Episode 10 - Access Affordable Financial Services with Tony Brevard


Walking as we've got nothing to lose we're all in the time is ours. And we're changing amazed. Surprised transformed with no compromise. This is the game changing podcast where people deserve to win. Where magic moments shape our destiny and where insights from the world's greatest performers in business sports and personal development. Bring you to the edge and change your game. We welcome your host anisa akron guys. Here we are today Podcast with tony brevard and more importantly than his name is how he's here to help us what he's done and i'll share with you guys you guys know. I am a serial person and owned an allstate agency for twenty years than man. When i got into the business. There was no tony around to help me so it was every nickel and dime that i could scratch together to get in to experience. My dreams my hopes my wishes and stuff and counted on the support of everybody else sharing their nickels and dimes. And since with me to succeed tony man. The world has definitely changed Twenty years ago where that's base started now where i'm sitting here talking to you and you help. People dreams come true. Every single day asset relates to owning a business and getting them capital for the business is growing and scaling the business and eat equally all the way through the process to selling it. So tony welcome. Welcome i'm excited to have you here and Unabridged those. Please just share a little bit about yourself. We can talk business all day long. I i like to share those game. Changing how we can help people. But let's talk a little bit about you and share your story so that they know listen all right. Well i i'm going to say my name my last name. The right way is brard and we are like dislike the county in florida and the city north carolina. Somebody who was me money i think. But we'll work on that later. But i am a fifty two year old escaped banker from south carolina. Originally i grew up on in the country in a small town called camden south carolina which is horse country is the oldest inland town in south carolina. So we have lots of. I grew up riding riding horses and that kind of stuff. Because that's what they do there But also grew up on a pig farm. So i'm so hard work. My my father is is is my hero and he was an. He's still alive but he's he's retired but he was a A man with with a a a very hard work ethic And it passed onto me. He he was a schoolteacher. He taught commercial food service and learn how to cook from his uncles. Who were fry cooks back in the in the old days my father was born in nineteen forty three. So you have to remember back then. The folks that that looked like me didn't have equal opportunities in the south and so his uncle's north and they would they half of them. Were were fry cooks and half of them were carpenters and he learned from them both things. He talked commercial food service and while he was teaching commercial food service he would actually build houses on the side and end up leaving leaving the food in stroud together and beta a very substantial construction company before he before he retired and i followed him along the way so before i was a banker i also had my commercial contracts licensed when i was nineteen years old and i used to build strip malls on the side allows becoming a banker and my parents. Now yeah so stuff so we owned two restaurants together my parents and my and my family and just different things so the the the key for me is just perseverance and nothing beats hard work. Think the the harder you work. The luckier you get. And i think that that there's something to be said about really pushing for your dreams and visions song. I'm big on that and and that's why you know my hashtag on my things are i am money glue. I know how to find it. I know how to help people take to it if you work hard enough and follow what i'd tell you to do. You'll be successful so we do that. And and the other piece that we say is dreaming color. My dad always believed that. But when i would tell him when i was little boy i wanted to be before i went off to college and and the track and field and football and all that kind of stuff our small. I am small. And i didn't know that could accomplish certain things and he would say. What do you want to be. And i would say well i wanna you know. Be an all american in track. Whatever but you know. I'm small whenever he would just push me and get up in the morning. Five o'clock morning go work out before school. And all these things. And i became an all american but he would always say at that moment. He said don't just dream dreaming color. Don't just tell me what your dream is. Put stuff into it so when people tell me what the dream is i dream in color andrea black and white. Tell me exactly what it should be. Because you can't dream it. It can't happen but you're giving vision for reason so if you have the vision is because you can accomplish it. God won't give you something. Let you see something you can't do. So so that's a little background of me. Sorry aloun yes taking you so so much. I agree dreaming in color. Means you're truly seeing it right the Bill the dream. And if you have the thought you know let's can follow it through and and dream at end to reality right dreamworks. Not more about that goes together. And what i heard is that your dad is your your your hero and how he was always there for you. Crews that's what leaders do they walk. Besides you not always in front of you sometimes there behind you supporting you and you know. I heard you know him. Not being afraid of working. Hard i also equally heard intelligence in there about how to work hard because there are people who work hard every single day without the wherewithal to change some of those behaviors to get a different outcome and he continued to improve step by stat. Because that's what he did to. You is the minute you started to dream it. He continued to help you paint it right right. And that's exactly what he did in his life. He wept from building houses to helping you build a blueprint to live your life right so i. I can't wait to meet him. Where's dad camden. He's in camden mom. My mom is my mom is amazing as well. So i'm actually mama's boy but dad drives hard work but my mom is there too and they've been married for Gosh fifty seven years And they they live in the same house. I grew up in and they travel down to charleston a lot and go get on the beach and relax and and do what seventy eight year olds was supposed to be doing though living by enjoying every single day at this point. Ns well deserved right that. There's an everybody doesn't have to live life. Exactly the same and what i equally heard is why you are so magical. Now is not only. Do you understand the lending from a technical standpoint from an intellectual standpoint you have been on both sides you have been on the side of the building you've been on the side of the getting the commercial contracts. You've been on the side of owning multiple different companies. So you've been on the. I need money to build a company up to scallon company and knowing how to go in. Get it or where to find it. Now you've become that resource for the others of where to find it so that they don't just dream about their mission and vision and what they're building they actually have the someone like you on their team to make it become a reality. So let's talk about that. But yeah i think that You know your. Your life culminates over and over again and if i look back on it as you talk just now you made me think about it acronym remember just first time wanting to think entrepreneurially in oh in eighth grade going on job sites from my dad picking up bricks and moving up from one space another one where i know what i was doing in the hot carolina sunshine and and also you know flashing forward to when things turned sideways for the company for a little while and you got