down syndrome they did the test you she has down syndrome andrew tool end she only has two chambers of hot i said listen this is what god wants my husband and i have i'm gonna carry it all the way i don't care but it's had down syndrome annot they're both council and we had some so let them know what would what's gonna happen in what the baby's gonna be like an prepare everybody shoes born we had her c section in she's a beautiful nine year old petite little girl right now that does not have down syndrome has all her chambers everhart they were wrong you know they were wrong amazing i mean yes she she you know right now we've she's been recently diagnosed with as a type one diabetic but here's a baby they wanna meet the aboard an inch is the most petite sweetest girly is girl you could ever get your hands on now i want to share our listeners we only have a couple of minutes left here taming but wanna share with our listeners that i know what you're second child at least you were still riding up until now have you're pregnancy my son i wrote up this three and a half months in then tampa one day i had a horse flip she had extension blaker but she doesn't want her when she flipped in in she taught my fought broke the top four am i fought so needless to say i needed to a and that was hush hush you know and and telling me i was pregnant so i had the fort left that and i had he looked at i had a baby looked at and make sure everything is okay with the baby 'cause i wasn't even showing an a and that's when they told me it was a boy and so that's what happened there and now with sophia my last i roll with her up before we got no more time left so sorry hey pick you up like i said we need like three hours i know it's a great view aids interrupt wishing you all the best team we can't thank you enough of this left w again a here on the show anytime and good luck a finger like she currently writing a finger lakes you wrote to today actually a so best of luck there sam thank you so much thank you so much christine i appreciate it folks check out the show and replays of all of our other shows on the website at horse racing radio dot net there'll be shorter join me next tuesday at six o'clock eastern time with another addition of junk talk presented by tito's handmade

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