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Thursday, April 16: Sen. Lindsey Graham


Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon. And while you're at it rate us and Labor review a brand new views darts alive right now. Pandemic protests residents of hard hit Michigan defy stay at home waters and demand. Governor Whitman restrictions. How did the corona virus turned into a constitutional crisis? Different states of mind. Safety guidelines are getting stricter in some states and going to issue an executive order that says all people in public must have a mask or nose covering but other officials say we have bigger problems than the pandemic. We got to open this economy. If we don't it's GONNA collapse are people willing to risk their lives. To keep the economy healthy and senator Lindsey. Graham is live to talk about how he says. The president's been making the right moves to combat the pandemic and WHO's making the wrong ones. Here come hot topics with WHOPPI joy. Behar Sunny Hossen and Meghan McCain now. Let's get started. We're hello and welcome to the view. Welcome to the view. Welcome to the view yesterday. Resonance of Michigan One of the hardest hit states defied local distancing regulations to stage protests demanding. Met Governor Gretchen. Whitmer ease restrictions. Even chanting lock her up. What did y'all make of this when you saw it? What about you sonny? Let's start with you. Well I was trying to figure out why there were confederate flags flying around during the Being waived around during the this alleged protests just because I couldn't figure out what that had to do with the corona virus. I mean if you are indeed upset about the stay at home order. I can understand that because it is probably I think. The most restrictive in the country and people are very concerned about that. I get that but I guess I just didn't understand the manner within which it was done everybody was close together. People getting out of their cars. They're waving the confederate flag. I I thought rather than it becoming sort of a stay at home order a protest. It seemed to become some sort of racist protest right. Megan you a little torn about this. I cannot stop thinking about this sort of existential crisis that we're having right now because on one end as sunny point out it is considered one of the most restrictive measures in Michigan. And just to name a few things. You can't buy vegetables seeds or garden tools. Can't buy carpet flooring or Pete's work from home. You can't go fishing boats allowance and you can't visit anyone even one on ones like if I wanted to go visit a family member. That's not allowed. I do think that the question that we're all struggling with right now. We're talking about even just briefly before the show started as yes. Economy is staggering. It looks like we're well underway to entering into a second great depression and I want the economy to open up. I won't let go back Elsa don't want people to die and then some of the states like in South Dakota where they've been Sort of more lax on it and it happened shutdown state. You're now seeing a surge corona virus cases and I think unfortunately it's just this great existential question that no one seems to have the answer to I will say that if I couldn't buy vegetable seeds or garden tools and I don't have garden but if I did I would find that a complete and utter government overreach and I do think that governor whitmer needs to lean back runs refused restrictions because people are doing the best they hand entertain themselves at home. If you WanNa Repaint Your House that certainly one of the safest things I can think you can be doing right now. Right so joy. You have questions you. You wanted to ask the protesters what well. I'd like to ask them if they're willing to sign away their right to treatment if and when they get infected are you gonNA say okay. I don't need ventilator because I thought I should go out and defy the government's order okay and I'd like to know if people are in states that are following the guidelines like people like us in New York can be sure that these people don't come here. I mean. They blocked an ambulance the other day. Can't they be charged and arrested for that? I understand the fact that they're they can't get their veggies. But hello we're talking about this disease being way more infecting and worse than they even thought you know and by the way they're watching. Fox a little too much there watching Laura Ingram. I used to tweeted time to get your freedom back and then the brilliant Janine Pirro in early March she was parroting trump that the infection rate would drop as the weather warms. I mean this is who they're listening to so again do you. Will you say I won't get the treatment if I get the virus that's my question right? Well it's interesting. I'd love to know why the governor made some of the choices she made. Perhaps people don't realize that this is you know this is a disease that doesn't care about your economic status. It doesn't care about your your politics. This will take you out. And maybe that's what people need. Maybe people need to get sick in order to realize that we'd all like to go outside but not if it's going to spread everything so it's not surprising that people are in a panic about getting back to work when you hear the narrative coming out of people like Louisiana senator. John Kennedy take a look. We got open this economy if we don't it's going to collapse and if the US economy collapses the world economy collapses when we end the shutdown the viruses gonNA spread faster. That's just a fact and