to figure out how to get the. The product team finished construction project. And i mean people telling you that. Your credit is no good because whatever's happening economy. You're trying to keep things going. So i've been able to see things from from all angles from from when someone does really well. And when someone gets caught in a tailspin and something goes sideways or whatever so when you when you try to finally create whatever the company is going to be it it comes from your point of real life experiences that comes from the heart comes from the soul. You can't let your your desire for utopia drive you to do something that doesn't make any sense necessarily but i think that you could always need to be pushing the envelope because there's always a better way to do it and i can't stand when someone does something in they say well. This is the way we've already done it. That would make it okay. It makes you always did it. Make it right so you have to have the ability and the and the lack of fear to tell from one. We're gonna do this different. Let's try it this way. And if you say what's enough confidence in have enough thought behind the model people come with you. And that's what we've done in these that we have now so we got in so that that banks have decided to let us drive the process on things so we do because we came a competence and thirty years of banking experience. But you know which that make you right. Banker makes you but you stuck around for thirty years. So i know plenty of why such a wise wise wise statement that you just said any equally said a mouthful there. You're talking about working with banks who they're six human needs working with banks. Their number one dj shuman need as a bank as a business center is certainty. You're number one. Human need as i hear it constantly is growth and so your responsibility to be able to get them to move. I as to mirror and match them to say. Hey i've done it and you have for thirty years but you equally have proven along the way. There's a way to grow and still make money into better. So now they've opened the door for you to expand and be of service to more because now that trust isn't the the trust is there the respect. Is there the foundation is there and you've been able to take certainty model and give them just enough variety which is another need to go. Wow it actually doesn't hurt and it feels good and we can work with it and so kudos Thank you but i think that that. That's a product of of who a person is at their core and by that i mean in my taste. I liked to believe that. I am very good person. I like to believe that. I truly care about the outcomes of what happened. Not just to the people get money to our how people get money four but to the banks that put money out there. I don't. I don't do anything just to make a profit. I do things because it's the right thing. And so when i look at someone they come to us. Whatever that dream might be. That's your dream. I cannot take your dream for granted i have. I have had my dream taken for granted before. I had a single string taken for granted i've seen people put in. Financial products are put in business opportunities. That were no good for them. They will never make it and the person wanted to get it done. So i can make quick money and move on and so our basis for everything we do is based off of a pure clean spirit and and truly one person to be successful at what they do and knowing this right thing for them to do you know. I don't do everything right. And i've got i've got. Everybody has their own little sack of demon so they deal with whatever but that that when comes to when it comes to this and when it comes to what i want the world to see as a legacy for what. We tried to leave here. I want them to be able to save ad. Capital nucleus and any companies within. That model tried to make better and easier for people to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish. And they didn't prove that because you. You aren't trying to make it better. You are and already have gone. You've it better already hence why were sitting here and talking because as you know to be on my podcast you have to gain the industry. You gam change the industry as relates to. Let's just take insurance as that as one piece of your model right now. You have been a game changer. To helping fulfill those dreams. When i got into the industry with allstate there was no sba loan because they didn't understand the model. So as i said man thank goodness at the time. I had to come up. Only twenty thousand dollars at tells you yeah. It was twenty years ago and now to even get started in the industry have to have a hundred thousand dollars is a scratch agency owner and that brought it. And here's we have been to that product and there you go a man that's the game changer. Right the minute allstate change their game. Tony changed the game. He was playing with allstate to continue those fill. Those wishes hopes desires and dreams so that century story about that. This this this is an and i mean this from the bottom of my heart I am here because allstate allowed me to make that product like literally. if weren't for allstate. Allow me make those product. We wouldn't even be having this conversation so the deal was this. I was working for a bank here locally Say names on here on the show honey. transparency is my game show. Yeah yes there sir. I'm not going to spare great bank. So but i was working for a bank called atlantic capital bank and quite even more honestly. I was able to create this product because they let it capital bank. Let me do some other things prior. So when i got back in banking after having a business failed with the with the great recession that had lasted for about a decade. That was a church sinning business. I went back in banking with wells fargo bank and did some business development for them on the east coast. Didn't want to do that anymore. Story a lot of national stuff prior anyways trying to get back to local app had a friend of mine from college. A gentleman named jim shebek. Who at the time was was running some things in south carolina for them Jam told me. Hey man if you could ever work with awesome create some products we can get you in the door and you can do a ton of stuff and he told me that prior a few times in any event i kept trying to with wells fargo wells act like they wanted to do it but they could never get their head around it because the deals weren't big enough for whatever winterland capital bank. A gentleman named juan lago. Who is a really cool Cuban gentleman who was a maverick like me. But you're much. I'm a maverick. Why we're setting here was about to retire. So i was in his last album his in his last two years of banking and i told him i had this idea about financing allstate insurance. Abc's because jam told me about it and one says what we've never seen anything like that before but let's try it so we just tried some basic stuff with some small acquisitions and then some refinance. We put them in the system wants. Let's do these less than to the to the sba. I make sure that what you said is true. And it's going to be okay senator. Spa came back approved with no changes. And we're often running long and short of it is did that for a year and a half with them and we grew so much. I needed them to give me an assistant like i was doing. I was probably doing. I don't know. Tanner twelve bills a month by myself. And out in in the banking world part of the deal is if i close the deal for you got exit. Come see you to south on the airplane. Literally every few days to seattle la but back to atlanta come home change clothes new york and that gets old and so i asked him for an assistant and they'd said no. I said okay. So i got on the plane and i flew to chicago and at the time. There's a gentleman at allstate named bill golf. I'm giving all these names because they know bill is so. Yeah yeah. I called bill. Nye said