625. Reese's Senior Bowl Roster Reveal Show


Hello everybody welcome to this. Move the sticks senior bowl roster reveal. Show here this year. I am ret louis of glad of course to be joined by the move the sixteen you know them are former. Nfl scouts daniel jeremiah and bucky brooks ended. His are absolute pleasure for the second straight year to welcome back the executive director of the senior bowl. Jim nagy as we get set over the next hour to reveal to you. Twenty twenty one senior bowl roster will go through each position group as these players get set to embark one. Nfl superbowl champion called the interview of a lifetime. So here's what we got going on jim. You've been hard at work compiling another top-flight roster here over the course of the last few months for a game though that will look a little bit different moving from the venerable lab people stadium for the first time in seven decades. Now moving over to the brand. Spanking new handcock whitney stadium on the campus of south alabama. In mobile in a game that will also feel a little bit different with everything that we're dealing with of the covid. Nineteen pandemic gives us a sense of what to expect this year down mobile. Yeah first off guys. Thanks for sharing your platform and let reveal these rosters here. Move the sticks it's great Yeah the game's going to have a different feel this year at the new stadium. We're really excited about the move really excited. It's you said state of the art. That's what it is. It's a great facility. We're excited about that. Move in the weeks going to look different. We worked very hard to kind of build out the senior bowl week and make it more of a fan destination. And we're gonna have to strip those things back this year in really just focused on practice in a game. The one thing about kobe is. We've had a lot of time to sit around and come up with contingency plans and and making sure everyone safe. So i want everyone to know that the plan we have in place. We're very confident in run it all thirty two teams. The players are gonna come down. They're going to be tested quite a bit. All the nfl folks will be tested on a daily basis. So we feel really good about where we're at and we're excited to get the players down here because it's not a normal year these decision makers that are going to be taken the cards off. The board on draft are not out of games on saturday there with their clubs on sundays. So this is going to be the first time they'll be able to really get the rivals on these guys and and make that live evaluation. That's important and dj bucky for you guys. Look it's just a another draft process that will feel a little bit different As well but it makes the senior bowl all the more valuable this year in particular. I think it'll be the most important senior bowl we've ever had. And i'm not just saying that because gyms with us. I really do believe that when you've got a year where some players did not play at all this year someplace three or four game someplace. Ten eleven games or even more so to get a chance in person to evaluate these guys. It's going to be more important bucky this year. I think it's ever been dj. You're absolutely right. It's been a big part of the evaluation puzzle. The senior bowl. Nail escalates in terms of imports. Because we haven't seen a lot of these guys participate. We finally get a chance to see these guys on the field competing in some of the best and their respective positions. This senior bowl more than ever would be an a huge part of the process allow. Let's get you a look at what you can expect from us here on. Nfl network during senior bowl. Week of all he's got you covered down in mobile. You'll see our senior bowl practice. Recap shows from january twenty six th through the twenty eighth and eight. Pm eastern china. Of course i'll come in coordinating with our broadcast of the reece's senior bowl on january thirtieth as a saturday two thirty eastern time. All here on. Nfl network. Hey the quarterbacks always the headliner so let's begin our roster reveal with a look at a few of the signal callers including the winning quarterback and fighting irish football history. Ian book is headed to mobile. Sent a books. Notre dame record thirty wins coming this season and we'll get an opportunity for win number thirty one on saturday against clinton in the acc championship game. Another one of the most experienced quarterbacks in college football is taking that veteran savvy to the senior bowl one of seven quarterbacks in big twelve history to accumulate over thirteen thousand yards in his forty five games as along. Lauren it is sand etlinger. And the longhorns gunslinger is coming to the senior bowl. Texas aimed kellyn mind as etched his name into the aggie football record. Books and will showcase his skills for nfl scouts. Bond compiling twenty four ten career record in college station with a signature win this season over then number four ranked florida who could send their starting quarterback to mobile with some coveted hardware under. His right arm is been hopeful kyle. Trask has accepted. Is invite to the senior bowl in a historic season tasks four touchdowns breaking the florida single season touchdown record and it is our pleasure to welcome in the florida. Gators starting quarterback. Kyle trask with us right now. On the move steak senior bowl roster reveal. Shell kyle welcome congratulations on a record setting season. Thanks for hanging out with us. Absolutely thanks for having me no question. Look i mentioned the forty touchdowns and that was a record at thirty nine before you broke it. That was held by none other than dany. were full. who i understand. You got a call from a following on that forty touchdown but was that interaction light. Yeah it was. I always really cool just to hear from a legend. Like danny werfel Who is you know he's in. He's etched his name into four football's history books and you know to have that. Conversation with them was unbelievable. He let me know You know that is just really proud of me and that he just always been in my corner throughout the whole entire season. Hey kyle just want to say just want to say thank you for accepting the invite works cited to get you down here to mobile. You might not be the most popular gator though because that's probably going to belong to tony. Highschool is fine as sierra mobile. Been watching canaries play for a long time. But i just wanted to talk about my first exposure to you was last year at lsu on the road tonight. Game maybe the most hostile environment in college football in for a guy that hasn't hadn't played a lot of football up until then your poison how you handle yourself on that big stage with in that