the American people understand that so I mean do they understand New York you know. They're now telling everyone to wear masks in public yet. This gentleman's going around sand go back to work now. I don't know where he was when he said I would bet that he was in his house. Like all of us trying not to spread the pandemic so July wended the pandemic. Become this kind of crazy. Partisan you know don't seem to understand. I mean these are intelligent. People this is a senator of the United States and a senior citizen I might add. He doesn't seem to get the severity of the problem. Here and has governor. Whitman pointed out. That behavior of going out only extends the need for stay at home orders. They're only extending the misery by going out and ignoring these. I mean they have to look at other countries I believe it was a New Zealand. Basically has the whole thing under control because she locked down the whole country okay. I'm not comparing us. We don't have a few people like they do. But still those are the things if each state Behaved like New Zealand. Maybe we could fix this before twenty twenty two signing from legal standpoint are state officials endanger going a little too far here or have they already gone over the line. Well I don't think so. I mean you know we we've learned. I think through this that it's really not the federal government's place to put these kinds of orders in place. It is up to the individual states. And up to the governor's I think that they're going to be challenges. No question about it but the real question is if you open up the economy I mean do you open it up and then trade that off money for lives. It's just money for lives and I just. I don't understand where people are coming from. I I know that you know we have what twenty two million people filing for unemployment? That is that is horrible. There are people that are starving. And I get it but I don't understand a US. Senator saying something like we have to open up the economy and we know people are going to die. I don't think that's an appropriate tradeoff I just. I don't want to take care of your fellow American. Indeed we'll be right back tomorrow on an all new view. I how getting fuller and Funnier with Bob Zambia. Plus his videos about likened warranting Arcaro and not the Internet will fill hunker down under. And now Leslie. Jordan's checking in with a women of the view on ABC. Still a home. Senator Lindsey Graham is live to talk about why he? The president's Corona virus response and when America's should reopen for business. Hey welcome back. We were talking about how much a priority Senator Joe Kennedy saying. The economy needs to reopen right now. Megan what are your thoughts on this yet? I mean look I think this is becoming a complete culture war clash because if you're someone that's living in Sioux falls you're not gonNA have the same experience of someone living in Manhattan and as we know there's a large majority of Americans that are living literally paycheck to paycheck and without one paycheck. We are able to feed their family. They aren't going to be able to pay for insurance. They have to be able to do everything that every American should want and need to do and I think it's a really complicated hark mustard says. I'm not totally against. If you live. In smaller towns implementing social distance saying in other types of to keep people safe safe unhealthy like wearing masks. But I do think at a certain point if the economy completely collapses we're GonNa have been bigger troubles than the virus and I just think. Unfortunately this is turning into a red state. Blue State culture war clash on and some of it is logical. Some of it isn't but I think there's a lot of pain and a lot of people are missing absolute record numbers foodbanks right now. I know I've seen pictures all over the country. And they just absolutely gut wrenching heartbreaking and I just think is log. We both are going without food. They're going to lose our homes lose their jobs. You don't feel that. They have a future for their families. You can't fault them for wanting to go back to work. And wanting to maybe risk hit with the virus in order to save themselves their families. I well speaking of such things I wanted to portray. Snl Stop Michael. We just paid the rent for his late. Grandmother's entire nighter apartment building. Dr Ben Carson. Where are you? It seems to me that you need to be paying attention because folks as we all know in Nigel. Buildings all over this country are lower income people and they seems to be no help and we watched how when they ask for people to check on their checks that were coming it collapsed the IRS Website much like obamacare remember. That went obamacare collapsed the website because too many people were trying to get it so we need to. We need to get on top of this good good work. Michael Chad and we need all the fun evenings at home that we can get. I think everybody can agree on that. So right now we are trying to tell you. Do not miss the Disney family. Sing along. That's right. Was superstars like Ariana Grande Day. Demi Levato Elle Fanning Josh Grove. An and a whole lot of folks. It's airing tonight eight. Pm Eastern right here on ABC. And we'll be right back. Why does Senator Lindsey Graham? Say the president's right and the media's wrong about the US Corona virus response and. Why does he want to cut unemployment benefits during the pandemic live on the view? Welcome back senator. Lindsey Graham has been a strong supporter of the White House's Corona virus was spots and he joins us now live from South Carolina. Good Morning