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You're that saw I. It's my understanding that that has hit number one on all the billboard charts Because it's played to intro the steam room the second most popular podcast in the history of media a are now. I think when you get a theme song you have physically made it. I think so too. I think so too if imagine if that if that had lyrics to it. I'm after work on some lyrics to the steam room theme song. We gotta get us a famous single. They like put some words into it. Okay Yeah we'll work on that too will I'll I'll write the music and we'll get someone to to sing the theme song for the Steam Room. Anyway we're spinning our wheels here at the outset and I hate it when we do that because we have so much to get to today. Nick Sabin is going to be a guest here in the steam room today also The Malam Brothers Adam and Craig the brains behind the game of zones which is absolutely brilliant coverage of the NBA. From a game of thrones standpoint. Tim Kylie will be along as he is Almost every week so we got a lot to get going and and this is This is going to be a very very entertaining Podcast despite which you may have already heard so far which has been a kind of boring but it's never boring when Charles brings us first of all I could listen to them. Iraq Harry Song. Every day I met blow a few times in my life. That's a pretty man. First of all personal caroline another thing. I don't even think kills the thing I I never used Kalani. Come on. I'm serious. Well early almost say some product to the set of wide back so there is a guy riding a unauthorized biography about me is name is Timothy. Bella so I've had a bunch of my friends in the last six months to a year calling me and asking me to comment on the book. What I've what I have told my friends is. I have nothing to do with the book. I'm not involved in any form shape whatsoever. I left it up to them to speak to this guy but I think he's inferring that I'm involved in the book and I just WanNa make it perfectly clear and listen my close friends. I don't talk to this guy. I'm sure that the France for a reason but I have not told anybody not to talk to this guy. I don't know him at all. Have anything to high But I just wanted to feel that because I keep getting my friends like you'll what do you think dude? I've told you I'm not involved with the book. If you WANNA talk to this guy as to do I will never break your confidence us to do so. I just WanNa make that perfectly. I wished this out nothing but the best but I just WanNa make it clear. I got nothing to do with the book. If you WANNA talk to this guy you can't I got a question for you. Yes 'cause I've gotten a number of emails from this very man and I have not reached out to you to ask about it. I don't know anything about him. I just knew that given the fact that you were not part of this that I'm not GonNa do it so I just don't feel I mean chuck if you were sold on it and you're like Oh yeah hey If you hear from him I'm I'm all on board with this. Go ahead but now can't I can't see myself doing that either. So first of all I don't feel like I have anything to hide him. I I am who I am what I am but see. I always get nervous when you got people calling me. I have spoken to since I was in high school. It is what it is. I can say about a WanNa talk to him. That's fine but like I know my good friends like you'll man because you have a relationship with people you're really conversations of private school even when we speak about new different interviews earn as a earn. A you you cooperating with this whether it's HBO whatever asses you'll man. I'M NOT GONNA discuss early. Learning wants to be discussed but like I say man. I'm very lucky and blessed a great place in my life but I just wanted to make my position clear and it's loud and clear if it's not something that you're that you're onboard with and I'm not going to be on board with it either so So there you go for your first of all anything else on your mind. Yeah I WanNa wish pad the best Found last couple days. He's in a hospital in Atlanta. With the corona virus. Pat Dye is Auburn. He's a he's been Helluva coach. He's a auburn man. So I just WanNa wish Pat Bada Best. Were Damn Eagle and now that you say that I mean how interesting here than on on this show. We'll have auburn represented as you talk about. Pat Dye at Alabama represented by Nick. Saban the legendary head coach of the Crimson tide. Who Will Join US next here? On the steamer for businesses around the world today isn't a restart it's a rethink that's why they're partnering with. Ibm retailers are keeping their systems up as millions of orders move online call centers are using IBM Watson an influx of customer questions with AI and solutions built on the IBM cloud are helping doctors care for patients remotely. Today we're rethinking how business moves forward. So let's get to it. Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT com slash. Think to learn more. We welcome you back to the Steam Room. The second most popular podcast in the history of media You can look it up. It's right there and chuck say the two words special guests nick. Sabin joins US head coach. University of Alabama This is a steam room highlight for US coach. We appreciate your being here. Please keep your keep your towel on. That's the only steam room rule that we have and I. I know that you and chuck stir go back a little a little ways. I was looking at a looking at a one on one interview. You guys didn't Tuscaloosa about four years ago. I remember that you know Charles to me an outstanding job you know sometimes when people interview you feel a little bit like you gotta stay guarded. You can't be yourself. I think that people can basically who can disarm you a little bit. Make you feel comfortable which I think he does a great job of I'll maybe it's because I have such respect for him as a player when he was a player and incident mitral piece in the last dance. Even though you guys didn't end up winning it was really a great team that you had when I was at the Cleveland. Browns actually saw that team play. So yeah we do go back. I do appreciate Charles Competitor Great Player. He's a great job from a media standpoint and I always enjoy doing stuff with them coats. Obvious how many years you've been coaching I don't know I'd have