Don't Be Afraid To Fail With Sid Bharath


Yes, good life transformation radio prepare to engage seat belt. Download initiated. Your Quantum Journey the transformation begins in 321. Welcome to life transformation radio. Hi. I'm rob a best-selling author of The live-action voice actor business mindset coach the podcast whisper off and mr. Action himself life transformation radio is hurting over ninety countries. Thank you for joining us from all around the world whether this your first time joining us or even a listening to life transformation radio for sometimes I want to personally thank you here at life transformation radio. We are committed to share more about real life love the page of possibility Romance. Of course laughter. We care about helping others find their internal drive and purpose and we celebrate life's challenges and overcoming them home. Please rate and review life transformation on your favorite podcast platform and listen to us live on Mondays and Wednesdays like you're doing right now here on BlogTalkRadio with a special bonus episode on Thursdays recorded live on Thursday. Also first limitation for me to you, please join us on Facebook and a life transformation radio community on the show. My guests are amazing people who are forces for good in the world around them and living a life of transformation. I guess today does just that today Sid Roth and I discussed having failures in your life and overcoming if you want to keep trying new things not to be afraid to fail learn how to transform your life through failures and enjoy yourself in the process. This is a show for you said it's g e o and co-founder of braccus a platform that creates content for your marketing campaigns using these previously at marketing teams at companies, like think if women stand and much more money to the sales consultant and run ads for dozens of companies, like click up type form procurify and more said welcome to life transformation radio. Hey. Thank you so much for having me and I'm very excited to be here. Absolutely, like you are just such a cool guy. The way that I found said was I was scrolling through the web and I found his plan for branca and it's an AI platform, which I'm totally fascinated. But what I loved about it was I got involved in the platform and got really excited about it, but there was an about and I looked up and I found out his website and on that website. I discovered that there's a lot to said the CEO and co-founder of Baraka that I need to share with the world. And so that's what we're going to do here today sit has traveled all across the world and I'm just so excited to have you here today. Thank you rob. Yeah, and I'm excited to share that story so we could go back. So you graduated 2010 with a degree in engineering and you know, I love what you said hear. The first part of the story is going to sound familiar. So, you know used to work a well-paid corporate job as a Management Consultant and then you realize it wasn't what you want to do. So your quit and you left the comfort and then you said to explore the world and I love it you go pretty standard, right? And then at this point you probably expect that you went to Thailand and then you wrote a Blog and you started, you know, hanging out in the beach and you did sort of like that. But what happened? Yeah, yeah, we have to turn that clock all the way back ten years or more but you know, like coming out of University with an engineering degree. I think it was I realize now it's it's like the same thing for anything coming out of a University degree. Like you're still not really sure what you should be doing with your life. Right? And I I was you know, I did the corporate job. I didn't management consulting and before that it did seem like software development at a couple of places and and and all of that I just realized was not what I really wanted to do. I never felt like when I woke up in the morning, I was excited to go to work and to do that stuff. I didn't know what else what else I wanted to do, you know, so I decided to go it wasn't planned but I I decided to go and explore new things. I didn't know where I was going to leave that and the idea was just let's take it one step at a time. So the first thing I did was one thing I was I thought of was I really enjoy traveling I wanted to travel and I had this idea for a social networking app for travelers who could connect with people on the move when you're in New City and or see things to do or or figure out what to do in ready to go when you're visiting a new place off. So I I contacted a friend of mine who would study with me in school and we decided to stop this app as a business and then we we applied to a start up a month later in Chile South America regarding and so I said, all right. I'm going to quit my consulting job my friends that he was going to get credit job and we were going to move to South America and start building this app. And so that's where this this whole journey of travelling around and trying new things begins. That's amazing. You know, one of the things I loved about your blog on how you you did this was, you know, in today's show is don't be afraid to fail and you know, most people afraid of failure they're afraid of failure and I love so in this in this page and I'm gonna put a link to this cuz in this show notes