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20 Trivia Questions on Harrison Ford: ONE YEAR SPECTACULAR!


It's twenty trivia questions on Harrison Ford, a crazy story about me-meeting him and the big one year celebration of the daily edition of the podcast. This is trivia with buds. Be an welcome to another daily. Addition of the trivia with buds podcast. I'm your host. Ryan buds. Thanks for checking out this show. We've been doing it for three hundred sixty five days in a row today in the daily version guys we made it a whole year. I don't think I've ever done something consistently for a year in my entire life like every single day. So this is a huge milestone for me. And I hope it's one for you as a listener of the show. Now, if you've been listening for a long time, you know that we've been doing this show for close to three years overall, but we switched the format up about a year ago, and we used to do like longer episodes lot more talking a lot more guests and things like that. And we'd have friends battle in different topics. They were into then I started doing some mini episodes to do like to a week, and then about a year ago when I started my patriot page, I was like, you know what I'm going to be doing this fulltime as a full-time trivia host. I need to do this daily, and I think I'm one of the only daily trivia, podcasts out there. So thank you so much for checking out this show. Thanks for telling a friend, about the show. Thanks for sharing links and Laking social media posts and leaving reviews on yelp. I tunes man, all that stuff together really gets me going and helps build this company that I'm trying to build. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are going to get this some trivia today. There will be a lot of talking to the intro. And I'm gonna tell a fun story that I have not told on the podcast before I don't believe. So stay tuned for a lot of cool stuff. There are some fun. Milestones and statistics that I'm going to read for you. Now, here's just a few of the numbers that I got for you over the last few months. Okay. So we have hit three hundred thousand downloads on the show in its entirety and that is officially at three hundred and six thousand downloads right now, three hundred. Six thousand seven hundred sixty eight and we ever about between one and two thousand downloads a day. So that's very cool. And it's grown quite a bit in the last few months, here's the, the downloads, so far for June where twenty four thousand downloads for June. In may, we had thirty one thousand total. That was the most ever had I believe for one month. In April, we had twenty one thousand March, we had seventeen thousand we've been on this huge build over the last few months specifically. I host everything with Libson. So there's like super advance stats, but I'm not gonna go into tons of it. I just wanted to read you a few those things when we started the daily addition about a year ago, the very first topic we did was five I lines of books. So I was doing a lot of five question, quizzes early on because I didn't know how short how long these episodes are going to be, and the average mostly around. I would say ten to fifteen minutes on the daily on the average and the first one ever was about the first lines of books. So if you gonna go back and check that one out for the first daily addition about a year ago, you can listen to that we got some great stuff coming up for you, in weeks to come and some great topics written by different listeners of the show. We got some cool guests coming up and just all kinds of great great stuff in the chamber. So stay tuned, and make sure you hit subscribe, so you get up on your device every single day. There's new artwork if you are downloading and listening to this show on your device. You'll notice that I changed the background color of the trivia buds logo to orange to kind of match the summer months here and just switch it up for a new year. So it was blue for the whole first year. Now we got it as an ice, orange background to enjoy in the summertime. There's a bunch new merch coming out, guys, I have friends at funky monkey, sandy Miguel -fornia, and they were showing me all kinds of cool stuff. They make like beer, Cousy and bottle, Cousy and hats shirts mugs. They can like frost classes, and things like that. They do a lot of cool work. So I am going to get some new artwork and some new designs, new logos and things and throw them on a bunch of stuff and probably randomly mail that to some people that are fans of the show. So if you want me to have your address easiest way to do that is to sign up over on patriot dot com slash trivia, buds contain about patriot a little bit too. That's the easiest way to support the show monetarily, if you want to help keep this show getting bigger and bigger every day, and you can Onate dollar or more to get some amazing rewards. And you just enter your address over there, and I send you stuff every single month. And we