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Do You Even Know Gyms?


Four help me. Welcome back the three of them. We didn't introduce ourselves last episode. But I'm about and and Lauren read now. I didn't say best. I said my friends. Okay let it be known and no one here is my best friend. We talk to your best friend the same with yours. Your wives were recall. You'd like her sprinklers. Mergers you you like her too seriously so we were just talking a little bit before we started we Yeah we were talking about Paul. Said if you don't don't know twenty million we said foreign. He's and he's Scott then we can't help to walk out of the country giving you've gotta help you. We were talking before the show back. Africa look ultimately leave. That's where we're all from no. It's not offensive. It's never go back Africa. Rica where this tab out before the show because Shelvin over here mentioned and That he has a personal trainer over here and I think the only I think the only reason anyone ever says that because they want you to comment on their body so Kevin Very nice spotty. I think you'd want that and you said we're gonNA spank his body. Okay cancelled call it all of your your your communication with Kevin Kevin Anymore. Apparently not you can't handle it. Warrior one to talk to you. Kevin can handle what's happened to leave him alone. He doesn't want to your bone breaking his bed in the morning. Wonder why he is still. Ah Thinking about you that's So we were talking about personal trainers and you were saying you were. We were listening. No Oh you want to get one because I think it's like part of the problem for all of us are saying as the feeling like it's it's not necessary airy like no one's saying you have to be there you're gonNA. I liked it if someone waiting for me and then like if I don't show up. They're disappointed or something. That puts a steak. Ah I WANNA CANNA window. Yeah what if by land by saying that trainers waiting for me because I like to do classes because has I am charged. If I don't go so it feels like I'm only I only. I am losing odd. You letting anyone other than yourself. which if you don't work out you're already letting yourself matters? Adderley really bothers me. If I lose twenty bucks I didn't I sign up for something I didn't do it of course money. What if your money got mad at you because you wasted this actually it? Would you give me twenty eighty dollars just for no reason. Yeah could wonder why the fuck you needed it. I don't need it would you just give me. I don't want to will you although no see I actually do. That says a lot about the day I went and checked down at the self-checkout I got forty bucks back on the on cashback and then I left. I went to the manicure place across the street. And halfway through that I realized I forgot my cash in the aw so mad and then I called. CVS and I said. I'm sure it's gone but I and they didn't. It was is there and it was for me. That's very nice. Yeah and I came back an hour. Later Bats nutters four. That's the most unpopular see. Nobody used used it probably taking or giving it to them. Yeah no one's going to see forty dollars in there and go Ahsley that they're also wonder if it came out of a weird whole. Oh that's like not notice if you don't get cash back because I didn't remember to take it didn't like just pop out of the machine. It might have been a weird slot. What about you had a personal trainer? Okay so I had a personal emotions traveling internationally. When they started using more machines to scan passports and everything a couple of times I almost lost my passport in the machine walked away from it? And somebody else said Sir Sir Sir passport near Terrifying Morris get a period of time you know who when I was traveling a lot. I don't know maybe it was on tour. Whatever maybe I did it with you guys? I can't remember but yeah we did it where I would. Yeah we've heard was him. My my I did this several times in a short period of time where I my suitcase would go through the X ray. I would go through the x-ray thing and then kind of the Charlie Brown French moving and then I would leave the suitcase there. I would leave the suitcase there and then I would go off off. I would go to my gate and I would suddenly go and I would like sit down and it would go shopping and I go. Oh my God. I left my suitcase somewhere and I would go back to where I was sitting down and someone stole my suitcase. Then I'd call security. I'd be like my suitcases John More than once. I did it like several times in a short period of first time called the security and all that and then finally I went back to the physician was just sitting there dumb. Yeah looked but no it several times where suddenly you get like twenty minutes later. I'm like where's my suitcase. And then I would have to go back and it would be feeling thing. That's a bad feeling. It's terrible so I had A. I had a personal trainer right here for a while in the mouth of madness. It's just pure madman Zimet. Since he mad did so I have this guy. I don't want to say his name. I don't want to say his name. But this is like all allies it though billy bland this is the faculty and so I had a Richter. It was Andy Richter it was Andy Richter. That's giving us so. I was around two thousand I. I went to a gym and they convinced me to get a personal trainer. Because he worked at the please he worked at the gym so it was a nice situation for a while because he worked at joy's Islas there he was they trained me a owes. It all worked out money service. It's where the money I liked fee but then I fell off so it was. It was like hers. I better than interrupting together. They're going