Senator. Good morning thanks for having me. Good morning thanks for comment. Now you know a lot of people are scared because we're all trying to figure out what we're trying what we should be doing and processing all the information as it comes in and as you know it has been all over the place so we all know that the virus doesn't have any political affiliation. How so how you doing right now? Well probably like everybody else everyday sort of groundhog day. I'm spending a lot of time on the phone talked to churches yesterday. Our hotel tourism industry has been destroyed in South Carolina Manufacturers so. I'm spending a lot of time answering questions of people on the phone and trying to not just gain one hundred pounds in isolation here. Well it's too late for me but I'll continue as I've said I can't stay six. I distance myself six feet from my refrigerator. But let me ask you this question. You know right you know. Trump has a massive ego and he rated himself a ten for the way he's handling the crisis he insists that he's done quote everything right unquote. So tell me sir. What has he John. Reid name three things that he's done right and then I want to hear it three things. He's done wrong okay. Well let's see. The first thing he did was in. I think January the thirty first stop travel from China. The Chinese or the bad guy here. If you're looking for a bad guy but I wanna look forward but The China Travel. Bam probably saved us a lot of heartache than eventually imposed it on Europe and I think he's followed the advice of Dr Falcon Burkes on March thirteenth. He declared a national emergency and imposed the guidelines. We have today so I think I think those three things that have flattened the curve and kept the exposure in the United States. Down on what? We need to do better. I think the key to me is testing. I can't really blame the president but we are struggling with testing at a large scale. You really can't go back to work until we have more test. That shows who has it who doesn't and we're beginning to turn turn the corner of that. Senator. What will I do think that you can blame the president because the trump administration lost about seventy days in the corona virus battle by downplaying the threat stalling funds not getting appropriate testing no PP. Denying even that Americans were at risk and trump said and I quote. I take no responsibility at all. I don't know that that's real leadership. Do you agree with that that he bears no responsibility as the president of the United States? I think he's done a good job. I I blame China. The person you left out. Here's the the Chinese system out a person but this virus came out of China. It didn't come out of the United States. The Chinese lied to the world about the nature of the virus will lost a lot of time. And here's what doctors vow cheese fair boy. The twenty nine. I think most of US trust him. At least I do so he was asked. This is a Saturday morning February. Twenty ninth on the Today. Show People WanNa go to malls then want to go to movies. They want to go to gyms. Should we change our habits and Dr Phil? Gee said no right now. At this moment there is no reason to change anything. You're doing day by day. The risk is low but it could get greater over time. So on February twenty night the Preeminent Guy. The Nation felt like it was okay to go to move your gym. So I'd rather look forward backwards. Well senator in in January and in February our military intelligence did tell this president that there was a virus coming out of China but nevertheless you cited trump's travel band as an important decision that he made many now believe that the virus in New York at least came from Europe Not China and after trump on travel from China forty thousand travelers still came into the United States. So how effective was this soft travel ban anyway while I think it was very effective? If you hadn't had a band there were exceptions to the ban. You're right about that. And Europe got affected but it all came from Wuhan China but it seems to be that the New York infection came from Europe. Shortly after the China Band he put restrictions on travel. But if you WANNA go and see how. The band played in America. Most Democrats call the guy. Racine phobic overreaction to ban travel from China even with the exceptions so we'll have a contest in November. About how will president trump panel? This will have a contest about how well we brought the economy back. And that's what democracy's all about but right now I'm worried about stopping the spread of the virus. There's a strategy against the virus. We're trying to starve it social distancing. We're going to bomb it with drug therapies and eventually kill it with a vaccine so my focus is keeping as many people safe and developing the drugs to lessen the effect of the virus own human beings and eventually vaccine sense. You you mentioned people keeping people safe. I do want to say we should start talking about the Chinese government and not the Chinese people so we can make the differentiation s fair. So people don't start active. I just wanted to okay very good Megan Lindsay so we were talking earlier on the show. I according to where you live or your political affiliation this pandemic is viewed in two very different ways. New York has obviously a record number of deaths and the news is very grim but in red states and a lot of conservative circles. There's a feeling that this might be overflown honestly center from Red State in South Carolina. What do you think the answer is because I was saying earlier on this completely conflicted on whether or not? We