to figure out my first year. Coach it was nineteen seventy-three. I was a graduate assistant for coach. Don James can't stay so you can do the math on that. So what is it twenty twenty now a long time own fifty years pretty soon here coach. The reason I asked that question is is this longest. You've ever stay steal my question. Yeah it is. It is the longest I ever stayed still. And and I think we kind of go through stations in life where in a were aspiring to something or whatever and my career was a little bit different than a lot of times. College coaches are college coaches. Nfl COACHES NFL coaches. But for whatever reasons I kinda went back and forth and on our get opportunity in college get an opportunity in the NFL. Then I go back to college so as that progressed. I always not like I wanted to be a head coach in college. I but since I coached Nanna fell for six years. I thought the ultimate goal was to be a coach in. Nfl SOM so I wanNA went to Lsu. We won the National Championship. I said okay. This time was the opportunity Miami Dolphins spray place. But you learn about to sell and we didn't have free agency when I was a coach in the NFL in Houston oilers Cleveland Browns. Which completely changed the dynamics of your team. I am in a lot of ways. It's good for the players. I'm not complaining about it but I've never experienced that I so when I went to the dolphins over the salary cap didn't have any draft picks I made was a tough situation and I found out man. I get so much more positive self gratification. Being a college coach I so I just hope it someday. I can go back to a coach so instead of climbing the ladder. I finally sort of figured out. This is what I'm all about what I WANNA do. And I felt fortunate to be able to get an opportunity to plays like Alabama so once I got here I was thankful and head. Gratitude forgetting your. And we've never ever wanted to league really coach aside from the obvious thing of salaried players versus college. Kids what is the Fundamental Difference Between Coaching at NFL player? Coaching College Layer. And do you have to change? Who you war in that in that Setting I I don't really think there's a whole lot different so I think if you're a good coach in Charleston. Probably ever a good opinion on this too I would be entered sedate. Your what he has to say about a players respect you The motivation is different. You know in college in our players are trying to be better player so they have an opportunity maybe to develop a career as a player so they can make money for their family or whatever is their motivation is a little bit different. I think once you become a professional player out then you WanNa make as much money as you can you out for as long as you can. And there's really nothing wrong with that. So the motivation is different. But if you're a good coach and you can help a guy in either one of those scenarios sort of accomplish the goal that he has ordered a college flair one planning. Nfl Sunday or a professional player who wants to extend his career. I never felt like on the field. Coaching teaching working with players was really any different. The difference is is. What is the motivation? One is totally driven by in money. And the other one. You know you've got young. People who have goals and aspirations and dreams are trying to accomplish and so it's just a little bit different motivation but actual coaching of the player. I think that's one of the most the greatest misconceptions that people have they say well. This guy's a star player. He's got to be hard to coach. Probably listening to the coach. I I never found that to be true at all. I like you know they still want to be good. I still respect the coach now. I think that the premiums probably needs to be on the word good because I think If a player sees coaches a phony or doesn't really know what he's talking about any probably gonNA respect but Fortunately unfortunately I never felt like I ever had to deal with. That was plagued. He's right college players. Most of think they're gonNA get to the pros so they're gonNA LISTEN. To coaching and then a pros they just WANNA win A. That's the bottom line. Everybody wants to win. You don't get some knuckleheads here. There who Michael Listened to coaching. Got A big agenda but I think most players want to win two kids from from a culture standpoint. I think the only difference between content roses. Most all of the players are gonNA listen to you in college and as you saw his last dazzling thing with Michael. You can't coach. Dennis Rodman the same way you coach other guys and to meet a pro czar. You're more your coaching. But you psychologists also I mean because a bill belichick who is great coats trying to close Dennis Rodman. I don't think it would work. I mean the biggest different you have to adjust the personalities in NBA. That's the biggest difference like you can take Scotty Pippin. Who's a great player bike? I'm not gonNA play 'cause I WANNA have They're not gonNA pay me some way to have surgery right now. Man You gotta play so that was an interesting thing about it. Hold back a memory. You got to see all aspects of the pros because Ernie I'll tell people they say what's your biggest takeaway from the last as I says to think about this. You see all the internal conflict going on between coaches and players clears players coaches and general managers and Ernie they won six championships. Your all the crap that goes on bad teams and except that they won six championships and they still got all this stuff. So the piggyback on coaches point. I think the hardest thing for coach. He is man. Like I got to make all this thing where everybody's got their own agenda but how pull it together for the betterment of the team to be the biggest difference one of the things that I sort of piggyback onto that was I felt my experience as a? Nfl Coach for eight years was probably the best experience in terms of my professional growth and development as a coach because of this one point which trolls sort of to before I went in the NFL announce a college coach. I'd really coached every player. The same coach. Same Technique. I treated him all the same So being fair and honest with players intriguing them all the same is not. It's different okay so when I learned in the NFL. I is that you have to coach a player for his style