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or Mayo this is Lisa and this. And this is pop fashion. Hello Lisa. Hi Car. It's October. Spooky season. It's upon US decorative gourds season Lisa and I cannot stop sending messages of skeletons back and forth between us it is fantastic. Specifically, one particular skeleton that is the overgrown man's Skeleton Vase L. at Home Depot it is twelve feet. It is glorious. By now have an interactive a our experience that you can see what that skeleton would like in your home space and it is fantastic. Like if you put man because the skeleton, it's a man. If you put that man on the deep end of pool, is could peak out a Houston. And look that's actually a great idea of what to do rain. So that's just to give you a visual if you like can't envision a twelve foot skeleton staffs, you saying just think about the deep end of a pool on how tall you would need to be to look out over the top of the water. You know so many retailers fashion designers are getting into this like a our space of like so you can visualize clothing or an experience, but this is the first practical application that I've seen that I've been lack cut job. This is what technology has been made for. Yeah. Like it's cool to see what a tent would look like in my living room but like it's cooler to see what a twelve foot skeleton man would like in my yard, where do you put him in the off season by the way? I think you just keep dressing them up like you make them into the Christmas tree to wrap some lights around him scally Santa skelly coupon. The possibilities are endless. You gotta think like a Merchandiser, Golly Arbor. Day. Tournament Noah fucking topiary. This thing cost three hundred dollars by the way was a twelfth skeleton I. Think you're paying for quality on this Burrito. You supersized it. This is like we're recording on October first by the time you hear this y'all be tired of actual. You'll be like I'm cold. Make It stop but Carman and I will still be sitting here on this same zoom call her whole week talking about the skeleton man. Never. Not Funny. If you can hang with him, you can't sit with us. Ok. Okay Do you WanNa do news. Let's do news. Let's start with our friend and philosopher Cardi B. the philosopher Cardi B.. As trademarking WOP. Singer. Filed paperwork with the US patent and trademark. Office. To trademark the term wop for a range of items that may include footwear clothing and headwear. The applications also cover alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Let it gear handbags luggage and baby items. If you are not familiar. WOP is summer hit released by Cardi B. and Meghan V stallion the Summer Dream Team. What does what mean? If a parent or a member of the clergy asks you this and maintain them, it stands for water prize. A prize. Cardi's online shop already has wok gear including an umbrella and a rain slicker emblazoned with the initials that spell out. What a prize? You can also get some costume jewelry or a crop top, which we should be calling adop-. Yes we should worm lay. She submitted a trademark application for her name to be used on baby clothes back in July. So this is not her first. Into the Trademark Universe so getting something trademark does not mean that you will necessarily use it and actually printed on things but it gives you protection from someone else using it without your permission. So maybe stay tuned for more wop related items or maybe stay tuned for some lawsuits when she goes after the people who might be violating her eventual trademark who knows what are their way I'm into it She's a smart lady. This is a great move great business move because if she doesn't do it other people well, she wants her money which God bless you get your money. Also I. was curious because I know she filed at a different categories. I was curious if she's doing like merch like any band would do merch or if she's like thinking about actually doing a lion of something like she's doing a clothing line or Shula. I could be both honestly I think the stuff that already is in her shop that has walked printed on it. I think would benefit from a little trademark after it just to show that it's basically official right but I. Think there is a lot of promise here when it comes to products like hello beverages beverages. One hundred percent. So I'm not entirely sure what her plans but I also don't mean to know I, will accept the mystery. There is some noise happening in my house. Can you hear? I heard kind of like a begging, but I thought it was like the microphone now that was me. It's like a whistle sound but. Spooky Ghost. Goes turned up now, girls like a pipe. Go your pipe don't destroy my dream. My neighbors were gone for like two weeks. I. Didn't notice like I didn't even know that they were gone but I knew they were back because the pipe started making millions ago. I was like Oh so nice when they're gone now because I don't like them just because it was quiet. So. One Prize. Yes, what a prize it is by the way. The best piece of writing I've ever done in my life was thinking about what wop stands for. And My? mind. maxed. I've got some good news friends. I- legit