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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Cried passion and patron Torri of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Best of podcast. Well, we have made it to another day. Glad you're here middle of the week much to discuss. And hopefully, we got all the time in the world for you to discuss it in any. Anyway, let's get to the headlines before we get to the guests before we get to the callers before we get to the fun. How about this? We heard about the stories we are heading out of here yesterday. But twenty four seven Brandon Marcella reporting that Auburn and Georgia expected to move their annual late mid mid to late November game earlier. Here's where it is. Right now. November sixteenth. It's always two weeks before thanksgiving. Since one thousand nine hundred thirty seven it may not be much longer Cording to Brandon report. Auburn has complained mightily about having that game before Alabama. Meanwhile. Travis possibly sideline Cal challenges. Other bigs got hurt last night in Columbia. Kentucky one not overly impressive. But that was to be expected after two brutal games at home. Meanwhile, South Carolina, all of a sudden making some NC double A Noah's Frank Martin's team won last night against ole miss Kerma Davis. They're not out of it yet. They've been a big surprises here. Anyway, we say Hello to you on this. Wednesday afternoon. Lots to do today. We'll take your phone calls in just a moment at eight five five two four two seven two eight five but before we get to deep. Let's tell us tell you the Brennan Marcello from the Auburn Georgia story, we talked about a minute ago will join us and tell us what all that means. I mentioned your phone calls. Okay. Don't bother you over there. Let's get to the calls a day five to four to seven to eight five and Brian starts us off in Miami. Hellabrunn? Good afternoon. Always a pleasure. Thank you. Thanks, mike. Golic just wanted to get your thoughts on the rescheduling of the big sales Otis revelry of I guess my first question and influences these kind of decisions and ultimately who's in charge of making this bogus decision because I'm an alternate alum. And this upsets me upsets me greatly. Well, ultimately, Brian these decisions are made by the SEC, they control the schedule. Now, I I really don't know much about this. And I'll have maybe a better idea about twenty five minutes when we talked to Brandon Marcelo, I've Aleve. Auburn officials have been campaigning not only to get out of the west. But to get out to move this game earlier. So I mean, it's not a free lunch as the old economy. Once said, I mean, you gotta play at some time. Do you wanna play it in September or early October? Do you want to play it as a traditional? I like it where it is. I mean, you're not both. I think are thinking the same thing here. There's nothing more special on that middle that middle day in November than Auburn Georgia. It's one of the great rivalries in all of college football. I agree. By the way, we apologize for any Nores. You may here. They are literally drilling. Outside the studio right now, but shouldn't bother us, and we don't don't let progress getting away. Of a program. You guys hear that? Are they drilling through the wall or about? I mean, I don't wanna see that drill. Like sticking out here. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Really interesting story. Developing started happening late yesterday. Brandon Marcello breaking the story about the possibility. I say possibility because it hasn't happened yet that Auburn and Georgia could move off that traditional mid November day Brandon joins us now. And Brandon always great to have you on really do. Appreciate it. So take us through what you know. And what happens next good afternoon. And Paul, well, I kind of been working on this for about a year, and it's been discussed in the public realm and behind the scenes really for while now back as she spring meetings. Kirby smart was even asked about it and mentioned it Alan green, the athletic director for Auburn disgusted back in. November himself wreck Garrity at Georgia, and it kinda came to has here within the last couple of months. It's finally been discussed within the SEC circles. And it appears that if everybody's on board, which my sources believe will be the case they're going to move the deep south hills row ary from November two looks like early October. And the reason for that mostly is because Auburn which plays Alabama and Georgia both on the road. Owed every other year. Watts to find a way to Levy eight that stress in November and the best way to do that. At least temporarily is to move that Georgia game to earlier in the season. And their earliest thing of you that's twenty twenty and the reservoir. Now, they are on course to get that done. And the first time since nineteen thirty six we're probably going to see a Auburn Georgia game that is played outside the month of November during the regular season. Brandin you mentioned Georgia. So our USA guessing they're eager to do this as as Auburn. Well, I would say Auburn is more eager. But understanding is is that Georgia is is okay with it. And back Kirby smart is okay with it. I know he mentioned that the spring meetings that he'd be fine with it. I think everybody that's involved. However, kinda wants Auburn can return the favor for what Georgia had to do back in two thousand twelve and two thousand thirteen and that's when Georgia with the SEC expanding and scheduling changing Georgia had traveled to Auburn in back to back years to help with scheduling as Mizzou and Texas saying enjoying the SEC will all wants to fix the hiccup in their schedule because when that will happen. Auburn had to start playing both Georgia and Alabama on the road and even years and at home. The