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Podcast #544 - Roccat Vulcan 120 Gaming Keyboard, AMD Computex Rumors


Everyone. Welcome to the PC perspective podcast, this episode five hundred and forty four being recorded Wednesday may twenty second twenty nineteen. I'm Jim Tana's Jeremy Hellstrom. I'm Josh Wallraff. I'm sebastian. Sebastian what you sounds Sebastian has caved over. He's so famous in the tech world anymore that he only goes by one name name. Plus I try to hopefully get some of Linus Sebastian's like, you know, Google juice and followers, but it doesn't really work. It's a, it's a worthy strategy leading off the, the success of others. But thank you for joining us, for our video viewers, you'll notice I am just a floating icon, avatar. We've had some technical issues the evening apologize for that. Actually, I don't apologize. You're probably better off not having to look at me. So just enjoy that, while lasts we record normally Wednesdays at ten P M eastern. That's Thursday morning. Two. AM UT. See, you can join us at PC dot com slash live where we have the embedded video and YouTube chat. And you can also of course, go to our YouTube live page if you prefer to watch over there and then the. The usually the following morning, we have the on-demand version up on YouTube, and in your favorite podcast app or pod catcher, whatever they're called. But regard, you could join us where we missed last week due to some travel and we're going to have some interesting scheduling next week, I'll be in typing for copy Tech's. That is twelve hours ahead of eastern time, where we normally base our timing of. So we'll see how that works will also see I've never been to Taipei. So I'm staying in a hotels. I, I don't know what the bandwidth and availability will be. But we'll try to get something going there may even if it's not a live podcast we may just do some recording as we are available and then just post the videos and audio clips up to our feeds. So we'll, we'll check that out. But to, to know when we go live police head over to PC dot com slash subscriber. You can join our mailing list. If we do go live. We sent out a notice a few hours ahead of time to, to. Kind, let you know with the, the events going to be what you can expect. And of course, you can also if you want support us, you can go to patriotdepot dot com slash PC per. Where you can help support what we do here, and we have the ongoing patriots on, we need to come up with an official name for this embarrassment marathon or something. Basically, if you become. Embarrassed on. Yeah. If you become a new patron during the livestream or increase your pledge. If you're already patron, if you basically, I will read, your vacation are read your name, live or if you edit the name field before you make your pledge also see that. And I will read whatever message you put in the name field with the sole exception being that. I won't read anything that will get me arrested especially now because I've got to get international flight in two days that wouldn't be convenient. But check that out pitcher on dot com slash PC per. All right. Let's jump into the news record into the reviews, we've got a number of views and I think they're all from Sebastian because he's just been a powerhouse last week and a half. So if you these Alec. Josh can do Vom and Jeremy can do one of them, or is anyone else prepares speak. There's another one, I was going to release. Mike knows a bunch on the podcast. Lists already tonight. Is there is everyone else. I mean I'm fine with that. But as anyone else qualified to speak on these topics. Well, we could we could just blow through the coolers really quick pun in well away. Way blow through is air coolers, we did review in the last two weeks to low profile, coolers, the first one was from SilverStone. It's part of their are gone series, as the are eleven this one is basically position as a direct replacement to Intel box cooler it meets that, like forty seven millimeter height max. So if you have a low profile enclosure, which, you know, there is coming up on this lists the desk, mini three ten that. Supports only up to forty seven millimeters. This is an option gives you, you know, heat pipes, I think as four heat pipes and a ninety two millimeter fan in the whole idea behind this is that it makes much use of all available space over the socket. This is a little bit larger than like the knock two of the quiz knocked to a and h visit El nine I, I think, and the, the footprint of this is pretty big. In fact, it's a little bit too big. So I had to reorient its with the horizontal fins going with, like the motherboard like face each side of it was either facing of your heat, sinks. The Rams went on that was exactly optimal, but it, it depends on your board. If you put this on a larger board you have no issues really tight, many any the designs, it might be a little bit tight with the heap. Protruding just a little bit from the sides. But anyhow, getting to performance it does a much better job than until box cooler heart of the reason for this is that the fan can spend up to three thousand rpm and a ninety two millimeter fan, going three thousand RPM is not quiet. So if you look, we like quickly tested this against until stock cooler and the crowd rig see seven I don't have the newer variants of the seven like the sea, you, I have the original one, which I don't think vailable anymore, but it was just a little bit behind that very excellent cooler. And then that was with an I three eighty one hundreds of not demanding load at all. This is a quad core. Are that basically replaced? The seventh generation core I five and then I used the, the cooler with the seventy seven hundred K the core. I seven and that thing is one of the hottest process. Shire's of ever used Intel stock cooler will immediately hit one hundred degrees. Eighty two point nine Mark on the chart is actually like in a delta, temp. It was at one hundred and like maxing out the junction temp there, the air eleven though, only sixty three point seven. So you're, you know nineteen or so degrees, cooler with the are eleven within the same size limitation. And then the cry wrecks seven which is just kind of a standout for this size is profile was about a degree and a half better. But again, you can't buy it. And the air eleven also is a little bit more, forcible. I wanna say this is only a thirty five or thirty seven dollar cooler on Amazon. When I released this review so not expensive. The only drawback is. When you look at noise, it definitely gets loud, if you should never really pair it with a core, I seven in a small enclosure. But if you decide. So it will keep it from overheating. It did a very good job. I haven't used a few weeks ago in a build with that really slim console sized case I had an I ninety nine hundred K in that thing with the air eleven cooler and it got up to like fifty plus decibels as it did with my core. I seven seventy seven hundred K testing if fifty three point two decibels under full load, but I was under the thermal limit. So it didn't throttle the CPU so it can keep a CPU cool up to ninety five watts where a lot of the smaller recommended only up to sixty five watts but it does it by spinning the fan three thousand rpm. So if you're okay with fifty decibels than it's hostile to do it, but I have a very hard time reconciling myself to that. I don't know how you guys feel about if you were stuck with forty seven millimeters. Would you wanna put an I seven into something that otherwise would be stuck with the core. I five or sixty five part. Tillery man. So it's been allowed. Yeah. So anyway, under forty bucks gives you the capability of extending a lower profile enclosure to ninety five watt CPU, and otherwise, you'd be stuck with sixty five so not bad. I would just like to see a quieter fan, which you can install your own fan, but you know as shift it is quite loud under load. All right. Thanks for that. Just real quick. I wanted to jump in here to address the chat toilet bug in the chat, Mr. math. There wants to know about the IRC chat, we traditionally had an IRC chat as well. I think it's still technically functioning at that PC dot com. If you have IRC client, but the problem is, I don't have control of that server get moved into my name were working at I didn't know how strong the demand for IRC was because I'm a fool, so we're going to we're gonna migrate that at some point put a Bill to server. Set up a new server IRC and get that switched over and implemented into the website. But we're just working on we have we have discord me of YouTube chat. We've got website comments. We've got this, and we're small team, you know, we did lose three people to start the year off. So please bear with us. Try to join our CWC purview can, and we will get that implemented as soon as possible. So thanks for your passion there. Appreciate alright monitoring. Okay. Yeah. So it is it is working, you just need a client, because we don't have embedded on the site. So just get your client and you can go to see dot dot com. You're not term more minute, and that's okay. All right. So Sebastian continuing on with the next cooler. I have the cooler test benge in my hands here. I did this if you days ago, this is a side cooler. This is the big. Big Sherkhan three. I think this one