have some lovely news to share that we have been thinking about four years on this podcast, and that is California is the first state to ban harmful. In cosmetics. Oh my goodness this Lisa I need some noisemakers. This is so much fun to be able to tell everybody. California's the first State to ban twenty four toxic ingredients from being used in cosmetics. The law will take effect starting on. January first twenty, twenty-five five. So we got a little bit of time between now and when it goes into effect, but still it's GonNa fly if we make it a long time on fly. The harmful ingredients that are banned where connected to a number of major health, related issues and birth defects and diseases including cancer. They are already forbidden from a lot of products sold in many countries including the European. Union. But we are way behind it's been over eighty years since Congress passed legislation regarding the beauty industry. The last time was the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of nineteen, thirty eight. It's been that long. No no listener of this show was alive them a- guarantee it. So the twenty four things that are banned most of them, I can't pronounce but the ones that I can they're gonNA scare you. Mercury is an allowed anymore in beauty. I? Good to know only California thermometers only a formaldehyde long chain parabens which disrupt the intercom system. No longer allowed in California. Thank you and stay away from my thyroid. All the other states are still allowing this, but I'm really hoping that California is going to push other changes to because because companies are going to have to think about their supply chain and like, are they going to be providing one product to California and other products to the rest of the states are going to have to make some decisions about what they want their company to do and light of this legislation so I'm thrilled that this finally happened yeah. This is really exciting and like you said, things happen that sound weird in California but then you realize that the new like weird. hipster law in California is going to have an effect on everyone. It's like California just announced that cars are going to have to be zero emissions by a certain year right if you have a car registered in California and carmakers are like all shit. Yeah. What are we gonNA do because you can't make Toyotas for example and not sell them in California. California is the most populous state in the United States what happens in California at some point happen the rest of the country I am really glad that eventually there will maybe not these products near my internal organs or my ex or. Because we're putting these products like on our skin and keeping into everything Sarah. This is a great start wonderful progress and push it on your skin. You know where ultimately ends up in your In your life is anything like mine you put it on your face you end up with it in your mouth, eat all of your makeup, the lipstick, and all of that. It just goes right on in they're. Always Today in Marketing News? have. You noticed that when you're shopping online every Ding Dang website wants you to trade your email address for a discount on your first purchase your tuten right see that every time dern Tuten. Apparently this tactic is helping ecommerce brands corocha during the pandemic and brands who do it will have an edge in the next few years and I'm GonNa Tell You why? This is from an article from glossy that talks about the importance of a brand building up its own customer list with email addresses. By. Asking you to sign up on its website and handover the Kier inbox. It owns that list and that listed email addresses translates into value. It used to be that brands used cookies to follow you around the Internet. Once you looks at a product you know how like You see a pair of boots and the boots are everywhere on the Internet until you just by Goddamn boots. Hams all of us and it still happens but Google in the next two years is going to phase out use of third party cookies. So brands can't rely on using this cookie system on staying top of mind need to be able to find you and promote directly to you. Right. So we're moving away from this system of just like following you around the Internet giving you an ad. So many times until you break down, it's becoming more personalized. And there's also a dollar value to someone visits your website they have a tanner fifteen percent discount incentive to make the first purchase, and then if you're a good retailer, you've hooked them as a long term customer. Rebecca minkoff for example, offers fifteen percent off your first order when you sign up for the email list. And their website has seen a fifty percent increase in traffic since March. So you might you retailer you might spend a little more to acquire each one of these new customers by giving them a discount, right but you can go back to them again and again, and again with email offers to entice them hoping to build on that initial sale. Of course, there is a potential downside to this one. CEO told glossy that they're concerned retailers are training customers not to shop if they can't get that