EP 201603: Garage Pass


The Larsen needs a new job and reputation. I think he's going to have to do some serious outreach in the black community with black racing fans let's chip. Ganassi cannot just choose a driver and say here's my driver. Les Go Racing Mark Darrow. Npr INS GARAGE Pez. Well Guys Wail. Wow Oh that's a big wheel Okay Wail Rail Rail phone. The tides can turn quick on the water. Progressives Boat Insurance. Has You covered. Get a quote today in littlest three minutes at progressive DOT COM. At least it wasn't a shark. Am I right? Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates. Here in Napa we salute the frontliners. Going the extra mile to get us through these uncertain times. You remind us of what really keeps this country moving forward. It's not just parts and tools it's people and Napa. Our people are proud to be part of your community so if your vehicle experiences a bump in the road just call your locally owned NAPA auto parts auto care or visit nap online dot COM. Because nobody knows how to save support our communities. It's amazing to me. How Kyle Larson has fallen from grace? Just about as fast as he drives with the racial slur he made not only costing them all his sponsors but his job at chip Ganassi racing as well. Now two questions how can he revive is NASCAR CAREER? And how long will it take? Jason Whitlock is the host of speak for yourself on F S One. He's GonNa have to put some work in some real authentic work in outreach. I think to the black community and be a part of putting Nass car in a positive light. When you're talking about a sport this reliant on sponsorships. I think it's going to be a really tough road for calar not impossible one but you know it may be a year or two before sponsors even comfortable remotely working with him given. What's going on with the corona virus? Chip Ganassi has plenty of time to pick a replacement for Larson since he's already under contract to him. Many people believe Ross. Chastain is the logical choice on race hub former crew chief and Fox analyst. Larry mcreynolds had a suggestion for the longtime team owner. If I was chicken Asi I would lean on a guy that's got almost twenty years of experience in driving the Cup series and that set driver in at one car Kurt. Busch look at curt. Say who do you think would be a good fit here? Who would you be a good teammate? With I think that would be somebody good for chip Delano and tweeting. He was grateful for all the men and women that. Keep US SAFE. Ricky stenhouse junior spent some downtime talking to the troops through the USO. During this time in our country the NASCAR community wants to salute and thank all the medical professionals doctors. Scientists nurse first responders everybody on the front lines. We are with you. We are with you. Were here with you. And we will continue to do our part it staying home and social distancing so that we can all beat this so we can all this so that we can all beat this together together together together together together. A NASCAR Hall of Famer Tony Stewart popped up on twitter and for all the men out there. He had a little advice. Sure everybody else's board but it's a good time to do a bunch of projects and all you Mary guys or guys that have girlfriends that wants you to do all these honeydew projects. It's time for you to do that. And get that stuff done before we get back to work so stay safe. Get All your jobs done. Let's get back Grayson the RN's garage past presented by progressive insurance cars home boats motorcycles. Rv's more at progresive DOT com.

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