environment was was super impressive. So can you just talk about last back to last year in kind of being thrown in after not starting since tenth grade. I know there's been a lot that's been a big story behind. You can use talk about last year as a starter In big stages like that. Yeah i mean. I got thrown in there And i had to step up from my team You know we played a lot of hostile environments throughout the season. I think lsu looking back on it playing against the national champions of that year. I think we came in there. And we you know we just had to execute to the best of our ability with some top competition We made as a team just one too many mistakes there at the end but it was Looking back on it was really just a experience. Kyle i'm curious about your preparation a different year here with with with cova and all the other things but Can you just walk me through a little. Bit of what your your weekly preparation looks like. I know obviously what you can do with the city as well as you can do away from the facility. What what have you been doing and get yourself ready to go and perform the way perform Yeah i mean. I i i mean with cova going on it helps you know having all online classes. So you're not have to run all over the place. So i kinda just you know we wake up. We got meetings in the morning and go back home. Knock out some homework online classes and then it's pretty much football for the rest of the day comeback for some treatment or meetings and You know i'm pretty much. The facility for like seven five percent of the day just straight grinding and getting ready for saturday calvin thinking about that experience. How do you believe like this last year is actually going to help you. Prepare performance your best at the senior bowl. You talked about grinding every day while you be better prepared to really shine at the senior bowl. I think it's just you know. I've had a lot of adversity on my journey to not play here at florida and i've always had to make the most of the reps that i was given and i know there's a lot of Very talented quarterbacks that are going to be at the senior bowl and you know it's all about just making the most of your wretched the day kyle. You talked about adversity there in. Obviously you're getting set for the sec. Championship game against alabama. But coming off a obviously disappointing lost to lsu and had another tight when a texas earlier in the season so you've dealt with adversity on week to week basis. You'll see a plane of play down there competing against the best at college. Football has offer in mobile in the senior bowl with the eyes of the nfl. Watching every move. Do you deal with that inversely. Whether it's playing and play a game beginning to while. I think that's what the quarterback position is all about. You know you're never gonna. Have you know the perfect game plan or near the perfect execution on every single drive by the thing is you just gotta adapt and make the most of every situation that you're thrown into now. Obviously we had a tough loss on this past weekend. But it's just another hurdle for this team to get over and orders focused on rebounding and how we respond to that loss and get better moving forward so so kyle draft fans out there. Follow this thing real closely to hear what daniel has to think about guys and bucky s to think about guys. But i want to hear from you got it throws in the football from a breakdown. 'cause area's tony for us in trayvon grimes to receivers. That are going to be coming here to mobile with you Well first of all. I just want to say. They're extremely hard workers. You know they've earned everything you see them do on saturday You know from the off season to treatment to taking care of their bodies and it all really just shows on saturdays when you see him making plays truly earned it and now lastly i just wanna say they're the great people have very explosive you know. Cadet areas I still don't know how. I'm still yet to see a team that can successfully cover him one on one because he's just so shifty and trae. Grimes is such strong hands. You can go up with anybody in america. So they're just To overall two special players well we look forward to seeing your connection with them and we wish you the best of luck against alabama and the sec championship game and can't wait to see data mobile. Kyle hanging out with us today. Actually thanks for having me great to chat their trash. Now looking among five quarterbacks committed so far to the twenty one reece's senior bowl. I know jim. You said you wanna see abe already with these first five. That's great starts real intrigue with these guys including jamie newman of course transfer from lake forest. George never played as a bulldog instead choosing to out of this season. But let's start with ian but open up the book for us on. Espn which excited to see from him. Data mobile yeah. We're really excited Playing in the game in red. I'll bring it back to a couple of summers ago when we were at the mana camp together. That's was my first exposure to ian book and as dj in bucky. No when you scott the quarterback position it starts with the feet right In just remember seeing in on the practice field that dangerous out bouncy he was as an athlete. That's really where it started for me. And then watch them the last couple of years and him to develop Coach kelly's talked about how many games he's won. And what a great job. He's done leading that program but to me. It's one of those guys. made a really nice late career jump. In his overall play just become more consistent. His field has gotten better for the position in the pocket moving around. He's really an underrated athlete. I think he can do a lot with his legs. So yeah he's he's a guy who really excited to get down here to mobile. You know jim. I'm excited to see in book but also etc etlinger. When i watched here from texas play he checks a lot of boxes. He's tough he's smart. He's athletic. He's super competitive. Any put this team on his back in key moments. I'm excited to see how he competes in a big atmosphere down into senior bolt. Yes santa here is one of those guys. I feel like we've watched him at texas for the last ten years off. Very one of those guys. I've got a couple more guys. In cal- amman is one in the same state there at tech say who feels like he's been their quarterback for jimbo fisher down there for about a decade. But he somebody. Jim talked about in book. Continue to progress into get better year after year. I think you say the same thing about killing monde. He has all the traits that you look for with the size of the armed strength athleticism. He's cleaned up some of the decision making this year. And i think