initial discount. And if your introductory offer is really popular, can be hard to tell who's willing to pay full price for your hand. If you didn't have that offer to trade email address for discount. So you have to sort of wait and see if the customer makes a second purchase without that. Once discount is expired they've used it up are they gonNA come back to you and pay full price? Are they going to be like peace? I'm out and I'M GONNA get myself email us. I get so many retail emails because I signed up forever ago and I just never unsubscribe and IDA's delete them every day when they come in. I. Don't know if you're the same way if you're a little more proactive than me. I do a mix. So one thing that I do at the beginning of the year is unsubscribe from a bunch of things, and so I do it at the beginning of every year just kind of like a clean plate club lake. Let's start fresh but also I do stay on some less because I'm truly interested in what the company is doing, and that may have to do a little bit with my job as much as much as just being a consumer. True. I I'm curious about the sale because I'm I may spend but also what's happening with your company? but the thing that's not mentioned here that I've seen in bankruptcy cases or an acquisitions is that. An email list becomes fodder for what something's worth what a company's worth. So you can buy somebody's Ip a by their assets including their email list, which means you bring those customers along if you buy a company. Which means there were something. It's not just like even if you're spending money as a company to give them a discount up front, you have to think about the long tail of that and how many people will stay on just to stay on and that is actually worth money. Yes. For the bottom line, it matters how many people actually open and look at your emails. And Click on things and make a purchase, right. But if the worst case scenario happens or if you get acquired by another company even in good times, right what matters is the volume of that list and how many human beings are on it how many people sign up with one email address, the injury offer, and then another email address to then also get the introductory off. I have done that. He just put on different hats at different costumes and you sign up under your different emails. Not. Saying. I've done that but I'm not saying that I have not. Not saying that everybody does that title but they do they do it with title. Have Course I. Don't I never even signed up I have spotify I'm a I'm a one trick music listener. ponies. I don't know I don't need titles, sounds like you have a I have not. I have just heard stories. You have a tenuous relationship with title. Okay. You don't WanNa let beyond say down but you also want to save a buck. I. Got it. I mean doesn't everybody really. It's true. Yet do next time you're like ooh I want my coupon. You GotTa think about what that fifteen percent is worth to you. You know true enough. Don't do it I'm kidding you can do it really doesn't matter. You know everyone owns us. Is King. And other news. Charming Charlie opened a store in. ATLANTA. Now this is a big deal because we thought this company disappeared where did it go the Phoenix rising out of the color coded ashtros charming. Charlie always finds a way back. A. Series store it went through not one but two bankruptcies. Twenty two last time got liquidated and is still common back. Love to see it. The last time I. Was In two, thousand, nineteen wasn't that long ago. But tis the season forced spirits rising from the dead and it opened up one new store but the big thing is more opening up this year and into next year, the next location will be in two thousand, Maryland. You, need to go. Fantastic. They want to open at a rate of twenty five stores per year. I like this is a fascinating story. So they're founder Charlie Chan Rats upon. The real estate firm he controlled bought Charming Charlie's intellectual property last year talking about the Ip right. And the thing that made the company really cool. So if you haven't been in one of their locations before at least I actually went together a number of years ago. If you walk into the store, their merchandising is really fun. It's all jewelry and accessories and a little bit of clothing a little bit but it's all done by collar. So there's a yellow section there's a purple and there's a blue and it's a really fun experience as shopper but one thing that made this company go into multiple bankruptcies is that some colors sold better than others. So overall, they were losing money and some big ways because one color wouldn't do as well as the others. It's unclear to know if they're going back to that way of like merchandising their stores I don't know if that's happening or not but I'm just so impressed at this company has been able to bounce back multiple times and it's a good store. It's fun like as a really great shopping experience. So I hope they're able to stick around. Have you seen anything about these square footage of the resurrected stores I have not but that is a perfect question to be asking my theory is so. Part of charming Charlie's problem along with