to say what and then finish can it. So then I guess he got fired from the gym but he still wanted to train me and I was used to him so he was like like but now he's damaged goods. Well no he couldn't come into the gym valuable ally because he was fired from it. Why I don't know what did he do? You never percents period though but he still wanted to train me but he was like age. Somebody fat well he was like Oh give you a whole you said this enough time to tell the story Kevin Number episode of this. This is like eight thirty thirty to twenty nine and a half hours for you to snap in this fucking sucks. I didn't get scared though like I didn't like it. Do you want to hear it. I didn't feel like talking anymore. You have to because we got another forty minutes pursued it is you want to be out. I'm out can I be Scott Yourself. ESPN and you do to them. Aw So I hate Scott. I'm here I am not here I'm listening to you. I wouldn't say a word comeback. Okay tuners and work list. It's a mess. It's a bad for we need Talking to fuck you just tell us what happened with trainer. We'll be lean duty. Oh what did he do. You like it okay. So so then what. He gave me a discount so he started training training me at his house much. I'm curious says you'll have split with the gym when when you know him. Did you know gyms ooh fired gyms he's derangement. Previous was that he would split it with James. Ah I can't listen to say. I pay eighty dollars for a session. When he works for a session he gets forty or he gets at sixty or whatever and the gym gets a cut Cher so now that you can get to win? He's not working at the gym. He says stay on with with me. And I'll I'll I'll let you have do it for sixty keeps did he say stay on Custodian so so. I think this is a good arrangement. Because it's cheaper seemed guy cheaper but he doesn't have all the equipments. I have to go to his house or apartment. It was like a bungalow. He also all over the place free house. The other guy other bungalow wanted to be a singer in a band and this is the year two thousand and he looks exactly like Scott Weiland. I was like well. What's your style? What's your band style? He's like well. We're SORTA like I was like no kidding. Yeah so down to the looks so I go over. I would go in house and he would do the stuff with me right so then. But here's the other wrinkle. He keeps wanting advances. He keeps saying like can you. Can you give it to me like can you give me the next six months. Jesus and then what are you going to his house. It's not that five days a week off. How often yeah? It's probably four days a week. Five to six events on four days a we- Salat and he kept like and then he'd go he'd go. You know I just need it for the three months and then it was like I was paying a year in advance at one point I think and so then like a commitment to yourself. Yeah the guy was a mess so then September eleventh two thousand one happens you guys. Are you going to joke about this now. I remember seeing people on rooftops shear it pregnant I remember when the statue every old thing that happened. I remember the letter was crying. She lowered torch tells. You put out. The fire was put out by that stuck so I think we were working working out the next day. I think it was the next day was the day after that my birthday and we that's right and I went over do as bungalow. We'll figure out where you were on like all right. Let's like what are we doing. Any it goes compensate. Coincide wash something. This is what he sounded like. He sounded like my older Komo show choice of is like aside and he opens a countersuit. Just keep going. He has me sit down on the floor and he opens up the Torah Laura. Oh boy and he's by the way He's in African American Gentlemen From South America somewhere and he he says look at this and it was Exhau- this and it was a it was cursor Torah sex with Ruth Playboy inside and he shows me a certain verse from the Torah that says something to the effect of God will rain down his punishment and he. And you know how in in the Hebrew there's dots above the in you know in the Hebrew alphabet. There's like the dots above the letters and he's county stotts companies dots and Dan. So I count. And I'm like one nine rediscovers reversed and it's something about God's punishments you count the dots and the dots. It's account Linda. Eleven he's like. Wow and then he just read to me from the Torah for for an hour and you paid for that and he charged me for it but you were ripped when you walked out and that was the last ars like fuck this. I'm not and I just never called him ever again. And he owed me thousands and thousands of dollars in training sessions. I was so weirded out by it because I had paid him in advance relegate years the mess and then I just there's all the way around it and then I never saw him again except for one time time. Why embar- Osama embar- on an open mic night? He wondered in and I was sitting at the bar and he wandered and he's like hey can give me a big hug. I'm like hey man and he's like anyone can do this and I was like. Ah Yeah Anyway you sign up and you go up and he's like I'm signing up. And then he no. He went up and then he for five minutes talked about strange conspiracy theories with no jokes and everyone was laughing at him because he was so weird and uncomfortable and he got up station came over. He said they were all laughing. I said Dude they were laughing at you. You did because I was so mad about the money and Torah not seen him sense could be alive. He disappeared into a puff of smoke. You might have. Maybe I believe in the Lion King took him and his daughter to see the lion king at the pantages because I was