you've seen texas am as a team. Make that leap forward based largely on the improvements from callan mind and then another quarterback traits. It's very intriguing. Ret you mentioned him there at the top. That jamie newman watching him at wake forest. I remember over the summer watching their talented wide. Receiver down there surat. Who opt out of this of this year as well and jamie newman just kind of knows. This guy's big. He can move around. He makes good decisions. He had was productive in some big games for them There at wake makes transfers. The georgia were excited to watch him. This year play for the bulldogs any decides last minute. No he's not going to play due to the pandemic and this is gonna be the first opportunity to get to see him in about a year so this is going to be a huge huge platform for him in the evaluation process. Well it'd be great opportunity for us to see. jimmy newman. And the rest of these quarterbacks trying to make their mark on the nfl scouting community and the senior bowl. Time back with you moved to stay senior bowl. Roster reveal show the look at the senior bowl except that invites at running back which includes the oklahoma transfer trae sermon finishing his career as part of a one two punch in limited action for ohio state this year. Also get a chance to see missouri's all time leading rusher as a running back. And larry rowntree the third jim. I know i'm coming excited to see this missouri tigers. Get down to mobile what we expect from him. Yeah rat works set about this whole group. Usually this one position group for the senior bowl. That's tough to get a lot of these. You know really talented running back jump juniors. We're just we're just lucky. This year that a lot of these guys stayed in and a lot of had nice late career jobs. But we're larry really excited about his game. I think he's one of the most underrated players in college football as you can see on the video. I mean he's got he's got contact. Balance is one of those guys that to me has that ideal running back body type in terms of being compact kind of low to the ground. He bounces out an awful lot of stuff and really the bottom line. He's just a hard guy to get on the ground so to see what he's done in the sec Over career in this year with a monster games This was a big gap for us. You know. Jim always excited to see a tarheel included on the list. Michael carter running. Back is really outstanding. Is that a fantastic's accurate. And when i look at him. I really like his toughness. Run inside and outside but really. He's an underrated. Pass catcher out of the backfield and as we look at the game evolving. How people are using the running backs as playmakers. I think michael carter offers some of that. He is going to be an intriguing prospect to monitor when he gets his opportunity to do his thing down in mobile and these running back prospects can look at last year. One of the last year is running back down a mobile antonio gibson as what kind of impact the senior bowl we can have on you doing. Great thanks. gibson is for the washington football team in his rookie season. Okay let's get to the pass catchers here starting with your wideouts that are going to the two twenty twenty one reece's senior bowl. You now know about the talented florida. Pass catchers senior bowl bound as we heard from kyle traff their quarterback arguably michigan's best offensive player this year nico collins opted out of the season but will showcase his skills in mobile how about. Uab's austin watkins junior. A cousin of chiefs wideout sammy watkins. One of the toughest covers conference. Usa the last two years also adding mobile guy stranger to bullet knockoff award consideration finalist as a sophomore and again this year it's oklahoma state's thailand wallace. Any joins us now thailand. So glad to have you here with us. Congratulations on your senior bowl. Invite or excited to see you down in mobile. It's been so fun to watch u Whether it's in stillwater. Around the big twelve year throughout your entire career such an explosive player. And i love this. Though about what your head coach. Mike gundy said about you recently said in his opinion he's made your football team so much better in the competitive leadership standpoint a give me a sense of what that means to you and and how you described yourself amongst your teammates. Obviously to get a comment from a head coach like bed. That means a lot to me. I think a lot of inches comes back. When i was little i was raised on the game was always compete during. Give it your all in Credit too much further. You know having him by my side my whole life. That definitely helped me a lot with him doing everything i'm doing with this playing sport ryan track playing football. Whatever it is he's always by my side and we're just going back and forth business while apple Well thailand let me start by saying we're excited to get you down here to mobile When you and i were going back and forth about a month ago about coming down here really excited finally get you down and get signed up just talking about your game. I think the school lists you at six foot. One hundred eighty five pounds. Whatever that is not the vegas not the report on the tape and you play bigger than that. You play stronger than that to me or one of those guys from a scouts take is like out the measurable. Just focus on what the tape looks like. Just talk about your game and what you think your strengths are bring what you're gonna bring the mobile definitely. I think you know that. Like i was saying i gotta get a lot of credit to the two towels raise. The fun game raised be competitive. Only beat korean people get receivers in cinemas on divas or anything like that with With our game so Yeah key strengths. I think for me is definitely hyperion in In this was barking. Just things that i think. A lot of receivers won't bring the physical aspect of the games. When i tried to do that. In my game talent you know going down there to a mobile as a blatant cough finalists. And we'll see hopefully bring home the hardware there. You're going to be a marked man. These corners gonna want to challenge you. They want to test themselves. Are you looking forward to that one. On one battle you're gonna get on a daily basis out their mobile. Oh yeah definitely. Of course you know always look to compete for Can't wait to get out to everybody. Do you know talent in thinking about what you can do one of things. That's really impressed That i've seen some really impressive your rowan ability when you look ahead to the nfl and guys that are able to do it. Row runners are really dominating. What is it about your ability to separate you from others. I think me artist also