cuz I think this is really powerful and you talk about this and it says that didn't go suck cuz there's a failure. So what happened in Chile? Yeah, so so what happened in Chile? It was I mean we were young we didn't really know what he wanted to do. And this was just like an idea that we had and had got in somehow into this accelerated program so long that we are fresh-faced and green and and Chile trying to do some kind of build something that we have no idea what how to build right? Like we have no qualifications nothing and so as you can expect it never it didn't work out just take off. It didn't nothing happened. Eventually. We spent a year in Chile and you know within the first six months we were like, oh this is not going to work. We tried a couple of different things and and then I realize that I need to like stop making some money somehow because our funding had run out. So I started to dabble in a bunch of other stuff online like freelance web design and web page in sand and some content right just like freelance marketing and stuff like that. So just really just trying a lot of different things online. Like, how do I make money online? Let me let me offer services as a designer as a wage. Web developer as a Content writer as a marketer and and yeah, that's that's kind of like the sort of the first big failure. But thank you. Drove me to try to figure out what to do next, you know, cuz I didn't want to go back home just yet and give up and and go back to becoming a a Management Consultant. It was kind of it was almost a month ago, you know, like no I got to prove to the world and I can I can cut it on my own, you know. Well, that's one way to overcome failure like you let your ego you like, you know, I'm not going to be a failure. A lot of people are stopped in their tracks They just one failure will derail a whole life. Yep. Yeah, and and overcome that. Yeah, so what made you keep going, I guess for me. Yeah. Well, maybe keep going was I I started to experiment with like trying different ways to make money and I started to make a bit of money off. So I got paid to create some design photo website to write some content for some for another company and I you know, this this was it wasn't a ton of money was a maybe like a couple of $2,000 a month just enough to get by in Asia or South America. And so I said, all right. Maybe this is something I could continue growing cuz I'm making I'm making something here. I am enjoying it. It's my own time. And and I'm I'm able to live a good life. So maybe I keep going here and seeing where it leads me. Right. So it was it was you know overcoming the failure of of Chile was really just about okay put in behind me you failed. What's next now? Cuz right now you need to start making money. So let's go figure that out. And let's just see what it takes me, right? So again, it wasn't I did not plan to keep doing freelancing online, but and that was not my my big Vision or goal when I went to Thursday the first place, you know, the big Vision was to build up a company and to become, you know to make millions of dollars, but I said, well, this is what's getting me money right now and let me just lean into it. And if I'm liking it right now then why not just keep doing it and continue traveling around and so one of the things I wanted to do always was to go to Thailand in to like learn martial arts. And I said well now with the best time, you know, I'm sort of working online and making money online and I can I have the freedom to move around and try these things. So after the urine chili, I'm I went to Southeast Asia and that club The another year of traveling around different countries Singapore Vietnam Thailand engine and just like working online and doing experiments online. And so did you do we tie while you were there in Thailand? Yeah, I did. I spent for three to four months learning more time. And then another thing I was dead in Thailand. You know, I was still doing like I was making a a few hundred bucks as a Content writer like a couple of thousand maybe at most riding content, you know, like freelance blogging and stuff like that month and it was enough to get by in time, you know, cuz it's cheap, but I said, okay, what's right. What else can I do right how else can I make some money? So one of the things I I read about in a book was, you know, people starting these online e-commerce businesses. In fact, it was the 4-Hour workweek that that had read like okay, you know, you could start an e-commerce business you can do Drop Shipping and age you can sell these products online and I said, okay, what can I sell online and in Thailand when I was when I was doing the Muay Thai stuff, I noticed that there were a lot of other folks over there who wanted like a quick protein snack between workouts and um, and there was there was nothing available there. Right? Like they would go to the local restaurant and he like noodles and stuff. So I said, okay maybe what I can do is I am I can impose some protein snacks from from the US and sell them here. Maybe that's a good business. So I tried that so I started to import them. I started selling it and then I hit a snag that was another failure. Basically the snag was there's a limitation on your input. If you're importing Thailand because below a certain number of of protein boxes. It's like