so fond of charged. You for that as well I kept work. I will be an entertainment workout. Wherever you sit down and watch the I it's the Broadway? Yeah the roadway laying out the movie you see the existed as lion king now because I was like hey your daughter would like this because he they had his daughter occasionally g wasn't married. There's a little kid so betrayed so betray. I have not not ripped that. Look at my body body now here does it explain it. A lot of people have that same experience with trainers so I get it. Yeah that was so typical so my only my only experience with trainers was we had a guy come to our house those that a friend of ours had recommended and I have a problem with that sort of thing because I I'm not a good student. I'm anxious student and I'm in a hurry to know how to do the thing already and I don't get very self conscious and and irritated when man I can't do it right away and so somebody's giving the instruction drives me crazy. It's like I liked. I liked to learn things all by myself. I can be like that too you know. No but the guy also he was a frustrated actor. AL frustrated frustrated. He brought it up all the time he was very. It was very embittered but he was also cracking jokes. All the time kind of thing would he say carrier that he doesn't know why these other guys are getting auditions auditions. That he's not getting. He's as good as these people do you ever. Did you ever see him in anything. No did you ever see him. Act No then and my wife hired a trainer years later woman is same kind of thing doctor. Dr Woman impossible doctors out there. Yeah for sure. Dr Who was also frustrated actor and so gradually gradually those sessions devolved into like my wife having to sort of take care of her bright on her journey. That's it I just wanted to all. Oh business just like the same thing with a haircut. What else were we talking about on appreciated John where I flip the kid it a fifty cent piece on my way? Can I just tell you I Google Dr Woman around it now and the main thing. That Chemo is Dr Quinn Medicine. Woman mentioned so but then the people also ask what is a female doctor crawled actress. What did he do at the Alina? What do they do Dr Oz at the lady? Here's another one. What is the opposite Gender Gender of Dr Ramin? Well okay what. What jobs jobs are there? Where there's a female and animale nominally? Well executor exactly actor executive getting rid of actress. I think it's slowly going away in. Everyone's Oscars for awards. That's right but I do think that's true But what else is there. Is there a mayor. I guess. Yeah well we've changed. Everything to mail pendants was stewardess. That's right uh-huh masseuse and missio. Oh right yeah although now it's just Sousse right. I don't know our men called masseuses or is there a question but we here man then prove it. Oh Gosh you all right a death. Maybe they're just massage ars therapist. Now is it. Coleman terms such as actress Uh Charette and Comedian Garrett masol respects the masculine actor actor usher comedian both formally and since then only the masculine from used generically describe mixture. Why do that start with with only a few times? We live in a fogged up society. Where men we're all women getting US saying why can't wear women be grooms I WANNA be? There's nobody record. Not only job. Novelty record is just using ought to be the first woman groom let it be. You know what. He's just Z.. Let it be after ten seconds to maybe A. Hey we need to take a break. We'll be right back. My friend got married. Worried tiny farm in the middle of Indiana. I stayed in a little room and a very quaint bed and breakfast on the farmland and I got a snuggle up under an old quilt and presumably antique antique bed. That Crete every time I shifted my weight. The wedding was beautiful and the best part was there was no commute after the party. For those of you celebrating love out of town. We have great news with green from AMEX. You can get three times. The points on travel including airfare hotel stays train rides car rentals and more no matter your destination. What's not to love love? Learn more at American Express Dot com slash green from AMEX terms. Apply you and me do me. It was John Lennon's last. Hit the one time he got Josh. I welcome back let it be let. Hey before we go further let let let me be your phone allowed to glance at the object. The object of your phone us US connect with US Lauren. Or you only on during the show. When I'm telling you the story is that it something you'll be connected you? You're we're seeing you as it as it and if you want me to do a little more on your it's a give and take it. Take my friends. It's a give and take no. I'm sorry I glanced a break and you were so so bad. You're saying that was the only time you've ever been on your phone during the show go. It's so excusable. We were GONNA Break Off. got into his remarkable when I who will be because sometimes I'll bust in on comedy bang. Bang sure I get here. And I see that you're recording come in laid out some class Jarl's of course and there's a certain type of person of a certain character a person who will be on their phone when they are not. I don't do that during various to be fair because I have no idea what's going on here. I can say what and you're forced to tell Omega why happen. Lauren brings something to table. What do you got all right? Oh is this our a new segment. Yeah bring something. It's something you've got we'll start with. lowes anything yeah. What do you got the trinity? What what I wanNA share he and what happened to you this week? I haven't seen you got something. This is what I was doing instead