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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening. Hi, it's Mary on today's episode of Ellen on the go. Savannah Guthrie from the today, show talks about playing tennis with her super crush Roger Federer, and we have the cast of willing grace celebrating their twentieth anniversary together. Welcome Tandy and friends. I'm Mandy. I'm Ed glavin Kevin, Leman. I love Owen generous. I fell in love with her a little bit more this week after. Grew start out as a very fun interview. I don't think any of us new wigs Aki where it would end up normal savannah, Guthrie appearance. So this is the big new. So the last time you were here you, we found out that you have a huge crush on Roger Federer, and so we gave you a cardboard cutout to put in your office. Where do you keep that by the way while you sent it to me that x. which I don't know how that happened because it's life-sized. It's like six, two. So we have a house upstate and we have a bar in the basement. We call the bomb shelter and Roger is the bartender. Oh, it's really funny because he's the basement. So it's kind of dark and people visit and they're like, yeah, it's kinda creepy. It is kind of creepy. He's shirtless. Yeah. So it's, yeah, and actually Jenna Bush came over and had a couple of too many, and she broke Rogers arm on. Yeah, we taped him back together because I can give you another one. No, no. We have. A lot of. Since then you've met him you've played unless did. I mean it's crazy. Well, first of all, like the fact that you talked about my obsession with Roger, really put it into the mainstream, and so it got back to Roger. And so his people called me and said, would you like to play in this celebrity tennis tournament with him, which I hadn't even met him? To course, I was like, yes, one thing. I'm not very good at tennis and I was I was hoping his agent would be like, oh, well, that's all right. It's for charity. You don't need to be good. He was like, oh, well, my colleague will and he can scout you on Monday. I had to go play tennis like I had to audition. Oh, wow. Yeah. And I hadn't played since tennis camp so, but I guess whatever I made it and decided to do it, and then I was really bad at it. Well, it's really, I mean, anyone is going to be bad. Where are you saying? The skirt. Okay. And that's Bill game. Yeah. And I, it was I kept missing the ball, and they were miked and Rogers like savannah. Oh. Stop looking at me and start looking at the ball. Totally humiliated. What who was this scout that got you through though? I know exactly. He needs to be fired, and Bill Gates was was playing with Roger. Yes. And Bill Berry, a good tennis players. He going extremely competitive and had actually watched in my game tapes. Like I posted a few practice sessions on Instagram, and then it turned out Bill had seen them, and then he wanted to play together before the match. And I'm like, hey, guys, spoiler alert I'm terrible. Yeah. Well, I know we see that. If you're a horrible. Yeah, but it was. I mean, I got to meet Roger was crazy. I saw him and he was I was only had been in makeup for like eight or nine hours that's and then he was. He was really nice. He's like, oh, I feel like I know you. Oh, that's so sweet. So he lived up to your expectations? Yes, and exceeded them. I would like him to be on the show. So if this will get back to you, Roger, I would like you to be on the show. I could be there too. If you went and just just saying. Now we, I kind of know him. No, yes, sure. Yeah. Okay. Then you should be here for. All right. All right. So let's talk about the today. Show you and hold us seem to be really like the chemistry is great. You're having a good time having the best time. I mean, we, yeah, we just click and it's just, you know, it was so unexpected and obviously was a hard situation when it first happened and we are so happy to have each other. Yeah, and I always say like, we don't eat sunshine. We have Hoda and she is the best partner and I just love working with her and everyone loves Hoda. Right. The thing about holidays like everyone, everyone, normal. All of us. We love Hoda celebrities, love Hoda, like she her phone. She has everyone's text message like, I'm like, what are you? Is that Kelly Clarkson texting you right now? Just everybody's know what my mom's like. I have book club tonight, and her text is like from Sandra Bullock. It's amazing. Wow, we'll maybe she asks the publicist for the number something you should ask. You know, I think that the people are like, what are your so great. You probably text with Hoda I don't. Well. Maybe she hasn't asked me for my number. I would text with. I feel like celebrities like her so much. They're like here my digits. Oh, what never happens will it will soon you just hang in there if you will. And then savannah sticks around to do an interview for the today show because she doesn't get out here a lot. And again is Kevin said it started out lots of fun. They were having a good time and then sort of the the moment that we're all in came up with the confirmation hearings of bread cabin and women telling their stories of women coming out and finally feeling confident and strong to tell their stories more and more. You had like a a lot of side hustles because you also have this house flipping thing that you import view. It's not really how slipping we buy a house and we love it and we stay in it. And then we get a little bored because we like a different style or different aesthetic. And I love furniture and I love decorating. So if I find something else and we make money, it turns out that why not move to another house. That's flipping. Okay. But it's not intentional. I was reading an interview. You did recently he, you said that you knew when you were young that you would be famous or the fame was