This Wearable Says It Can Reduce "Brain Fog"


Addition digital sponsored by being h New York's ultimate camera authority, a new wearable claims it can help clear a brain fog and boost concentration. Tom's guide editor in chief. Mark spoon. Our says it's called the e smarter sleeve. He put this thing on your arm, and there are receptors in your arm that communicate with your brain. And the idea is that this thing by being on your arm, send signals to your brain and clears up any so-called static between your frontal cortex and your of civil load. And because it does that you should be able to when you're wearing this thing for more than a half hour at a time be able to maybe focus a little bit better spoon. Our points out that the company doesn't make any real health claims about the east martyr sleeve, and it hasn't been evaluated by the FDA the east martyr sleeve is targeted towards gamers in students and sells for fifty five dollars. I'm Palmer Nain, and there's more a WCBS eight eighty dot com slash dishing. Digital?

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