of thing. And thank you me too booting because I have I. Have I have a juicy story. Oh No it's not used to me. I'm GONNA vaguely talk about this thing thing and then see if I can get away with not saying it. It's not private but I don't feel like telling you it's on private but it is dirty thirty second round. The thing is okay. So I'm I'm basically doing something. No but I what but my my thing is what happens letting my life is that I will tell people. I'm doing this thing right now. For example life working out or so and then then I feel I talk about it too much like a new thing that I'm doing then I talk about it too much and then like it becomes like you stop talking about that. She just do the thing. Because I have other like for example like we'll just like complete something on the day. I just did this go well. I didn't know you were doing that. Like Iran Iran surfing have never talked about it for the six months. This you'd be like hey guys running a marathon authority to start on. I started training for the Marathon Evans. Shopping Marathon yes so I have a thing like that right now but I'm like I want to just surprises kind of but I also like I don't want to become like something where we're always going. How's that going being? Just do the thing now I can. I will tell you about it later but I don't want I'll tell you about it today. I just don't want to say on Mike because I'm like you. I The follow up my journey with you. If you don't do it which is look. The chances are probably higher. Never GonNa end it is is. I am going to do it because I am because it's happening but I and I will say the other night I saw wild horses and I did it and bring it up and I was like look at me. I didn't even bring. That would be my thing that I would be talking about because it was annoying. Had this thing happened with it. There was a whole story. Would ever really. You're not kill yourself annoying. No it's just it's it's exciting. What's up visit? It's not exciting and that it's boring and so I also know that I would have be saying. Here's my boring story and telling it over and I actually have only told it to three people which it's three. Let's count them down. Mike number three therapists us to buy more than three number. One friend Dan John and Mary but those are the people have mentioned it to Fi- five mom they told countless people get five does is your mom asked about me. My mom she asked about you guys and how you're doing Russia I call her on the phone after I'm driving home from podcast and stuff do you ever. Do you feel this way after you do a podcast. You need to talk more no I. Am especially because lined up. And I totally get that but for me if we especially because we tend to do to episodes at a time I feel like I swam. I am lapse by the time and then get home. And then I'm reconnecting with Janey and she how's it feel now outside fucking. It feels good. I liked it. You remember notice you gain feels good basis on the show expired Bill Russell the bill. She'll want to reconnect and it's sort of like on the one hand it's great for her to talk and me not to have to talk. Yeah but then sometimes sometimes it's also like I'm done with talking for a while like hearing or store yeah. I know I feel like you can't do that. You can't be like oh I I can assure you. You're very withholding. What was the thing that you were thinking of that happened like you? Do you remember. This is a couple episodes ago. I told you guys what I thought my name should be. Oh wicker's ORCA demonstrate peacock. Thank you all right but changed. No I'm not gonNA talk like fifty year now Dennis Taping. I'm talking you want your insane fucking neighbor though would be. You might say how this how insane but you guys did not. We talked about how we feel about our names. But you guys did not provide what you think. Thank your name if you looked at a picture of yourself a picture that you feel like a professional picture the records that hot picture. Sheriff Scott Unlike your headlights go on Google and pick the best. I think it's got to be the the name that you feel like you name when you yourself. What do you think is the is the the name that most perfectly describes you that goes with how you look? Let's see I've got big nose. You know that means yeah. I smell smell shit easier. I honestly do and I actively when I come home and God forbid and if one of our little ones has shift somewhere like house neely I and cool up you know does not have the knows. I have not saying because of her race. I'm saying because Mike can't really smell as much as I can and I feel I will notice it to or she can tell like some others be sitting there at a computer sometimes. Shit my whole Sarhadi stop. There is a lot of mold or some anthony. You just tell something is wrong. He had some real Hannibal Edible. No I'll just be sitting there sometimes and suddenly it's like my shit sends starts. Tingling is just because like I'll go there's a shit crime happening uh-huh what's your name that's your name supposed to be. I don't know I don't if I was looking at a picture of myself. Look at a picture is on the picture of the you Mike. I'm GONNA say this. This is a little homework assignment for you guys. I have my new. What's your homework? I actually think I don't know why this ever come to you before. Its name that I particularly interested in. I would say my name should be. I can't even last name. Okay well the first thing I'm going with is Greta Greta. So it sounded ended. Horrible coming out on. Yeah but I looked at a picture I saw. Thanks Greta or like or like Goudie like Jane Jane Jean Chain not gene gene for me Jane. Hey Jane Jane gave me off