Ultimate Spider-Cast Ep #126: Spider-Man - Exiled


Hi i'm ri- and i'm aaron. Way or spider baby hosts from to know her is to be her a spider woman. Podcast as well as proud members of the collective you're listening to cates an lunatics. Sidekicks enjoy the show. Episode of capes sidekicks is brought to you by tweaked audio awesome headphones could show dot com and use the coupon code southgate to get thirty percent off reshipping in a lifetime warranty where get there through the link on our website southgate needed group dot com. This is luca. Periton you're listening to cape lou. Two sidekicks podcast. Yeah yeah whatever ben. Reilly spider man's clone is the guy's got a sweatshirt. yeah As blonde hair for another sausage or kuwait really likes to watch your back by the i will join me has always well. That could not be still waiting down the upside down along the way again once in a real right always glad to be on on. I'm pippen i him aren't sure great to be back in amongst capes in late june early. July an excellent. 'cause they've got indraught. Yeah i think we're we're gonna wait for the first three issues the come out yet. Then do quoc. Quantum's yeah talk. I was talking to the boys. Were saying maybe at least once a year will check in see. What's going on you have to you. Go to give window beloved exactly. Especially if he shows up now like the mcu russell's awake spider pimps has the adventures of sausage and bun boy. I'm not buying oil russell's career. Who's this the web handed bandits. I don't know who that his you people need to give access like. It's your names. Maybe they want to remain anonymous. Say at least. I know it's not you could have your also he. I'll just chatting with russell a little bit earlier before the show. He's looking forward looking forward to his first omnibus. Yeah egg on your also hypoc Lilith will appreciate it. It's a masters of the universe. One of russell will be diving into that. Oh i can't show psychic show Song saint etf off. Okay chad i know that you. Okay has quantum maniac russell can it out in the chat room But yeah no good. Gherman wrestle Every every every remembers his first is on the bus firmness of its feel of it opening up only. Hey that's choking of since you're since you're a subscriber are patriot. Did you listen to a loath at r. I dot uncensored wayne's world not yet undies on my eddie Catcher have equal it. It's it's on the key for sure i count. White has pretty much still stretch. The boundaries set is fake anyway. But i'm looking forward to this. There's no boundary on okay. Yeah it should be missed wide swells. But you've got equal white many jersey. I guess got to choose right. Am i'm of the oj. Quantum zayn and whites world. Enjoy that. I love your other stuff as willow close Guessing for the on the chats so thinking that binding a russell. I listened to it right. Didn't ha wrestle. You like so much activity like on a seven thirty on a sunday morning least us. Why no encouraging. I think they both worked like light. Sell to those to earl revved up and radio are But yeah matt couldn't be with us. He stole baby. Watch janos allow. That best wishes met in jail and little one day. It was tuesday in its sunday in the so as i mean i know like i said i know luca was a weekly thing but he was down. He was a little bit early. Remember I mean not not quite a few days or something early Jeez thompson hasn't it. It seemed like only yesterday. We heard the news that mattie becoming a becoming papa. What seems like the by the waited a while before they announced it all year. Yeah but still. I mean so yeah. He's he's waiting. He's waiting so yes so probably Yeah we already planned. Probably tuesday night. When we were record the green lantern podcast is probably just going to be mean will Yeah i'm sure until at thoughtful fanciulla babies coming. Yeah that's probably by tuesday. Or what eight. They're probably gonna enthused her at some point. Because i know we really were like a weekly. And they're like oh yeah if he's not here by morning rather than ducey then he showed up that night so i appreciate them all right Might shift unite race favourite. Might see if you had. The shroud of syllabi of traffic is great. not that. what's it gonna tiktok not in that. Yeah yeah and it will not out the natal. Remember rating him in spiderwoman. He was actually really freaky in spotted woman. I liked the way he was portrayed day. But there's kind of like a certain. Also sorry i was gonna say there's a lot of spiderwoman villains in there. The brothers grimm although there was like a new version. Yeah y'all grunwald may arum aloadin siberia a handle over those characters. But the nato was. We'd because i think he worked so well in solo issue of a woman because he was creepy horror. But then if you throw him into like not shift team out loser that that a 'nigma kinda thing that yeah anyway russell. Russell said the shroud is almost literally the dow russell. Everything's apparently the chevy van de the the vanish has influenced plenty side The in the shadow probably ripped everything off ramaz. Zoro oga robinhood. They're yell. Yeah alright. We get to these. Yeah i'm looking forward to So we don side enough but really look forward to returning to journey. That is ben raleigh So many different things are from the loss episode. We mentioned That was the end of the jackal. Rot where you'll mentioning that. That's yanfeng for For a long time that. I don't think we see him in the anymore in this clone. Saga has a flashback or something. Yeah yeah so fit for such a big villain to for that to be going into this. Kind of like uncharted territory Had how they gonna vote in an hour. I really enjoyed the that August i integrated suid lab. It's just interesting to to not have the jacqueline it. That's all but yeah. It's it's cool which we should should dive into this a little. I mean it's not bad but it's it's weird because like the first and last parts are kind of their own thing in those two middle books are kinda like us a story. So it's like. I mean they'll have x. out on the cover but it's like get a couple of games in here all distinct distinctly different last night but yes it starts in web of spider man. One twenty eight from september nineteen ninety five We got tom the falco. And todd zog. Oh res- writers. Stephen butler pencils ran the amberland. Inker kevin tinley and malibu color as colors. Lederer div dutt row editor eric. Fien anthony finger off so you look. There's there's a lot of hands in this game yet but the one thing again. That is a shining lot e continent dot. I mean stephen butler work and they remember reading this gone gossage to you. Know the first couple of pages whatever. The story is in whatever the outcome is. I'm enjoying these socks. I got that working for it just looking at some of the notes here survey thing was Worthy of bringing up but all right so we'll get to the synopsis for who will wear the web's The black cat swings across new york city her mind on her longtime friend. Peter parker and all the difficulties he has had of late. She thinks back to house. She learned the truth shortly. After peter was arrested for murder she paid him a visit at rikers island and was surprised when peter acted as though he didn't know who she was. It wasn't until she went to see peter's wife. Mary jane that she learned the truth mary. Jane told police about the return of ben rally her pregnancy and the revelation that the man everyone thought was the real peter. Parker was actually a clone. The idea the man she wants love the wasn't even a real human bothers felicia and she feels the press thinking about it. That's when she is confronted by the creature. Notice the spare who offers to relieve her and all those she cares for of the despair that they are all feeling yet. He's like. I mean you know one of them's a copy of the other. It's always not a real man. It's like really young often these introduction. Really we'd anyway The fact that it's said it's not. It's not even a traditional back door interaction in the fact that you hang eighty fat. Apparently he'd been raleigh before. But you know that was all off panel and that was and that's how they so well acquainted but like just believe us that i met before. That's what they tell us. The that that that first story we i read were were him. Peter i the meat backup. Yeah there was another one that was like one of the villains in the thing they're like. Oh yeah the. Here's some new villain. Ben rally met me. We'll tell you about a one day. They i don't think they even bring that villain backup little stories like but i mean that's what we need. I've been. I've been trying that for years. I'm like we need some kind of untold tales of ben rally book. Yeah there's plenty to really. I guess plunder in that regards and again butler does a really good job for despair. Anyway i mean it looks pretty cool little better than some reference one on wearing Zayn there are some Less than average villains in the coys run. That should really be left alone but this one just looks pretty cool left less than stellar villains. Who are you talking about anglo. Yeah absolutely but i mean i that like For that light. you know. We're talking about like a behind the scenes. You know history of ben. Reilly think that's what they were gonna do with. That's number three part that three issue spiderman the lost ears. Yeah i think that was supposed to keep going. But there. I think long guy once. They made the final decision. You know and they decided to turn things around eventually like none of that. We're going to bring pre. Peter is going to be the real one again. It's guy handful that okay. 