is the big shirk and three it's sixty nine millimeter high cooler, this one's considerably larger it actually will overhang the Dem's lots and it's an asymmetrical design is designed to overhang them. It's much higher that side. So as long as you're not using tall heat, sinks, it's not gonna be a clearance issue. I had I'd say, like a good half inch above the top of my Dem's standard height, them's with heat sinks, on them. So this cooler, though, it's all about performance, and your you have one hundred twenty millimeter fan on this. What's a lot quieter doesn't spend nearly as fast as that last one. We looked at and. I was very impressed. If you look at its performance just focus on the center of the chart when I tested this with core, I seven seventy seven hundred k. It is right behind the original, hyper, twelve Yvo, the, the newer variant of it is a little bit better. I think because it has a a a flatter surface. It doesn't have the, the direct he pipes anymore and the new mounting system. But the original hyper twelve Yvo, which I recently retested was at fifty two point nine degrees, delta. And this big shirk in three was at fifty three point eight so up point nine degrees behind. But this is a sixty nine millimeter high very compact, air, cooler, and obviously, the hyper twelve is a taller designs around one hundred sixty millimeters. High tower design, so very, very efficient. And then the noise was kind of middle the pack it's louder than Intel stock cooler. But it's quieter than other recently tested, low profile, colors like that. Kravchuk C, seven like the AR eleven and it's quieter than the hyper tutto vivo, which actually was always around forty five for me under load with these Intel processor. So I was very, very impressed with this and originally the list on this was going to be forty nine ninety nine when I added the link and put it on the site, it was actually let me see if it's still selling for it's forty four ninety nine on Amazon. So even better forty five bucks for a cooler that fits into places where you just can't fit a tower like twelve oh, it gives you very similar performance, and lower noise. So a very good option for a low profile cooler if you can go above that until box limited forty seven millimeters, a good number gold award indeed, and we have our special guests kitty kitty approves. You see that Guler that she a fan of low profile coolers, no she's not. She's harder to knock over. She keeps a low profile herself. Right. I can see. Yeah, what do you see yourself up there? Now anyway. Okay. Bye-bye kidding. They never they never act on command. They sometimes but not today. All right. So those were too low profiles. If you cooler is check out the full reviews, if PC per dot com, it's the SilverStone Argonne series A are eleven and the sky. Saif Saif, big or Saif the of death. I don't really know how to pronounce that word. The big shrunken three low-profile cooler. All right. Okay. So next up again, as I warned you lot of Sebastian's evasion also, but we can do this as like a committee thing. I have some questions for everybody about this. This is a cool of a cooler. This is a keyboard. I think this is from Rocca isn't there. Is it rocket? Okay. I don't know. We've had this debate before. And I don't think we ever came to a conclusion, every anymo-. This is why it's important to go to trade shows to go to the booth and actually hear how it's pronounced by the wraps, but sometimes they get it wrong. But anyhow, this is the Vulcan one twenty ammo. I Emma, which is their lighting ecosystem. But the this is their highest end. Keyboard was interesting about this to me, not only is. The design which is kind of unusual, if you look at the pictures, you see a pretty big gap between keys, which you can see here. It's kind of an optical illusion though, because the, the spacing from the center of the keys is I is standard, but they're very minimal. It's like they put a low profile qui cap on a standard profile keyboard. So most of the key, switch is visible from the side, and there is a tremendous amount of room in between these things. I took regular microphone cloth. It was just like, you know, going between the keys and getting everything out. It's very easy to clean, and they say that the key switches, they used are like dust proof switches, so they did something to kinda steal them up. But the switches themselves are kind of the big story. Because I look at that profile that's yeah. It's actually kinda star 'cause 'cause rocket is, is not exactly known for interesting things, we'll get maybe they're known for interesting things, but. Maybe not implementing them. Well. S. It's very sharp looking very angular. The top plate is Aluminum's. What's very rigid has very has a premium kind of look. I liked the feel the key caps. Nice kinda concave in an easy to sort of like center yourself on. It was it was good for typing, but the switches feel different than anything I've ever tried their tactile, non clicky, switch, so immediately think Brown, and they're kind of Brown color, what it's a in-house develops which called the titan from row cat, and these, I struggled to describe them in words, it's very difficult because it's not just the sound it's the feel these feel kind of like the Brown, but a firmer version of the Brown that springs back faster. It's like it's harder to fingers. Yeah. I mean. I don't know if you can see any of this, but. Distance the there's a three point four millimeter total travel, the actuation point is either is one point eight millimeters. The you feel more resistance as you're pressing the key down just a bit. But it feels very springing. And as soon as you stop pressing it like bounces right back up against your finger so very, very fast feel but it doesn't make a lot. There's very little lateral movement. They feel very solid. So compare that to the IBM PS two. You know those those classic buckle mechanical. Yeah. It's, it's I don't have one of those keyboards I've used one, but it springy like that. But it's considerably quieter and compared to like this keyboard, back here, which has cherry Red's, like, which are the comparison is linear key, switches. But there's just there's. It's easier to press them down. And there's almost momentary delay before they pop back up, and with this keyboard or like it just feels like they're right back up against your fingers as you stop depressing them, which is kind of what they were they said, also the that's the results of the lightweight of the key cap at self by using so little material for the key caps. They said that it allows the key switch to pop up faster and so you have them out of bring force to push against, but because you have less mass to push back, it, it does faster and more response. That's that's kinda clever. Now they say that they are fifty percent lighter than standard key caps for that rapid response. And they recognize input. Twenty percent faster because of the withered on their electrical contact, which will contact bouncing is kept to a minimum, apparently. So it it all sounded interesting. I was reading about this. Before star the review. And then in using it, it was just kind of it took a while to get used to it because at first I was convinced that the keys were too far apart. They really aren't. And then the feel of it is very different. So it's one of those things where you'd have to try it out. I don't know if these are in retail anywhere, we can actually go in us one, but think of a firmer, but spring, your version of the mex- Brown. Let's kind of what this feels like I was like a younger version of it. Yeah. Younger firmer more. Supple. Does this cost you? The list price on this one, fifty nine ninety nine and bear in mind. This is this is another one of those boards. I didn't even get into the ammo thing you can read the review to learn about their lighting system that, you know, it's one of those things like other companies have where the different things like your headset the keyboard, they all can have a lighting profile, but this as like intelligence lighting profiles, if you Nabl it by default, I think it will just try to sense based on usage patterns and I don't know if it's based on time of day, but it creates lighting for your keyboard for you instead of you actually setting like a a pattern results. And of course, you have the function of the every single key on this is remarkable, and you have perky lighting controls while software, so you can do all the same stuff you do with all the other for key lighting, or GB keyboards that are on the market. This even has like I sure this is another thing, but I'd never seen. Sound control like you can change a like audible. Her key noise through windows with the software, which is something I have always done with Android. But never thought about on a windows PC, but anyhow, but plenty of software functionality that I didn't even get into here. That's in the review and overall very impressive. Build quality, I, I gave it editor's choice very slight knock on comfort just because of the wrist rests. That's where I did on designed to because it's a hard plastic wrist rests and something with a little bit softer material, perhaps, like a soft touch might feel a bit nicer, but the rest of the actual physical keyboard self was top notch. Confined anything really