of play as well as as personality in other words. You can't treat everybody the same I in you like. I have frank minutes failed to never some balls in. Cleveland could not be two different kind of corners. Frank was a smaller guy. Rapes fee great. Change of direction. Bray burst really good. Cover Guy was a big Guy. Long arms not real fast but both theory affect the player but their style of play could not been any so. I had to learn how to coach. One guy and a half turn who wasn't a great backpedal. Gosh and the other guy the need to plan half turns you so you have to learn how to coach every guy for what he can do that has been the greatest asset for me coming back to college after that experience. Because you reach so many more players you know you'd see a guy like breaker replay. Your Russ's Long I. He needs to play like every. Mostly I got somebody else like Cyrus Jones. He needs to play. Like fragment official play I so you learn how to get the more and more players now from a physical standpoint but also from a psychological emotional standpoint and I think that that's something that has helped us be successful because we're we're able to get more players to reach their full potential because we don't treat everybody the same you got to be fair and honest. Chantrey them all the same. I learned that coaching and the NFL. Does it ever get personal for you when you'RE COACHING? Your coach to the guy on the other side. Is it ever personal now? No not really coming. You know. There's a lot of guys out there for me. Now that are actually have programs are the of their own in their great job in their programs but now I have a tremendous amount of respect for the guys that because he did a great job when they were here with us or work with us and knowing that it's their goal in aspiration to be able to get the opportunity to be head coach. Because that's what they wanted to be And you know you you WANNA win. I'm and you WANNA win for your team on you WanNa win for your program And I'm sure you respect the fact that they won't win I've never been one like bill belichick in our in the same division. When I was at Miami Hughes New England. We're best friends. We coached together for a long time coach with his dad. So I've known as family for a long time. I wanted to beat him and I knew he wanted to beat us. And I respect that but dislike each other. You know there was no no. You don't have to hate the guy you're planning against. I two one win. A main competitor does not you have to dislike the person you're planning and that may be a motivating factor for you but it's not something that I've sort of relied on through the years you know. I mean I guess it's internal motivation what you want to accomplish versus external motivation. Which is all the things outside of you. That can motivate. You don't need depend on that you're going to be up down for sometimes. That's not going to be there. How confident are you right? Now you're going to play some football. I don't think anybody knows for sure. What the outcome's. GonNa be because I think a lot of its depend on What happens moving forward? I mean if we have a setback with this the spread of this disease. Does that set us all back in terms of what we're trying to do in terms of moving forward I know it's it's kind of everyone's goal to try to have a football season that starts when it's supposed to start like Labor Day weekend has normal schedule as possible. And there's normal playoff situation as possible but I I don't know if that's Owner be realistic or not. I'm hopeful I'm hopeful for the players. you know. There's a lot of players on your team that are looking forward to this season so that maybe they can enhance their value and have an opportunity to play the next level. There's a Lotta guys would like to have a chance to win championship. Sec Championship. Whatever I and they worked hard to try to do that. And if they can play a normal season that's bothering the most the same thing with the with the players and participants. You missed all the spring sports whether it was. You know the golf team their baseball team softball team. Whatever you hated for the participants who worked so hard to have an opportunity announced taken away from through no fault of their own so That's a situation that we don't have to endure and a fall. Assam very hopeful that we'll be able to to play Abo- in some capacity. Now what are the guidelines be? Are we going to have fans? Are you going to have to wear a mask and stand now? Somebody sent me a picture of Georgia Tech Stadium and like nineteen eighteen nineteen seventeen while we were having a Spanish Lou and The stadium was full. They were playing a game. It might only twenty five thousand people back in those days but everybody had a mask. So is that a possibility for us to play for Bone Fox all to minimize you know the possibilities of transmission. I'm these are not decisions that are up to me. They're just things that I'm hopeful will happen there. I heard some conversation that and I really don't like the conversation that somebody's conference. Say A bigwig. Say we should play even if everybody can play What was your thought on that? Like just certain schools plan. I just don't think that'll be fair for the whole but a bitter. Well I I agree with you But let's just take the scenario. What if they can't play in California or they say they can't play in California we play? Usc First Game Tcu place cow for example game So what are they can't plan California but we can play. I which were we obviously can't play game maybe replayed TCU instead of southern cal. 