Week 11 Waivers


welcome in advantage to focus football. Podcast we are on two week. Oh let it you'll gates and Matthew Berry hanging out with you on macos day. Good Morning Good morning to you this Mike. We got a new Mike hand or arm. Would you call it a hand hand arm. The handle will all personnel. Keep saying words struggling. I don't know it. Just it's it's all the same that has been for the last six months so it's probably not the same that it's been the last six months it it has been replaced within the last six months because it was awful like you could never get to stay and now you can't get it to move. Oh Yeah but you haven't been able to move it for six months. No the side with Daniel on this one. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you because I'm pretty sure I sit in that Mike with some regularity doing other radio stuff and I feel like it hasn't changed mine doesn't change right here. This lovely lovely Seattle seahawks colored microphone flag right proper terminology right sure we ask green screen. Whatever do we have a lot to get today? Aw forementioned Seattle seahawks who get a crazy crazy win. What I thought was the game of the year Monday night matthew? Yeah before we get to that a couple days ago I s you. Why is it that you have Matthew Berry team? Arnold formed social media except for the fantasy life appar- just berry and I gave you gave you a kind of bologna-ac yeah yeah. I thought it was terrible. I wasn't expecting the question. So the the real answer is tomorrow. No just stick with their guns. There's no real answer no no I I will tell you the exact answer. The real answer is two fold number one. It's sort of what I told you. which is that? I wanted to be at Matthew Berry because I'm not on at Matthew other forms of social media and here's one that I have a piece of that I'm one of the co-owners up so I should at least do that. The other reason is is honestly is promotion right for me when I say like Hey I am at Matthew Berry tomorrow and all forms social media except the fantasy life app where I'm merely at Matthew Berry it allows me to mention the fantasy life at which is one hundred percent free which you should download now. So it's it's an easy easy way remote. You know what I actually buy into this. I actually I'll give you this one. Thank you I appreciate that but however then what happens is then you go. Well what about Tick Tock you make you make a joke about tick talk and I'm like Oh well I'm not on Tick Tock. I don't have that like so like a jerk. You asked me that because we have this dumb live feed that we do. We do this. We do this thing you know we doing a bunch of people we we do it on the ESPN APP we do it on the ESPN facebook ESPN fantasy facebook page you know. Here's pins YouTube channel. And of course we do it on the twitter at fantasy focus and so there are people watching I love. You guys are watching this this. I don't know why down on this. I don't know why any of us are here. My faith in the whole world so yeah listen love. You like puppies startling. Now you're blatantly sucking up. None of this is genuine. Best all right look so so anyway so then you ask me so field asks me in front of you know in front of thousands of people that watch this thing every day. You know if I have. Oh username on tick tock and I'm like no now great. Now I gotta go get it so Look the average age of a user on Tick Tock is like fourteen right fourteen fourteen or fifteen like my kids use tick tock like my eight year olds in my fifteen year. Old Does if I may eight year olds not supposed to but they sneak on it sometimes. Some I'm thinking like I'm thinking like it was towards the end of the show. Something we've got three minutes left like people are going to be cool right. People are GonNa like not like we don't have a lot of fifteen year olds. Yeah we never never troll you on this show for sure right so anyway of course twitter as soon as the show ends. I literally go download the tick tock cap and I sign up for it and Matthew. If you bury Tim are as taken. Somebody's taking. Matthew Berry team are and the the bio says not Matthew Berry fantasy focus. Maybe do it. Don't want that guy that guy's a jerk guys also jerk I'll tell you. Why have you confirmed? This was not me I I was sitting next to you so I assume it's not you because you don I will say I will say field is on his phone during the show a lot so I yeah that's true. I mean it's true like you when you're when you if you guys are watching watching this online and you see a close up of me. There's a very good chance field on his phone right now. Would you say he's tweeting something. He's he's scrolling through instagram. He's doing he's texting shape and he's doing something so anyway so no so what happened is is. I'll tell you what you're like. Oh that guy's awesome. No here's what happened. Okay so then. I have to go to Brendan B. K. R. Social Guy. He's awesome we love. PK BUT POOR PE- get bouquet does so much work for so many of the talent here at ESPN. And now. I've got to add something who played and I tell them what happened. I'm like yes stupid field through this out there on the on the air. You're I did say it that way. Exactly it's stupid. I was in the room. I can confirm that. It's exactly what he says stupid field through this out of there and they're now some some joker out there grabbed it. Can you talk to the People People Tick Tock and get me this name and so now so be K.. And Katie Daly who also runs our social team here at ESPN and the Great. So now they've got to go talk. They gotta go find some executives at tech talk and I think they're all fifteen as well right. You know so they gotta go to the mall or whatever it is and and and track them down and then they you you know it's wasted a days of work for Brennan Kamensky and Katie Daily and whoever works at Tick Tock. It created a lot of unnecessary work for a lot of good people and yeah stupid field. I'm sure took full day to get Matthew Berry. Team are offloaded from this guy who created it within thirty seconds of hearing it. I don't know why it took longer than it should have. How about that is so weak? So weak you know. That's the same thing how you know what the same thing happened when we got married. Shaping went to change instagram handle. Okay been underscored Duke to cheapen underscore gates. That had been taken really and the person said like you know basically like I've got this is leverage waiting for acknowledgement that this will become champions new handle and now well he like now I guess the deal his mind is that he has like carte blanche access to ask me. You're finished the advice and so far I've obliged but follow underscore. Yates certainly followed shaping underscore gates on the Graham No question about that. Listen if all the guy is asking for his carte blanche to your fantasy advice you got off easy free Wi fi news from the national football. got a lot of ways there. You understand no question about that By the way for those looking for me on Acacia there got one of the best accounts on the entire are you. Are you on your demo. That was really good because she's got a song called Tick Tock. Yeah no I get that okay. If you understood that I got the reference. I just wasn't sure I know you grew up listening to when you had to put the record down with the steel thing you turn it and you put it in your ear you know. Listen I matthew thinks the Beatles were buoyed and that's how I guess what they really hit their stride. I'll I'll say this right now. One of my favorite contemporary Beethoven. Look I'm not sitting here cynical. Hymns