odds years used to be one was either home one the other one was away every year. Well, the only way really the fix that. And there is Georgia and and even Auburn for over return the favor and play two straight games at Georgia and back to back years that the problem with that is the earliest second happen. It appears is two thousand twenty five thousand twenty six and that's because the current scheduled for the SEC is pretty much locked in all the way through two thousand twenty four and they'd have to be some things done to prepare for that back to back games. But Auburn I was told back in November by athletes director, Alan green is willing to go to Georgia and back to back years affixed that scheduling hickup, and that's something Gus malzahn wants to do too, but they're not going to be able to do that. So two thousand twenty five so in the interim, this is a temporary fix that would help Auburn. And Georgia wants it. Why not do it? Okay. So Brandon if this happens went when was when the game likely to be played, and then what happens on that mid-november Saturday that we've all watched so carefully for well not for as long as some people. But lately, we've it. It's been one of the games on the college football schedule based on what I'm hearing the game would take place at least for Georgia where they usually play Tennessee on the schedule which is usually been late September or early October. And as it stands right now those like early October Akkad change, of course. So it looks like that Georgia would end up playing Tennessee November. Well, and and all burn would play Georgia in October. And Auburn already has a knock conference game actually scheduled for the day. They were supposed to. Georgia in two thousand twenty and and that's a non conference game. It gets you mass. So it looks like offered would play UMass when they would usually play Georgia, and then probably have a BI week before they end up playing Alabama the next week hold on saving just jumped out of his chair. A buy week be. There was a there wasn't there some legislation years ago that that outlawed the by week before the Thanksgiving Day games. I have to check on that. I thought there was I did not I both thought aware of that. But reason for that is that everyone I mean, Alabama Auburn used to have that. And then in that, by the way, this this this piece of this policy may may already be outdated. But but I thought everyone. Tried to guard against up. But anyway, I I have that may be an an antiquated policy of the. Yeah. I had I had not heard that. But my understanding is that with all they they would be playing a non conference game that week. They usually play Georgia gets UMass. I don't know what they would do next. After rather soft into this or other soft end of the season, and by the way, and I don't mean to be snarky here. But. Now's on more than more than willing to to to make this move in twenty twenty five right? Yeah. I wonder why you know, exactly. But I think he's actually you know, if they have the opportunity and they had to play back to back games. I think you'd actually be okay with the even like this season and next season. If he you know, he was still around. I I don't know if you've actually would, you know, obviously, you could sit there and say, yeah, sure, he wants to do that. 'cause he won't be around. But I think he just wants to get that done and fix that hiccup in the schedule as quickly as possible. But the only way to do it is the play the play at Georgia and back to back games and kinda repay the favor. Auburn's very willing to do. I mean, they when I asked them about back in November like, yeah, we're definitely interested in doing that. It's just a matter of getting the SEC onboard, which I'm sure they would be, but the can't do it until this SEC rotation. The schedule comes to an end. But yeah, I could see why like yeah. Got gossipy. Okay. With that. Played them ten times starting in two thousand twenty five. Yeah, I'll be sitting at the lake retirement money. Well, let's get to the the issue. That is interesting and no answer right now. But we beaten this Auburn scheduled to death, and we talked a little bit about it yesterday. And it's a it's a bear of scheduled Brandon. You you know, the inside and out of this program. In a way, we've asked you this. And we'll ask you again. Those listening on radio Oregon is the first game. The fourth game is at Texas AM the six games at Florida at Arkansas at LSU, Georgia, Alabama at home. What is this team? Look like now that national signing day is two weeks in our rear view mirror. Well there defensively top ten or top five. I just that. I don't think they're offense could be any worse than it was last season. Even though they're going to have a new quarterback. There was just so many problems with that offense. But does that mean they win nine games next season? I don't know. I bet schedules. Just extremely tough. You mentioned. I mean one they got to open up against the Oregon, which is probably going to be a top ten program at that time and Justin Herbert returns quarterback first round NFL draft, potentially. Then you gotta go to Florida and Florida is not Florida from two years ago. It's gained Molins Florida, which is going to be a contender in the SEC in my opinion for for years to come that. Of course, you got your Alabama. And and all that it's you know, it's a difficult schedule. I know I know Auburn gets Jordan Alabama at home next season. But can they can they hang with them? I. No and going into the spring. I just won't really have a good feel for this team until I I know who their quarterback is going to be an who they're running backs gonna be I still think that they don't why they're running back spin it be. But you know, this ain't their defense as a chance to be top five because they returned