important to you to achieve? Yeah. No, I didn't think I'd be famous, but my parents were very very, I would say almost obsessed with a lot of people are interested in fame, but we didn't have money and we never owned a home. We lived in an apartment so we would look at houses every Sunday. We'd go to open houses and we could never afford a house is a kid. I thought that was going to be my house. And now I just by as many houses as I can. You know. I wonder how you felt about fame now because we don't know each other all that well, but I always think that when I see you in person, there's a certain shyness about you. I'm not kind of a, you know, need attention person. I guess I'm shy, but I think what I think about fame now is people start out in this business. They start out trying to get love or approval. It doesn't fill a void. I mean, you have to fill that yourself. You have to know you're good enough and you're in a solid person without someone else's approval. This year, Ellen has found new purpose through a foundation created in her name, a sixtieth birthday gift from Porsche Rossy, her wife of ten years when we first got together, she said, what would you do if you didn't? If you weren't in this business? And I said, I would like to work with endangered species. And specifically, I realized Diane Fossey when I was a little girl. So we're now building the Ellen Degeneres campus with the Diane Fossey foundation. She said that. You often would remark at home doing enough. Am I doing enough giving away tens of millions of dollars through this show and through your good fortune? Yeah, you still feel like that sometimes. Oh yeah. We try to help as many people as we can, but there are a lot of people, but you know, so many people need help and I can only do so much. You know, right now my platform is this show, and I hope that it says an escape for people from what's going on in the world. But sometimes the heart wrenching issues of the day come to her doorstep like this week with actress, busy Phillips last week with the cavenaugh hearings. I saw Dr Ford take, and you know, I write about my own experience being raped at age fourteen, I was a fifteen, and I had something happened to me. You have talked about your own experience. With abuse, and I just wondered how you feel this moment is impacting our country and you personally well, as as a victim of sexual abuse, I am furious at at people who don't believe it and who say, how do you not remember exactly what day it was? Or you know you don't remember those things. What you remember is what happened to you and where you were and how you feel. That's what you remember. And I was fifteen years old, you know, and I was going to go into the details, doesn't matter. But you know, we are really vulnerable at that age and we trust and we, and then when you are violated, you don't know what to do and you don't want to you don't want to say anything because first of all, you just wondering, how could you know how did this happen? How stupid. You know, I mean, all these things that you think you could have controlled and you can. I think anybody who's gone through it right now is watching this so angry because you know how dare you not believe us. And so many women are now looking at their past and realizing, you know that wasn't okay? Yeah. Do you think that this will add up to something meaningful? I hope so. I mean, really, you just imagine if Dr Ford would've would've been that angry on the stand and would have talked back to somebody questioning or women aren't supposed to do that, but he can get away with it because he was angry. She was angry too she but she she controlled herself and was was hurt, and but she's not allowed to do that because we're not allowed to do that. I hopeful in this moment I'm hopeful, but then I see things that just continue to happen. You know, I see. I see Trump and his now mocking Dr. Ford, where is the place? I don't remember how many years ago was it? I don't know. I don't like to talk about him and this is not political. It really isn't. It's got nothing to do with being Republican or democrat or anything. It's just about about respect in someone who is the leader of our country who is mocking someone who was abused. You don't do that. You don't mock somebody. I'm angry. I'm sorry. Having. So we do something good and make people smile is not a small contribution right now. Thanks. Well, I hope I hope. Anything before I stopped doing this show someday. I hope that I'm empowering women. We just have to not be quiet anymore. Savannah and Ellen hit a very emotional exchange. It made me love her more because she for so many women right now in for so much of what she's trying to do with the show. She tries to make this as an escape, and she tries to not let those things creep into her life, and she tries to ignore them. And for once she really got vulnerable, she opened up about something. She's hurt inside in this Dr. Ford testimony open to all up and she confronted something that she's been dealing with. And then after the interview ended, she stayed and talked to the audience through tears. It was just an amazing feeling having these four hundred people on her side. It was just a very real moment that, well, we don't have all the time. It's not a moment that in sixteen years, Ellen hasn't shared about this moment publicly on our show. Right? We were aware of it. No. You were aware of it? She she's written about it. I believe they're book. Yes, it's it's out there in the world, but she hasn't really talked about it. And women are finally talking about things that they have just thought that they've needed to deal with privately for a long time. And in the same way that Dr Ford didn't wanna come forward, but felt she needed to come forward. I think that that act by Dr Ford has inspired other people to share their stories and this week Ellen was inspired to share hers. I think in a way that surprised her Andy, I see a lot of people on Twitter asking you how you can sleep at night. I don't sleep great. Not Kevin. Keeps telling me about these bedsheets. Brooklyn dot com ones. Yeah, I love those. Tell me about them. It's the fastest growing betting brand in the world over twenty thousand five star reviews. It's crazy. You know that incredible feeling that fancy hotel. She have. I do. You know you like to stay in a hotel? Well, Brooklyn was started by a husband and wife who didn't think it should be so difficult and expensive to get those sheets at home. Kevin just takes them from the hotels. 