wrong with it. So if you're too firmly grasp it at one end and strike someone across the face with the other. How do you think you're gonna ask me to flex it? But no, that's next very little flex. Obviously a thin sheet of aluminum would flex lately, but. Between the aluminum and the ABS base. It's very. Very durable. But you know what? These corners, Josh I see what you're saying that's a little bit cutter. Yeah, you could bash somebody in the side of the head with this thing. All right. Yeah. It's the row cat. Vulcan one twenty eight mo-. Keyboard. Check out the full review, right? Next up, again, we're continuing Sebastian not smashing peace rain, plain old Sebastian in the guy who reviews things for PC dot com. And one of the things yeah sorry, I'm stealing the thunder. One of the things you reviewed one of the many things is the new revision revision to dark bass pro nine hundred case from be quiet. Yeah, the I'm sure you guys are familiar with the nine hundred they've had the dark bass pro nine hundred for a while now the Rev, too, I think was either announced at last computrac or came out at some point last summer. I've been sitting on this review sample for a little bit too long had it for a couple of months, but only got to it. And if you remember the review, we did on the be quiet, dark bay seven hundred white edition, a couple of months ago, it's going to be very familiar because it's essentially the full tower version of that design the dark base, seven hundred just amid tower version of the Dr bass nine hundred essentially, there are some designed differences, internally, there are some big design differences, externally, both of them have aluminum panels, the dark base. Seven hundred has an aluminum top panel in front panel. This has like an alumina. Mhm skin over all exterior, panels, except for the side, panels, so top bottom front, a wrapped in this identity brushed aluminum and the, the thing about revision to basically was that they added USB three point one gen two there's a type c port on the top. There's also a charging port next to it. That's not a standard data board. And then to USB three. They dropped the USB two point. Oh front panel I o and replaced it with three point one. Anna charging port which complements the Chee wireless charging pad. That's on top of this. That was also on the original version. So while this is running, you can throw your phone on top of it, as long as it's sports wireless charging Android phones. And even the newer, iphone support, this charging iphone ten on this while I was building it or just fine. Internally, though, the first thing notice if you open the front door. You've got not worse thing. I noticed when you open the front door to five and a quarter inch drive back stash Jonah, right? Oh, baby. Two of them. These by just you do in the finger things. Yeah. Finger in the hole there. And then you yeah. And then you squeeze you don't like them g it's gonna cavernous in there. You can you can shove a really long obstacle drive in dog a lot. No, I didn't put one I put two in the test just to testify. It did they? There was some no we're not gonna go there. Anyway. So, yeah, this is an e ATS full tower design it. It comes with three of their quiet hundred forty millimeter fans. It has an interesting kind of lower shroud. We see PSU Frau's on everything the PS shrew. He s you shroud on the bottom of this case as panels that come out of it. And can you can repurpose the shroud for different things that you can either have one or two different hundred twenty millimeter fans down there. You can add another SSD and the whole shroud comes out, which was the one kind of hang-up had about the build process as you pretty much half as the shroud out to get the power supply in that area. And that's not ironic for the site because you've got to get the shroud out. Oh, it's true. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. It didn't quite make it there. But, you know, shroud. Shrout. Sure. Get the trout. Yeah. So anyway, the cases Ryan shroud comes out. And then you can put the PSU in, but at just that was kind of odd, because the PSU ends up mounting to a bracket and then attaching to the rear of the case with an extension cable, and yet, it's only about an inch and a half away from the rear of the case. So it's like why are you using extension cable to connect the PSU to the back of the case? It's like an inch away that's like German engineering. I don't need like that. Yeah. But let's do it. Anyway. Think about if you have a PSU it doesn't have a power switch. This has a power switch wired to that extension on the back and it gives you a hard, switch. Even if he because he doesn't have it. That's the only can come up with why you would do it this way. When's the last time you seen such a thing that is, you know, like of than two hundred fifty one eight t x nineteen ninety eight power supply, my one thousand watts SilverStone silver, whatever like one thousand p does not have a toggle switch for on it. No, it does not. But that's so bizarre. Anyway, this, this case, it's got all the, you know, all the lining on the inside panels for noise reduction, except for the course the temperature side panel, which is four millimeters thick of tempered glass, and becomes with a couple of lightning strips. I put mine on the inside front corner of it, and it syncs with your motherboard software. I chose orange. It's not like orange only, but we got the orange addition of the case, which has like a little competition orange. It's motherboard orange. It's gigabyte motherboard orange. I'm not sure what? I'm having. I need the prime a rim shots on board. As I do smack microphone, sorry about that. But look, I proved it in this picture, it can do more than orange. I used green because because our RT X graphics card. So with this case, I got thermals that were just fine that got low noise. I think the loudest I got was under thirty four decibels. Yeah. Thirty three point two with the fans that high, but that's kind of misleading because there's like with the dark base. Seven hundred there's multiple ways to change fan speed and there's actually two different zones. So the fan controller that comes built into this as two sides, and each one, supports four fans, and you can toggle on the left or right side with you want the silent or performance mode. And then in addition to that, there is a step list speed controller slider inside the front door, but above the five and a quarter inch base. We're gonna slide that to the left or the right to go lower or higher on fan speed. But overall fan speed is still governed by the selectors free zone, if it makes sense, but you can get really into fan speed control and have like your rear or top fans different than your front fans and all that. So with just the out of the box, configuration of that fan controller I did low and high still very quiet. And while I didn't compare this to other stuff because yet again, I've changed the I wanted to more demanding thermal load because this is so insulated. So I put in RT twenty eighty TI instead of the older, GT, x ten seventy had been using and temperatures refine like GP load, like fifty four ambient was around twenty. So I was hitting like seventy seventy two seventy four degrees with multiple runs of benchmark benchmarking to heat up the GPO. So it even though these cases are really insulated. If you look closely at them like the shot we're looking at right now. If you're watching the video that metal. Grill around the edge. That's Erin take. It's all around it. So it's, it's drawing in air from the bottom is drawing air from the sides of the front panel, atop panel. And there's a surprising amount of airflow, especially if you have the front fans set to a higher performance vote, so you shouldn't really have big thermal issues with this. But of course, they're going to be cases with better thermal performance, if they're like have opened front panels like mesh style cases with, you know, higher our PM fans, but this is all about being quiet. Obviously, that's the brand it's a company that started out making just those low-noise panels now. They make the whole case and power supplies and coolers, so it's, it's good that the one thing I had trouble with, like, I've had trouble with everything recently is price where I apparently slept through about two years woke up and every computer case is like two hundred dollars now. Yeah, I didn't think inflation was that bad. But every case I've touched in, like the last. Three months, one hundred eighty dollars plus. I don't know what's going on with that, but two hundred sixty nine dollars for this case. The one thing that I, I thought could help justify it was affected. Doesn't just come with an accessory pack. There's no. Ziplock of screws with this case. There's a box that the was like zip tied to the inside of the case when opened it and inside of it are three additional hard-drive cages, it came with additional supports, and mounts for liquid cooling, and air cooling, and two point five millimeter drive mounting it comes with the to light strips, which work with its internal controller. And with your motherboard header, and like a pack of velcro ties, and it's, it's a very deluxe, kind of package, if you think while there's like an extra ten dollars each of those