most of their defensive line. They're really good front. There could be good on the back end. It's just that offense was bad last season. And I don't think it could get worse get worse, but they're breaking in a new quarterback. So you never know if they disapprove a little bit on on offense. They'll have a chance to win nine games or so, but it's still that Brandon. We're late on the segment, but I have to ask you, and I I understand there's always optimism at Auburn. But. Which nine do you see them winning? That's that's the thing. You've got they've got to win one to get to nine wins. They've got a probably be LSU at LSU for the first time since night tonight nine they would have to go to probably fifteen Florida team and beat them. I it's difficult at can they beat organ in week one with a brand new quarterback against the season quarterback. I I don't know. I mean, listen, I talked about this every day, and everyone always says the same thing. And I'm thrilled that people have so much confidence in Gus malzahn. But I just don't know why. Auburn's got the talent to win nine games. I just don't know against that schedule if they can't. But they they have the talent to potentially when nine I just don't know if they will Auburn has the talent to we're nine games against that schedule. Okay, brandon. We'll we'll talk about this again like probably tomorrow. Thank you, very very much for the information about the scheduling change, Brandon Marcello and again, two days and road. We've talked about Auburn two days in a row there is optimism on the planes. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Reid is an Alabama. You're on the air. Go right ahead. Oh, hey, how you doing? I'm are doing great. Thank you. Thanks a lot. So I'm I know I'm in Alabama, but on the massive LSU fan, and I just wanna make it known to LSU is the only school in America as of right now that has baseball basketball and football and the top fifteen that's pretty cool. Well, we didn't realize that it is. But also wanted to talk about a couple of other things we talked about Auburn thing. I looked at Osborne. Schedule and one thing highlights is how underrated what JIMBO Fisher's got going on and takes say them, and that's not going to be an easy game for them. Especially breaking in new quarterback. I look for my on the last hole the season with the only reason he might I think is buyout would would be five point five million dollars less if he makes it to the end of the season, but I'm sure that can be negotiated. Interesting. It's almost like a last mile situation. I just think that be it's similar to Baton Rouge two to three years ago because expectations are so high and the talent level is that a certain echelon to where. Okay, they expect to go eleven to and they're scheduled right now as it stands just isn't realistic. Yeah. I don't look at it. And I I agree. I just don't I mean, I'm I'm with you. I mean, I mean, there are certain things that are not going to happen next year. And you know, what one of them is Auburn is not winning and tiger stadium. I I don't think so either I try not to I don't wanna come in here and just by oh LSU this LSU. But one thing LSU is doing is following kind of that Nick Sabin Mansur. And what I mean by that is data -bility because for the longest time less miles LSU endured a archaic offense. It was underscored by terrible quarterback play. We had all this talent all over the place, and we're trying to be Alabama at their own game. We go and get a better kicking game. We have a five star in a four star quarterback young and ready to come up at order on doesn't like what he sees. He goes and gets a transfer from Ohio State more instantly better the position, I think because we're willing to adapt. We may be able to eventually challenge Nick Sabin in the west. But I think that next challenge JIMBO Fisher will Texas now I mean, the amount of resources that he has the recruiting grounds in Texas, Louisiana. And basically that I mean he can dip in California. I I just don't think Auburn poses that threat of a thing. They're gonna go through a transition and Gus malzahn ended up leaving. And they may have three or four down years. Great to hear from you. Thank you, very very much to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. We we've been talking about basketball and who better to talk about basketball than Mike. Of course, he one of the legendary basketball figures in this country longtime writer with the sporting news doesn't work as well. For the big ten network. Mike always great to have you on thanks for the time. And we're what seemed like four and a half five hours away from one of the most eagerly anticipated games of this college basketball season good afternoon to you and really interested in your thoughts, especially about tonight in Durham, North Carolina. Yeah. Good afternoon, Paul and in it is it's more eagerly anticipated this use and almost any year in history. This is the latest the first scheduled Carolina game Carolina Duquesne has ever been. They've been playing for. Hundred years or so and usually goes off by now. But for whatever reason this was delayed to February twentieth. So it's made people the answer. Like, there's no NBA tonight. So. And they were able to put it in that Wednesday night primetime spot. There you go. And and and of course, the all the NBA people will be able to be watching Zion. Williamson who Will Smith certainly be in their league next year and creative creating a sensation there. And it's you know, it's because his eye on a little disappointed that the first meeting between the two just happens to be at Duke this year. 