i've got this concept. Come up i wanna see you and your executives and this is really important and i get to chicago and bills got the room filled with people i never would have seen before all these super high exacts in your in your former allstate world and i commit to tell them that i want to leave. Atlanta kaplan start this firm. And i am going to get these banks to back me with. Sba loans but to do that. I know what it is that you guys need to have. What is there anything that you guys need. That hasn't been done yet. He said we need someone that can do this. One hundred thousand dollar product for working capital. And i asked him to tell me more explained it. I drew it up in the room. Call when banco phrase and said. I want to try this deal. They said yes. And i said to him i can do this for you. All of the country and he said. How many can you do at a time. And i was like. I don't know i'm new. I'm starting this company like right now. Thirteen and long short it is. They figured it would have on eleven hundred new agents a year. Something like that. Which was far more than i thought they would say so. You have to be careful. She asked for when you talk to big engine like allstate because she get what she s for in short though flew back home Resigned from the bank. You had one small bank locally called carver state bank which is a minority owned bank savannah. Georgia that our first step along that way and it grew and grew and we got two point. We're doing a couple of hundred of those a year and then shifted into much larger transactions asset at all that to say that The hundred thousand dollar product to your point which was the lifeblood of what allstate was based on at the time we made the model for them and probably saved some some folks because it but but but certainly very appreciative of allstate or even allow us to do it and we tried and and there's some tonsils wet and going as well as we wanted to build and some of the folks will call and say fixed these certain things and they wouldn't fire us they would give us a chance to build it so they they grew with us and because of that we've become very lean machine and i'm very thankful to to build off and others so bill if you're listening i really appreciate you want. Are you so you know. Best that beginning at. I did not know this until we came on today. Right that just tells you how many parallels i start. I was on the national advisory board and stuff when we were coming up with the instead of twenty thousand dollars like when i started in the business yet have a hundred thousand dollars and then fried of one person and me i had to have three teams out these agents. Get all these new hires. And how do you help them. Write a blueprint financially. You know for for not just financially but for marketing and for i mean everything that goes inside of the business in it's the parallels are the universe always knows what i think but it's a certain level of the game and there's only a excellent players Yeah in that area. You know what i mean. There's there's only seven people on the planet knows everybody well the and that's just it right and it's not that we don't want more people in our circle it's most people It takes a lot of grit. Everybody can go with you. Everybody go with you and you know. I do try very hard though to make sure that that we bring as many people along as we can It's a wonderful ride. It's fun ride. But i think that you have to be realistic. About people skill sets some people. Don't really even want to be a part of that. Some people are built to be soldiers and somerville to be generals and we have the discussion all time between my family. And i this you have to recognize where people are the one thing that we tried to do in that same model whether it's talking to us as a group inside of our company are talking to the people that our client base is. We try to make sure that that we let them understand that. This is a team effort. You know and so. When when. I'm doing a deal with you. It's not for me to do the dealing go away. I mean these folks both have done deals with twenty years ago or it's best of friends one of my best friends just literally. Just sit me at a texas now. He owns like twenty days restaurants and some other stuff and he's always looking for and went to do because of a friendship. We made twenty years ago when he came out of his office. He kicked out of his office and told me he do business with me. And so some of my best friends are. That's how our relationship started out. You know what so. Beautiful is at that moment. Everybody was as transparent as possible and it was real and somehow in the real news is the rawness which makes real connections happen cry. So why did he kick you out of his office for so i never been got in so what happened. Was i was living in south carolina. His his name is donald thompson. Don donald thompson is really great entrepreneur. But he is Let me rewind for seconds. That makes sense what i'm about to say in my first part of my life when i work for. Ncnb bank back in nineteen ninety I went to work for mr huma call. Who was the ceo at got to work for him. Starting in nineteen ninety five of ninety five to ninety nine. They had a division there that was called. At this point it became bank. Bank of america. Bank america bank of america. It was a division call. Professional african american banking. And mr mccall decided he wanted to cater to a fluent atkin americans around the country specifically because banks generally never say that they never say black or african american they would just say bank and and as much as people want to believe things leveled out they haven't and so there are situations where you have these. These black guys were captains of industry. Who were still boost wrappings. Because banks weren't talking to but they were buildings gargantuan companies like with duct tape and plywood But in that process was able to make these people who would be like the. There's a magazine called black enterprise in has like it's the e one hundred which is like the fortune five hundred but for african americans and so doing that during that four year period admit literally every black. Ceo in the country of anything. We're talking about like personally. And so we would have these conferences an advance and we bring him down and we would. We would go to hilton head and rent houses together. And and and You're living with these people. We got to the heritage golf tournament. And give your your living room. And macy able sloan or you know john john so if somebody's if in your house in their pajamas and you're playing spades night drinking bourbon and it tells you about how the bags started in one thousand nine twenty five off of whatever if it was insanely. That's what bound. Yeah an increase bill. So much in you because you've got so much early twenty twenty five years old. You know running a national division. Now's the youngest exact in bank of america but that being said don l. At the time was on the list of african american hotel owners he was the largest african. American owner of fairfield inns in the country at the time he was also a first round draft. Pick at the baltimore. Colts back in the day went to school at chapel hill so he went to the other carolina because i'm from south carolina be carolina but we despite all of that but anyway so like the. I like him already. 'cause i like anybody that has to do with the colds because i liked him win. Baltimore became the indianapolis area run from. We're we're good. I like him already. But he's he's the old baltimore colt but what donnell did was don l. back in that day. 