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The loss of the loss of the loss of podcast the loss of podcast. Hey sexy friend and he's making me his bitch. Maybe want to get a piece of that pretty. Good wanna talk about sexy teams directions. It's a very creepy field. I can guarantee that. Ponder theft will come up again. None of this relevant hokey cokie balls seven hundred and fifty middle bottle of rum. Welcome into the venice he podcast study and minority. This is your grumpy uncle peter. He will say woods at you so core question. What's a glaring hiring mistake. The marvel cinematic universe is made by casting. Tom holland as spiderman now. This question self doesn't really deserve an answer because the question has a clear implicit bias where this person doesn't like tom holland for some reason and wants an argument as to why they should not be spiderman and even gone out and said it should be a glaring mistake but they aren't smart enough to come up with their own answer so i'm betting every answer that this question got was what's wrong with tom. Holland honestly as far as the peter parker character goes. He seems fine with me as far as casting goes. I think they did a pretty good job. He seems like a pretty very good. Spiderman and people like him who cares but people in the world do take their movies very seriously but it's it's the league league glaring bias the question that actually struck my attention is incredible desire to find specific solution to a problem and they can't come up with themselves. Salie turned to other people in the hopes that they'll have something that they could then turn on the people who actually like. Tom holland those top holland lovers and then use this one glaring hiring mistake to burn them to the ground. It's not going to happen core question who is kate upton and what are some stunning photos of her again. I'm not going to take time to find stunning photos of kate upton. It just seemed weird to me that if you don't know who someone is which the initial premise so the question says who is kate upton if you don't know who she is. How do you know there are stunning photos of her so clearly. This isn't a question that needs an answer. This is someone saying. I think i'm too lazy to use google. I want some master batori material. Could you please go find it for me and luckily this is a podcast which is a non visual. We'll medium so yeah. I found a whole bunch here core question. What are the unintended consequences of the metoo movement. Now i initially thought that the person asking this was looking for ways to criticize the metoo movement but there is actually one unintended consequence that i found very interesting and it's at the moment as we know part of the metoo movement came about because so many people in charge are men so most men are bosses in companies. Let's say and the problem that has arisen. Is that these men who are not bad men. They're not the people who are being accused of any sort of misbehavior or anything like that. They they are now starting to shy away from mentoring women because it would require them to be in close proximity to them were closely with them <hes> <hes> and that opens them up to these accusations that are seeing other people get now. That's not to say they would actually do anything wrong but a false accusation is enough enough to take a career so the safe position for these men in positions of power is to avoid mentoring women which means they're actually putting women in a position where are they cannot move up within these companies so they aren't getting better positions or promotions. Those are going to men who these bosses can mentor and not worry worry about accusations in the same way so i am not critical of the me too movement. I think it's a necessary thing of course like all things in society. There's a balancing you push hard one way. There's push back in sort of balances out again. We are in a weird position where that hasn't actually finished but yes men in positions of power are now less is likely to bring women into the fold of power that they have for fear of the accusations of the metoo movement. If you listen to the podcast cast <hes> you know i lived in japan and japan. Summertime is the time you sit around and tell ghost stories. I've just gotten back from my summer vacation. This is when all the horror movies as we come out in japan. It's when people would have a fires on the beach and tell each other ghost stories. Summertime is connected to the horror season in japan which is need because in western in countries. It's october. Maybe when you have halloween and that's what all the scary things happen scary stories scary events things like that. This is led me to do a little bit of research coach. Which is an amazing thing <hes> which means i just was reading stuff on the internet in down a bit of a rabbit hole. I started looking at japanese. Folklore monsters offers because i started noticing. There was a bunch of them. That had very specific trends. The first trend i started to notice was in these are very japanese. These things which is why it was interesting to me the first set of monsters i wanna talk about. I'm going to do this as a couple part series. The first set of monsters i wanna talk about are ghosts or spirits of mistreated objects so basically if you don't take care of things in japan head they will be imbued or take on an angry spirit or demon said japanese for that yokthai and then maybe make your life miserable or not so the first one is moka mobile in this is the ghost of mistreated sliding doors in japan. They have sliding doors is there this sorta covered in paper now. If you don't take care of those kids will poke holes in them. People bump into them in the paper rips those sliding doors if you don't take care of them will become mogul and what happens is the little holes in your screen sliding door for we'll become eyeballs that watch you now the reason i found this interesting because i've seen that imagery movies video games. I've seen it in a couple of horror movies but of course i. I just thought maybe it was a weird thing. Someone saw it. Maybe it got copied a couple times and it's just one of those creepy weird things that came out of japan. There is a traditional monster connected to it in the stuff. I read it didn't say it does anything more than watch you but i guess if you have a sliding door and it has eyeballs that what you all the time that's creepy enough like nothing really else has to happen and for that to freak you out the next one is shiro who nettie and this is an old mistreated kitchen towel so it becomes like a white dragon what happens is the towel has gotten so angry because it's so mistreated i assume because you don't wash it properly afterwards that it becomes a flying lying towel wraps around people's necks and they pass out from the smell so it doesn't choke you to death and it doesn't seem like it actually kills you. It just knocks you unconscious and it's because it's so dirty and stinky because you haven't cleaned properly see this was the interesting theme that started coughing up. The japanese have ghosts. What's that inhabit. Almost specific attributes of you have to take care of things in this old kitchen towels one of them because of the kitchen towel gets. It's too dirty. It's so stinky. You'll actually attack you at night innocuous. We'll kill you release. It didn't say it would kill you. Border rob's around your neck. My first thought was going to choke you to death. No it doesn't choke you to death. It just makes it really stinky and you pass out the next will saudi back is audie is the animated version version of a pair of mistreated sandals c._v._s. shoes that you don't take care of you. Don't treat