'cause I think it'll be very difficult for Carolina to go in there and sees one given that Duke will be at home, and and then she'll be I intersection with Zion. I think if it had been at Chapel Hill and maybe put two in the uncomfortable position. The first time we'd be maybe a little more likely to get an opportunity at split in the series as it stands. I I think it's going to be hard for Carolina tonight. And then it'll be that, you know, it'll be that much more a vaccine for them when they get home because they'll know by that point that you know, what do has to offer. Mike, I realized he is three quarters of the way through his one and only season in college basketball and doing a comparison, it's not easy because some of the greatest players that we've never seen did not even play college basketball. But but if you had to contrast and compare Zay onto other players at his age, where would you land? Well, you know, one of the things that I've said consistently I wrote about this about a month into his freshman season is that there's never been a player like him, which isn't to say that he's the best. But you don't see two hundred eighty five pounds in that dynamic a body. We've never seen that. I mean, we've seen guys who were physical freaks for lack of a better term. Like shack was when he was at LSU, but this combination of strength and dynamism. It's unprecedented. It it. Some people have tried to compare them to Rodney Rogers at Wake Forest and Rodney was fifty pounds lighter and played below the rim for the most part. He could dunk certainly. But he wasn't the he wasn't a guy who was up there above the square blocking shots, and they've tried to compare them to Barkley, but in order to get to where Barkley was collegian, weight wise, you know, Paul I mean, the he had a few donuts. I mean, it wasn't rock-solid like Zion. And so that's the difference with him and that with that physicality and that ability to play above the rim comes a totally different experience for the opposition. And we saw that really manifest itself in the game against Louisville last Tuesday. When by the final six seven minutes of that game. There wasn't a cardinal on the floor who wanted anything to do with ion. There was legitimate fear. They're talking about Duke and certainly North Carolina. No, no pushover. Well, let me. A redirect you because we have spent a lot of time on this show, especially last week leading into Tennessee and Kentucky Tennessee has fallen a number five in the polls. But, but I'm really interested in in your observations about this Tennessee team, which people in Knoxville don't feel like has gotten proper respect. And maybe after a beatdown by Kentucky some justification for that. What are your thoughts? Well for as much as one invest in the polls. I mean, they certainly weren't disrespected by the drop defy it's hard to say that they hadn't gotten proper respect because they were number one for six weeks maybe somewhere around there. So they they did get their their do there. But to to lose a single game at which would it was only their second at a year and to follow as far as they did it, you know, even if it was a butt kicking. Which that was that's still seemed extreme. I it does reflect the lack of belief. Among many who follow basketball in this particular, Tennessee team because it doesn't have the recruiting cachet or the talent cachet that most high level elite teams do not a lot of mock drafts love for the for the vol's just as there wasn't a lot of recruiting analysts low for them on the way in but they've become a really terrific basketball team. And I'll be shocked if if they don't say, they don't do a better job one way or the other when they get the rematch against Kentucky and a couple of weeks. What about the cats where are you on them? Well, I think they're coming together the way they need to. And I think in a lot of different ways they showed last night. For instance, re Travis got hurt along the way last night. And they got a lot of good basketball. Nick Richards, Kelton Johnson didn't make shots last night. It's been you know, he's he's had times when he hasn't as okay Tyler hero came in. And and did it in in his stead. And you had of course, the consistent contributions that we've been seeing from from PJ Washington for the last eight ten games now where he's been one of the best players in the country of PJ had played that way all year. He'd be a guy who people would say that was I on Williamson's competition for the player of the year award as fans now, you can you be an all American. I wrote this a week ago. Can you be an all American when you play too good months and the and the season lasts four. Interesting. But maybe maybe this was maybe the question about respect would be more applicable to LSU going into Rupp a week ago and winning controversy aside. They get Tennessee this week participating that maybe outside of the the basketball cognizant tides almost like nobody knows who they are. I didn't even some within that group. Don't really know how good or or didn't really know before the Kentucky game what they expect of us. I think because of the nature of their schedule a lot of their games had been, you know, against against solid opponents, but not high level might be on the SEC network or something like that. And I think honestly, you know, my attitude toward LSU somewhat was I catch up to them when they get the Kentucky et cetera. And so I did. And I was extremely impressed. Especially by more than anything. You know? I just been amazed by by. Ashton Hagans defense and how good he's been. And he could not stay in front of tomato waters LSU's point guard. Just could not do it which was really impressive for traumatic acid Hagans, his great defender. And and he was too much for Ashton's to handle. Talking to my decor. So micro what four weeks away from the tournament? And we've talked to a little bit about Duke. And of course, couple SEC teams beyond that. I mean, there's some pretty obvious selections. There