have let's see a pull that page up. And it looks like right now we have a total of believe it's thirty four Patria. Let me count them up here. Let's see what we get and most of these people have been on for a long time. So thank you so much. Let's see we got. Yeah. Looks like thirty four patrons. So thank you to all the people who have signed up to support this show over at the last year. We started the patriot page. I think a little less than a year ago. Maybe a little more. I think it was a little less than a year ago. I think we'd knew for like ten months or so. Or maybe actually did. No, it's been over a year. We've had the patriot before I started the daily edition now that I'm thinking about it. So thank you for signing up over there. Lots of cool stuff going on over on patriot. And you could always join for a dollar just to get in our discord app chat. We've got some great stuff going on in there. I post different. Quizzes in different links to different pop culture related things in there. So it's a fun place to go. If you like being a community of like minded pop culture, lovers. So that's over in discord on the dischord app chat, and I send you that link when he donate a dollar or more guys coming up at the end of this episode, I am going to award three patrons with some gifts and prizes who were above and beyond, and the whole year just kind of contributed to the show in different ways that I thought were awesome. And stay tuned for that. Maybe you'll be one of them giving away three twenty dollar Amazon gift cards for those three patrons to make she'll listen all way to the end of this episode to see if you won a special twenty dollar Amazon gift card now. Today's topic is about Harrison Ford K that twenty questions on Harrison Ford. But why Harrison Ford, why would I do a whole episode on the one year? Sela. Ration- of him. Well, I'm going to tell an amazing Harrison Ford story. And that's coming up in just a second. Okay. It's very cool. It happened to me in this last year, just like most of the episodes of this podcast. And I think I put a written version of this story on patron a patriot for the patrons to read when it happened because so excited about it. But I decided that this was the perfect day to do some Harrison Ford trivia, and tell the Harrison Ford story. So it's probably a five minute story. If you wanna listen to that, that's coming up next, if you want to jump right into the trivia, not interested in that story. You can check the time coat and skip ahead directly to the questions. Either way for the three hundred and sixty fifth day in a row here we go. All right. Here we go. Guys, this is the Harrison Ford story now. I tell this story consistently whenever people go. Hey, like what's the cools through the happened to you in L A, like what's the coolest thing you've done with trivia, I'm always like this is it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to top this, because it was just a very exciting, totally random thing that happened to happen to me. So here's how it went down. I got booked on a website. I believe it was a website called gig masters and gig. Masters is a place where you can kinda list your services, as like a juggler or a comedian or a trivia house in this case. And people can find you if they're looking for a very specific service for like a party or a company event or fundraiser and things like that. So this lady hit me up on gig Nassar's, and she said, hey, my husband's turning fifty five. I'd like to trivia party for him. He's really into the Grateful Dead. Can you do some Grateful Dead questions and some other stuff? I said, sure, so got book for this party. And I go to the party and it's up in this really rich kind of Hollywood hills area of Hollywood. And I'm going up this canyon driving. I'm driving. And I've never been in this specific neighborhood before. And I go all the way to tap this canyon, and kinda just ends. And I'm like this is crazy. And I get to the house, and it's a nice house, and I'm like, okay, so there's like a caterer kind of setting up and there's a small backyard with a patio and some people on it, and I go and meet the party host. And she goes, oh, hey, Ryan, come on setup, and here's my husband. So I go how you doing? And this guy was super nice. And he was very excited about this party. And I said, great to meet you. You must be the, the big birthday guy and he goes. Yeah. He goes really excited about this. And I said, okay, are you. I heard your turn fifty five is everybody here about your age, and he goes, yeah, we're all in our fifties, except the old man over there, and I'm like old land. So I put down my stuff, and I turn to the right. And the old man that he pointed to was Harrison Ford. Can you believe it? I was like, oh my God. So I put my stuff down. I set it up and I don't have any service on my phone. I can't like take picture. It'd be too close to close quarters to do anything like that. And I put my stuff down, and I kind of