'cause yeah i mean that would've made sense because that really did expand on that aspect that you didn't hear about so yeah i was thinking about that when you originally That would have been a perfect place for it but yeah well that would have been it. Russell i think the peter that died in the in the despite averse was referenced ben rally. That's what i always thought. Because he was like blond and stuff. Because we'll get we'll get there. He'll dies hair while he's had some inconsistencies in coloring. Any way out some of these issues. Yeah whether that's gonna be a foreshadowing. How hard is it. how does it. How hard is it. The draw he's supposed to look exactly like peter exactly the specifications right they At that moment. Peter parker and ben reilly pay their respects at. The grave of aunt may and uncle ben. Now that he knows that he is a clone. Peter parker feels strange. Mourning the death of uncle ben as he as he never met. The man benkin relate as he felt the same way when he thought he was the clone as they discussed how to divide up their belongings. They both noticed that someone has been following them. The pair then walks off during their pursuer into a nearby alleyway when they're stalker falls after them. He finds no trace of the pair. This is because peter and benef- slipped up to the rooftops above the change in spiderman and the scarlet spider. The pair then falls their shadow as it turns out. This man is paul proud of cats. I investigations he contacts his colleague luke and tells them that he lost track of parker and the man they think is his brother. That's when spiderman in the scarlet spider come bursting into the office and demand to know why proust was following them. Meanwhile mary jane gets a call from an old friend named ralph delighted to hear. She is delighted to hear from him after so many years and after hearing his offer agrees to meet as soon as possible. Your loved that they're like. Oh yeah parker. And i. I see i saw parker in some guy guesses brother. They look really alike. Yeah exactly Again like around he wants. I don the costumes to maitland. Brilliant spiderman as never looked better and scholars on. It looks just really cool with lot with a hoodie and stuff. Yeah really buy it a little bit of a biden. Switch a little with them. The guy poll lie. He's not even old law. He's got this fake old man's moustache takes off but yet they catch catch onto him. I can't remember wasn't too long ago. That are read these but mary jane. Sorry she's set up something to meet up with. Someone was that. I think that rolf. I believe this is the one i think. He's a fashion designer. Something i think she's going to start like modeling like maternity clothes and style. I'll guy a guy again. cool now. What happened to that guy. That was the bruce was menebhi. Low bruce i mean he i mean they mentioned the mason while ago. Yeah i yeah like during the wedding. And i don't know if they mentioned twice after but yet nothing really came of that you know especially once creators changed stuff off. Of course you'd bring up. Bruce ray come on. I love batman bruce banner. What are you talking about love batman. Remember saying that you must have. That's what we that episode was like two or in and you're dislike. I love batman one of the moon treatment one of the most. What's the drops. Now i love batman so much vigor in and although the figure in the of your stuff man. I'd get russell standard. I know i know sausage. Gets them excited all right back. Cats investigations paul proust explains that. The black cat has gone missing in that. He had been tracking and that she had been tracking peter parker in hopes of wait. No no that paul. Tracking peter parker in the hopes of getting into contact with spiderman. Hearing this the wall crawler vows to find felicia in he and the scarlet spider head off to look for her along the way. Ben is filled in on spider-man's past relationship with the black cat Meanwhile bayer is using his powers to torment felicia with images of spiderman convincing her that the wall crawler is responsible for all the misery in her life. Meanwhile at that moment mary jane meets with ralph and tom pre provider. The two men are permitting. A new lighter maternity clothing. Asking mary jane if she's interested in being their model at that same moment the to spiders continue their search for the black cat when suddenly their spider senses begin going off. That's when they are ambushed by that black cat. Who's now under despairs control yet. That's funny that i love that. It's like you know swinging around both mmediately. Both spider senses are going off. Yeah you get a crazed cat as well So i mean this is always Didn't really i don't think the may elevated to any sense of real Tension as because spotify battling black cat and she's formidable but she's against to spot spotted papal But it was just it was. It was fun just to say how she kinda would would would get out of it. Yeah rather than the actual fought itself. Is this a shots fired. Russell said moonlight lives a clone saga everyday of his life. What does that mean personalities. Yeah i did like that meam or whatever enough the it kfi fan group. You know someone put up. It's like you know right now. People are some of those people are like. What's up what's up. Moon knight ever heard of a moon knight then in one year. They're all those people after. They watched the disney plus years. They're going to be like the moon knight now. No it's like. As far as long as i can remember being a midnight fan so sonny oh okay rages disappeared on my radar. Aga get too excited talking midnight jay. That wasn't a riot at didn't like unplug anything which is not uncommon. Sorry that it's once every blue moon i'd pun intended out. The browser would just crime for some reason. I've got so many bugs in his computer. Will it will just like crash so every time. I hope that it doesn't crash Thought but the apologies for that drop bears. But all those bugs in your peter quit downloading that gray the wolf piper anyway. What we're talking about. We're talking about moon night but the the decline saga yeah. Oh yeah the Yeah that's crazy. It's condo on the look out that israel because it's carnage connaught. That would main invincible. Not that i'm saying that on the you know the best fan now. But i'm wholeheartedly jumping on the bandwagon. The watching that save asia show Really awesome sorry wanna on their plea canaan pre-k redesign hundred forty odd issues now anyway slotted like i said. Those on the buses are great. I mean it's pretty much. I mean you think you forget what the price was. But i think it's the after the price for them outta issues your like your best bike bay russell's out his drop. The computer is wild. Okay like an animal. It's crazy we got roscoe gremlin gremlins yes it's wild legged animal and The you hear the other russell drop. Where's the joker nuggets. That one the junkin nuggets love it any reference to nuggets You're correct russell. The same fake moon reunite fans are the ones who didn't know there was a she hulk. I know against roy l little tangent so that maim or whatever we call it out on facebook. Way people have speculated hoc plus black widow equal shea hoc like Note and you gotta love it. Oh oh did you ever hear a knoll. Drop by drop though. Do you even know. Drop a guy does boob scare me. Yes yes. I told him the other day. I'll like i'm like yeah. I go to drop you now. He's episode where it needs. Yeah very deep voice. Those boobs gave me twenty people who saying that. Same thing Right so get back to this black under despairs control. She has joined by a group of men in similar costumes while the scarlet spider deals with the black cats minions spiderman tries to fend off. Felicias attacks she accuses peter of lying to her and then slashes him open spiderman gives up fighting collapses to the ground apologizing to her. The scarlet spider defeats the attackers and surprise when they all disappear puffs of smoke. The spider suddenly realizes who he is dealing with in order to spare to show himself trying to trying to attack the spare the scarlet spiders blows have no effect on the team and that's when he notices the black hat is preparing atlantic a killing blow and tells her to stop. He manages to convince her that her emotions are being manipulated by despair. This causes both felicien spiderman. Snap out of the spares control and the three heroes attacked demon in tandem realizing that he has lost his battle despair vanishes and the aftermath of the battle. The black cat tells peter that despite the revelation that he is a clone change who he is and what he means to her After felicia leaves peter decides. Ben is the one who truly deserves to be spiderman. Although ben is flattered he refused the offer pointing out that for the past five years. Peter has proven that he is worthy of the web's