of this crazy thing. I'm Jane. Can you get my mother on the phone. He's in Jars. Tame yourself is impossible to tell you that I I can't okay. So why is it impossible. I did it. It's I don't think your name is Dennis. I think if you look peacock too I'm GonNa give you a name that's bad I don't like this. That's better no it's worse I. It's probably worse so when you look at this if you did not know me you saw that picture is look. This is my my twitter pulling a face pulling on my twitter profile pic if you look at that picture and somebody said that guy's name is Dennis j peacock you the name but that's what I'm saying is that's not you candidly. That's you know Sam Pancake. Like is I think the last name payment is his real name. Yeah that's like I would not expected to be real right but it's a very fun last name. It's very pancake. Yeah yeah that's just like whoa like someone that the doctor you. It's really fun. The people who normally say Mr Whatever. Their surname is. Choose to say Samten like Sam. Are you like just to avoid having the something. Macaroni Sam. Good Salmon Ronnie actually. He's a good director. I think it's really yeah. MACARONI MR macaroni. And then those people and then like every carriage with announced for last name Pretty Much I. I think it's really fun. I when I went to college I went Brando Arena. Yeah educated graduate. I did graduate from the college to complete it in graduate from the college as I. I didn't go to me neither so I'm like you guys. I thought it would be funny to tell everyone that that I had a nickname nickname that I didn't have. Wow so I was like you can call me Jackson soon and so come on. I was like slacks blacks. Forty s like. Hey Jackson. It's very cute like you can call me Jackson. That's my nickname. Roughly all of the administrators leaders and teachers and fifty percent of the students didn't believe me but then the other fifty percent of the students all did call me that for years and so there are still people who call me Jackson. Okay as well. Why did you want Jackson? Because it was a forty that's because it was like a forty like slangy type of how long I still occasionally easily I'll I'll I'll maybe see someone who's like Jackson. How long after you told people that yeah? How long did it take you to to naturally respond respond to respond? No I liked it but I mean right away. If you read back was turned to someone said Hey Jackson you and I knew I would respond train yourself from your the core. He wasn't as much of a joke as the joke. Part of it was me sing like I've I've done. This is my nickname already but I still thought it was a good nickname name so I still so I still was a- lights being called it I don't get it well then might then. My teacher sat me down. This is like my my my whole school thing was like your chair around. I'm trying to figure out how to manage me and so So they basically sound semi down to try to get me to admit it wasn't my real name. Sorry intervention honestly. I would totally do that to you because when someone does that that like that can be so crazy when you know they're lying and you're like I just got to the bottom of this like tell me the fucking house lying and they will not admit that they're lying to dump. It is a mad even more of its dumping dumbed down. It was it was done with the sense of like. You know you're going. That'd be moving onto because his acting like you're going to be moving onto your professional career and so you know you really have to think about like what your name professionally is GonNa GonNa be. There can't be a lot of confusion about it and so have you thought about this. You know because I hear some people call you Scott. Some people call you Jackson. You know so is like I was like yeah. That's really interesting but there was a period of time where I was like. That's interesting. Yeah that's how I dealt with all of that like literally interesting point at the time but there wasn't time where I was kind of like shoot that be on my head shots because distracting Jackson quotes. Well I also name also the aquaman part of it was no. I was for a minute. I was Jackson but that was like Ackerman is terrible accident. Here's what's making me like laugh about about this. It's so vulnerable for you to go. Call Me Jackson not done in a vulnerable manner away. Hold Gambit it was me like doing it as a like Ha. It was almost like the woman saying she's pregnant really and it was basically like so do you and if you call me on it but but then I then I thought about Arnold Schwarzenegger and I was like well. He's got a he's got a terrible name. And but now when you hear Schwarzenegger no one else has that name. So it's Blake. Oh it's a good name for him because he made his park. So that's why I was like you know what Akron is fine. Even though I'm not like incredibly fond of it no one else has it And so that's also why during the bank. TV show. Like I would make fun of it with the chirons and all that kind of stuff into the punch shake it back. Yeah Yeah they can make fun of you but you make fun of yourself. I Guy Ugly Non sequitur just remind you just. He had moved onto a story. I know mom as about nicknames. Paul names the Punch Carol Schwartz. Oh here's he was in twins. Is that where you're GONNA ask. Yeah was you know the talloires talk to somebody else. Have a baby in junior bad named Brad Pitt is. It is bad but his first name. He's really like goober. Guber Maganga His real name is really dumb ago Guber gunk. We'll be going to change your first name. Why not changed changed awful lot nod even weird? It's not it's a William Bradley pit. Oh No but whose name is fake like. There's somebody