look around and I'm like, oh, my God, and then I realized his wife, Callisto, flock hearts there, and I'm like my God, who else is at this party. So I kind of keep looking around the end up being the only super familiar faces, I know. But I think it was like a writer for the Simpsons at this party. I forget his name, but I remember him being super friendly, and talking to me, and I put my stuff down, and I set it up and I'm trying not to lose my cool, and I'm trying not to like, you know, make a spectacle of anything. So I go into the trivia, and I start the first round of trivia, and I think it's on board games, which is kind of go to round for me. When I am just looking to entertain like any group, it's like people know board games. So I go to the first question I explained the rules first off. So I'm like, are you gonna write down your answers on the answer sheets, and you're gonna turn them in after every round? I'll score them up. Then we'll go on to the next round and there's probably like six teams and about thirty people and Harrison Ford is a team with four people, a high top table that are about ten feet in front of me and the whole patios, maybe forty feet. It's very small. And so I start going to the question and I think I said something like in the game and -opoly you know what, how much money to get when you pass go or something like that. Easy question off that and Harrison Ford raises his hand now as I am I supposed to do, so he raises his hand and I was like, hey, like you have a question, you look familiar, you know, and people kind of chuckled, and he goes, yeah, I know the answer. And I was like oh, you could just write it down with your team. And he was like, like. Like he he noticeably groaned already hated the trivia, this is gonna be crazy. So he writes down the end to this team or whatever and I go onto the next question, and I read it and he waves me over to the table. And I'm like I might turn around. There's just a brick wall behind me, but I'm like me. And he's like, come over to the table, and did you need something? And he goes, yeah, this is for you, and he reaches in his pocket. And he gives me a hundred dollar Bill and I was like, what just like I didn't know what to say. I hear some four. Just give me a hundred dollar Bill. I do you want me to have this? He goes. Yeah. You drove all the way up here. Didn't you know, I was like, yeah, I did. And he goes, just make sure the birthday boy win. So we can all get the hell out of here. And everybody stable laughed and I was just so struck. I shook his hand, I think two or three times and I walked back to my little area, and then other teams are like, hey, how much did he give you? I'll double it. And they're all like Yellen stuff and just kind of joking around, so I have one hundred dollar Bill from Harrison Ford at my house right now. And there's no way I'm ever gonna spend that you can't spend on solo money. You can't spend Indiana Jones money and the coolest part about this is I got, like a shadow box, and I put it in the shadow box, and it's kinda mounted on the back wall of this little shadow box frame, and my wife. Ashley got a little Han solo LEGO figure a little Indiana Jones, LEGO figure in the foreground, and we just have that on a shelf. So when people come over there, like what is that? What is one hundred dollar Bill frame Mike? That's that's Harrison Ford money, baby can't spend that that's going to be up there for ever. So guys that is my Harrison. Ford story. Oh, and there's a little a little bee's story to this is a couple rounds later, I was doing around. Call the mandala effect in one of the questions is, what does Darth Vader, actually say, to Luke Empire Strikes Back and a lot of people thinks think it's Luke. I'm your father, but it's no comma, I am your father that's natural quote. So I asked that question and his team got it wrong. And everyone was given shit for it. They're just like what about you? And he goes, I wasn't even in that scene. So that's a little bit of a B story. I had introduce that round when I got to that question I didn't know the full guest list when I came up with this and it was man it was a crazy special night. And one of the coolest things that will probably ever happen to me. And he was just super friendly and fun, party guest, and it was he was just, like ten feet away. They'll entire night and I had no service. So I couldn't tell anybody this story until I got down out of this canyon. And then I'm trying to call everybody people aren't answering. I'm like, I got to tell somebody about this. So now, I've told all of you on the podcast about the Harrison Ford story, if you want to read that or seat in written form, it is on the patriot page and you can find that patriot dot com slash trivia with buds. If you donate a dollar more you get access to all the stuff on there, if you ever want to see the details of that again, or you could just listen to this episode guys. That is the story and without any