like Visa Gregorian monkeying office. And everyone's like it's so great. It's so great that relied but it's not great that it'll tell you why because we were tape environment. I would curse his mother blank. Thank out like you have no idea what I would do. This guy curse my mother is how dare you might say the lines man. Once you guys went to animals all you guys so listen. Where's doc I will I will? I'll pay twenty bucks. Okay Adot Mama so anyway. This is what I'm going to say. Is this one likes joke with me a lot and I am. Certainly I will be the first to admit I am not the hippest guy in the world. I am not Mr Cool I am not. I am not Johnny of the moment but I'm hip or than this guy. That's what I would say. I've got I'm probably fifteen seventeen years older than field. I think you're strong suit putting up a poll right now as Matthew Berry hip within field. Seventeen years older than you. I think I'm actually seventeen years old and I am not forty seven yet but thank you. It's because one of the main things about Hoffa pastas. Just they're very delusional not taken. I was taking the official online sorting hat quiz online. So I what I need to take it. We can just look at you and no football question mark football. Yeah I I just WANNA say that. Half of comment came from Kenny producer. Oh you guys are all bunch animals. I hate everyone of you. I WANNA go like you're relying on you. Okay go ahead I would love to. Righty our begins right now. And I'm GONNA find you. You handle the rest of them just considering breakfast okay. Good Delicious Omelettes. Just for you egg whites. I'm glad you're eating healthy. At the very least we had football game last night. It was wild. The seahawks win in overtime game. Winning kick by Jason Myers who had a tough week in week nine nine bounces back in week. Ten so some of the stories of the night really was the drama of the game. I actually think there was more drama than there. was maybe necessarily fantasy storylines in the game. Russell Wilson was fine last night from a fantasy perspective. Sixteen point six fantasy points. He had a full extra quarter to do so or ten more minutes. I should say in overtime. Some of the good news fifty three rushing yards. That was a seizing. Hi hit a very atypical. Interception in the red zone moreover that nearly. Here's the forty niners a chance to win that game last night. But Russ goes into as by as one of the top quarterbacks in fantasy so far for the season. He's got five weeks as a top five quarterback in his first ten outings. The guy has been a rockstar. Christopher admits that Russell Wilson is good. Yeah God check check out and Chris Carson twenty-five eighty touchdown. But here's what's interesting do do we want. We probably a clip that offer social that Russell. Wilson is good. It'd be on your dog now. I don't WanNa put in another workload on beacon. You've already used up. So what else can do that tired. Any maybe Kenny can make sure to clip that. But Hey we don't WanNa occupy ASHTEC analysis until Thanksgiving may maybe even Christmas depending on. How much work that actually entails curse Carson with decent night last night but it gets more interesting with the wide receivers? I tyler. Lockett left this game last. Chris Carson did last night got more than seventy five yards rushing. That's a reference to the red zone in fantasy football football now. Matthew finally got a question right and -gratulations to you. I'm ahead of you brother. I'm ahead of you. I don't believe you are. I think still heading whatever anyways Tyler Lockett get left the game last night with a leg injury. That actually sounds pretty significant last night. Pete Carroll Gave a bit of information following the game that being said the team heads into into its by but he stayed overnight in the bay area hospital. Which tells you this is not you know it's not a tweak? This is not a strain or cramped. This could be severe for for Tyler. Lockett we'll see whether we get any more information today from Pete Carroll but Matthew The seahawks may very well need a new number one wide receiver when they returned from their bye in week. Twelve lock it has been a star this season even in a quiet night last night just three catches for twenty six yards. His impact will be dramatically. Felt if he is actually out. There's no question I mean you know. Look Russell Wilson still going to get his but you know. DC DECAY METCALF. Who has impressed so far this year? He's been really impressive. Me Turner out of nowhere. Look good I mean it was only two catches but still. He looked good and Josh Gordon. Now Josh Gordon. We know the talent of Josh Gordon. I thought what was impressive last night. Right was into crucial third down situations a guy that adjust shown up. Russell Wilson went to Gordon by the way. Josh Gordon made the play both times while the third word I believe it was fifteen in which they targeted Richard Sherman of all people. Josh coordinate a great catch so come right down by his knees like dry like a very nice I send and so so yeah I would we will. We will see how that's all all plays out but you wonder it's like like in terms of it's one of those things that's like it's worth noting right and you hope that. Maybe you know these this by we comes at the perfect time for Tyler Lockett disappointing game last night But certainly listen. You've made a profit Tilak. You're not allowed to complain about Tyler. Lockett right I mean yeah. Of course I mean he's been amazing this year but What is going to say is like I don't know that there's an actionable the item here? I mean because I assume that Josh Gordon's rostered in more than fifty percents fifty. Four point six so you can take a look. Take a look it's worth grabbing and stashing if you have if you have the The space on your bench. There decay metcalfe's over fifty percent so does Maliki Turner. Are you picking up a leak. Turner no in the right and the idea idea that maybe Tyler Lockett is out in two weeks with the by Hollister looked good. That is part of so one of takeaways. It's first of all. Tell luck it's irreplaceable. That offense easy unique player in terms of his skill set in terms of how they utilize him and in terms of the efficiency that he has played with since really the start of the two thousand eighteen season. But Jacob Astor's interesting. It's hard to advocate for a tight end to stash when you have him on a by this upcoming week but over the last two games. He's got forty plus fantasy points. Forty plus fantasy points over that seems like a lot and moreover they have yet to activate Ed Dickson. Luke Wilson got banged up was the out of the game last night anyways. He didn't really play Jacob. Jacob Hollister was the only tight on the actually saw the field regularly for the seahawks last night. And we'll definitely became a good player right. Hollister's could became a good player for them. I'm like I think there's some value here. Jacob policy going forward I think when he returns absent them. Activating a Dixon and suggesting he's going to take over that job. I think there could be a top fifteen tied plane a lot of weeks. I would agree with that. I think people forget that Hollister was a kind of buzzy player in preseason people seem You know like as a as a deeper sleeper tight end and then we'll league merged in you know we'll got healthy you know. He was banged up. He didn't play out in the in the preseason we'll disag- came back got unhealthy started producing and people forgot about take a posture than d'isly gets hurt. Brutal story there. He's out for the year and now Jacob hosters suddenly last