reading back into the county part of it. I feel like when. I'm kinda run. My routes all. I could you physical newbies Keeping brings that is no bringing that physical aspect in parts of the game. There might have worded it as being running walking more matter what anything it is. Just for well deejay many the belinda costs and oklahoma state. I guess could be considered bulletin. Nicole you i think the only fbs school with three bullet mccaw winners justin blackmon having one at twice and then senior bowl alum james washington also a winning it in. You've got a shot this year and look. I think it's i think it's pretty cool. Because you're production has positioned you among those greats in oklahoma state cowboy history. Whether it's for sean. Woods dez bryant blackman james washington. What does that kind of recognition to you. I mean obviously coming in. I earned about guys. The grace receiving corps that Ocean produce this year. That's part of the reason why i came here and just to be mentioned in the the names of all those guys. It's really just an honor listening. The you know even be in the talk with guys like that so i'm really blessed meaning. Sue tyler when you get down in mobile. You're gonna sit across from these scouts in general managers in one question. There they always ask is. Who do you pattern your game after. Is there anyone at the next level that you watch on tape that you try to take some stuff from you know i think all along you try to take keep me from each of the top guys obviously out of the gaza now but I think coming into you for guy here. Awasa lot of dez bryant and nothing. I feel like. I tried to model on and mike anymore so i think keeping for me coming wait. Reason why played wet plays because watching him. In the rate he plays the game. That's kind of what i'm on. Why game another one of those questions. You'll get from everybody. You talk to down there. Is you want to know about adversity. That you've been through it and what you've done to overcome at his ernie any adversity. You can think of on the field off the field that comes to your mind. Oh yeah. I mean Obviously me last year tearing mighty ceo. That was a big hit for me. I've never been sears. The engine like that before until that happens to me. That was big thing this offseason. We've that in Nineteen along in me and my rehab process. But i typed in the best i could out there trying to come back and be the guy that i was You're here for saw up like that was in keeping me going into this year. We know everybody that you know. I'm sitting saying the tylenol. Wallace oklahoma state cowboys joining us. Here on the move the sticks senior bowl roster reveals show thailand. Thanks hang out with us here today. We look forward to get you down a mobile get your role and maybe you can throw out the acts like bags like this bill. Thanks for having our guys continue the conversation now on the wideout group heading down to mobile. We heard kyle. Trask kyle trask scouting report on his teammates at wideout going to be at the senior bowl bucky. I wanna get your take on these guys starting with trayvon grams. Give us a sense of what you expect to see from him. Well aspects ray-ban grounds will be a dominant performer. Watched him since he was in high school. He has a lot of detroit's that nfl will love. He's big he's physical. He has great hands with contested balls and he has a physicality about him that is going to make a natural number one receiver. So we'll compare them to like a poor man's mike evans in in terms of his ability to play big down the field in jim. How 'bout his teammate. There is running. He's running mate. Yeah similar to what bucky said about and seeing tracing high school. I've been watching. Canarias tony since high school here in mobile. I kind compared to across between deebo samuel dante hall the chiefs receiver. He's got that short area. Change direction to make you miss. And then he's got that power in a small bodies got power that deebo samuel has so one of the top makers in college football this year. He's going to put on a show in mobile and as someone in similar to him. That's really had a bust out here for western michigan. His ds courage. He looks like he's playing at a completely different speed than everyone else on the field. And the mac this year go to run for three has been dynamic in the return game and receiver so right. Now you don't hear escorts talked about with this upper-echelon receivers and i feel like coming automobile. You will this. Is a group assembled here. Jim i would just add one. More amari rodgers who's an ideal slot. Somebody that you can use on some of the fly sweeps as well as let him separate in the middle of the field. It's going to be fun to watch him. And the one on ones but overall this is an impressive group of white outs You've put together. Let's also look now at the tight end group heading to mobile kyle. Grants of smu is a terrific story. With at a real crossroads in his football career after leading rice found a home. Smu broke the ball on the field sixteen career touchdowns productive off it. He started his own. Nonprofit organization called cages kids to inspire children than develop the same love of reading that collins enjoyed his whole life a really cool story there for to see and that crew down tight end in mobile. Well when it comes to the recent senior bowl the twenty two thousand twenty one edition it is gonna be a notre dame affair you see here on the list. Six notre dame players are gonna be in mobile to compete with the finest in the country. And we couldn't be more excited to have the head coach of the notre dame fighting irish joining us right now and that is brian kelly coach. I know this is crazy week. Forty you've got citing day. You've got the biggest game of the season playing for an acc championship this weekend. But i know this is a special thing for you to see all these guys get honored and get a chance to compete. No doubt in and to be part of the senior bowl in. Jim does such a great job in not only its organization but You know giving these kids an opportunity to show themselves in a manner that allows them to practice allows them to you know go through a day where they get. The opportunity to be seen by coach is a real scouts national scouts. Gm's and i really think it's the best opportunity for these young guys to to really get a great evaluation. Well coached kelly first of all. Thank you for being on the show today and helping us on this roster before we kick into bucky. I think he's gonna hit you up on your quarterback. I just wanna say. Thank you for your cooperation. Throughout this fall in your staff does a great job so we are just here at the senior bowl. Were