further ado, we're going to jump into twenty questions on Harrison Ford. Here we go again. All right. Twenty questions on Harrison Ford, the legend, and I didn't mention this in the story previously, but there's I've met famous people before, but there, I've never met somebody that famous, he's got to be what top five male recognizable actors in the history of Hollywood. And our modern history I guess, and I can't describe like how it felt like. I don't know. I've Harrison Ford fan, but I never thought I'd like run into them, but there is some crazy starpower when you're by somebody that, that famous you're like holy cow. This guy is everyone's childhood. That's like my age in younger and a little bit older. So it's nuts. I just wanted to throw that in there. Here we go. Guys Harrison Ford, trivia question. Number one. Here's Ford start in two thousand two movie about a submarine called the Widowmaker what letter and number come before the word, we don't make her in that movie's title. That's question. Number one, what letter number become before Widowmaker in the title, number one. Questionable to Ford plays. Bob foul in what George Lucas directed. Movie from nineteen Seventy-three, number two Ford plays, a character named Bob fell in what George Lucas directed. Movie from nineteen seventy three. Question. Number three in the nineteen Ninety-two movie patriot games Ford took over the role of what Tom Clancy character. Number three in the nineteen Ninety-two movie patriot games Ford took over the role of what Tom Clancy character. Question number four Ford. Starred in the two thousand eleven movie forty two which was about what baseball player number four Ford, starred in the two thousand eleven movie forty two about what baseball player. Question number five Ford reprised his role as Indiana Jones for kingdom of the crystal skull. What year did that movie come out? West number six for his first uncreditworthy role in a movie will kind of hotel worker, did Ford portray number six for his first credited role in a movie. What kind of hotel worker did Ford portray? Question for seven before his stardom Ford worked as a carpenter in stagehand for what successful sixties and seventies band number seven what band, did he work for in the sixties? And seventies. Question. Eight true or false hound solo appears in the infamous Star Wars holiday special is that true or false is Han solo in the infamous CBS aired holiday special for Star Wars number eight. Question. Number nine four allegedly got the role is Indiana Jones, because what other moustache actor was not available as George Lucas. I pick who was that moustache actor, the George Lucas wanted, I number nine. Question number ten in the movie witness Ford must protect an eight year old boy of what background who witnessed a murder will kind of eight year old boy, is it number ten. Questionable eleven in what movie does Ford gruffly announce get off my plane number eleven in what movie does Ford gruffly announce get off my plane. Questionable twelve what actors plays Ford's character's wife in the film. What lies beneath who is the female lead in the film. What lies beneath? Number thirteen in what city does the film, the fugitive take place number thirteen in what city is the film, the fugitive take place? Question number fourteen Harrison Ford supposedly got his ear pierced at age fifty five after having lunch with what easy going musician, who also had a pierced ear number fourteen. He got his ear, pierced fifty five after having launched with what easygoing musician, who also had a pierced ear. Question number fifteen in what Ford film? Would you hear the quote it's too bad? She won't live. But then again, who does number fifteen in what Ford film? Would you hear the quote it's too bad? She won't live. But then again who does? Number sixteen Harrison Ford, voices, a dog in what recently released animated sequel, what animated sequel could it be? Number seventeen Harrison Ford's current wife start on what FOX series, number seventeen Harrison Ford's current wife start on what FOX series. Number eighteen in what Star Wars film is Han solo frozen in carbonite, number eighteen what Star Wars film was Han solo frozen in carbonite. Number nineteen Ford starred in scifi movie from author Orson Scott card's novel. What was it? Number nineteen was the name of that scifi movie based in the book by Orson Scott card. And number twenty in what nineteen ninety eight movie is Ford's character's name, Quinn, first-name Quinn. What movie is that from nineteen ninety eight? Those are your twenty questions on the legendary actor Harrison Ford. We'll be right back in a second with the answers. All right, guys. Here we go with the twenty here's Ford questions and their answers number one Harrison Ford starred in two thousand two movie about a submarine. Call the Widowmaker. What letter in number come before the word Widowmaker in the movies, title, that's called canine, teen k dash nineteen the