'cause i'm fifty two so danielle sixty five so he. He's tenure ten twelve years older than me but back in that day football players didn't make enough money to actually just not like today where they'd make millions. I mean he he did really well but you still had to have a side hustle. But what he did back then was in off he will go to work for. He will golf. Balls rather with ray kroc and with mr hilton literally. You guys tell tell the listeners. If they don't know who ray crock is. Who is donald people. Are i know that you the founder of mcdonald's and the founder the hilton corporation paris. Hilton's daddy hilton's daddy and the man who started mcdonalds and those guys are best friends. And so don l. they liked don l. and he will go play golf with them but also he will go to work in the hotels and he go to work in mcdonalds like he. Will larry go. The kitchen and donal is a big. He's six five heels defense advance big do and he would be the big do with a bunch of money in the back of the kitchen but these guys making three dollars an hour like just doing a job but so thing he was when he retired was by. Mcdonald's started by mcdonald's restaurants. Mr crowd gave him access to some mcdonald's he started those built quite a few of them. Sold them and insane Fairfield inns sold those and so on flash forward at that ninety five. He's still had probably probably eight or nine of them left fair feelings but he's doing other stuff but i was coming to visit with him to try to get his business and got in the car and drove over here and me and my wife. We got into the car. And we're driving over we're gonna have spent a weekend in atlanta and got halfway here and ran into traffic jam. What's the latest like an hour. I keep going. This is that we had cell phones than but it's expensive back then. We didn't call people was like a dollar a minute you know and i was like well before the end of the minute like sprint. Used to say anything under a minute you get for free or like gonna go forty nine seconds right literally so but check this out so let me we. We get to the exit where we're supposed to see him. And i look at my watch realize what time it is. I wanna make sure. I'm close enough to be here at the certain time. Get there get to the exit. Call his office. Not say the corner running behind had a traffic jam blah blah. His daughter was his office manager and she said he will not see you. And i said why won't you see me. It's just because you're late. And i said but i had traffic jam. Said that's not his problem and he will not see you have a good day holiday. The phone and i literally sat there in that moment are said to myself. You will never called me late to anything again. And i will show you that. I'm the best banker you've never met. And he had seen me a couple times events but he never seen as a banker. And so i didn't say anything else. We went ahead our weekend like up. I'm going to enjoy my time so we wouldn't had our weekend went back to to charlotte at that time. And the meats. Now we didn't meet blah blah went through all that i kept calling kept calling and eventually got his business and he liked the perseverance and he said you know part of that is is people quit when they run into obstacles. Typically but i'm a graduate and we don't quit about anything so It taught me a lot about about how to do things and how to have to manage life and how to how to do it the right way and and so thankfully he was able to to show me that lesson without even knowing it and actually we talked about this. He and i and our families had had lunch together two weeks ago and he didn't know that story until i told him that. Just now i came. I'm who i am. Part of. Who i am because you told me i couldn't see you. And he was fascinated by that that he had laid it on me. I'm a beekeeper. Last what he even given me But it's been during their valuable to me. you know. i love the adb. We don't learn from textbooks right. He learned from stories in life and we have no idea the impact we have on another the best thing we can do is just honor our value set which is what he did. He honored his value set which had violated because of him honoring that you stepped up. Your values sets exactly exactly what we stand for. We fall for everything. We've heard right exactly. It is not a game. It's really interesting when you when you have these conversations with all these spokes whether be a donald thompson whether it be any just joe blow on the street. The reality of it is that you're right. It does antea value set and part of my value said that grows with that is still increasing. The knowledge base that people have you know being being a. I take pride in being a black man from south carolina. Who's done well in peniche in finance. Because i know what my grandparents went through an and and my grandparents and you know to be real my great great grandparents. I wouldn't know because they are from africa and they were separated from us. So you know what i mean so so you have these the the reality of life and and you know that your that your ancestors have been pushing for you to do well to share knowledge and share this love and i don't want be a never want be known as a black banker. I won't be on the banker to be black but also take pride in making sure. I do share with with people who look like me what this could look like in that they can do it too. Not the banking side because the bank of such. Don't do that let me show you how bad business out of the now. That's the maverick in you says. Listen now no no to that. I'm sorry let me just stop. you know. Don't do that so you know what you in this world of financial services and you see it all the time to assault all time when you had your state you have these people who are your clients. And they're making a gazillion dollars and their dominance boxer rocks. And you're like and they will listen and it pisses you like what the hell is wrong with you right. You wish you could beat an adult. Sometimes maybe what the well. How'd you get this money. How you keep those money they can the way you do but it does tell you things that you can go back and tell people who are younger than us and be able to say. Listen if i knew this thirty years ago albie doing this thing right here and and you know that's what i tell my my daughter. My daughter is my direct operations and my son does stuff with us till he seventeen but he but he does things on the side with us. He's a fulltime swimmer. Basically haskell. But but he works with us too. But i try to instill in my kids and my nieces nephews family cousins. Whatever that you really can't be what you want to be. But here's how you do it and how to do it without spinning. You know a gazillion dollars. I can still help you get rich and thirty s before us. So you know it's it's it's a it's a part of that you try to pass down and then you do include those lessons about you know getting there on time and don't want to say you're going to do now giving people chances like bill gave me and everything gets passed. It may get past a different way but but those values to your point definitely get stuck inside of you and you and you figure out what you to do. And that's that's what the the nucleus is all about is is it's a it's a big think engine and as ideals popout. They become companies. Anytime i if. I'm somewhere or if my family somewhere and i'd tell them you know if you see a process done somewhere and you look at it and you walk you can walk away from that going out l. Let's let's say you go to grocery store and you and you shop and you pick up some lettuce and you go to the cashier and you go to check out the lettuce and for whatever reason it takes longer than it should or the lettuce cost more initially because it's got to of wrap on whatever it is you get home you get to the car and go. Why didn't they just whatever whatever that whatever is that's a product because you thought it someone else started to you can't say why didn't they do whatever you got at least say if i did it i would do it this way. And whatever that new this way is it you can get with the right people find. Find the the post like you in this world who know people can help people draft forward alba sudden for neural. And