couple of weeks is produced obviously given the struggles of Seattle seahawks defense and the way Russell Wilson's playing they're going to throw. They're always going to throw up and so having a piece of significant. NPR of that passing attack is exciting. Nice to see Chris Carson was interesting here You know that over time really helps but nicest C. Kriss Carson. I wonder what happens if he loses that fumble. He fumbled but they recovered. Rashad Penny had brutal fumble. Didn't see him again. Russell Wilson had a almost fumble the ball he had a strip sack. Germain Fatty actually lost a fumble last night for the SEAHAWKS and my offensive. Lineman only cost me a win. I know it did. I think euless Bruin. He ended up six pink walks. Steady fumbled it. Stress Act definitely about Europe Germania. Petty bad break for you but yeah. That's the thing on deforest buckner touch. Id in an ideal he did. Last night was so frustrating for me. So I'm playing not Kool Keith. Dynasty League that we're in and you remember in our dynasty honesty league. I've already had two losses by less than a point. I lost a Damian the the status pillar by three decimal points and that week two game where nick trump shouldn't have been in the game very end. He got that last two yard run against the jets when they're up by twenty points and for some reason nick job after suffering what looked like a concussion comes back in some sense anyway and so that that two yard run gives Damon like a to the third decimal point a victory over me so very frustrating a couple of so. I'm against not Kool Keith. And I am in this League Cooper Cup so I got zero and I still still within you. Start to pick up a by. I wish it was the by. Yeah anyway so I got. I got zero my little Cooper Cup and yet I'm still in this match up with with With not cool Keith. I've I've tied Johnson in this league. He left he leaves early with with a with an injury. I have manual sanders in this league. He lives the game early. That we're GONNA talk about and I still haven't Coleman so I'm like on this last drive I'm only down two points points it's PBR. Legally all anything's catch one ball for like nine yards on the last drive. We're going into overtime. I should win this. He's not in an overtime. What's where he most? You're doing out there actually. Actually Honeywell's when he was doing to be honest with you most look good but there was some talk. That Tevin Coleman looked like he left the game early as well due to injury that he got a little bit banged up. We have no official word word on that but nothing official. Yeah I do not know that anyways. We'll have a lot of bags. I was desperately searching twitter for. where's Kevin Coleman in overtime? A lot of lot of a fantasy luck. You're proud of that victory Kool Keith. Because you shouldn't be because you don't deserve to win that one you don't deserve to beat me by two points in a week. In which Cooper Cup score zero points and I have three players lead the game early early due to injury first of all I just want to let you know I have to start Brian. Hoyer in the game. So you know Shoot Brian the dolphins any peach. You couldn't even beat the dolphins and he beach you Matthew Berry Tough Day at the office. My God I do feel bad got hurt. Have Your Super Digest. Just got a gut it out five points as them. I WanNa have points secret squirrel that fantasy football feeling Daniel. When the excitement for a new week builds does your flat you flex your analytical skills by pouring over stats studying charts and trying to spot trends? What have I told you that you could use those skills to invest in? Feel that same sense of anticipation the patient every day. Td Ameritrade thanks you can. That's because a lot of the same analytical skills you used to set your lineup can help you build a portfolio not to mention. TD AMERITRADE has all the education nation and investing tools. You need to feel confident when you take the trading floor. There's paper money. So you can practice trading risk-free there's charting to help you spot trends in the market and the leave and create an investing training plan that's unique to Yo you and your needs complete with exclusive videos webcasts and courses just visit. TD AMERITRADE DOT com John Slash fantasy to learn more that's TD AMERITRADE DOT com slash fantasy to get started member S. P. C.. We move onto the Ford manners in Matthew is just talking about them not a great offensive night for most of the offense Jimmy Garoppolo ten fantasy points. He tried to throw the interception on several occasions. Turn over time and late night game as well. tevin Coleman limited to forty yards on nine carries plus four catches for thirty two yards as far as I know Matthew official injury so we don't know if there is something it's news to me we'll find out later. It is fantasy frustrations aside. Don't you think it. It is weird. But Kevin Coleman was in at all in the overtime period for the forty niners is he was he did not play one. Snap okay because I would just say this. I was watching like a stupid points down. Not Kool Keith. Wasn't he hobbled. Though at the end of the game. He saying like he was banged up. Yeah nothing officials. I think it's been like. Hey why don't you just have such good deaf in the back of their practice with a my thought did leave. The game breeded breeded get banged up like that's what mabry does so. Here's say we're probably smarter just table all of this absence more information Like if we find out today that either Brita is hurt or Coleman is her then we have a much more thoughtful conversation tomorrow morning but for right now. It's just a disappointing night. Not even a disappointing appointing advertising Goldman eleven point two fantasy points. Fine Matthew Air. It's great but it's fine. It's something you know. Well here's the thing to me that the story of the forty niners from last breath night. was you know. deebo Samuel Eight hundred twelve eleven targets laughter after annual Sanders left the game early becomes of because of her ribs issues so he leaves the game after just two catches actress for twenty four yards. It was a play in which he knew right away he was hurt. Yeah and I'm grabbing out of you. Not only because Emmanuel Sanders got her deebo. Samuel was involved prior tired of that but Deebo Samuel took on a massive role once the manual sanders. Went Down Right now. George biddle in this game yet so you have no George Kill you have no Emmanuel Sanders Sanders Kendrick born had a nice game on someplace. Yeah had some brutal drops drop and also catch touchdowns last but yeah I think saying it is but I mean if if kittle is out next week and so is Emmanuel Sanders deebo Samuel should be in the free agent finds calm. The you know Talented player like him a lot I know they like him. A Lot. Goes well the concern was of course it's still a run. I still a run first offense and they have kids and they have manual sanders now. So just you know. deebo Samuel probably a nicer player for the niners then he is necessarily a fantasy force but if those two guys were to miss any any more time he is on the waiver wire column and We got on him going forward because their schedules fine Arizona. Green Bay Baltimore New Orleans. Nothing there that is super treacherous in terms of how you think they might be able to neutralize him and useful if he's back in four weeks but Marshon lattimore banged up for the saints. He's going to miss a few games. Only we can secondary if manuals has back next week. Then it changes the tenor of this a little bit but still deebo Samuel talented guy to keep an the ion. Let's