Widowmaker number two Ford plays Bob fell in what George Lucas directed. Movie. From nineteen Seventy-three the answer. There was American graffiti, American graffiti, number three in the nineteen Ninety-two movie patriot games for took over the role of what Tom Clancy. Character, the answer was Jack Ryan who's now covered by John Krizan ski on the Amazon series, number four, Ford, starred in the two thousand eleven movie forty two about what baseball player that player was Jackie Robinson number forty to number five Ford, reprised his roles Indiana Jones, for kingdom of the crystal skull, which I remember seeing theaters and walking out and going. All right. That was in the year two thousand eight two thousand eight number six for his first credited role in a movie. What kind of? Hotel worker, did Ford portray he was a bellhop. He was a bellhop you could imagine him with the little hat on. Abell hop number seven before his stardom Ford worked as a carpenter and stagehand for what successful sixty seventies band. You could maybe guest this one. If you didn't happen to know it, and it was the doors. He did some stage handing for the doors number eight true or false Hans solo appears in the infamous Star Wars holiday special. That is true. I think it starts off with him and chewy if I'm not mistaken have not seen it since I was a kid, though. Number nine four to allegedly got the role of Indiana Jones, because what other moustache actor was not available as George Lucas. I pick the answer. There was Tom Selleck magnum PI himself. Can you imagine if Indiana Jones was Tom Selleck? That'd be interesting. I guess it would change the whole the whole thing, right? All those movies, there'd be a mustache, idiot Jones. That'd be interesting number ten in the movie witness Ford must protect an eight year old boy of what background who witnesses a murder. He's an Amish boy, an Amish boy, witnesses a murder number eleven and what movie does Ford gruffly announced get off by play. That's Air Force One. That's a great movie. Gary Oldman is the villain who gets thrown off the plane number twelve what actress plays Ford's character's wife in the film is beneath Michelle Pfeiffer. This is a cool movie. I've talked about on the podcast before I just thought it was a really well written and acted movie. And I saw it in theaters when it came out in, like two thousand and it's randomly written by the actor who plays agent Colson agents shield in the adventures movies, Greg something, his name escapes me, but he wrote that movie. So fun, weird piece of trivia, for you number thirteen in what city does the film, the fugitive take play? My hometown. Sweet home Chicago. They're running all over the city, and that one number fourteen Harrison Ford supposedly got his ear, pierced fifty five after having lunch with Jimmy Buffett. That's the easy going musician. I was looking for Jimmy Buffett. They were probably having cheeseburger in paradise for that lunch number fifteen in what Ford, would you here in what Ford film? Would you hear the quote it's too bad? She won't live. But then, again, who does blade runner blade runner has that quote number sixteen Harrison Ford, voices, a dog in what recently released animated sequel, the secret lives of pets, too secret lives of pets to Louis C K in that movie I feel like they cut out on purpose. Number seventeen Harrison Ford's current wife start on what FOX series that would be alley mcbeal dancing, baby. That's all I remember about that show ally. Mcbeal number eighteen in what Star Wars film is Hans solo frozen in carbonite. That's The Empire Strikes back towards the end. It's shipped off to be a trophy at job as palace. And I read that he I forgot about the whole scene, where Darth Vader. Who was like wanting to freeze Luke. But he tests it on Hans solo. Instead, I totally forgot about that part until I taught early number nineteen Ford starred in a scifi movie from author Orson, Scott card was the name of that book enders game enders game and number twenty in nineteen ninety eight movie is Ford's characters named Quinn, one of my mom's favorite movies that she watches on repeat six days, seven nights, it's him in an Hamish, and it sort of eight vacation adventure movie similar to something like romancing the stone. I, imagine if you remember those movies, so that were that was the entire Harrison Ford quiz. How'd you guys do twenty questions on the big one year celebration today? Hopefully learn some stuff or you aced, all twenty questions, you can always send me your scorecards love seeing those that lets me know people are having fun with the show with the content, you can send those to me any time guys, thank you so much for listening to this show for so long. Thanks for telling a friend about it. And right now, it's time to do some listener awards I've ever done this before. But I thought it'd be kind of fun to do. So these are for some key listeners, I three awards to give away and each of these individuals