hard-drive cages. I think when you buy them separately, and it helps justify the maybe some of that premium over the two hundred dollar Mark, but you're essentially looking at a at least two hundred dollars closure wherever you find this for sale. So I, I would personally, get the seven hundred because I don't need a full tower. But if you need the full tower, you want a little. Bit of additional storage, and you want those two optical bays, of course, which were not in the seven hundred and this is an interesting alternative cases like a much less expensive practice design define our six which has one obstacle bay is designed to be quiet. This is a much larger very quiet extremely well engineered, you know, it's built like a tank, one of the first things that happened in this was a terrifying moment. I got this out of the box, put it up on this table, right here, and I started taking the phone screws off of the glass side panel side, and I got third one off. And then I started get the fourth one off wasn't even thinking and the stables not level. And as soon as they got the fourth went off the glass went flying, and it landed on the floor the cement floor. And didn't break so four millimeter thick tempered glass on this case is very strong. I felt like scratch on a corner. So it's very well mate. How much does he think it weighs with with everything in there like, you know too hard drives video card decency Pugh fan? One optical drive 'cause those are heavy don't remember the specs or on I it's heavy as fourteen point three nine kilo empty. So. Holy cow close to twenty. Not light. Is when you think aluminum the seven hundred the top and front were thin pieces of aluminum that was it. And it was very light case this is aluminum skin over metal and plastic. And the entire internal frame is steel, and it's, it's not light case at all. You don't feel fully loaded. It could be fifty pounds of ace as not s not inconsequential. No. But you know what? It's so if you're gonna get onto your roof and throw at someone never mind. I sent some. Keyboard for your aiming shot, and then fold -actly. Fast people with the corners of your sharp. Keyboard throw your case off the off the roof, although that, that we great way of downsizing my case collection. Just throw them off the roof throw one at the mailman or letter carrier. I should say mine is a lady, but anyhow that is the dark based on hundred to Jim has just horrified right now. He's not saying anything but look at the smile on my face. It hasn't changed. It almost seems a little forced. Okay, so let's, let's finish up the Sebastian show. One more row quick just because so in my hand is a mini PC from as rock. This is the desk, mini three ten and no, I'm sorry. I've all just anybody in advance, as not the AMD version. They sent us the television, I have asked him about the version, and they said when you get that one reviewed I, which, you know, fair enough, so I got through this review and I am looking forward to Amdi version at some point, because this is a really nice little kids, the case is well made it comes apart easily accessory kit that comes with his great as a nice high quality. They said along a couple of extra. Excel add they sent the optional visa amount kit, and wireless kit, which comes with a little one by one until wireless card antennas but the actual kit for the destiny itself in the box. Very calm. Princip. It comes with the case with the pre installed motherboard. It's a mini form factor. So you're, you have a LGA socket. It's rated up to sixty five watts although the power spy that ships with is a beefy AC bell power spy that's one hundred twenty watts. So I mean you could you could experiment with, you know, like that, a are eleven cooler and a core, I seven if you really wanted to. But it's a h three ten chip says this eighth and ninth generation CPU's. And again, that sixty five watt limitation, the bottom of the CPU, or the motherboard, tray includes two two and a half inch SSD, your hard drive mounts, obviously, you also have your dot to slots on the board. There's one four your wireless card. There's a full, he CI gen three by four slot for your. I'm not to drive and pretty basic, I o available, although you can expand it somewhat. This comes like, among other things in the box comes with serial port. If you wanted to punch that out on the back of the case, and if you needed one for some purpose comes with additional USB ports. There's punch outs on the topside add more USB ports, if you wanted to with the motherboard header comes with that. But out of the box has itchy my display port output, VGA, output, USB, three USB to an Intel gigabit Nick, which is nice. And although I think I forgot to put it into the. View, the Intel Nick perform perfectly fine like I did some perf testing on the network and it was going at full speed. I did a quick Bill with core. I three eighty one hundred hardcore, you know, under that sixty five watt TDP limit, I tested, the fit with both Intel box cooler and that are eleven that I have laying around and both fit just fine. The case has like plastic tracks inside of it in the motherboard, tray slights right out the back, you can add a lock to it, if you want to, like, hold, like a small walk through if you were putting the somewhere, we wanted to be secure Kingston, Kensington, lock slot, and the locked for the case itself. So this is meant to be it could be like a, you know, I see these places like, you know, libraries, or banks or something anywhere where there's like a small Internet-connected workstation, but you could build yourself pretty significant little system if you don't need decayed graphics. And of course, this is where the Intel or the AM. Mm D version of this would be interesting as well, because the a three hundred version of these desk, minis, you can put a rise in AP you into that, and have at least some pre decent gaming performance, but one hundred sixty nine dollars. If you consider this to be an alternative to an Intel nook, it's bigger than a knock, it's bigger than the last ministicks computer that I built which was a few years ago. It was a SilverStone maniacs case ECS motherboard, but that required one of those twenty seven or twenty eight millimeter cooling fans was very low profile being able to use a standard until box fan not only cuts out on the cost. 'cause you're getting one if you buy a retail CPU anyway, but it means you could use, you know, higher TDP or you know, higher core processors. If you really wanted to I know there's at least a couple of core, I nine's that our eight core that, meet that sixty five watt threshold lower clocks, you could put together something that at one sixty nine for the. Which includes the motherboard case power supply, you yourself like, you know, a modest CPU like one hundred hundred fifty dollars for a decent quad, core CPU and. You know, add some ram storage, you're only a few hundred bucks. And if you think about say, the MAC mini, for example, which I checked out the specs when I was writing this up, and it's appalling to me that the latest iteration of that computer is base price of seven hundred ninety nine dollars. It has the same core. I three eighty one hundred I believe that I used in this build and it's obviously, not a grateful unless you tear it apart. I don't remember as soda GMs are not the last version didn't I think this one actually does again. It does becomes with it comes with a woeful under twenty gigabytes of storage. And I used the same digital 'Send seven fifty. Dr I've used review things lately that, Jim, you did that quick review on earlier in the year, that thing has tremendous throughput like sequential numbers on that as good as just about anything on the market, and it was running at full speed while over its thirty four hundred plus megabytes per second. It wasn't held back at all which was kind of curious because we actually read the specs for the three ten chipset it doesn't officially support gen three PC, but I believe that's a function of the CPU. So I was good there, but for really fast storage, you could put up to a coarseness theoretically. And I was impressed with the Bill quality of the case. And with, like the even the power supply this wasn't the cheap power supply that comes with and one hundred sixty nine dollars thought it was pretty good deal. And yes, I know it's not the Amdi version, I'm sorry, which is really hard to find. It was broken around CNN a good spot. It. And its stock anywhere the note. Is demand people want that tiny AMD, AP you build? I've been listening to comments for probably four or five years since I started doing some any PC reviews for the site. Every time I got a new many P, C N was like, yeah. And I can't wait. As soon as I would publish it, it was like, man, I wish this had an API you in it or. Yeah, but it's not an MD, and they wanted something in the living room that had better graphics capabilities. Well. Form factor is gotta make sure I'm not muted anyway. Just small form factor graphics is a lot more important than then CPU Bauer and so until his kind of been on the wrong side of that, that balance I mean they're improving, but still, you know, you know, having a decent GPA to place him some basic three D games and even some more advanced three games in the hey, I wanna play sky ram on my big