'cause they can't play a a. California school was well but is a fair question to say just because California can't play. None of the other players can participate in play. So that that that's a pretty tough debate I will be for whatever. Players can participate to be able to participate in a may not be completely fair but at least some of the players would have an opportunity to enhance their value and their dream of what they're trying to accomplish as a college student athlete. So I get an Education. Amish is the most important thing. Prepare yourself when you can't play but we all know that a lot of these guys in all have frames plants. Next love a coach. You know or maybe adult. You broke my heart. Two years in a row of our side for the Crimson tide will be today Alabama. Grace Shorto works. I can admit that and I'm still working my way through it being Georgia guy a national championship game. Sec Championship game. How do you characterize those games? Because they were both awesome to watch obviously I. I didn't love the feeling I had in the parking lot afterwards but those college football games right there how do you? How do you describe? Well I think those are two great games. Remain both of them. Blow different scenario in terms of both games. We came from behind in both games. We change quarterbacks to replace Jalen one game Taylor in place to the other. I which I think was a great opportunity for both of those guys to support the other guy. I wish they did a nice job. Which goes a long way to express kind of team chemistry behalf on Georgia had really really good teams? They played extremely willing to game. I mean one play that have decided those James either way we have a tremendous amount of respect or you know Kirby and program as their Georgian players they have and those were. I mean they're great competitive games and and people should really really enjoy the entertainment that those games provide and I know we're all fans And we get emotionally involved in games like this is something we're going to be extremely happy and some people are going to be somewhat disappointed and I'm a resident Atta residents in Georgia to so Georgia do well but Winter Plan Austin. Not at the expense of you. That's for sure. Let me let me throw something out there before Charlton on your way but you talked about fans and it seems to be coached that I mean fans are make a difference in every sport or you know. It's it's huge for every sport but college. Football is is like in a League of its own in terms of tailgating and people from out of town alumni coming in Jilin the place in such inner. Could you see having a college football season without that well to see it To be honest with you because you know there's a spirit of that around college football that is unique to most anything else that I've ever experienced and So many people relate to and I I think in this E it's even more pronounced than anywhere else were country and I think because until I nineteen seventy or something. There were no And South so I don't care where you grow up in Alabama where you grew up in Hannah are Florida or wherever you wrote the in College Football Basketball. You grew up being a college fan. I there was no choice. Like Michigan State Michigan almost fifty six miles down the road. Notre Dame was seventy miles down the road. Detroit LIONS DETROIT Tigers Detroit Red Wings Amanda Detroit Pistons. You grew up as a kid. You had about ten different teams. You could choose to route four if you grew up in Alabama you either liked Alabama you like all. That's where it was. I mean there was. There is no Birmingham Diane's that plays the NFL for everybody route four. So I think that's one of the passion in the. Sec is what it is because some whole generation of people grew up being college football fans. So you have the pros or plan and the college or all tied into one in the SEC. Which I think is pretty unique circumstance. I would absolutely hate it. Either of those people couldn't participate and have fun that they have surrounding the spirit of college. Football game just is what it is. I mean even my kids as simple as it was when they were little it. Lsu logger she wanted to go seek Mike. The Tiger man indicate I. That's a part of the tradition of you know college football Cleveland Browns. When no when many Mike the Tiger to go see I mean it's a different venue either. Still same fans saying kind of action. It's a little different spirit. I that goes along with those two things in a lot of people identify with their college and they have you know a lot of pride in tradition at their college has and you have to respect that. You know in terms of every school each plot. You know being from Alabama. So I'm there quite a bit and I got just a minute. Alabama fans is people auburn advance. You ever get frustrated. Like there's so much pressure on you to go undefeated if you lose. A game is like the end of the world. I get frustrated when I'm there. You obviously have worn so much and you you like if you gotTA LOSE ONE GAME. That's like the end of world there. Well you know. I think that you know sometimes we? We don't try to focus on the expectations that other people have in externally for our program. Marteen it's hard not to listen to the noise but we really do. Try to stay focused on the things that we could control. Which is how do we develop our team Outer Week trying to get our team to be the best that they can be. We have a high standard for what we want to accomplish. The do internally as a team so it's not dependent on what everybody else thinks I do know what you're talking about. I do feel that pain. Sometimes you know because of the expectation but I think the hardest thing for me as a coach to manage is how does that affect play because it does affect your plate. I am That's what I don't like. It creates anxiety because all the sudden not Flan for themselves and their teammates worrying about what everybody else thinks. And I'm not sure that's the best way have fun as a competitor and be the best that you can be at what you try to do. I rather be it from internally from you than externally from someone else but I do. I do know what you're talking about. I do know the feeling I try not to let it bother me at all and just a focused on what we can accomplish in what we can do internally in terms of being the best we can be but sometimes it's not realistic. I mean you can't look for starters. Front seven was the quarterback was great player. A leader Xtra teen later. You came on defense and not think that that's GonNa Affect the kind of team you have so sometimes you have good luck. I mean we went through the season's around here when we won the national championship. We had nine games. Missed by starters the whole or fifteen games last year. We had about ninety. I so to think that those two things are not going to have some impact in a positive way or a negative way is not really realistic. And I don't try to explain that to anybody kind of is what it is because they are fans they wanna be good. They WanNa be the best