excited to get a bunch. Six guys down down here to mobile this year. Well they'll be there We weren't certain that any games we're going to be played now to get one more game in Hopefully we've got some more or less than us as well but They're excited about the opportunity. You know coach and talking about your program. Your quarterback in book has been fantastic when quarterback in notre dame history share a little bit about him. And why you expect them to do well in this environment. Well i think first of all you know. He's been in the bright lights you know. He's he's had the scrutiny. He's he's had people tell them that You know obviously he hasn't. He hasn't done things necessary for him to be a great quarterback in and certainly all he's done is win football games and so you know it's again beauty's in the eye of the beholder a but as a head football coach for me you know. Thirty career wins most in school history. Big wins look. You know taking your football team down Against in the normal team the country with a you know a minute nine left on your six yard line In book is that kind of player. You can see him in the pocket. Got great feet keeps plays alive and just has the ability in that savvy to make nests year coach. Notre dame has done a a great job. We've talked to you about this over the years of producing offense lineman we've got to in this game with robert keynesian liam aiken burg. I wanna ask about specifically in terms of the tackles. I know a lot of guys. When i watched him. I'd jotted down some comparisons of some of the other guys that you've had there but i'd love to get your take just how these two players stack up with some the other guys you've had that have gone on to have tremendous success at the next level so i can. I mean one of the things that he brings. I think that is similar to the other guys is linked but more importantly he's very physical at the point of attack and both guys that we're talking about in terms of comparison. You're talking about ronnie stanley. You're talking about a mike mcglinchey as well as left tackle position. Both of those guys were extremely athletic. Maybe even or athletic liam liam brings a little bit more of a point of attack powerful Positionally as a player and so again. I think he is is the next one in line of excellent pass. Blockers strong with his hands move is feet very well in very smart and instinctive as an offensive line. He has an b. fbi that is outstanding in terms of being offensive line position coach here at the senior bowl. We kind where we're of where college football and the nfl intersect. And i'll say this bence chronic your wide receiver was maybe the best free agent signing and all college football this year. He's right up there with With the best of them coming from northwestern a lot of people might not know a lot about him. But you know he's almost six three two hundred and twenty pounds going to jump thirty eight forty inches from what. I'm told but just really really good tape. You know the game. There's there's a bunch of games where he's come up big. Can you just talk to us a little bit about ben. Yeah i mean he's deceptive in a lot of things that he does. I mean you know. I think people look at him at first take and they go okay But but then he'll go up and get the football from ya. He's he has a A guy that will stick his nose in there and he will block you downfield. He will do all the dirty jobs. He'll play on special teams He'll go across the middle. He'll make catches in look. I mean this guy is going to make your roster better. I mean an when we're talking about enhancing rosters Is is is. He going to be a guy that scores you know will fuller like touchdowns. No no he's not but he enhances your roster to be able to do a little bit of everything he can be on the field in short yardage he can be in the red zone area. He can be a third down guy that that you can be in a bunch set and he can run pivot routes with his big body. It's just a guy that enhances your roster so many ways you know coach. Flip over to the defense side of the ball. Your cabin daily. Hayes has been fantastic. What do you like about him. How do you expect him to perform well. This guy is on the rise. I mean that's the nice part about it. You know as a head coach. One of the things that i love watching is the development of guys later in their career many times you see guys plateau out as they of reach that third and fourth year. He is now starting to reach his potential of what we thought he would be. Early on is dynamic. He's got great athletic ability. The game is now starting to slow down for him. I think the game was one where he had to learn about it. When he first came in he was a raw player. He understands the game a lot. More as suddenness torment in the industry to him. I think his his ceiling is Is really large and somebody's going to get a really good football still on the rise. Yeah coach you're probably answer this question similarly to you just answered buddies but audio guizhou on the other side your book and and going back to last year with kareem and okwara. Those are two guys we had committed last year. got injured But you saw these two guys coming up behind him. And you're excited to see what. What's it gonna look like when they're become full-time starters. Can you comment a little bit as well. Long athletic plays with a great motor. Just just a passion Implying the game and he's got a lot of tread on the tire. He hasn't played very much football. It was sitting behind two really good players for the last three years so again. Another guy that you know will continue to get bigger faster stronger. He's got the measurable 's that you want from a guy that can play off the edge and a guy again that you're gonna. You're gonna get on your roster. He's going to be able to help you in in all phases of the game in terms of special teams and Short yardage can come off the edge He's he's gonna be a good football player down the road as well coach. It seems like just last last week we were sitting up there in the booth and in watching senior bowl practice. And you're commenting on seeing guys like chase claypool out there making plays and here. We are a year later. And we've got a bunch more notre dame players come in to compete in mobile. We can't wait to watch and we thank you so much for your time today. Base guys thanks for having me on. I appreciate it six roster senior bowl roster reveal show given you look at your offensive linemen acceptances powerful pair from one of the best lines of college. Football alabama's dante brown in landed dickerson coming to mobile in one of the coolest invites this year. Washington legends super bowl champion quarterback and senior