you've helped change the world because you didn't put up with something that was shouldn't happen in the first place so we ask the nucleus. What people do that dumping companies like that. With like our tech one factory collaboration with alkyl every product of the cetera or with our with our own model seventy funding are the mount exchange. Whatever there's got to be easier ways to do things and if you if you believe it then go do it at least try it and they think some of the yeah. Yeah you're game changer. Hence why we're here right while but what you do to try to you. Make sure the people that are that are that are invested in you. Are that want to contribute to your world know that they're partners in my in my world. We are company. It don't founded it. But if our i don't have i never had an employee in my life. I got teammates. I have never said employees. All those subordinate ever have made. I build a family together my values for family. There's you know a business is no different than a home and if you can run your home well with all the parts coming into your kids graduating out while because they're doing well because you were good at leading them the potentially you can do well running a business if your house is running. Well you probably should be working for someone else's business right if you're mismanaging. Your finances probably shouldn't be managing company's finances right. It means very blunt man. Sometimes this is how it works right but but the other part of that though that goes with that that far with with the money side is. What's what's the role the carpenters house. The crappiest house in town because there were does the house was nice out. So i i will tell you that there. There are many things. I wish i had invested in a done differently but i was so focused on making sure everyone else. There's right so part of part of the blessing of knowing you is. I can kick some some of those things as well through some things that you're not do together but but but the reality is when you're focused on making sure that everyone used serve gets your best product. You often let your own needs. Go on on none undone you know but but as you care so much about what you present to someone else so totally agree. I'm in better shape now. Because i don't work out. I work out at a gym just for me. I don't work at the gym from others. That work out at the gym right totally. I was in the worship of my life when i was training people. 'cause i lived there at work there. I breathed did everything with you know. And let's talk about our partnership. Let's talk about why we're here. We're talking about that. I'm agencies scall- and sell her agencies so they need capital to build their their baby up bigger or equally they're getting a big payout and now they wished to have this wealth retention because they you know some of them are selling your agencies at thirty five years old and getting ten million dollars or in some of them. It's their legacy that they've lived with forever and it's the one time they get paid and they gotta make it last for the rest of their lifetime and we're talking about. How do we try that into bigger. And better right for them right. So that's how we part. What is man capitalizing. On the fact that your skillset in my skill set cross pollinating allows us to be of better service to the brian front of us. It allows us to say please. We've got another opportunity to share with you. That can make this even better for you. And that's hence why we're here well and part of the beauty of that too until your point. Yeah and i talk about one of our companies today. Mom the main company that that ties us together is seven eight funding group. Www dot seven eight dot funding dot com. I think you know plug it again. Because he fumbled on it the first day right. Ww dot seven seven a. like apple funding f. u. n. d. i n. g. dot com and we are the sba loan source where the outsource sba division for about twenty two community banks at this point. Climbing our main client base includes insurance services primarily like allstate armor some independence and then we do other stuff in the restaurant world etcetera but allstate is is our big baby. Interestingly enough though as a result of of covid and and other things the world has has spent a long and how things are happening. And by that i mean the folks that are that are in the corporate side of of these firms of allstate's farmers etc are coming out and buying large agencies. Also because of the way they changed the way the the compensation model works for some the agencies some of those older age selling. Because they don't want to go sell you know they they might hit golf balls and now a sudden the cop is built around you making new business cop model for everybody not some changes the cop motto for everybody and there were some as in every company thinks changes and there were some challenges with that and that will draw some people in and have some people move out and that's what but for us it's great because what that made us also do is figure out how to keep reminding the bigger products so now you have the shift from the hundred thousand dollar product to every deals now. Two million three million five million much larger transactions becomes. How do i help this person who has been a field sales leader for fifteen years by an agency for five million bucks and not lose their shirt trying to you know drain their reserves to get to it so our models is different in a few ways in that example weight number one we found a way to make sure that bring the tiniest to the table possible which is typically about five percent of the total project cost and then we also make sure that we give them enough working capital in that model to replace what they put in animation. They have one hundred thousand dollars to fit the allstate pieces wealth And so we do that on top of that though we don't do a cap on multiples where some of our competitors may say willing to do the set two point three times. Whatever we're a cash slow lender so up. The cash flow makes sense will do the deal. You know what. I mean so. It might have been three times more than three times. I don't know but whatever it is that the castle makes sense. We're doing it. And that's a lot more deals like that. We also count the broker business as as actual business whereas some post on account allstate business. So whatever in their models so are we. We definitely as charlie murphy say they spell show. I'm a habitual lines stepper. That's why we love. I flex every line. I bend it a little bit little for a jagged but my appreciate it. I won't do anything illegal at all ever but what i will do. Make sure that if the rules they can happen. And it makes sense of what you're doing acting explained to my based way to make it work for you and and we found. I wish that. I know that. I mean i honestly it happens away supposed to happen. I don't know that it would have worked out well back in. I'm not sure that banks would would have accepted then but now because we hearing five and a quarter on mine i bet five and a quarter on my because right. My book of business was intact. My retention. was there my. I was inner circle every single year. For seven i was seventeen years agent inner circle for fifteen therefore i had multiple buyers so i was able to ask for a big or multiple by harry the loan so the agency owner the x. agency owner is carrying still some of that loan. But i was cool with it. Because i knew the manager's son ex vice president on that's actually going into my center because he worked intimately in my agency so that he's doing time if i didn't have to carry it well. I liked that. Have that option. Yeah and unfortunately it doesn't work for everybody like that and so we try to make it where they do carry something very small maybe five percent of the of the note. Maybe but but in general we don't we don't have we don't have to deal