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He on all of their sheets and comforters the only way to get twenty dollars off and free shipping is to use the promo code Ellen at Brooklyn dot com. That's b. r. o. k. l. I n. e. n. dot com promo code Ellen Brooklyn. In these really are the best sheets ever. Let's talk about. I didn't realize this the cast of willing grace yet has been together for twenty years. They did a show for a long time. They took a little break and then somebody had the idea. Let's bring it back. Yes, they're back popular. We've been together for sixteen years. I'm not exactly. That's right. The one of you all alone over here, the four of you. So you were, you were here on our second season two thousand four, and I just want to remind us all how young we were in two thousand four. When you were here. Oh, my God look good Sean. In the road company of mash. Ellen, look, I love your hair. I, what are we all wearing. I don't know. Remember that game that we played. It looks like we all just woke up and did a show. Thing we were writing little. We were racing, I've every of it at all. We fed him either. I'm just in long. What's your name, Ellen? That's right. Yes. Now I remember. Yes. That's the show you're on. So you well, first of all, I just want to say congratulations. The show is so good, and I say it every time. A new yours. Did you celebrate your fiftieth already or your about just did you just did with these people right here? We do. We filmed on my birthday. Oh, well, that's fun. Sort of. Yeah. And they saying audience take cake. Oh, that's nice. That's really nice. What did they all get you. We'll talk about that later. Who's always give Debra cash. And I gave her something. You couldn't put a price on advice, but that's why she looks so gorgeous. That's right. Yeah, right. All right. So you were at. Did you get a star on the walk of fame next to Eric's? Right. We are the opposite ever. Got one. The opposite ever. Got one last one last week. Thank you. They're next to each other. But more importantly, they're right down from the shake shack. So my favorite restaurants now, do y'all have a star in my mind? I do. Based on our in the galaxy, they leave space for the four of you can read together. I like being buried together. I actually did like I teared up when I heard that we were right next to each other. I was like, we're gonna be together forever. Oh, that's so sweet. It's really ruled on by. Oh, that must be the government. You think that's gonna. So it's been twenty years since the show started. And when I say that to you, first of all, we've known each other longer, I think since one thousand nine hundred eighty six, we've known each other long, long time raising. But what does that mean to you when this this is twenty years ago that you started? Well, when we started, yeah, when we started the show, I was living in an apartment in West Hollywood, two blocks from yours, right? And I had two hundred dollars to my name and I remember one time going to the war all like you know, dollar close from the retail giant store. I remember you dressing badly. Yeah. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. I had two hundred dollars loan through that two hundred. So then you're completely broke. We all want that same situation where you were you kind of like at that point. Where you didn't have any money loaded. You've always. This. On it. I guess start I note in stay. Yes. That's where you got the two hundred. Debra was on when the pilot I got picked up and I was like, oh my God. She had a show before this and it was an hour drama of the p. right. Fray. And I was like, oh my gosh, I'm working with actors who has show already. We shot the pilot. She was technically in second position. We were one hundred percent sure that even if the pilot picked up that we'd have her because prey headfirst picks and I'll never forget pilot pilot in front of a live audience and shine made his first entrance said his first line and the audience went bananas. They went crazy. Go to. But I mean, you know, just instantaneously like nobody. They'd never seen him before. They didn't. Legitimately, so funny and brilliant. Forget it. Felt the same way about the three. And there's been a law of diminishing returns everything. Now. Right, right. Gotta keep me real. You can get a lot more of that and a lot more of Ellen on the Ellen Degeneres show weekdays caffeine. We talked last week about how your sweater. Yeah, yeah, you sweat laws and it was and it wasn't issue, and it was something that forced us to keep Kevin away from Ellen lot of the time. Really, we didn't really talk about deodorant here until we saw Kevin's problem. I never used to have to think about it. 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They told Ellen that they have this pre show ritual where they dance, and then some of it occurs in front of the studio audience. It's the show is recorded in front of a live studio audience and and then, yeah, they basically bump and grind on. So what are the characters up to in. In five words or less start with Iraq. No, you don't have to do words less. So really. Will is, will leaves. He was teaching was no. He was a being Grace's lawyer, and now he is going to teach law. 