besides the point. Ben is decided that he likes being the scarlet spider as he swings away. Peter ben tells peter he earned the life that he hasn't he should enjoy it. Peter returns home. The mary jane the to discover that they both want to stay in new york when they both realized that that the fact that peter being included has no impact on their marriage or coming family the couple kiss while at that moment ben rallies packed up his view belongings insides. Goodbye in york city so he could start a brand new life somewhere else. I mean this is a this is a big thing because essentially and and ben reflects on it anyway towards the end nothing in subsequent issues that he's been given this thing on a planet like assad you won the jackpot you on the clone. This is joe locke borrowed so all your memories they yours you know but he does the absolutely selfless thing you can say on both wise as well as will paint a hey built up this relationship you know the the past five years at least you build up it's law So it would be would be bad ben to take it in united sorry At such a such a difficult decision. But i think this is such a big thing here and nothing was done very well again. In the there was lot that nine panel height with a just talking to each other. And it's all about the mosques handing mosques iva and Yeah just like at begins. Lucky reverses it in ben puts on the scarlet spider one. That's the big tight wi- for this job. But yeah it's would not want to be in ben's position he because yeah it's it's a lose lose if he does lot Will then he'll feel bad taking. The payback is live Decline pay pockets life. But what he's done now as well he's gonna feel bad as well gone. Well had his opportunity in. And i just let it go like. He says he's like all the same person i was five years ago and to. It's like logistics of that. I mean mary. Chains lankan go off with ben. So ben takes back. Peter parker is life. It's like peter mary. Jane are going to have to basically probably leave. Like take on some assumed identities or something be you know but i mean i do. I mean this is all just speculations robot. Audie feel that mary. Jane did get along with ben. Well lot those outrun author. She got you know. Be uncomfortable with him. Being i clone and all that she and ben got on really well and essentially. He's the same guy i gas but i mean they haven't had those experiences last five years. I don't think it's going to be like. Oh yeah get your little. Peter i guess i gotta marry you now. You know. that's a big off. I think ben might a wish for that but yeah that's not a big things he These last few pages in the decision and just when when payback run marriage. I would kissing and mike. I know that you know that. This is a lot that i shared in the the stuff but i just couldn't help but think of the erratic behavior that had shown mary jain lucky backhanded her across the room. It that long ago in one of those ox. But you know he was under obviously a lot of stress. I don't know if you can. Actually even justa fought with that. But anyway i mean i mean yeah i mean. We're going to get a story. I think it might be next month. That we're kind of kind of can address some of that so yeah mugabe. Oh my lord russell's all he saying yeah they should make a second mentor to mouse or gwen or silk. A uncle ben. Yeah i mean when they took that marriage. I'm like they want single spider man. Just how ben rally be that single spiderman shoe. I mean he's basically peter. Yeah you can have a single peter and mary. peter definitely a malls mental mental. Oh yeah Pitch bend the symbiosis spidey. Marble can have their cake and eat it too. Yeah good good. Ide- they have both uniforms floating around about. I do like the de la scholars up. I give entity you give them. The black suit can really calm the scarlet spider. Exactly but i this issue. I think it was i. I really enjoy it because again. Big city arts jays. Black cat has never looked. So good house gets an Enjoyed the art kids that first page. What the guy. But it's always good to have black cat in there as well and lachey obey. It was was manipulated luck hurricana tenuous sightings of on good enable is always fun to watch Despair look as a little bit a little bit of a throwaway but he does look interesting And of course that the big talk at the end A been deciding to cape his skull spider identity. Might this big look a big issue. I think is probably the most. I'm amonte premise. But it's probably the most important issue out of this exalt full papa. I mean yeah. I haven't read a ton with despair by do remember. There was like a story in the nineties a little earlier than this. Like the spare teamed up with nightmare there were like tormenting like the grayhawk and betty banner. Nice yeah yeah. It's i think it's like hulk three sixty so yeah cool. It was like right. After the vegas stuff i think it was. They are the first tower. Yeah okay. I should check that out. Think that's the only good on new of it. So i was gonna say i didn't look but it might be a marvel unlimited two. Yes i'm but what did you think of this as well Again yeah you're like you're you're right it's out you know. I thought it was really good and the art. You know it's you know nice are great art. I mean it's like the you know some of the better side of ninety art aguirre's spiderman scarlet spider. Arnold think of look better now yet. Oh yeah absolutely. I'd love to get you know the original artwork. If i had enough money of some of the shots just because the and the art is just really not. Oh yeah i mean. I like that. They're actually like having like mary. Jane show you know it's it's not your. I'm glad it's not like they didn't go with like nineties comics. She she didn't stay one hundred ten pows until the day she that baby. He's still in a bikini yeah. It's the actually realistic in a. Yeah i remember. I remember reading this new yet. Ben reilly leaves and psycho wait. What's it what do you know what's going to do now. Yeah yeah hopefully. Spring into another zone titled series. Spend the while you shall have to see all right so we get to the next one. Yeah amazing yup amazing. What is it for five here. We're pulling up but yeah amazing spider man. Four or five. I mean the that web spiderman issue was good but of course you know I think that's a bagley cover covered a four zero five man. I love that. Cover that good cover lot. Not only just the ought what are locked about cardiac. I'll be on the color combo just blue and white yet on. Sorry about that electricity. A thing really works for me 'electricity those wires and the yeah So yeah amazing spiderman. Four zero five against the number nineteen ninety-five Yeah the course. Mark bagley cover artist Writer jam de matteis and todd. Saag ago Pencil derek robertson. Inker larry maltz stead colorist. Bob sharon letter bill oakley editor danny finger off so some assume this must be you know. Some part Todd august story because it seems like you know he's been the second raider on the first two issues at least so And i didn't realize what decided during robinson odd. Wow that's pretty cool yeah The titles the worth of a man so par to ben rally has decided to leave new york city however this time around the proves more difficult than the last time now. Whoever is learned that he is the real man and the person who has been calling himself. Peter parker for the past five years really clone. He finds it more difficult to leave. He is conflicted now as he resented peter parker for life he lived for five years. Although the life he wanted is not the same as peter's ben at least one in some kind of life in a place to call home. Ben has been speeding because he's upset and ends up skidding on the wet pavement and crashes. His helmet is well. I know leaping the safety ben decides he needs to get away and clear head up on the rooftops. Ben bells out about how unfair this always as new york is. His city is home. But sure. I mean that's true as well like he felt compelled to go live from he. Because you got to get away from the spot in life and stuff but you know. Imagine that they nas to what you think. Is your harm like. Oh yeah that's pretty good on him coming back but i mean it is kind weird too because it's like illness it's party would kinda wanna leave because it's like you really can't go up to anyone you ever knew like. Oh you know. Peter parker's friends because it's like yeah. You can't be blowing. Peter secret stuff so it's like it's true. Yeah would would make it complicated. Yeah very cold very complicated hence the dine hair and you should grow bead and stuff foul. We're going to get there yet. He dyed blonde the. It's peter's cousin. Yes he's peter's identical cousin. Okay accents mike murdoch. He's what he's as ben right. No he keeps calling himself. Ben rally so it's like peter's identical cousin but he's from aunt may side of the family. Does that make sense from it. May who's his aunt through marriage. Right unless there's some really soci- stuff happening in the family. Jaising into the scarlet spider ben web swings through the city trying to convince himself that he is doing at one last time before leaving the city subconsciously swings towards the browns than owned by peter parker and his wife. Mary jane seeing