get to some news because we got some last night prior to the game including the Brandin cooks is out for week. Eleven that according to head coach. Sean McVeigh of the Rams Matthew. Matthew we saw Josh Reynolds step in last week but they do head home. Are you on talk right now. Goes off Tom. Gary I swear I was actually to. who get out of while we just reset this for you tells you guys fields always on his phone during the show Yadi on a shoulder seconds later matthew opens up tick tock and he's playing? Something Tick Tock session man trying to what I off No actually I think doesn't be K.. Offer to to`real how to log onto. Take eight telly half a day. I think so. It's only half a day such worthwhile. Yeah I also test and come on. You're not Liz songs. I'm asking you feel good. I got my hands. You know that one With Selena Gomez that's truth hurts is probably the most popular obviously juice one. That's good all right. Good anyway so so listen. Listen I'm at Matthew Berry. Team are antetok. Zero followers zero likes. I've I'm not following any one zero videos but look whatever just years the think. It's a brand new account. I don't know how much if anything I'm going to do on Tick Tock but if you follow me follow you back. Whatever it's Tick Tock who cares guy so I wanna see how many people I wanNA see? How many how many followers dollar digs of tick tock pretty much great reference through using the digs of tick tock? Yeah that's fine. Ed Harris if anyone follows me there are so quick to go. Sign up for username. Let's see if anyone follows me on tick Tock Brandin cokes is officially out for week. Eleven Matthew they are playing at home which is good news but the rams super banged up along the offensive line and they welcome Khalil. Mack and the bears to Los. Sandra is one of the teams that totally dominated them last season albeit in Chicago. But still does Josh Reynolds even half its value this week matthew or are you saying to yourself. I saw it last week. It wasn't good enough. I'm avoiding. Yeah I mean look giants packers seahawks. Tighten those the teams on a by so I guess it depends on how desperate you are for a wide receiver. You certainly could be. You Got Adams you're without Adams you're without tyler. Lockett your without Golden Tate so it depends on sort of you know what your options options are. I I think there are better by weak villains. Okay and Josh Reynolds I this offense looks broken and I get it like. It's the raiders and so it should be in theory right it. I'm sorry no. It's not the raiders. It's it's the bears. Sorry they're playing mayor. I Tick Tock and Liz. Oh and a juice. I gotTa Lot thing. I've got a lot going on here. So look yes so I get it. They're playing the bears. which is you know? That's not a great and it's not a great match up. The bears defense has certainly struggled recently. But it's still not a great match up and you mentioned like I think that's a much bigger story that isn't getting any play like. They lost their center for the. They lost their center her for the year. Yep and tackle Robbie also up for the lost the right tackle as well to an office of line. That has already been struggling. It's been terrible if you have todd Gurley. Yeah what are you like. Are you seeing what you can get for. Todd Gurley maybe yes but the problem is what are you GonNa get after last week. Didn't find the endzone own which is his value this year right. His value is finding the endzone. He's but he's still on pace for you. Know he's still on pace for double digits towns. He's still the lead running back on a good offense like given the state of the running back position. You don't you could get offers for Todd Gurley I think yeah but I wouldn't you know what just Yada early is. More frustrating to the people that have them on the rosters. I think I think if people that have todd Gurley in the rosters are much more frustrated and aware of his struggles this year than people. That don't like you just sort of think. Yeah Yeah Todd Gurley is fine. He's not he's not todd Gurley in capital letters the way he has been but he's been fine he's been a low end rb one twenty two on a per game basis assists. I wouldn't say that's quite accurate right right but I'm just saying that's what I think is perceptionist. Perception is low. And I don't think that's the case but perhaps you could trade him for a player that's more of a flex play than rb to which I think is where we feel. Feel like girly could nat out. Falcons got a lot of injuries all season and again now with Devante Freeman in Austin Hooper both likely to miss at least week eleven. So we'll spoiler alert. Brian Hill certainly is a notable name on the waiver wire columnist week. We feel like he is the number one priority if the problem with Hooper Matthew is that when a tight end goes down. We don't have a bunch of other tight ends. It suggests that you go in crap. It's a bummer. For who has been the best tight end in fantasy so far this year so I think in one case you can look in house and the other case. You're going to have to go the waiver wire and hope for the best because titans are hard to you find right now. Yeah they certainly are and you would know better than anyone look I mean Jackdaw. We've talked about a few of these guys. Jackie oils out there and a few leagues. I mean there's some of the names Jack Doyle's available. We talked about Jacob Paltry. He goes on a by right now. But somebody like Karl Rudolf. Who had touchdown this past week? He's got three four straight games with at at least three catches. He's a usable name. If you believe in your cells Braun Darren fell. Darren felt sorry there in fell's his brother Daniel. It's rather Dan. I'm looking GONNA Daniel. I duNNo. I'm all discombobulated after my tick tock experience but so beyond that though Eric Hebron I think something like twelve targets last week Air Hebron demanded his role changing got a whole bunch. More work wasn't super productive but still OJ Howard available. We'll talk about these guys a little bit more during the waiver wire column but right now. You'RE GONNA have to make contingency plans plans for Austin Hooper. Let's get into the value. Brian Hill a little bit more matthew because he's going to be the starter for what sounds like at least a week and is it as simple. Let's plug and play. He goes into the starting lineup for Atlanta and he becomes like a top twenty running back for you given how Atlanta has performed so far this year plus his ability plus the fact that. It's not just devante Freeman hurt. They put Edo Smith on I R so it should be hail unto himself right now. Is the guy over the last four weeks no team in the. NFL is worse against against the run. The Carolina Panthers ooh interesting. Yeah on a yards rushing yards allowed per game. Yeah not even worse than the Carolina Panthers we just saw. Aaron Jones scored three times against them last week. Yep they have really struggled against the Ron and so Brian Hill. Who last week got twenty touches? And so I mean maybe you see some Qadri Alison Allison in this one. But like it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be the Brian Hill show. That's with all expectations and so behind a decent offensive line in a great match up with a lot of volume volume. You could do worse this week than Brian. Hell feel the same way here. Matthew the offense I don't know if it found its way last week. But there's a lot more confidence here in Atlanta and look at their schedule right now. Would it scare totally on you if they were four and seven going into their rematch with the saints and a couple of weeks now