where where it's like. They have a crazy one that Johnny Depp or something. That's the thing about like if you were picking. He's Johnson the second someone who's GonNa fake name if you were picking a fake fake name and you were picking a noun for a last name like a lot of people do. It wouldn't be pit it would. It would be like you know quick. We'll talk. It just sounds bad. Here's a whole list of celebrities. Who Changed Her name is Alicia on Gilo Cook Choosenj? You seem to keys. Because she plays the place or Ashton Kutcher Christopher Ashton Count Brad Pitt Simpson batting a thousand Bruno Mars Peter Gene Hernandez Jupiter a third Calvin Harris Adam Richard wiles. What's the the Ed Harris? Nothing Cardi B. Belco list almonds are. That's how I got better. I understand that one. Now it's hard to say Demi Moore John Reginald Dwight demorris Dam e deem gene. GYNS GYNS by the way about Demi Moore Demi Moore. I've I read something really weird about her because someone was talking about an early eighties movie uh-huh and I was like oh I haven't I haven't seen that movie. So I looked it up and Demi Moore wrote songs on the Soundtrack for which movie for this early eighties movie Karen hair and maybe seven can look it up. But it's but because her first husband where she got the name more like was a record producer or whatever she started off before for she was an actress like writing songs even active. This is before she was like in movies and stuff like so. She's she's either sings or just wrote this onto someone else sings on the soundtrack to some movie. It was a bit of Trivia. I'd never heard of five. Here's some trivia more more more seeing her on the Oprah show. Oh your favorite. And she they were they were fielding questions from the audience. Sure why would they do that. Of of course. Of course that happened Evans. And somebody said How do you pronounce your name to Demi Moore Demi Moore because because is a demi there is a demand and Demi Moore goes more? Nah that drove me fucking crazy. It's crazy thank ocean has originally was Christopher. Christopher Edwin Bra B. R. E. A. U. X.. But he said he didn't feel is cool enough and in two thousand eleven interview he said. I changed my birthday last year. It was the most empowering should I did in two thousand ten for sure I went on legalzoom and change my fucking name. LEGALZOOM DOT COM fell. Who are not lawyers? None of us are personals. Don't let your name then change. Your name is only a few steps into the process. I probably shouldn't even be talking about this by the summer. I'll be straight. I'll be boarding planes as Christopher Francis Ocean. I like that. He was the most empowering thing he did in Twenty Tan. Yeah let's hear about twenty fifty empowering things in two thousand ten and this was the most judge John Roger Stevens without was of thing on. I read about him that he didn't even like that name from what I from. What I heard on legend? Yeah someone else was like. Oh your state team should be John Legend. He was like that's a little corny and then he went ahead with it. That's big it's already extreme legend. That big day. Yeah Yeah but just someone who was like. You're so talented. But it was either that or go home. Well you go home Tony Curtis' Re Real name is Bernard. Schwartz Bernard Schwartz. That's that's like a classic old Hollywood. Yeah you gotta you gotTa Change. And so he changes into a vaguely Italian. Tony Curtis only Curtis. Yeah that's very Jerry Hall. Cyrus is as good destiny. Hope Cyrus now she's cool. Where did mildly comforting her dad? Dad Colder Smiley Miley or sure. Sure what's his ran. Billy Ray yeah. Is it billions. It's probably are you. Are you know Sammy Ray. Yeah what is that. It's a song can't be don't they. Camp it is a song I've heard of it what I swear I now. It's two against one to go to due to do want him. She'll be like Paul and I left so finally okay so you guys first of all. What's your cutting to the end patients? Oh I thought it was. Finally I get to talk to me now. You're not here I'm alone and this is my show. You're talking to the people who are singing. I ah you couldn't do need could if I had to keep doing three down. When do you think what were the circumstances me? What would that Weird Godhra nipping weird? Wouldn't it be weird. Policy died on the same day but not from the same thing and totally different speaks words but that would be I would feel bad for. You gotTA gotTa go do an episode of God talk about it and then you guys wouldn't care. I would care cry. No Iron East once. It's okay you wouldn't care if you died saying I think that that's you didn't miss us when you were in Hawaii. Think that yet. I think that you don't care if we don't talk. Thank you. Don't care if we live no not necessarily don't really really do I. Of course would care. I can't even say I wouldn't. I don't like this bit Scott. I don't like it. I think he's being bid. But that's what's fucked up your giggling like like a little bigler I am not. This is not a bad. I'm totally do you think the joke. If the joke was called the gig ler would he be as popular would it be. Would I mean he was introduced in the forty S. We get to the point where we're doing multiple dark movies about. Yeah the Gambler. I don't know their doctor. GIGGLES it would work. You think so. I think the joker is super love. It what have you is called. Joey Joey fatone then they me giggle. Did you see joey fatone on with them within the jokers stupid enough right like that's a dumb now. Red Alerts Don Ridler like all of that is dumb tangling but I think it would be fine penguin such insane character that he got to play. Danny devito would the weird