Shop 'Til You Drop With These Apps


We came looking for a real main winter, and when we found it we were headed to the lodge, the fire really the only thing I wanted was some hot cocoa and one more foot of snow. I forgot that days like this last longer than we think this trail these woods these patents these stories. They start with us. They stay with us plan. Your main winter away at visit main dot com. I'm Palmer Dane with dish in digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority, if you're planning this shop til you drop this black Friday weekend retail analyst, he the her Zog with H squared research suggests bringing along some apps like offers dot com offers dot com aggregate, all of the coupons that you were looking for gets all of us to altogether and in one spot and also scours ran in order to get this. Black Friday offers for you or you have to do is plug in what you're looking for. And it'll basically the work for you. And there's also the shop Euler app. Shop Euler will make sure that if there any notifications that are coming out are different retailers that I follow it'll aggregate there's notification and make sure that I see all of them. So I can make an informed decision. We'll have more shopping apps next time on dishing digital Palmer Nain and there's more at WCBS eight eighty dot com slash dish in digital.

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