with that very often so it works out works out well in our model and again for the for the buyers that works out really well because although they put money in we make sure they have enough money to to fit the model that they need to have one hundred thousand whatever took to be able to run the business optimally and so that that's again a part of what seventy funding does we just. We just tried to to make it better. Where france without competitors we don't. We don't have a bad reputation with them. Where a better business bureau. All that kind of stuff we. We're trying to do it right. But but the key to it is if you have all these folks coming out now buying these larger agencies number two how long they worked everybody's reserves. I'll look like they want to look so they may have the experience and they have enough to put the by percent down. They don't have several hundred thousand million but sitting in a four one k. S does not. How the real world looks and so you have to make a profit that fits that and so we did that in. It's made all the difference and so the sellers like yourself would be pleased because you don't held a big giant note in our model in our client's happy and and no prepayment penalty. They can do it. And the a great this benefits of play together so long. Basically you can help anyone. That's either a getting ready to be in the insurance arena or not just that. But we're kind of talking about that now. The ready to open an allstate agency reformers agency to use those as examples. And they can come. You are be. They are buying agencies so those individuals can come to you and still tap in on as partnering. You know i dealing with and working with all of these independent agency owners that at this point we'll need working capital to either a grow their agency or when they sell it right to work at. That's how many art nerd as i'm taking care of them fully from that aspect through that process to so definitely got so many means of taking and playing together with people so that we all went together or i agree. I think the beauty of this piece to than you have. No you made this the segment about me. And i appreciate it but the reality is this a large this really bad. You what you've been able to to give me thoughts on That you and i will be updating bear. Short order is not just when someone sales and they have this life event. And i will definitely make sure they understand things that you can help them do on your side Which are phenomenal by the way but also when someone is planning to buy when someone is planning to sell like there's so many phases where we can help them and touch them. Because i don't want someone to have a giant capital gains tax. They don't have to have it or i don't want someone to to pull money from the wrong place to their agency. They don't need to so we catch people early enough in these different phases. We can do that. I didn't have that option before met you app. Don't couple feel very comfortable with what you suggest. Yeah that it's important. I mean this. I'm a appreciate being on the podcast. But i i think the reality is. I wouldn't want to the podcast. That bills will someone who wouldn't providing something that i thought was going to be good for the clients either so i. I'd certainly embraced. What what you brought up to me when we when we first started talking. And as i've done more into i really liked it and i i just think that there's so many different ways to help people save money and maximize their return on the money that they get from these transactions as well so it yeah from experienced guys. I sold my agency. I two hundred third. Sorry we cut out there. Tony say it one more time for me. Just make certain. Eric i didn't. I didn't always listen to you. Just now go ahead okay. Yeah what i was gonna say. Is i sold my agency without some of the knowledge that i have now because of that knowledge. I'm paying for it so that people don't have the same experience that i did of capital gain taxes of to are over two hundred thirty five thousand dollars right. You don't have to have that experience. Because i i have knowledge and shared with you what we can do. Even if they're starting to think about selling your agency how let's protect them even before they fully finished with you so that a have this layer of protection not that we don't wanna pay the government but we only want to pay them. What's due to them. I've already taxed us on what we've done. Now they're taxing us also on our efforts of what we've built right and therefore if we have opportunities presented to us that gives us layers of protection. Then let's give that knowledge back everything we have has been gifted to us and our responsibilities to be a present and give it back to another as advice so if if experience something as you said with the grocery store analogy and i now using my analogy of selling my agency and knowing now a better way of doing it that's a product that's literally to be instead of a product. It's a service at. Yeah exactly it's it's it's it's an easy in but people simply just have to know about it before they could do anything about it and that's why it's so great for us to partner together because it was simply taking what you were doing and as you said us being mavericks we just constantly are fine tuning the processes and fine tuning and fine tuning. That's what makes us new age cutting edge and resilient and youthful at all at the same time and that's why people know when they play with us. We have solutions because we are so relevant. We are so maverick about it. We aren't going. I'm sorry we have nothing because what we used to do doesn't work for you anymore. Even though you're asking for my help now right. I love that love. It love it. So let's talk about something else guys. I'm gonna pimp out something it's called. He's got something. It's man needs to be up for new year's eve but i don't know it will be called alka delivery alcatel now alcohol delivering okay out co livery. I got it spell. Carly can't speak correctly to a mouthful. this is a free at. It's an app that literally you go in and you can order your alcohol and have it delivered to you at your home for the best price in your neighborhood. Or i don't know it's like ninety nine cents for the app or something. I don't forget note but if you want to go under and further to get the best price 'cause you drink more than i do. I don't know it's like four bucks a month anyway. Talk to this. Because i i'm pimping out because listen. We all know drink alcohol. We all also equally on a more serious note. No that we shouldn't drink and drive with alcohol and we also know that. I don't wanna go get the outcome bring to me if someone can just bring it to me and i can already be drinking at my house and just be more drunk when it gets there or maybe you get you. Get the gist of it. As let's talk about that because man we all drink and if we're gonna drink let's talk about how we can get it to us. It's the uber of alcohol versus the goodra cars. To be honest and literally. That's what it is it is it is the alcohol it brings into your house. You you said it. Maybe say it. This is a collaboration. We did with with tech one factory based here in atlanta a bunch of georgia tech guys but there are also the guy who helped build a basis for uber quite frankly and and we bought their company a while ago as part of one of our collaborations and this is one of the apps that they had and we liked it and we are concept the hand we took it and ran with it and built it up and here we are but alka livery is is really relevant now in this whole khurana world. No one goes out of house anymore and it has a few different modules. Were to your point if there's something right in your neighborhood there's no charge to that. Went as as you get out further if you want get get the best price. Say within five miles. Then it's going to be a little monthly charge and so