like the color instability thing was that they had really big stores like it was cool to have like a color arranged experience like something for every flavor your life by. It was almost like. It was overkill like we would have. We could have done with like maybe half the space my guestimation would be that the new charming Charlie stores are probably going to be the size of Clare's. That's guess that I don't know that for sure but I would anticipate that they are going into I don't know the one in Atlanta is, but I'm guessing the one in Charleston is thousand town centre and I bet you, they're taking over a small space. If anybody goes take pictures. Let us know I'm very curious about how they execute. And tell us what colors are available because I wanNA know which ones didn't sell I wanNA sleuth out it's a comeback. I love a comeback and like fingers crossed because there I don't think there is a fun term for when you file for bankruptcy three times like it's like a thirty three it's a Turkey and bowling but like bad bad times this year in racist Halloween costumes Oh golly. Skipping a year. Oh No, we do this every year. Racism. Racism doesn't quit. Don't you know that? Did you know that you can get Halloween costume of a confederate soldier know Specifically of Robert e Lee The general of the confederate army in the civil war. Why every year? Why Lisa? Ever here. Just. It's the gift that keeps on vomiting in your handbag. Party city has stopped sales of two confederate themed costumes after being criticized on social media. The costumes were seen at a store in Arlington Virginia. And the interesting wrinkle in this is that the store was party city franchise. Corporate owned Party city stores don't sell those particular costumes. So you would think that party city's GonNa, like wash their hands at the best right 'cause they're like a franchise whatever now the company responded quickly with an apology shared with w USA nine in DC that. sort of takes the cake for good apologies these days it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good. It says. At Party city, we do not tolerate racism or hatred of any kind, and we stand together in solidarity with our diverse colleagues, customers and communities. Party, city supplies abroad assortment of costumes, none of which are meant to be offensive. In any way, we've reached out to our franchisees and other partners to remove it from all retail locations ace APP. We know that as a company we can and must do better we're taking immediate action. That's fairly it's fairly good meanwhile. An employee at the store told Fox business. The whole thing was an honest mistake that had gotten blown out of proportion. The costumes were surplus from local school events. They said, and the costumes had been in storage for more than two years. What's what what? Here's the thing I don't understand how do costumes get from a school to a party city and what? What is a confederate costume doing at school anyway what I don't understand this, but there's I have so many unanswered questions about the whole school aspect of this. But just in case you think like this is over and done with it's a weird anomaly. You can still buy similar costumes just about anywhere else. Good Amazon so we continue to be doomed. Damned Party city right now needs this win to what they are really hovering on financial bankruptcy I know because I was researching it today Halloween sales are twenty percent of their revenue for the year said, they need to hit it out of the park this year and Halloween's go look different. Different in the middle of pants stomach. So they can't screw up in any way. I mean this stuff should have never seen a sales floor franchise or not know anyway, it should never have been even created. But they needed to they needed to stick that landing without apology. They really did but I, I will also say that the pandemic is a bad time to have a store where the the title is two things you're not allowed to do right now. To have parties, you're not allowed to. Be In cities, basically That's that's a that's a bad situation for a store that trades in like paper cups right. They do a huge amount of business in helium balloons. Huge amount like the helium shortage that happened a year ago really influenced them. Yes. I was just about to bring up the helium shortage. Yes. Is that still a thing? We still short on helium or has the pandemic quelled the need for helium? You know I know a lot of things about fashion, but I do not follow the helium economy. So I'm not quite sure this year helium experts. Pop Fashion Oh no, that's not our email address just not fashioned dot com you can write in let us know. We have very thoughtful listeners. So I know no one here is going to have this problem but just like be thoughtful if you do a costume, just be thoughtful you know as a sidebar to the Halloween costume conversation, you know usually the problem costumes come from that company Yanni that makes like all the sexy costumes and a bunch of lingerie, and they said specifically this year that they were not making a taxi corona virus costume. Well, thank the dear, Lord somebody has some sense. But they