them sleeping peacefully makes ben come to the conclusion that this is peter city and his world rally decides that for peter to have a normal life with his wife and coming baby. He needs to leave wrestle. It as a fan of tentacles change russell. Russell where did you learn nonsense. Those dudes eagles after benn web. Slings away peter. Parker wakes up from a nightmare. Unfortunately he doesn't remember anything about it but knows that he needs to remember something important. Still he is cloudy that he didn't wake up gene watching her sleep. He thinks to himself how much he loves her. And how he will never let anything her Meanwhile the scarlet spider has code his friend sewer trainer and gets permission to spend time in his cabin in vermont alone in the cabin with a fire going ben realized with a this is just the thing he needs he needed. He then begins to wonder where he is going with his life from here whenever he goes next Ben thinks that will be something vastly different from where he was four years prior. We're going to get. the flashback. Now says that. wait wait. say that a lot russell. I'm trying to get a deary. Me out of ray. I don't i don't thumb never noticed but all right. So here's the flag. I'm going to say holy. Macaroni from now on only rhody their rates. So that back then. Ben rally walked into into the town of rachel vermont vermont in the pouring rain. He his thoughts matching the weather around him thinking himself to be a clone at that time. Ben rally was seeking out sewer trainer. A noted scientist who that he could use trainers resources to learn more about himself. Ben then arrive that the mills milwaukee milwaukee is in any tried to get a room for the night unfortunately his twelve dollars short of the cost in an innkeeper refuses to give him a room before can lose his temper. A man offers this vast staff game. The difference when rally refuses the charity. The managers ben that he will be paid back because he seems like an honorable man although he didn't know it at the time. This was the first time that ben met sewer trainer flashed back to now are no russell. He consented a voicemail. Some you know now. Benz thoughts are interrupted by the phone ringing when he answers it. Seward is on the other end of the line. He tells ben the get out of the cabin right away with his spider sense going off the scale. Ben leaps out of a nearby window just moments before the cabin explodes recovering from the blast. Ben realizes that this was an attack on spiderman or the scarlet spider but his friend sewer trainer putting on his mask. Ben rally thousand track down whoever's responsible to them pay returning to new york. The scarlet spider fine sewer trainer's lap in ruins finding an old photo of himself and seward ben vows to find his friend because he owes him so much in flashback It was the following morning at the mill. Away in a feverish. Ben rally comes downstairs in the man something to eat drink when the innkeeper tells him the kitchen is closed. Ben begins to lose his temper. Seeing this sewer trainer tries to calm. Bend down this interrupt. Spend long enough that the fear gets the best of any passes out when it came around moments later told by seward that he needs a friend. Finally something help. Ben took sewer tan and back to the present continuing his search of sewers lab his spider sense draws of towards strange spheres That's never good some strange fears. You know Medals rose bowls demagogue. suddenly vices sprout mechanical arms and begin attacking him despite his spider sense and enhanced reflexes. The scarlet spider restrained by the devices the arms become electrified in his shocked unconsciousness. His final thoughts are wondering where his french sewer trainer could be elsewhere. Seward is huddled in a darkened cell. The person who put him in there observes him for a moment from the doorway with one of their mechanical arms. His captor slam shut the door on his cell during may so we never shoal of. That's helped goblin ma there. You are puzzled favourite race. What did you think yet. I think it was important. It was actually a sensible step to to actually give us a bit more about china because again and there was this of really shallow introduction all pm at the beginning of much about him but this apparently so much history with him in ben and so we get to save here which is good and i think for the most part. It's done well. You can actually see the the level of gratitude and debt that been has toward sued. Because of what he's done. What fan just a little weed. Third i'm greg me Misinterpreted anything wrong. He is that. I'm found what the attitude of ban to be a little bit added character. Laga kim bank really con- augmented in really aggressive towards the the incapable that i understand what is needed because that's needed because we want to sewage gone. None i trust. You said the rod is done that obviously show this level of this connection that suet has been. But i found that was a little added character. It's been egmont Philo i mean i kinda get your point but i guess they were kind of like you know. This is the early days member like the last year that stuffy nose One of those depressions. Plus did they you know. They said he was sick at a fever. And yeah yeah. But i don't know i always think would pay pokka would hey act lot as well but again i can understand why i did it because again it just furthers that bond that suet has with him but that's a small quibble For the most part of again it's hot was really consistent. Done really well. I'm a loved doing drawing between past and present especially once been might into the cabin with him. Having long hair the little law back in the policy looked to me. Lot lot coenen by. That's nothing. obviously he's got long hair but yet this was this was good and and actually sets up the the plight of suicide quite well and it gives us a tease with mechanic. Lomb cy i i. It's it's funny too. I know it's different teams. But i mean look at ben rally in the first part and then look at him in this issue and look at that hair man. That hair has grown a lot in the you know the time. He has walls or god on his motorcycle. Yeah yet. But i think between the two issues and we. We've seen it before in some previous ox. Where has has been so jarring to have such different. I think he's the word con. Well together. obey now the hairstyles stuff like that. So i wasn't yeah wasn't too distracting for this. I mean obeyed as wella a Bottles of may. Of course you can have different audits. But it is nice to have a bit of consistency. Yeah but yeah the big mastermind who wall. That's not the mastermind the clog beyond the person who has seward captured. We're really not going to see them. This story but She is coming no yes fraught hug that in context anyway hail Alright so get to the next part of this part three from spiderman number sixty two yes Against the number ninety five on when god. Oh our buddy Howard mackie writer. Yes one of my favorite rod is How pat broddrick pencil. Under chris ivy. Inker tom polar color weight is yet to you. Oh yeah howard. Mackie writer pat broderick pence lower yet. Inker chris ivy and tom palmer colorist. Kevin tinsley in malibu color. A letter richards comma craft editor. Danny finger off You noticing any difference with this collaborations by malibu fill. It seems around this time. This was a cutting edge. Collaboration on off saying malibu credited a lot now they have any. I mean not a ton i mean. It might be a little lake crisper. But it's like yeah. This is around the era where we're like moving away from the lake. The you know like the newsprint and we're kind of. Yeah i mean maybe that's a good thing what we can't see much difference. It still looks pretty consistent anyway in the title. Looked down Where we're going to do the flashbacks again. But you all right in the president while staying in sewer trainers cabin in vermont. Scarlet spider had been ambushed and taken prisoner by and mysterious individual. Restrained the nate thornton room. The spider is interrogated by his captor. They want to know who he is. And what is connection. Is the sewer trainer. However the torture causes the scarlet spider to blackout once more as he drifts into unconsciousness his mind drifts back to his days on the road where i met. Sewer trainer will get the flashback. Ben rally wakes up any strange bed after losing his temper to look in in vermont. His introduced a sewer trainer. The man he has sought out sewer took ben home pre passed out the night before with rally. Now awake seward offers a change of clothes and to the amenities to his cabin back. In the present the scarlet spider snapped out of this dream by powerful. Jolt of electricity is captured demands. Know what his connection is with sewer trainer. The web slinger doesn't understand why he's being tortured by this person. especially over. the man who changed his life is capture. Explains that this has nothing to do with the masked hero daily one access the sewer trainers research in order to get the web. Slinger the talk. His captors minions we'll out a holographic projector that shows that seward is a prisoner in his life is at risk as the room is he is contained in his slowly filling with water still. The scarlet spider