black let Google for no reason. I wish I could do something like that. But it's not an makeup. Doesn't that feel annoying everyday to have to put on that whole thing. The one time I had the old age the prosthetics old age makeup for Bang Bang and it was the four hours in the chair and then the two taking it off it was was it was really hard. It's really hard to stay still. And it's like so annoying and you are. I also think I couldn't because I was in their way I couldn't like my phone up to at least read while it was happening or anything. You know what I mean because like if I'm miming by the way putting my phone I feel like I would have listened to a podcast cast or something or like put on a movie Yeah that might that might do it. I I did a couple episodes of your the worst and there was an episode where you're eligible for that. I am so just to try to get the campaign going I honestly. I'm not a big awards person but I wouldn't mind ending in a war. You probably were good in it. I heard I think I did a good job. So people check it out. And if you're out television academy Adamy voter big Fan of the show and I was very grateful that I got to do But there was so there was one episode where Alan Clouds character get. Something in his eyes is and he has an allergic reaction so they put make up on his eyes but that meant that his eyes were effectively. Sealed shut yeah so he had to be led around all the bathroom easy. I think he could see like he had to mind whereas penis take. I could talk to tell you where it is the Tassone. No he's doing rates where he's like outlining a human body and the woman's body by the way Scott's not spotty looks sure he's womanly hips and ripped so l.. Had to be led around all Goddamn Days Dan so stupid it was crazy and also we tortured yeah all day. Long is recovered for brief period of time. But I did find it during your period. No you covered your eyes with period lie go blind during my period is is but I had to cover my eyes with something tapes to them. Some I basically couldn't see for extended periods of time and I found and it really isolating and I felt that I couldn't tell if people enjoyed my performance immediately. Lost all sense of what was happening. Yeah and that was stressful to me and I would have a very hard timing bind. Jeff sessions you have heightened senses and other Yakima everything. I could hear everything pin dropped in the county. Which county were you in town? I heard Hawaii county all right. We have to take a break. We'll be right back. We're back and it's time for porn porn. Let's wear nor will audio. Don't worry about it affect me woody allen putting out. He played this game last season. Where you do a one word impression in of a celebrity and other guests who you're impersonating then we eventually added in that? We all had to use the same exact word. I think we should start around without whatever word you want bossie. I don't care I'm bossy pants. I Regina facebook an island and then this title. Yeah Ah I read the book and I learned a lot and they have Alec Baldwin Arms Now. That's his arms on the cover with a great guy and the second round we use the same word as each other. So we're starting using the same word. No we start using whatever word you want that will help us. Guess Okay it's helpful to use a word of the person God people to Imitate Lawrence. START US off. Uh Medicine Medicine Medicine. You a woman. Medicine Morgan Freeman. Who was really my guest to Addison? What happens next as Paul I guess or do I guess I guess I have to guess Righty Yeah Medicine Medicine Medicine? Listen medicines you know we just keep going with. The word is related. Oh It's like I'm choosing a word that's part hard to my it's like I can't say a full sentence as this person but I could say one word that might help. Okay Madison Jane Seymour. Moodysson Madison came is insane. We're never guessing. That's your impression isn't good Madison. All the wizards are here is using medicine. Overdose George W gusts right medicine. When you were doing your federal we would guess right? We're soon who say medicine C Everett. KOOP who wouldn't sell well early. ADOPTER general doctor strange. No Madison. The go-to Dr Wait. Is this one of the bottles. James Guys Know Madison Marriage. DO WE DR TV. Dr Phil Phil wouldn't say medicine BOOT again. He might suggest it took during somebody. Goes somebody better than me. Are you going. I'll go oranges. Yeah this is the easiest Game Laurel. Well okay what oranges oranges I was this guy's ap we I was well. You say you were a woman okay fine to do. Okay my oranges. Though no reason you didn't say it had to release. The word is melting impression. Oranges is relates to pee wee. Herman more than Dr Phil Better. It's a fruit okay. Dan Apartment Jack Lemmon apartment apartment. Matthew Leblanc apartment apartment meant David Trimmer. Apartment visger frazier apartment racial live in an apartment or was it a house apartment. John Lithgow is it a man apartment who had apartments apartment. You're lifting of your index finger alive apartment apartment apartment. Why billing Ted Williams raise? Is it the odd couple. Okay Walter Matthau Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Oh Tony Randall. Get some flourish on. You know what I mean like giving some to the person an apartment you're bugging your eyes on Jeff. Goldblum apartments dot com nice. I didn't know why but I got. I got the impression okay so now drowned when you bugged down. Your is. Yeah I was like I know what that is now. We do around a real use. The same aim word. The word is apartment and know everyone has a different person. Okay who is I you. Same Order