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O.J. Simpson


It was just after midnight when a dog with bloody paws, Litter Brentwood California, man to a gruesome discovery. The bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. A double homicide that would change the world's perception of OJ Simpson from football legend to accused killer. But do you know whose house OJ was hiding in when police came to arrest him? Welcome to killer knowledge, the daily True Crime Trivia. Show I'm corduroy. It's time to play along with your friends, family or fellow true crime fans. You'll have the chance to answer five Trivia questions with six seconds to make your guests. Let's play killer knowledge. June twelfth nineteen ninety. Four Nicole Brown Simpson had dined at the restaurant Mezzaluna for dinner where her friend Ron Goldman was a waiter. Later that evening. Ron is believed to have gone to Nicole's home because one of her family members had left something at the restaurant. Question Number One. What was ron returning to Nicole on the night? They were killed. A earing. Be a pair of glasses see a credit card. The correct answer is be. After his shift, Ron headed over to Nicole's to return a pair of glasses belonging to her mother. Investigators collected several pieces of possible evidence discovered near the bodies of Nicole and Ron including a glove. That would later become famous. But while they didn't find a shoe at the scene, they did find a shoe print. A size twelve made by a high end. Italian, brand question number two. What brand was the shoe that left a print at the scene. A Bruno Ye. Be. Gucci. Prada. The answer is A. Found a bloody shoeprint came from a pair of size, twelve Bruno Mali shoes. There was also a good deal of DNA evidence on the scene, including hair fibers on. Ron Shirt and drops of blood that didn't come from the victims. OJ, Simpson Nicole's ex husband and father of her two kids was questioned by police. Five days after the murders, prosecutors were ready to arrest him. They tracked OJ down at the home of his friend and lawyer question number three. At Goose. Was OJ Simpson hiding out. A Robert Kardashian. Be Robert Shapiro. See Alan Dershowitz. The correct answer is a Robert Kardashian. West police arrived to arrest OJ. They found that he had slipped out the back door and fled in a white Ford Bronco. Sparking one of the most infamous car chases in history. O J eventually turned himself into police in prepared for. During the fame trial, one memorable witness was Kato Kaylin who was living in Oj's guest house in had spent time with him on the day of the murders. The two had gone out to get dinner. Question Number Four. Where did OJ and Kato Kaylin go get dinner the night of the murders. A subway. The Burger King See McDonald's. The. Correct answer is see MC Donald's. Kato testified that? He and Oj went to the drive through after nine PM. And that Oj did not go back to the House with him afterwards. The, murder trial transfixed the country in nineteen, ninety five, and as we know, it resulted in an unforgettable verdict los. Angeles police beefed up their patrols amid fears of race riots if Oj were convicted. Question number five to end this episode. How much time did jurors spend the liberating to reach a verdict? A twelve hours. Be Four days see for hours. The correct answer is. C. Four hours. After, a trial that took almost nine months. The quick decision shocked many legal analysts. It's estimated over one hundred million people watched as OJ Simpson was acquitted of two counts of murder on October third nineteen ninety five at ten. Oh, seven am. To everyone listening, thank you for playing killer knowledge with us. Don't forget to check us out on facebook and instagram at par cast, and on twitter at par cast network, and you can listen to more episodes of killer, knowledge and other par- cast originals on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts on Corduroy. Join US again to find out if you can call yourself a true crime, expert killer knowledge was created by Max. Cutler and his APR CAST studios original. It is executive produced by Max. Cutler produced by Kristen Osservato John Cohen key to MIRA and Jonathan ratliff sound design by Paul Libeskind Killer Knowledge Stars Carter Roy.

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