has no idea what his captor wants believing him. The captor jolts the web thira once more causing him. The blackout again. While back in new york city peterson-parker stands on the roof of the home that he shares with his wife mary jane. Oh he's thinking about his recent trials and tribulations and how he now looks forward to the chapter of the rest of his life. His thoughts are interrupted his wife. Mary jane who wants to spend time with him. I'm seeing by his wife. Her presence causes peter to put on a maniacal grin and tighten his grip on the side of the rooftop cracking under his strength. Next mind kids next on thought that was just drawn wrong. But yeah wow. That was intentional. My friend guy. Next month Would mary jane fields him tense up. I bet when she feels some ten suck. Peter says these spaced out for a moment. Hold her close at that moment. High above manhattan the vulture stocks. The city he has just recently regained his youth. Thanks to we ju- thanks to a juvenile device. But he has now but it is now fading away again. A suchy now hunts for new victims. So he can maintain his newly acquired youth. Okay i'm gonna stop break there Ray what did you think of like nine. These vultures basic energy vampire now. I prefer the old old school vulture unlike the id. I'm going to give him actually a bit of a dynamic a lot. The idea that he needs locked forces to cape young. I mean the juvenile. Whatever however hammy it's cold at some auto it makes him a little bit a little bit more interesting in that regards. It's i dunno. I just love the fact that volker is like an older villain because you don't get many older villains dressing around and doing all the action But yeah daca Interesting have it yourself. did you lock it. Always a bit. Like a bit of a gimmick. I mean yeah i mean. It was kind of nineties gimmick. But i like it was kind of interesting because it kind of made the vulture more of a threat and more you know the you know. He put the fear in that people were just. You know 'cause like all you know. Just old man's swooping around wings in training day on a people yet exactly at age just inherently just sounds A lot more dangerous as a younger young personal yeah. He's like a vampire interview with the vampire was big in the nineties. All right so back to a flashback. Thanks that ben reilly. Sewer trainer has been able to get his brand new lab up and running in record time grateful and has been in desperate need of an assistant. He offers bend the back room of his lab. Although it is not much. Ben accepts it as he needs seward's assistance. That's when it gets a warning that the main power core is experiencing an overload when they rush into the next room sewer discovers that the heat has fused the access hatch to the power core. Shut with no time to lose. Ben uses his enhanced strength. Rip up the hatch off revealing his powers to seward. This comes to the shock and ben promises to explain himself. The trainer later and packed in the present the scarlet spider wakes up from another period of unconsciousness and refuses to let anything happen the seward especially after everything that trainer had done for him over the years with the last of his strength spider rips free from his bonds and incapacitates his captors minions as he does so his mind drifts back again again. A flashback although ben manages to get to the computer core data is still at risk of exploding as he tries to remove the hard drive. There's a small explosion that pins bend with debris seward offers the pull banal with things about the become critical. He tells sewer to leave him. Trainer refuses and pulls ben out the pair manages to get out and seal off the computer core before it explodes. It will take time to rebuild from this disaster but seward is glad that they are both alive. Having determined that ben is a good person he decides to continue working with him but it has been prom but has been promised not the post stunt like that again. rally accept seward's offering promises to not do something like this again and back in the present. The scarlet spider thinks about his promise and how he refused to let seward down as he fights through the complex. He runs into a number of october drones. Spotting a drone camera the scarlet spider realizes that this is the is it years of his captor and destroys it cutting off their ability to monitor his actions as the spider fights through this current threat. Seward sell continues to fill with water and time is running out however before trainer can be completely submerged. The web slinger manages to get to him and free seward from his cell I- he pulls them out just like seward pulled him out years ago. Yeah all in. The aftermath of battle sued ask how the scarlet spider managed to find him. Ben explains that he recognized the houston. Seward's old lab in that helped him. Locate were sued was being held when he asked who their myst- mystery attacker was trainer. Says he doesn't know seward wants to go back to new york to make sure his fouls are still intact when offers to tag along seward reminds him that he wanted to get out of the city. Rally explained while this is true. He also made a promise to never let seward down what you think yet. Your this consolidated think again. The relationship built on the last episode of issue. Obsolete china relationship. With ben reilly and it culminated in. Of course that situation where we've been found himself under the under the debris and suet doesn't want to leave him solid that's the big takeaway again. It's like i'm not leaving you show loyalty and as as you mentioned. Yeah i'll lock it. How it mirrored later on Band pulled out of the the drowning. prison that he's in a lot of bops in may is pretty cool. Vich been Against a real find The money that you can count on strike at in south side Think the fact that does consistently back from the pasta and the president I think it's still did that really well. And and again you get that sense and you build up that sense of the relationship between bannon zuid so that was really good Yet if you look at like if if you take away all the pasta often you look at the present stuff Those panels in that story. Nothing really much happens. Scholars spotted just breaks free. Any ensuite at the end route And he fights droids But that's about it but if you put it together with pasta and the relationship he has with suid. I think it works really well again. The art is is quite consistent. it's called good Terrible probably must be the least fiber But that's not signed that it's bad it's just a lot the first and second Issues of czar Account remember the last one so much change much. but yeah not really good Have it yourself. I mean yeah i mean i like the story. I liked the flashbacks and both these issues. But it's like i think Mackey did it a little better this time. He just with the plot device of you know. Every time he passed out he was remembering the past. very clean. yeah the one the way to do that Fee we ought to nitpicking stuff. Out when ben is kinda stuck dealing with debris you could argue is really in trouble. Am he ends up suicide. I'm not leaving. You look good on your sword but at the end of the day you look at it ban just jumps out of. He gets on from seward. But i think he could have gone himself attitude. But that's again a very important I think the idea is day the idea of loyalty and friendship. And it's really well. Yeah it's really well the whole issue. Yeah and the introduction of a little bit of an to the vulture as well which is mainly spider man unlimited the loss issue. So you econo- get some. You know it will come out of the laps in some way to each other Should we get to the spider man. Unlimited number ten. let's do it I like the cover. But that has nothing to do with the inside Yes spiderman unlimited number. Ten sept against timber nineteen ninety five hundred. Oh yeah oh yeah. It's like once story isn't it. Yeah for the most part Writer mike lackey a pencil or sean. Mcmanus roy burdinne anchor. John nyberg sean. Mcmanus colorist john. Oh john that links and malibu color Color is john. Cleese malibu colour lederer. Jim novak Chris l. up police editor eric. Phen- the finger of Hand on this. But they're i but yeah writer. Mike lackey and pencils sean mcmanus. I mean i've heard two names but not lot. It's cellino not yet sean. Mcmanus might account. Yeah you're right haven't seen around lightly Even back then. I don't think i saw him. But i mean yeah i mean i just the art on these issues i mean i like the first two parts the best Part was pretty distinct in its especially these last two parts. Man look very dissimilar from the first two parts. Yep i'm just having a quick look now to the jury quite. It's not too bad. Yeah no but i i'm with you. I definitely prefer Yeah yeah i mean this one this one. What is my least favourite art wise. I mean it's not bad but it's very denver. all right. so the scarlet spiders so it's The title a promise to keep the scarlet spider swings over manhattan thinking about how he wanted to leave this city but events conspired to keep him here after incidents involving his friend sewer trainer he realized he realized he realizes he can't leave still after discovering that he was the real peter parker after all been sides