and I much rather be at a place where everybody wants to be the best place where they're satisfied with being Meteo doing pandemic I'm saying right. Now you Biz. Why some shows dead you did. Well what are they six out of the road because I missed? The first wounds was the best day was doing this pandemic. I like the last dance. I mean the other stuff that I watched. I watched with Misteri so she really has a little stronger than I have. What we watch so sometimes I just have persevered but who's got the remote She Gotta. Bats groundbreaking right there if I do. It's why we watch this. So what's Misteri happen? You Watch you know we watch things on net flicks or weaken her Amazon or one of those where you can watch one episode. And you're like Ozark. Are you an Art van? We watch those are Are Little fires or something like that. I'm through that that was pretty decent interesting. We're all over the map but those are two of my favorites. I think Chuck Schumer. We have just spent a about a half hour with a living legend here on the steam room while Ernie he already knows I I tell. People used the greatest football coach ever. He's always treated me great coach. I WanNa thank you. You made my life of down at Auburn. A COUPLE OF TIMES. A man is is and happy on this team but like I say man you. You're the best college football coach of her. And thanks what you do. So the state of Alabama. When I appreciate your Senator Charles but you know one thing that I've always admired about you and Bo Jackson. Both I mean you've always put the people of the state in front of all Burner Alabama. I know you're great San for your school and all that kind of stuff. But you've done some both of you have done so much. I because you're two guys that have you know tremendous reputations and influence to help a lot of people in the state and I think it would be a good thing for all of our fans Alabama and Auburn. A life that we can be the best fans the most passionate fans that we ever want to be. I but when it comes down to people and helping people we ought to come together and do that regardless of which school. We love the bossed and you do a great job. With the Sodas. Both thank you goes. I'm earning dog. Same thing from Georgia. I didn't know you're from Georgia. But you know yeah well class seventy eight. Uga know born in Milwaukee grew up in Atlanta but It's just fun to watch competitive good football. It's good it's good to root for your team. It's great to be in that atmosphere and you know somebody's GonNa walk away disappointed in. It's Kinda cute with you. But those are great moments in the can't you can't match that atmosphere in that place on at night man. It's awesome great Mozambique coach Sabin. I can promise you that. Thanks for thanks for piling on their stor. Recreate that hi guys. Hey we have a great day. God bless you and stay safe you and your family are Thank me on. Thank you right back at you coach. Thank you chuck. Are that some fun right there man. You Know Ernie they get mad at me down in Auburn sometime. I think probably four years ago. Say they call. It asked me to speak to his team and I know how sensitive does already people are. I tried like hell to keep it on the down. Low earning added to anybody and then so I was just set up a couple of months of the vessel. I'm thinking I tell my boys been Kosabe Sabit. I'm coming down to speak to the team. I gotTA keep it on the down. Auburn people going crazy flawed. Eight hours before I got all starts going crazy. How could you do that? I could you speak to them I said do nick. Savings are greatest college football coach ever. I'm hoping you don't ask me to cut his grass. Think about it if he's the. Hey Chuck why are you down here? Cut My grass. I'm GONNA cut his grass and it was and is Alabama's Winston. He's a Greek out. I'm not and we'll talk about me talking to these young kids and asa is an honor and a privilege for him to ask me and to speak what I was like. I tried to keep it a secret. I Know Arbor. People says about the time they don't get any better in the coaching ranks than the nick. Sabin man that was that was good stuff back with more on the steam room in just a second. I'm referee Aubrey Edwards and Johnny Shivani and the boss man himself. Tony Kahn. Returned to eighty w unrestricted when we heard the Florida Georgia down shutting down to and we needed tape as much. Content includes before that shutout. Listen HE W unrestricted powered by state farm for free. Wherever you get your podcast. We are back with more of the steam room. The the second most popular podcast in the history of Media Ernie Johnson along with Charles Barkley. And now we follow up Nick. Sabin with a pair of guests are geniuses in their own right. The malamute brothers Adamant Craig who created The game of zones it is just. I mean must see muggy it is just genius. Man at seven seasons were and now the seven season is ending. Please tell me I mean is this it. I know it kind of feels definitive from watching the last episode but is there. Is there GONNA be more in having at you know anything is possible? So so we'll see we'll stay here. This could be our Jordan playing baseball year. We don't know yet number one the stuff you put out there just so smart and I can say I'm not saying that the kiss up to you. Some of these these is say. Have you on floor rolling and we're talking about when I was doing Adam REPCO by gastarbeiter. I says you know. These guys are so talented Collide Leonard Gone to Toronto And acid man Grabbed this made me angel- Jaka Parnell Jake puddle Jimmy Butler team. That's hard. He's too big. I mean I'm on regardless of laughing. You guys just ran tastic man thank you. I appreciate it. One of the perks of sucking at basketball is that you get to be good at other things so once once. We learned that we weren't going to basketball where like I forgot drawl voices. It proves how dialed in you. Guys are all the storylines that are going on in the NBA. And it is one of those things like Chuck says where you can't just watch it once because you're gonNA. It's almost like watching Seinfeld. Had to go back and say oh I missed that little line and there but I do you go back and look for the details and I just wonder considering what you have used. Where do you draw the line? And did you had to have it. You had some really good stuff