bowl hall of famer doug williams informing david more of his on the moderate rambling state university. That he had been invited to the senior bowl and opportunity. Doug call doesn't mention of the top of the show the opportunity of a lifetime. Also the highest rate of hcc you prospect on the board this year in addition alabama notre dame. The ohio state buckeyes duo ending mobile. Unfair month for an in jim. Little bit of a surprise today for everyone who's been following. Your acceptance is on twitter buckeye center. Josh meyers is in yeah we. We tried to hold back a couple over the weekend. Some late acceptances for the show had to spice it up a little bit. Make some breaking news. We're excited about josh meyers. They treated him as a senior last week. Their last game in columbus he. He can play guard. He can play center at the next level Definitely starter will guy. Were excited about him. And then trey. Smith has been an all american the past couple of years at tennessee. Big powerful guard can also play tackle. So those are two big ads on the offensive line in. Dj mentioned the alabama pair. No you've been a fan of landing dickerson out of alabama gives us a sense of what you like about him. While he was somebody that was. I was learning too early in the season. Where people like you around. You gotta watch this kid from alabama and just watch how he finishes. He is so violent and so nasty physical he's got interior flex play center. Glazed guard spot. He is outstanding player. Who i think enters the senior bowl process is a top fifty pick who could potentially find his way even into the first round what they saw performance down there and then also there's another one who's big and nasty and physical and that's seven jenkins they're at oklahoma state. First game i watched on him was against texas and they have a talented edge rusher and they were playing this game. You want to talk about finishing. There's one where it's blindside esque where he drives defender all the way off the field on the bench. I mean he is a physical physical tough player so both those guys are day. One starters in the nfl who have a chance to get into that first round discussion here with a good week in mobile well his head coach. Mike gundy agrees with your assessment of his strength calling uncharacteristically strong. He watched him in a weight room this summer and he was just throwing up to twenty five thirty five times and nobody was even county. Is that strong That's that'll be fun to watch. In the one on one periods one of our favorite periods of practice all week in mobile. And let's get a look at the guys will be going up against offensive linemen the other half of the d. line one on ones these guys up front on defense from the undefeated. Coastal carolina shot declares from the aqua turf. The hancock stadium and will be able to run john jackson. A bronco league gerski award finalist is in also interior. Tae kwon a grant from texas won't play. In the longhorns bowl games. He prepares the senior bowl and the draft in a aim to matches big-time production. Carlos boogie basham from the wake forest demon. Deacons is in the game. And on the show with us now. Well boogie great to have you here with us. Okay wait to see you. Get on the field. Don hancock whitney stadium on the campus of south alabama in this year's senior bowl and look. I know it's been kind of a tumultuous last two weeks for you having tested positive for covid nineteen. Give us a sense of of where you are. Now your recovery and higher feeling. i'd just previously tested negative. Yesterday is getting better as days off. But i will just say darren cove. It was terrible. You know this chills a losing taste and smell and just pretty much. Everything kind jeter. Glad you're feeling better. We're excited to get you down here to mobile. Really defensive line is one position group that can really help themselves down here especially when they can rush the passer which you can do and watching your tape. You're one of those guys that you can move up down the line. And you can affect the quarterback for multiple alignments. Where do you. where do you like rushing the from. Where do you feel the most comfortable. Where do you feel like you're gonna make the most impact at the next level me personally. Obviously russia from five technique. This guy again a better philo of using my moods encounters and also russia three tech as well. You know sometimes inside the garza is quickest tackles argues my. I'm just curious when you evaluate your own game buggy and you and you look at something. Maybe that you would say you're calling card right now. What you major. And then maybe an area you're looking to improve and you can use that opportunity down there in mobile to show people. You've made strides in that area as well as my biggest thing is probably just playing aggressive. My motor this is probably myself off of a and i'll say today i wanna work on down there. Probably so case in a more passwords moves in the ones. I developed as a season in one of booking and thinking about wanting to showcase more moves. Guys that you still your pattern your game. After recently i just started watching more of a new markets lawrence with the cowboys. He's very very physical. A mommy of him. So i just started watching more of his to eight more of his game out he plays in before before i caught covert hours in hotel started watching more take one him and just shot you know elements and things that he uses in my game. Well that's awesome. You are a disruptor on the backfield man. I know i signed to streak of twenty three straight games with a tackle for loss. You make living back there. I i read recently that you said you ain't going to the woods and just not being cooped up in one place all at once. So is that how come you end up. Finding yourselves in. The opponents backfield all the time. You don't like their scrimmage. Just i hate being stuck in. You know some places last nominee homework. I try to find some places where not many people ask. My mind is not think about football. Sometimes it's kinda like just free. Just okay so boogie all summer. We had the name. Carlos bathroom on your tag on our board and then we got brought to my attention. You go by buggy. So let's clear up right now before all the media come down here and ask you where buddhi comes from. Where's boogie conference moms of anger. On up a houston. Watch me a lot. You know she uses. Hold me now jumping around doing little deaths here and there. She called me boogie. Analysis kind Fantastic i want to show you a little social media clip here. We had a view on the basketball court. Because i know we're scouting roy's looking to defensive linemen. We