so there are two nine seven the hardway nine seven hardaway. He Go Falcon F the dolphins right rise up rise up so yes so they play. Here's the thing that encourages carriages. You about Brian Hill was that he had some passing game usage as well and so again when he's sort of like the only guy so the reason I bring that up yep is so at Carolina. You'll love that match this week but next week home to Tampa Bay. Don't love that well. You don't in theory but again like you can throw on Tampa Bay you know and so you know. His involvement in the passing game in theory should help home to New Orleans. Then the you know the rematch there. Listen scored a touchdown against the saints the last time and then home to Carolina. So it's a you know. A lot of divisional games here in the next four weeks. For the Atlanta Falcons and so Brian Hill as long as devante Freeman. It's out is a viable rb to. I agree on that one looking forward to seeing him get a lot more work this weekend. A guy that they light coming out of Wyoming Round pick waved as you mentioned yesterday ended up its its natty. He's now back in Atlanta with a real chance to earn his keep. We're going to get into a whole bunch more waiver wire names but first a word from Matthew on old spice my old spice live read a reindeer spice field. This new branded commercial segment has been brought to you by old spice vice sweat defense and their longtime NFL spokesperson rookie. Montas sweat who they've always been a fan of and never once would run any other adds to the contrary in fact old old spice would would fact old space wouldn't ever consider a person named sweat and real sweat as the same thing that would be just crazy. Reminding earning you that Montas sweats name is sweat. He plays defense and old spice sweat. Defense is the superior defense against sweat. Isn't that a great coincidence. That's it for now by by well done by those very matter fact to the point very much. Yeah it's it's a tough library to go but We appreciate our our friends from old spice sweat. They joining the show. Monta sweat one of the few redskins that has some promise and spice which keeps us all smelling great time now for of the waiver wire column and I'll just sort of take it from here matthew minute as you eat your delicious strawberries. They're yummy. devante Parker continues to be on somewhat of a role for the Miami Dolphins. He had five catches for sixty nine yards in week ten. He has ten targets in two of his last four games and as a matter of fact over those past four weeks. He's a twenty a five percent target's share which is a higher rate. That Amari Cooper and Chris Godwin during that same stretch now. The schedule is a little bit tough this week with buffalo coming to town down in Miami that the only team here that has not yet allowed a one hundred yard receiver but then he goes to buff to Cleveland home to Philadelphia and at the New York jets. I think those was last three match. UPS are ones that you feel pretty good about with devante parker with no Preston Williams. There this Miami passing game runs through Parker who has sort of finally delivered the expectations. Yeah the the you know the the you know. We've seen it a million times before the the fifth year break-up so four straight games though with fifty five or more receiving living yards the only players with a longer active streak than that you think at four games with a fifty five receiving yards the the only players with a longer active streak cortlandt sudden Michael. Michael Thomas tyreek Hill. Yeah I mean like like it's not nothing and so as long as Ryan. Fitzpatrick was the quarterback of the Miami. Dolphins he's a professional quarterback. You can get the ball to Devante devante parker they are going to have to throw. They can't run the ball and their defense. Has You know kept them in Games in which they have to throw to keep up in so devante Parker. It's sort of crazy but I'm with you feel now. Why don't we move from Miami to a team that beat them weeks ago in the Pittsburgh steelers? That's right. James Washington in who last week had six catches for ninety yards and a touchdown he did lose a fumble and his touchdown may not have been a touchdown but it counted in these stat book. The steelers play on Thursday. They nights if you're GonNa make a movie or better do so fast over the past couple of weeks matthew. He's been productive. He's got ten catches for one hundred and fifty nine yards a touchdown over the past. Two weeks he's twenty plus yard reception in four straight games. He's fast Mason rough has not been great. I'm not gonNA as improving either. I think he's sort of what he is. But I think teams Washington in a deeper league. A uh-huh potential consideration as Juju stock is falling down other steelers wide receiver stocks are perhaps rising just a little bit. Since James Washington came back in week eight. He's actually tied for the steelers team lead with seven deep targets. So they're taking when they are taking shots going to James Washington. Those three weeks right. So Oh he's got a eleven catches seventeen targets hundred eighty yards one touchdown. Despite comparison Juju Smith Schuster saint three weeks. Eleven coaches okay. The same twenty targets three More one hundred sixty three yards less one touch on the same so I mean look. You don't love that Judah Smith Schuster but for guy that's sitting out there in the waiver wire you certainly like that when it comes to James Wash. I'm glad you mentioned. You just missed Schuster. Because yesterday we talked about the possibility of doing a Juju Smith Schuster name game. We decided to save as we can get a real full whole list of new wide receivers to consider so Daniel. It's time now for navy up and have a name. Sure field is playing with his own spicy tomato. WanNa touch it. Why did he want they freeman? Why do you hate paradores before we talk about Golden Gate names to choose from field? You brought up owner but when I squeeze it nothing happens and then Mike Clay brought up Boehner now a grind issue. We don't know where that is the topic is Carson Palmer. Socks attractive human. Oh you are you. Are you getting your shirt. OUGHTA toby fantasy. Bury your son. It's a family show as the best ones that one no question all right field field. You want to do this. You want me to do it. I'll leadoff Juju Smith Schuster or John Brown by the way Juju up to eleven point four points per game this season actually down to eleven point. Four points points per game. This season John Brown fourteen point two fantasy points per game. Yeah no doubt about that. I'd take John Brown as well as over. Fifty receiving yards in every game so far this year Jamison crowder or juice Mr Weirdly Jamison crowder i. I'M GONNA stick with Juju there for the rest the way but it is closed. Jamison averaging twelve point one one because of the schedule and also like Sam Darnold with Jameson craftsman different player. I'm GONNA lean ever so slightly to do. Yeah I mean. It's a tough one the way I'm sitting here I get it. I guess what I'm saying is if I needed. It would depend on the makeup of my team roster construction right if I needed somebody that had had sort of homerun ability that it's shoe but if I'm just like you know what I've got some home run hitters on my team. Just give me twelve points every week. It's Jamison crowder. Yeah that's a fair way of putting it decay McCaffrey. Gaffer Juju Juju depending on. I'd WanNa like on the entry tire. Lock it I agree. Yeah Josh Gordon's same. Same team. Same Juju unusual as well there. I mean again too nice catches last night but we got a