them right. You don't appreciate them. What happens is they become intimate commit and they run around at night and make noise again. They don't hurt you directly but you don't take care of your shoes. Your shoes will make noise night and freak you out. You'll be able to sleep so in japan. They sort of had the shinto religion in shinto religion of course everything has a spirit of some. I'm sort within its every grain of rice has its own god and you pray to the god of rice from god of trees and the god of everything so they have no problem extrapolating that concept except to physical objects and i think that's where it comes from and then when they're talking to their kids. This is also position. I have nothing to back this up. When they're talking to kids they have no problem connecting those objects to an actual spirit of some sort so they can then say if you don't take care of your shoes shoes will come to life and start making noise at night. If you don't wash the kitchen towel properly the kitchen towel will come to life attack you at night if you don't take care of the screen door if you keep poking holes the screen three door they'll grow is and watch you as you move and at night. That might be what it looks like. The last yoga for today isn't as militias the other the other one seemed to be. You sort of angry at you for not taking care of this one is coming up. Company also is a second cup that has somehow become possessed eh but it provides endless saturday now. I couldn't tell if this was a good figure a bad thing because the sack if you like soccer as a really good thing you can drink drink you drink it off to pay any money. It just keeps philly itself up. That's amazing but at the same time you drink too much that can lead you to <unk> situations. That could cause you problems. That could actually kill you so there was no indication as to whether or not the possessed second cup was a benevolent or evil spirit. They didn't actually indicate indicate clearly if this was a good or a bad thing and that might be because it's actually dependent on you. If you have an endless sakya cup you could stop drinking. No i assume it doesn't overflow. It's just when you drink it fills up again and that sort of the magic of the japanese ceremony when i go to the baltic which is the party. I always have to go for judo. One of the things you do the traditional they love it with ford people do it. Is you grab a bottle of beer. You walk around and you fill up everyone's burqa and there's actually some nice little traditions that go with it but if done properly and multiple people do this your cup. We'll actually never be empty because anytime you empty it. It just magically fills up again because everyone's passing passing around so i can see where that came from. Culturally this is a cultural tradition and they just made it magical in their own way and since someone i know would ask afterwards anyways when when you hold the beer you actually cover the label with your hand because you're embarrassed because the beer you're serving your guest or you usually serving sort of someone higher up in your group and a lotta times every time you fill it up the you have to chug it afterwards stuff like that. It's all very drinking culture kind of stuff. I guess most of the rest. That's one of the interesting things as i learned about. Japan is when philip other people's cups with a drink. You should actually cover the label so they can't see it in. Show your embarrassment about how you admire my your guests so much that you should <hes> treating the better to some more expensive drinks so as final note. Please take care of your sliding doors. Don't <unk> poke holes in them. Please wash your kitchen towels and you better take care of your sandals. I have mentioned spoiler culture a few utah on the podcast because i really don't like it. It's not that i have a problem with people saying. I don't want destroy spoiled for me. I have a problem with the intense. Overreaction people seem to have built into society now as if it's the most important thing that stories don't get spoiled for them. Because at the end of the day this is just fiction and entertainment and it it doesn't really matter. I have cited a study multiple times in support of this idea so there's my personal feeling is that it's dumb. The people overreact overreact so much about a t._v. Show but there was a study done that actually supported my belief so there's a bias there because of course i wanted to believe the science that supported reported my belief but of course this veloce podcast in we are true to the truth and we and we believe in the truth and we will accept when we're not one hundred reset right because i am about ninety percent right but i can't rely exclusively on this one scientific study i read because there have been other studies that have been done on the science is not conclusive because of our changing culture surrounding spoilers results have differed in different prince studies so that would imply that the first group studied all felt the same way about spoilers that they were not that important that it didn't really ruin the story but since then and people's feelings have changed and i think this is maybe again a cultural development because we're teaching people as they grow up that having things spoiled for them as horrendous yes but now they actually believe it so it actually is ruined if it's spoiled for them in advance so i'm thinking that these studies are talking about are don now with younger groups probably kids in college who grew up with spoiler culture being a really big part of their lives so in high school they would freak out if someone told the end of a story or a season or something before they'd actually seen it. This has become a common thing so now their belief system is built around this being actually true so now it is actually true. So what we've actually learned is that spoilers in spoiler culture has actually ruin society. Let me spoil the end of that. Everyone ends up on happy. So what we need to do. Now is teach people that it's not a big deal. You need to take this banner this banner. I've been holding by myself for for years and years and years take up the banner that spoilers are not something you should try. Go out of your way to do because there was that guy there was a crime in antarctica was one of the only crimes was committed there and it was the scientist hated this other scientists. She kept spoiling the endings of books for him and the other guy got so frustrated actually stabbed him. So what are the only crimes. Williams committed in antarctica was because of spoiler but that was malicious. He was doing it to diminish the pleasure. The other person had i don't agree with that but if in a conversation where people are talking about a movie and you haven't seen the end of the movie you do not have the right to freak out on them because they talk about something. You haven't seen media you can extrapolate yourself from the conversation you can say oh. I don't wanna hear this or you can just accept that may be the ending of t._v. Show show or a movie learning about it before you actually see it is the biggest problem you've ever encountered in your life so i can no longer say that. My opinion is scientifically backed. I would say that society has been ruined because of it the loss of the loss of podcast the lawsuit podcast. Hey sexy friend. He's making me bitch. Thank you for listening. If you have questions or comments you can tweet at valois i._p. Tharoor email below sack podcast g mail dot com you can find the podcast on night younes stitcher gotcha at cost or go to velizy peter dot com slash podcast the <unk>.

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