on and so on but there's no upcharging the liquor there's a delivery charge much like you'd have instacart but low cheaper than that but the same theory of that if you're getting groceries and it allows you to to find the best price on your toes or whatever in your city and if there ever any specials that are going on around town and we know from your from your history of the company like you might be looking at all day but all of a sudden the pop up. No say hey. She buys tito's once a week. So bam bam especial at the stewardess five bucks for a half the whatever now the sudden every every little bit you put in your monthly membership pays for itself because you've found this price and stock up and do what you want to do it. It is very easy efficient. You say your membership is more than practically free insurance agencies to be called practical injury. Yours is actually free if they drink alcohol because you are guaranteed memberships five dollars or ten dollars a month guaranteed that you're going to save them that much because you know it's like not the best price the coupon you're gonna have the best price in town and now nope you can't go out and drink anywhere anyway. So at least why not have the call delivered to your house why it works on both sides so the beauty of it is it works well for the person who like me i. He does not drink feels a lot but some things like i mean. It's it's healthy seals out. The from erica's fatal. But you know for folks who there may be liquor store that is five miles away from you that you never knew of. Because you don't go that part of town. Traffic's too much for you or whatever that has the best prices ever you would never found it without this app and you still don't have to go there. They'll bring it to you so you still cove it free when you get when the alcohol comes to your house. The person who ordered it has to be the one to pick it up and they we have a proprietary piece in our app. That looks at either passport. Are the driver's license up there. Visiting from another country and passports sat around in matches up to make sure that they're over twenty one and if it doesn't click they can't get their liquor so we won't have any any minors drinking It just makes it easy and efficient at liquor stores for you. Yeah that's got through the liquor stores. Keep going no you read my mind. Yeah so for liquor. Stores is great. Because now the sudden if i have like my son goes to school down airport on the south side of town which is maybe ten miles from me but i know for a fact that there are several liquor stores with over there with some good products that never just pop into just 'cause i don't go on anymore because my son drives himself in this example that liquor store if they're in the system now all of a sudden folks like me if i if i have the premium membership i'm paying four ninety nine a month and i'm getting a ten twelve mile radius in that model now can get the liquor i wanna get from that same store but that store wins because now got a client from ten miles away. They wouldn't have had any other way and because they have this thing in a certain price. Run a special on the app and say today's special. Where every friday. We're gonna take two dollars off a bottle of whatever now a sudden they got this whole new stock pile of clients coming in who never would drive to the south side of town draft. Whatever part of town because traffic in atlanta blows and amazon alcohol. But you're over of it. Yeah i mean you really are. You're finding the best price. you're kidding. Guardless of weird is you're servicing all not exclusive your inclusive for aaron including. Then it's a win for the people drinking alcohol. The people selling the alcohol distributors every body. Because everybody's winning in this model and and drink anyway while and because we're not upcharging on that we're not a lucrative distributorships. We're just we're just like you said amazon and uber. Meet liquor stores here. That's alkyl that's exactly what you are. I sit you were just telling me. I'm like oh i just heard them and i can see now. It's so when. Are you going to get this finished tony so that we have to this right l. Just tease us with it. Now it's actually. It's actually i'll never teach you. It's actually finished and it's probably going to be Right at new years. I'm not sure we'll have it out before new year. Where it'd be functional enough for the mic sense for you Because liquor stores kinda get signed up etc thin. Really go with it. But we'll probably be going pretty hard liquor stores by mid january so the by in the first quarter we've got a nice base of stores in there and a nice base of members and nash. It'll be national in. Its scope so we'll come back and visit. We'll have a repeat of this in in january or february to make certain that yeah it'd be awesome run it and what we'll do it in your group will give them like a free. Ninety days are free hundred and eighty days or something. Let them start the process and make sure they really like it. And i love hearing that. But then you'll know how much alcohol my family and me drink and britain more. you know. Actually i think a lot of alcohol but yeah i i drink tito's like you. That's pretty much it. That's why i called you. The other day aid is your app. Have this thing on it. And that's what's good about it too for people like me. I don't know where to find alcohol. I work out more than i drink. I drink more water than i drink anything else so for someone like me. When i'm looking for a special gift is damn scotch for someone. I said how i can. Just go on to your app and there it is versus me on. I don't know what do you aware to go or how to find it or i'm not an expert alcohol and quite frankly no matter where you order from. Get it within thirty minutes so you know even if you have bad traffic in atlanta it would. It'd be within an hour. You had to go down again it so if you know you got a party tonight ordering now it'll be here you know four o'clock and how many people are running to costco or wherever else very last minute to get the alcohol. That was missing or something or something. Now you don't jack planning your party and allow us to be of service to you. There's no variant attached ninety nine cents a month or whatever. If you just want an honest they'll be there'll be enough special popping up on this system throughout the year that more than pay for your membership. You're not driving. You're not dealing with drinking and driving. You're not dealing with traffic if you're drinking you're not dealing with cost mark ups and your best prices and you get your time back want but another part about that too bottom line of that as well is you've kept a bunch of small businesses open because now those those stores are able to stay open regardless of what corona is going on whatever so it's it it works well on many levels. I'm excited for it clearly. It's an app that. Here's what i'll tell you most people drink. And therefore if you drink and when you're saying membership i wished to be clear to our listeners. Membership meeting ninety nine cents a month. There's not a hey twenty bucks nine cents. A member of ninth sensible mont for forget. I don't not mean that. does that gets you. You're the best deals possible for alcohol. Embrace versus you going to get it. You know sounds pretty. I like convenience. I'm all about fast and easy. Because i like to do so much. And that's what this is fast Superman pack agom advanced gone. Mike crazy right. And i'm just telling it's just it just made so much sense so these guys did a phenomenal job building it out. The tech one factory guys are amazing. The model is simple and easy and efficient and fits on your iphone. End on your on your droid so We'll we'll get you some samples of it in the next couple of weeks. You can start playing within yourself and then you can kind of tell people what it looks like will and to bring back