that perhaps he and the scarlet spider destined to stay in new york city. After all elsewhere in the city the vulture soars over the city considering his latest team. it's not ideal but is the best thing that he can do at this present time. Suddenly the high flying villain is wracked with pain in the begins to fall from the sky landing on top of car parked on the street. The vultures thankful that his body armor took the brunt of the fall. That's what he notices that. His hands are becoming twisted with arthritis. He then realizes to his horror that is new found. Youth is fading away and he's becoming old again this upsets the villain greatly and he rants and raves over. It until shopping shop comes out to see what all the commotion is about. Meanwhile at the mulligan home in queens young jimmy mulligan argues with his father cole over his career prospects. Cohen wants his son to go to school. However jimmy wants to go to work with a crook named Witten and make it rich. Jimmy points out that he that he makes more than a week than his father pulls an all month. Cole warns that Witting or whitten is looking for a fall person But this falls on deaf ears having heard enough young. Jimmy leaves the dinner table russia's up to his bedroom at that same moment. The scarlet spider comes upon the scene where the vulture crashed there. The frightened shopowner tells him how the volcker fell out of the sky and then took off again questioning the man story because he is drunk. The wall crawler decide maya newspaper from his from his newsstand. Looking at the date on the daily bugle he realizes that today is the anniversary of the death of his uncle ben. This bills the spider with guilt as aunt may taught him better as he. Web swings towards queens. He thinks about the tragic loss of his uncle. Ben at that same moment the volt interrupting mugging in order to use his juvetr device to steal the youth of the thief however it is enough to maintain his age. The vulture also turns the device against the muggers intended victim as well greedy. What does he go. He's got like two fibrillation. Or something that device i guess yeah we'd yes. I did think he had those but i. I'm trying to members a few weeks of the read this story. I think didn't he like he. Did he soup. Up the device or upgraded. You know 'cause yeah but still a good premise. i'll walk. I mean before i forget as well the one thing i guess is that with the new revamp volker cost. Shame looks very generic nineties costume. Look if it if it somehow had that would have done a beckoning kind of revamped to look a bit more timeless on. That's really stretch. Then then maybe the younger vote you would have lost a longer But yeah it looks very much a thing of its time. Oh yes ninety armor all the way. Yeah yeah absolutely Later ben reilly pays a visit to the grave of uncle of his uncle. Ben and apologizes for not doing enough to stop his murder His graveside vigil was interrupted when his spider sense begins going off. Ben then leaps to a nearby tree and watches komal again comes comes up to ben's grave the pays respects koumas. Come the pays respects. Because ben parker was always there for him and helped out when he could when is with his current family. Problems comb wishes that he could be as great a man as ben was he recalls when they both worked in a textile factory years earlier he remembers one day in particular when one of their coworkers got his arm. Cotton one of the machines. Thanks the quick action. They help further calling before he lost his arm while on break comb confides and ben telling him that he feels life like he is wasting his life as he as he had children before getting an education and as a result is now stuck in this dead end job. Parker reminds him that he does this job. Out of a great sense of responsibility. Take a drink low. And then he does so for his family. He convinced colin the pursue further education on top of his job but despite bench sterling recommendations comb doesn't have the money to go get in the school realizing that this is keeping home familiarizing. His potential bendon gave coleman's paycheck. It loaned the help him go back to school. Tragically later that evening. Ben parker was murdered in his own. Home just yeah just coincidently the same night. yeah by. Yeah what happened that night. now. I know Realizing that the parkers needed the money more than he did. Cold never cashed. The check as result comb remained in the same job and now his son. Jimmy is following in with a bad crowd. See how much see how much you could have accomplished. Peter just tripped. That burglar My gosh nexus of five also abilities a bed would be alive. Coleman would have gone back to call come all his son would have been on the straight and narrow less even have to take out the robbery yourself oriented do is slow him down for that security guard. Exactly exactly Overhearing all this from the tree tops. Ben begins the cry because he never realized that his uncle was charitable need. Right to the very end of his life quickly changing his costume. Ben decides to approach comb introducing himself as peter parker in offers to help comb with his son. Jimmy at that same moment. Jimmy's at a meeting with witton and his men. They plan on robbing an electronics factory. Still components that will make current technologies obsolete nomo. Cd's ida five for these thing. That on a little not have correct. They were all routes When whitney orders them to kill anyone who interferes with them. Jimmy jimmy begins to have second thoughts making whitten angry when his orders are questioned with no other choice but to do as he has told. Jimmy finally slurped the wonder what he has gotten himself. Involved in. Meanwhile the vulture arrives at metro electronics intending to steal the same technology. In order to stabilize the juvenile later harness that maintains his us youth. He thinks about the troubles. He has been having recalling his recent arrest when he suddenly became old. He took advantage of his transfer geriatric word of the hospital for observation. In order to all these old age as it just gives me respect for the vulture. I love always like i look so old. David notice what i slipped out Shortly thereafter as youth return and he went about his business until his age begin fluctuate again. He wishes that best men electrtonics had not gone bankrupt bankrupt as that would have provided him with the technological means to fix his horns and avoid breaking in the metro electronics. It's then that whitman. His men break into the warehouse to make their theft however when they attempted murder the security card jimmy protests however before they can harm the security guard. They're interrupted by the falter. Who drains the use of the gang members as the garden. Jimmy cower in the corner of the guard station the vulture demands that they help him not far away. The scarlet spider webs to members of whitten's gang who managed to escape and forces them to talk all the scarlet spider gets the drop on the vulture. The villain manages the knock the web slinger assigning and escaped with a stolen equipment and the guard is hostage when the spider falls after him. The voltage drops his hostage but they are saved. Thanks to the web spinners quick action after rescuing the guard. His told how the voter by rescuing the guards told the vulture as been stealing the use of the gang members having spent his evening reading up on technical manuals and theorising that the vulture stealing the electromagnetic fields around his victim's brains skirt guard tells them this media. Oh hey oh your. Hr officer plot device. Let me tell you what happened to just notice a lot of these things. When i'm at work you know. I don't lots of these books but i read these books and understand everything i mean. What state security guards can't be smart enough but it's easy to just like here. Let me give you all the answers. meanwhile jimmy returns with whittington tells him what happened. The boy also tells the thief that he quits. He didn't sign up the commit murder and response. When beats the boy within an inch of his life knows him off at home seeing the state of his son. This status son is in col- mulligan russia's the boy to the emergency room for immediate medical attention forced the wait for protest. Learn of jimmy's condition. Comb decides to pay whitney whitney visit and pay him back for what he's done. The jimmy by this time. The scarlet spider calls the mulligan household. Learn what happened. the jimmy what. His father is going. Learn his father's going to get revenge against witton. Meanwhile coal by san on witton off and discovers that his office was just hit by the vulture with whitten. The only survivor at first comb was willing to murder whitten for what he has done but he has second thoughts deciding. Murder wasn't worth throwing his life away. After drops the gun witten tries to grab it but the scarlet spider arrives at websit to the floor. He then website crooked and tells paul mcgeough and be there for his son at that moment spider man swinging back home after doing some grocery shopping big adventures he is. He is subtly struck with another vision of his struck with a vision of mary. Jane being murdered and fears for her safety and that of her