'cause that's a Larry is. That sounds last gets a little. It's gay. Welcome back. Kotter. Eventually waiting for that. Grace is running for political office? Yes. I'm doing the five words, no good dirty rotten scoundrel. Mostly Jack is dating a guy in the got engaged and he's planning the winning exciting. Can't wait to that wedding. Yummy to fun. All right. Do you do any kind of pre show ritual because that would be probably fun to see what y'all do. We kind of do what you do. We always kind of just soon as the audiences we meet them. We start dancing, then we start gyrating. When they. Wouldn't they can't this show? They cast four hunters. Yeah, they're all we do is hump each other all day long. There you go. See it never. It's just we can't help it. Front worth it right there just to see the dancing, the show much have a ritual, very four. The show very theater like because we, you know, we all have theater background. So Deb started at from the pilot on that. We all get together and do a little prayer. Still the prayer. I'm single show and nobody else. And we're not right now because we're taking it to be funny. And David trimmer on the show now to David Schwimmer's my bowl. He's my special friend friend vessel. That's wonderful. And you have many special friends? I do. Oh, yes. Being one of them. No, but it just seems like you. Don't know. No. Yeah, no, no. Don't start. Starting rumors and people are going to believe down. Oh. Oh. Our pre show ritual is we like to let Ellen make steel like we're running late. Freakshow ritual. We don't. We don't so much have a producing heavy do a meeting right before the show. I lead a meeting that tells everybody what we're gonna do. The audience starts dancing and Mary has a pre meeting ritual. What's that? She gets on a half apple folks on the other side of the row in the control room. And then she turns on a little light so she can see, and then she shuffles about five hundred pages of paper, calls it down to about three and then starts the meeting. Anybody wanna ask me, why do that? Why do you do them every Kef for asking? So we have a lot of paper all day long. We get handed paper all day long. And what I do is I hold onto the paper throughout the day because sometimes Ellen will want to refer back to an earlier version has happened if something that we've done and I haven't with me, I have access been there. She's knows that I saw the morning, Mary always has. Thank you Kevin. And so then when we get our final script, here's what I know. I don't need those pieces of paper. Here's the other thing I know sounds like this like make something like that make make Ed crazy. I love them make Ed crazy beyond crazy, like lifting. I love more than that someone opening a cellophane bag, right. Right. Ed, what have you done to try to deal with that? I've removed the cellophane bags from the control, but what wave the control room and get them at the control is for work. It's not for eating. He's had. Gender. Once you got hypnotized, the sign, the sound of people like eating, which I have to the side of digging in bags, but particularly people crunching when they axe to me is worse to me styrofoam. What if what, if someone, what if someone outside your office was to tape up a box always happens every day. They take the packing tape and it's just in the well, let's be fair about why they're doing it outside your office when we when we set up our offices. So I think we know why you asked. Office because they know it annoys me. You wanted to wanted to you? Yes, I wanted the PA's near us because you know, we have a lot of needs that we delegate a lot to them and we and we also think we want them sort of near the center of action because that's how they learn. We promote from within constantly here and we got them close to us. They're in a bullpen. How'd that? I wasn't the best idea. Mary. It led to a year of hypnosis that doesn't fully worked. We've hired some really good as this year though. Yeah, we have. We. Lucky all the years, but this year is particularly, I really enjoy listening who don't know what a PA is a production assistant, and it's usually the entry level job at most television. Most entertainment shows jobs are sound engineer. Yeah, Ryan? Yeah. Who's here in the room with us started as an started as a as a PA. And there's a lot of running you physically run because we're taping the show. It's as live and Motta was a runner, and he was very fit and he ran very, very great. Great out here, but he's got great physique as really Larry's go ver tones. Really good. It's got a lovely is got a lovely wife. Not too much terrific. Kids point was that we found really good PA's. Yes. Yes, we did. We did find great. How did we find that others. Yeah, I do. We find dot com. Let's interrupt each other more. Tell tell loser job sites that make you wait for the right candidates to apply for your job, which was not smart, actually, dumb. It's dumb, but ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash Ellen is smart, and they will help you hire the right people. Do they depend on candidates finding, you know, oh, find them more you. I was gonna say, let's it together. It finds them for you. This website was that you guys using matching technology that scans, thousands of resumes, identifying people with the right skills, education, and experience for your job. And it also actively invites them to apply. 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Well, listen subscribe today on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening right now and don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for more Ellen fund. Don't. Go thought that I could be real ass. His Co. Dreavers.

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