will get a twenty dollar Amazon gift card, which I will Email them, and they can throw on their Amazon account to buy, whatever they want and the first award is called the first patriot subscriber and that goes to my friend, Alexis Eck congratulations, Alexis. She was the very first person who signed up for my patriot page at patriot dot com slash trivia with buds. She actually messaged me while I was in the midst of trying to set up the page. And she said, hey, do you have any kind of like a subscription service? I heard you talk about this thing called buds, box, which I used to do like a year and a half before patriot. Where I'd kinda put together a bunch of curated stuff from friends of mine who are artists and comedians and. Like that. And she goes, I really liked the idea of that. And I said, hey, I'm actually getting ready to set up this page right now. And she was lo and behold, the first person who ever signed up for it so Alexis, you're going to get a little special extra reward, coming up later today in your Email. So look for the code for your twenty dollar Amazon gift card. And thank you for your patronage for over here. I really appreciate it next up is the biggest contributor to the show and that twenty dollar gift card is going to my friend, Luke McKay. Congratulations. Luke, Luke is a big fan of tritium. He's great at writing questions and coming up with content, and he always sends me stuff. He actually just sent me something earlier today, and he had no idea, I was going to say, Luke, here's twenty dollars gift card. So thank you so much, buddy. He listens from Australia. He lives trivia, he's been on the show a few times, and he mails me week after week with tons of cool rounds. A very close second to this contributing award. Would be my friend. Brian sailor in Redlands and Bryant. You're right up there. But I think Luke was doing it just a little bit before you were, and I appreciate all the contributions to this show. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. When you guys send me questions it gives me a little less work to do, and they're fun for me to read or figure out or quiz a friend whip and it's tons of fun. And it's very valuable to me. So thank you. Thank you for doing that, and congratulations. Luke the biggest contributor award. The last award, I'm gonna give away is called the longest live player who is also a patriot subscriber. So this goes to the person who plays my live, trivia nights in southern California consistently and is also a patriot subscriber. So they're doing double duty in terms of being a fan of what I do in that is Mr. Alex dismiss Alex, well done, sir. You've been a patriot subscriber. I think just a few days after Alexis. So you are very close to be one of my longest running subscribers. And you've been playing trivia with me for two and a half years. Give me going on three years, and I sincerely appreciate it. Alex, always brings his family and his mom and his dad and his wife out to play and they always have a great time and I have not seen them in a bit, but I will see them very soon. So congratulations, Alex, Alexis Alex, and Luke, you guys will get some gift cards and everybody else who makes this show, what it is, by listening to it every day and supporting it, thank you so much. I. Couldn't do it without you. And if I didn't see the numbers that I see every day, they're probably would have been some point where I'm like, I'm not going to do this every day. Maybe this was too much, but those numbers just keep going up, and they motivate me to keep coming up with content for you guys. Listen to. So thank you so much for every Email. Thank you for every subscriber, including Manny Magerran, Alexis Eck, Alex Smith. Sarah mcevers, Simon time, just whitener, Jen, whoa jenar, Kyle bond Douglas, French, Eric Cooper Fianna Neville, Brenda. Martinez, Russ free to wall, Luke. Mckay wreck my podcast. Dan, pa-. Palo, Greg Hines. Moammar tina's, Lauren ward. Sarah, Jim fields Mona Bray sweet Abby cakes. Denise Leonard Anna. Evans, Meghan Acuna Katie Smith. Brian sale. Your Greg Bristow Joe Jurmala wits, Joey Muccio, and Casey Becker, you guys are awesome. And thank you so much all the listeners of this show, who dig it tell a friend, about it and share those episodes were not going to do a sponsored question of the day today, but that'll be back. Tomorrow for the big question of the day, sponsored by funky monkey designs. So stay tuned for that. We'll also be talking about my big cluster fest weekend tomorrow in San Francisco, I got to walk through this Seinfeld. Set the office from the office, and I get to host drunk history trivia with the host of drunk history, Derek waters. So stick around for all kinds of fun stories and info from that trip on tomorrow's episode. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend and we'll see tomorrow and every day for another year on the trivia with buds podcast. Jeers.

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