a personal purchase but above a certain number. It's a commercial project and then you have import fees data and you you know, you need to start a company in Thailand and for that you need to put your Thai citizen. So there's always rules and stuff and I kind of just gave him in like do any research as like I'm just going to go I'm going to enforce some stuff and I'm going to refill them over here. So yeah my I did the first batch. Have you sold them in the second batch, uh had hit got hit with import duties. And if that yeah, you know what this is not going to work. So this is another failure. Let me try something else. I love that. I think it's so incredible that you keep having failure after failure. You're like, okay. Well, let me try this and then you move to to Vietnam and I thought you started a business. Like that's incredible. So tell me about that. Yeah, so the the poster business was another idea I had while I was in college just before I left Ireland and back again. It was part of this whole sort of phase where I was exploding e-commerce and Drop Shipping, right? And basically the poster business was there was a, you know Shopify may be for you to create an online store and then bring full is dropshipping supplier of posters. So you would give you just upload some designs and then your Shopify store and anyone would come to your Shopify store would buy a designer and been through a chipper to them and I had no choice to do it. I'd like I didn't have to do any of the shipping printing or none of that. So I hired a guy on like fiber or something to create some designs and the idea for the store was it was motivational posters of people going to the gym and I I had this idea because in time and you know, I was going to the gym and doing martial arts there and and they had something like motivational posters around I said, okay, maybe this could be a business right so I can sell the gyms so long I I set that up and then I I saw it to reach out a bunch of gyms in the while I was in Asia this, you know gyms in the US because they're selling in US Dollars. Actually. I'm a sales and then so that was kind of like the way I was making money while I was in Vietnam, but you know, my heart wasn't in it was just posters right? It's not like a real long-term viable business. At least I thought hey, I'm going to sell some more posters today actually got a bad kind of thing. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You know, you know, it was it made me enough money. Yep. Surviving Vietnam, but it's not enough for me to like go. This is a real thing that I want to do for my for the rest of my life. So I I decided to stop that and again that was another failure. Yeah, but but but then because I was in Vietnam at that point, I was seeing as meeting a lot of other entrepreneurs other folks were doing e-commerce and and so on and then off I I found this this blog that was basically an e-commerce log does up for sale for like $500 and and basically the way the blog work was, you know, it was a contract out of Saudi, store and yada yada, which I dunno I kind of pick picked up the basics. Um, and then it lifted a bunch of tools you could use and the affiliate links and you so basically affiliate site right for six persons continue attracting traffic you can read that using into affiliate links. And so I said, okay, maybe this is something I can do like I have a couple of experiences with you, stores. Haven't really found a great Niche. But you know, I'd love to keep trying out new niches and meanwhile I can blog about my journey took me, companies using this blog. So I purchased a Blog and that became the next project for me. I love it. You just keep driving like that is that is not the norm. So what is it about you you're like, okay, that didn't work then try again. That didn't work. I'm going to try again. So, is there some mental process or is it just said like what what is it? I think it was it was. there's a couple of things one was there was this thing of I just couldn't give up right because like if I gave up then what am I doing? You know, I'd basically be like I'd have to go back to my page back to the basement and it didn't get it and find a job, you know, but at the same time I think that we should point at that point when I when I bought that blog that I was thinking. Well, I've been trying a lot of different things and feeling and maybe something that's missing is just the fact that I don't really know how to build a business and you need to go and start at a small company join as an employee and learn how it looks on the inside right? So then just starting a business. Exactly. Yeah, there's a lot more to running a business than just starting a business. Everybody says I want to start a business. There is a lot to running a business. There's a lot and it's not for the faint-of-heart. I'm an entrepreneur. You're not preneur and I have I have to give massive Kudos and shout outs to anyone who's an entrepreneur because everybody thinks oh, you know, it's so easy. It's it's not the difference is is if I look at this way say, for example, you make a hundred little to say but make it simple say you make $40,000 as an employee great now a manager for a moment you made $40,000 in your own business. And that's the power because it's all based on everything that you have