like to see if they do have a little bit of a basketball background. I think that you've put that to bed. We can answer that question with this video right here as you throw down. So i'm curious. I've got two questions forever was supposed to have one left but i've got to number one. How much did your basketball help you in your development as a football player and number two if you had to rank these three programs in the state of north carolina wake forest apps state and north carolina. How would you rate those three programs. You know basketball health just getting a better fill my body. You know move side to side especially conditioning a plant in the summer. It ain't get a condition right before today's high school it didn't ranking those three programs. You know wake is obviously my team and then you go. Wake all usc at all. Come on man. I seen these helmets. This thing that's been seen as he sees it the long beach it is you won the ana palmer award as you know like a very distinguished award every force best bill. Athey what does it mean to you. Know is not neji when football program but people all across athletics in wake forest recognizing the going on enough to be thankful you. We'll buggy one for me real quick I know you had a teammate. Opt out there this year but you decided to stick with your teammates. Just talk to us about that decision of me. Personally you know built a ton of lacey with guys on the team. That's price myself is just relationships because you never know how long what you may need less for life. Seen how both la is Three of my best friends their fiftieth soon. As were you know. There's there's off me by accident with. I don't know it was like it came down to the wire. I'm just like you know. Allow yacht three. You know we came in together. We might as well finish it together. Then there's just a relationship. I had with the coaches as well. You know they. They do a great job book. Lot of love. In his deficit live room is just was so close. You know that's like running is an only child just like guys my brothers. This well guys coach clause in your coach. Bogey commented on how proud he is of you because of your leadership. I think we saw it on right there in your commitment to your teammates. Your coaches into the wake forest program ended up. We can't wait to see it on display down mobile but you thanks for spending some time with his family. Look for two senior quarterback's down there all right. Thank you all right now. Let's get a look at your edge. Rusher heading heading down to mobile for the twenty twenty one reece's senior bowl fighting kurt warner's sitting edge rusher to mobile with ellison smith accepting his invite. How about a couple of big tenors. On the way as well with jonathan cooper of ohio state continuing the lineage of talented pass rushers in former buckeyes shock. Tony penn state. Absolute game wrecking ability. Coming off the edge. Jim is we look back. You're at the entire defensive. Line group gives us a sense of how you evaluated these guys. Yeah a lot of different flavors. You're you're going to be. You're going to be able to find something you like out of this group. We are excited about the two pit. Players held back patrick jones until today. So that's the announcement on the show that patrick jones's come in just a pure edge rusher whereas rashad weaver has a little more versatility but both really good players probably solidly both on day. Two right now depending on which. Nfl team you talk. Do they have might at one guy over the other the boats squarely on day to interest. You see where they can get in the process if they can get themselves into the late. I and there was a couple juniors just to kind of tease this thing out. A couple of juniors in the address grew that we're gonna add here in the next days now that their seasons are over. We assume that they will be coming on our on our twitter site in the next couple of days jones. The guy stands out that is going to be an outstanding player. The next level. Morbid wilson from florida state follows since high school number one recruit coming out of texas. He's been as good as advertised for the seminoles. Six five three. Oh four grace is great. Length does a great job of playing with power but also like athleticism. He is someone who has a chance to be very disruptive player at the next level. Aren't back here on the move. The sticks senior roster reveals show presented by zacks vs with a look at the second level defenders heading to mobile your linebackers. The ohio state buckeyes planning their flag amongst this group with a pair of second level defenders including tough borland. The guy that's been a standout for his entire career. Mainstay therefore the buckeyes and gm also looking at a linebacker. Amidst the down. Your at lsu in djibril cox who really stood out. Yeah we we were really excited to get djibril cox and you go back to last year. The north dakota state tape for the bison played them. It really is a star position. He was really outside the box. And you saw him running hit you love the speed but get an lsu this year and seen him play. More of a traditional linebacker role is exactly what the nfl is looking for right now to position he can play in space. He's got speed. He's instinctively saw that this year So really exciting player. It added the game. Yeah i'll tell you what. I'm keeping an eye on another linebacker in that group. And that's tony fields who i saw play at the university of arizona's a young player and pile up a ton of numbers very productive to have season in the pac twelve so he transfers the west virginia. And he's done exactly what he did. Arizona tackling machine if you want inside linebackers off the ball linebackers. That can really run and cover. That's what he gives you now. The question is going to be any bank. Can you take on blocks. That'd be something we'll get to see down there. And some of those nine seven periods down there in mobile but man. This is a productive productive football player. Dj when you talk about productive. I like malcolm codes from university of buffalo when you think about his steady improvement throughout his career. He has shown the ability to consistently get to the quarterback and even though the numbers are down this year because of the schedule. I just liked the fact that he is growing. He's improving. He gives you some of that. Versatility that you like. And he understands how to get the quarterback down there's always value finding players of prospects who have the ability. I'm a game. Changing players on both sides of the ball for the bulls of buffalo this year excited to see malcolm coon says we look now at the cornerbacks out there trying to shut