long way to go before we trust him implicitly to be a weekly started going to buy this week as well Bahamas knew who it has eleven points per game so far this season of course Since taking over are becoming a patriot. His role has changed dramatically. He starts this week. Right does not thirty four of the top thirty for the rest of the season and Mohammed scenario. I would feel better about the bet if I were you. Then I would of two weeks ago. You gotTa feel pretty good about it. I feel pretty good. I will stick with them. Hamas newness went by anyway. Still GonNa go do concerns. Are they get filled door set more more more involved and if the past is any indication it isn't always with the Patriots. Obviously but if the past is any indication when we get into December the last four weeks the season. They're going to go more run heavy. They tend to do that. I wonder so. Do we make this a double bet like we make like this Juju versus new plus tops. Top thirty I knew. I'm not betting on Juju. Okay okay I don't know I listen. I've already got enough writing on you know anti Mohammed to feel great about it so Juju Smith Schuster still Juju. I think just you know the health is always a concern with Sammy Watkins. But but if you say like over the next what do we got six weeks left in the season seven. What's week eleven? There are seven weeks seven weeks. Okay so next. I was told there'd be no math so over the next seven weeks the season if you said to me one one of these players has three twenty five point games. Which one is it? I would say walk INS. Yeah but I'm not counting on. No I'm not really yes US right. I'd go Joo Lee still going to the same sort of thing with the. It's the opposite of the crowd argument right like if I needed. Just an upside play play. I think I'm going Watkins if I need more of a floor and probably going Juju but I mean like boy. I mean this is what we're the fact that the the fact that it's a decision for her hurt it hurts my heart the fact that we're sitting here mulling Jamison crowder regardless of whether which side we landed on the fact that it's even a consideration. The fact acted like maybe like to tell you all you need to know about the season that Juju Smith Schuster has had. I would say that the biggest disappointments MM fantasy this year. Non Injury Related. Yep have to be him and girly I would think in terms of where they've been drafted. Yep Levy on bells up there as well as well. Yeah I mean not for me. I had a soccer. It's also is on the on the hit list. Both guys were not disappointment. Appointment for leaving. Because they were who Chris McCaffrey interesting. I would not have put him on that list but interesting right so Kenny if we can go ahead and cut that clipper social in terms of biggest discipline I would love. ESPN to send an alert that field. Yates thinks Christian. McCaffrey is one of the season's big busts if we could just send that alert out and if we a clip that for Youtube and for ESPN DOT com and the ESPN fantasy APP. If we could just make sure America I just I'm trying to get you some pob. I'm fine with that as long as you put in parentheses. Follow him on on Tick Tock Dumb. I'm cool everybody out there. What do you got? Keith is social questions regarding Juju Eric wants to know he was offered Juju for Joe Mixon. NPR League should NYC. EXCEPT I. I don't get it. You both have and senior faces is so fantastic. Well by the way mix also mix it mix might have. He might be the biggest the biggest disappointment. But I think I I feel like there's a better chance of juju bouncing back than mix in office mixing but I don't feel good about outside of the NBA. And oh I don't either but but I think this the reason I'm saying that engineering more though right like it's your roster needs if you have a slightly better adept at running back and wide receiver. Then I would take the. I would prefer the decide if you're the inverse and you have better depth at wide receiver the money back. Then I would take the job mix inside. Yeah just I guess my feeling is that I'd rather the steelers have suddenly gotten good. Well they're defensive has been their defense it has been great and their offense has played well enough to keep them in games and get them some victories right. And so it's the defense the offense but the look. I'm not saying the offense is great great. Not but which offense just as a whole would you rather have Cincinnati's at the moment or Pittsburgh's I'd rather have Pittsburgh's if we the Greens back. I might take you the task on that one but I agree. Yeah I mean. Aj We don't we have no idea on AJ Green. And I think that's fair agreements. Back then I think it's a real conversation but I guess my point is is that I think that winning on an NFL team is sort of infectious. And so the BR bengals with a rookie quarterback in like you know they. They haven't won a game so far this year. You know. It's it's been a bad year in Cincinnati. I guess I would rather Juju Smith Schuster as part of a as Mason Rudolph continues to get more comfortable in that role. He's the guy. The steelers are winning. They're starting to get some momentum. The team is feeling good about itself. I guess I would rather a guy in that scenario then a guy behind you know one of the worst offensive lines in football if not the worst on a winless team with a crappy defense. That's getting that's that's going to be losing a lot of the time. That's you know splitting some work with Giovanni Bernard a AH prior to this last game. We'll see an artist healthy. I mean but so close I get it. They're both talented players. I would prefer Juju in that deal. We'll take a quick break and come back and talk about just a couple of more players on the waiver wire. He's couple more waiver wire adds to know tonight. I know that we've been sort of down down on him over the past few weeks but it is a week in which we have four teams on a by Matthew. Stafford is iffy right now going into week week. Eleven Sam Darnold at quarterback as a potential week. Eleven Sri Mer they play the lowly pathetic Washington redskins on Sunday. darnold coming coming off of miss one of his best games of the year. Two hundred and thirty passing yards it at twenty five yards. On the ground a rushing touchdown eighth throwing touchdown. He was quarterback seven for the week and we have been talking about the schedule as generous Matthew and he's right in thick of it and I know that people are probably sick of hearing talk about the schedule but it's Washington then it's Oakland it's Cincinnati. It's Miami if Sam Darnold can build on what we saw last week he has a chance to be a legitimate Sherman option. Each of the next four are we maybe day. No one likes dumping on more than I do but present awful so awful but the redskins have weirdly been competitive defensively defensively. I don't know that this is the layup matchup that everyone thinks it is again. This is not my homers and talking like you guys know I am. I am point blink rooting for one in fifteen. I want the bengals else to win a game. I want the bengals went to. I want the number one pick. I want to go one of fifteen. Let's go hill. The redskins Hail victory. He'll he'll defeat let's do that. Hailed L.. Defeat that's the only chance we got getting rid of Bruce Allin if we go one and fifteen. It's still probably won't happen because you know I think he's close damn good culture blah blah blah. The whole thing thing is depressing. But I'm not convinced this is a layup matchup for Sam Darnold last four weeks redskin sixth against the pass their six best scoring defense in the NFL. Alan you