made a whole bunch of sexy tiger king outfits. The I don't think we needed because the way to do a tiger can costume is to do it from items in your own home or from other store So if you're buying the sexy one from Andy, you're you're doing Halloween wrong not that you should look just make safe choices out there just like disinfect your entire body before and after you put clothing on and don't be racist that's all you gotta do. I thought costume of a box of doughnuts at target, and I was like, whoever buys that costume I want to be their friend whoever it is I know you got a sense of humor and I want to be your friend is that for an adult or a dog for an adult I mean it might come dogs is I don't know. I. Don't know their lives the box opened like velcro. Don't it happened it was like an open box of doughnuts and you just has different colored donuts adorable and how Larry's if only you could wear it to an office this Halloween right. I'm GONNA be dressed as girl wearing a mask. I'm going to be dressed as girls still stuck at home. Yes, we're we figured it out. On. You have more news. You do. I'll our is going over to Amazon luxury. You talked about Amazon luxury a couple of weeks ago and we were like, who is GonNa. Do this people who like money is Money wins out all the time news flash. Now, there is in the story perhaps an insight into why this is happening. So hang with me. The designer will offer a selection of pre fall and fall collections for a total of one hundred fifty ready to wear looks and eighty styles of accessories. To introduce the collection out Zara will show three short films in collaboration with Amazon. When asked about how the deal came about autism at the designer told ww deep quote. I had at that point started working on making the cut and Amazon Prime TV show. And this felt like a natural extension of my relationship with Amazon and away to continue telling the Aljazeera story with a great new partner. Because as it turns out, Joseph Algebra was a judge on the show, and here's how it happens. Folks. This is why. Because Amazon can offer a platform and they can offer people a TV show in order to market. Yeah and you know. As soon as you said making the I was like, oh. Yeah. Once you're involved in a production company, which in part Amazon is you WANNA stick with them right? It builds on opportunities right and of course Yeah. If you like money you're going to hang out with them. Yeah. Of course, this makes so much more sense now. There's a type of branding called when this happened it's like too much. Integrated. Omni. Channel Product. Maybe? It's maybe that's. Not Be on channel. It's like integrated branding. It's kind of like when you own all parts like Martha Stewart is a great example of it like she has the magazine which promotes the Bulls that she sells and promotes like the stores were bulls are sold like it's kind of like that like depth of integration. Yeah. Yeah. It's got to be some like integrated marketing marketing majors email us yards have your hand in the popcorn bowl. So just take another handful. Maybe, the bowl is made by Martha maybe it's made by you because you have a line of bowls for some reason, I don't know your life. If someone offered me to do a line of bowls, I would take it. It's passive income bitch. I'll work like a week design. A bowl get paid is that how it works? Do you remember when Rachel Ray started selling a bowl that was just for your trash? A trash can no oh, bowl it's the garbage bowl so she advocate make. Up Your makes us realize this is real life. This has been a thing for like longer than we've been friends. So Rachel Ray started before she was a personalities she was a chef. And she advocates for having when you're cooking a bowl on your counter for all the scraps so that you're not constantly running over the trash can totally. Yeah. So after a while the garbage bowl got so popular that she started making in her cookware line branded garbage bulls and they were cute. They're gigantic classic bulls great for when your throw up. Great from trash into great for popcorn at a party and like she made a shit ton of money on garbage ball's God bless her yup. That's just an invasion like sticking sticking name on a bowl of a sudden. You know. Yes. So if you are a bowl manufacturer, you can also email us. Just passionate about I. I mean who can blame him you know if you can't beat them join them. Capitalism is king as I said, and therefore just. into it. That it. That's it. Fashion News this week. That's it. That's all we got the type. I mean that really is I'm just disbelieving that we've wrapped our act up in a timely fashion. And never happens right? Well, we ain't gonNA listener letters. because all that came in today was junk mail and political enquiries. Therefore, we are moving on. To the other part of the show Lisa. Good Day, this week. My one good thing is having money when you need money. That's when you think you need money. So. I was having this problem that I will not tell you all the gory details of, but basically yesterday I finally said to myself. O. R, I. Think I need to buy a new tire for my car. And you can't buy one tire for a