fifty five inch four K TV in, you know, ten eighty p upscale, but, you know, it doesn't matter because the works, and they got still better drivers yet. And AP asides gotten a lot better, especially now that like with the twenty one hundred g and the twenty four hundred those when they came out, I did a build for somebody when they were brand new. And there was like a separate release, for the drivers for those, and you have to wait a couple of cycle. Nls through the desktop side to even get a updates which were not very frequent. And now it's all unified, the soon as a new radio. Driver comes out, you can install it on your view, so much, much better in that way. But we've all listen to me talk far far enough long enough. Well, thank you for all that good reviews, and you can is always check out the full written review all the photos and all that PC dot com for all of those products out. We are going to take a break, though. Real quick. We're gonna talk about our sponsor. They're back. I love these guys this is clear. So if you talk about this before they just became a sponsor a few months ago and genuinely have changed so much for me now that I'm traveling so much more. So if you don't recall when we talked about them if you weeks ago, clear is the point of clear, basically helping you get what you need to go faster because better or worse security screening is now just a part of the experience at public venues, like airports stadiums. And at the same time. Things like biometric security, which is basically using you is the password, or has your identity is becoming more common and clear is really at the forefront of that. They help you at stadiums and airports, get through security by using biometric security, your fingerprints, your retina, scan usually is just fingerprints, although you register with the retina, and it replaces the need for physical ID card, how this works is he gets a venue, that has cleared location, or has a clear, a clear that our partners clear, and there's the regular checkpoint security line, and then there's a clear line. 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You're also not inconvenience just having to stand in a line because the clear process gets you through so much faster. And even if clear is not available at your local airport because they're over forty locations nationwide so far, but even if they're not at your local one which unfortunately, not at Cincinnati yet where I am you can still, take advantage, if you travel frequently because they're going to be at the airports, stadiums, you're traveling to so with all this travel, I've been doing since I took over here, PC per. I, I go to San Francisco LaGuardia wherever I'm going, those often clear location. So I can still take advantage of it coming. Back through those airports, and that has made all the difference. I think the last time we talked about clear, I mentioned how at San Francisco, they had saved me a ton of time because the wine was about an hour long, and I got through in just a couple minutes and that was just about convenience. It just wasn't late. I was I was early for my flight. It wasn't a big deal, but it just helped me get through sit down have a drink relax have to worry about standing in a long line. This most recent trip in San Jose was another story. I was late to the airport. I was a little bit stressed out by flight was close to boarding and the security line was quite long, and I was relieved when I turned the corner and saw that clear line at security checkpoint. Because I walked right up scan my fingers and was through. And again, last time, I think I was estimating, I said, I think I got through in a couple minutes, this time I wanted to be sure, so I started my timer on my phone scan. My fingers went through, and then check the. A timer? Once I had, you know, everything back on past security eighty seven seconds. It took me eighty seven seconds to clear security at the San Jose airport when the line was I mean, I don't wanna say it was an hour long. 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I like I said, I've become a paying customer. I'm putting my money where my Irvine. My money where my mouth is that the thing. So check it out if you're traveled frequently it's a great service, and we thank clear, so much support of the PC perspective podcast. All right. Well back to the show, let's jump into the news and right off the bat. Some board drama with the epic gamed store. Want you tell about this, Jeremy? Well, I mean, new game distribution platforms. Always start at perfectly never have any issues at all. On support is perfect, but epic sort of gone, an extra step to make sure that you remember their launch the currently hosting a mega sale, which is honestly pretty good because one of the games are up to seventy five percent off a lot of them are cheaper than they are on steam, and literally every time you buy a game or fifteen bucks or more. They knocked ten bucks right off the price. Now you don't have to worry about the bundle of games. You're purchasing not adding up taking the right dollar ten dollars off because they don't have a shopping cart the they're looking to build one. But for now, this is something they don't have. It's produced a very interesting side effect, which is that people are now getting blocked from their epic count for buying too many games that are on sale. And too many games as little as five right? Yes. Essentially, if you go for that six games, or you are being greedy, and we're locking out until you talk to customer service. They're claiming that it's the anti-fraud system, because it's noticing that you're doing multiple purchases via the same credit cards. So maybe a little bit suspicious except for the fact that, that is literally the only plenty way you can buy them. So, you know, for now you might do three or four purchases. Wait a while. And then maybe do another two or three because of the say the deals are pretty good unless you were looking to preorder and you know how we stand here PC per about preorder, but some people still refuse and continue to do it. If you're hoping to get the new paradox, vampire, the masquerade game, while paradox pulled it at the very last minute. And so it's not available currently on the store. And doesn't look like it will be for the remainder of sale. Even stranger Borland's three which, again was being preordered via epic and the heads of near box goes by the name of if I can remember. Randy Pitchford actually tweeted, which since been deleted that, hey, go over here. Pick up her game. You know, normally be get a deal because it's preorder you get an extra ten dollars off except to Cape pulled it. And so now can't again get borderlands three during the remainder of the sale. I will point out for those that don't remember when steam I launched it was a cluster words and their support remain so to this day. So don't completely lose your mind over it. But at the same time, it's, it's a horrible first impression when here we're having a great sale. But, you know, make sure you don't buy too much, or we're going to get get out this team yet had it's a growing pains and it didn't have shopping, cart at first I don't think but that was fifteen years ago. Yeah. Think epic could, you know, implemented shopping in their long term goals. Art. Well so, so be wary of the epic situation, the by somebody games at once and it does look like they're support staff is dealing with situations as they arise. But that's inconvenient has always all right. Wins beam seen was the only way to get CS one point four. Rijo are remembers. Oh, okay. I mean Steve has been a place to get a lot of the only place to get a lot of certain games. But yeah, I think I made the my account in two thousand three but yeah, it's. Those like the only way to get an update on counterstrike. Is is you, you went to steam and it was like one point four one point six. I can't remember exactly as it's been sixteen years and did did I while looking at 'cause I don't wanna go to late here. Let's power through some news. We've got an update to fire Foxfire FOX sixty seven it has added some performance boosts, and also, I don't think Scott noticed it or noted here in his article, but it is also if you have firefighters sixty seven on windows, ten with an NVIDIA graphics card, it will enable the new rendering engine as well. That can be enabled. I think it's able to fall. They said that's like four percent of their user base that combination specific combination of users, but that is coming out. So that's their new sort of unified rendering engine. So we're looking at performance improvements, for certain websites, certain scripting prioritizing certain scripting to improve perceived performance in loading some. Nice improvement. Some nice work with fire FOX mixture. You update fire. Fox, of course, you have to generally will auto update if you quit the browser, but if you leave it running all the time, like we do make sure to go into the about menu, and manually restart to grab grab your latest version of fire, FOX are, and then another software update. This is a sixty four six point. Oh is here we talked about some of the betas, I think, right Jeremy, but this is the final release. This is the grade for six point. Oh. And if you already own a license, you are able to