think about just sort of off the top had some of those games like that game against Minnesota they. It was a close game against Minnesota for the most part cousins. Have a big game in that one. Like you know the forty eighty nine one nine slop bowl but still i. I don't know I I haven't seen enough from Sam Darnold to feel like. Oh He's a no brainer. Start this week I say Sam. Donald will be top top twelve. Finish a quarterback in week. Eleven top twelve. Were GonNA top ten. I just misspoke. That's fine I save Sam. darnold is not a top twelve fantasy quarterback in week eleven. Put It on the on the board. We remain away there eventually. We got there not our best not arrest work fantasy trans is brought to you by. Td Ameritrade and a name of not this week as OJ Howard for the buccaneers. We mentioned him just the bit earlier on in the show has the corner been turned. We'll see but he did at four catches for forty seven yards and a touchdown. Good enough for tight end seven on the week week. The bucks have already had their by. That's good news. They face the saints the Falcons the Jaguars and the colts. But I'm a little bit less worried about the long-term Matheus theam a little bit more worried about the short-term just can stack another good week on top of what we saw last week from. OJ Howard this is A. I can't quit you moment for me. He's talented unwanted. He's big he's athletic. They're going to have to throw to keep up with New Orleans. My hope is that he can get the job done and one more tight end here is Colorado. It was available in about about two thirds of leagues and Rav in the Vikings going to buy next week but the play the vikings this week over his past four games. He has at least three catches Che's in all of them last week. He had four catches for a grand total of fourteen yards however he added two touchdowns and a two point conversion again. When you're looking for tight end options and I don't even want to call nine one? I call him part of the tight. End Top fifteen potential. If you're looking for one of those guys covered off is a name. MM to note before we get to our social questions from Keith. We have a quick word from Matthew Perry New York Times bestselling author Matthew Berry with another self-serving self-indulgent all about me promo were into November. And it's about the time that people start thinking about holiday gifts. What are we going to get for Christmas? 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I do not have one of those you've ever heard of. That's true very impressive. I'm going to get one for. We have a crappy bands fantasy league with a bunch of guys that earn and the the winner is going to get one of those t shirts pretty good. There's a there's some you know we'd get the curse justifying bell and she's not a cone and put on the board and we've got a bunch of different stuff there so anyway check check it out fantasy life dot com for all your fantasy Football needs your peril. Your Tumbler the Tumbler. Actually I want to use them I WANNA trophy. You want a trophy. I WanNa trophy when a week. Okay I wanted to buy a trophy to the winner of that league. Oh done fantasy life dot com. Okay there you go right. Now are Keith Kid. Ask you know what I screwed up your house instead. Officially your daughter Crush a grape. Yesterday you guys made her day. She was a few words one word answers and then she picked the steelers. beat the BROWNS squealers. I'M GONNA say steelers I'm sorry fitting or we're calling this. This will disrespect them. You can respect them all right so we got some questions here. James wants to know. Would you prefer Latavius Mary or Kareem Hunt Rest of season. I hope for Kareem Hunt. Yeah I think so I mean boy. That's a tough one but I feel better about cream hunts usage than I do about Latavius. Murray's you know it feels like it's going to be. I mean listen. They're both valuable handcuffs. If anything were to happen to Chub or Kamara both guys would be top ten plays and so then you're just like which one do you feel better about playing a flax in you feel better about cream. Cream hunts passing game usage than you about with Murray's so yeah I I agree with the field here. SMART call by you. Matthew Steven wants to know what are your thoughts and early enough for me. When are we done with this show? Are we done yet. We're almost there man you almost there. Yeah what else. What have we got? Steven wants to know early. Thoughts on Mike Evans against the saints. Since he had zero catches in their first meeting. I love Mike Evans against the saints. Marshon Lattimore we talked about this earlier in the game not earlier in the show. He's he's not gonNA play in this game and he's been the one that's really we given Mike Evans fits over his career when they play. Yep So In a game in which we know. The buccaneers are going to have to throw to keep up with New Orleans. I don't expect drew brees to throw zero touchdowns again. That just isn't going to happen so it probably won't happen. Yeah I would like to take the over on zero touchdowns for for drew brees and so so. Yeah Yeah I mean I think Mike Evans has a monster game this week. He's a easy top ten. Play this week. The Joe Mixon questions continue to roll in yet they do Trevor wants to know Ronald Jones or Joe Mixon for the rest of the season. ooh I it was Ronald Jones Council. ethers upside look. At least you have games. We can get them upside yeah. I'm even seeing that from Joe. Mixon now I mean he. He had his best game of the year needed thirty cares to get over one hundred yards. I mean yes I yeah Ronald Jones. I mean right Ronald Jones. I think it scored in three the last four off the top of my head. Something like that right. I mean Yeah Roggio Carter was no. If there's any panic on your part for Darren Waller Yeah a little bit. Yeah a little bit not much you can do about it right because it's like you know if you're gonNA a Trade Darren Waller you're going to get a tight end. Who Comes with massive question marks because there's only like six that don't add massive question marks I I'm I'm I'm literally trying to trade John Waller to somebody that listened to this show? Please don't say anything else. If I were to trade Darren Waller I would do it. So you're trying to get their trade him away. Yes so if I if I were trying to acquire Darren Waller. I would only do it if I could offer up like Christian McCaffrey other than that. I wouldn't do. Yeah Fair here. The positives of Darrin walls the last three weeks. He's tied in seventeen points per game basis after being a top seven tied in prior to that. So that's a concern but I think we talked about this. We talked about this on. The famous Joanie is being plus which you can check out now and Ah We talked about Waller and I believe he is at a still had a twenty four percent target share. There's the Kalki honest on that one. But I believe he's still so he's still. I'm getting a a very nice target share for a tight end and he's talented. No teams I think that as other pass catchers in the raiders. Offense offensive have started to produce. We've seen Hunter Renfro have some Nice Games here. And so my expectation is is that once team's realize like oh we got to sort of pay attention. Everyone everyone tyrel Williams is back like that they're going to have to start Not Focusing as much attention to waller which I think is what's happened last couple of weeks is that teams have focused defensively pensively on waller and also Derek Carr spread the ball around quite a bit like he's gotten a lot of guys involved so yeah little nervous about while the baller. He's