to where we were about the sba exchange and you know you're seven eight funding. You have closed and i don't. I don't know your exact numbers. Roughly a hundred million dollars which how many there's one hundred dreams at least inside that right there. You've help people realized you know not the dollar the volume that you closed. It's the people that you've served and their family now living their dream versus working for someone else's dream so exactly. I mean it it it. It's been amazing How people have figured out what we do now. Seven funding as far as the client base. That we're that we're going up the country's you know five years old and now we're we're getting more people just kind of jump in and do whatever anybody might somebody to. My son is is heading off to swim. Meet today. way mayhem talking about but We we We now have. I mean heck by looking at our pipeline for the first quarter alone for just just the allstate side i to say it's like sixty five million but some that for the first quarter so there's a lot of dreams being fulfilled lots of folks being happy At i think will definitely prob for for twenty twenty one. I'm sure we'll be closer to probably won. Twenty one fifty on a bad day and on on the insurance at the the the the the the people that now have that tweet back in there. I that's what you're giving them. You're giving that embark back in their life. You're giving them that that. Hope in that prayer and that. Wow it's possible. That didn't this man. When i was in it when i started. I told you there was no. It was scrimping and scraping from everybody. I knew to get started. And you're saying listen. You don't have to borrow scripts great show you better way. Am we allow people to use gifts so if if grandma wanted to put one hundred thousand bucks. The she do that too. I mean we. We're very flexible. And how that how that looks. And i think that people need to understand that. It doesn't cost a gazillion dollars to to get your dream Until part of it's just educating people even if you're not doing a deal right now call us. We'll tell you how it could look at least complain out for next two or three years. What you wanna do how to save your money or whatever. It's roman built in a day. Let's just let's work our way through it will be good advocates for you. You'll never write me a check as you live. I'm free help so give us a call. It doesn't cost you anything ever to talk to us and we'll work the process with you. Explain it to you. You know people just need to be willing to. If you want your dream you've got to be vulnerable. You got to be willing to work for your dream dreams if you work exactly but just but you got also willing to tell people say you know it's going to be five percent down in that one hundred thousand bucks and you know you got fifty thousand bucks and you've got to go find it. Tell me about that. I can hit. Maybe tell you some thoughts and if you tell me at the same time listen. Two years ago. I had a string of bad luck and i had a foreclosure. Whatever say it you're not the first one won't be the last one and we can still get you rehabbed enough to get you need to be. But if you don't tell us we can't help you. And the worst thing is for you to think you gotta going towards the end and then some pop up the you should of told me about a month ago and then the bank's manager because the bank thinks you have a character issue because he had something where it really wasn't a hiding characters at all you embarrassed in this. Okay i can tell you. I've been broke a bunch of times one of my favorite stories ever as my wife and i when we first got married i was in charleston. A my first. Here's a banker and we spend too much money off my little twenty. Three thousand dollar salary fit. Listen this is where you know. Somebody's so so we do this thing and and we get last. I've got two days left. When they left get paid we go home. There's nothing in the refrigerator. And we literally had a dollar one dollar this israel and we drove to a windies around the corner and got a ninety nine cent burger and they waived the tax. So i could get the burger and i gave her the. We cut the bargain half an hour on dinner. And i said out never again. And she's like it is what it is good. You know we had fun whole month. And that's what happened but but teach about savings then teach them enough. I screwed up over time. But flashback on stuff like that in moments that could be embarrassing for people or you know you turn around and and you get thirty days late on a car payment because you spent too much on nelson you realize. Oh my god they don't take the payment anyway. Whatever and you're screwed and now you pay your your credit report has a dump thirty day late on it and you got explain why you say it spent too much money. You know whatever that is whatever. Your problem is situations feel free to tell us. There's we're not going broadcaster your life to the world number one but number two. What you think is a big issue. Probably isn't nearly as big as you think it is your nevertheless ended the first one. Do you want me to last one so and also feel free to come to us and let us let us help. Make dream come true. That's what we do. That's it with dream. More takes team working together. Were more powerful to actually really helped. Many many many more people's dream were right right. Andrew we you know have the ability to give people that life assurance not just insurance like you're talking about we do. This is what we're doing. Is something called. A life assurance assurance. Assure that flight back. Well you know what tony how about this. So that Any final thoughts he things you wish to share with people. Listening in wisden are not i mean. I think i probably talked to hold your heads enough today. But i think that if you have a dream go forward if you wanna talk to me about something totally different than the lending side and say. I had this idea about this product. How do i do it. I can lead in the right direction for that. Maybe as well but but again we don't. We don't charge for our services we're we're employees of these various banks etcetera alkalinity. You'll pay your subscription for but we don't charge for our our lending services And i never charged to bounce people's dreams ideas off of them so so reach out to us if you want And and if you have any examples of things you may want to do. I don't know how to get there. Been if i can't help you i can tell you can so you know we're always here was thankful for people like you in our world. Thank you and dreams work like we say when teams work and where their teams that will definitely go to work for. All of our cl- call him opportunities. Fan michael family members that allow us to work with them right. And i can't wait to play more together and i'm confident that Because we are now playing together. It not only. Is it game changing for us. We've had our partnership allows it to be game changing for the people we've already been surfacing on a much grander scale than what we've been able to do personally alone on by ourselves out when without players right and our our energies are are so in sync with each other yours and mine We'll do well for a lot of people but to your point us playing together. It's gonna be fun you know. Why one last thought is because it's our values that are intellectual said is there because while we have a well of wisdom that runs deep but beyond that it's our value that is there are heart set is there and are therefore we can build upon any intellectual set because we are constantly resetting that anyway that is a hardware reset that daily to get out the old so that it doesn't mean day there and clog we down so this just because all of those align allows us to be of greater service to many others that we par agree agree. I'm looking forward to it. This has been another episode of the game. 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