upgrade for free, which is always nice final markets. Very good at that sort of thing. And honestly, that this new one, you know, it'll add some support for Matisse, and in theory, the to new Naveh GPU's, as well as comet lake but for the RGB fans it now is compatible. With a whole crapload of things with a Weli dis Elliott LCD. Displays. So if you've got like a cooler master, MP, seven, fifty most pad, you can actually convince it start showing you visual data out of Asia, or a couple of the steel series rival mice, as well which might be little more. Interesting. Of course, H one hundred NHL deny will also be able to accept data from ADA, so you'll be able to sort of see in real time. What is going on, because this is gonna be one of my favorite tools. Just to see what's going on with the system and just do a very quick and relatively accurate stability test. It it's very picky. And it will tell you, if it doesn't, like what your system setting out. So if you've got it already definitely pick it up, if you don't it's the extreme is very useful, and it's not a lot of money and it. Just tells you a lot about your system. It will also presumably not prevent you from booting when you update windows. Ten may update. Oh, is that it with just about every other piece of software on the planet? All right, good to get on nineteen or three there. Okay. Let's, let's move on to our next story. We've got some more rumors copy texts coming up next week. And obviously, I'm dis expected to have some big announcements. Lisa Alisa sui doing the kickoff, keynote for complex and some additional rumors here tells what this is Jeremy. Well, it's season so we are going to get a lot over the coming week. I it's, it's the twenty seventh that officially this was an start happening. So, you know, not too long, but this one was an interesting trio of leaks. First off someone posted, what is presumably, the layout for the new fifties or x five seventy chipset from an MD. So you and you can call it. Well Hala, if you like it has as ever been expecting PCIE four point oh. And from the looks of it. You'll get succeed lanes, your graphics cards so either single sixteen by repair of aids. If you know, for whatever reason you wanna go that way. Support for according to the diagram up to three m to. Connectors, which is really nice. And of course, one of them swaps back and forth with the SATA ports. But I mean at this point sat is sort of for cold storage. There. No. Comparison between envy, EMMY. Other than that, we don't really know a huge amount about it. You'll expect a newer as media onward audio solution, and variety of different network cards. There's a killer one and an Intel one but I'll be carts. So we should see several models being released, you know, within I would say end of June early July from the way that we are talking about the next week is more interesting for a lot of people because it is talking about navy XT and navy pro, or as they're being dubbed over w CCF tack, the X thirty eighty and are ex thirty seven or thirty seventy 'cause we just need more similar navy. Name GP's to not confuse us. We don't really know a huge amount about the performance, but it sort of confirming the rumors that we've been hearing previously, which is navy. X t is gonna sit you know, a little bit above the twenty seventy s I performance goes and pretty much bang on the same price five hundred dollars for a normal cards. And you know, let's point the twenty seventy you're seeing maybe dip a little bit below five hundred but not too much, and the overclock cards are still setting five thirty five forty so expect to see this being a fairly reasonable rumor unless something horrible has happened somewhere, the second curve than have you pro will be similar between the Arctic twenty sixty and twenty seventy and four hundred dollar price tag, one hopes. It's a lot closer that twenty seventy because a twenty sixty is significantly cheaper than that. But then, again, it could be that it runs a little cooler less power hungry in it. And it is, of course of nanometer so sexier eight. Sort of see how those go again, we're sort of expecting announcement computrac and the reviews were probably not going to be able to see until you know, towards the end of June, which, again is pretty much bang on from what we've been hearing for months. Now the final one is server fans. It is a science off. Sandra result for what looks to be one of the new Rome. Epic processors. Now, this is different, one in the original leak. There was one before that one was a sixty four threads version this or that was thirty. To thread version, but clock faster. So this one is bigger so thirty two sixty four threads, it's a little bit slower than you might expect compared to the previous model at one point seven gigahertz stock triple of two point four. It's, it's feel slower. Like it's early specs lower. But then, again, this is quite likely in engineering sample. So I wouldn't bet the farm on this being the final frequencies, and it is quite possible. That seven animator is causing them to sort of back off a little bit at least four the, the initial builds, because it is a difficult one. I, I mean this is a huge jump that. No one has done before and is so far ahead of Intel it's, it's kind of amusing. So we will sort of see what happens as it comes were, we should know one way or to other come when you get to watch Lisa give her flagship speech, and I'm sure you'll tell us all about it, right? Jim. I will trial though. I'm looking at that, that keynote in. It's there's it's just open admission to your copy Tech's. Register registries or whatever the word is. So I'm gonna act it's going to be packed held him, you know Sebastian. That's right. So bad asses Sebastian of out of all that news. The thing that kind of strikes me most is the be x five seventy. Okay. Maybe not the thing that trikes me less, but the first thing pops out. This is going to be an actively cooled chips at because apparently the PCI four point. Oh, P Alexei chip that. They will or portion of that is, what takes up the majority of power and produces more heat in, in the chips at and so, yeah. Everything that I've seen so far in all leaks, every single one of these X five seventy chipsets has active cooling, and that's going to be some that people are going to be upset about because, you know, the x three seventy x four seventy very cool running chips. You know, you only need a basic heat sink on it. Good performance good feature set as compared to what Intel offered. But yeah, the addition of PCI four point is, it's, it's significant at the at the, the process, nodes, and designs that they have the ships ads, which is a bummer. The density of, of these epic servers, in terms of, of, of cores and threads is really tremendous. And you know, PC is, is a big deal. I think we're gonna see an improvement in these two cores, but in terms of per threads, per socket AMD's gonna have a significant lead from Intel and sure these are going to be three hundred watt TD parts, and they're gonna need some serious cooling, but yeah, that's a lot of compute density. And so don't get turned off too much. I mean if you're an enterprise person you're looking at this, and you're looking at price, you're looking to power yoke, and the amount of threads of these things have. It's a bigger deal than than what some of the, you know, the initial specs coming out, we may not get these boost clocks that were kinda help and four but. Yet. The compute density is, is pretty tremendous. And so the results of we will see of Benchley from, you know, benchmarking in third party people doing this stuff. You know, Ambi has a unique product that looks to become an up, and this may not be the most compute dent solution that they have, so. Pay attention in the next couple of weeks and see what goes on. We have to factor in the continuing impact of security mitigations. I mean, this latest round of MTS stuff, again, doesn't apply to everyone doesn't fight every workload certain. There's a risk benefit kind of a risk cost measurement that certain companies have to take. But with each each new round that comes out that primarily seems to primarily affect Intel AMD is, is whatever disadvantage. They had an IPC is drinking when you apply those medications, so, especially considering Amdi some tea is not affected the way that until hyper threading is, and in certain circumstances, depending on what your actual application is. And what your requirements are you may be in a situation where you're sick? Most secure option on the Intel part is to disable hyper threading, thus losing, you know, not significantly after forms, but like forty percent performance. Yeah, yeah. It's, it's looking for those situations where that is a requirement for security reasons. It's it, I mean, you're talking about a racing multiple generations of performance benefit, you know, like if you take a processor in the disable, hyper threading, and what is that performance now look like compared to what you could about five years ago? And also with Intel on their consumer side, and particular not offering hyper threading on their higher skews, not on all of them. So like the I seven I the nine you pay that premium for hyper threading now you take take it away for security reasons. What did you pay the premium for