that made you owl when you were putting this together. Say Yeah but we. We can't go there. Yeah can't go there because that's the next episode. We've had a lot of stuff that We joke about but doesn't quite make the cut. We also have stuff that doesn't make the cut because for one reason or another things change like we have this great scene if the Celtics made it to the finals that year but they lost it in Lebron against the warriors we had great. We've great scenes for situations that don't always happen but as far as the like Easter eggs and stuff like that you know. We know that people watch our show actively like it's not they're not usually not sitting on a couch and just watching the show throughout their computer. The reading comments and so we put a lot of stuff in there and we don't pander and we just make smart jokes and let people figure it out in the comments because it's like a different kind of experience and so we wanna layer it with with stuff like that so that it's it feels like an active experience like you got to pay attention. We rely on that sort of the hive. Mind of the Internet to catch everything in the community can discuss it and you can pause the screen and you can scan the background for whatever you WANNA see in it whereas if you're watching on TV you can't really pause a screen and look at those Seinfeld background you know. Technically you can now nowadays with backward. Seinfeld's coming out off two guys. Do the bosses. Yes how back the ride or did his voice but other than that. We did every single voice. When you're doing this have you ever. Jus- cracked up you. Answer that Greg will. Yeah I oftentimes I. Underline sitting recording everything. We'll Adams going. He'll just start improvising as different characters. And I'll ruin takes because I'm laughing so much oftentimes just because were saying things that we absolutely cannot put in episodes. It's coming out. How good the Void Swamp Dragon? You know this which one you is. Mark Cuban that is me Yes oh yes nerlens. I love all cylinders hair. How do you remember what everybody sounds like? You're doing so many voices who did me did you. Let's off chuck so it starts starts off caught chuck. I don't know and then I turned into a British thing where I'm like. Welcome back to inside the realm and it's poised to pleasant voice and then I can do Barkley in front of you Charles. Because you're man I'll tell you what the sun kings kings are. Dan Trouble that was. I can't believe I just did your voice in front of you. I'm sorry for that. I'm not worth it. The thing is we pitch shifted voices down so I'm actually shack and Shaggy Impressions. Not that good when pitch shift by voice down four semi tones. I sound a lot more like shack and I think most people do once you lower your voice that was. Don't get me wrong. The Bra was incredible. It was only one battle best seven putting my money on Joel. What's your take on? Paul Pierce is the greatest player of all time. What he thinks. He's the greatest player about Rod. So that's not breaking news so technically were not saying. He's the goat. Cheese saying is the goads because because that's what you see in the last three s he's he's bidding that and then putting putting the volume into the bookshelf over the whole concept for this season back in December and we were writing in January and we had no idea what was going to happen in twenty twenty and we wrote this concept to basically diverged from what was gonna go on in the NBA. We knew just going to be completely separate from the playoffs and we were care expert. Toronto wrap up the series and we thought was the biggest topic we could cover and asked the everyone's always talking about the goat. Everyone's talking about Lebron versus Jordan. And then we start making the episodes and suddenly the the pandemic starts exploding the NBA's actually suspended like in our show with whether this virus almost of like nineties stahl going around and then of course. Paul Pierce goes in yesterday. Broaden top five and were like. Oh my God. It's like a gift from the Gods. Keep your says this topical so weird. This became my rose topical season some houses bizarre list. I got Michael Oscar Korean will bill. Russell and Kobe put number seven. Who who goes around? Get Mad said you're the seventh rank greatest basketball. I take that Randy I got people calling me so I guess I'm number. Twenty two on a list are on. Espn thing that just came out. And they're like you got a comment. I'm like some disguise ahead of you and this guy the essence your man. I'm sixty years old. You won't be the argue about thank you. I'm not gonNA argue. Who's ahead of me and also I don't like the don't count post career stuff as well because let me tell you something. It's there's a lot of times there's people are good basketball. And then there's people with soccer basketball in are funny but very rarely someone who's really an elite basketball player Ak Charles Barkley and funny like there's not a lot of funny ask players like I think if you include humor I think Charles you gotta be right up there with with Paul Pierce. I'm told us on our show before the people who are watching the steam room. Give me an example. How long one episode takes an episode takes eight weeks to make because it starts with we think of our concept of what we WANNA do takes about two weeks to write in another week or two to record it and put all the music in all the sound design all the sound effects and everything and then know another week or two two story board at all and put that to the entity together and then designers have to get all the heads of an we get like photographs of everyone's head that we're GONNA draw and collect those nets build other is now so there was someone at report who was staring at both of your vases for days just building every single shade that senior. I their mouth and your ears and then animators who then populated around. That's another couple of weeks so the whole process is is it's basically this long assembly line and as we pass it down to each artists to ads there touch to it. We start working on the next one and putting that down the assembly line and then they each come out you know one week after another yet is and you know what's crazy too so craig you were. What astrophysics is what you're studying when you decided to