done. You get paid at a job whether you perform or not. I mean eventually you'll lose your job if you don't perform but you only get paid by the Massive Action that you take and if you're a success you can work forty sixty eighty hours a week. But if you're not if you're not doing it, right, there's no money. And I think that's the key and the joy of being an entrepreneur is when money goes into your account, you know, you worked for it and you earned it and I'm not discounting people that have jobs. I'm just saying there's something magical and it's almost like the juice is worth the squeeze. It is really hard to be an entrepreneur down hard and the sense of fulfillment that you have as an entrepreneur, especially when you start hiring employees. To know that you are responsible for them and then you're providing for them and they're providing for their family. That's an incredible feeling. There's something magical about that. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and I I mean I got bitten by the the entrepreneurship but definitely but I think I came to a point where I was like, well I can keep trying and failing or I could maybe get it fixed it back loan a few things about starting a business and then try again later, right? And I don't think there's anything wrong with taking that approach either in just like sort of being very honest with yourself about skills you have and don't have where you need to grow as a person to be a good entrepreneur and then learning the skills and then getting it in a real shot, you know. Now is that I'm an atheist and I live in Houston, but was that limit stand you worked for them or you own lemonade stand? I work for them. Yeah, so that led me to let me send because when I got that blog blog was around e-commerce, and so I started to one of the ways I figured okay. Let me try some traffic to the blog was like a interview different e-commerce tools and then publish them on the blog right and then have the affiliate link over there. So I interviewed I somehow got in touch with the founder of lemon send off and they were just like a, you know, full bus and start up at four or five person start up at that point and they were e-commerce platform kind of like Shopify like but like trying to go like sort of bigger markets wage. Um, and so I got in touch with them I did the interview and and then he we we just sort of kept in touch and he mentioned he needs some help with like I'm content right and it's like well I've been doing and stuff and how about I I do I offer some of my services to you as a Content marketer and they like, yeah, so we we start working and I was doing some freelance work and I just find I left Vietnam came back to Canada and and I was in my parents. I was going back to the parents. I was right so I kind of just I needed not to be in my parents house in Visa wage adults who is living in Spanish basement. So I was like, well, these guys are in Canada as well, but they're in Vancouver and so, uh, he had mentioned that he wanted someone. I do like do all the marketing and it's like I spend lots company years doing some freelance marketing learning content. So on and so forth. I figured out the basics like why not? Maybe I join this company wage, you know a loan how the companies built I learn how to start up is built as work closely with the CEO and founder and of course, I'll be able to move out of my parents house and go to New City and live their life. And and so yeah, that was the next thing and it's like, all right. It's a yes, I'll be looking for someone else but alone how to build the company so that in a few years so my goal was all wage. To leave a mentally and start my own thing, right? I never I never left side of that goal and everything I did was in service to that girl was join your company learning how to do things and so on. Yeah, that's a smart way to do it. Like that's just smart and I think it already has always just to teach right you started a course. She started to teach. Yeah, so we're going to course on YouTube. I did. Yes. So while I was at lemon stand and I was doing the marketing. I mean, like I said, I still had a largely entrepreneurship. It's right. That was I never lost outage. So I said all right on the sidewalk in my Ricans in free time. Let me teach people how to do content marketing because that's something that figured out like how to earn money writing blog content online. So I created an online course on udemy teaching people how to write content and I put it out there as make some income on the side. And I was going to need to look at let me stand we do the company, you know over time over like a year and then my online course was not making too much money and I started off. All right, you know like obviously people want to buy this out but like with your Demi it's just very hard for me to like control who's buying the course and how much how you know setting my own prices. So I need to create a website. That's my own brand right? So I host a host on the coast of my brand and I can make way more income there. And as I was doing some research and I found a company in Vancouver as well, that was an online course company called think if they basically created a platform that allows you to host your normal process. So I met the CEO when he was giving a talk at a local networking