car. You gotta buy two tires because they have to wear evenly and so I made an appointment at the tire place down the street that I can take my car to and then home you know like broken alone. and. Price on the website. How much do I think this visits can cost because my head I'm already like this is going to be a three hundred dollar visit right tires, labor tire disposal. All I'm thinking about the worst case scenario and I'm like, all right. This is happening, but I have the money to pay for it. I didn't plan for this. This is why you gotTa Ding Dang Emergency Fund. Well, when I left the tire place today I spent a whopping thirty six dollars. Oh, right. I got an oil change. I gotta Tire Patched I. got an oil filter. Did you have a coupon? No. I do not know how this happened. Also, that's higher shop there lobby is it used to be an old diner? So they still have the counter that like you could sit out while you're waiting very cute but. It just that feeling of leaving a place in spending like a fraction of what you thought you were going to spend being prepared for the worst coming out with the best case scenario if feels really good and it takes a lot for a lot of people to get to that point it's me a while to get to that point where if things came up. I didn't have that feeling like panic and dread and know what credit card am I gonNa, put this on. So I'm just really happy that I didn't have to buy tires today and I only spent thirty six dollars and that. Is My one good thing. That's an amazing thing having an emergency fund. And the not having to use it. When you thought, you were going to have to use it like the best feeling if you haven't done it, you gotta try it Karn. What is your one thing? My thing this make I decorated for the fall and it made me really happy. Did you do you have space for our guy and I do not have space for our guy? I'll bet that would be hilarious is that would be a great prank. I could use your tire money to. Like really fiscally responsible and then I decided to take that tire money. We're just GONNA reallocate those funds and by Hank the skeleton. He. This is what happened. I was getting like just kind of frustrated down because of the world and my husband encouraged me to decorate the apartment which was the sweetest most inciteful thing about like, oh my gosh. This guy definitely knows me because he knew what lifts my spirits and so what I did is I decorated the background of where I have meetings. So when people when I have work meetings, people see what's behind me it's actually decorated for the fall and I put in some spaces where I can have like essentially Easter egg something that changes each week. Which is really really fun making me. Happy. So I have a little bored that I can put like words on. And putting just like released silly fall puns up there. I have a space where like the candle can change and also I have a few like a couple of small props that I'm going to use throughout the next couple months that I can switch in and out, and I used to be a merchandiser and this has been a long time since I've been able to practice these skills and it has made me happy and the funny thing is like seeing people react to it too because other people are getting a kick out of like when they have meetings with me, you know it's a small thing that brought me a lot of joy at also was a reminder and I'll remind you. To that just because we're living in a really weird time is you still get to celebrate your life you still get to celebrate it. Yes. You don't need to ask permission sometimes we need a reminder, and if you need that reminder I'm telling you today, you still get to celebrate your life. So take advantage and whatever way that you can that makes sense to you. If that means baking something that makes you happy or coloring something with your kids are one thing that I'm doing this next weekend I'm going to go get some leaves from outside and put him up there. You know something small, but it just helps me stay connected. Oh you're going to get bugs in your house. nope. You'RE GONNA. Get Bugs in your I've done this before I'm a pro ana how to do it you're going get bugs in your house. I really love the ear way of celebrating right now is to create a realize zoom background. It is yes to percent. You were like Oh Golden Gate Bridge Fuck that. I'm putting that that Shit back here. I got Pumpkin. Love like my new favorite mood is card in the fall. It's It's just so fun. Thank you Lisa. Girl if you've gotta lean in the fall to have a good time, Lena Fuck in how will I will do it. Enjoy, just just remember to bundle up. Don't WanNa catch a chill note. That's it. That's the show I'm Lisa and I'm Carin and this is pop fashion. You can catch up on previous episodes or send us a letter by going to pop fashion PODCAST DOT COM. You can also follow us on instagram at pop fashion podcast. My New Book Money Hacks is available. Now you can buy through Amazon link on our website or wherever you buy books. We'll talk to you next time and remember. Don't be an asshole. Not what I was expecting but what I needed Lisa? It was APP today. Goodbye.

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