maybe cash or something? But so it's a very tricky situation and we'll see. I mean, we'll see how this continues in how many more of these abilities, pop up, and if they do start to affect AMD, as well. But keep an eye. Keep an eye on it. Yeah. All right. Continuing on with the news, we've got a story here Sebastian wrote up for us about some DDR for over clocking records with Micron e Di memory. Yeah. And I was originally thinking eat I because of the there's discussions online about be divers. Eat I it pertains, I think, exclusively Samsung memory, this Micron e Di, but be dis generally favored for over clocking. And they apparently had no issues whatsoever, pushing this, this is retail memory. They were using Farinelli, which is the ballistics elite thirty six hundred kit, actually actually sent one of these kits which, of course, I have not gotten to yet, but I will not be putting it under Ellen to like these people did to get this ridiculous record which was fifty seven. Hundred and twenty six mecca transfer second, which, you know, was a world record for many hours before apparently already, I'm looking at the H, W charts, and another team from Taiwan apparently used some sort of a data X PG memory to eclipse, this already, but very, very, very fast performance from this EDS Micron stuff in some memory that is available to consumers so interesting. I have not tried my hand it over clocking any of the stuff yet. At least when I wrote this, it was the fastest memory in the world. So are you gonna expense some liquid nitrogen? I know. Even even for fun. I don't even I have no idea how to, to safely handle it. I don't I don't want to deal with the insured for that. Now I would love to bring on a contributor, who would love, you know to do this. I'll send him the ram. But jer if anyone out there is experience with this and wants us, we'll send you hardware, and we'll pay for the Allen, too, but. Okay, jim. Well Jim is volunteering to pay for the two. We'll rent it. We want you to capture it back in put it back in the bottle when you're done. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Brown last story. So if you guys recall Sebastian did a review of evey, Jay's new new new audio card, and you which was their high end audio car. They released its ES, and I guess they've come out with a software update recently to add three d I guess, for more of is gaming, or for three audio video music, it's gaming oriented, it's they specifically there's more than one. He make three d audio thing we go to their website. You can look at a couple of different options. They have this is their three d audio for gamers. It does you know what you'd expect virtual surround like positional virtual surround effects for gaming and and movies and, and just kinda create your own virtual surround like what we see from motherboards solutions, and other things that integrate either a him maker, some other similar technology to things, actually happened here, kind of the, the hidden story here. Is that Ejei drop the price of? A card, which I thought was originally just going to be a temporary thing. It's been about a week now. And it went from VGA doing instant rebate on their own website to take it down to one ninety nine from two forty nine to Amazon. Is now selling it for one nine ships and sold for Amazon and best buy lowered the price of there's like two days ago, to one ninety nine so at least right now it's less expensive than it was. And it's kind of more of a mainstream option because of this virtual surround support where when it launched it was very I'm bishops product because it was a very high end premium priced sound card that focused on simply to channel audio did not initially have any surround support of any kind. Except for like spit. If like five point one output to another Dak like, she your home receiver or something. But actually, what it was out pudding, was just two channels to our RCA, or the audio Jack for headphones, and they've also tweet some this offer a little bit. It's a little bit nicer easier to use some quick, e q options, like just click quickly like, oh, I want more vocal clarity. I'd like to increase base trouble. There's just big like controls for that. Now, having to manually go through in mess with a wideband equalizer just enhancing what it was already pretty solid software. Experience from this, in my opinion anyway, and giving the virtual surround support makes it more compelling. When you when you compare it to high end options from say Acis some of the other cards that are out there in that two hundred hundred fifty dollar range on the very high end and I will officially on this podcast lobby for the inclusion of the new audio card. On our dream system, Jeremy, and not some like turtle beach sound card that's been extinct for a proximity fifteen years. But that's just my it was the best. Well, it was the best. And that was probably the, the days of, you know, like forty four one in fifty eight or forty eight being Higino rates on his blaster still makes video sound cards. And they've got a new one coming out. Yeah. Just that's that's, that's the that's the rumor the nine or something like that. I'll have to Email them. Yes, repeatedly is sound cards are still relevant guys. Jeremy, I you know now that I got a lie. I have I have space in pike over there. And most of them don't even require power cable. So you don't have to route anymore. Cable new audio. New audio audio does. That's true. Downgraded to GT x ten eighty so I can fit in a couple of hundred downgraded if it's the dreams. Great anything. The ones. Yeah. Just the dream system, if it's like Costo object. Why wouldn't you put like a I mean, if it were me, I put a high end sound card in there, too, but I will update with the new sound cart the new and Nanu new. All right. Well, let's jump into the picks of the week. I've got a one to start off with if you guys know good old law. I guess originally, they were called good old games. I think they're officially just geo G now. Geo G is a, it's a company owned by CD project. Read the developer who makes the Witcher and the upcoming cyberpunk, and they've got their DRM free store and a couple years ago they introduced the GOP galaxy client, it was a fine little client for downloading the games. It's some cloud save stuff and they're just launching now. I think it would launch today was the beta for GOP galaxy two point. Oh, which is they're hoping to make a more robust sort of all in one launcher. You can just like with steam, you can add non geo G games from any platform, and even console games. They said now won't obviously, what launched the console games. But you can kind of manage a library of all of your games across all platforms through this this app. I really have only had a chance to play around with it for a little bit. So you know, we'll see how it turns out of his in beta. But it's a very nice of graphical update, the functionality that they're hoping to add seems pretty cool. So. I don't think the app, the does he client or does have a shopping cart. Okay. Where's that does? It's but that's. Rouser inside of the app. Yeah. Yeah, but, but then within that browser there's a shopping cart, which is magnificent two thousand nineteen technology. Absolutely. And. Every the everything together, they're interesting games discovery feature assume it's like I tunes with paying, you know, it's all your music and friends in one place, and hopefully at least a successful as that. At least you don't use paying anymore. Pink doesn't exist anymore. Right. They pull the plug on. I mean, if you're old enough version of the software. Okay. So head over to O G gal or geo galaxy, so go galaxy dot com geo galaxy dot com and you can sign up for the beta and free a free client and have to have any geo G account. So check that out a gym to obnoxiously interrupt you yet again. This have you ever used open EMU on the MAC, open him? You know, I don't think so it's as that wonderful front end for only. Yes, I always say my head open MU. So I was completely. But the that's very similar looking was just kind of looking at like in, especially has the dragon stuff what open 'em. You're EMU does where you like have a file, and you drop it in, and then it finds the cover art and puts it on your virtual shell for you, though. Same kind of idea. But that's very slick looking this new two point. Oh, of Joji galaxy, which I've only recently used Joji galaxy at all I was a hold out with my, you know, individual installer files and folders and things. It's a lot easier obviously to use their front end. Yeah. And the, the current public version, the one point now is not it's not a bad. It's, it's a pretty nice little simple thing, except, it's, it's really limited to basically launching your own games, GOP games in cloud saving and stuff. This looks much more robust and more modern. So. They've been updating a lot of games including older ones that I've had for a long time do support clouds safe. So it seemed like pretty much everything even some of the oldest dos games. I have will support that it's, it's a. Yeah. I joined whatever they I mean when when they were still good old games like in the first ration-, and I've got quite a few games in that library. But all right. Jeremy, you're up, what do you got for us? Well, as we alluded