been As we talked he's been kind kind of wall the smaller but I am still so twenty three point nine percent target chair so twenty four percent so good job by thirty Khow posted up on the screen there for US So a little nervous but I agree with field. I don't know that there's much you can do other than roll him out there. I think if you're trading him you're trading at his lowest point value in the season which is what Daniel's trying to do mark magic marker was can we trust F. One with Haskins starting the rest of the season f one for the uninitiated is Teri maclaurin. His former teammate at Ohio. It's very I'm still buying F one I took A. You're the only one everyone else is by no it isn't I'll tell you who else doesn't buy term Lauren. Do we know that for a fact. He has said that he's opened a scary Terry. He's up which said He. He said he doesn't like scary hair. He he walked up back a little bit. He's okay he doesn't care he just he is a good kid. That just is wants to focus on trying to do the best fine. We'll find some you better but for now we're going with that one Can we trust them. No tweed we'd Haskins did not look great in his first start. I don't know that the moments there were moments in the fact that they they're coming off the bye back there moments. I like it. You're right. There were moments where they were moments. Were awful but it look good schedule. it certainly. It certainly an easier schedule here for Haskins. And you like like you know a matchup against the jets were twenty-second against the pass. Over the last four weeks they just gave up four touchdown passes last week. You know to to crowd or two. I'm sorry to Golden Tate to to Slayton so maclaurin should get the majority of the targets in the redskins passing game. You know. They've gone more run heavy since bill. Callahan took over but so yes I agree with field. That trust is a strong word. So I don't know that I trust but I think he'll be wide receiver. The wide receiver three slash four with some ups. I think he's right there on the border wide receiver three and a wide receiver for. Have we got one more guys from Sam which flex player Cowboy Sam. Just Sam normal. Sam Sam not cowboy saying not hot SAM like the pretzels back in the day. They're just saying how. Yeah exactly exactly that you'll get it. I think Matthew Really I'm on Tick Tock your hip. I'm sorry I just I was I was just. I was downloading Eliza songs to do videos when Sam wants to know what flex player on most waiver wires say seventy percent plus available has the potential to be a difference maker down the stretch What are your question? I would go with deebo Samuel sure but not really anybody I mean. Obviously if there was it'd be a player that we'd be talking about much more. What is the roster? Ship percentage of Willfuller not. I don't know off. The top of my eh returned to practice yesterday is is is it high. Did I don't know if he got dropped a lot when he went out with injury. Rostered and fifty five percent of League so he's available in forty five percent of ESPN league so not Enough Leagues to answer this question but just someone that you may want to throw into the waiver wild because again it doesn't meet the threshold but if we'll fuller's out there in your league that somebody I would pick up and grab just knowing the potential that offense in his talent David and Joe who also secrets go. What do you got I just said? Did it feel us want to write the waiver. Wire column for what you're welcome to you know. No I don't even want to write level hate anymore. Like what are you talking about. After last week's performance of course guys is like like yeah I mean no. I don't WanNa right. I I used to write this is some obscure. TM Are Trivia for anyone cares. Yeah it's just called at Matthew Berry Trivia from now on only on offensive. I've APP used to write the way right calm. I did for a number of years. I right Keith Ethan. Remember how long ago it was but I wrote for a number of years I wrote two columns a week I wrote the wave calm and love hate and then eventually like nineteen sixty four to six. Let's say the SPN and Japan rose. Evan I wrote for at least a couple of years and then and then You Roll it into a little circle and then you take the wax and you depend on it with a little tm Marciel and you put it in your little Ravens Pouch and send it on over. Johnny Nice was the first name when the initial rewire all undoing here Daniel. Yeah what I'm telling I get it. I Know Grams Matthews top eight team league pickup of the week. I'm out of Hank you guys. y'All I'm doing inference maker. I hate every one of you. How how am I doing kyle doing on my hip or a coffin day when the printing press was created Matthew? Yes it was is. Actually I remember I had gotten Jin exactly I remember sucking on a hard candy excitement the AFL waiver column to you L.. Oh yeah listen. Listen I call Jim Brown before anyone had him on a roster. What are we got? What are we doing on the poll? PERSICO healed is hyper than Matthew Berry. Sixty sixty eight percent of the crowd almost nice. We gotta go ahead. No I'm not doing it. That's right. They're not five Jerry Jones. Screw Hugh Screw America. I Hate I hate you you and you and you and you and you and you and sixty eight percent of our listeners. We're going to be electric. You know what if you're sad matthew berry you know you can do when you go home. What can I do? You can subscribe to Disney. Plus Asu good busy. Plus they happy Disney plus day to every single person out there to seven dollars a month. I am legit excited like literally. No one has known from ESPN or Disney corporate has asked me to talk about Disney plus. Probably 'cause they want professional spokespeople you know they're like listen. You do whatever you need to. But we've got like we're GONNA ask like Kevin a Ghandi and Scott van pelt a dizzy busy plus stuff you know. You know anchors people like you know. We'll get like you know sage deal and you know Steven A.. And whatever but anyway so no one's asked me to do it but I will say that it's unbelievable you know what I mean like when I think about is going to be unbelievable. It's got massive library of content before you even get to the new stuff like just being able to get through the entire be able to watch every season of the simpsons. It's amazing to me. I can't wait. I mean can't wait all the star wars stuff all the pixar stuff. All the Disney animated style heard. The new Mandala Marine is like incredible trail. Look pretty good as like all right. I'm I'm I'm watching that so it looks really cool. I recommend if you'RE GONNA watch only one thing on Disney plus may recommend vendors endgame is the highest. It's the highest grossing movie of All Time Live. We're out of time. You know what you can do is after you're done subscribing to be on Tick Tock then I send me a screen shot out of you watching you watching vendors endgame on Disney plus send me some screen shots of you know. There's one particular part like when the movie gets to New York there. You Have Abbott said you'll recognize we are back on Wednesday positive reply defined you're getting you caught up on all the latest news and recapping to find US boondoggle to the bay area. We'll talk to you guys later so in Matthew Berry you guys go ahead and give me grief for being on sportscenter for forty five seconds. Make you better than me. Because I don't think bay. You're you're terrible at Tash tag imprint it. You'll gate stuff fine. You Bet that ferry convert secret Chris. Daniel Eighty Fantasy ben data eh.

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