should continue to chef economy down in states that are impacted at a lower rate. Well I'm really a good question. There's a lot of people on the right saying that. The Cure is worse than the illness at the president. Overreacted talk to him two nights ago. I don't agree with that. I think the governor of new. York's done a hell of a good job. I think is explaining everyday to the people in New York in the country. What he's doing. And what the mayor of New York are doing working with administration start stop spread of the virus. Here's what I believe. If you'd went to just let it play out there'd be a couple of million Americans dead is three times more infectious than the flu. It kills people senior citizens like myself very cruelly. It affects young people so this idea. That we overreacted. I don't buy if we had not done all the things we're doing now. Thank you would have well. North of a million Americans dead and this has been inconvenient. It's been tough but it is saving lives so to those who want to second guess our reaction don't buy it because I am so glad the president didn't take your advice and let the damn thing play out coast. They tried that in Britain and it blew up their face so no. I don't think we've overreacted at all. I think everything we've done to. This point is saved. A prolly will over a million Americans from death from the virus and I want to reopen the economy. But the key to that is testing President Trump said senator that as president. He has total of authority to reopen the country. And and that's just a lie that isn't true and Senator Kennedy of Louisiana says making the decision to reopen. The economy is like choosing between cancer and heart attack because the virus will spread easier or rather faster when we do. Why is Senator Kennedy arguing? The economy over people's lives I mean. Do you agree with him on that. Well I think what John is saying that. There's a risk to reopen the economy. And you can't destroy the American economy to fight the virus effectively if we destroy the economy. We're going to lose the ability to effectively. Fight the vars. So here's what I think we should do today. We'll have some changing guidelines and coal spots. Everything's not the same but I want to be cautious public health. I find a way to reopen the economy in phases smartly now. What's the key to reopen the economy? Bmw here in South Carolina. There closed. Now what I would like to see manufacturers like BMW a have the testing ability to call their employees back testimonial the ones that are positive. Treat them send them home. Make sure they're okay and the rest of everybody else can go back to work. But the key to getting people back into the economy is testing and as finding the virus. What we've done is social distancing and mitigation has saved well over million lives. I'm convinced that. But the key is drug therapies that we can go back to work knowing that. There's a drug therapy out there. That takes it from ten to one or two so we all don't have to go to the hospital and going a respirator. That's the key. Also finding illness back we will have more with Senator Lindsey Graham when we come back. Welcome back we with Senator Lindsey Graham Megan. Hi Lindsey I just want to switch gears and talk about China for a minute so that our intelligence reports show that China has been actively falsifying. It's Rona virus cases in death numbers. During the outbreak. There may have been tens of thousands of more deaths than they've even reported and now we're learning they're censoring research on worthiness virus. How do we hold China accountable? For these cover-ups I know senator. Holly has suggested that we actually make them pay for. Some of the draft happened in this country. I'm serious at China's cope ability in this in their reaction hardens. We can hold them accountable. Well that's a really good question. So what do we know? This is a animal to human transmission. It came from Rabat. Widow know of somebody got ineffective doing research in the lab or the one went to one of these wet markets China and actually bought a bet and ate it but the one thing we can do is put pressure on China to Closys wet markets. They sell puppies for human consumption. In these markets. The people eat bats and monkeys. And that's how this is the third pandemic come from China so number one put all the pressuring the world on China to close these markets. They have about one point. Three trillion dollars of treasury notes. Senator Blackburn has a bill to basically cancel some of the debt we owe China. Send him a bill for this would need to stop trading with China until they change your practices around controlling pandemics and get together with wet markets. There are a lot of things we need to do to deter them. If we're not tough on China now they'll be another one coming later. So whatever gets into change their behavior and it just can't be Meghan. The United States has got to be the world and unless the world takes China. It won't work okay. So we're blaming China. That's that's legitimate. But trump also was blaming the World Health Organization. He said that they should not receive money from the United States under its current leadership. And even if I don't understand something why cutoff a health organization in the middle of a pandemic. Why not wait until it's over and then deal with whol o? That's really a good question. We I'm in charge of the appropriations over the WHO. At least a part of it. And what I want to see a change of leadership because I think they conspired with China to downplay the nature of the virus that they