study astrophysics you probably saw. That's a great stepping stone into a game zones a shake your head. Sometimes they how the heck did this. Yeah it's it's just the random walk of life. I guess I was. I was in Grad School and Adam had made was making cartoons about sports and after I graduated he was like. I can't do this myself because as I explained before. It's so much work to make these things you've to draw off every frame and so he's like Craig come out to Hollywood. Let's make it big is caught tuned brothers and so I was woods I went out there and we came up with the concept Owns made it for bleacher report. And that's doing last six years It's complete right. Turn from what else before but do keep the stars in the skies all those backgrounds and make sure those are accurate so Nigga professors. Exactly if you're late to the party on this and you're saying this game of thrones I if you haven't every season you just look you'll get on there you can find the entire collection all seven seasons and you will not be able to stop watching your watch. The first one you'll see it goes right into the second and if you're an NBA fan you will be unable to turn the thing off so check it out. Catch yourself up. I mean you're looking for something to binge-watch jump on game wants us. Thought Watch it. You'RE GONNA be laughing so hard you gotta be laughing so hard and you think the next episode. You're going to be like they can't be just as good as you're GONNA die laughing. It's not just because we got from so you just also make continued success and by the way one real quick aside before we let you go. Tom Was in the studio last last year working an NBA. We were working on our show on TNT. And I and. I didn't know Tom very well and I said I wonder. If you saw that episode Minnesota Timberwolves episode. You know maybe maybe I was like Robert Covington to much so I said to trucks are I should do. You think bibs or tips watches watches. That do you think he liked it? And I said I'm not going to ask Chuck Walker Ernest too. Scared to ask you code but if you watched that game as owns. And he's hilarious. So you were afraid to ask me. Honestly throw greyhound a Scott everybody's everybody's ear and everybody's I they all they all watch. It really is surreal amazing for us. Who are fans of the NBA? Was Born eighty-three outside Philly. And so like there was like Mickey Mouse. Michael Jackson Charles Barkley growing up or like bigger than life fishers and so to have you say those things about our cartoons really meaningful. So thank you also appreciate you guys being here Adam and Greg. 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Download the HOMEADVISOR APP today to get started back here on the same room and I think all loyal steamers would agree. This is one of the most popular segments weakened weak out Tim Kylie longtime legendary producer of inside the NBA joins us. You know twenty years. This is the first time. We're not on the road. We should normally be someplace and beyond. The road governs finals finals. This year the basketball cuts kind of adult won't chip earning. Tk TO BE IN LA FOR TWO WEEKS CONFERENCE FINALS. Like the one year we built a whole year to how. Lakers clever we got. We get paid in the same old tale blue and basketball guys like no. We want to do it. They like they did it a couple of years ago. We had to drive between Dallas and Oklahoma City. We're here tell some road stories. Let's start things off with our old pal. Steve Fiorello are longtime director of inside the NBA. One of my great friends want Chuck Great Friends. One Ernie grade friends and unforced a great friend of the Cleveland. Browns STEVE. Take it away so I've been asked to talk about conference final experience. One of the things that comes to mind was in Miami. It was pre- shack and we had this great outside location right in front of the arena. Get ready to our show in. Ej's on the set who's usually on the much earlier than everybody else in Charles and are headed out towards the set. Apparently our boy chuck maybe flew a few gestures towards the crowd for whatever reason. I'm not sure why I don't think the fans in in Miami are finally Chuck stor. I could be wrong but at least at least that day. Something went down in the commercial breaks. The conversations between shock in the crowd just seemed to escalate and it wasn't there wasn't pleasantries exchanged. Let's put it like that. It just felt like something really bad was about to happen and I turned the. Tk like you know. Haiti K this is this going very well. Remember we went through the show. Literally a fifteen minute show which was supposed to be an hour and six of those fifteen minutes for commercial breaks. I've never been a part of a show like that before And having been a part of one since go browns tells the story over I remember that too. Yeah Chuck Flip Golf. The fans down there by and my goodness of Nice until two things they get drunk and you pick a guest their team. I so Ernie you know we don't care who GonNa win. We want good Games man. We want good stories. We always want a seven game series. We don't care who's GonNa win. Bears will to pick their team. That's it and if you don't take team and once they give liquor up Ernie that that brings us to another one. Did you may recall two thousand fourteen. We were at the NC double a final four and we're saying if the Yukon Hotel in duct kept picking against Yukon. We had to go back into the Hotel Bar. Every night and get brutalized by uconn fans that they won the title and we came back. And I thought there's no way we're getting through this only be able to get my hotel room was. I'm walking with job. I don't know if you're with us. He gets up on the bar and starts yelling. Fans teach me the Yukon fights on fight song next singing. Chuck you had him beaten out of your hand. It was really funny. Bear underdog in every game. Nobody expected them to win. You still sing the Yukon fights on though the TK. What if I told you about singing you you know on the greatest living karaoke singer? You can only do Karaoke when you've been drinking. I can't do that by saga less. I'm drinking and eight millimeter. Words last one member all those years. We were in San Antonio already you know with the with the Spurs and the Lakers and all of this is when Shaq and Kobe at it and the Lakers