we've seen gun Jag. Hang around most of the season. Certainly there are some interesting approaches. But, but if you if you're looking and trying to Sheila down aside from from from Duke, and maybe Kentucky or Tennessee is gone zagging next. Well, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. They're very talented here. There's a there's a there's a power conference knob ary that usually applied to consi-. You wanna talk about lack of respect? Right. A nice article about Kazakh. And he what happened. You get a lot of feedback from people who say they have an easy in the west coast conference. And certainly it's not it's not as difficult as it might be. Going through the big ten or going through the ACC or SEC. But to do what Kazak has done is not easy either because you have to maintain the level of intensity and the and the level of focus in continuing to get yourself better. When there are games that you know that you could win at half speed. And that's not all of them. But there are some. And so I think that that's you know, that that that's a challenge that they've conquered this year, they're winning their conference games in the west coast conference by around thirty points a game there they've got now the number one offense in college basketball on a points per possession basis. They they really had some more and brain and Clark are as strong and inside paying them as there is in college basketball. And so they've got a lot going for them. And and they're going to be ready to play whoever they get in the NCW tournament. They've they've advanced in. I think it's eleven consecutive maybe twelve consecutive tournaments. They have they have been in the Sweet Sixteen the last four years. No other team can say that. So they aren't squandering their high seed, and they'll probably be a one if they don't bumble it down the stretch. And I I would suspect that if they get that they're going to do well, by my decor from the sporting news. So great to have you on Michael for chatting again. Thank you, very very much. Thanks, very much, Paul what a wealth of basketball knowledge in for so many years. A pleasure to have him with a few listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. A lot of news coming out about Auburn and Georgia and some other news about about Georgia. Chip towers joining us from dog nation been watching the situation develop at a board meeting this afternoon ship. Thanks for the time. Always great to have you on on a talk about the the rivalry possibly being movement. But I know you came I think you've came just came from a aboard of trustees meeting at UGA's, correct? Yeah. I'm actually I'm just in a side room at the moment. I actually as always Paul you're all over it, man. I actually still got to sit down and do some writing and reporting on everything we just heard. But yeah, the the the meeting just adjourn just got talking to president Jerry Moorhead athletic director, Gregg Garrity, who confirmed, you know, expounded on some of the proceedings that we saw which included. A Gregg Garrity getting a one year contract extension has athletic director. And then of course, some some talk on what still not finalized as the the twenty twenty schedule. But obviously a lot of information out there floating around that that that they were able to confirm force. So tell us what I it's interesting news about mcgarry. I think he's done a spectacular job. What what have you heard? And what did they say in relation to the possibility of moving the south's oldest robbery off of its traditional date. Yeah. Yeah. You know? It was interesting president had you know, said that that it didn't really move him that much. I didn't really bother didn't really raise his his concern or anything may. Here's something different from fans in the coming days. But I think the most important thing that we heard from both Jerry Moorhead, and Greg mcgarity is that all of this has been vetted if you will add nauseam with with Georgia coach, Kirby smart, and obviously Gus malzahn as well on the Auburn side of ledger, and and they're okay with it. They're good with it. They like it. You know, Georgia kind of has had a little bit of a scheduling issue, you know, annually by playing Tennessee and Vanderbilt usually in back to back weeks both in October, but both home and away in the same year, which is which is so every other year Georgia's ended up with kind of a real. Earth of of of you know, marketable games in the month of October. And I guess, you know, they saw this as a way to kind of solve that. So apparently, Tennessee will go, you know, toward the end of the year, Georgia has been playing all burnin. Auburn will go, you know, earlier in the season in October. We're Georgia has played it five times in one hundred and twenty seven meetings. They have played in October five times all the rest, though, have been in November and mostly in that second weekend of move into do, you know, I know this was a conversation Auburn had. But do you know what the Genesis of all this was what finally got this moving off the speculative board and onto the reality board. Well, I think I think things are moving pretty fast as far as having the twenty twenty schedule in place, which is the the next one to come online for the SEC, and you know, obviously. Athletic directors and presidents have had those drafts on their desk in the coaches as well for some time. And and you know, if if gone back and forth about what they liked to see what they like about it what they don't like about it. And you know, the inference we got and I I'm not privy to everybody's schedule and what's happening on all these teams in twenty twenty. But there was an interesting inference from from president Moorhead who basically said, you know, there's going to be a a lot of other teams talking about, you