to earlier, there is a really damn good reason to be buying Amdi right now. The cumulative impact of MD s zombie, loads, and spelter specter meltdown. Ellen Tf MD s and all of the other fun things really doesn't affect Amdi architecture. So why not pick up the second Jen, twenty nine twenty x for literally the exact same price as the first gen one because the first one is also selling right now for eight hundred bucks Canadian sales pretty much similar down in the states. Why go with the first gen when you can get the second jet was significantly higher frequencies, and it doesn't care so much about all of these security fixes, you really probably should be installing we're going from a lot of Intel system seeing a twenty percents when he five percent. Drop to these guys in maybe a seven percent drop in worst-case scenarios. So it's and we know sadly that we're not going to get the next generation of thread, ripper at computrac, so while off. So there's no reason not upgrade. Now if you've been holding off. Don't torture yourself for another six or eight months. Go for it. I will say, I'm not entirely sure that we won't see three procedure that we think. I hope so I don't know, for sure. But I heard earlier something that indicated that those rumors may have been premature may have been premature so we'll see. What about the possibility that through for becomes kind of unnecessary? If you have Reisen processors that go up to, like, sixteen course re two threads. Then is a really need for throat or for that to bridge, the gap between Reisen desktop, which you could have like a high end desktop rising. You have H E T stuff from Intel, and then then there's epic. So like Intel does, you know, obviously core, and then they have high end core and then they have Zeon. Does that make any sense like do you still need a dedicated workstation only kind of processor that isn't an epic server, processor? And then you have really high end sixteen or higher core count desktop processors that the sort of cannibalize, thread ripper remark it, especially if the desktop the clocks, you know, I think thread river was really interesting. And it was a good product at the time, and it filled Nishi. But I think that AMT looked at it and said, you know what? This is cannibalizing our epoch sales and even though it was great for the consumer it probably was not great for AMD in terms of their margins. What they're trying to do because they didn't sell them for all that much more than the highest amd Reisen desktop processors, and, you know, at the end, especially with the nineteen fifty hitting below five hundred bucks. And that's. A tremendous value for anybody. So it's, it's, you know, I think Amdi probably took a look at it, and I don't have any inside information here. And I don't know if there won't be another thread river, but it just seems to me with the way that they have things set up the chip let's and the IOT chip and the ability to put, you know, to ship-lifts, plus the I o on a single die to give you sixteen cores and thirty two threads. That gives them a lot of leeway to be able to bring down some epochs cues that are still epic still has the name still has the same basic architecture. But in workstation so that they don't have three different things to kinda worry about. And I think that may be whether going to. It makes more sense from them in terms of skews and how they're dressing the market. But, you know, we'll, we'll see if this, you know, turns out to be the case, but I think that in many ways thread, ripper really did eat away at some of the potential gains that epic could have made. I mean, they share the same socket, essentially, I mean, TR four is different than what epic is in terms of, of, you know, how many fans are actually active, but, you know it's, it's the same sock. So why, why create more divisions when you could potentially just say, hey, let's create Nep. Excu. For this and. Reisen for the rest. I mean it just it seems to make more sense that way, I could be wrong, but seems to make more sense. Well, it's a small market, share, and, like I like the, the sort of bastard child between Reisen and epic. That thread ripper is because I do a little bit of video at inning for random tasks. And I run blink constantly said he at home large Hadron collider at home Einstein at home. So I do get the full benefit of the ridiculous amount of threads that I've got I haven't yet gotten around to putting enough cards in it that I can, you know, fill up the PI lanes that thread robbers compared to the Reisen. But at the same time, MD did get more cash out of me because the price difference between four seventy and three ninety nine motherboard is significance. So they did in theory, get a little more more out of me than if I had a choice between epic and rise in which case, I would definitely go rise in, I don't have the workload to justify. Why even probably lower cost epic? And there's some interesting issues come into gaming mode and various other things. What same time I it's a little ally, Josh. I mean, it's, it's a very small niche market that yeah. It if you're taking away from Rome, which is going to make them significantly more money, and you can still make that Reisen sale. It does make sense discontinue it in a way. But honestly, I just, I, I I'm just amused by threaded or in the whole idea of this sort of mid range, not really a workstation, not really a gaming processor buddy able to do both. I guess we'll find out soon though. You can't. You don't want to ban in that branding. That's, that's fantastic. That's fantastic. Name for a part will often. Yeah. We'll see. We'll see. All right next up. We've got Josh Josh has got something interesting for us here. Yeah. It's, it's, it's a monitor calibration tool, and it's free. You can download it put in your monitor and with a control click, and, and, and your scroll, wheel, you gotta just all things in there that, that you want to without having to go into, you know, your monitor control thing, and click, all the buttons on your monitor you have a tremendous amount of, of things that you can do with, with just a software interface. That's easier to run than going through a hundred thousand clicks with your, you know, monitor buttons and up and down and whatnot. It's just easier to get used to it. You see it, it's free. And you can calibrate things really really, really quick. Kley. So thanks for transmit this for pointing this out to me, really appreciate it. And peace out. All right. So that's the, the click monitor DDC utility free over at click, monitor DC dot BP. Be placed dot Napa. We'll have the link to this all the picks in the show notes. All right. And let's let's finish it up with Sebastian. What do you have force men fro tripod? It's a video tripods has a fluid. Head is the to ninety which is apparently an exclusive to best buy, it's on sale this week thirty bucks off. And if you look at fluid had dry pods on Amazon or somewhere, it seems like they started around one hundred twenty one hundred thirty dollars. I picked one of these have not opened it up yet. Got it today because I intend to do some video for the site, and I've tried using my trustee, tripod had had for the last five years, which is great for still photography. But the jerky is most horrible looking motion, you've ever seen Rivero. So it was time to get something a little bit better. All right. So that's the inferno to ninety with fluid. Head video head ferment fromm for video. It's that's cheap because those are easily three hundred dollars or more for the camcorder once. Right. Oto and it's fluid head. Yeah. You don't want to salute to click in the head. But that's right. And so that's best buy, but I'm sure I've seen meant for products like Amazon and stuff. So just shop around. It's like a best buy skew but there's almost Nicole stuff available on him onto. All right. Great. Well, that's the that's the show. Thanks for joining us apologies. If you're listening live for late start just the what's, what's the gremlins in the in the wires? What's the excuse for all the technical difficulties we had? Incompetent incompetent host phone that. Well as as we said, we'd do record Wednesday's normally at ten pm eastern two AM UT. See but next week because context be in type-a for the entire week. So we're going to we're not sure yet. I've not been there before I have to get over there and see what the network situations like and the availability of everyone because the time difference, but we'll try to have something if we, if we do have a podcast live, we'll let you know through our subscription. After Email subscription service at PC dot com slash subscribe. So address Email there to be notified. Or check Twitter or PC dot com slash live to, to follow us there. And we may not do something live at made because of that those difficulties made to do some prerecorded stuff and get it up loaded and into the feeds. So sure to check that out as well. Thanks so much for joining us here. And we will we'll see you hopefully next week. But if that live next week, we'll be back the following week, but stay tuned to PC for dot com. All next week, we'll have the news Britain up as it becomes available. All right. Why everyone have a great week? We'll see next time.

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