have just won a game in San Antonio and Chuck was leanness from the hotel he was the Pied Piper. There were about ten of us to to the river walk and at the Big Limo. Escalade GOES BY US real slow and all sudden. I hear as it passed us. Charles Barkley Charles Berkeley home. Gods is over with it was shack. You remember he jumps on your back. It was like watching dinosaurs. Wrestle for piece of me. Senator knows one of my life brought on my seventeenth favorite city in the world. I like San Antonio men. I'm always like going there. I Love I love. Guacamole prepared at your table. Side Man ever go to San Antonio Spurs game if if disperse on plan as absolute nothing going on in San Antonio it got no other pro sports is really excited when the spurs the plan. But there's no other reason emperor as not a river is very creech. I you're not GonNa get me to play the role of Shaquille O'Neal say jokes about those. What else about senator not. We'RE NOT GONNA go down that road not not on this not on this episode of the steamer of Aj got defended stories from the road. The Block party. We had a milwaukee last year. That was a lot that was a year ago man blowing smoke right now. That was wanted coolest things I've ever done since I've been at Turner first of all to have the same people live in that in that house and you ended seeing some of the people who you grew up with best one of the most fun things I ever did in my turn years. That was so much fun. Man You kind of like we're front and center with that thing instead of just going to the house. Let's have a party out there. Let's the neighbors come over and it was mad. It was awesome. That's a that's one of those things that happens off off the court that you'll never forget I'll never forget. I was in the house. I when I turned the corner. You walked in your face. I'll never forget that facial expression laws I live. You know because you saw your house exactly the same. Oh my God. That was great. It was it was like Rod serling twilight zone Ish. It was awesome. There was also Lara boys until next week we safety and we're back in the steam room Where we like to close out every episode of this podcast with an old school reference. The the answering machine that belongs to Charles Barkley so we when people call and leave us messages like this one you re Barclay leave a methods America talking and I'm a longtime listener of the number. One has tested a university of Steam Room. And I got a question. GonNa win the match this weekend between that adorable. Peyton and Tiger and lefty and the Patriots and also check. I hope you get a Birdie. How Great Guy? Well let me say this early. We work with some chiefs case over at Turner. Why would you say that? It's not a very nice thing to say. Well okay so Ernie they're gonNA donate two hundred thousand dollars to my chaired. I'M GONNA do food banks I wanted Arizona one in Alabama so they're got donate two hundred thousand dollars if I make a bogey so stood they donate more about makeup par or Birdie I hate to tell anybody how to spend their money. But I'd say a bogey or a Birdie I mean I'd say here's what you here's what they're gonNa do for a bogey. Bogey or better but if you do Birdie the hole then maybe they should double it beg you but the chance of you and again. This is in addition to the match right. This is this is something else that's going to be going on. Yeah okay. We'll see how that plays out but yeah there's a donation to charity riding on you making at least a bogey on the par four eighteenth hole medalist. So if I made par Birdie what's number one. They're not likely but TNT severi some excitement to it. It's GonNa be exciting enough to see how far you get off the on eighteen anyway. Who's going to win the match? Well I one I cannot wait. You got the greatest Golfer who ever lived by paying tiger woods. Got The greatest football player. Tom Brady you got feel Mickelson. Who's one of the greatest players ever? And you got paid one in four or five best quarterbacks ever I'M GONNA Go Earth. We cannot wait to see it. I cannot wait when I'm GONNA go with Peyton and tiger. Tom Brady's been busy. He's been busy working with his Tampa Bay teammates. He's been busy breaking into people's houses down in the Tampa area. So increase the earning. I mean think about football. It's been getting kicked out of the Parks. Anything breaking and entering. So He's been really busy. Pay Nathan doing anything. That's my rationale well. Last time they had the match Phil was a big underdog to tiger and knee wound up winning that thing out of shadow creek so We'll see I think it's going to be really entertaining. I think when you got four guys might And they all have their own unique brands of humor. I think Add when you have a couple of guys who aren't professional golfers who t ended up with guys who were There is the there is the possibility for some errands shots to be hit which could be a source of some comedy value. So I think it's GonNa be a lot of fun to watch. I have made it clear. I can't wait to the subject. Line the field go hit good shots on the front nine to me. The most exciting part of the match has got to be the back. Nine on alternate shots that to me is the highlight of this weekend going to be a lot of fun chuck stir and as as always this has been a what just gets more fun every week does not when you have the great guests that that's what makes it now because I've had people say to me honey like you'll man guys have great guests well chat to crew But we've had great guests on his show Dome brothers and Nick. Sabin per day as we're approaching twenty episodes of the steam room plow the second most popular podcast in the history of media. It's been our pleasure to bring it to you. Hope to see again next week. Keep your towels on for businesses around. The world today isn't a restart. It's a rethink. That's why they're partnering with. Ibm retailers are keeping their systems up as millions of orders move online call centers are using IBM Watson to manage an influx of customer questions with AI and solutions built on the IBM cloud are helping doctors care for patients remotely. Today we're rethinking. How business moves forward. So let's get to it. Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm DOT com slash. Think to learn more.

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