Same order smarter just trying to think of somebody. Sure it's very hard. It is hard. It's hard to think of people That's why answer three. Yep Apartment Dr Ruth No I know who it is apartment DOC Barbara Walters. Okay I'm GonNa say apartment as this person it could set up the one. The one rule didn't even play the software. It's gotTA gotTa be more than one rule does called rules skull roof new ruse apartment GonNa need to hear apartment Alec Baldwin. Yes us how was I that good. Yeah Wow okay give me the film you. It was by the way it was the physicality it was. But if you're listening and you're like okay now part of the show for the Listener Yup apartment Danny Johnson. John who you gonNA apply one more round oranges orange juice and okay You own GES Gilda. Radner Oranges Paula. POUNDSTONE whinge is Louise lasser oranges oranges. You're SORTA imagine you sitting crosslegged. Are you sitting crosslegged in this. This okay aren't just Maria Bamford shine. Jeez Renee Zellweger. You're closer closer. Scott Lassar Maria Bamford with Louise. Yeah I just remember her sitting crosslegged on. SNL doing a model that reminded me she was high. Yeah Melissa via Senor. No but her doing an impressive Sarah Silverman. Yeah I hear it. Now maybe a little higher pitch it minus two high no Oh hers is is higher hers is maybe more like a little higher. Oh Shit I had someone a oranges Jack. Yes okay Oranges all right Paul to guys who you got. You're now I'm thinking of people that I feel like I did the last time we did this. sorry Janda talk a little zoo do uh someone. We've all met met flip around flip around the time fucking phone Polish trying to tape all of this probably presumably to show you the listener. So I'm going to delete these assume All right oranges 'n pepa tone. Oranges are inge's courage is perpet- onto as weird aren. Just are inches. This is someone we've met. Our ingests drew tarver carver. Does he sell oranges Corno already you. Who came up with what he does? I'm taking a cat. Who incidentally he sells oranges? Oranges is this a famous person or to someone. It's someone you've met its own we've oranges. Hey My name is. I'm trying to do this person. Good technique pack. aren ges hello. I'm high oranges oranges. I'm Mr in person than a comedian. Yes orange snowy else got the hint stone saying hey we did our. Where are we doing physical even though they did they know oranges? Oranges oranges movement. The stand up. Give us a little well something you know what I mean. I'm not going to stand up and I don't know what movement would help honestly. What's this person like move like you think this way? How do they move? And how you show one wins oranges on orange combined net now. I made a horrible parameter marriages oranges. I don't know do you guys give up. Yeah Yeah Yeah I give up. Who is it escapers? Man John Gabrielson first of all. There's plenty of physicality go at that. Give me an example oranges. No if I were doing Tonga okay. Let me try let see okay. Sure this guy okay. Here's mine iron hiring oranges. All right. I see where I made a mistake. You were you guys both Neil dip a little a little physicality you just added those words. He's like all right. Here's what is fucking already. Yeah yeah super fine. That was delightful at least one. Good one where we immediately got. It's true Barbara Walters over there lauren. You had Danny Devito Jack Women Lamb jock love lemon lemon saying oranges lemons oranges. Oh He loves. This is impression glimpse I know. Kick it in full members. uh-huh phony phony a long time I would love to hear Al Pacino kicking all well. You started did it impression of him. That's good enough for me. Oh can I please play you. I don't know what this is from. Okay good my friend Aaron. Abrams posted this. It's a screen. Grab of something that he was watching. This is Al Pacino. I it looks recent Some recent piece of here he goes. Let me let me wait till loops around again. Recent pecent dangle here you can plug in this is a dungle. That's a dungle. Yup yet new John Fit in my case. Okay Korea China Talking Tony You do the voice. I know I nine on Lawrence. They would do that one hundred percent to get to that point to get to that point in your career where you just say it's like I can do whatever you whatever I want and it is watchable though it's really enjoys a strong choice that I enjoyed the name name Sam. Pancake was underneath this cord entire time watching under a SAM. We hope we pleased you with this episode. Thank you Mr Pancakes. Thank you Sam guys. We got to wrap it up. We do not you know it's the way it goes sometimes. Yeah well planes. New Girls play new rules. If you could off guys is sad to say goodbye at at the end of every episode. But it's happy because we know we're GONNA see Tiller for the next episode unless something terrible happens we're calling eyeball all style. Not Sad still do the episodes. I'll complete the contracts. Will we receive promotion of. You're going to take bigger money. Yes wondering the work widows no and that's at least when you're doing when the show's windowed and you're doing the ads for Dick Bills Breath at least that money should go to our widow. Yeah if I'm doing ads for Dick Pills I'm getting the money. Do you think I've Komo gotten rid of them as a sponsor because they referred to them as Dick Pills pills for your Dick. They shouldn't be ashamed of that and they work. They work on your Dick. Hey I don't WanNa hear about this. You call it ticking. A box nation but are the maybe the box in a circular mentally I mean can you get a box in the mail for short by one now I gotta rules.

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