event. And we we started talking, you know, giving you some ideas about marketing the platform my experience at L'Auberge and and he said hey, why don't you come join us and and hook US market leader marketing and I was like, wow. Okay, that's great. And you know, they were offering me more and I could see like huge potential in this company and it was also like a small start-up and I would get sort of like a leadership role to grow it into a big company and they said that's a great choice and again, you know all in service of that goal of me. Eventually. I'm building my own business, right? So like I would be here learning how to how a company operates how to hire people how to how to scale a marketing team on a scale a company. Um, So I said yeah and it took that role and so I moved on to the second. That was my Yeah, so in essence what you're doing is you're getting paid to go to school. Like that's brilliant. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. That's the time you started right? Was that just a few just only eight people there when you start it? Yeah, I think it was just like seven or eight people was an employee number eight or something like that. Yeah. So again, very small very small number of people at the office every month into one one tiny room. And but it was a very good it was very like everyone is my age. It was all very friendly and we just had a really great time. So like could be able to work with you know, and the work was challenging and and yeah, it's you're learning a lot. You're you're doing a lot of stuff you're getting paid to learn like you said and you're having a good time doing it with great people around you nothing wrong with that know now the successes are starting pylon. So you had forced for failures and now your success is Europe to 3 a.m. So you're starting these you're starting to catch up and you're accelerating and the one thing I want to acknowledge about you and then I think you can learn a lot from you. Is that one you don't let fear. Or stop you. And if you have a failure, you just adjust pivot go left go right go Center and you put yourself in position to to have opportunity happen. You ask and you put yourself out there and that's one thing that is something that not everyone does and it's so powerful to be around opportunity and to jump in when you see opportunity and to ask That's a great point. You bring up you ask because I realize, you know, if you don't ask you don't get and and early on in my career. Like when I was a management consulting firm, I never really asked and asked for like a raging or anything right and just let things happen. But when I was like in my second go working at these startups like diamonds don't think if I got you started asking you say. Hey, can I do this? Hey, can you give me that race or can you pay me? Can you give me that much equity and I just found the people would say, you know, make sure okay. Let's go, you know, and and so and the thing is the reason that you get when you ask is most people don't ask and they don't get and so when someone does have the Breakthrough of fear and they actually asked people respect you when you're a confident and you ask for what you want. And you you exactly you get it because the worst that could happen is they say no and the upside is so much greater than just an l and when you realize that no will not kill you dead. It's just a re-frame. It's a Readjustment. It's a pivot if you want to raise you don't get a raise when you're like, okay great. I need to do something different to get the attention of the company. So they give me a raise money instead of oh, give me a raise. Exactly. Yeah, I know. It's just like you figured out a way to not ask for what you're asking for exactly reframe retool go away learn from that no money and look at as a gift because you're not doing something in that company. That is they feel a deserving of a raise. So figure out how you can add more value to the company. Is it race exactly? Yeah. Yep. Okay. Now now tell me about so you work for is it is it George's is that was that the company is it George's how do you say that gorgeous in San Francisco? Yeah, so that was optimized think of experience and like you said, yeah, the the successor decide to to slowly pick up right like that are all these failures trying a lot of different things and I take that back and said, okay. I'm going to go back into working at a start-up. No not like a big company and really learn how to build companies from from Ground Zero lemonstand got required by MailChimp. Thinkific is the next year. So those are like two big successes under my belt and I was the one who like let the early. They're so my name started to get around as well with various companies in Vancouver month. So after think if a guy I decided I was ready to start a company know what I wanted to start at that point, right? So I said, well, how about I do some Consulting at the various different counties work with the whole bunch of other stuff apply all the stuff that I know as a marketer, you know with my successes of MailChimp lemon scent and thinking ethic have a bunch of other companies in through this process of birth. Alone, I meet a lot of other Founders and be I'll I'll figure out what what kind of problems I could be solving in my when I start my company, right? So