know, what's, you know, maybe not being happy with the way things are shaking out on the twenty twenty schedule all indications for Georgia's. They like what's happening here for them, the basic emphasis, you know, Alabama and Auburn since they switched and twenty twelve and expanded the conference they had the switch the home and away which meant Georgia played two years in a row on the planes. The second of which resulted in the prayer at Jordan hare, of course. But Georgia it looks. Like, he's not going to get you know that home gain back. That's what Georgia fans were kinda stalled in about they said where we had to play over there two years rose. Shouldn't you know, Auburn have to play Georgia two years in a row in Athens to to rectify that situation? But apparently indications we got here today. That's just not gonna happen. Yeah. And and I don't remember that conversation. No that I think that thirteen schedule was in that was was aberration on me. It was a weird deal. When the when when the NC to win the SEC, digested, Missouri and Texas AM, but but why not I mean, why did Auburn get those two and Georgia has a sit around and wait to twenty twenty-five. Or who knows when you know, I never have been able to get a straight answer. It comes down to he comes down to mathematics, you know, algorithms, and such and, you know, by adding Missouri and Texas A and M into the league and put one in the eastern division and the other in the western division that the bottom line. Line is sticking with an eight game SEC schedule on the five to one four Matt which is you know, five divisional opponents to rotating opponents and then one traditional so everybody going by that you still have to end up with four home games in four away games in conference play what I've never been able to put completely together. Maybe one day. I could sit down with Gregg Sankey or whoever the czar of scheduling is over there and say, okay because mcgarity and Moorhead say that there are seven other SEC schools that under you know, that had similar changes to their schedule in terms of home and away with a with another traditional opponent. I'm not privy to the to the moving parts. Like, one of those moving puzzle panel puzzles, you know, I don't know who all had to move whatever parts, I just know that the one that they're moving here. You know, obviously, just happens to be the deep south's oldest robbery and a pretty in a pretty bitter. Rivalry that. When you look at recent history, certainly. Just thinking about it ship is someone who's watched this game. And and I think I most people I know have always liked let me just this has been a great game. It's always on that same Saturday. And it always has such resonance moving it to September October. Does it still have the same meeting? Oh, I don't like it. I mean, I, you know, I I'm an older guy been around this week for a long time. I'm a traditionalist. I guess if I if I had to categorize myself, and you and you look at Georgia and most teams, you know, Alabama and over to the Georgia. Traditionally has always finished, you know, with their big three, which is Florida Auburn, Georgia Tech, and that was that defined whether Georgia was gonna win a championship or not how they did those games, and you know, much it's been the same for Auburn. I mean, they always have to end with Alabama, and that's their impetus for wanting to get out of the current situation. They have they don't like having to play Georgia both Georgia and Alabama on the road in the same year. Now, Georgia had the same issue with Auburn and Georgia Tech that doesn't carry the resonance in the league. But but with old time longtime Georgia fans that Georgia Tech robbery is huge. And they don't like having to play Auburn and and tech on the road insane years in the season. But you know, the. Ability is Paul and I've come to grips with this. I mean, this is just the latest change. I'm sure they'll be another change coming down the tracks. I have not convinced that other teams won't be added. Which completely throw this out of the window. Always felt over should be in the eastern division. Right. Rather than Missouri since geographically to me. But you know, that, you know, people get paid really really big money to make those decisions. And I'm sure it's all well thought out, but you know, this is where we ended up, and and you know, there's there's going to be a lot of people on either side of these changes that are going to be, you know, either happier unhappy with them. Well, that's usually about the time that Tennessee and Georgia me, which is a pretty important game in the does where does that game go. Well, you know, I think I think that just simply, you know, supplants, you know, the Auburn game is being that meaningful game down the stretch is going to determine whether you win championship or not. And you know, with based on what I've been, you know, watching. Romy Pruitt do at your all the modern era. You know? I mean, he he's he's fighting hard to to get Tennessee back into the mix. And I I think that's going to be fantastic. You know that now you got, you know, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia Tech end the year with and you know, what you gotta say though, as well Auburn and Georgia both saying playing his team back to back. The reality is there's a non conference stuck between their on all of them. And it's usually one of the sisters of the poor. You know, so you're not place not in consecutive weeks. The bottom line is just having not having those games at home where you feel like you're you're better of winning great stuff. Chip towers, really appreciate you coming by chip. We will talk very very soon. You gotta fall since you for listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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