unborn child visit Sorry what i is. This the first time will wasn't came one that usually so they sing. Said ray forty next month kid. It's common. get your answers. Nothing all my gosh paid a pocket es kein copy. That could be remember kid when the dream ends the nightmare begins. That's right said. Remember that yeah When the vision finally subsides spiderman besides the rush back home and make sure. Mary jane is safe and try to figure out what these visions mean. He lost all his groceries as well. I know that was a wasted effort. You're really gonna go home and you're pregnant wife with no food come on especially she had cravings. Come on come on. Oh my god look at russell. He's the using it like batman all be detective work. I guess yeah you know. I don't like batman and batman. That wasn't me. Where's the joker nuggets. But yeah a big issue. Rot lot is done you. Oh my god did you will use ryan at all by the Had the flashback pencils with someone different and looking at while you're going to Was but i'm i thought that was That was fun Some of the art was yet. I think a little. Some of the vices were a little bit inconsistent There's nothing wrong with them. But it's just the by look different. They're just very cartoony but that was the stall then. Just did the whole thing. The whole the whole home o'clock at you know what i mean but there was some panels where the faces were reduced to very cops or any But yet again some kind of happening. He loved the introduction of mulligans because it ties in. We'd been pokka This a journey itself on little was it forgot his name again. Bill is a little kid. Bill The son of the son of calm is jimmy jimmy. Jimmy sorry jimmy yes. There's that that cool thing as well are really liked the fact that he was very Begins his father but then once he gets to that mating with criminals immediately immediately. It's like on our country. This is terrible at any Barrels down a lot that story. A lot integration alds the vulture coming in because he actually crossed courses pods with the mulligans in witten and stuff. So that's really cool. But yeah i mean this as a this really could be laka laka of its own. It didn't seem like a Apart four four at all there was no real connection I don't know if they were trying to sell spider man unlimited or almost like during the clone saga. They like doing arc's because i mean they did do more. But it's like yeah like the first part in this last part. I mean that's what i said. They seem like they could be their own things they didn't have to be part of this storyline. Yeah well that that's the thing. Isn't the ads. The marketing thing while you're obligated as a fan to get older full pots and yeah exactly and whether or not they actually taught in as a knock. He is a mainland if we put them as full pa than collectors want to get pots and again. Even that first part it's like Fits in with parts two and three. That's when benn decides to leave new york. Well yeah that had that had the big moment At the big decision but yet had nothing to do with sue china. Anything like that a little bit as getting out in finding the cabinet and stop the very tenuous connection to to the opposite any have the voltages of sprinkled in towards the end and their incomes. I'm kinda glad as well because when we saw him in the sinister six earlier on I didn't achieve much about this revamped young voters. That was good to actually learn a bit. More Sucking locked But yeah some some. The said the was inconsistent Under i was reading this was just in my head. It was cool getting some really tried and true adventures of reilly of scarlet spider and. Yeah i kind of enjoyed it to that and the good news loaf. I just got racing sucking force. So you're welcome But like you like you were saying with the art with the you know. Sometimes that faces a one very cartoony. Yeah i mean that's the that's kind of why this was like the week i thought out of these four art wise for me and i'm just wondering if part of that too is like like i said i haven't heard a lot of this artists on an was like a new artist and like they throw him into the deep end. 'cause i mean the scarlet spider unlimited is how many pages and like raise issues. They did like a main story. Backup stories this whole thing is one story so this new guy like. Oh yeah you got like. What is this like sixty pages or something like. Oh yeah you on the whole thing. Is that the flashback. Pencils someone else. But let's the yeah. Yeah i it's still more than regular issue or if you take why ethics at will on here on mobile unlimited fifty years ago Bought you take away. The flash flashbacks still more than thirty. I'm sure probably substantial size. Another job but Yeah it was good off. I enjoyed it. I roll all exiled. I'm actually even thinking the title of it. Is that even acts as at all well. He's he's gonna exile sell for like what an issue and self imposed exile. But yeah this this was was good again. It was a lot more enjoyable than some of the others that we've read on but yeah and a little bit more consistent arts But yet the i was definitely would definitely my favorites loyal all right. Let's wrap this up at that moment. The scarlet spider has tracked down the voltron forces him to the ground as the to fight it out. The web slinger manages the rip off one of the vultures wings. The spite this the culture manages the grab the scarlet spider and tries to use his newly built device to drain them of his youth. This has no effect on the web wall crawler much the vulture surprise scarlet spider webs the boettcher to the wall and crushes the devices when the vulture demands know how the scarlet spider counteracted the devices. The web slinger declined to explain and them for the authorities as the police. Take the volterra in the custody. The scarlet spider watches from the rooftop. Cross the street. He is relieved that the vast he rigged up negate. The effects of the voters device had worked with the danger over. The spider changes back. Ben reilly in on the mulligans. He is delighted to hear that. Jimmy is going to recover and decide to enroll at empire. State university like his father wished when invited for dinner. Peter parker quote unquote declines telling them. He has to get the work. As he walks away coal mulligan and his wife remark about how responsible. Peter is and believed that his uncle ben will proud of the man. He has become okay. that fast so he only had a vast on the protect themselves from the voucher so the baltic grabbed. His head is armed something. yeah alex. mvp the not watchmen. They a guy benadryl the audience. Yeah that was a little bit of a think a little bit of awake thing but against that was addressed it was explained. had to be kind of factory. he's got is vested insulated vests Yeah off dwell too much on but yet you really need that guarded. Explain everything the ben. Because i mean benz. Peter couldn't we have been like. Oh hey remember. Guises kids who. He's smart yeah. He made the impact. We're being right and that's pretty yet. Exactly some joe blow but the fight with them with vultures was pretty cool I enjoyed it. We get it more showers. Vultures is bang for miserable in some in some sense By the fact that ben raleigh ripped one of the wings off as well because realistically you know that sort of stuff would happen Yeah it was good that they address that. So did you like this story You've been craving more. Ben reilly so you know except for that first issue. This is basically bench. Show this does Oh no absolutely. I'm i'm really interested in the earlier appearances in stories of ben raleigh and and yeah. This was really cool. I mean it was a massive issue. A lot of stuff happening but you got a lot of facets of them as well you get him as scott spotted by getting interacting with the mulligans as well. Really stuffy iga classic dylan in the volka started Credit conner looks strong in that. Why because it's like a real spotty villain yeah. It was It was enjoyable. Really lucky you only get that one pages of Pokka with that read. Connor spotted sense. Pre-cold stuff So yeah as you said. Essentially all scarlet spider rhythm and he tussles not only that he actually he comes up against witton wells all the bad people in his issue he on condos comic does vice suffice with a Like i said it was really good. Oh did you wanna give this a grade or a more. Shall we give all as a whole as you made the pot yet. Yeah yeah yep Whole potter given a maybe a a b minus side. It's a little bit above average may which is cool. I mean it's not stella if anything a lot of it at the office i who again really really nice to look at But there was enough in the stories. As well i mean dwight howard mackie handled the past and present in pots. Free think even lackey. He mark lackey. This the big story a cost of thousands as well. He's done really well and then all star integrating in pots two or three as you mentioned. Show out of the sewer china relationship with ben. Raleigh was really good and at the very first as we said that big moment were paid a pocket and raleigh decide. What they're gonna do has a lot of a lot of stuff in. There is a lot of mates. So obey. Vaughn is because A lot of these i mean. They're not. They're not like top quality in a memorable ox