I was all in service of starting a company but is this is more of me going on to some like a fact-finding mission. So start working with a bunch of other companies, you know procurify here in Vancouver, um a couple of other small startups and then one company the market at that company was very impressed with my work that they introduced me to a friend of yours who had started a company in San Francisco. That was gorgeous home. So those guy company just flew me down to SF and I started working with them and sort of like a part-time head of marketing person are they want found like a full-time person and again for me that was mostly A way for me to network in San Francisco and meet other Founders and Venture capitalists cuz I knew eventually if I start my own company, I need that those connections. So again those news thinking about like two years ahead right off. So I was there and and through through my experience there, you know, the 3 months down into like a year of me staying in SF working with a bunch of other funded startups over them. So now I I started learning about the whole VC world, you know, meaning these these meaning funded startups. How does that work? How do companies raised around, you know all of that page and yet they're really break through your fear. They're like that's you have to really get fixed in because V C's are a whole nother world. That's that's a whole nother world. Exactly. Yeah, and it's already like tight Network. Right? Like it's it's not easy to break in but I I I did so one of the things I did when I first went I said was I just reached out a whole bunch of marketers at various data 6 a.m. Newtown would love to get a coffee and these people are very very open very friendly people. Everyone is new in to assist in some way or the other so Islands open to helping out another newbie. So I decided to build my network of marketers who introduced me to the network of Founders within eventually introduced me to the network of feces. That's kind of how like, I I sort of glue that Network so over the course of a year I built up a good Rolodex of how the founders in in V C's who like good thing reach out to whenever I need it if I was able to raising around right now does that lead you to where you are today? Yeah, exactly. So roundabout end of 2019. I came back to to Vancouver after my SS experience month and then I will still sort of doing some Consulting for today. I just companies start of twenty-twenty. But when the pandemic hit that's that's like a lot of my Consulting clients drop off because they want to cut marketing spend right? So I so for me it was like, okay now I have a lot of free time on my hands. You know now is is Kathy the US telling me to go and stop that company have no excuses left, right? I have I have the experience. I worked at so many different companies. So I've no I know how to build a company. I know how to grow them and and generous new I have the connections in the VCS and I have the time for those like everything fell into place and it's time for me to start off. And this idea of using AI to generate content had been around with me for a while because as as I work with various companies as a marketer wage, that was the one thing I noticed time and again was you needed content, right? You needed like your building your brand through a podcast in a companies would build your plan to a block or two ads or through social media and whatnot. Right? And it was all content. You need to create more and more content and have to be good content. You can't just create an operation put it up there and expect things to happen. And so that's expensive. You know, it's like it's not easy to create really good content all the time getting and day out and you you know, many companies are just supposed to keep hiring people or or you know, just spend a lot more. So when I was a kid comes with smaller budgets, we was just very hard for us to create that content and that was a problem, right? Cuz then this company couldn't go So right and you want to you want to create great content? Exactly. Yeah, and so that was kind of like where the idea came as like. Okay. Can we use AI to do this? Right and I decided to it was mostly like I spend a lot of time in 2019 judge just like researching guessing the idea of various friends, seeing what they thought of it and then twenty-twenty when everything happened and it all came together I said, all right, like let me start now and that's when I started to build. Yeah, that's amazing like right in the middle of pandemic and there was amazing like so many things that have happened during this pandemic of just people have just like, all right, it's time. I'm going to start it. Yeah, and it was kind of like a forcing function right like the pandemic a lot of people got laid off and they supposed to think about what does your life look like or what do they want to like to look like and you you realize that you know, no matter how good you have it at your job or how secure your job you think your job is because other people feel safe in a job. It's a secure income and a consistent income. But sometimes something comes along like a global pandemic that just changes it all up and everything does everything upside down, right? So a lot of people started thinking well, maybe a job is not as secure. They