reported all through January there was no evidence human-to-human to human transmission OB- lost coppin. It's the money that's being suspended will go to other people throughout the world to deal with health issues the. Who has great scientist but his lost confidence? I've lost confidence in the leadership. So a guy like Bill Gates Bill Gates was in charge of the W. H. O. I would double the funding because I think we needed. Who but he's not well. Okay all right I still say why now but let let me ask you about the stimulus checks. Because they've been mistakes made from the website crashing to checks going to dead people but yet the treasury made sure to have trump's name on the check and he insisted upon it. You know having this he goes out of control and that totally breaks protocol now. Trump was asked yesterday why his name was on the check and they said he didn't know much about it. Do you know why. His name is on the checks. No not really. I know that during the others. The seven hundred eighty seven we spent during the Obama years they had it signs advertising. This brought to you by the by the Obama Administration. I'll just want the checks to get there. I don't really care whose names on it but I understand what you're saying but the point is these checks are coming out pretty quickly now. Twelve hundred dollars. If you're listening to this program you make under seventy five thousand dollars. You'RE GONNA get a twelve hundred dollar check with your own social not it doesn't count Towards your tax liability and is in the mail Starting tomorrow thinking in your direct Deposit Pretty Soon. People need the money. People are hurting out there. I get that into our doctors. Nurses cannot just add one thing to what Megan asks. Have we overreacted? I don't think so. I don't think the models were wrong. I think what we did has changed the models and can you imagine if we had not done all the things we've done today. What are hospitals? Were all over the country every time you do what you're asked to do. You're taking a load off. Doctors nurses just remember that. You're helping them. But practicing social distancing this is true. I wish we started in November. When they say everybody had the information. But we're doing what we can do now and right now. The country is hit. Twenty two million unemployment unemployed people and it is this right. You worried that these relief packages will encourage people to stay out of the workforce. I mean that doesn't make sense to me of people are trying to feed their families. You know y you know people are yeah. I think that's I think it's not correct but I'll let you answer do you. Can you explain what you meant? So here's what bothers me. The most in terms outside the virus is a twenty two million people out of work at no fault of their own. And I don't see US turning the economy on anywhere near full for a long time yet. I think the summer is going to be reduced travel. Myrtle beach is going to be a loss summer in terms of tourism. What we did. I was the first Republican to join with Democrats to add more money into state unemployment. The maximum benefit would be you can get in South Carolina for unemployment is three hundred twenty six dollars a week. We've added six hundred dollars a federal benefit on stop top of the state benefit. And I wanted to make people whole I want you to get your actual salary. If you're unemployed but in this case we've actually sometimes doubled people salary and unemployment and I think that will have a perverse incentive a cave keeping people out of the workforce but my number one goal is to get you the chick what I worry about the most. It may be four to six weeks before anybody gets an unemployment check. The system has crashed and we need to pay more attention to unemployment because people can't go four to six weeks without a check. Okay so you you are happy that people are getting what they need in order to live the lives. They're not gonNA check in the mail right now. We had. We'll be back. Well Paul John Lindsay. We'll be right back with Lindsey Graham with more right now. Having a strong view. These are really crazy. Time helping others when it's nice to hear you all sharing the dust of life adulation. I was sort of didn't know if I was ever going to be a mom so I'm exciting. Sharing smiles have not been able to maintain six feet distance from my refrigerator. It's all so important. I'm so glad that we're doing this together. And that's why the view is on news for you every day. There's no show like yours. That's how we do because we will get through this together tomorrow. Bob Saggy telling you how he found a way to have a full House party in quarantine and Willing Grace Dr Leslie Jordan on how. He's becoming online superstar for millions of people stuck at home right now. Welcome back with still with Senator Lindsey. Graham joy so senator. Let's Talk Election Twenty Twenty Okay we're looks. As though Joe Fiving Vice President Joe Biden will be the nominee against trump. Now you and I both know that trump plays dirty. You know that. So how dirty exactly is GonNa get you think? I don't know how dirty is going to give but I think is going to be a contest of directions. I mean Joe Biden's a fine fellow good guy known him for years He'll be tough opponent for president trump. But it's going to be about where you want the country to go. Can you believe in climate change and not support the green new deal? I think so socialism versus capitalism. There's going to be so many big choices the American people can make I. It's going to be an exciting election and I like president. Trump's