down some of these wide receivers provide some run support as well out the render. Ambery thomas a real interesting study when we get to senior bowl week opted out of this season at michigan after earning plenty of preseason recognition as a guy who would have been the best defensive back in the big ten conference and jim another guy that we're looking at here the cornerback list for darius williams out of oklahoma state. What does he bring. the gyro. Darius was one of our most improved players on our board this year Really benefited from twenty. Twenty tape is a guy you know. We talked to the coaching staff there at oklahoma state. He is greedy. Williams little brother. But i liked that. He doesn't like to be known as williams little brother. He wants to make a name for himself and what stood out on tape. This year was just playing with a calm. He's trust in his technique. He's he he just looked like that. There's no panic these finding the volleys play in the ball. So he's one of those big corners that we feel like it's going have a big week down here speaking of big fast athletic corners. Robert rochelle from central arkansas. He's going to be named. You hear a lot about after the week down their mobile but when i'm looking forward to watching i mentioned earlier about amari rogers from clemson in the slot. Well we've got somebody they can cover them in mold. And i i think he's gonna be one of the better nickel prospects in this entire draft class. I think he can play high as a safety if you wanted him to do that. But very instinctive washington has put out a ton of db's over the last decade. And he's next in line so him versus my rogers. That's my early matchup on keeping an eye on and he's got the lineage as well as alex molden a first round. Pick of the new orleans saints back in nineteen ninety-six nfl draft all right. Let's get to the safeties in this year's Senior bowl game and looking at a couple of guys from georgia by the way a senior bowl high right seven acceptances from georgia. This year. Heading down to mobile for the senior bowl. Schon davis also. They're out of florida and Jimmy no you're also excited about richie grant. Yeah really excited about what richard grant screama being. He's he's a do it. All safety really can play back in the middle of the field. He's got ray great instincts on the back and he's got an opportunistic knack for going up and making plays when they need to be made and he's the guy that will come down hill and run alleys in run support. Really a physical tackler. So if you're looking for an interchangeable safety that can play for you can play strong. Really good athletes space richie grants you got an gym. Some might say we saved the best for last in talking about the specialist in the kickers because last year one in the headlines of the practice week was watching tyler basket out there and just absolutely bombs. Some field goals. He was a terrific player. Done a mobile has been a great ticker as a rookie for the buffalo bills or something kicker she got lined up this year. Yeah and we had hot rod last year. I think rodrigo blank right. It might be leading the league in scoring right now. I'm not sure i know. He's having a great year too. But jose borg. Alice from miami really are calls around the league he was. Everyone's top rated kicker in this year's draft. We're excited about him. And then riley memphis is a guy that is really rebounded and had a great last couple years there for memphis talking to their staff. They're really high in the league. Likes them too. so we do. We lean on the league for some of these specialists invites to bring the guys. They wanna see those two. Were the top two kickers and get a chance to see him in another great competitive environment all right so that we have unveiled on the entire senior bowl roster thus far. I know some move still to be made here. Jim then you can check out the senior. Twitter account gyms twitter account for the rest of the senior bowl acceptances of this year of. Let's get some final thoughts here as we are. What about forty six days from the senior bowl so dj lead saw well for may first of all. I'm thankful that the gym is chosen. This platform be able to introduce these rosters to everybody because this is kind of the launch of the draft season teams. You've had a bad year. It's been a weird year with with all that's going on in the world so if you're team was a little bit down this year you can start getting excited about twenty one and what's to come and this senior bowl processes kind of the kickoff of draft season and buck. I know down there in mobile. That's always our favorite week of the year. It is always favor week of the year going back to when i had an opportunity plan to ninety four senior bowl it means a lot to see these guys compete in other thing that i'm going to keep my own is just how many of these guys compete. How many guys take their games up. Watch they're playing against some of the best players in the country. Well i appreciate what you guys have done to provide this platform and really elevate our game over. The last couple of years can't enough were excited about this year you know. I think there's been a lot of talk about our. We gonna have game or not. Have a game we've been pretty steadfast and that we're going to have this game. We owe it to the nfl. We ought to these players. It's been a hard year on both sides from the players perspective and the teens perspective and we just feel like this is the best platform to bring those guys together in. Really get this drafts. This draft process cranked out so again we feel we feel really good about our process. Our plan keeping everyone safe and we're to get everyone down here to mobile mon- jim we're counting on you man. We're counting on we need. We need the senior bowl this year. we need the. We need twenty twenty one to kick off with a bang. Can't wait to get down there in january and get senior bowl week ticked off again. Hancock whitney stadium and the campus of south alabama playing host for the first year. That's going to be really cool to see. You can catch all the senior bowl. Practice recaps regular nfl network. Tuesday january twenty sixth through thursday. The twenty eighth all eight. Pm eastern time all of course leading up to the twenty twenty one reece's senior bowl saturday january thirtieth two thirty eastern time. Kick all here on. Nfl network four daniel jeremiah for bucky brooks in or the executive director of the senior bowl. Jim nagy. I'm read louis front by working hard on this show behind the scenes. We thank you so much of for watching the senior bowl roster will show presented by axes.

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