talked about maybe I should try to figure it out and take control of my life was letting a global pandemic control that random events around the world controlling. So yeah, I think it was it's off obviously did not a very good time for for the world in general, but people I think they realized that they could indeed take control of their lives. How do you keep trying new things? There's got to be what's your mindset? Like do you meditate you stay in the very present moment. Do you get connected to Mother Earth? Do you walk around in the grass? Barefoot? What what do you do? Like, you're you're you're kind of unique in that, you know, you have all these failures and you just keep keep going like I fail all the time and I'm just like, okay. Well, let me try something else. And so I think that's why you and I became Fast Friends is the fact that I see I'm like, oh not the only one you just keep going and you know always say I'm just too dumb to know that I can't succeed life just too dumb to know. I mean all the things that I've done was like, oh, I'm going to go do that. Okay. Well, let me just go do that. yeah, I Well, I guess so. I mean it's it's kind of like two sides of the car. Right one is one is just like to down to fail but also on the other side of the coin is like knowing that I have skills that people would pay for it. So I I have the freedom to try things and fail cuz I can always return to those skills and get paid for that. Right? Right like you can you can you can survive but you want to thrive exactly exactly. Yeah, I'm taking all these list so that I can try it right like but if I if I fail I don't die. I don't go to zero cuz I can still go back to the company that work with or talk to new companies and be like, hey pay me X number of dollars a month. I'll set up your ad for you. Right like I could still do that whenever I want it too. So I know that that option is always open to me and the the ability for me to own an income at least like a basic income maybe five $10,000 a month and sort of like a freelancer is always dead. So I'm not worried about feeling. Well as we start to wrap things up, you know, I just wanted to delve into a I really quick. Um, the bracha app is really incredible it it writes content for you in a way that is just thought it was almost like magic. It's really kind of cool. But what I wanted to say is that you know, my assistant Brent. I told her I said look cuz she writes all the copy for everything for Life transformation radio all the other podcasts for for everything for the courses that we created everything and she's like, oh my God, am I going to be out of a job and go actually not we're going to take this. It's going to free up your time so that you can do the fun stuff with me. Like it's can Elevate we're going to we're going to let the robot take care of all this stuff and then we're going to amplify and create even more. So I just invites you all the Ki is dead really kind of mind-blowing for me and in a way. Yeah, it could be scary. And if you look at it, it's the Genie's already out of the bottle like it's out there so you have to learn to Pivot right now and look into the future in a way and see how fast a eyes moving because it's moving really really fast. Yeah. Yeah, I like what you said about your your assistant there right like cuz that's the future I think is what is is going to happen and people are afraid to take the jobs know. It's going to help you elevate yourself to be a voltage has to think long-term to think creatively to think about the big picture, right? So no longer you have to waste your time and energy on the little things because it's very draining also too. I just have to keep creating a social. It's my numbering. It's boring your system doesn't want to keep doing that. That's she's not going to feel like she's living her life to her fullest potential. But if I cancel that stuff for a then she cannot do the things that she really enjoys doing but does she cares about working with you on like thinking about the big picture and seeing the future? Yeah, well, you definitely see the future. You're definitely someone who breaks through their fear. You're definitely someone who just has figured out and mastered. I have a transformed life by embracing failure and just reset retool reframe and Away you go said thank you so much for being here today and black screen radio. I'm just humbled that you said. Yes, I was so thrilled that was so cool. Thank you so much for having me Rob. This has been really great and I I will have the your mission here and I'm happy to be a part of it. Thank you. All right. So if you want to learn more about said you can visit him as website at used bracket, and when you do reach out to said hey, let him know that you listen to this episode of home life transformation radio said, thank you so much for being here today. Thank you. Talk to you soon. Thank you so much for your support and taking the time out of your busy and precious day to listen to Life transformation radio. We so appreciate it. Thank you for allowing me along. My very special guests said that touch your heart move your soul and inspire you to live a life of transformation. I'm Rob active until next month. This is life transformation radio. Download complete.

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