right there but they just have fun. They're good So yeah i mean. At least you've got some back backstory with ben in seward. I mean that definitely thin and it's like that's a payoff. Yeah that's a pile. yeah. I mean i'll stick you in the territory might be minus like you said just because again i mean. I'm not a fan of that art in that spider man. Unlimited that rail doubt. I mean. I think that's the way it could have been even greater if the had been a little better it. Yeah yeah have you got that as globally. Yes yes i do. Yeah on us cool. Yeah yeah True exactly if the giant was coming someone else potentially. I didn't mind the out too much Bought a can say definitely so you point Yeah yeah all right so here. I got a quick. Looks like a little over a minute of voicemail from russell south oh all right. Let's see it's been the tenant actual voicemail real atheist core. No no no charcoal today raise do you had to have enough trouble with the albacore in his house anyway I just wanted to call in and just say that. I think this era of spiderman While it's not far from perfect and definitely has some major problems It's not as bad as people. Make it out to be. And i gotta give him credit for trying something a little bit different no goblins closely. No symbiosis mostly and no doc mostly. Yeah i gotta give him credit for doing something. A little bit different Anyway just thought. I'd call in and let you all here that keep on being spider pimps and All the best to mac kona and his bra his his soon to be baby. So gets you catch. Catch a russell. A cool thanks. It's it's good. I think muscle epitomizes it in the fact that it's nothing stella but it really is not that i mean at some really terrible things about it. Even when we spoke to howard mackie carey cavanaugh. They immediately their reaction was You know In odds terry salt. You know it's not that bad really. I mean i was. I was listening to consi- at this was a couple a few years ago this week in marvel. You know with agent Bad ben morse. He was one of the all house and there were just going to town on clone saga sign. How bad was ed Didn't think it's that bad. I mean the stories. Aren't you know you're not looking at chop t unforgettable memorable stories but there's some really good things in the some solid selected rotting structure wise and unwise as well as some good stuff. I mean i don't know if you have a certain age. Because i know never wants to touch the clone saga. But that's i. I know you didn't read these first time around. But you're reading marvel comics in this era so you. I don't know if you have kind of what that might have prepared me a little against the united looking into style stuff Because it is very a lot of these very nineties in and all that. But yeah it's good. It's something worthy of collecting think inning collection. No yeah because it has a lotta people is one person. I remember saying all the still trying to fix the mess that the clone saga heading in spotty cannon to this day if they're not but like in that instances well it's an important part of spot history definitely all right So we get out of here so you can get the bed. Let's do it all right so next week. Lil is back in We switched up a little bit Mature the crossover works so next week. Part one of atlanta's attacks from amazing. Yeah that's realized Than the week after that spectacular spiderman annual nine. Were atlantis attacks. Then the crossover goes over to the devil. You know the dared of podcast daredevil annual and then back here for web of spider man annual number five of yes all three spiderman annuals in the daredevil spirit that data of annual i love. I remember very fond memories of out picking up a copy and stuff and just quietly on very jealous of will read. he mentioned. He has the atlantis attacks on the bus. Only show some way. Oh my god. The last on tuesday will recorded that. The latest episode of the green lantern podcast. He said he's like liquid. I got it so it was like another big on the best running. What is that. it's like. Oh it's like collection of the official handbook in the marvel universe. I posted that up. He got for his birthday is coming from his family Out this no better gifts that he's heavily could've given him. That's odd saying that In the shop. It's a deluxe edition of the mob Dick that's like hardcover. Get all. I wanted as well. It looked so good because he used the. I guess he read it as a kid. Kitties like Lower my eyes were so. That's that won't once small. Those prints is terrible. But yeah i guess like his birthday was the i guess. It was just available for preorder. So i guess he liked. Just got it. But i'm sure he's pouring over it now gotta turn-of-the-century probably gets big big doing exactly. But he has after the atlantis attacks of another week. Where we're gonna and are going to amazing spider man to forty seven to forty eight spider man for thunderball and there's that classic backup story that kid who collected spiderman. Oh jeez i'm going to read up on that as well as good and then in one mind that's right kids spectacular spiderman to twenty eight and web of spider man. One twenty nine time bomb all our answers behind those visions bomb group right so got lots of good stuff coming up including that adler atlantis attacks. Crossover man nuts. that's also mccown. White are a kid. so yes. Send your thoughts on all of that Goodness email us capes in lunatics at jamila dot com or. Call the voicemail. Six one four three two two seven three seven six four thirty eight capes and remember to fall. Zero ultimate spider cast on facebook twitter. Act find links to all the various social media's for all our shows links to this youtube channel Have you been curious what that that mysterious australian looks like yes. Please subscribe to the youtube. I subscribe to the on again more stopped coming. We're adding more and more rated r. Movie reviews down censored ways world. I we we also did episode to boot windows and long boxes yesterday also about that. The nineties invisible woman you know. Oh my god oh wait. We're going to be having some live. Reads coming up too because Hellfire talking about doing a parody superhero cribs. Showed you around their headquarters and stuff yes. Coup lilith is right. Lilith is writing scripts. And i think i also cannot also convinced her. I think we're right. Do some libraries eventually. Some of her fan fiction will have hellfire fan fiction scrap. Bring it on so get on the bandwagon for patriae on and find a link for the Merch links to everything. All at linked tree elian k. T. r. dot ee slash keeps in lunatics. And please remember to support our sponsors to the audio and hunter killer. Use the code southgate for both of those for discount and also pick up pod life the book now digital in paperback Audio version coming soon. Learned incidents podcasting from the experts and rob southgate But you can get that on amazon and more When you use the link for southgate media group right down there in the show notes helpless support this show then network and that man stuck in the youth out of everybody can rob mash room. Southgate make it rain. So says master do did your i'd ric over to my box. Mark my words. All right. Mr ray i hear you do of podcast or two. What are they working people. find them. yes Look the best way to contact me. He's bought twitter at rye. Ripe pod ari y. r. a. y. pod That covers everything that i do Full lessons crypt on superman podcasts. A also his fee her spot a woman podcast and into the night. The moon not odd costs. I don't love the by podcasts. But they all have their own. Twitter handles Stuff but i just want to have a chat with bay at ripe odd. That's why yeah and Anything ab Not college you get out. I'm really getting into king kong in that. That's good so valley visible now invincible. Gosh yes. I just finished that season love. Are you watching the bad batch. haven't yet. I keep meaning to but haven't yet a guy okay. I'm on listeners. Well but yeah but you know look into it now woah pretty damn big tool Yes so yes. The ray loves to talk to the fan so yes please a get with them on social media and give them give you know. Give them the hard questions. Because ray likes it hard. And long than how i feel about hearing that from lewis money for that in florida light episode man that make ruth. She's gonna read library of drops they. I'm on page two drops man. I think what is pages. Hold eighty drops or something. Yeah i want to al. The app holy has much to say much to say. Make sure you use knowles won a lot. That's what i said that a lot pleasant need more from him. So those boots scare me up black cat or those boob scare me all right kids Thank you ray. Ray plod russell. I'm also chad. That's right A russell oh we were going to predator. Yeah idaho of the law for now i So still be russell Yeah join us next time back dan. Hi i'm one of the high price of chew. Right and i have d- psychic privilege of providing view the looney listener with a podcast honoring marvel's very own moon night. So join me and a host of others into the night and mu not podcast. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram or support the show by becoming patriot member into the night. 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