chances are really do. Okay let me give you. Let me ask a follow up what you just said because the Republicans suddenly seemed to have gotten onboard embracing Democratic Socialism. With some of these measures things like paid sick. Leave unemployment insurance free testing and health coverage. Aren't you worried that Americans like these things so much? Want to keep them. What are you GonNa do that? Actually that's a really good question. I was talking to my colleagues about my colleagues about that. There's a time for big government. Big Government helped us helped us get to World War Two. That's when we're had the defense production act back then instead of making cars were making and planes. There's definitely a time for the government and we need to work on our broken unemployment systems at the state level. There's an all hands on Deck Approach Department of Labor but what is the most sustainable way to keep the economy? Strong is not perpetual. Big Government is relying on the private sector in partnership with the government. So I I'm okay with helping people who have just been devastated. Get back on their feet. But I don't want to have a healthcare system where the federal government says who gets what when I want the private sector involved in healthcare. And finally you're going to see a breakthrough in the vaccine not come from the federal government but from the private sector. Don't destroy the goose that laid the golden egg when it comes to medical technology hi lyndsay. It's Megan again Dodger foul. She said that he could not guarantee that it would be safe to vote in person by election day. Do you think that mail in ballots? Something that we should be considering. I think every state should have that option but I don't want to mandate voting by mail. I'm hopeful by November. We'll have a vaccine around the corner drug therapies that lessen the effect on human beings so they don't have to go to the hospital and that will have mass testing and have the economy actually moving forward so from my point of view. You have absentee voting in South Carolina. If you can't go to the polls but I don't want to mandate national mill in voting. I don't want a national Mellon voting system. Let the states determine but I do believe if we do our job. Bright Come November. We're going to have turned the corner on drug therapies and win. Get back to more normal society senator before we go you are up for re election and you are likely to be running against a man named Jamie Harrison and what some say is actually going to be a pretty tight race and it was announced last night that Jamie Harrison outraged by two million dollars last quarter. Are you concerned about this opponent? This and money helped me. Yeah I've known Jamie Jamie's a good guy went to Yale. A very accomplished a man. He was chairman of the Democratic Party. I like my chances but I take nothing for granted and I'm excited about choosing a president in November. I'm I'm excited about mistake. Being able to wait me but right now. We're focused on making sure that we come out of this smartly. We don't open up the economy at the sake of our own health that we develop drugs at less than defect. Don't this and eventually get a vaccine where we're in a war with this virus nine ten to to win it? We're going to start bomb it and kill it. We'll have an election November and I make prediction. I think I win all right well. Thanks to Senator Lindsey Graham that we will be right back. We're the CO founders off was. Why Popular Hertel? You probably don't know that we're a small. Business has been crushed by the retail store pleasures during the code. One thousand nine crisis. We're offering you fifty percent off our best selling hair towels. In our full line of Haircare we agreed fluke. Thank you and welcome back. We just want to remind you you do not want to miss the Disney family. Sing along you'll have all your favorite songs like I. Just and Wade's go as sad or a whole new Were at and go and shop again. That s tonight eight PM Eastern here on ABC. Are you all going to be watching? Yes Christina Aguilera. Yeah I said I'm so excited yes performers they have lined up and I am like a Christine. I saw her in Vegas. I think so. I'm definitely right so we'll have them say to. Everybody have a day everyone and take a little time to enjoy the view. Wash your hands and watch the show so you woke up. Your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications and a text from your mom saying how do I click this okay? Maybe that's just me but if you want to get up to speed check out the new podcast from ABC News Start. Here's literally. The ground was shaking. I'm Brad Milkey and every morning. We're going to take you to the stories that matter with fast fresh in Silo Robert Mueller Michael Cohen. Calling all in twenty minutes start here. Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. The country is locked down battling corona virus. How right now? But curve gloves in my pocket which. I'm not sure how effective they'll be going to wear anyway. We WanNA help and give you the latest information. I'm Aaron Katersky host of Covert Nineteen. What you need to know a podcast from ABC News? But we're going to need to do is widespread testing to see who's susceptible who's infected and. Who's recovered each weekday? We call on doctors from around the country in our own medical experts to respond directly to. What's on your mind about this virus? Cova nineteen what you need to know a new series weekday afternoons on your favorite podcast APP.

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